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Full text of "The book of Chicagoans : a biographical dictionary of leading living men and women of the city of Chicago"

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The Book ofChicagoans 











A. N. MARQUIS & COMPANY, Chicago, 111. 


A Biographical Dictionary of Notable Living Men and AVomen of the 
U. S. Edited by Albert Nelson Marquis. Revised and Reissued 
Biennially. Edition for 1910-11 (Vol. VI), published in May, 1910, 
2500 pages, full cloth. Price, $5.00 net. 


A Biographical Dictionary of the Leading Living Men and Women of 
the States of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode 
Island and Connecticut. Contains life-sketches of 9552 leading 
New Englanders. Modeled on the plan of "Who's Who in America," 
but it by no means attempts to supplant or supersede that work. 
It aims, rather, to serve as a useful supplement and companion to the 
national volume, containing 7070 personal sketches which are not in the 
latter. Issued in April, 1909. Full cloth; 1 150 pages. Price, $5.00 net. 


A Biographical Dictionary of the Leading Living Men of the City of 
Chicago. Large Quarto, full cloth, $8.50; half leather, gilt edge. $12. .50. 


A Biographical Dictionary of the Leading I>iving Men of the City of 
Detroit, Mich. I^arge Quarto., Half Leather. $12.50. 


A Biographical Dictionary of the Leading Living Men of the City of 
St. Louis. Mo. Large Quarto, full cloth. $12.50. 


A Biographical Dictionary of the Leading Living Men of the State of 
Minnesota. 8 Vol. Full Cloth. $5.50. 


A poem of the present time. By Theodore Tilton. Decorative 
border design of tlie Trailing Arbutus (from which the book takes 
its theme), by Ralph I'letcher Seymour. Drawings by W. J. Enright. 
.A beautiful half-tone portrait of the Author. India tint paper, uncut 
edges, gilt top. Beautifully printed and bound. Full Cloth. Price, $1.50. 


A complete natural history for popular home instruction and for the use 
of schools. By Dr. A. E. Brenm. Illustrated. Translated from the 
Third German Edition as edited by Prof. Dr. Pechuel-Loesche and Dr. 
Wilhelm Haacke. Mammalia. Quarto, 624 pages, full cloth, gold 
back and side stamps. Price, full cloth, $5.00; naif leather, $6.00. 


By Lennox Browne. F. R. C. S., containing the experience in Abstract 
and Detail of nearly 400 Professional Singers, Actors and Statesmen. 
16mo, cloth binding, 120 pages. Price, 60 cents. 


Its treatment with regard to after development. By Emil Behnke 
and Lennox Browne. 16mo, cloth, 120 pages. Price, 60 cents. 


A collection of the finest products of the wit and eloquence of America's 
greatest orator and after dinner speaker. Illustrated, r2mo, cloth. 
Price, $1.00. 

A. N. MARQUIS & COMPANY, 440 S. Dearborn St., Chicago, HI. 

The Book of Chicagoans 

OIF THE CITY OF C H I C A^^stTY onamois UBH^Y 

MAR 1 1917 








Copyright, 1905, by A. X. Marquis & Company. 
Copyriglit, 1911, by Albert Xelson Marquis. 



The Book of Chicagoans was first published in 1905. During the 
intervening- years it has found a prominent place in thousands of 
business offices and homes in Chicago and elsewhere and its usefulness 
as a reference book has become widely recognized. In fact, it has been 
the only book to which one might turn for trustworthy information 
about practically all the leading men of the city. At the libraries it 
has been consulted more frequentlj* than any other local reference 
book, and in newspaper offices it has been regarded as a positive 

A new edition, revised and brought down to date, has been called 
for and the present volume is presented as the best possible response 
to that demand. This edition contains many names not listed in the 
earlier issue names unavoidably overlooked in a first edition, as well 
as a large number of others who have come into prominence since the 
first edition was printed. The work of revision has been painstaking 
and thorough. Not only have many new names been added but each 
of the original sketches has been rewritten in order that the best 
possible arrangement of the data for easy reference purposes might 
be secured. 

A casual examination of these pages will disclose not only the 
presence of many new names but also the absence of a considerable 
number of sketches which appeared in the earlier issue. The omissions 
are accounted for by reason of death (The Book of Chicagoans being 
confined to living men only), removals from the city, impossibility to 
find present addresses, and a few because they are no longer regarded 
of sufficient importance. 

The names of those whose life-sketches appeared in the first edition 
but who have died or been dropped for various reasons, have been 
inserted in this volume in their original alphabetical place, with a 
reference to the volume of 1905 in which the biographical sketch 
appeared, and, if deceased, the fact has been noted, with the date of 
death when known. 



This feature will be of particular value to those who may wish to 
secure reliable biographical information about many men who were 
prominent in the business or social life of Chicago in the opening years 
of the twentieth century, but who have passed to the "gi'eat beyond," 
leaving no other printed record of their life-work. 

In the remaking- of The Book of Chicagoans for this is practi- 
cally a new book from beginning to end every source of available 
names has been drawn upon and every reasonable effort has been made 
to ]irocure the requisite data from all who were deemed eligible for 
inclusion. Nevertheless, names which should have been included will 
be missed, but in practically all such cases the omission is not in the 
least due to inadvertence or the lack of effort on the part of those 
having the preparation of the book in hand. Written requests sent by 
mail were supplemented by personal solicitation when occasion 
required, and the great majority of those applied to responded freely 
and in a courteous manner, and to them thanks are hereby extended. 
A few furnished information with evident reluctance and others showed 
complete indifference and let the request for data go unnoticed. 

The omission of worthy names is in nowise due to any fault of the 
publishers but entirely to failure of the persons themselves to furnish 
the necessary data. 

Some names which frequently appear in the newspapers are 
conspicuous by their absence for the reason that The Book of 
Chicagoans has endeavored to include only men of good standing and 
reputable vocation. 

Notwithstanding the reasons named, which have prevented the 
inclusion of i)ersons whose life-sketches it had been intended to give, 
the publication may make just claim to greater completeness, a greater 
degree of accuracy and a more dependable and authoritative record in 
regard to the leaders in the business, professional, industrial, official 
and intellectual life of Chicago than has ever before been collected. 

To make such a publication dependable it is necessary that it 
should be impartial and unpurcha sable. The Book of Chicagoans has 
been compiled as a reference book, and all of the sketches in the volume 
have been inserted with that fact in view. Not one has been paid for, 
nor inserted for any financial consideration. 

To secure accuracy the greatest care has been taken. In every case 
where possible the facts were procured, at first hands, and the sketches 
were submitted for verification and correction, thus giving to the book 
a quality practically autobiographical. In this painstaking way its 


antlieuticity lias been safeguarded and its value as a reference book 
has been established. 

The volume has been confined to living subjects, because the purpose 
from the first has been to furnish a dictionary of contemporaries, and 
to mirror the current progress and history of the city as reflected in 
the life-statistics of its citizens. The men whose life-histories are 
here briefly given are in large measure the men who control the activi- 
ties and welfare of Chicago in all important avenues of public, private, 
business and intellectual endeavor. The main object of bi'inging them 
together in this compilation is to place within easy reach such legitimate 
information in regard to the personal history of Chicagoans as it is 
natural that one interested in them should desire to possess. 

In the daily work and turmoil of life, in this city of strenuous 
endeavor and achievement, one finds but little opportunity to get 
acquainted with those whose personalities are (outside of his own most 
intimate circles) of most interest. The reader can doubtless think of 
many a leading citizen of whom he would like to know: Where did he 
come from, where and how was he educated, what is his home life, his 
religious, social and political environment, and what have been the 
chief steps in his career? If the reader will turn to such names he will 
find just the information desired. 

No other book has attempted to furnish, in any systematic manner, 
the salient facts in regard to the lives of those Chicagoans who are 
most prominent in all the useful branches of effort. 

Many and varied are the interests controlled or represented by 
those whose life-histories are here outlined. Business and professional 
interests are most largely represented, because Chicago is, beyond 
everything else, a business center. The city has made unprecedented 
strides toward business supremacy, and stands first in many, and 
prominent in all, of the important branches of trade, production, and 
professional effort. Therefore this volume partakes largely of the 
nature of a business dictionary, and one which contains more personal 
information about the living business men of Chicago than can be found 
collectively in all other books ever printed. Business men can find here 
much more than they ever knew before about their competitors and 
customers, and a vast amount of personal knowledge in regard to their 
fellow citizens which is of value from a business as well as from a social 
standpoint. In fact, in all lines of useful achievement, tlie book 
furnishes as complete a compendium and epitome of personal data in 
regard to those Chicagoans most prominently identified with the best 


movements and interests of the city as it lias been possible to procure 
by patient care, experienced methods and large expenditure. 

To the press of Chicago and other cities this volume presents 
features of easily recognized value. Here the newspaper man will find 
facts which are of great value, and by the use of the book in the city 
room the exasperating errors resulting from hasty picking up of details 
from unreliable sources may be in large measure avoided. The truth 
is here given in undiluted form and every item is presented in a plain, 
unvarnished, concise, condensed manner, which may be at once grasped 
and understood. 

In number and representative selection of subjects, accuracy of 
detail and authoritative iisefulness as a work of reference, it is confi- 
dently claimed that The Book of Chicagoans is the most complete 
com]iilation of Chicago biography ever printed. Not only is this true, 
but by far the larger part of the information it contains is not pro- 
curable, in j)rint, from any other source. 

The volume contains concise, but comprehensive, biographic 
sketches of 500 per cent more representative Chicagoans than are to be 
found in any other publication. While it is not claimed that the book 
represents infallibility or inerrancy, it is confidently put forth as the 
best that has so far been produced among books of local and con- 
temporary biography in this city. 

With a view to further revisions, as time and necessity shall make 
them advisable, suggestions for further improvements, changes in 
biographical data, notices of deaths and announcements of changes of 
address as they occur, are again invited. 

Chicago, April 5, 1911. 



Indicates that the person is said to have removed from Chicago. 
given wlien Itnown. 

Present address is 


A.-a.-gr. . . . 

.American Association for tlie 

Advancement of Science. 
, ..\ssistant adjutant-general. 
.American Board of CommiK- 
sioners for Foreign Alissions 
(Congregational ) . 

A.B. (also B^.). Bachelor of Arts. 

A.C .\nalytical chemist. 

Acad Academy, academic. 

A.-D.-C Aide-de-camp. 

Adj Adjutant, adjunct. 

A..V. Of Ii .American Federation of Labor. 

Asrr .Agriculture. 

AgTl Agricultural. 

JLgt Agent. 

Ala. Alabama. 

A.Ii.A American Library Association. 

Am American. 

A.M. (also M.A.).Master of Arts. 

A.M.A -American Medical Association. 

A.M.E African Methodist Episcopal. 

Am. Soc. C.E.. .. American Society of Civil En- 

A.N.A Associate National Academi- 

Anat Anatomical. 

Ann Annual. 

Anthrop Anthropological. 

Antiq Antiquarian. 

Appmt Appointment. 

Apptd Appointed. 

A.-Q.-M Assistant quartermaster. 

ArcSseol Archaeological. 

Ariz Arizona. 

Ark Arkansas. 

Arty Artillery. 

Assn Association. 

Asso Associate. 

Asst .Assistant. 

Astron .Astronomical. 

Astrophys Astrophysical. 

Atty Attorney. 

Aug August. 

Av Avenue. 

B.A. (also A.B.). Bachelor of Arts. 

B.AgT Bachelor of Agriculture. 

Bapt Baptist. 

B.Arcli Bachelor of Architecture. 

B.C.B Bachelor of Civil Engineering. 

Bd Board. 

B.D Bachelor of Divinity. 

B.F.A Bachelor of Fine Arts. 

Bibliog Bibliographical. 

Bibl Biblical. 

Biog' Biographical. 

Biol Biological. 

B.t.( or tltt-B.). Bachelor of Letters. 

Bldgr Building. 

Blk Block. 

B.Ii.S Bachelor of Library Science. 

Bot Botanical. 

Boul Boulevard. 

B.Pd.i or Pd.B.). Bachelor of Pedagogy. 

B.F.O.E Benevolent Protective Order 

of Elks. 

'Bxig Brigadier. 

Brit British, Britannica. 

Brit.Assn.Adv.Scl. British Association for the 

Advancement of Science. 
B.S.(aIso B.S. or ScB.) Bachelor of Science. 

Bull Bulletin. 

Bur Bureau. 

Bvt Brevet. 

Bvtd Brevetted. 

Cal California. 

Can Canada. 

Capt (iaptain. 

Cav Cavalry. 

C.E Civil Engineer. 

Ch Church. 

Chem Chemical. 

Chimrgr Chirurgical. 

Chmn > . .Chairman. 

Civ Civil. 

Climatol Cllmatological. 

CUn Clinical. 

Co Company; county. 

Col Colonel. 

CoU College. 

Colo Colorado. 

Com Committee. 

Comd Commanded. 

Comdg' Commanding. 

Comdr Commander. 

Commd Commissioned. 

Commn Commission. 

Commr Commissioner. 

Confed Confederate. 

Conf Conference. 

Conerlist Congregationalist. 

Conn Connecticut. 

Constl CJonstitutional. 

Constn Constitution. 

Constrn C^onstruction. 

Contbd (Contributed. 

Contbns Contributions. 

Contbr Contributor. 

Conv Convention. 

Corpl Corporal. 

Corpn Corporation. 

Corr Correspondent; corresponding. 

Cob Companies. 

C.S.A.(or C.S.Ar>ny) Confederate States Army. 
C.S.K.(or C.S.ITavy) Confederate States Xavy. 

Ct Court. 

Cyclo Cyclopedia. 

l},AgT Doctor of Agriculture. 

S.A.B Daughters of tlie American 


D.C District of Columbia. 

D.C.Ii Doctor of Civil Law. 

D.D Doctor of Divinity. 

S.D.S Doctor of Dental Surgery. 

Dec Decembei-. 

Deg Degree. 

Del Delaware: delegate. 

Dem Democratic. 

D.Enff.Cilso Sr.En^ngr. Doctor of En- 
nr E.D.) glneering. 


Dept Department. 

Dermatol Ucrmatologlcal. 

Dir Director. 

Dlt District. 

Div Division; divinity. 

D.Iiltt.(,also i.H.D.) Doctor of Literature. 

D.Sc. (or Sc.D.) . Doctor of Science. 

S.V.S Doctor of Veterinary Surgery. 

E East. 

Econ Economic. 

EJ> Doctor of Engineering. 

Ed Educated. 

Edit Edition. 

Edn Education. 

Ednl Educational. 

. Electi'ical lOngineer. 

E.E. and M.F. .. Envoy extraordinary and min- 
ister plenipotentiary. 

Esryptol Egyptological. 

Elec Electrical. 

Electrochem . . ..Electrochemical. 
Electrophys . . . .Electrophysical. 

Ency Encyclopedia. 

Ensr England. 

Engfr Engineer. 

Engrring' Engineering. 

EngTTg Engineers. 

Eutoxuol Entomological. 

Etbnol Ethnological. 

Evaner Evangelical. 

Exam Examination. 

Ezhbn Exhibition. 

Exac Executive. 

Expdn Expedition. 

Expn Exposition. 

Expt Experiment. 

T9h February. 

Fla Florida. 

Prt Freight. 

Pt Fort. 

Oa .Georgia. 

Q.A.R Grand Army of the Republic. 

Qon General. 

Oeneal Genealogical. 

Qeod Geodetic. 

Gtaoff Geographical, geographic. 

Oeol Geological. 

Oer Germany. 

OOT Governor. 

OOTt Government. 

Qrad Graduated, graduate. 

Gynecol Gynecological. 

Hdqrs Headquarters. 

H.I Hawaiian Islands. 

H.Ty.(or K.T.) ..Hawaiian Territory. 

Hist Historical, historic. 

HomoB Homoeopathic. 

Hon Honorary, honorable, honor- 

Ho. of Bep of Representatives. 

Hort Horticultural. 

Hosp Hospital. 

Hydrogr Hydrographic. 

Xa Iowa. 

Ida Idalio. 

m Illinois. 

nins Illustrated. 

Ind Indiana. 

Ind. Ty Indian Territory. 

luf Infantry. 

Ins Insurance. 

Incp I nspector. 

Inst Institute. 

Instn Institution. 

Instr Instructor. 

Instrn Instruction. 

luternat International. 

Intro Introduction. 

Jan .Tanuary. 

J.C.Ii .luris Canonicl Lector. 

J.D Doctor of Jurisprudence. 

Jour Journal. 

Jnd Judicial. 

3.V.I> Juris Utriusque Doctor. 

Doctor of Both (Canon and 
Civil) Laws. 

Kan Kansas. 

K.P Knights of Pythias. 

K.T Knights Templar. 

Ky Kentucky. 

Kab Laboratory. 

Iian? Language. 

Iia Louisiana. 

Iiaryuerol Laryngological. 

Ii.K.S Doctor of Literature (also D. 

tieut. (or It.) . .Lieutenant. 

lit Literary, literature. 

I^itt.B. (or B.Ii.) Bachelor of Letters. 

ImXi.B Bachelor of Laws. 

IiIi.D Doctor of Laws. 

JmIm.VI Master of Laws. 

Ii.B.C.S Licentiate Royal Coll. Surgs. 

lit. (or tleut.)... Lieutenant. 

Iit.-aov Lieutenant-governor. 

Xiutli Lutheran. 

M^. (or A.M.) . .Master of Arts. 

K. Agr Master of Agriculture. 

Maar Magazine. 

KaJ Major. 

Mass Massachusetts. 

Math Mathematical. 

JtJB Bachelor of Medicine. 

M.C Member of Congress. 

Moht Merchant. 

M.S Doctor of Medicine. 

Md Maryland. 

Me Maine. 

M.E Master of Engineering; Metli- 

odlst Episcopal. 

Mech Mechanical. 

M-E. Ch Methodist Episcopal Church. 

Med Medical. 

Mem Member. 

Met Metropolitan. 

Meteorol Meteorological. 

Metb Methodist. 

Metrol Metrological. 

MetaU Metallurgical. 

M.P Master of Forestry. 

Mf(r Manufacturing. 

Mfr Manufacture, manufacturer. 

Mtrs Manufacturers. 

Mn Manager. 

Mieli Michigan. 

Micros. Microscopical. 

Mil Military. 

Minn Minnesota. 

Miss Mississippi. 

M.& Master of Literature. 

Mile Mademoiselle (Miss). 

ISme Madame. 

Mngr Managing. 

Mo Missouri. 

Mont Montana. 

M.B.C.S Member Royal Coll. Surgs. 

M.B.(orM.Sc.) . .Master of Science. 

Mt Mount. 

Mas Museum, musical. 

Mns-B Bachelor of Music. 

Mus.D. (or Mus. Doc.) Doctor of Alusic. 

Mut Mutual. 

Mycol Mycological. 

H North. 

li.A National Academician. 

Hat National. 

H.B New Brunswick. 

H.C North Carolina. 

H.D North Dakota. 

H.E Northeast, also New England. 

H.*A .National Educational Associa- 

Heb Nebraska. 

Hev Nevada. 

H.O National Guard. 


N.O.S.N.Y National Guard State of New- 

N.K New Hampshire. 

HJ New Jersey, 

H.M New Mexico. 

Hov November. 

Wr Near. 

H.S Nova Scotia. 

W.T New Testament. 

Nnmls .Mumismatlc. 

V.W Northwest. 

V.TC New York (state). 

O Ohio. 

Obstet Obstetrical. 

Oct October. 

Okla Oklahoma. 

Ont Ontario. 

Ophtlial Ophthalmological. 

Ore Oreg^on. 

Ornitliol Ornithological. 

Orgn Organization. 

O.S.B Order of Saint Benedict. 

O.T Old Testament. 

Otol Oto logical. 

Pa Pennsylvania. 

Pass Passenger. 

Fatli Pathological. 

Pa.B.(orB. Pd.). Bachelor of Pedagogy. 

Pd.S Doctor of Pedagogy. 

P.E Protestant Episcopal. 

Fharm Pharmaceutical. 

Pbarm. S Doctor of Pharmacy. 

ph.B Bachelor of Philosophy. 

Ph.D Doctor of Philosophy. 

Phlla Philadelphia. 

PUIol Philological. 

Phllos Philosophical. 

PI1.BI Master of Pharmacy. 

Photosr Photographic. 

Phys Physician, Physical. 

Phys. and Snrgr. Physicians and Surgeons. 

Physiol Physiological. 

P.l Philippine Islands. 

PI Place. 

p.-M Paymaster. 

PoUt Political. 

Poly Polytechnic. 

Pomol Pomological. 

P.Q Province of Quebec. 

Prep Preparatory, 

Pxes President. 

Presbyn Presbyterian. 

Presdl Presidantial. 

Prin Principal. 

Proc Proceedings. 

Prod Produced (for production of 


Prof Professor. 

Propr Proprietor. 

Pros. Atty Prosecuting attorney. 

Pro Tern Pro tempore (for the time be- 

Psychol Psychological. 

Puh Public, publisher, publishing. 

Puhl Publication. 

Pvt Private. 

Q.-M Quartermaster. 

Qnar Quarterly. 

Que Quebec (province). 

B.C Roman Catholic. 

Bd Road. 

B.E Reformed Episcopal. 

Bee Recording. 

Begl: Regiment. 

Bep Republican, representative. 

BeT Review; Reverend. 

Bhlnol Rhinological. 

B.I Rliode Island. 

B.P Reformed Presbyterian. 

B.P.D Rerum Politlcarum Doctor. 

(Doctor of Political Science). 

B.B Railroad. 

By Railway. 

S South. 

S.A South America. 

S.A.B Sons of the Am. Revolution. 

S.B.(aIsoB.S. or ScB.) Bachelor of Science. 

S.C Soutli Carolina. 

S.C.A.PJL Society for Checking the 

Abuses of Public Advertis- 
ing (English). 

So..(or D. Sc). Doctor of Science. 

Sob School. 

S.D South Dakota. 

S.B Southeast. 

Sec Secretary- 
Sect Section. 

Sem Seminary. 

Sept September. 

Serjrt Sergeant. 

S.J Society of Jesus (Jesuit). 

Soc Society. 

Sociol Sociological. 

Spl Special. 

Splty Specialty. 

Sq Square. 

S.B Sons of the Revolution. 

S.S Sunday School. 

St Saint, street. 

Sta Station. 

Statis Statistical. 

S.T.B Bachelor of Sacred Theology. 

S.T.S Doctor of Sacred Theology. 

S.T.Ii Ijicenfiate in Sacred Theology. 

Supt Superintendent. 

Surg- Surgical. 

S.W Southwest. 

Tech Technical, technology. 

Techuol Technological. 

Tenn Tennessee. 

Ter.(or Ty.) . . . .Territory. 

Tex Texas. 

T.H.(or H.T.) . . .Territory of Hawaii. 

Theol Theological. 

Topogr Topographical. 

Tp.(orTwp.) . . . Township. 

Trans .Transactions. 

Transl Translation, translations, 

'rreas Treasurer. 

Ty.(orTer.) . . . .Territory. 

U.B United Brethren in Christ. 

V.C.V United Confederate Veterans. 

V.D.C United Daughters of the Con- 

TJnlv University. 

U.P United Presbyterian. 

Urol Urological. 

Xr.S United States. 

TT-S-A United States Army. 

U-S.C.T United States Colored Troops. 

IT.S.IT United States Navy. 

U.S.V United States Volunteers. 

Ta Virginia. 

Vet Veteran, veterinary. 

Vice-pres. (or v.-p.) Vice-president. 

Vol Volunteer; volume. 

Vs Versus (against). 

Vt Vermont. 

W West. 

Wash Washington (state). 

VT.C.T.U Woman's Christian Temper- 
ance Union. 

W.I West Indies. 

Wis Wisconsin. 

W.Va West Virginia. 

Wyo Wyoming. 

y.M.C.A Young Men's Christian Assn. 

Trs Years. 

Sool Zoological. 



A.,T.acS.P.B.R. .Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe 

A.&F.By Atlanta & Pacific Railway. 

B.&M.B.B.B. .. .Burlington & Missouri River 

B.&O.B.B Baltimore & Oliio Railroad. 

C.,B.&IT.B.B . . . .Chicago, Burlington & Northern 

CB.&Q.B.R. .. .Chicago, Burlington & Quincy 

CCC.&I.By. .. Cleveland, Columbus, Cincin- 
nati & Indianapolis Railway. 

C.,C.,C.&St.Ii.By.Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago 
& St. Louis Railway. 

C.&E.I.B.B Chicago & Eastern Illinois 


C.Q.W.B.B Chica.go Great Western Rail- 

C.,H.&D.By. . . . Cincinnati, Hamilton & Dayton 

C.,I.&I^.By Chicago, Indianapolis & Louis- 
ville Railway. 

C.J.B.B Cliicago Junction Railroad. 

CIi.S.&B.B.B. . .Cliicago, Lake Shore & Eastern 

CM.aSt.P.By. .Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul 

CO.&O.R.B. .. .Choctaw, Oklalioma & Gulf 

C.,B.I.&E.P.By. .Chicago, Rock Island & El Paso 

CB.I.&P.B.B. .Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific 

C.,St.P.,M.&O.By. Chicago, St. Paul, Minneapo- 
lis & Omaha Railway. 

C.iSt.P.&K.C.B.B. Chicago, St. Paul & Kansas 
City Railroad. 

C.T.T.B.B Chicago Terminal Transfer 


C.&A.By Chicago & Alton Railway. 

C.&Q.E.By Chicago & Great Eastern Rail- 

C.&G.T.By Chicago & Grand Trunk Rail- 

C.&N.W.By Chicago & Northwestern Rail- 

C.&M.By Cincinnati & Muskingum Rail- 

C.&N.P.B.B. . . . Chicago & Northern Pacific 

C.&O.By Chei-apeake & Ohio Railway. 

C.SCS.S.B.T.B.B.Co. Cincinnati & South Side 
Rapid Transit Railroad Co. 

C.&W.I.B.B Chicago & Western Indiana 


C.&W.M.By. ... Chicago & Western Michigan 

S.,Ii.&'W.B.B. . . IJelaware, Lackawanna & West- 
ern Railroad. 

D.,G.H.&M.B.B. Detroit, Grand Haven & Mil- 
waukee Railroad. 

D.iIi&N.B.B. ... Detroit, Lansing & Northern 

i:.,J'.&i:.B.B Elgin. .loliet & Eastern Raii- 


B.&T.R.By Evansville & Terra Haute Rail- 

Q.,C.&S.P.B.B. . Gulf, Colorado & Santa Fe 

Q.IT.By Great Northern Railway. 

G.B.&I.By Grand Rapids & Indiana Rail- 

G.W.By.of Can . .Great Western Railway of 

H.&St.J.B.B Hannibal & St. Joseph Rail- 

I.C.B.B Illinois Central Railroad. 

I.&St.Ii.B.B Indianapolis & St. Louis Rail- 

K.CC.&S.By . . . Kansas City, Clinton & Spring- 
field Railway. 

X.C.Pt.S.&G.B.B. Kansas City, Fort Scott & 
Gulf Railroad. 

K.CPt.S.&M.B.B. Kansas City, Fort Scott & 
Memphis Railroad. 

K.C.IM.&B.B.B. Kansas City, Memphis & Bir- 
mingham Railroad. 

K.C.S.&M.B.B. Kansas City, Springfield & 
Memphis Railroad. 

K.CSt.J.&C.B.B.B. Kansas City, St. Joseph & 
Council Bluffs Railroad. 

i;.S.&M.S.By . . . Lake Shore & Michigan South- 
ern Railway. 

If.&IT.B.B Louisville & Nashville Rail- 

.&F.B.B Lackawanna & Pittsburg Rail- 

M.C.B.B Michigan Central Railroad. 

M.,K.&T.By. ... Missouri, Kansas & Texas 

M.V.B.B Missouri Valley Railroad. 

Mo.P.By Missouri Pacific Railway. 

M.&O.B.B Mobile & Ohio Railroad. 

M.&St.Ii.B.B.. . .Minneapolis & St. Louis Rail- 

N.P.By Northern Pacific Railway. 

N.T.C.&H.B.B.B. New York Central & Hudson 
River Railroad. 

lI'.Y.,C.SsSt.I..B.B. New York, Chicago & St. 
Louis Railroad. 

N.Y.jP.&O.B.B. . New York, Pennsylvania & 
Ohio Railroad. 

1T.T.,W.S.&B.B.B. New York, West Shore & 
Buffalo Railroad. 

N.T.&IT.B.By. . . New York & New England 

P.,C.&St.I..B.B.. Pittsburg, Cincinnati & St. 
Louis Railroad. 

P.,T.&A.B.B. . . . Paducah, Tennessee & Alaba- 
ma Railroad. 

S.C.&P.B.B Sioux City & Pacific Railroad. 

St.I<.,M.&S.B.B. St. Louis, Memphis & South- 
western Railroad. 

St.Ii.,P.S5lI.By. . .St. Louis, Peoria & Northern 

St.Ii.&a.B.B . . . .St. Louis & Gulf Railroad. 

St.Ii.&I.M.B.B. . St. Louis & Iron Mountain 

St.Ii.&S.P.By. . . St. Louis & San Francisco 

S.P.By Southern Pacific Railway. 

S.P.B.B Southern Pacific Railroad. 

S.P.&S.C.B.B.. . .St. Paul & Sioux City Rail- 

T..C.&St,i;.B.B. Toledo, Cincinnati & St. Louis 

T.P.B.B Texas Pacific Railroad. 

T.jW.&W.B.B.. .Toledo, Wabash & Western 

U.P.B.B Union Pacific Railroad. 

W.C.By Wisconsin Central Railway. 

W.I.&N.By West Indiana & Northern Rail- 

W.,I.8[N.By Wisconsin, Iowa & Nebraska 


W.&M.By Wisconsin & Michigan Rail- 



AliUltf, Benjamin, wholesale jeweler; born 
Goderich, Ont., Oct. 7, 1848; son John and Mary 
(Braden) Allen; ed. grammar and high schools 
of Canada; married Mae West Lamos, of Chi- 
cago, Aug. 29, 1871; children: Benjamin C, 
Lewis D. and Bessie (Mrs. Phelps B. Hoyt). 
Came to Chicago, 1865; began with Arm of M. 
T. Quimby & Co., wholesale jewelers, 1865, suc- 
ceeding to the business in 1870 under name of 
Starli & Allen, and in 1872 firm became Benj. 
Allen & Co. ; viee-pres. and treas. Spaulding & 
Co.; dir. First Nat. Bank, First Trust & Sav- 
ings Bank, Nat. Safe Deposit Co.; pres. Silver- 
smitlis Bldg. Co.; largely interested in other 
corporations. Mem. Chicago Jewelers' Assn. 
(ex-vice-pres.). Jewelers' Board of Trade 
(dir.), Chicago Assn. of Commerce. Repub- 
lican. Episcopalian. Mason. Clubs: Chicago, 
Calumet, Union League, Mid-Day, Onwentsia, 
Chicago Automobile. Recreations: motoring 
and travel. Residence: Winnetka, 111. Office: 
10 S. Wabash Av. 

BUEHKEB, William Emmett, physician; 
born Hatboro, Montgomery Co., Pa., Jan. 27, 
1869; son (jeorge Wasliington and Alice 
(Green) Buehler; educated at Hatboro LoUar 
Academy and private school, also Philadelphia 
public schools: married Ella May Abel, Phila- 
delphia, Sept. 5, 1893. Graduated College of 
Medicine and Surgery, Chicago. M.D.. May, 
1904; post-graduate Hering Medical (College, 
May, 1906, and Bennett Medical College of 
Chicago, 1907. Was member of faculties 
(chair of obstetrics). Hering Medical College, 
1907-8, and Bennett Medical College (professor 
of anatomy 1907, and minor surgery, 190S-9). 
W^as a delegate to the International Congress 
of Physicians and Surgeons held in Budapest, 
1909. Took post-graduate work in Vienna, 
Austria, 1909. Independent in politics. Bap- 
tist. Mem. Oriental Lodge No. .33 A.F.&A.M., 
Cicero Chapter No. 180 R.A.M., Palestine 
Council No. 66 R.&S.M., Apollo Commanderv 
No. 1, Oriental Consistory S.P.R.S., Medinah 
Temple A. A. O.N. M.S.; mem. Lodge No. 4 
B.P.O. Elks, "I Will" Lodge No. 141 I.O.O.F., 
Washington Camp No. 485 P.O.S. of A., 
Tanawa Tribe No. 1 I.O.R.M.. "Avran 
Grotto" No. 18: Illinois Club, Chicago Medical 
Society, American Medical Association, and 
Illinois Medical Association. Office: 64 E. Van 
Buren St. Residence: 1421 Farwell Av. 

CAFITAIN, Henry D., mfr., alderman; born 
in England, 1862: educated in Germany; came 
to Chicago in 1879; married. Pres. Western 
Leather & Mfg. Co. Elected alderman of the 
25th Ward, Apr. 4, 1911; Republican. Was in- 
strumental in organizing the old Village of 
West Ridge, and the Ridge Av. Park District 
and served as clerk, trustee and treas. at 
various times; was school trustee in old Vil- 
lage of Rogers Park. Was pres. Rogers Park 
Improvement Assn. several terms; now vice- 
pres. Ways and Means Com. of North Shore 
Improvement Assn. Residence: 1544 Kenil- 
worth Av., Rogers Park. Office: 175 N. 
Wabash Av. 

EASTMAN, Bobert Maurice, pres. W. F. Hall 
Printing Co.; born Anoka, Minn., Dec. 1, 1869; 
son Job and Kate M. (Kimball) Eastman; ed. 
common schools of Anoka; married Carrie 
Evers, of Chicago, Jan. 24, 1894; 2 children: 
William Evers and Eunice. Came to Chicago, 
1887, and worked as compositor about 3 years; 
was foreman and later mgr. of National Jour- 
nalist; identified with the W. F. Hall Printing 
Co. since 1893, becoming pres. and treas. In 
1908; also treas. Central Typesetting Co. Re- 
publican. Unitarian. Mason (Austin Lodge, 
Cicero Chapter, Montjoie Commandery K. T., 
Oriental Consistory 32, Medinah Temple Mys- 
tic Shrine). Clubs: Chicago Athletic, Chicago 
Fly Casting. Residence: 320 N. Hamlin Av. 
OfBce: Kingsbury and Superior Sts. 

FBENSEBQAST, M. John, dentist; born On- 
tario, Can., May 10, 1868; son of John Prender- 
gast; prep. edn. common schools; D.D.S., Lake 
Forest Univ., 1896; married Lillian Mallory, of 
Chicago; 2 sons: John and Joseph. Engaged in 
dental practice at Chicago since 1896. Dir. Su- 
perior Mfg. Co., Muskegon, Mich. Mem. Delta 
Sigma Delta Fraternity. Club: Birchwood 
Country. Residence: 840 ^Tndsor Av. Office: 
1412 Heywortli Bldg. 

BOTEB, John Charles Fremont, lawyer; born 
Stark Co., O., .Ian. 15, 1856; son Stephen and 
Maria (Long) Royer; prep. edn. Fort Edward 
(N.Y.) Collegiate Inst, and Kingston (Pa.) 
Sem.; A.B., Princeton Univ., 1880, A.M., 188;i. 
married Janet Adam, of Jollet, 111., June 1887; 
3 children: Florence, Helen and .lames. Ad- 
mitted to bar, 1884; practiced at Canton, O., 4 
years, and was candidate for city atty. there; 
now in practice at Chicago. Republican. Ma- 
son (32). Mem. Chicago Bar Assn. Club: 
Hamilton. Residence: 929 E. 45th St. Office: 
3826 Rhodes Av. 

WABDEB, John Haines, civil engr. ; born 
Cincinnati, O. ; Jan. 21, 1846; son John Astor 
and Elizabetli Bowne (Haines) Warder; prep, 
edn. pub. and private schools of Cincinnati; 
grad. Polytechnic Coll. of State of Pa., Phila., 
as civil engr., 1867: married Louise Hagar, of 
Sacramento, Cal., Sept. 1880. Division engr. 
Bureau of Sewers of Chicago, in charge of de- 
signing, surveying and superintending sewer 
construction 3 years. Sec. Western Soc. of 
Engrs. since 1901, and editor of its Journal. 
Asso. Am. Soc. Civil Engrs.; life mem. Frank- 
lin Inst., Phila.; mem. Chicago Library Club, 
Art Inst., Chicago Horticultural Soc. Mason 
(32). Club: Citv. Residence: 602 Arlington 
PI. Office: 1735 Monadnock Blk. 

WEKDOIT, Alfred Frederick, band leader and 
composer; born Putnam. Conn., .lune 16. 1863; 
educated there: studied music in Mass. and R. 
I.; married Clara Holmes, of Cliicago, July 
30, 1907. Military record: 15 years in the Sec- 
ond Infantry I.N.G., as chief musician and 
bandmaster, diamond medal for long service. 
Composer of band music, cornet solos, and cor- 
respondence course of cornet lessons for stu- 
dent and band leader.s. Residence: 1654 War- 
ren Av. 



ABBET, Charles Peters, lawyer; born Chi- 
cago Mav 23, 1865; son Frederick J. and Mary 
(Peters) Abbey; ed. Univ. of Chicago, North- 
western Univ., A.B., 1889; Chicago Coll. of 
Law, 1S91; married Chicago, Nov. 21, 1894, 
Julia N. Trimmer; children: Kathryn Trimmer, 
Stuart Clark. Admitted to bar, 1891; was mem. 
law firm of Millard & Abbey, 1896, changing in 
1901 to Millard, Abbey & Millard, and on Apr. 
1 1905, became mem. Arm of Dolph, Buell & 
Abbey, since Aug. 1, 1908, Buell c"; Abbey. Re- 
publican. Mem. Phi Beta Kappa (Northwestern 
Univ.), I^w Club, Chicago Law Inst., Art Inst, 
of Chicago, Chicago Bar Assn. (sec, Feb. 1904- 
Dec. 1907; 1st vice-pres., Dec. 1907-June 1909), 
111. State Bar Assn., Am. Bar Assn. Mason 
(Park Lodge No. 843. Park Chapter, 111. Com- 
mandery, Medinah Temple Mystic Shrine). 
Clubs: University. Hamilton, Edgewater Coun- 
try, Edgewater Golf, Blrchwood Country. Res- 
idence: 7625 Sheridan Rd. Office: Tribune Bldg. 

ABBOTT, Arthur K., A. H. Abbott cfe Co., 
artists' materials. Residence: Evanston, III. 
Office: 127 N. Wabash Av. 

*ABBOTT, Edwin Fletcher, lawyer; moved to 
Kan.; see Vol 1905. 

ABBOTT, Edwin Hardy, lawyer; born Miner- 
al, III.. Nov. 25, 1867; son Silas D. and Indiana 
(Henry) Abbott; ed pub. schools of Mineral, 
111., and Shelby, la., at Oberlln, O., Acad, and 
Coll., 1880-90; Chicago Coll. of Law, 1893-4. 
Admitted to bar. Supreme Court of 111., 1895. 
Mem. Chicago Bar Assn. Republican. Clubs: 
Hamilton, Edgewater Country, Edgewater Golf. 
Residence; 14 Scott St. Office: 414 First Nat. 
Bank Bldg. 

ABBOTT, Frank Sanlord, musical editor; 
born Bethel, Vt., Jan. 29, 1853; son Luther Bur- 
nett and Marian Elizabeth (Soper) Abbott; ed. 
common schools, Owatonna, Minn.; grad. music 
and literature. Episcopal Coll., Faribault, Minn.; 
married Eva, daughter John Schugart, of Cedar 
Rapids, la., 1878. Began business as traveler 
for Geo. Woods & Co., Cambridgeport, Mass.; 
corr. various musical journals, articles attract- 
ing widespread attention; founded The Presto 
(musical journal), 1884, and during the Chica- 
go Expn. published daily edit, of paper on the 
grounds of tlie expn. Pres. and mgr. Presto 
Pub. Co. Author numerous musical papers and 
monographs. Official author of Awards Souve- 
nir of Musical Instruments of the Chicago Expn. 
Hon. mem. various local and European musical 
and literary assns. Mason (K.T., Shriner). 
Clubs: Press, Chicago Automobile, Wheaton 
Golf. Recreations: motoring, tennis, golf. Res- 
idence: Chicago. Country Home: Glen Ellyn, 
111. Office: 440 S. Dearborn St. 

*ABBOTT, Frank Frost, univ. prof.; moved 
to Princeton, N.J. ; see Vol. 1905. 

ABBOTT, Qeor^e B., physician; born Dixon, 
111., May 18, 1856; son Nathan W. and Sarah 
(Yates) Abbott; ed. pub. schools, Chicago; M.D., 
Chicago Med. Coll. (Northwestern Univ.), 1878; 
widower. Has practiced medicine in (Chicago 
most of the time since 1878; mem. attending 
staff Cook Co. Hosp., 1885-7; chief of staff The 
Dr. G. B. Abbott Medical Co. Was pres. LaSalle 
Life Ins. Co. until it was consolidated with the 
Franklin Life, of Springfield, 111., of which he 
Is dir. Republican. Unitarian. State command- 
er HI. Div. Sons of Veterans, 1886-7; nat. com- 
mander-in-chief Sons of Veterans, 1887-9. Ma- 
son (K.T., Shriner); mem. Loyal Legion. Club: 
111. Athletic. Recreations: music and basket 
ball "fan." Residence: 818 E. S7tb iSt [Office: 
1323 Michigan Av. 

ABBOTT, Homer, lawyer; born Mineral, Bu- 
reau Co., 111., July 29, 1866; son Silas D. and 
Indiana (Henry) Abbott; ed. pub. schools of 
Bureau Co., 111., and Shelby Co., la.; A.B., Ober- 
lln (O.) Coll., 1888; studied law at Lincoln, 
Neb., 1888-9, Chicago Coll. of Law, 1891; mar- 
ried Avoca, la., July 19, 1906, Frances M. Gard- 
ner. Engaged In abstract business, Omaha, 
Neb., 1889-90, at Chicago 1890-2; admitted to 
111. bar, 1893, and engaged In practice In Chi- 
cago; was senior mem. firm of Abbott, Buch- 
holz & McCombs until 1903; city atty. for Chi- 
cago Heights, 111., 1898; elected judge of city 
court for Chicago Heights for term from Sept. 
1, 1903-7; re-elected. Mason, Odd Fellow; mem. 
B.P.O.E. Office and Residence: Chicago Heights, 

ABBOTT, John Jay, banker; born New York 
City, Mar. 11, 1871; son John N. and Violet 
(Gardner) Abbott; ed. pub. schools; married 
Rowena Marsh, of Chicago, Jan. 22, 1896. Be- 
gan as asst. to comptroller of Chicago (now 
Commonwealth) Edison Co., 1892-9, resigning 
as asst. to the gen. supt. ; asst. cashier Am. 
Trust & Savings Bank, 1899, cashier, 1902, and 
vice-pres., 1904-10, and vice-pres. of its succes- 
sor, the Continental & Commercial Trust & 
Savings Bank, since 1910. Republican. Congre- 
gationalist. Clubs: Chicago Athletic, Mid-Day. 
Residence: 3224 Michigan Av. Office: Adams 
and Clark Sts. 

ABBOTT, Sylvester O-raves, lawyer; born Os- 
sipee, Carroll Co., N.H., July 4, 1853; son George 
W. and Phoebe (Graves) Abbott; ed. public 
schools; LL.B., Northwestern Univ., 1884; mar- 
ried Chicago, Oct. 19, 1884, Margaret Reese; 
children: Gertrude Jane, Jessie G., Sewell W., 
Mildred E., Florence M. Admitted to bar, 1884, 
and practiced alone until 1899; mem. firm of 
Pinckney, Tatge & Abbott, 1899-1905, Tatge, 
Abbott & Koepke, 1905-9, Abbott & Schneider 


since 1909. Republican. Residence: 6751 Peoria 
St. Office: 9 S. LaSalle St. 

ABBOTT, Wallace C, physician, editor; born 
Bridgewater, Windsor Co., Vt., Oct. 12, 1857; 
son Luther and Wealtha (Barrows) Abbott; ed. 
Randolph (Vt.) State Normal School; St. Johns- 
bury (Vt.) Coll. preparatory; Dartmouth Coll.; 
M.D., Univ. of Mich., 1885; married Royalton, 
Vt., Aug. 10, 1886, Clara Ingraham; 1 daughter: 
Eleanor. Came to Chicago, 1886, and engaged 
in general practice of medicine; in connection 
with practice became impressed with great need 
of improvement in ways and means, and estab- 
lished and built to success and is pres. The 
Abbott Alkaloidal Co. and The Clinic Publish- 
ing Co., which have gained world-wide recogni- 
tion as leading exponents in the "new thought" 
in medicine. Editor of The American Journal 
of Clinical Medicine. Mem. Chicago Med. Soc, 
111. State Med. Soc, A.M.A., Am. Med. Edi- 
tors' Assn. Republican. Methodist. Residence: 
4605 N. Hermitage Av. Office: Ravenswood 

ABBOTT, WiUiam Iiaiuont, engineer; born 
Whiteside, 111., Feb. 14, 1861; son Asa M. and 
Sarah (Sperry) Abbott; M.E., Univ. of 111., 
1884; married Carrie Entwhistle, of Morrison, 
111., Sept. 14, 1887; children: Arthur, Helen. 
Robert, Josephine, Dorothy. Machinist and 
draftsman in Chicago, 1884-7; pres. Nat. Elec- 
tric Constrn. Co., 1887-94; chief engr. power 
house, Chicago Edison Co., 1894-9; chief oper- 
ating engr. same since 1899. Mem. Am. Inst. 
Elec. Engrs., Am. Soc. Mech. Engrs., Western 
Soc. Engrs. (pres. 1907.) Trustee Univ. of 111. 
(pres. bd. since 1907). Republican. Clubs: Chi- 
cago Athletic, Engineers', University. Resi- 
dence: 4616 Beacon St. Office: 120 W. Adams 

ABBOTT, William Bnfna, supt. Chicago Tel- 
ephone Co.; born New York, Sept. 18, 1869; 
son William McKae and Hester (Beggs) Ab- 
bott; ed. pub. schools. New York; married Ma- 
bel Rosalie Harland, of Chicago, June 1, 1892; 
2 children: Hester and William Rufus, Jr. 
Clerk auditor's office Erie R.R.Co., New York, 
Sept. 1885-Jan. 31, 1888; cashier Westchester 
(N.Y.) Telephone Co., Feb. 1, lS88-Apr. 1890; 
clerk Met. Telephone & Telegraph Co. (now 
New York Telephone Co.), Apr. 1890-Feb. 20, 
1893; identified with Chicago Telephone Co. 
since Feb. 1893, as clerk, chief clerk to gen. 
supt., special agt. in charge of rights of way 
and claims, and since Oct. 1, 1901, supt. Re- 
publican. Presbyterian. Mason (K.T.). Clubs: 
Chicago Athletic (dir. 4 years, vice-pres., 1910, 
pres., 1911), Edgewater Country (dir., 1902, 
vice-pres., 1903-4, pres., 1905-6), Delavan Lake 
(Wis.) Yacht. Residence: Hollywood Annex, 
Edgewater. Office: 230 W. Washington St. 

ABBOTT, WilUam Tailor, lawyer and banker ; 
born Wells River, Vt., Feb. 16, 1868; son Orrin 
S. and Ella J. (Tabor) Abbott; grad. St. Johns- 
bury (Vt.) Acad.. 1886; A.B., Dartmouth Coll., 
Hanover, N.H., 1890; married Peoria, 111., June 
28, 1905, Elsie Parsons Bourland. Teacher in 
Manchester (N.H.) High School. 1890-2; ad- 
mitted to bar, 1893; practiced at Peoria, 111., 
1893-1904; mem. firm of Stevens, Horton & Ab- 
bott; in practice in Chicago since 1904; mem. 
firm of Ritsher, Montgomery, Hart & Abbott. 
First vice-pres. Central Trust Co. of 111. since 
Jan. 1910. Mem. Chicago and 111. State Bar 
assns.. Law Club. Republican. Congregation- 
alist. Scottish Rite Mason (32), K.T., Shriner. 
C^lubs: University, Union League, Bankers', Ev- 
anston Country, Edgewater (Jolf. Recreations: 
vachting and golf. Residence: Evanston, 111. 
Office: Central Trust Co. 

*AXSiIi, Almon Clarence, clergyman; see Vol. 

ABEIi, Edward James, mfg. chemist; born 
St. Louis, Mo., Nov. 26, 1859;..son Charles and 
Wllhelmina (Menching) Abel; ed. pub. schools 

of St. Louis; removed to Chicago, 1869; un- 
married. Since 1877 has been identified with 
the mfr. of chemicals, and in 1S87 established 
on his own account the business of E. J. Abel 
& Co., of which is now sole owner. Independ- 
ent in politics. Mason (32), Odd Fellow, Roy- 
al Arcanum. Club: Germania. Residence: 537 
FuUerton Boul. Office: 2246 Austin Av. 

ABBIi, John Frank, physician and surgeon; 
born Chicago, May 11, 1857; son John and Ma- 
rie (Breit) Abel; ed. pub. schools, Fond du Lac, 
Wis.; M.D., Northwestern Univ., 1879; married 
Chicago, Jan. 25. 1881, Mary D. Abel; children: 
John, Francis. Engaged in general practice as 
physician and surgeon from Mar. 1879. Mem. 
Chicago Med. Soc, A.M.A. Republican. Mason 
(Blue Lodge), K.P., Royal Arcanum, A.O.U.W., 
B.P.O.E. Residence: 5200 Indiana Av. Office: 
3801 State St. 

ABEImJS, Kadwitr Hermann, physician; born 
Konstanz. Germany, July 6, 1-865; son Ludwig 
A. (Oberzollinspector) and Maria A. (Schaller) 
Abele; ed. pub. .school and gymnasium. Kon- 
stanz; Univ. of Freiburg, Germany; grad. in 
medicine Univ. of Freiburg, 1891; asst. Royal 
Univ. Eye Clinic, Munich, 1 year; 1st asst. 
Royal Univ. Eye Clinic, Koenigsberg, 1% years; 
oberarzt of same clinic 1% years; married 
Berlin, Germany, Feb. 4, 1901, Antonie G. 
Nuernberg. Stabsarzt (capt. surgeon) G.A.R. 
Came to Chicago, 1901; since then engaged in 
practice limited to diseases of the eye. Physi- 
cian to Imperial German Consulate, Chicago; 
consulting oculist to St. Joseph's Hosp. ; at- 
tending oculist to German Hosp. Mem. Chi- 
cago Ophthalmological Soc, A.M.A., German 
Med. Soc, Germanistic Soc. Catholic Club: 
Germania. Residence: 562 Arlington PI. Office: 
Republic Bldg. 

ABBBITETHT, Albert Jones, mfr.; see Vol. 

ABBAHAU, Julius, mfr.: born Barwalde, 
Pom, Germany, Aug. 29, 1859; son Philip and 
Wllhelmina Abraham; ed. pub. schools of Ger- 
many; married Milwaukee, Wis., Nov. 6, 1887, 
Julia Stein; 1 daughter: Lucille. Came from 
Germany to Chicago in 1884 and with his 
brother engaged in the mfr. of knit goods, be- 
coming vice-pres. Phyllis Knitting Co. in 1889, 
with which remained until 1906, since which 
time has been pres. Marathon Underwear Co. 
Republican. Mason. Recreations: walking and 
reading. Residence: 4609 Maiden St. Office: 
1632 N. Halsted St. 

* ABB A K A MSOW, IVanrentins Q., clergyman; 
see Vol. 1905. 

ABT, Isaac Arthur, physician; born Wil- 
mington, 111., Dec. 18, 1867; son Levi and Hen- 
rietta (Hart) Abt; ed. in Chicago pub. schools 
and prepared for college at Univ. of Chicago: 
entered Johns Hopkins Univ., and completed 
preliminary medical course in 1889; grad. from 
Chicago Med. Coll., 1891; interne Michael Reese 
Hosp.. 1891-3; post-grad, work in Vienna and 
Berlin, 1893-4; married Chicago, Aug. 20. 1897, 
Lena Rosenberg; children: Arthur Frederick. 
Lawrence Edward. Specialist in diseases of 
children; was prof, of diseases of children at 
Northwestern Univ. Woman's Med. School until 
it went out of existence; formerly asso. prof, 
diseases of children, Rusli Med. Coll.; prof, dis- 
eases of children, Northwestern Univ. Med. 
School since 1909: attending physician, dis- 
eases of children, Michael Reese and Cook Co. 
hosps. ; consulting physician to Provident Hosp., 
Hosp. for Crippled Children, Jackson Park San- 
itarium, Chicago Orphan Asylum. Mary Thomp- 
son Hosp. and Evanston Hosp. Mem. Am. Pe- 
diatric Soc, Am. Med. Assn.. Chicago Med. 
Soc, Chicago Pediatric Soc, etc Has written 
many monographs on subjects relating to dis- 
eases of children. Residence: 4326 Vincennes 
Av. Office: 32 N. State St. 


ACKEBT, Charles H., railway official; born 
Dutchess Co., N.Y.. Feb. 19, 1856; common 
school edn. Began ry. service as a telegraph 
operator, 1872, filling various positions until 
becoming gen. mgr. Iowa Central Ry., 1888-93; 
gen. mgr. Elgin, .foliet & Eastern Ry., 1893-9; 
pres. and gen. mgr. same road and of Chicago, 
Lake Shore & Eastern Ry., 1899-1901; gen. 
mgr. Mobile & Ohio R.R., Mar. 1901-Mar. 1902; 
gen. mgr.. Mar. 1902-Apr. 1905, 4111 vice-pres.. 
1905-10, Southern Ry.; vice-pres. in charge of 
operation C.&A., Toledo, St. Louis & Western, 
la. Central, and Minneapolis & St. Louis rys., 
since Jan. 1910. Residence: Blackstone Hotel. 
Office: 925 Railway Exchange. 

ACXIiE'S', ILemnel BL, lawyer; born Alle- 
gheny, Pa., Nov. 22, 1857; son Mahlon F. and 
Selena A. (Hammond) Ackley; A. B., Western 
Univ. of Pa., 1879. Reporter, correspondent, 
etc., of Pittsburg Commercial Gazette and other 
Pittsburg papers, 1879-83; LL.B., Univ. of 
Mich., 1885; married Racine, Wis., 1891, Ag- 
nes V. Brett: children: Lila F., Laura E., Lem- 
uel M. Admitted to bar in 1885: came to Chi- 
cago, 1887, and since actively engaged in prac- 
tice. Editor Third Edition of Brandt on Sure- 
tyship. Republican. Mem. of Phi Delta Phi 
legal fraternity. Residence: 3812 N. 40th Av., 
Irving Park. Office: 153 N. Dearborn St. 

ASAM, Alexander Bmce, merchant; born 
Dunfermline. Fifeshire, Scotland, July 2, 1839; 
son Alexander and Bruce (Wilson) Adam; ed. 
schools of Dunfermline; married Boston, July 
16, 1868, Alice Nash; 1 daughter: Elizabeth 
Bruce (Mrs. H. H. Shearson). Began business 
career as dry goods clerk, serving apprentice- 
ship of five years in Dunfermline, followed by 
two years in retail store in Glasgow; came to 
Boston in 1859 from Scotland and entered the 
dry goods firm of Hogge, Brown & Taylor; 
came to Chicago in 1864 and entered the em- 
ploy of Keith, Faxon & Co., wholesale milli- 
nery, which dissolved in 1867; then with O. R. 
Keith & Co., in same line, until 1879, being a 
partner in that firm from 1870 until, in 1884, 
the firm of Edson Keith & Co., wholesale mil- 
linery, was founded, in which he was a partner 
until 1896; and since the present corporation 
of Edson Keith & Co. was organized, Jan. 1, 
1897, has been its pres. Republican. Clubs: 
Chicago, Calumet, South Shore Country. Rec- 
reation.s: travel, reading. Residence: 2249 Cal- 
umet Av. Office: 24 S. Michigan Av. 

ADAMICX, austave Hattenlianer, druggist 
and chemist; born Bloomington, 111., Sept. 22, 
1863; son Adolph and Augusta (Hattenhauer) 
Adamick; ed. pub. schools, Peru, 111.; Ph.G., 
School of Pharmacy, Northwestern Univ., 1887; 
married Peru, 111., Sept. 22, 1890, Rose Schley; 
1 daughter: Margaret Hay. Began as a clerk 
for A. D. Murray, dry goods, Peru; a year later 
became clerk in the drug store of Dr. R. A. 
Smith, and was also appointed asst. postmas- 
ter, his employer being postmaster of Peru; 
then in drug store of R. C. Hattenhauer, where 
he greatly enlarged his knowledge of phar- 
macy, and after a course in pharmacy at North- 
western Univ. went into business for self at 
LaSalle, 111., in 1887, continuing for 6 years; 
after that was traveling salesman for John 
Wyeth & Co., Philadelphia, and in 1900 was 
elected to present position as pres. of the A. 
Arend Drug Co., druggists, pharmacists and 
mfrs. of Kumyss. Mem. Am. Pharmaceutical 
Assn. Republican. Congregationalist. Mason, 
K.T. Club: Hamilton. Recreations: hunting 
and fishing. Residence: The Lessing Apts. Of- 
fice: 190 W. Madison St. 

ADAMS, Abljott Iilvenuore, real estate; de- 
ceased; see Vol. 1905. 

ADAMS, Alliert Hamilton, patent lawyer; 
born Jacksonville, 111., Sept. 14, 1863; son 
Charles H. and Elvira (Hamilton) Adams; ed. 
Chicago pub. schools and Union Coll. of Law; 

married Elk Grove, 111., Aug. 30, 1888, Carrie 
Allen; one son: Howard Allen. Admitted to 
bar, 1885, and has since made a specialty of 
patent law; mem. firm of Bond, Adams, Pick- 
ard & Jackson since 1890 (successors of West 
& Bond, established 1863). Mem. Patent Law 
Assn. Clubs: Law, Oak Park, Chicago Athletic. 
Residence: 225 Wesley Av., Oak Park, 111. Of- 
fice: Monadnock Blk. 

ADAMS, Asa O-rant, lawyer; born Sunbeam, 
Mercer Co., 111., Feb. 11, 1868; son Samuel and 
Clarissa (Kean) Adams; ed. Buda (111.) high 
school; LL.B., Chicago Coll. of Law, 1897; mar- 
ried Rockford, 111., June 14, 1894, Lucy Hart- 
well; one son: Wlnfleld Hollister. Learned jew- 
eler's trade in Buda, III., and afterward fol- 
lowed that business with Giles Bros., Chicago, 
for ten years, until took up study of law; ad- 
mitted to bar, 1897, and since in practice in 
Chicago. Justice of the peace of the Town of 
Lake, May 1903 to Dec. 1, 1906. Republican. 
Mason, 32, Kilwinning Lodge, Normal Park 
Chapter R.A.M., Englewood Commandery, 
Shrine; also Imperial Council Tribe of Ben 
Hur, Royal League. Clubs: Chicago Athletic, 
Englewood Men's. Residence: 6427 Harvard 
Av. Office: 76 W. Monroe St. 

ADAMS, Benjamin Steams, western lands; 
born Fort Dodge, la., Dec. 27, 1877; son John 
Quincy and Frances Cornelia (Smith) Adams; 
grad. Phillips Acad., Andover, Mass., 1896; 
A.B., Yale Univ., 1900; married Docela Weaver 
Clarke, of Creston, la., Oct. 30, 1901. Has been 
engaged in handling western lands from Chi- 
cago since 1900. Vice-pres. Adams & Denmead 
Co., Marshalltown, la.; treas. Coast Line Land 
Co. (Three Forks, Mont.), Adams Investment 
Co. (Marshalltown, la.). Republican. Episco- 
palian. Club: University. Residence: 730 Buena 
Av. Office: 613 Railway Exchange. 

ADAMS, Charles, pliysician; born Northamp- 
tonshire, England, May 29, 1847; son John and 
Elizabeth (Clarke) Adams; ed. Wellingborough, 
Eng., until 10 years old, when came with par- 
ents to Milwaukee, Wis., where continued stud- 
ies; came to Chicago, 1861; became bookkeeper 
to his father in live stock business until 1869; 
then became student in Hahnemann Med. Coll., 
1872; spent a year in hosp. as house surgeon, 
then studied in London, returning to Chicago, 
1873; married 1st, 1875, Mary, daughter of 
Thomas S. Curtis, of Wellingborough, Eng. 
(she died, 1888); 1 son: Cuthbert C. ; married 
2d, 1889, Mrs. Elizabeth (Mitchell) Gaylord, 
widow of Henry Gaylord and daughter of W. 
H. Mitchell, vice-pres. of the 111. Trust & Sav- 
ings Bank. Engaged in general practice of 
medicine in Chicago, 1873-96, exclusively in 
surgery since 1896; received degree of M.D., 
(id ciindem gradum. Rush Med. Coll., 1898. Prof, 
surgical pathology, Hahnemann Medical Coll., 
1873-5; prof, principles and practice of surgery, 
Chicago Homeopathic Coll., 1875-84; consulting 
surgeon to Chicago Nursery and Half-Orphan 
Asylum, the Evanston and St. Joseph's Hosps. 
Was surgeon-major for nearly 15 years of 1st 
111. Inf.; maj. and brigade surgeon, U.S.V., 
1898; It. -col. and asst. surgeon-general, I.N.G.; 
now surgeon-general, I.N.G. ; apptd. 1st It. 
U.S.A. Med. Reserve Corps, Feb. 1911. Mem. 
Assn. of Military Surgeons of the United States, 
Illinois Med. Soc, Am. Med. Assn., Chicago 
Surgical Soc. Chicago Acad, of Sciences; fel- 
low Royal Microscopical Soc. of London. Clubs: 
Chicago Literary, Caxton, Onwentsia, Saddle 
and Cycle. Residence: 15 Walton PI. OfHce: 
Reliance Bldg. 

ADAMS, Charles Richards, architect; de- 
ceased; see Vol. 1905. 

ADAMS, Cornelius Bollin, lawyer; born Wash- 
ington, D.C., Sept. 16, 1856; son Cornelius Bull 
Adams (of Fairfield, Conn.) and Martha B. 
(Loomis) Adams, daughter of General Lewis 
Loomis, of Colebrook, N.H. ; grad. Dr. Han- 


son's Classical Inst., Waterville, Me., 1877, fol- 
lowed by 1 year in the Univ. at Lewiston, Me., 
1878-9; married Colebrook, N.H., Sept. 17, 1883, 
Myrtle Heath. On leaving school in 1879 came 
to Chicago; spent 1 year in office of H. S. and 
F. S. Osborn and then removed to Oshkosh, 
Wis., where was admitted to Wis. bar; re- 
turned to Chicago, 1881; admitted to 111. bar, 
1882, and has since been engaged in general 
practice of law in Chicago. Republican. Mason, 
K.P. Residence: Maywood, 111. Office: 154 W. 
Randolph St. 

ADAMS, Cyrus Hall, retired Board of Trade 
merchant; born Kerr's Creek, Rockbridge Co., 
Va., Feb. 21, 1849; son Hugh and Amanda (Mc- 
Cormick) Adams; mother was daughter of 
Robert McCormick; ed. Chicago public schools 
and old Univ. of Chicago; married Chicago, 
Sept. 26, 1878, Emma J., daughter of Lyman 
Blair; one son: Cyrus H., Jr. Entered employ 
of Cyrus H. McCormick & Co., 1867; became 
member of the firm of McCormick, Adams & 
Co. in 1871, and head of the firm of Cyrus H. 
Adams & Co., 1883; retired from business, 
owing to ill health, 1889. During period, 1871- 
89, was mem. of the Arbitration Com., mem. of 
the Appeals Com. and a dlr. of the Board of 
Trade. Was dir. Nat. Bank of America. Inde- 
pendent Democrat. Presbyterian. Trustee Mc- 
Cormick Theological Seminary; was member 
Board of Governors, Presbyterian Hosp. for a 
number of years; governing mem. Art Inst, of 
Chicago. Clubs: Union League, Onwentsia, 
Saddle and Cycle. Recreations: golf and lit- 
erature. Residence: 711 Rush St. Office: 313 
Postal Telegraph Bldg. 

ADAMS, CyruB Hall, Jr., attorney at law; 
born Chicago, July 30, 1881; son Cyrus Hall 
and Emma J. (Blair) Adams; A.B., Princeton 
Univ., 1903; LL.B., Northwestern Univ. Sch. of 
Law, 1906; married Mary S. Shumway, of Chi- 
cago, June 19, 1906. Admitted to the 111. bar, 
1906, and since actively engaged in practice at 
Chicago. Republican. Presbyterian. Mem. Chi- 
cago Bar Assn. Clubs: University, Saddle and 
Cycle. Residence: 121 E. Huron St. Office: 
First Nat. Bank Bldg. 

ADAMS, Edward Shields, commission mer- 
chant and broker; born Chicago, Dec. 12, 1859; 
son Hugh and Amanda (McCormick) Adams; 
ed. (Chicago pub. schools, Allen Acad., West 
Newton, Mass.; Cornell Univ.; married Chicago, 
Apr. 15, 1895, Amie Irwin. Began business life 
as bookkeeper for the firm of McCormick & 
Adams (successor of Cyrus H. McCormick & 
Co.), and later became a partner in the firm 
of Cyrus H. Adams & Co.; finally, with Edward 
M. Samuel, succeeding to the business in 1888 
vmder the firm name of Adams & Samuel, and 
since Jan. 1910 as Edward S. Adams Co., bro- 
kers. Mem. Chicago Board of Trad and Chi- 
cago Stock Exchange. Democrat. Presbyterian. 
Clubs: Chicago, Uni\'ersity, Onwentsia, Saddle 
and Cycle. Residence: 810 Tower Ct. Office: 
314 Postal Telegraph Bldg. 

ADAMS, Elmer Haney, lawyer; born New 
Windsor, 111., Sept. 22, 1870; son Samuel and 
Clarissa (Kean) Adams; LL.B., Chicago Coll. of 
Law, 1892; married Leona Worster, of Chicago, 
Feb. 21, 1894; children: Stanley Benning and 
Thornton Shaw. Actively engaged in practice 
at Chicago since 1893; member law firm of Ad- 
ams, Bobb & Adams since 1910; dir. Railway 
Exchange Bank, and Gardner Mill Co. Repub- 
lican. Congregationalist. Mem. Am. Bar Assn., 
Chicago Bar Assn., Chicago Assn. of Commerce. 
Mason, Oriental Consistory, Evanston Com- 
mandery K.T., Medinah Temple Mystic Shrine. 
Clubs: Union League, Mid-Day, Chicago Ath- 
letic, Glen View Golf. Residence: 1236 Forest 
Av., Evanston, 111. Office: 1124, 76 W. Monroe 

ADAMS, Francis, formerly Judge and presid- 

ing Judge Appellate Court of Cook Co. Ad- 
dress: 1424 Adams St. 

ADAMS, Oteoxge, mfrs.' agent in Iron and 
steel; born Buffalo, N.Y., June 22, 1858; son 
William and Sarah (McDougall) Adams; ed. 
pub. schools of Buffalo, N.Y., and in Bryant & 
Stratton Business Coll. until 1871, followed by 
a practical training in the steel business; mar- 
ried Minnie Haynes, of Chicago, Aug. 17, 1881; 
children: Claude (now deceased), Mont and 
Harry. Entire business career has been in the 
iron and steel business and since 1881 he has 
been a resident of Chicago; since 1894 has been 
Chicago mgr. for Houghton & Richards of Bos- 
ton, handling their famous Styrian steels for 
tool-making and the Farnley "Best Yorkshire" 
iron. Republican. Recreation: motor boating. 
Residence: 1652 Congress St. Summer Resi- 
dence: Lake Side Resort, Mich. Office: 53-55 S. 
Clinton St. 

ADAMS, Q-ecrgre Everett, lawyer; born Keene, 
N.H., June 18, 1840; son Benjamin Franklin 
and Louise Ruth (Redington) Adams; attended 
school at Keene, N.H. ; family removed to Chi- 
cago, 1853; prepared for coll. at Phillips Exe- 
ter Acad.; A.B., Harvard, 1860; LL.B., Dane 
Law School, Harvard, 1865; during war served 
a short time as mem. of Battery A, 111. Arty.; 
married Adele Foster, of Chicago, Nov. 30, 
1871; children: Isabel F. (Mrs. Mason Bross), 
Margaret. Admitted to bar, 1865, and engaged 
in practice in Chicago, 1867; mem. 111. Senate, 
1881; resigned, 1883; mem. 48th to 51st Con- 
gresses, 1883-91; served on banking, currency 
and Judiciary committees. Republican. Mem. 
Board of Overseers of Harvard Univ., 1892- 
1904; trustee Newberry. Library and of Field 
Museum; mem. Chicago Board of Education; 
pres. Chicago Orchestral Assn. for 6 years. 
Clubs: Chicago, Union League, University, Mar- 
quette, Onwentsia, Harvard. Residence: 350 
Belden Av. Office: The Temple. 

ADAMS, Harry Cobnm, coal merchant; born 
Indianapolis, Ind., Mar. 3, 1858; son Henry E. 
and Sarah (Coburn) Adams; ed. public school 
of Bucyrus, O. ; married Chicago, May 22, 1884, 
Sarah J. Robinson. Was for 3 years engaged 
in railroad work in Columbus, O., before mov- 
ing to Chicago in 1880; then was mgr. of the 
Chicago branch of the Turney & James Co., 
until May, 1898, when he joined in the organi- 
zation of The Jones & Adams Coal Co., of 
which is vlce-pres. ; also dir. in several other 
companies. Clubs: Union League, Chicago Au- 
tomobile. Recreation: motoring. Residence: 
568 E. 51st St. Office: Steger Bldg. 

ADAMS, Henry Ethelbert, asst. treas. Am. 
Radiator Co.; born Sandwich, 111., May 29, 1868; 
son J. Phelps and Mary Bralnard (Phelps) Ad- 
ams; ed. pub. schools of Sandwich, prep. dept. 
Northwestern Univ., Evanston, 111., and student 
Northwestern Univ., 1884-6; married Mary A. 
Havlland, of Pequannlng, Mich., Aug. 14, 1889; 
2 children: Florence Havlland, Phelps Havl- 
land. Began with Sandwich (111.) Mfg. Co. in 
1887, and was asst. treas., 1892-4; came to Chi- 
cago and with others organized the Ideal IBoiler 
Co. of which was treas. until 1897; mem. firm 
of Adams & Jones, house heating apparatus, 
Boston, 1897, and remained there until 1903 
when returned to Chicago and became Identi- 
fied with Am. Radiator Co. of which has been 
asst. treas. since 1904; also treas. Norwall Mfg. 
Co., Chicago, and dir. Sandwich (111.) Mfg. Co. 
Republican. Congregationalist. Mason (K.T. ); 
mem. Sigma Chi. Clubs: Chicago Athletic, 
South Shore Country; also Walloon Country 
(Walloon Lake, Mich.). Recreations: golf and 
motor boating. Residence: 934 E. 45th St. 
(Summer Residence: Walloon Lake, Mich.) 
Office: 816 S. Michigan Av. 

ADAMS, James Alonzo, clergyman; born Ash- 
land Co., O., May 21, 1842; son John and Sarah 
Deardorff (Funk) Adams; served In Co. D, 69th 


111. Vols., 1S62; A.B.. Knox Coll., Galesburg, 
111., 1867, A.M., 1S70 (D.D., 1899); grad. Union 
Theol. Sem., New York, 1870; married Emma 
A. Maunder, of Kewanee, 111., Dec. 24, 1873. 
Stated supply Marshfleld, Mo., 1870-1; prof. In 
Straight Univ., New Orleans. 1875-7; editor Dal- 
las (Tex.) Daily Commercial, 1877-80; ordained 
Congl. ministry, 1880; pastor Plymouth Ch., St. 
Louis, 18S0-6, Millard Av. Ch., Chicago, 1887-8, 
Warren Av. Ch., Chicago, 1889-95; editorial 
writer, 1887-1903, editor-in-chief since Sept. 15, 
1903. The Advance; author of the "Grapho" 
articles. Del. Internat. Congl. Council, London, 
1891, and to several nat. councils. Author of 2 
books; also tracts on Christian Science and Di- 
visive Theology. Residence: 3316 Calumet Av. 
Office: 708 E. 40th St. 

ATXnVTS, Jolin Benjamin, grain merchant; 
born Chicago, May 4, 1853; son Benjamin and 
Frances Cotton (Blaney) Adams; grad. Chica- 
go High School. 1870; A.B., Williams Coll., 
1874: married Chicago, Sept. 20, 1883, Olive 
Evangeline White; 1 daughter: Olive Lida. On 
local staff Chicago Evening Journal, as report- 
er and asst. city editor, 1874-83; since 1883 
grain merchant on Chicago Board of Trade. 
Republican. Presbyterian. Clubs: Union League, 
South Shore Country, Homewood Country. Rec- 
reation: reading. Residence: 5477 Cornell Av. 
Office: 55 Board of Trade. 

ADAMS, John Qnincy, operator in lands and 
loans; born Troy. Vt., June 16, 1848; son Ben- 
jamin S. and Susan Smith (Pierce) Adams; ed. 
at Grand River Inst., Austinburg, O. ; B.S., Ce- 
dar Valley Seminary, Osage, la., 1868; mar- 
ried Albion, la., Dec. 23, 1874, Frances C. Smith; 
1 son: Benjamin S. Began business career in 
1869 as deputy county auditor, Mitchell Co., 
la., 1 year; traveling salesman 10 years; mem. 
Griffin & Adams, bankers, Spencer, la., 10 years; 
since 1892 identified with large transactions in 
lands and loans, and since May, 1902, pres. of 
the Adams & Denmead Co., dealing in western 
lands and mortgage loans on the security of 
western farms. Also pres. Coast Line Land Co., 
of Three Forks, Mont., Adams Investment Co., 
of Marshalltown. la. Republican. Mason, K.T., 
Shriner. Club: Chicago Athletic. Home: Oko- 
boji, la. Residence: Hyde Park Hotel. Office: 
Railway Exchange. 

ASAKS, Jolin Bussell, broker; born Boston, 
Feb. 2, 1850; son William H. and Jeannette R. 
(Bliss) Adams; ed. pub. and private schools of 
NeW England; married Chicago, June 25, 1874, 
Ella D. Hackett: children: John Hackett, Alice 
Montgomery (Mrs. Joseph L. Gunsaulus), Le 
Baron. Laurence Russell. After leavin" school 
went to Cal., was chiefly engaged with "Wells- 
Fargo Co.'s Express, 1865-71; returned to New 
York, 1871, and was connected with butter and 
cheese business; came to Chicago. Jan. 1, 1873, 
and was with J. W. Doane & Co., coffees; then 
of Cobb & Adams, foreign dried fruits, and 
later in same business alone until 1S96, when 
became connected with Porter Bros. Co.; in 
Sept. 1903 established present firm of John R. 
Adams & Co., dried fruits, nuts. etc. Clubs: 
Chicago, Glen View; also Cosmos (San Fran- 
cisco). Recreation: golf. Residence: 1360 N. 
State St. Office: 224 N. Wabash Av. 

ADAMS, Joseph, live stock commn.. land and 
lumber; born Wellingborough, Northampton- 
shire, Eng., Oct. 28, 1851; son John and Eliza 
(Clarke) Adams; ed. Chicago High School; aft- 
erward studied with private tutors and Chicago 
Coll. of Law; married Chicago, Oct. 17, 1896, 
Edith Almy. Entered employ of Adams & Eld- 
redge, Union Stock Yards, May 2, 1866; Apr. 
1887 entered partnership with father until lat- 
ter's death, Oct. 30, 1889, then with brother. 
George J., continued business as John Adams 
& Sons; some years later admitted A. W. Kitch- 
in to partnership under present firm style of 
John Adams' Sons & Kitchln. Vice-pres. Chi- 

cago Live Stock Exchange, 1908-10. Independ- 
ent in politics. Member Citizens' Assn. of Chi- 
cago, Municipal Voters' League, Civil Service 
Reform Assn., of New York, Am. Hist. Assn., 
Am. Forestry Assn., Municipal Art League, Civ- 
ic Federation, Bureau of Justice, Public Art 
League; dir. 111. Humane Soc. ; life mem. Art 
Inst.; trustee Chicago Orchestral Assn. Clubs: 
Chicago, Caxton, Chicago Literary, Saddle and 
Cycle. One of original board of governors and 
sec. for 15 months of Chicago Athletic Assn. 
Residence: Lakota Hotel. Office: Union Stock 

ADAMS, Mllwatd, theatre mgr.; born Lex- 
ington. Ky., Jan. 6. 1857; son Samuel L. (sur- 
geon U.S.A.) and Mary J. Adams; ed. public 
schools; married Florence James, of Boston, 
Aug. 23, 1883. Lived at Lebanon, O., 1861-5, Dan- 
ville, Ind., 1865-9; employe Wilson Bros., Chi- 
cago, 1871; mgr. Central Music Hall, Chicago, 
1879-87; mgr. Chicago Auditorium, 1887-1910. 
Consul of Siam at Chicago since 1906; acting 
consul-gen. of Greece, Oct. 1908-Nov. 1909. Dec- 
orations: Cross Legion of Honor (France), 
1900; Order of Leopold (Belgium), 1904; Comdr. 
Merit Industrial (Portugal), 1905; Colonial Or- 
der of Nichan Iftikhar of Tunis (France), 1906; 
Knight Golden Cross (Greece), 1909. Club: Chi- 
cago. Address: Chicago Club. 

ADAMS, Nathaniel Holder, physician: born 
Lexington, O., Jan. 14, 1871; son Amos S. and 
Elizabeth S. (Holder) Adams; attended com- 
mon and high schools of Mansfield, O. ; Ph.M., 
Chicago Coll. of Pharmacy, 1890; M.D., North- 
western Med. Coll., 1896; married Clara R. Mel- 
chert, of Chicago, June 2. 1900; 1 son: Nathaniel 
H., Jr. Specializes in diseases of the nervous 
system; professor nervous dLseases, med. dept., 
Loyola Univ. Mem. Chicago Med. Soc, III. Med. 
Soc, Am. Med. Assn., The Therapeutic Club. 
Republican. Congregationalist. Residence: 3819 
W. Adams St. Offices: 2257 W. Madison St. and 
108 N. State St. 

ADAMS, Bobert H., agent for rolling mill cor- 
poration; born Chatham, Ont., July 29, 1871; 
son Robert and Marion (Ronald) Adams; ed. 
high school, Chatham, to 1S87; married Chi- 
cago, June 6, 1900, Anna Louise Stewart; one 
son: Robert H., Jr. After leaving school, 1887, 
went to Detroit and entered the employ of the 
Detroit Copper and Brass Rolling Mills as 
clerk, remaining there until 1890, when he came 
to Chicago and was salesman in the Chicago 
branch of the same company until 1892; since 
then western sales agent and mgr. of the Chi- 
cago branch. Mason. Clubs: Chicago Athletic, 
Chicago Yacht, Colonial. Recreation: yachting. 
Residence: 5715 Monroe Av. Office: 323 W. Lake 

ADAMS, Samuel, lawyer; born Syracuse, N. 
Y., Nov. 12, 1871; son Charles True and Emma 
S. Adams; prep. edn. at Univ. School, Chicago; 

A. B., Harvard Univ., 1892; studied at Harvard 
Law School and Northwestern Univ. Law 
School, graduating, LL.B., from latter, 1893; 
married Belleville, 111., May 20, 1899, Louise 
Koerner; 1 son: Charles True. Admitted to 111. 
bar, 1893; was of law firm of Bancroft & Ad- 
ams; mem. of firm of Adams & Candee since 
July 1, 1908. Prof, of law in Northwestern 
Univ. Law School, 1901-9. Mem. Chicago Bar 
Assn. and of Legal and Law clubs. Clubs: Uni- 
versity. City, Harvard, Mid-Day. Recreation: 
automobiling. Residence: 48 E. Elm St. Office: 
Monadnock Blk. 

ADAMS, Spencer !., lawyer; born Skaneate- 
les, N.Y., June 12, 1870; son of Emerson and 
Annette (Austin) Adams; attended pub. schools 
12 years: A.B.. Cornell Univ.. 1S93; LL.B., Yale 
Univ., 1895. Admitted to N.Y. bar, Feb. 7, 1896, 
to 111. bar. same year; entered law office of 
Thomas Dent and later associated with David 

B. Lyman; in practice of law in Chicago on his 
own account since 1S99. Pres. Cornell Alumni 



Assn. of Chicago, 1909; member Chicagro Law 
Inst., Legal Club. Republican. Clubs: Univer- 
sity, City (sec, 1910). Residence: 1254 N. State 
St. Office: Cliicago Title & Trust Bldg. 

ADAMS, William Orant, lawyer; born Rock- 
ford, 111., Feb. 1, 1867; son Samuel H. and Ade- 
laide (Grinnell) Adams; grad. Genesee Wesley- 
an Sem., Lima, N.Y., 1884; Univ. of Michigan, 
1884-9, first three years in literary dept. and 
last two in law dept., graduating, LL.B., 1889; 
married Oak Park, 111., June 24, 1896, Helen A. 
Lumbard; children: Adelaide M., Marjorie H. 
Since 1890 actively engaged in practice of law; 
devoted mainly to railroad law has been atty. 
for the Northwestern Elevated R.R. Co., Union 
Elevated R.R. Co., and Chicago & Oak Park El- 
evated R.R. Co., since 1899. Also dir. Chicago 
& Oak Park Elevated R.R. Co. Mem. Chicago 
Bar Assn. Republican. Club: Hamilton. Resi- 
dence: 517 N. Euclid Av., Oak Park, 111. Office: 
69 W. Washington St. 

ASAKS, William Porter, mfr. ; born Cam- 
bridgeport, Mass., Dec. 26, 1863; son Samuel 
Porter and Caroline VV. (Davis) Adams; (New 
England ancestry, distantly related to President 
Adams' family) ; grad. Adelphi Coll., Brooklyn, 
N.Y., 1883; married June, 1889, Mary Josephine 
Cook (died Feb. 11, 1895); 1 child: Edna; mar- 
ried 2d, Oak Park, 111., Mar. 16, 1897, Maud 
Prescott; 1 child: Dorothy. Began business ca- 
reer in fall of 1884, with H. W. Johns Mfg. Co.. 
New York; came to Chicago, 1886, and worked 
for father's firm of Adams & Adams, changed, 
1888, to Adams & Adams Mfg. Co., of which 
was vlce-pres. Established, Jan. 1890, Adams 
Paint & Oil Co., which was changed in March 
1890 to Adams & Elting Co., mfrs. of paint spe- 
cialties, of which he is pres. Was mem. of 23d 
Regt. Cadet Corps. Brooklyn, N.Y. ; 1st It. 13th 
Regt. Corps. Brooklyn, N.Y. ; col. Order of the 
Old Guard, Chicago. Mem. Sons of Revolution, 
S.A.R., Soc. War of 1812, Mass. Soc. Repub- 
lican. Congregationalist. Pres. 111. Commn. of 
Perry's Victory Centenary (mem. exec. com. in- 
terstate bd. of commrs.). (jiubs: Chicago Ath- 
letic. Hamilton (life mem.). South Shore Coun- 
try (Chicago), Commercial (Minneapolis), Cres- 
cent Athletic (Brooklyn). Recreations: fishing 
and hunting. Residence: 1437 E. 72d PI. Office: 
726 Washington Boul. 

ASCOCX, Albert William, jeweler; deceased; 
see Vol. 1905. 

ASCOCX, Edrntind, patent lawyer; born War- 
ren Co., 111., 1854: son Joseph W. and Marv 
(McMurtry) Adcock; A.B., Eureka (111.) Coll., 
1871; LL.B., Union Coll. of Law, Chicago; mar- 
ried Bessie B. Nicholes, of Chicago, Oct. 5. 1882; 
1 daughter: Edith (Mrs. George I. Haight). Ad- 
mitted to the 111. bar, 1878; now mem. law firm 
of Munday, Evarts, Adcock & Clarke. Demo- 
crat. Clubs: Union League, South Shore Coun- 
try, Homewood Country. Residence: 1459 As- 
bury Av., Evanston, 111. Office: 907 Marquette 

ADCOCK, Edmund David, lawyer; born Galcs- 
burpr. 111., Apr. 29, 1877; son William and Mary 
J. (Henderson) Adcock; A.B., Knox Coll., Gales- 
burg. 111., 1898; LL.B., Nortliwestern Univ. Law 
School. 1902; married Creston, la., Aug. 31, 
1905, May Rex. Admitted to 111. bar, 1902; as- 
sociated with Otis H. Waldo 1902-4; mem. law 
firm of Wood & Fyfte, now Fyffe & Adcock. 
Democrat. Club: Homewood. Residence: 5410 
Cornell Av. Office: N.Y. Life Bldg. 

ADDINGTOIT, Keene Harwood, lawyer; born 
Baltimore, Md., Mar. 3, 1874; son James D. and 
Emma A. (Martin) Addington; ed. private 
scliools, Norfolk, Va.. Norfolk Mil. Acad, and 
Chicago Coll. of Law: married Chicago. June 
26. 1901, Florence E. La Victoire; 2 children: 
Florence Elizabetli, James Roland. Came to 
Chicago from Norfolk. Va.. June 1890: was in 
law office of John T. Richards; admitted to bar. 
Mar. 3, 1895; mem. firm of Richards & Adding- 

ton, 1 year; then of Mitchell & Addington, 4 
years; since 1900, with W. Clyde Jones in law 
firm of Jones & Addington, and, jointly witli 
Mr. Jones, is official reporter of the Appellate 
Courts of Illinois, and also, jointly with him, in 
authorship of the Supplements of the Annotated 
Statutes of 111.; also Notes of 111. and Appellate 
Court Reports (15 volumes). Republican. Ma- 
son. Clubs: Hamilton, University, Chicago Ath- 
letic. Mem. Chicago Bar Assn. Residence: 5729 
Kenmore Av. Office: 105 W. Monroe St. 

ASE, Oeortre, author; born Kentland, Ind., 
Feb. 9, 1866; son John and Adaline (Bush) Ade; 
B.S., Purdue Univ., 1887; unmarried. Newspa- 
per work in Lafayette, Ind., 1887-90; on Chicago 
Record, 1890-1900. Del. Rep. Nat. Conv., 1908. 
Trustee Purdue Univ. since 1908. Grand consul 
Sigma Chi Fraternity, 1909. Author: Artie; 
Pink Marsh; Doc Home; Fables in Slang; More 
Fables; The Girl Proposition, 1902; People You 
Knew, 1903; Breaking Into Society, 1903; True 
Bills. 1904; In Pastures New, 1906; The Slim 
Princess, 1907; Old Stories Done Over, 1907. 
Plays: The Sultan of Sulu, 1902; Peggy from 
Paris, 1903; The County Chairman, 1903; The 
Sho-Gun, 1904; The College Widow, 1904; The 
Bad Samaritan, 1905; Just Out of College, 1905; 
Marse Covington, 1906; Mrs. Peckham's Ca- 
rouse, 1906; Father and the Boys, 1907; The 
Fair Co-Ed, 1908; The Old Town, 1909; U.S. 
Minister Bedloe, 1910. Home: Hazelden Farm, 
Brook, Ind. Address: Chicago Athletic Club. 

ADKHTSOIT, see also Atkinson. 

ADKHTSON, Elmer Williams, lawyer; born 
East Enterprise, Switzerland Co., Ind., Nov. 28, 
1844; son Samuel and Jane (McHenry) Adkin- 
son; A.B., Hillsdale (Mich.) Coll., 1868; studied 
law in office of his brother at Lawrenceburg, 
Ind.; married Chicago, 1870, Ella R. Magee; 
children: Henry M., Laura R. Admitted to bar 
at Lawrenceburg, Ind., Nov. 1868; practiced at 
Aurora, Ind., 1869-73; since then in Chicago. 
Member of firm of Magee, Oleson & Adkinson, 
1873-7, Magee & Adkinson, 1877-83; since then 
in practice alone. Atty. for Town of Lake two 
terms, 1883-4 and 1886-7. Republican. Mason, 
K.T. ; mem. Royal Arcanum and Royal League. 
Residence: 5540 Wentworth Av. Office: 167 W. 
Washington St. 

AD^ER, Abraham Kolm, architect; born Chi- 
cago. Sept. 13, 1873; son Dankmar and Dilah 
(Kohn) Adler; prep, education Chicago Manual 
Training School; B.S., Univ. of Mich.. 1894; un- 
married. Began architectural work in the office 
of his father, Dankmar Adler, 1894-1900, Treat 
& Adler, 1900-1902; since then, consulting ar- 
chitect and engineer in reinforced concrete. 
Clubs: Standard, Ravisloe Country. Residence: 
4923 Michigan Av. Office: 1305, 203 S. Dearborn 

ADKEB, Sidney, lawyer; born Chicago, June 
13, 1871; son Joseph S. and Emma Adler; ed. 
Chicago public schools, and afterward studied 
law in offices; married Chicago, Sept. 24, 1895, 
Sara Sclioenbrun; children: Joseph, Irving. Ad- 
mitted to 111. bar, 1892; mem. firm of Adler, 
Lederer & Schoenbrun. Republican. Clubs: 
Standard, Chicago Automobile. Residence: 3840 
Grand Boul. Office: Chamber of Commerce. 

ADOI^FHXTS, Philip, physician; born Berlin, 
Prussia. 1829: son Aaron and Isabella (Gold- 
schmidt) Adolphus; M.D., Univ. of Md., 1853; 
(honorary M.D., Rusli Med. College. Chicago, 
1873); married Lebanon Springs, NY., Xyrissa 
M. Bates; 3 children: Norman P., Pliilip Sidney, 
Edah. Began practice of medicine in 1858; asst. 
surgeon U.S.A., serving during Civil War; med. 
inspector Board of Health of Chicago. 1866-73; 
attending physician, supt. and dir. Brainard 
Free Dispensary, 1868-73; attending piiysician, 
financial supt., med. supt.. med. dir. and one 
of the directors of Central Free Dispensary, 
1873-1902: lecturer on obstetrics, spring course. 
Rush Med. Coll., 1873; lecturer on clinical 


ecology, spi'ing course, same, 1875; clinical ad- 
junct to chair of gynecology, 1875-94. and clin- 
ical prof, of gynecology, 1894-1902, Rush Med. 
Coll.; attending gynecologist, 1886-9, consult- 
ing physician since 1893, Presbyterian Hosp. 
Mem. central com. and of the west division 
consulting com. of the charity organization, 
1884-9; mem. west division consulting com. of 
the Bureau of Charities, 1892-1906. Mem. A.M. 
A. and state and local med. socs. Mem. Protes- 
tant Episcopal Church. Residence: 1639 Wash- 
ington Boul. 

ASOKFHVS, Wolfe, capitalist and mfr. ; born 
New York City; son Aaron and Belle Adolphus; 
ed. New York City; married Pittsburgh, 1880, 
Emma Hagan; 1 daughter: Ruth. Came to Chi- 
cago, 1875; established the firm of Boles & Ke- 
hoe, 1877; since the retirement of Mr. Boles the 
firm has been known as Kehoe & Co., mfg. con- 
fectioners, of which is proprietor; also sec. and 
treas. Collins Ice Cream Co.; vice-pres. and dir. 
Thompson-Reid Ice Cream Co.; dir. Old Chan- 
nel Mining Co. Member Chicago Assn. of Com- 
merce. Presbyterian. Clubs: Chicago Athletic, 
Kenwood, Edgewater Golf, Edgewater Country. 
Residence: 5554 Sheridan Rd. Office: 29 N. 
State St. 

ASSIT, ChaxleB C, broker; born Chicago, 
July 14, 1855; son James M. and Arville S. Ad- 
sit (father was Chicago's first banker); ed. old 
Chicago Univ. and at Cornell Univ.; married 
1890, Mary B. Ashby, of Louisville, Ky. ; chil- 
dren: Charles C, Elizabeth. Beeran business ca- 
reer, 1877, with Merchants Loan & Trust Co., 
later becoming receiving teller Commercial Nat. 
Bank, and afterward paying teller Northwest- 
ern Nat. Bank until 1887; since then broker in 
stocks, bonds and investment securities. Mem. 
Chicago Stock Exchange (pre-s., 1897-8), N.Y. 
Stock Exchange. Clubs: Chicago, University, 
Union. Residence: 1322 Ritchie PI. OfBce: 224 
S. LaSalle St. 

APFEI^D, Charles Ernest, insurance; born 
Stettin, Prussia, Mar. 10, 1843; son Carl Gottlieb 
and Louise Agnes (Dinse) Affeld; came to Chi- 
cago, Oct. 1847; attended Dearborn School and 
Bryant & Stratton Business Coll.; clerked in 
drug store 1 year and in law office of Arrington 
& Dent; enlisted in Battery B, 1st 111. Light 
Artillery, May 1861; served 3 years and 3 
months; took active part in battles of Belmont, 
Fort Donelson. Shiloh, siege of Corinth, Haynes' 
Bluft, Arkansas Post, Champion Hills, siege of 
Vicksburg, Resaca, Dallas, Big Shanty, Kene- 
saw Mountain and all marches and engage- 
ments of 15th corps, until July 1864; then 
clerked in recruiting dept. of provost marshal's 
office until Apr. 1865; married Chicago, July 5, 
186S, Helen Waite; children: Helen Emelia, 
Charles Ernest, Jr., William C, Olive L. Can- 
vasser for books and later kept books for pub- 
lishing house; insurance broker, 1868-71; sur- 
veyor for New York Underwriters' Agency, 
1872-3; since 1873 mem. insurance firm of Wit- 
kowsky & .\ffeld. general agents for North- 
western states of Hamburg & Bremen Fire Ins. 
Co. Republican. Mem. George H. Thomas Post 
G.A.R. Mem. Chicago Board of Underwriters 
from its organization; mem. Chicago Board of 
Trade since 1873, Chicago Assn. of Commerce; 
trustee Academy of Sciences. Clubs: Union 
League, City, Germania Maennerchor. Recrea- 
tion: horticulture. Residence: 604 Diversey 
Parkway. Office: 29 S. LaSalle St. 

AQAR, James Scanlon, packer; born Chicago, 
May 17. 1864; son John and Ellen (Scanlon) 
Agar; ed. Lincoln (public) School, Chicago, to 
1878; married Chicago, Sept. 15, 1887, Minnie A. 
Dye; children: Eleanor, Ruth, John, Louise, 
Kathryn. After leaving school was 5 vears in 
employ of Nat. Bank of 111. In 1885 formed 
firm of Agar Brothers (with William G. Agar), 
wholesale dealers in meats, until 1899. when 
consolidated with the Agar-Marshall Packing 

Co., under style of Agar Packing Co., of which 
has since been vice-pres. and treas.; also pres. 
Western Packing & Provision Co. Residence: 
1316 Madison Park. Office: 3854 S. Morgan St. 

AOAS, John, packer; born Carlow Co., Ire- 
land, Oct. 3, 1838; son John and Mary (Hol- 
lingsworth) Agar; ed. by private tutor; married 
in Ireland, 1862, Ellen Scanlon; children: James 
S., William G., Woodbury S., John T., Ellen. 
Established in 1869 as a pork packer and sau- 
sage mfr.; now pres. Agar Packing Co. Resi- 
dence: 416 Arlington PI. Office: 310 N. Green 

AGEE, Joseph Alvey, coal merchant; born 
Riverton. Sangamon Co., 111., May 12, 1866; son 
Joseph H. and Mary (Thrilkeld) Agee; ed. pub. 
schools; married Riverton, 111., Aug. 1899, Mol- 
lie C. Grubb; children: Robert E., Jesse A. 
Reared on farm and engaged in farming until 
1890, when became connected with the Riverton 
Coal Co., of which is now vice-pres. and gen. 
mgr. ; since Oct. 1894, resident of Chicago. Also 
pres. and dir. Springfield Coal Mining Co. Re- 
publican. Mason (32). Clubs: Union League, 
Chicago Athletic, South Shore Country, Chicago 
Auotombile. Recreation: golf. Residence: 3322 
Michigan Av. Office: Old Colony Bldg. 

AO^ES, Oliver Oscar, lumber; born Plym- 
outh, Ind., July 15, 1869; son Morris and Mary 
(Snyder) Agler; ed. pub. schools of Ind.; mar- 
ried Plymouth, Ind., 1892, Bessie E. Steele; 
1 daughter: Katharine. Began at Marshfleld, 
Wis., in office of the Upham Mfg. Co., 1887; 
came to Chicago, Dec. 1, 1893, and with Fred 
W. Upham engaged in wholesale hardwood lum- 
ber business, firm of Upham & Agler, in which 
continues. Republican. Mason (K.T.). Clubs: 
Union League, Chicago Athletic, Mid-Day; also 
Minneapolis (5lub, of Minneapolis. Office: 203 
S. Dearborn St. 

AHKSWESE, Edward, merchant; born Wals- 
rode, Germany, May 2, 1855; son Henry and 
Dorothea (Meier) Ahlswede; ed. pub. schools; 
came to America, 1872; married Rosa Prinzing, 
Chicago, July 6, 1876; 8 children: Edward, Her- 
bert, Arthur, Ada, Roland, Ruth, Irving and 
Carl. Began active career as clerk for L. Klein, 
Chicago, and later became manager for J. W. 
Kindt; entered business for self, 1878, with E. 
A. Lange: became successor to the firm, 1884, 
and had 3 retail stores for several years; or- 
ganized the Globe Dept. Store, 1899; bought the 
entire interest, 1902. In 1910 organized the Ed. 
Ahlswede Co., of which is pres. Republican. 
Baptist; pres. German Baptist City Soc, Ger- 
man Western Baptist Assn.; treas. Old Peo- 
ple's Home Soc. Mem. Retail Merchants' Assn. ; 
also mem. Chicago Plan Commn. Club: City. 
Recreations: traveling, camping. Residence: 
2029 Ewing PI. Offices: 2500-2508 W. North Av. 

AHBEHS, John Fanlaen, lawyer; born Ham- 
burg, Germany, Oct. 1, 1851; son Edward A. and 
Elizabeth M. Ahrens; family removed to U.S., 
1855, settling in Davenport, la.; educated high 
schools; studied law in office of Gen. J. B. 
Leake, 1868; taught school: came to Chicago, 
1872; married 1877, Fanny, daughter of Edward 
and Mary J. Hamblin. of Portland, Me.; chil- 
dren: Edith Louise (Mrs. Robert E. Kenyon), 
Leila M., Edward H.. John P., Jr. Admitted to 
111. bar, June 7, 1873; deputy clerk Superior 
Clourt of Cook Co., 1873-5; engaged in law prac- 
tice since 1875; admitted to bar of U.S. Su- 
preme Court, 1882. Prof, of law of bailments, 
Chicago Law School. Mem. Chica.ero Bar Assn., 
Chicago Law Inst. Republican. Baptist. Ma 
son; mem. A.O.U.W., Royal Arcanum, Royal 
League. Nat. Union. Residence: 3218 Vernon 
Av. Office: 142 N. Dearborn St. 

AIKEir, William James, insurance; born Fay- 
etteville, Tenn., June 2. 1848; son Lorenzo Dow 
and Elizabeth (Foster) Aiken; ed. Dickinson 
College, Tenn.; married Madison. Jefferson Co.. 
Ind., Sallic E. Boyd; children: Florence B. and 


Howard B. (both deceased). Entered Union 
army at 16 as private Co. G, 29tli 111. Infantry, 
serving 1864-5. Studied law, but never prac- 
ticed; returned to 111., 1867; was engaged in 
mercantile business in Kankakee, 111.; came to 
Chicago, May 1869, and engaged in commission 
business. In employ American Express Co., 
1869-87, and was acting supt. of the company 
in Wis., with headquarters at Milwaukee; re- 
turned to Cliicago, March ISS.j, as chief clerk 
and asst. to gen. supt. of same company. Since 
August 1889, gen. mgr. Preferred Accident Ins. 
Co. Presbyterian. Mem. Columbia Post G.A.R.; 
Mason (32), Shriner. Club: Iljinois. Recrea- 
tions; fishing and hunting. Residence; 2150 
Monroe St. Summer Residence; Lake Geneva, 
Wis. Office: The Rookery. 

AOrSILII!, James Stuart, clergyman ; born Ot- 
sego Co., N.Y., May 6, 1856; son William and 
Jeannette Ainslie; ed. pub. schools. Coopers- 
town, N.Y., Acad, and Cornell Univ.; graduat- 
ing, A.B. ; student at Yale Theol. Sem.; married 
Ithaca, N.Y., 1S83, Kate Hopkins; children: 3 
boys, 3 girls. Settled in first pastorate at Og- 
densburg, N.Y., 1882-90; pastor Plymouth 
Church, Fort Wayne, Ind., 1890-1900; organized 
North Shore Congregational Church, Chicago, 
May 6, 1900, and has been its pastor since. Ad- 
dress: 910 Lawrence Av. 

AINSWOBTH, Franklin Fessenden, publish- 
er; born Boston, Sept. 5, 1856; son Joseph F. 
and Emeline Frances (Gilmore) Ainsworth; ed. 
Boston Latin School, and Polytechnic Inst, of 
Brooklyn; married Syracuse, N.Y., Oct. 20, 1881, 
Carrie Gilbert. Began business with Potter, 
Ainsworth & Co., publishers, 1873; remained 
with firm until its consolidation with firm of A. 
S. Barnes & Co., and later merged with Am. 
Book Co.; now with C. G. Ainsworth, in lirra of 
Ainsworth & Co., publishers of school books. 
Episcopalian. Trustee and treas. Western The- 
ol. Sem. and of Church Home for Aged Persons; 
treas. Board of Missions Diocese of Chicago; 
agent of the bishop of Chicago; treas. Diocese 
of Chicago; mem. board of trustees Endowment 
Fund Diocese of Chicago; vestryman of Grace 
Episcopal Church. Residence: 4432 Drexel Boul. 
Office: 629 S. Wabash Av. 

AISHTON, Blchard Henry, railway official; 
born Evanston, 111., June 2, 1860; son R. H. and 
E. Aishton; ed. Evanston pub. schools; mar- 
ried Rosa B. Whitbeck, of Tama, la., Oct. 11, 
18S1. Entered ry. service, 1878, as axman engi- 
neer corps, C.&N.-W.Ry., with which has since 
been identified, in various duties until 1895; 
asst. supt., 1895-7; div. supt., 1897-9; gen. supt., 
1899-1902; asst. gen. mgr., 1902-6; gen. mgr. 
lines east of the Mo. River, 1906-10, and vlce- 
pres. in charge of operation since Oct. 20, 1910. 
Clubs: Hamilton, Union League (Chicago), Ath- 
letic (Milwaukee), Evanston (Evanston). Resi- 
dence: Evanston, 111. Office: 226 W. Jackson 

A]OABASTEB, Jolin &ewl, school furniture; 
born Canandaigua, N.Y.. Jan. 10, 1870; son 
John, D.D. (late pastor Trinity M.E. Church, 
Chicago) and Harriet Ann (Bemish) Alabaster; 
ed. Indianapolis High School, Northwestern 
Acad., Evanston, 111.; Northwestern Univ., A.B., 
1892; married Perris, Cal.. Nov. 7. 1901, Mary 
Elizabeth Plimpton (died Nov. 23, 1908); 2 
sons: Lewis Plimpton and John Harlow. Since 
graduation has been connected with the Caxton 
Co., school furniture and supplies, of which he 
Is sec, treas. and managing dir. Dir. North- 
western Univ. Alumni Assn. Methodist. Re- 
publican. Clubs: University, Glen View, Evans- 
ton. Recreations: golf, photography. Residence: 
719 Noycs St., Evanston, 111. Office: 629 S. Wa- 
bash Av. 

AtBATTOH, Henry Preston, sales mgr.; born 
Johnson Co., Mo., Oct. 9, 1869; son Jacob P. and 
Rebecca (Petry) Albaugh; removed with par- 
ents to Darke Co., O., when 6 years old; ed. Nat. 

Normal Univ., Lebanon, O. ; married Darke Co., 
O., Aug. 27, 1891, Carrie E. Sullenbarger; chil- 
dren: Forrest R., Hazen L., Kathryn R., Anthal 
K., Listen L., Merton V., David L. and Margaret 

E. Taught school 6 years; moved to North 
Manchester, Ind., 1896; salesman for Chicago 
firm, 1896-8; pres. Manchester Coll., North Man- 
chester, Ind., 1899-1900; moved to Chicago, 1900, 
and organized the corporation of Albaugh, Do- 
ver Co., mail order and mfg. business, of which 
was pres. 9 years. Republican; has taken active 
part in all campaigns since a voter; candidate 
for congress 4th district 1910. Gives some time 
to special work in sales management and busi- 
ness organization for large corporations, bal- 
ance of time in travel, lecture and political 
work. Residence: 2312 Marshall Boul. Office: 
915 First Nat. Bank Bldg. 

AXBBIOHT, Adam Bmory, artist; born Green 
Co., Wis., Aug. 15, 1862; son Zachariah and 
Catherine (Kepler) Albright; ed. pub. schools 
of la.; student Art Inst, of Chicago, Pa. Acad, 
of Fine Arts, Phila., art schools at Munich, 
Germany, and Paris, France; married Clara A. 
Wilson, A.B., of St. Louis, Dec. 25. 1888; 3 sons: 
Lisle M. (student Northwestern Univ.), Ivan D. 
and Malvin M. Began painting at Chicago, 
1889; specialty figures and countrv children; 
annual exhibitor in art museums all over U.S.; 

F. W. Grower prize, 1907, and Martin B. Cahn 
prize, 1908, Art Inst, of Chicago; picture pur- 
chased by City of St. Louis for permanent col- 
lection in City Art Museum, 1910. Mem. Am. 
Federation of Arts, Fellowship of the Pa. Acad, 
of Fine Arts, Chicago Soc. of Artists, Chicago 
Water Color Club. Address: Hubbard Woods, 

AXBBO, Uerlln Zeno, physician, oculist; born 
Poughkeepsie, N.Y., Oct. 8, 1865; son Zeno and 
Mary A. (Clark) Albro; ed. high school, Pough- 
keepsie; M.D., Coll. of Phys. and Surg. (Colum- 
bia Univ.), New York, 1887; married Harriet 
M. Dimmick, of Cazenovia, N.Y., July 5, 1905. 
Began practice at Scranton, Pa., 1887; outdoor 
physician Scranton Poor Board, 1887-8; 1st It. 
asst. surgeon 13th Regt. N.G. Pa., 18S7-91; asst. 
prof, ophthalmology, Post-Grad. Med. School, 
Chicago, 1904-8; attending oculist and aurist. 
Provident Hosp., 1906-8; same. Practitioners' 
Hosp; clinical prof, ophthalmology. 111. Med. 
Coll. (Loyola Univ.), since 1908. Councillor-at- 
large Chicago Med. Soc, 1909-12, councillor, 
1906-7, sec, 1908-9; mem. A.M.A., 111. State 
Med. Soc. Residence: 1252 W. 64th St. Office: 
Columbus Memorial Bldg. 

AASBIT, William Tracy, lawyer; born Pleas- 
anton, Decatur Co., la., Sept. 20, 1S70; son of 
William and Leah (Rock) Alden; Ph.B., North- 
western Univ., 1891, LL.B., 1893; unmarried. 
Admitted to bar, 1893; law clerk. Chicago, 1893- 
5; mem. law firm of Wilber, Eldredge & Alden, 
1895-9, Alden, Latham & Young, since Oct. 1, 
1899. Member Am.. 111. and Chicago Bar assns.. 
Law Club, Legal Club, Sigma Chi (coll. frater- 
nity). Democrat. Clubs: University, Union 
League. Chicago Athletic, Iroquois. Calumet, 
Glen View Golf. Recreations: golf, racquet and 
swimming. Residence: Calumet Club. Office: 
1104 Corn Exchange Bank Bldg. 

AKDEBUAZI', Frank Bogfers, tropical lands; 
born White Lake, Mich., Jan. 19, 1852; son of 
Major and Eliza Ann (Booth) Alderman; ed. in 
pub. schools of Fenton, Mich.; married Pontiac, 
Mich., June 13, 1872, Jennie Lillian Thurber. 
Began at 11 in the First Nat. Bank of Fenton; 
at 19 was cashier of a private bank at Grand 
Rapids, Mich.; in life ins. business until 1909, 
when became connected with the land business; 
organized in 1899 what is now the Cadillac Au- 
tomobile Co., Detroit; sec and treas. The Land 
Co. of North America, The iviescalapa Trans- 
portation & Development Co. Mason. Resi- 
dence: 817 Crescent PI. Office: 206 S. LaSalle 


AIAIS, Arthur Taylor, real estate and trus- 
tee; born St. Albans, Vt., July 7, 1S60; son 
Judge Asa Owen and Mary (Taylor) Aldis; ed. 
St. Paul's School, Concord, N. H., and special 
courses at Harvard Univ. and Harvard Law 
School; married Chicago, June 8, 1893, Mary 
Reynolds; one son: Arthur Graham. Mem. firm 
of Aldis & Co. (formerly Aldis, Aldis, North- 
cote & Co.) since firm was organized in 18SS. 
Independent Republican. Episcopalian. Clubs: 
Chicago, University, Onwentsia, Commercial 
Cliff l3wellers. Recreations: travel, books, pic- 
tures, drama and shrubs. Residence: Lake For- 
est, 111. Office: Monadnock Blk. 

AXDIS, Owen Franklin, lawyer; born St. Al- 
bans, Vt, June 6. 1853; son Judge Asa Owen 
and Mary (Taylor) Aldis; A.B., Yale Univ., 
1874; studied law, Columbian Law School. 
Washington; married Leila Houghteling. of 
Chicago, 1878 (now deceased). Practiced law, 
1877-90, when retired from active practice and 
became trustee of various estates; sr. mem. 
firm of Aldis & Co., real estate. Republican. 
Dir. Chicago Expn., 1893. Mem. various archse- 
ol. assns., etc. Clubs: Century, University (New 
York), Metropolitan (Washington), Chicago, 
Chicago Literary, Caxton, University (Chicago). 
Home; 77 Bellevue PI. Ofllce: Monadnock Blk. 

AXiDBICK, Benjamin Frank, clergyman ; born 
Wauseon, O., Jan. 29, 1863; son Joseph D. and 
Julia (Carter) Aldrich; Ph.B., Adrian (Mich.) 
Coll., 1893, Ph.M., 1895, Ph.D., 1898, D.D., 1909; 
married Bertha Yerkes; of Hersey, Mich., Aug. 
8, 1889; children: Benjamin M., Margaret Enid, 
Baldwin Malcolm. Julian Carter. Ordained Con- 
gregational ministry, 1889; pastor Lansing, 
Pontiac, and Ypsilanti, Mich., 1889-1901, First 
Church, Aurora, 111., 1901-7, Lincoln Parle (now 
Wellington Av.) Church, Chicago, since 1907. 
Dir. Chicago City Missionary Soc. ; trustee Chi- 
cago Assn. of Congregational Churches, 111. 
Conf. Congregational Churches; chmn. advisory 
com. Chicago Assn. of Congregational Cliurch- 
es. Clubs: Apollos, Outlook. A founder of 
Mich. Alplia Mu Chapter of Alpha Tau Omega 
fraternity. Recreations: bookcraft and "the 
Hike." Residence: 619 Wellington Av. 

AKOBICH, Charles Henry, lawyer; born La- 
Grange Co., Ind.. Aug. 28, 1850; son Hamilton 
M. and Harriet (Sherwood) Aldrich; A.B., Univ. 
of Mich., 1875 (hon. A.M., 1893); married Oct. 
13, 1875, Helen Roberts, of Steuben Co., Ind. 
Admitted to bar. 1876; practiced at Ft. Wayne, 
Ind., 1876-86, since at Chicago; solicitor-gen., 
U.S., 1892-3. Republican. Clubs; Union League, 
Automobile. Residence: 1632 Irving Park Boul. 
Office: Home Insurance Bldg. 

A^SBICH, Frederick Clement, broker; born 
Chicago, Sept. 12. 1862; son William and Anna 
M. (Howard) Aldrich; ed. pub. schools and Chi- 
cago Acad. ; married Gertrude Newell, of Keno- 
sha, Wis., June 5, 1890; 2 daughters: Anita and 
Helen. Began business career in grain commis- 
sion business in 1880; associated with Finley 
Barren & Co.. brokers, since Mar. 1909, and ad- 
mitted as general partner, Jan. 1, 1911. Mem. 
Chicago Bd. of Trade, Chicago Stock Exchange 
(dir.). Republican. Clubs: Chicago, University, 
Onwentsia. Recreations: golf and outdoor 
sports. Residence: Lake Forest, 111. Office: 1 
Monadnofk Blk. 

AXDBICH, Ira Bolf, clergyman: born Rich- 
land Co., Wis.. Jan. 9. 1878; son Eber James 
and Ida (Jenkins) Aldrich; A.B., Morningside 
Coll., Sioux City, la., 1901; married Millie Ma- 
son, of Rock Rapids, la., Aug. 17, 1904; chil- 
dren: Rolf Mason, Helen Hope. Field agent 
Morningside Coll.. 1903; ordained deacon, 1906. 
elder. 1908, M.E. Church; pastor Hull, Superior 
and Hartley, la., 1904-7, Rupert, Ida., 1907-9, 
Asbury Church, Chicago, since 1909. Asst. 
treas. Northwest Iowa Conf., 1905-7; asst. sec. 
Ida. Conf.. 1907-9. Mem. Methodist Preachers' 
Meeting, Methodist Social Union, Chicago. Ma- 

son. Recreations: music, and fancy poultry. 
Residence: 3125 Parnell Av. 

AIiBXAirSEB, O-erard Uason, mfr.; born 
Brandenburg, Ky., Jan. 10, 1849; son Audrey 
Jackson and Lucy Atila (Washington) Alexan- 
der; ed. pub. schools; unmarried. Came to Chi- 
cago, 1869, and employed by King Bros, until 
1S75; with Keith Bros., 1875-82; assisted in or- 
ganizing firm of Longley. Low & Alexander, 
mfrs. of hats, caps and gloves, with which has 
since been identified. Independent Republican. 
Clubs: Calumet, Glen View, Chicago Golf, 
Soutli Shore Country. Residence: Calumet C^lub. 
Office: 208-210 W. .\dams St. 

AXEXAin>EB, Herbert O. B., underwriter; 
born London, Eng.. Dec. 26, 1860; son Ebenezer 
and Louisa (Barlow) Alexander; ed. Romford, 
Eng.; married Louisa Denhard, of London, 
Eng., 1883; 4 daughters. Came to U.S., 1885; 
state agent, N.Y., to 1896, gen. supt. of agen- 
cies, at Indianapolis, 1896-1900, Ry. Officials' & 
Employes' Assn.; vice-pres. and gen. mgr., 1900- 
6, pres. since 1906, Continental Casualty Co., 
Chicago; also dir. Colonial Trust & Savings 
Bank, North Av. State Bank, Mich. Av. Trust 
Co. Ex-pres. and mem. exec. com. International 
.\ssn. of Accident Underwriters and also the 
Detroit Conference; dir. and mem. exec. com. 
Board of Casualty and Surety Underwriters. 
Mason. Clubs: Underwriters', Transportation, 
Lawyers' (New York), Columbia (Indianapo- 
lis), Calumet, Colonial, Chicago Athletic, Mid- 
Day, South Shore, Midlothian Country. Recrea- 
tions: golf, motoring and billiards. Residence: 
Midlothian. Office: 1208 Michigan Av. 

AX>EZAin>EB, John T., live stock; born Mor- 
gan Co., 111., Nov. 19, 1850; son late John T. A., 
who at one time was the largest cattle feeder 
and shipper in America. Entered live stock 
commission business, Apr. 1887, at the Union 
Stock Yards, Chicago, and is now senior mem. 
firm of Alexander, Ward & Conover. Office: 310 
Exchange Bldg., Union Stock Yards. 

AI^EZANSEB, Stuart Bohl), importer; born 
Glasgow, Scotland, Dec. 26. 1852; son John Stu- 
art and Marion (Robb) Alexander; ed. King's 
Coll., London, class of 1868; married Elizabeth, 
daughter of John Forsythe. of Chicago. Oct. 29. 
1885; 3 children: Stuart Hall, John Forsythe 
and Marion. Began business at London, ii^ng., 
in 1870, remaining there until 1871. when went 
to Brazil and spent 6 years; returned to Lon- 
don in 1877 and resumed business until 1887, 
when came to America; established coffee im- 
porting business, in wliich lie continued until 
1903; then changed to roasted coffee business, 
at which he is at present engaged. Brazilian 
consul at Chicago since June 25. 1892. Mem. 
Honorable Artillery of London: Mason (mem. 
Grand Lodge of Scotland). Clubs: Chicago, 
Chicago Golf. Residence: Wheaton, 111. Office: 
208 N. Wabash Av. 

ALEXANDEB, William Arthur, insurance; 
born Corinth, Miss.. May 2, 1S5S; son James 
Madison and Elizabeth King (McCord) Alex- 
ander; ed. Normal Acad., Paris, HI., and Tuscu- 
lum (i'oU., Tenn. ; married Chicago, Dec. 1896, 
Maude Julia Greene. Since 1885 engaged in 
casualty and liability ins. as senior mem. firm 
of W. A. Alexander & Co. Large owner of real 
estate on the Nortli Shore: founded Exmoor 
Country Club at Highland Park: instrumental 
in the construction and laying out of the Sheri- 
dan Road, and vice-pres. Sheridan Road Assn.; 
trustee George A. Fuller estate; chmn. liability 
ins. com. World's Fair. Republican. Presbyte- 
rian. Mem. Soutliern Society. Clubs: Chicago, 
Union League, Onwentsia, Exmoor, Chicago 
Golf. Recreation: golf. Residence: Highland 
Park. 111. Office: Corn E.xchange Bank Bldg. 

AI^FOBD, William Kedley, mfr.; born Brigh- 
ton. Sussex. Eng., .\pr. 8, 1S60; son William 
and Mary (Page) Alford; ed. in England; came 
to U.S., 1884; married Council Bluffs, la., Jan. 



15, 1890, Grace Spooner. Began business career 
in the West Indies in sugar business, 1877: 
studied architecture in England and entered 
the employ of I. Hodson, architect. Council 
Bluffs, la., 1885; engaged as mfr. of and dealer 
In bank furniture and fittings since 1887; vice- 
pres. Ketcham Mfg. Co., Toledo, O., 1891-6; 
eastern mgr. Ohmes Sons' Co., 1896-8; gen. 
mgr. of same, 1898-1902; vice-pres. and sec. 
Weary & Alford Co., mfrs. of bank furniture, 
since 1902; also treas. Athey Sanitary Equip- 
ment Co. Clubs: 111. Athletic, South Shore 
Country. Recreations: yachting and motoring. 
Residence: 6039 Jefferson Av. Office: 1907 Mich- 
igan Av. 

AXasO, Tlromas Wilson, merchant; born 
New York City, Sept. 11, 1847; son James and 
Eliza (Wilson) Algeo; ed. pub. schools and New 
York Coll.; married Mary O. Williams, New 
York, Apr. 17, 1876; 3 children: Herbert Edgar, 
Mary Seeley, Harold Leigh. Business life spent 
in the grocery, coffee and spice business In 
New York and Chicago; in charge of credits, 
since Jan. 1889, of the Thomson & Taylor Spice 
Co., of whicli he is sec. and treas. Democrat. 
Presbyterian. Club: Chicago Athletic. Recrea- 
tions: baseball, fishing and tennis. Residence: 
4050 Kenmore Av. Office: 203 N. Michigan Av. 

*AXIiX:E, ThaddeaB S., lawyer; see Vol. 1905. 

AIiIiEH, Alonzo Franklin, mfr.; born Cedar 
Rapids, la.. May 25, 1872; son Orrin F. and 
Mary O. (Hendry) Allen; grad. Belle Plaine 
(la.) High School, 1887; married Chicago, Oct. 
15, 1896, Ida May Mershon; children: Franklin 
Hendry, Lucile May, Ruth Virginia. In employ 
of (j.&N.-W.Ry.Co. at Belle Plaine, la., Aug. 
1887-June 1, 1890; in employ of 111. Steel Co., 
Chicago, June 1, 1890-Jan. 1, 1899; identified 
with Am. Steel & Wire Co. since Jan. 1, 1899, 
becoming asst. treas., Apr. 1900, asst. sec. and 
asst. treas., Feb. 1901, sec. and asst. treas. 
since May 6, 1901. Also sec. -treas. and dir. Co- 
lumbia Wire Co. Republican. Congregational- 
ist. Club: Union League. Residence: 426 Clin- 
ton Av., Oak Park, 111. Office: 72 W. Adams St. 

AKKEN, AnOrewB, consulting and contract- 
ing engineer; born Madison, Wis., Jan. 11, 1870; 
son Prof. William Francis and Margaret Lor- 
ing (Andrews) Allen; grad. Madison High 
School, 1887; Univ. of Wis., B.S., in civil en- 
gineering, 1891, C.E., 1893; married Harrls- 
burg. Pa., Oct. 9, 1894, Margaret Isabel Thom- 
as. Engaged In U.S. Geological Survey in Up- 
per Mich., June 1891; with Edge Moor Bridge 
Works, Wilmington, Del., as draftsman, July 
1891-July 1893, as asst. engr., July 1893-Jan. 1, 
1899; contracting engr.. Wis. Bridge & Iron 
Co., 1899-1911; pros. Allen & Garcia Co., con- 
sulting and contracting engrs., since 1911. Also 
vice-pres. and dir. Allith Mfg. Co. Mem. West- 
ern Soc. Engrs. (pres., 1909.) Independent In 
politics. Mem. Beta Theta Pi. Clubs: Univer- 
sity of Wis. (Chicago), Quadrangle, 111. Ath- 
letic, Calumet Country, Engineers'. Residence: 
1215 E. 56th St. Office: McCormick Bldg. 

AXKEZr, Cbarles Unnaeus, lawyer; born Kal- 
amazoo, Mich., Oct. 22, 1849; son Dr. J. Adams 
(for many years pres. of Rush Med. Coll.) and 
Mary (Marsh) Allen; removed to Chicago in 
early childhood; student old Chicago Univ.; 
A.B., Denison Univ., Granville, O., 1870; mar- 
ried 1873, Lucy E., daughter of Gen W. H. Pow- 
ell, late of Belleville, 111.; one daughter: Dora 
Alice. Studied law in office of Walker, Dexter 
& Smith, Chicago (original firm founded in 
1856); admitted to bar, 1878, and became mem. 
of that firm, which was changed in 1879 to 
Dexter, Herrick & Allen, later to Herrick & Al- 
len, later to Herrick, Allen, Boyesen & Martin, 
and since 1907 has been Herrick. Allen & Mar- 
tin. Independent in politics. Music lover, and 
has notable library of musical literature. Clubs: 

University, Chicago, Chicago Golf, Onwentsia, 
Saddle and Cycle. Recreation: golf. Residence: 
1424 N. State St. Office: 35 N. Dearborn St. 

AZiI^EN, Charles 'Warren, lawyer; born Dun- 
kirk, N.Y., Apr. 27, 1857; son William N. and 
Almena (Swett) Allen; ed. pub. schools; LL.B., 
Northwestern Univ. Law School, 1881; married 
Chicago, 1890, Henrietta Howard; 1 daughter: 
Miriam. Practiced at Westfield, N.Y., 1882-90, 
Chicago since 1890. With McCormick Harvest- 
ing Machine Co., and its successor, the Interna- 
tional Harvester Co., since 1899, of which is 
asst. sec. Republican. Residence; 564 46th PI. 
Office: Harvester Bldg. 

AT.T.TiiT, Edmnnd Albert, lumber commission 
merchant; born Wilmington, Will Co., 111., Dec. 
10, 1849; son Edmund and Elizabeth (Shoemak- 
er) Allen; ed. pub. schools of Wilmington, 111., 
and prep, school at Lake View, Chicago; mar- 
ried Quincy, 111., Oct. 16, 1879, Emma Green; 
1 son: Amos Green. Has been continuously en- 
gaged in the lumber business since leaving 
school in 1865, first in Wilmington as a mem. 
of the firm of Allen & Son, and later of Allen 
& Bro. at same place; came to Chicago in 188S, 
and has since been engaged in the lumber 
commission business. Democrat. Episcopalian. 
Clubs: Homewood Country, Church. Residence: 
Del Prado Hotel. Office: 1007 Chamber of Com- 

AXKEN, Sarry Windiate, bakers' and con- 
fectioners' supplies; born Chicago, Nov. 23, 
1874; son John William and Emma (Windiate) 
Allen; ed. Chicago pub. and high schools and 
business coll.; married Winifred J. Niswanger, 
of Chicago, June 10, 1897; 1 son: Frank Willis. 
Began business career in 1890, in the business 
established by his father in 1881 in the whole- 
sale mfr. and jobbing of supplies and machin- 
ery for bakers, confectioners, etc., and in 1895 
was admitted to partnership in the firm of J. 
W. Allen & C;o., becoming sec. and treas. upon 
its incorporation in 1906. Republican. Presby- 
terian. Mem. exec. com. Cook Co. Sunday School 
Assn. Recreation: motoring. Residence: 913 
Oakley Boul. Office: 110-118 N. Peoria St. 

AJMliStf, Henry Asa, elec. and mech. engr.; 
born Madison, Wis., Jan. 22. 1867; son Gen. 
Thomas S. and Natalia (Weber) Allen; ed. U.S. 
Naval Acad., Annapolis, Md., class of 1887; 
married Julia C. H. Hawley, of Chicago, Sept. 
28, 1897; 1 daughter: Julia C. Electrician and 
machinist Western Electric Co., Chicago, 1890- 
2; elec. and mech. engr., Eaton & Prince Ele- 
vator Co., 1892-4; private practice, 1894-5; elec. 
and mech. engr. and mgr. elec. dept.. Eraser & 
Chalmers Co. and the AUis-Cbalmers Co., 1895- 
1906; now pres. Henry A. Allen & Co., consult- 
ing engrs. Accompanied President Taft and 
party of engineers on inspection trip to Pana- 
ma Canal, 1909; consulting engr. to City of 
(Chicago. Was capt. commanding 111. Naval Mi- 
litia; It-. col. chief engineer I.N.G. Republican. 
Congregationalist. Mason. Clubs: Engineers' 
(New York), Chicago Athletic. Recreation: ath- 
letic sports. Residence: 757 Buena Av. Office: 
1233 First Nat. Bank Bldg. 

AXiKEir, J. Henry, physician and surgeon; 
born Canada, 1854; son James W. and Elizabeth 
(Wood) Allen; ed. pub. schools, M.D., Univ. of 
Michigan, 1884; married Sarah Ray, of Tall- 
madge, O., June 23, 1886. Engaged in practice 
as homeopathic physician since 1884. Prof, dis- 
eases of the skin and miasmatics, Hering Med. 
(ioll. ; city physician Baptist Hosp. and Hering 
Hosp. Author of books: Diseases of the Skin: 
The Chronic Miasms (2 volumes); also contrib- 
utor of prose and poetry to literary publica- 
tions. Pres. International Hahnemannian Assn., 
1901. Republican. Seventh-Day Adventist. Res- 
idence: 4712 Greenwood Av. Office: 29 E. Madi- 
son St. 



AIiKEN, James Kane, lawyer and author: 
born Lexington, Ky., Mar. 3, 1848; son Albert 
and Ann E. (Oftutt) Allen; grrad. Bethany Coll., 
W.Va., 1867 (M.A., 1880); taught high school; 
admitted to bar; practiced at Omaha, Neb., 
1870-2; in Chicago since 1872; dir. Chicago Pub. 
Library; married Josephine E. Fenkell, Wau- 
kegan. 111.. 1870: 1 daughter: Arabella (Mrs. 
Elbridge B. Keith). Has written numerous 
magazine papers and sketches, including: Ex- 
odus of the Children of Ham: Aunt Viney's 
Story: The Horseshoe Bend. Author: Allen's 
Handbook of the Nebraska Code. Republican. 
Clubs: Forty, Midlothian. Residence: Sheridan 
Rd., Highland Park, 111. Office: Ashland Blk. 

AXKEN, John William, bakers' and confec- 
tioners' supplies: born Ann Arbor, Mich.. Sept. 
4, 184S: son Almond A. and Lucy (Powell) Al- 
len: ed. Olivet (Mich.) Coll.; married Emma 
"Windiate, of East Leroy. Mich., Nov. 30, 1873: 
1 son: Harry Windiate. Engaged as flour mil- 
ler in Mich, until 1872, when came to Chicago; 
in various employments until 1881, when es- 
tablished firm of J. W. Allen, bakers' and con- 
fectioners' supplies; admitted his son as part- 
ner, 1895, firm becoming J. W. Allen & Co., in- 
corporated in 1906, and of which has since been 
pres. Has also farming interests. Republican. 
Presbyterian. Mason. Mem. Chicago Assn. of 
Commerce, 111. Mfrs. Assn. Recreations: mo- 
toring and farming. Residence: 904 Oakley 
Boul. Summer Residence: East Leroy, Mich. 
Office: 110-118 N. Peoria St. 

AJj&IiN, Keon Menard, passenger traffic mgr. ; 
born Davenport, la., July 4, 1863; son Elbridge 
Gerry and Christina (Hannah) Allen; grad. 
Davenport High School, 1879, followed by sev- 
eral months at the Univ. of Michigan; married 
Katherine Augusta Ballard, of Davenport, June 
26, 1888; children: Leon Ballard, Priscilla, Fran- 
cis Gerauld. News editor Davenport Gazette. 
1880-1 ; yard clerk and asst. cashier local freight 
office of the C.R.I.&P.Ry. at Davenport. July 
1881 to Sept. 1882 and has ever since continued 
with the same company, serving as asst. ticket 
agent, 1883-8. ticket agent, 1888-93, and general 
agent, 1893-8. at Davenport, la.: asst. general 
passenger agent, Dec. 1898 to Oct. 1901. first 
asst. general passenger agent, Oct. 1901 to Aug. 
1902 at Chicago; general passenger agent for 
Rock Island lines east of the Missouri River, 
Aug. 1902 to May 1903: general passenger agent. 
May 20, 1903, to Dec. 31. 1909; passenger traffic 
mgr. Rock Island lines since Jan. 1, 1910. Re- 
publican. Trustee Union Church, Kenllworth. 
Club: Union League. Residence: Kenllworth, 
111. Office: LaSalle St. Station. 

AKKEN, Philip Schnyler, univ. prof.: born 
Lake Forest. 111.. Aug. 23, 1871; son Ira W. and 
Lydia (Ford) Allen; A.B., Williams Coll., 1891; 
Univ. of Berlin, 1892-4; fellow in German, Univ. 
of Chicago, 1895-7, Ph.D., 1897; married Jessie 
Acker, of Brooklyn. Dec. 21. 1894. Instr. Ger- 
man, Allen Acad.. Chicago. 1891-2; instr. Eng- 
lish. Shattuck School. Faribault, Minn., 1894-5; 
asst. asso. instr. and asst. prof. German, 1903-9. 
asso. prof, since 1909, Univ. of Chicago. Mng. 
editor Modern Philology, 1900-8. Mem. Modern 
Language Assn. America. Residence: 6019 Jef- 
ferson Av. 

AIiI^EIT, Thomas Qrant, physician: born Leeds 
Co.. Ont.. Oct. 14. 1863: son William and Mar- 
garet Wilson Allen: grad. Queen's Univ., Kings- 
ton. Ont.. ISSS (gold medalist, first-class honor- 
man chemistry, M.A.. 1889); M.D.. Northwest- 
ern Univ.. Chicago. 1898: married July 10. 1890, 
Nettie Mabel Fralick. Toronto. Ont.; children: 
Clara. Ruth. William. Richard. Demonstrator 
and instr. Queen's Univ.. 18S8-9: science master 
in Seaforth and IngersoU. Ont.. 1890-3: prof, 
chemistry. Armour Inst, of Technology. 1894-8: 
imiv. extension lecturer in cliemistry. Univ. of 
Chicago, 1895-S; instr. clinical medicine, North- 

western Univ., 1901-3: prof, diseases of chil- 
dren, Post-Graduate Med. School, 1903: asst. 
prof, pediatrics. Coll. of Physicians and Sur- 
geons, 1904. Address: 5661 Washington Av. 

Alil^ir, 'William D., pres. W. D. Allen Mfg. 
Co., brass founders and mfrs. leather belting 
and general mill supplies; married. Mem. S.A.R. 
Clubs: Union League. Evanston Golf, Univer- 
sity (Evanston). Residence: 1626 Hinman Av., 
Evanston, 111. Office: 135 W. Lake St. 

AXO^EN, William Qxay, physician; born Chi- 
cago, Jan. 26, 1874; son John and Jessie (Gray) 
Allen; ed. Univ. of Chicago; M.D., Northwest- 
ern Univ. Med. School, 1896: married Bradford, 
111., Sept. 7, 1904, Amelia Harrison Arundale. 
Engaged in general practice as physician and 
surgeon in Chicago since 1896. Asso. prof. An- 
atomy, Chicago Coll. of Medicine and Surgery 
(Valparaiso Univ.). Mem. Chicago Med. Soc, 
111. State Med. Soc, A.M.A. Republican. Epis- 
copalian. Office and Residence: 857 Newport 

AXI;eBTON, Samuel Waters, capitalist; born 
Amenia Union, Dutchess Co., N.Y., May 26, 
1828; reared on farm: ed. common schools. Deal- 
er in live stock in N.Y., 1852-6; since then in 
Chicago: has extensive interests in the stock 
yards at Chicago, Omaha. St. Louis, Pittsburg, 
Philadelphia, Jersey City and Baltimore: also 
owns 40,000 acres of stock farms in 111., O. and 
la.: dir. Allerton-Clarke Co.. Arcade File Wks., 
Chicago City Ry. Co., First Nat. Bank. etc. Dir. 
Chicago Exposition, 1893: candidate for mayor 
of Chicago, 1893. Republican. Clubs: Union 
League, Calumet. Marquette. Chicago Golf. Res- 
idence: 1918 Prairie Av. Office: First Nat. Bank 

AXJ^nra, Charles, Jr., lawyer: born Madison, 
Ind., Dec. 13, 1865; son Charles and Harriet 
Ann (Scovel) Ailing; A.B., Hanover (Ind.) Coll., 
1885, A.M.. 1889: LL.B., Univ. of Mich., 1888. 
Admitted to bar, 1888; engaged in practice in 
Chicago. Republican. Judge advocate, 1st Bri- 
gade. I.N.G.. May 6. 1902, to 1907; alderman of 
old 3d Ward, 1897-1901; of new 2d Ward. 1901-5 
(mem. iudiclary com., 1897-1905; finance com., 
1899-1900: chmn. com. on gas. oil and electric 
light, 1902-3: chmn. com. on streets and alleys, 
south, 1900-1); one of two aldermen on New 
Charter Convention, 1902-3; aoptd. by governor, 
atty. for State Board of Health, 1907. Presby- 
terian; elder 1st Presbyn. Church. Grand Con- 
sul of Sigma Chi Fraternity, 1907-9. Mem. 111. 
State and Chicago Bar assns.. South Side Busi- 
ness Men's Assn. Mason. Chevalier Bayard 
Commandery K.T. Clubs: Union League, Uni- 
versity. Residence: 319 E. 22d St. Office: 69 W. 
Washington St. 

*AIiI^SOir, Campbell, lawyer; see Vol. 1905. 

AK^POBT, Frank, ophthalmologist, otolo- 
gist: born Watertown, N.Y., Feb. 22. 1857; son 
Walter Webb and Sarah Maria (Haddock) All- 
cort; ed. at Chicago Univ. and Racine Coll.; 
M.D., Chicago Med. Coll.. 1876; Univ. of Heidel- 
berg, 2 years.; married Kate A. Ell wood, of 
Sycamore. 111., Oct. 26. 1880. Practiced medi- 
cine. Sycamore, 111.. 5 years, ophthalmology and 
otology. Minneapolis. 10 years. Chicago since 
1889. Prof. Clin, ophthalmology and otology, 
ITniv. of Minn., several years. Northwestern 
Univ. since 1906; eye and ear surgeon St. Luke's 
Hosp. : consulting eye and ear surgeon, Chicago 
Bd. of Edn.. C.&N.-W.Ry., C.&E.I.Rv., I.C.R.R., 
C.,M.&St.P.Ry. and C.R.I.&P.Ry. Apptd. 1st It. 
U.S.A. Med. Reserve Corps. Feb. 1911. Ex-pres. 
Minn. State Med. Soc. Residence: 2108 Prairie 
Av. Office: Chicago Savings Bank Bldg. 

AXKPOBT, Henry Whipple, physician: born 
Chicago. July 5. 1865: son Walter Webb and 
Sarah Maria (Haddock) Allport: student Univ. 
of Michigan. 1884-6: after leaving univ. was 
for about ten years engaged in civil engineer- 



ing in the Western and Pacific states, witli oc- 
casional lapses into book publishing and maga- 
zine work; M.D., Cornell Univ. Med. Coll., New 
York, 1899; unmarried. Since 1900 has prac- 
ticed in Chicago as a specialist in the diseases 
of the eye. ear, and throat. Mem. of va- 
rious med. socs. Member American Copyright 
League. Independent Republican. Club: Chica- 
go Athletic. Residence: Chicago Beach Hotel, 
and Elmhurst, 111. Office: 1108, 32 N. State St. 

AK^FOBT, Walter Heydock, physician; born 
Chicago, 1863; son Walter Webb and Sarah 
Maria (Haddock) Allport; ed. Univ. of Mich, 
and Northwestern Univ., grad., M.D., 1S87; 
married Chicago, 1889, Harriet Hamilton; chil- 
dren: Henry Hamilton, Caroline, Harriet Hub- 
bard, Katherine. Surgeon St. Luke's and Alex- 
ian Brothers hosps. ; formerly prof, anatomy. 
Northwestern Univ. and former surgeon Cook 
Co. Hosp. Apptd. 1st It. U.S.A. Med. Reserve 
Corps, Feb. 1911. Mem. Chicago Med. Soc., Chi- 
cago Surgical Soc. Presbyterian. Clubs: Chi- 
cago Athletic, University, Germania, Saddle and 
Cycle. Residence: 40 Bellevue PI. Office: 607 
Rush St. 

A T.'wrpgj Herman Earhait, physician; born 
Long-Run, Armstrong Co., Pa., Dec. 28, 1867; 
son Samuel A. and Mary (Hineman) Almes; ed. 
pub. schools and at Elders Ridge (Pa.) Acad.; 
M.D., Univ. of Wooster, Cleveland, O., July 24, 
1889; M.D., Western Univ. of Pa., Mar. 27, 1890; 
married Cochran Mills, Pa.. Dec. 30, 1891, Cora 
Carnahan. Practiced medicine at Murraysville, 
Pa., Apr. 4, 1890-Sept. 1890; at Cochran Mills, 
Pa., Sept. 1890-Sept. 1896; since then in Chica- 
go. Mem. A.M.A., 111. State Med. Soc, Chicago 
Med. Soc. Examiner for Protected Home Circle, 
Court of Honor, Columbian Knights. I.O.O.F., 
Commercial Life Ins. Co. Republican. Mason, 
32, Shrlner. Club: Colonial. Residence: 4459 
Indiana Av. Office: 4255 Indiana Av. 

AXiSCHUKSB, Samuel, lawyer; born Chicago, 
Nov. 20, 1859; son Jacob and Caroline (Stiefel) 
Alschuler; family moved to Aurora, 111., 1861; 
ed. Aurora High Sch. ; unmarried. Admitted to 
bar, 1881; practiced at Aurora, 1881-1901, Chi- 
cago, since 1901; mem. firm Kraus, Alschuler 
& Holden, since 1901. Dem. candidate for Con- 
gress, 1892; mem. State Commn. of Claims, 
1893-6: mem. 111. Ho. of Rep., 1896-1900; Dem. 
candidate for gov.. 111.. 1900. Residence: Au- 
rora, 111. Office: Tribune BIdg. 

AIiSIF, Frank, mfr. ; deceased; see Vol. 1905. 

AXTKAIT, William Martyn, mfr.; deceased; 
see Vol. 1905. 

AI^TON, William, Jr., lawyer; born Genesee 
Co., N.Y.. Apr. 5, 1862; son William and Caro- 
line (Bainbridge) Alton; AB., Princeton Univ., 
1884; studied law with Hon. Wm. C. Goudy and 
John P. Wilson; married Chicago, Oct. 15, 1889, 
Llna E. Wilson; children: Milton Hugh, Will- 
iam Carol, Lina Wilson. Admitted to bar. 1887; 
since engaged In general practice, making a 
specialty of laws relating to real estate, land, 
etc. Republican. Methodist. Clubs: University, 
Law. Residence: 2522 Prairie Av. Office: 119 S. 
Clark St. 

AI^VOBS, John Watson, hydraulic and sani- 
tary engr. ; born Newton Centre, Mass., Jan. 25, 
1861; son Rev. John Watson and Myrtllla Mead 
(Peck) Alvord; ed. Washington, D.C. ; married 
Chicago, Sept. 4. 1889, Helen C. Cornell. En- 
gaged in the construction of the Hyde Park 
Station of the Chicago Water Works, 1880-4, 
also the enlargement of the Lake View pump- 
ing stations, 1884-8; city engr. of Lake View, 
now part of Chicago, 1884-8; designed the sewer 
systems of Lake View and Cicero and from 
1890-3 had an important position in charge of 
an engring. dept. at World's Columbian Expo- 
sition under dir. of works; since 1893 in prac- 
tice as consulting, sanitary and hydraulic engr. 

throughout the Central West, designing and 
constructing sewer systems for over 75 munici- 
palities, water works for 125 cities, water pow- 
er plants in some 20 localities, sewage disposal 
plants, dams, tunnels, reservoirs, and other 
miscellaneous work. Mem. Chicago comm. in- 
vestigating city expenditures (1910). Mem. Am. 
Soc. Civil Engrs. ; pres. Western Soc. Engrs., 
1910, Am. Water Works Assn, 1910; mem. Am. 
Pub. Health Assn., Am. Acad. Political and So- 
cial Science; pres. 111. Soc. Engrs., 1904-6; mem. 
111. Society S.A.R. Presbyterian. Clubs: Union 
League. Engineers'. City. Author of a number 
of engring. papers and published reports. Resi- 
dence: 5203 Hibbard Av. Office: Hartford Bldg. 

AMBEBQ, John Henry, stationer; born Min- 
eral Point, Wis., Dec. 23, 1853; son of John A. 
and Margaret (Hoeffler) Amberg; ed. public 
schools. Mineral Point, to 1868; married Chi- 
cago. Jtme 7, 1881, Mary Emily Plamondon; 
children: Alfred A., Florence A. (Mrs. E. N. 
Hurley), Ethel M., Lucy E. In 1868 came to 
Chicago and began business career with Cul- 
ver, Page & Hoyne, stationers, printers, etc.; 
in 1870 became connected with the house of 
Cameron, Amberg & Co., stationers, printers, 
binders and blank book makers, and in 1878 
was admitted to partnership in the firm; also 
dir. Amberg File & Index (5o., and of Loretto 
Iron Co. Independent In politics. Club: South 
Shore Country, and several gun clubs. Recrea- 
tion: shooting. Residence: 3433 Michigan Av. 
Office: 17 W. Lake St. 

AUBEBG, John Ward, mgr. Loretto Iron 
Co.; born Chicago, Aug. 10, 1870; son William 
A. and Sarah Agnes (Ward) Amberg; ed. St. 
Ignatius Coll., Chicago; married Chicago, June 
7, 1904. Marie L. Inderrieden. Dir. and gen. 
mgr. of the Loretto Iron Co. since 1901. Mem. 
Lake Superior Mining Inst., Visitation and Aid 
Soc. Catholic. Clubs: Chicago Literary, Chi- 
cago Athletic, Glen View. Residence: 1311 N. 
State St. Office: 1400 Fulton St. 

AMBEBQ, Theodore Jacoh, sec. Amberg File 
& Index Co., born Mineral Point, Wis., Sept. 12, 
1858; son John A. and Margaret (Hoeffier) Am- 
berg; ed. Central High School, Chicago; mar- 
ried Chicago, Sept. 7, 1881, Bertha A. Atkins; 
children: Arthur John, Theodore William. Har- 
old Vincent, Robert Atkins, Paul Gregory, Ed- 
ward Joseph, William Cameron. Began as 
printer in the printing office of Cameron, Am- 
berg & Co., Feb. 1874; transferred to counting 
room, 1877; mem. of firm since 1885, conducting 
their letter file business, and when that portion 
of the business was separated and incorporated, 
Jan. 24, 1889, also became sec. and mgr. Am- 
berg File & Index Co. Sec. Loretto Iron Co. 
Firm believer in and advocate of the economic 
principles advanced by Henry George. Mem. 
Henry George Assn. of Chicago. Catholic. Res- 
idence: 544 Melrose St. Office: 1400 Fulton St. 

AUBEBQ, WilUam A., mfr.; born Albstadt. 
near Hanau, Bavaria, July 6, 1847: son John A. 
and Margaret (Hoeffier) .\mberg; removed with 
parents to Mineral Point, Wis., 1852; ed. com- 
nion schools and Slnsinawa Mound College; 
married Sept. 7, 1869, Sarah Agnes, daughter of 
late James Ward. Chicago; cliildren (living): 
John Ward, Mary Agnes, Genevieve (Mrs. Jo- 
seph W. Cremln). Was clerk in dry goods 
store. Mineral Point, Wis., 1860-4; came to Chi- 
cago, Jan. 2, 1865; bookkeeper Culver. Page & 
Hoyne, stationers, 1865-70; one of founders of 
Cameron, Amberg & Co., stationers and print- 
ers, 1870, retired 1890; pres. Amberg File & In- 
dex Co., Loretto Iron Co. In 1S6S invented 
system of flat letter filing now in universal 
use, and numerous other devices in that line; 
established branch houses for this business in 
New York, 1872, and in London, 1S75. Founded 
town of Amberg, Wis., 1887, by establishing 
granite works, and later town of Athelstane, 



Wis. Jurv commr. for Cook Co. since 1907. Club: 
Mid-Dav." Recreations: golf and billiards. Res- 
idence- 1301 N. State St. Summer Residence: 
Mackinac Island. Office: 1400 Fulton St. 

AMBI^EB, Eugrene, coal ; born Milwaukee, 
Wis. May 23, 1!>75; son Frank W. and Julia 
(Belden) Ambler; grad. West Division High 
School, Chicago, 1S93; married Chicago, Oct. 24, 
1899, Mittie C. Strong; 1 daughter: Frances. 
Began as bookkeeper in Chicago office of De- 
troit Stove Works, 1893-6; in wholesale coal 
business with Marmet Co. and Consolidated 
Coal Co. until 1903; engaged in the same busi- 
ness on own account under firm name of Eu- 
gene Ambler & Co., later (1905) becoming mem. 
firm of Richards, Ambler & Co. Mason (32, 
K.T., Shriner). Republican. Baptist. Clubs: 
Chicago Automobile, Chicago Yacht. Recrea- 
tions: motoring and fishing. Residence: 3713 
Pine Grove Av. Office: 417 S. Dearborn St. 

AMBROSE, Charles, sec. Chicago Mine & Mill 
Suppiv Co.; born Columbus, O., Aug. 28, 1873; 
son John and Emma (Parker) Ambrose; ed. pub. 
grammar and high schools, Columbus; married 
Cora Yeoman, of Minneapolis, Sept. 16, 1894. 
Began business career in real estate and loan 
office at Kansas City, Mo., 1891-7; mgr. Fayer- 
weather & Ladew, leather belting, 1897-1909; 
with H. W. Spalding organized, July 1, 1909, 
the Chicago Mine & Mill Supply Co., of which 
has since been pres. ; also vice-pres. Ambrose- 
Schwartz Condenser Co. and senior mem. firm 
of Ambrose & Spalding, mining contractors. 
Baptist. Recreation: duplicate whist. Resi- 
dence: 604 Clinton Av., Oak Park, 111. Office; 
305 N. Michigan Av. 

AMES, Edward Scribner, univ. prof., clergy- 
man; born Eau Claire, Wis., Apr. 21, 1870; son 
Lucius Bowles and Adeline (Scribner) Ames; 
A.B., Drake Univ., Des Moines, la., 1889, A.M., 
1891; B.D., Yale Div. School, 1892; grad. stu- 
dent in philosophy, Yale, 1892-4; fellow in phi- 
losophy, Univ. of Chicago, 1894-5; Ph.D., 1895; 
married Mabel Van Meter, of DeSota, la., July 
6, 1893: 4 children: Van Meter, Damaris Kath- 
ryn, Adelaide, Miriam. Instr., Disciples' Div. 
House, 1S95-7, docent in philosophy, 1896-7, 
Univ. of Chicago; prof, philosophy and peda- 
gogy, Butler Coll., Indianapolis, 1897-1900; asso. 
in philosophy, 1900-1, instr., 1901-9, asst. prof, 
since 1909, Univ. of Chicago; pastor Hyde Park 
Church of Disciples of Christ since 1900. Au- 
thor: Psychology of Religious Experience, 1910. 
Mem. Am. Psychol. Assn., A.A.A.S., Western 
Philos. Assn. Clubs: Quadrangle, City, Univer- 
sity. Recreations: tennis, golf. Residence: 
5722 Kimbark Av. 

AMES, John C, collector of the port of Chi- 
cago: born Freedom Tp., LaSalle Co., 111., July 
17, 1852; son Isaac and Aurella Ames; ed. pub. 
schools and State Normal Univ., Normal, 111.; 
married Mar. 2, 1875, Minerva, daughter of 
John and Elizabetli Ross, Lacon, 111.; one son: 
Isaac Carlos Ames. Since leaving school has 
made home in Streator, 111.; became connected 
with drug trade, but later opened a large hard- 
ware store and subsequently organized the J. C. 
Ames Lumber Co., of which he is still head; 
organized City National Bank of Streator, 1891, 
and was its pres. until apptd. by Pres. McKin- 
ley, Jan. 1S9S to be U.S. marshal, serving as 
such until 1906; collector of the port of Chica- 
go since 1906. Active and prominent in Repub- 
lican party of Illinois; elected mayor of Strea- 
tor, 1885 and 1887; declined third term; canal 
commr. for 4 years under Gov. Fifer. Clubs: 
Union League, Hamilton (Chicago), Streator 
(Streator, HI.). Residence: Streator, 111. Office: 
Federal Bldg. 

AMES, Knowlton !., mem. K. L. Ames & Co., 
investments. Residence: Evanston. Office: 108 
S. LaSalle St. 

AMDEBSOIT, Alexander Fierce, chemist, bot- 
anist; born Red Wing, Minn., Nov. 22, 1862; son 
John and Britta Maria (Gustafson) Anderson 

(natives of Sweden); B.S., Univ. of Minn., 1894, 
M.S., 1895; Ph.D., Univ. of Munich, 1897; mar- 
ried Highlands, N.C., Aug. 11, 1898, Lydia John- 
son; children: Leonard Alexander, Louise Alex- 
andra and John Pierce. Taught country schools 
and at same time farmed, previous to entering 
Univ. of Minn., 1890; state botanist and bac- 
teriologist, Clemenson Coll., S.C, 1896-9; asst. 
prof, botany, Univ. of Minn., 1899-1900; curator 
of Herbarium, Columbia Univ., 1901. Inventor 
new processes of treating cereal grains and 
starch materials. Residence: 5552 Everett Av. 

AZTSEBSOIT, Charles Palmerston, bishop; 
born Kemptville, Can., Sept. S, 1863; son Henry 
and Maria R. Anderson; ed. Trinity Coll. Sch., 
Port Hope, Ont., and Trinity Univ., Toronto 
(D.D., same, 1900, Western Theol. Sem., Chica- 
go, 1905); married Janet Glass, of Belleville, 
Ont., Sept. 4, 1889. Deacon, 1887, priest, 1888, 
P.E.Ch. ; in charge Beachburg, Can., 1888-91, 
Grace Ch., Oak Park, 111., 1891-1900; conse- 
crated bishop of Chicago, 1900. Club: Univer- 
sity. Author: The Christian Ministry, 1902. 
Residence: 1612 Prairie Av. Office: 510 Masonic 

AMDEBSOIT, Charles Titus August, real es- 
tate; born Sweden, Jan. 4, 1872; son Carl Olaf 
and Mathilda Sophia (Svenson) Anderson; came 
to America, 1875; ed. pub. schools, Chicago, 
Y.M.C.A. Coll. (evening school), Soper School 
of Oratory; married Chicago, Clara A. Kaehler, 
June 30, 1897; 3 children living: Frederick Au- 
gust Kaehler, Dorothy Louise, Ruth Mathilda. 
Became connected with Perry H. Smith, Jr., 
real estate and law, July, 1889, Dunlap, Smith 
& Co., rear estate, May 1, 1890; In real estate 
business for self since Nov., 1898. Mem. Cook 
County Real Estate Bd. Republican. Deacon 
and financial sec. Holy Trinity English Luther- 
an Church; treas. Home Mission Bd. Chicago 
Synod of Lutheran Churches; treas. Luther 
League of America; trustee Chicago Svnod of 
Lutheran Churches; chmn. of finance National 
Convs. Lutheran League of America, 1896-1908; 
pres. Lutheran League of 111., 1906-7. Ex-pres. 
Pinzon Lodge Columbian Knights; ex-chmn. 
finance com. Grand Lodge ColumbiSn Knights. 
Recreations: bowling and fishing. Residence: 
4018 Perry St. Office: 35 S. Dearborn St. 

AKDEBSOIT, David Howard, editor and pub- 
lisher; born, Tara, Can., Nov. 19, 1858; son Rev. 
William (M.E.) and Jane (Megahy) Anderson; 
ed. pub. schools and Elgin (111.) Acad.; unmar- 
ried. Began newspaper career on reportorial 
staff of the Elgin Leader, 1880, with which 
remained for 1% years, when went with the 
advertising dept. of the Milwaukee Sentinel 
until 1884; editor and proprietor Bay View 
(Wis.) Herald, 1884-5; came to Chicago, 1885, 
but later in same year removed to Philadelphia 
and published the Implement Age, which con- 
ducted until 1891; returned to Chicago and 
studied irrigation projects, subsequently ac- 
quiring The Irrigation Age, of which has since 
been editor; also publisher. Author: The Prim- 
er of Irrigation. Democrat. Mason, K.T., Shrin- 
er; mem. B.P.O.E. Club: Press. Residence: El- 
gin, 111. Office: 30 N. Dearborn St. 

ANDEBSOIT, Frank I^eonard, clergyman; born 
Red Wing, Minn., Aug. 7, 1865; son John and 
Britta Maria (Gustafson) Anderson; grad. Pills- 
bury Acad., 1892; A.B., Univ. of Minn., 1896; 
B.D., Divinity School, Univ. of Chicago, 1900; 
post-grad, work at same 1 year; married Linda 
Williams, of Zumbrota, Minn., Dec. 26, 1896; 
children: Paul Alexander and Hope Evangeline. 
Began preaching at Kasson, Minn., 1891; or- 
dained Baptist ministry, 1900; pastor Austin, 
Minn., 1900-5, Normal Park (ihurch, Chicago, 
1905-9; supt. Baptist Exec. Council, (Chicago, 
since Oct. 1, 1909. Independent in politics. 
Mem. Maccabees, Modern Samaritans. Recrea- 
tions: literature and lover of nature. Resi- 
dence: 6815 Union Av. Office: 107 S. Wabash 



ANSEBSOH', O-Cnstaf) Bemliard, lawyer; born 
Sweden, Apr. 19, 1S67; son Svante and Johanna 
Maria Anderson; came to America with par- 
ents, June, 1868; A.B., Harvard Univ., 1891, 
A.M., 1892; Univ. of Upsala, Sweden, 1893; 
LL.B., Kent College of Law, Chicago, 1896; 
married Alma C. Anderson, of Boston, Mar. 16, 
1893. In practice in Chicago since 1896; teach- 
er in Chicago Law School since 1904; member 
firm of Anderson & Anderson (self and two 
younger brothers). Originally intended to teach 
Scandinavian languages and literatures, but 
changed mind and studied law. Mem. Chicago 
Bar Assn., Swedish Hist. Soc, Art Inst, of Chi- 
cago. Republican. Lutheran (Liberal). Mason 
(Kenwood Lodge); Nat. Union. Clubs: Univer- 
sity, Harvard, Swedish. Recreations: outdoor 
exercises. Residence: 571S Peoria St. Office: 
509 Chicago Title & Trust Bldg. 

ANSEBSON, J. Frank, clergyman; born Put- 
nam Co., Ind., Feb. 20, 1876; son John Wesley 
and Lucretia (Day) Anderson; A.B., DePauw 
Univ., Greencastle, Ind., 1900; S.T.B., Garrett 
Bible Inst., Evanston, III., 1903; traveled and 
studied in Europe, 1903; married Cora Pearl 
Barrett, of Clinton, Wis., Oct. 19, 1905. Or- 
dained deacon, 1902, elder, 1904, M.E. Church; 
pastor Poplar Grove, 111., 1904-6, Kirkland, 111., 
1906-8, Hamlin Av. Ch., Chicago, since 1908. 
Mem. Delta Kappa Epsilon. Residence: 535 N. 
Avers Av. 

AITSEBSOir, John, publisher; 1836-1910; see 
Vol. 1905. 

AITDEBSON, Noxman Kendall, lawyer; born 
Chicago, Dec. 24, 1876; son Rev. Galusha (pres. 
old Chicago Univ.) and Mary E. (Roberts) An- 
derson; student Univ. of Rochester, N.Y., 1894- 
5; A.B., Univ. of Chicago, 1899; LL.B., Univ. of 
Mich., 1901; married Detroit, Sept. 3, 1902, 
Louise Holden. Admitted to III. bar Dec. 15, 
1901; since engaged in general practice in Chi- 
cago. Republican. Mem. Alpha Delta Phi, Phi 
Delta Phi. Clubs: Chicago Literary, City. Res- 
idence: 216 E. 61st St. Office: 1018 First Nat. 
Bank Bldg. 

ANDEBSON, William France, lawyer; born 
Chicago, Apr. 19, 1878; son William David See 
and Sophronia (Stevens) Anderson; A.B., Univ. 
of Chicago, 1899; LL.B., Northwestern Univ. 
Law School, 1902; married Mary Abbe, daugh- 
ter Henry Alanson Gardner, of Hinsdale, HI., 
Oct. 19, 1907; 2 sons: William David See and 
Robert Gardner. Admitted to III. bar, 1902; 
entered law offices of Gardner & Stern, 1902; 
mem. firm of Gardner, Stern & Anderson, 1905, 
and of Stern, Anderson & Davis since 1910. Re- 
publican. Mem. Chicago Bar Assn. Clubs: Uni- 
versity, Hinsdale Golf, Chicago Golf. Recrea- 
tion: golf. Residence: 507 Oakwood Boul. Of- 
fice: 1034 First Nat. Bank Bldg. 

*Ain>EBSOir, William Hamilton, lawyer; see 
Vol. 190.'i. 

AITDEBSOIT, William Earkness, broker; born 
Sandusky, O., Aug. 7, 1831; son Wesley and 
Louisa (Harkness) Anderson; ed. pub. schools; 
married Philadelphia, Oct. 10, 1854, Hannah Y. 
PIckands; children: Samuel P., Ella Louisa 
(Mrs. James L. Worthington), Adah M. Began 
in grain business with an exporting house at 
Philadelphia, In 1848; came to Chicago, 1863, 
and became a mem. of the firm of S. S. Will- 
iamson & Co., in grain commn. business and 
was also interested in grain business in Mil- 
waukee. Since 1867 In business alone as a com- 
mission merchant and broker In grain and pro- 
visions. Mem. Chicago Board of Trade since 
1863. Recreation: baseball. Residence: 116 S. 
Grove Av., Oak Park, 111. Office: 546 Postal 
Telegraph Bldg. 

ANDBEWS, Albert Henry, physician; born 
Oskaloosa, la., Dec. 21, 1861; son Benjamin C. 
and Mary (Bruft) Andrews; M.D., Med. Dept., 
Univ. of la., 1889; married Hattie Frazey, of 
Alton, Kan., 1886; children: Jay W., Loire and 

Albert H., Jr. Began practice of medicine, 1889, 
first at Marlon, la., and later at Springvllle, la., 
in general practice until 1895; since then in 
special practice In Chicago as oculist and au- 
rlst. Prof, laryngology and otology, Chicago 
Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat Coll.; eve and ear 
surgeon, CR.I.&P.R.R. Mem. Am. Acad. Oph- 
thalmology and Oto-Laryngology, Chicago Lar- 
yngological and Otological Soc, A.M.A., Chi- 
cago Med. Soc, Illinois State Med. Soc. Club: 
Physicians. Republican. Methodist. Residence: 
4714 Greenwood Av. Office: 32 N. State St. 

ABDBEWS, Alfred B., contractor; born Chi- 
cago, shortly after the great fire; son Edwin N. 
and Mary E. (Berry) Andrews; ed. Ripon (Wis.) 
Prep. School, and Belolt (Wis.) Coll.; served as 
draughtsman in architects' offices; married 
Jane Van Etten, of St. Paul, June 9, 1901. En- 
gaged in contracting business at Chicago since 
1900; sec. Bulley & Andrews, gen. contractors. 
Mem. Chicago Architectural Club, Carpenters' 
and Builders' Assn. Mason. Mem. Ethical Soc. 
Club: Union League. Recreation: aquatics. Res- 
idence: 903 Forest Av., Evanston, 111. Office: 25 
N. Dearborn St. 

ANSBE'WS, Alfred Hinsdale, mfr. and mer- 
chant; born New Britain, Conn., Dec. 25, 1838; 
son Alfred and Mary L. (Shipman) Andrews; 
ed. graded school and high school of New Brit- 
ain, Conn., and Suffleld (Conn.) Inst.; married 
Milwaukee, Wis., Feb. 6, 1872, Ella Matson; 
children: Bertha Matson, Herbert Cornelius 
(deceased). Clerk for the Holbrook School Ap- 
paratus Co. of Chicago, 1857-65. In 1865 en- 
gaged In business on his own account under 
firm name of A. H. Andrews & Co., becoming 
extensive mfrs. of and dealers in school furni- 
ture and supplies, opera chairs, church, bank, 
lodge and office furniture, etc. The firm was In- 
corporated, 1896, as the A. H. Andrews Co., of 
which he is pres. Republican. Congregational- 
Ist. Residence: Lombard, Du Page Co., 111. Of- 
fice: 117 S. Wabash Av. 

AKSBEWS, Archie Monltou, stocks; born 
Chicago, Apr. 8, 1879; son Chester O. and Alice 
(Kelly) Andrews; ed. In pub. schools In Chi- 
cago; unmarried. Began as messenger for the 
stock brokerage firm of Jamieson & Co., and 
In 1900 became manager of the unlisted stock 
dept. of A. D. Nast & Co.; in 1901 engaged In 
business on own account, as a broker In stocks, 
bonds and securities until 1905, when became 
sec. of Dudley A. Tyng Co. Member Chicago 
Stock Exchange. Republican. Clubs: Chicago 
Athletic, Chicago Automobile, Chicago Yacht, 
Glen View Golf. Recreation: yachting. Resi- 
dence: Evanston, 111. Office: 425 The Temple. 

ABSBEWS, Carlos Samuel, lawyer; born An- 
nawan, Henry (jo.. 111., Feb. 16, 1871; son Sam- 
uel L. and Frances (Talbot) Andrews; A.B., 
Doane Coll., Crete, Neb., 1890; LL.B., North- 
western Univ. Law School, 1895; married Alice 
Belle Pollack, of Chicago,' Oct. 17. 1907; 1 
daughter. After graduation from coll. in 1890 
entered employ of the Burlington & Mo. River 
R.R., in Neb., in engring. dept.. until 1893, when 
entered on law course; admitted to 111. bar, 
1895; associated with law firm of Paden & Grid- 
ley until May 1. 1898; since in assn. with Eu- 
gene G. Fassett in law firm of Fassett & An- 
drews. Mem. Chicago Bar Assn. Republican. 
Congregationalist. Clubs: Hamilton, Skokie 
Country. Residence: 1705 Livingston St., Ev- 
anston, 111. Office: 140 S. Dearborn St. 

ABSBE'WS, Clement Walker, librarian: born 
Salem, Mass., Jan. 13, 1858; son Joseph and 
Judith (Walker) Andrews; A.B., Harvard, 1879, 
A.M., 1880; unmarried. Instr. in chemistry, 
1883-95, and librarian, 1889-95, Mass. Inst, of 
Technology; librarian, John Crerar Library, Chi- 
cago, since 1895. Mem. Am. Library Assn. (ex- 
pres. ), Am. Chemical Soc, etc.; hon. mem. Cob- 
den Club. Clubs: Onwentsla. Union. Univer- 
sity, Chicago Literary, Clift Dwellers, Caxton. 



Recreations: leadingr and golf. Residence: 
Union Cluli. Office: Tlie John Crerar Library. 

AKDBEWS, I!(dward) Wyllys, surgeon; born 
Cliicago, Mar. 25, 1856; son Dr. Edmund and 
Sarah E. (Taylor) Andrews; A.B., Northwest- 
ern Univ., 1S7S, A.M.. 1881; M.D., Chicago Med. 
Coll., 1881; Univ. of Vienna, 1884-5; married 
Alice Scranton, of Bloomington, 111., 1890, g.d. 
of Hon. David Davis, judge and Vice-Pres. of 
U.S., and U.S. senator; children: Edmund, El- 
eanor. Engaged in practice as surgeon in Chi- 
cago since 1881; prof, surgery. Northwestern 
Univ. Med. Sch., since 1883; surgeon to Mercy 
Hosp. since 1881, Michael Reese Hosp., 1891, 
Wesley Hosp., 1900; consulting surgeon Provi- 
dent Hosp., 1904. Capt.-surgeon, I.N.G., 1884; 
TT.S. surgeon. Bur. of Pensions, since 1889; ap- 
pointed 1st It. U.S.A. Med. Reserve Corps, 1911. 
Fellow Am. Surg. Assn.. Am. Acad. Medicine; 
mem. A.M. A., 111. State Med. Soc, Miss. Valley 
Med. Assn., Trl-State Med. Soc, Chicago Surg. 
Soc. (pres.). Loyal Legion. Club: University. 
Author: Surgery of the Stomach; New Methods 
of Herniotomy; Rectal and Anal Surgery, etc. 
Residence: 2525 Prairie Av. Office: 32 N. State 

AITDBEWS, Frank Taylor, phj'sician; born 
Chicago, Apr. 10, 1858; son Dr. Edmund and 
Sarah E. (Taylor) Andrews; ed. Chicago pub. 
schools, Chicago Acad., Northwestern Univ., 
A.B., 1881, A.M., 1885; Chicago Med. Coll., M.D., 
1884; married Chicago, 1893, Miss Clara M. Gal- 
lup; children: Frank T., Jr., Howard Gallup, 
Robert Harvey, Susannah Elizabeth. In prac- 
tice of medicine in Chicago since 1884; special- 
ist in gynecology. Prof, gynecology. Northwest- 
ern Univ. Med. Coll.; gynecologist to Mercy and 
Wesley hosps. Apptd. 1st It. U.S.A. Med. Re- 
serve Corps, Feb. 1911. Mem. A.M. A., 111. State 
Med. Soc, Chicago Med. Soc, Am. (gynecolog- 
ical Soc, (ihicago Gynecological Soc, Miss. Val- 
ley Med. Assn., Sigma Chi and Phi Rho Sigma 
fraternities. Republican. Clubs: Chicago Lit- 
erary, University. Residence: 4589 Oakenwald 
Av. Office: 32 N. State St. 

ANSBEWS, Geonre, army officer; born Prov- 
idence, R.I., Aug. 26, 1850; son George Lippitt 
and Alice Beverly (Potter) Andrews; grad. U.S. 
Mil. Acad., 1876; married Katherine Brayton 
Taintor, of Cleveland, Dec 10, 1882. Apptd. 2d 
It. 25th U.S. Inf., June 15. 1876; 1st It., Feb. 19, 
1883; capt., Sept. 16, 1892; maj. asst. adj. -gen., 
Feb. 26, 1898; It.-col., Feb. 2, 1901; col. adj. -gen. 
and mil. sec. U.S.A., Aug. 7, 1903. Adj. -gen. 
Dept. of the Lakes since July 6, 1909. Address: 
Federal Bldg. 

'i'ANSBE'WS, James Boy; see Vol. 1905. 
AKSBEWS, Joseph Hyde, real estate; de- 
ceased; see Vol. 1905. 

ANSBEWS, Kartin, vice-pres. King & An- 
drews Co.; born Steubenville, O., Aug. 11, 1861; 
son Martin and Caroline (Wolcott) Andrews; 
studied at Yale Univ., 1884; married Chicago, 
Aug. 29, 1885, Edith Erskine; children: Martin, 
Jr., Barbara Wolcott, Wolcott. Began with 111. 
Wire Nail Co., 1887-90; vice-pres. and treas. 
King & Andrews Co., (Chicago Heights, since 
1890; also pres. Phoenix Fire Extinguisher Co., 
with works at Chicago Heights. Republican. 
Residence: 6145 Winthrop Av. Office: Chicago 
Heights. III. 

*Ain>BEWS, Sidney Francis, lawyer; see 

Vol. 1905. 

AITDBTTS, Staervrood Olckerson, insurance; 
born Watertown, Jefferson Co.. N.Y., Apr. 5, 
1855; son Merritt M. and Angelica F. Andrus; 
ed. pub. schools, Watertown, N.Y., and Hope 
College, Holland. Mich.; married Chicago, June 
18, 1888, Laura J. Stebbins. Began business ca- 
reer, 1871, in office of Northern Ins. Co. of New 
York, at Watertown, N.Y. ; came to Chicago and 
was asst. cashier Sprague, Warner & Co., whole- 
sale grocers, 1878-84; special agent Sun Fire 
Office of England, in Illinois, 1884-6; with Nor- 

wich Union Fire Insurance Soc. of England, 
for Illinois and Indiana, 1886-90; daily report 
examiner Western Dept., National Fire Insur- 
ance Co., of Hartford, Conn., 1890-3; chief clerk 
Providence Washington Ins. Co., 1893-5; then 
special agent same CO., 1895-1905, for 111. and 
Tenn. ; asst. mgr. same co., 1906-8; special agt. 
The Commonwealth Ins. Co. of New York, for 
Middle West, embracing 7 states, 1908-9; gen- 
eral agent, western dept. Georgia Home Ins. 
Co. of Columbus, Ga., since July 1, 1909. Sec. 
111. State Board of Fire Underwriters, 1888-90; 
vice-pres. Fire Underwriters' Assn. of the North 
West, 1905-6. Mem. exec. com. Chicago Board 
of Fire Underwriters, 1910-11; mem. Chicago 
Assn. of Commerce. Was sergeant Co. C, 39th 
Regt. N.G. State of New York, 1876-8. Repub- 
lican. Episcopalian. Mem. Auburn Park Lodge 
No. 736, A.F.&A.M., and Chapter; mem. Fidelity 
Council No. 74, Royal League, Normal Park. 
Clubs: Illinois Athletic, Friendship, Adelphian. 
Recreations: golf and driving. Residence: 5344 
Drexel Av. Office: 29 S. LaSalle St. 

JkXOiSUt, James Boirland, psychologist; born 
Burlington, Vt., May 8, 1869; son Dr. James 
Burrill and Sarah Swope (CJaswell) Angell; 
A.B., Univ. of Mich., 1890, A.M., 1891; A.M., 
Harvard, 1892; univs. of Berlin and Halle, 1893; 
traveled and studied at Vienna, Paris, Leipzig, 
etc.; married Marlon Isabel Watrous, of Des 
Moines, la., Dec. 18, 1894. Instr. philosophy. 
Univ. of Minn., 1893; asst. prof, psychology and 
dir. psychol. lab., 1894-1901; asso. prof., 1901-5, 
prof, and head of dept. since 1905, sr. dean 
since 1908, Univ. of Chicago. Ex-pres. Univ. of 
Chicago Settlement; mem. Am. Psychol. Assn. 
(mem. council 1902-6, pres. 1906), Phi Beta 
Kappa, Sigma XI, Delta Kappa Epsilon. Club: 
Quadrangle (ex-pres.). Author: Psychology, 3d 
edit., 1907. Residence: 5551 Lexington Av. 

AHQUS, John, contractor; 1845-1907; see Vol. 

AKSON, Adrian G. ; born Marshalltown, la., 
Apr. 17. 1852; son Henry and Jeannette (Rice) 
Anson; ed. State Univ. of la., 1867-9; Univ. of 
Notre Dame, Ind., 1869; Pearsons Business Col- 
lege, Philadelphia, 1876; married Philadelphia, 
1876, Virginia M. Flegel; children: Grace R., 
Adele, Dorothy, Virginia. Became identified with 
baseball, professionally, about 1871, being 1 
year in the Rockford (111.) Club and 4 years 
in Philadelphia before coming to Chicago, 1876; 
for 22 years capt. and mgr. of the Chicago Nat. 
League Baseball Club; made a trip to Europe 
in baseball interests, 1874, and while with the 
Chicago Club made a trip around the world in 
1888. Was later pres. and treas. A. C. Anson 
Co., bowling alleys and billiard hall. Democrat. 
Mem. Cook Co. Marching Club; elected city 
clerk of Chicago, Apr., 1905. Residence: 320 E. 
30th St. 

ANTHOirz', Oeorgre Fort Bonelson, lawyer; 
born Chicago, Feb. 18, 1862; son Judge Elliott 
and Mary (Dwight) Anthony; A.B., Amherst 
Coll., 1885, A.M., 1888; LL.B., Northwestern 
Univ. Law School, 1887; married Emma E. Nib- 
lock, 1895; married 2d, La Vine Thomas, Feb. 
20, 1904. Engaged in practice in firm of C. E. 
& G. D. Anthony, until June, 1907; since dean 
Am. Correspondence Sch. of Law. Mem. 111. 
State Bar Assn. State senator, 21st Dist., 1895- 
9. Mason (32). K.P., Odd Fellow and mem. 
Nat. Union; Exalted Ruler of Elks. Residence: 
48 Oak St. Office: 214 Fisher Bldg. 

ANTISDAIiE, Edwin Sawyer, physician; born 
Manchester, N.Y., May 17, 1861; son Luther B. 
and Lucy M. (Southworth) Antlsdale; B.S., 
Mich. Agricultural College, 1885; M.D., Univ. of 
Mich., 1890; married 1st, June 21, 1888, Helen 
L. Gardner. Centreville, Midi., who died June 
19, 1891, leaving daughter, Helen Gertrude 
(born June 16, 1891); married 2d, Cleveland, 
O., Sept. 18, 1895, Stella Minor. Practiced for 3 
years in Berrien Co., Mich., 1890-3; as special- 
ist In eye, ear, nose and throat diseases at 



Benton Harbor, Mich., 1893-7; since then in 
Chicago. Prof, of clinical ophthalmoiogv, Har- 
vey Med. Coll. since 189S; asst. surgeon Illi- 
nois Charitable Eye and Ear Infirmary since 
1900. Has invented 15 surgical and other ap- 
pliances and found the cause and remedy for 
"flat arch" of lame people. Recreation: working 
with mechanical tools and Delsarte movements. 
Residence: 5403 Woodlawn Av. Office: 31 N. 
State St. 

ANTISSEIi, Albert, deceased; see Vol. 1905. 

AITTBAM, Harry Alfred, box and label mfr. ; 
born Cincinnati, O., Dec. 10, 1856; son James 
B. and Sarah E. (Stevens) Antram; ed. pub. and 
high schools, Cincinnati, O., to 1871; married 
Cincinnati, June 17, 1885, Bertha G. Basch; 1 
daughter: Edith S. Was engaged in various 
business connections at Cincinnati, O., 1871-8; 
then became traveling salesman; in 1885 be- 
came identified with the druggists' box and la- 
bel trade: came to Chicago, 1888, from Cincin- 
nati, O. ; in 1894 organized the Randolph Box & 
Label Co., of which is pres. and gen. mgr. Re- 
publican. Mason, Dearborn Lodge, Chicago 
Chapter, Chevalier Bayard Commandery. Clubs: 
Chicago Athletic, South Shore Countrv. Recre- 
ation: golf. Residence: 4621 Woodlawn Av. 
Office: Lake and Clark Sts. 

AF MADOC, 'WilUam Tudor, lawyer; born 
Utica, N.Y., Sept. 20, 1873; son William and 
Elize (Maurice) Ap Madoc; ed. Utica Acad.; 
also special course Armour Inst., Chicago, dur- 
ing its first year; later attended Univ. of Mich., 
studying in both literary and law depts., grad. 
LL.B., 1896; married Sept. 26, 1908, Nelle, 
daughter of George A. Gill. Admitted to 111. bar, 
June, 1896; formerly mem. law firm Peckham, 
Packard, Ap Madoc & Walsh; now practicing 
alone. Republican; mem. Lower House 45th 
and 46th 111. Gen. Assemblies. Pres. Welsh Re- 
publican Club of 111., 1900; has campaigned in 
all campaigns since 1896. Presbyterian. Ma- 
son. Sec. Graduate Council Central Debating 
League, comprising Northwestern and Chicago 
univs., and univs. of Mich, and Minn. Mem. 
Am., 111. State and Chicago Bar assns. Clubs: 
Hamilton, University, South Shore. Residence: 
5023 Grand Boul. Office: First Nat. Bank Bldg. 

APFEt, Henry, mason contractor; born Hub- 
lingon, Germany, Aug. 2, 1842; son Friederich 
and Johanette (Schmidt) Appel; ed. in pub. 
schools; began to work at 14, learned to cut 
and lay stone and brick and do plastering, 
attending evening school and working at his 
trade until 1866, when came to United States; 
when four days from Liverpool cholera broke 
out on the vessel, and many of his friends died 
and were Ijuried at sea; was in quarantine out- 
side the liarbor of New York for about four 
weeks before being allowed to land; married 
June, 1874, Christina Sporeleim; children: Hen- 
ry Louis Wolfgang, Louise Wilhelmine, Ida 
Caroline, Frederick Alexander, Adolph Wilhelm. 
On arrival at New Tork failed to obtain work, 
came West and at Sandwich, 111., worked two 
years as bricklayer, then started for himself; 
came to Chicago in fall of 1871; was foreman 
one year for Glading & Howard; since 1872 in 
contracting business for self, as head of firm 
of Henry Appel & Son, masons and general 
contractors, which was incorporated as Henry 
Appel & Son Co., and of which has since been 
pres. Mem. Builders' and Traders' Exchange 
and Master Masons' Assn. Mason, 32, and 
Shriner. Mem. of Turners' and Sharpshooters' 
organizations. Club: Builders. Residence: 4249 
Evanston Av. Office: 179 W. Washington St. 

AFFEIi, Jacol> M., banker; born Highland, 111., 
May 22, 1864; son Frank and Maria (Hohmey- 
er) Appel; ed. pub. schools; degree of Certi- 
fied Pub. Accountant, Univ. of 111., 1905; mar- 
ried Ida Idler, of Greenville, 111., Oct. 20, 1887: 
2 children: Vallee O. (senior at Univ. of Chi- 
cago) and Mildred. Identified with office of 
state auditor of 111., Springfield, in charge of 

banking and building and loan depts., 1896- 
1910; vice-pres. LaSalle St. Nat. Bank, Chicago, 
smce May 1, 1910. Also pres. Certified Audit 
Co. and dir. and auditor of Woodmen's Casual- 
ty Co., both of Springfield. Mem. of Christian 
Church. Republican. Mason. Recreations: horse- 
back riding, church and charity work. Resi- 
dence: 1343 E. 53d St. Office: The Rookery. 

APFEIiK, Carl John, atty. at law; born Gal- 
va, 111., Nov. 11, 1875; son Charles Lawrence 
and Joanna S. (Anderson) Appell; A.B. and 
B.S., Augustana Coll., Rock Island, 111., 1894; 3 
years' post.-grad. work Univ. of Chicago, 1895- 
b, 1897-8, 1899-1900, completing work for Ph.D 
degree; student Chicago Law School 1 year, 
., ,?*^ S?^^- * ^^'^ 1 y^^'^- and grad. Chicago 
Coll. of Law, LL.B., 1900; unmarried. Admitted 
to 111. bar, 1900; began practice at Peoria, 111 
in 1900 and was mem. firm of Appell & Rous- 
seau (Judge A.V.D.) until coming to Chicago in 
Sept. 1903; practiced alone until Jan. 1907, 
when entered firm of Hoyne, O'Connor, Hoyne 
& Irwin, with which has since been identified. 
Served as corp. Troop G (Peoria) and Troop A 
(Chicago), 1st HI. Cav. Republican. Lutheran. 
Mem. Am.. Acad. Political and Social Science, 
Chicago Bar Assn. Recreations: motoring, hunt- 
ing and outdoor exercises. Residence: 62 W. 
Elm St. Office: 1007 Chicago Stock Exchange. 
ABMBBTTST, Charles 'William, manufacturer 
of ry. supplies; born Schenectady, N.Y., Dec. 2, 
1861; son Abraham and Anna Elizabeth (Cole- 
brook) Armbrust; ed. Union School and Union 
Classical Inst., Schenectady, graduating, 1883; 
married Schenectady, Dec. 25, 1884, Harriet 
Webber; chiioren: Charles William, Jr., Doro- 
thy Harriet. Began career as tutor, afterward 
private clerk to J. W. Hutt, general supt. Na- 
tional Express Co., Albany, N.Y. ; private clerk 
to Edgar Hill, general freight agent Bee Line 
R.R., Cleveland, O.; private clerk to Oscar G. 
Murray, vice-pres. C.,C.,C.&St.L.R.R., Cincin- 
nati, for a short time; chief clerk to E. P. Lord, 
supt. motive power CCC.&St.L.R.R.. Cincin- 
nati; asst. to purchaser CCC.&St.L.R.R., Cin- 
cinnati. In 1899 organized the Mfrs. Ry. Sup- 
ply Co., general commn. business in ry. sup- 
plies; was pres. from the inception of the com- 
pany. In 1900 and since, invented and engaged 
in the mfr. and selling: of interlocking car brake 
slices, interlocking driver brake shoes and in- 
terlocking driver brake heads. In 1906 organ- 
ized the Love Brake Shoe Co. and was made 
pres. of the company, and Is now mfg. Arm- 
brust car, motor, traction and driver brake 
shoes. Mem. Chicago Assn. of Commerce. Rec- 
reations: fishing and other outdoor diversions. 
Residence: Crystal Falls, 111. Office: 906 Fisher 

ABMBBVSTEB, Ferdinand FhiUp, merchant; 
born Baltimore, Md., Jan. 18, 1861; son Charles 
William and Catherine Elizabeth Armbruster; 
ed. Chicago pub. schools; married Chicago, Aug. 
3. 1892, Norma R. Schlichting. From 1876 to 
1882 was with Jolm S. Stott in the stationery 
business; in 1882 entered, in a humble capacity, 
the old pioneer house of Burley & Tyrrell (es- 
tablislied 1838) the leading house in the west 
in the wholesale trade in crockery, china, and 
glassware; advanced step by step until became 
sec. and treas. of the company; Jan. 1. 1907, 
Burley & Tyrrell consolidated with Burley & 
Co., under firm name of Burley & Tyrrell Co., 
of which is 1st vice-pres. Mason (32), Shrin- 
er. Clubs: Union League, Oak Park, Colonial. 
Recreations: golf, motoring and fishing. Resi- 
dence: Oak Park, 111. Office: 7 N. Wabash Av. 

ABMO'DB, J(onathan) Og'den, capitalist, pack- 
er; born Milwaukee, Wis., Nov. 11, 1863; son 
late Philip Danforth and Malvina Belle Armour; 
entered Yale, but did not complete course, 
yielding to request of father that he should re- 
turn to Chicago and relieve him of some of his 
business cares; married at New York, Lolita 
Sheldon; 1 daughter: Lolita. Now pres. corpn. 



of Armour & Co., packers. Ft. Worth Stock 
Yards Co.; dir. Armour Car lines, Armour 
Grain Co., C.,M.&St.P.Ry.Co., Continental Nat. 
Bank, Nat. Packing Co., Northwestern Nat. Ins. 
Co., I.C.Ry.Co., Nat. City Bank (New York), 
Kansas City Ry. & Light Co.; Am. trustee Prus- 
sian Nat. Insurance Co. of Stettin. Republican. 
Clubs: Chicago, Calumet. Author: The Packers 
and the People, 1906. Residences: 3724 Michigan 
Av. and Lake Forest, 111. Office: Home Insur- 
ance Bldg. 

ARMOUB, M. Cochrane, resident partner of 
of Rogers, Brown & Co., pig iron merchants; 
born Auburn, N.Y., Jan. 11, 1851; son John and 
Lillias Armour; ed. pub. schools; married Hyde 
Park, Chicago, June, 1888, Minnie T. Huggins; 
4 children. Began business career at Marshall, 
Mich., as clerk for the Hon. George Ingersoll, 
grain and merchant milling; later at same place 
in grain and grocery business with his father 
under the firm name of J. & M. C. Armour; 
came to Chicago in 1876, and was for some 
years a dept. mgr. for Adams & Westlake Co.; 
went to Cincinnati, where was vice-pres. and 
general mgr. of the Radford Pipe & Foundry 
Co.. also partner in the firm of Rogers, Brown 
& Co.; returned to Chicago, 1895, still as part- 
ner in the firm of Rogers, Brown & Co. Also 
dir. Chicago Short Line Ry. ; pres. Iroquois Iron 
Co. ; vice-pres. Rogers Iron Mining Co.; dir. Rog- 
ers-Brown Ore Co., Lake Superior Iron & 
Chemical Co. Clubs: Union League, Country of 
Evanston, Glen View Golf. Residence: 1608 
Ridge Av., Evanston, 111. Office: Corn Exchange 
Bank Bldg. 

ASMS, Harrison, pres. Arms Palace Horse 
Car Co.; born Adams, N.Y., Aug. 3, 1839; son 
Luman and Elizabeth (Pierce) Arms; ed. pub. 
schools of N.Y. state; married Henderson, N.Y., 
1863. Lucy R. Wooley. Began as farmer in 
N.Y. at age of 18; then became proprietor of 
livery and sales stable at Toledo, O., continu- 
ing 1863-1883, when came to Chicago; organ- 
ized the Arms Palace Horse Car Co. in Toledo 
in 1886, of which has since been pres.; dir. To- 
ledo Carriage Woodwork Co. Republican. Clubs: 
South Shore Country, Gentlemen's Driving (Chi- 
cago), Driving (Los Angeles, Cal.). Recrea- 
tions: riding, driving and farming. Residence: 
2243 Michigan Av., Chicago. Winter Residence: 
Monrovia. Los Angeles Co., Cal. Office: McCor- 
mick Bldg. 

ABMS, Herbert Clarke, vice-pres. Central Sci- 
entific Co.: born Dubuque, la., Mar. 3, 1871; son 
Charles Henry and Aurora Bartlett (Clarke) 
Arms; grad. Hyde Park High School, 1891; B.S., 
Univ. of 111., 1895; married Elizabeth Watson 
Gregg, Charleston, S.C., June 20, 1900. Has been 
vice-pres. Central Scientific Co. since 1904. Re- 
publican. Episcopalian. Mem. Nat. Educational 
Assn., Central Assn. of Teachers of Physics 
and Mathematics, Sigma Chi fraternity. Clubs: 
Ouilmette Country, Wilmette Tennis (pres.). 
Residence: 33 Crescent PI.. Wilmette, 111. Of- 
fice: 345-359 W. Michigan St. 

'>ABMS, William Bufus; see Vol. 1905. 

ABMSBT, James Kendall, Jr., merchant; born 
Beloit, Wis., Nov. 21, 1866: son James K. and 
Mary (Wyman) Armsby; ed. pub. schools; mar- 
ried Chicago, Oct. 28, 1891, Mary Livingston, 
daughter of Richard L. Dakin; children: Mary, 
Jeffrey Kendall (now deceased). Entered house 
of James K. Armsby & Co. in 1882, of which 
has been pres. since 1902. Clubs: Chicago Ath- 
letic, Cosmos (San Francisco). Recreations: 
outdoor diversions. Residence: San Francisco, 
Cal. Office: 326 River St. 

ABMSTBOITO, Charles Mackie, grain commn. ; 

SOI' yo\. i!)0,"i. 

ABMSTBOira, Frank H., vice-pres. Reid, 
Murdocli ^: Co.. wholesale grocers; born Wayne 
Co., O., July 27, 1853; son William B. and Phebe 
(Hough) Armstrong; ed. pub. schools, Mt. Ver- 
non, la., and at Cornell Coll. there (hon. A.M., 

same) ; married Chicago, Miss Blanche Swing- 
ley; 2 sons: Horace W. and John. Came to Chi- 
cago from Mt. Vernon, la., Dec. 1873, and in 
Aug. 1874 entered employ of Reid, Murdoch & 
Fischer, in .sales dept., and in 1881 was given 
profit Interest; in 1891, when its successor, 
Reid, Murdoch & Co. (wholesale grocers) was 
incorporated, he became sec, and in 1909, upon 
the death of Mr. Murdoch, became vice-pres.; 
dir. City Nat. Bank of Evanston. Dir. Presby- 
terian Hosp. of Chicago, Chicago Lying-in 
Hosp. and Dispensary; exec, committeeman Ev- 
anston Hosp. Assn.; trustee Cornell Coll.; gov- 
erning mem. of Art Inst.; dir. Chicago Assn. of 
Commerce. Presbyterian. Independent in poll- 
tics. Clubs: Chicago, Commercial, Evanston 
Country, Glen View. Recreation: golf. Resi- 
dence: 1309 Davis St., Evanston, 111. Office: 
Lake and Market Sts. 

ABMSTBONa-, Qeorsre Buchanan, journalist; 
born Baltimore, Md. ; son George Buchanan 
(founder of the U.S. Ry. Mail Service) and 
Julia H. W. (McKee) Armstrong; ed. Chicago 
High School and Union Coll. of Law; married 
Jennie M. Stanard; one son: George B., Jr. 
With Chicago Inter Ocean, May 1874-May 1882, 
serving as music and art critic, and city editor, 
1877-82; appointed by Pres. Arthur register 
of public lands in Dakota Ty., May 1882, serv- 
ing 4 years; established the Daily Times at 
Huron, S.D., and aided in the organization of 
the Huron Nat. Bank, of which he was vice- 
pres. AVas also pres. of the Beadle Co. (S.D.) 
School Board 2 years; bought the Davenport 
(la.) Gazette and edited it for 2 years; sold the 
Gazette and became editorial writer and liter- 
ary editor Detroit Free Press; when the Chi- 
cago Evening Post was established, accepted 
position as editorial writer and music critic on 
the Evening Post staff, and served as such un- 
til 1893, when he became interested in music 
trade journalism; now editor and proprietor the 
Chicago Piano Trade, monthly magazine. Re- 
I)ubllcan, Mem. Chicago Board of Edn., 1878- 
81, and vice-pres. of the board 1 year; mem. 
Chicago Public Library Board, 1881-4, and re- 
apptd. by Mayor Busse in 1908 to serve until 
1911 (elected vice-pres. of the board, July 1910). 
One of organizers of the Press Club of Chicago. 
Recreations: the classics in literature, and fish- 
ing. Residence: 928 Eastwood Av. Office: Stein- 
way Bldg. 

ABMSTBONO, James Blder, teacher; born 
Brookfield, 111., Nov. 30, 1855; son George W. 
and Nancy (Green) Armstrong;. B.S., Univ. of 
111., 1880 (hon. A.M., 1905); married Clara A. 
Clark, of Marseilles, 111., 1883; 4 children: 
George Wild (deceased), Grace C, Charles H. 
and Juliette Adams. Instr. Univ. of 111., 1881-2; 
prin. pub. school, Arlington Heights, 111., 1882- 
4; instr. natural sciences, 1884-9; prin., 1889-91, 
Lake High School, Chicago; prin. Englewood 
High School, Chicago, since 1891. Mem. board 
of trustees Univ. of 111., 1893-9 (pres. board, 
1897-8). Pres. Chicago High School Teachers' 
Council, 1901-2; treas. N. Central Assn. of Colls, 
and Secondary Schools, since 1903. Author: 
Laboratory Guide in Chemistry (with J. H. Nor- 
ton). 1891; also articles in educational journals. 
Residence: 10638 Prospect Av. 

ABKSTBOKQ, JuUns, supt. Chicago City 
Missionary Soc. ; born LaSalle Co., 111., Aug. 18, 
1840; son George W. and Nancy (Green) Arm- 
strong; ed. pub. school, Morris, 111., 1857-60, 
taking a classical course: B.D., Chicago Theol. 
Sem., 1874; (D.D., Wheaton Coll., 1898); mar- 
ried Grundy Co., 111., Aug. 10, 1865, Hattle V. 
Goodrich; children: Rev. A. H., Mrs. Anna 
Green (deceased) and J. R. Enlisted in 91st 
111. Inf., Aug. 1862, and served 3 years, begin- 
ning as 4th sergeant; promoted to 1st sergeant, 
1863, and to 2d lieut, 1864. Congregational 
clergyman in regular pastorates, 1874-82; since 
its organization, Dec. 12, 1882, supt. of the Chi- 
cago City Missionary Soc. of the Congregation- 
al Church. Dir. Chicago Theol. Sem., 1888-1902. 



Republican. Residence: Oak Park, 111. Office: 
19 S. LaSalle St. 

ABMSTBOnO-, WilUam C, civil engineer; 
born Marietta, la., 1859; son J. C. and Elizabetti 
Armstrong; grad. in civil engring. course from 
Iowa State Coll., Ames, la., 1881. Engaged in 
practice of civil engring. since 1881 and since 
1899 with C.&N.-W.Ry., as resident engr., 1899- 
1902, bridge engr., 1902-4, and now terminal 
engr. in charge of new passenger terminal in 
Chicago. Mem. Am. Soc. Civil Engrs., Western 
Soc. of Engrs., Chicago Engineers' Club. Resi- 
dence: 225 Central Av., Wilmette, 111. Office: 
226 W. Jackson Boul. 

ABNS, Charles, lawyer; born Bernard's Bay, 
N.Y., Jan. 26, 1855; son Frederick Arnd; A.B., 
Amherst Coll, 1875; post-grad, work in univs. 
of Berlin and Heidelberg, Germany; studied law 
in offices at Bath, N.Y. Admitted to 111. bar, 
1878; began practice in Chicago; appointed jus- 
tice of the peace in North Chicago, Dec. 1880, 
and reappointed in 1883; since close of term 
has given entire attention to practice; was 
partner with Nathaniel C. Sears in firm of Sears 
& Arnd; later mem. of Arnd, Evans & Arnd, 
and now of Arnd & Arnd. Mem. Chicago Bar 
Assn. Clubs: Chicago Athletic, Evanston, Ev- 
anston Country, Glen View. Residence: Evans- 
ton, 111. Office: 54 W. Randolph St. 

ABin>, Prederlck, lawyer; born Bath, N.Y., 
Dec. 7, 1861; son Frederick and Caroline (Kreut- 
zer) Arnd; prep. edn. haverling Free Acad; A. 
B., Amherst (Mass.) Coll., 1882; student Chi- 
cago Coll. of Law, 1884; married Anna M. Mor- 
gan, of Kansas Citv, Mo., Dec. 30, 1886; mar- 
ried 2d, Blanche B. Bremond, June 1, 1892. Ad- 
mitted to 111. bar, 1884; mem. law firm of Arnd 
& Arnd; mem. Civil Service Commn. of Evans- 
ton 6 years; alderman, Evanston, 6 years. Mem. 
Chicago Bar Assn., Delta Upsilon. Episcopal- 
ian. Clubs: Evanston Golf, Evanston (pres., 
1910-11), Evanston Country, Men's Club of St. 
Mark's Church, Evanston. Recreations: golf, 
hunting and fishing. Residence: 426 Hamilton 
St., Evanston, 111. Offices: 525 The Rookery 
and 54 W. Randolph St. 

AHmiSOIl', mis, mfr. ; born near Draramen, 
Norway, Mar. 10, 1840; son Arne and Anna 
(Skolpe) Arneson; ed. common schools; mar- 
ried Chicago, July 1870, Hilda Solner; 1 daugh- 
ter: Anna (Mrs. Alf. Normann). Learned trade 
of cabinet maker in Norway; came to U.S., 
1861; served 3 years in Civil War, in Co. A, 
15th Wis. Vols. Started in the furniture mfg. 
business in Chicago in 1868, and was burned 
out in the fire of 1871, on Canal St. Resumed 
business after fire and mem. firm of Johnson & 
Arneson, 1879-84; incorporated in 1884 under 
style of The Central Mfg. Co., of which is pres. 
and treas. ; dir. Union Bank of Chicago. Mem. 
Lyons Post No. 9 G.A.R. Residence; 1427 N. 
Hoyne Av. Office: 454 Armour St. 

ABNIiTT, Trevor, auditor Univ. of Chicago; 
born Little Hereford. Eng., Nov. 8, 1870; son 
John Bill and Sarah Elizabeth (Rowbotham) 
Arnett; prep. edn. Latin Grammar School, Lud- 
low, Eng., Montclair (N.J.) Mil. Acad., and high 
school, St. Paul, Minn.; student Univ. of Minn., 
1890-92; A.B., Univ. of Chicago, 1898, grad. stu- 
dent 1898-99, fellow, 1899-1900; married Bertha 
M., daughter Prof. H. L. Stetson, of Kalama- 
zoo, Mich., Apr. 21. l&OO. Accountant and chief 
clerk, auditor's office, C.G.W.Ry., 1893-6; chief 
accountant, 1899-1901, auditor since 1901, Univ. 
of Chicago; also auditor Baptist Theol. Union, 
since 1902. Republican. Treas. Hyde Park Bap- 
tist Church since 1908. Mem. Delta Upsilon. 
Clubs: Quadrangle (treas., 1903), Homewood 
Country. Author: Fraternity Accounting for 
Chapters, 1910. Recreations: golf, horseback 
riding, gardening. Residence: 1359 E. 57th St. 
Office: The University of Chicago. 

*ABirE'Z', John Jacob, lawyer; see Vol. 1905. 

ABNOI^D, Adolph (Frederick 'William), pack- 
er; 'born Guben, Brandenburg, Germany, Sept. 
9, 1849; son Adolph and Augusta Arnold; came 
to U.S. with parents in 1857; ed. Chicago pub. 
schools; married 1872, Wilhemina Kossack 
(now deceased); children: Hugo F., Oscar, Em- 
ily; married 2d, Oct. 10, 1900, Minnie Gloy, of 
Chicago. On leaving school entered house of 
Arnold Bros., packers, established by his fa- 
ther, himself and two brothers, the three broth-. 
ers succeeding to the entire business on death 
of the father; is now pres. Arnold Bros., pack- 
ers. Mem. Orpheus Maennerchor Singing Soc. 
and Schleswig-Holstein Verein. Mason (Past 
Master Lessing Lodge A.F.&A.M. ; 32, K.T., 
Shriner). Club: 111. Athletic. Recreation: auto- 
mobiling. Residence; 3329 Washington Boul. 
Office: 660 W. Randolph St. 

ABNOIiO, Bion Joseph, electrical engineer, 
inventor; born Casnovia, near Grand Rapids, 
Mich., Aug. 14, 1861; son Joseph and Geraldine 
(Reynolds) Arnold; ed. Ashland (Neb.) public 
schools, 1872-9, Univ. of Neb., 1879-80; B.S., 
Hillsdale Coll., 1884, M.S., 1887; post-graduate 
course Cornell, 1888-9; E.E., University of Neb., 
1897; (hon. M.Ph., Hillsdale Coll., 1889; D.Sc, 
Armour Inst., 1907; D. Engring.. Univ. of Neb., 
1911); married Stella Berry, of Reading, Mich., 
Jan. 14, 1886 (died 1907); children: Maude Lu- 
cille (Mrs. Hartley Leroy Moss), Stanley Berry, 
Robert Melville; married 2d, Margaret Latimer 
Fonda, of New York, Dec. 22, 1909. Became 
gen. agt. for engine co.. 1884-6; later draftsman 
for Edward P. Allis Co., Milwaukee; chief de- 
signer la. Iron Works, Dubuque; mech. engr. 
Chicago, St. Paul & Kansas City Ry., 1888-9; 
later consulting engr. for Chicago office. Gen. 
Electric Co.; since 1893, independent consulting 
engr. Designer and builder Intramural Ry., 
World's Columbian Exposition; consulting elec. 
engr. Chicago & Milwaukee Electric Ry., where 
he first demonstrated the practicability of the 
rotary converter substation system of electric 
rys. afterward accepted as standard; Chicago 
Board of Trade, CB.&Q.R.R.; devised plan for 
electrically operating trains of New York Cen- 
tral R.R. in and out of New York, and for 5 
years mem. of commn. supervising work; con- 
sulting engr. Grand Trunk Ry. System, having 
charge of electrification of Port Huron and 
Sarnia Tunnel. Retained by City of Chicago, 
1902, to study the transportation systems of 
the city and make recommendations for a com- 
prehensive surface and subway system of 
transportation, which he did in the form of an 
exhaustive report issued that year; subsequent- 
ly for 5 years he acted as consulting engr. for 
the city, and in 1906 was chmn. of a commn. to 
value the entire surface traction properties of 
the city, the valuation determined upon form- 
ing the basis for the settlement ordinances 
adopted by the city, which went into effect Feb. 
1, 1907. Under these ordinances is chief engr. 
of the work and also chmn. board of supervis- 
ing engrs., having complete charge of the re- 
habilitation of the properties, as well as broad 
powers regarding their operation; now also act- 
ing as chief subway engr. for the city in the 
preparation of report and plans for a complete 
subway system. Engaged as consulting engr. 
for the Pub. Service Commn., First District, 
state of N.Y., 1908, to study the subway prob- 
lems of that city and make recommendations 
regarding the improvement of the present and 
future subways. These recommendations were 
embodied in a series of reports issued to that 
commn. Was also dir. of appraisals for this 
commn. in the valuation of me entire street ry. 
properties of New York City and the Bronx, 
and the surface and elevated lines of Brooklyn; 
also a mem. commn. to make recommendations 
regarding the improvement and beautifying of 
the city of Pittsburgh and since engaged by 
the city of Pittsburgh to make a study of its 
traction conditions and prepare an elaborate re- 
port upon them. Pres. of The Arnold Co. In- 



ventor of combined direct-connected machines, 
a magnetic clutch, storage battery improve- 
ments, and new systems and devices for elec- 
tric rys. Pioneer in single phase alternating 
current ry. work and the first to demonstrate 
its practicability. Pres. Am. Inst. Elec. Engrs, 
1903-4 (delegate Internat. Elec. Congress, Paris, 
1900); trustee Western Soc. Engrs.; mem. A. A. 
A.S., Am. Soc. for Promotion of Engring. Edn.; 
1st vice-pres. and chmn. exec. com. Internat. 
Elec. Congress, St. Louis, 1904. Clubs: Union 
League (Chicago), Engineers' and Transporta- 
tion (New York). Residence: 4713 Kimbark Av. 
Office: 1000, 105 S. LaSalle St. 

ASZrO^LD, Cbaxles Colain1>UB, lawyer; born 
Constable, Franklin Co., N.Y., Dec. 22, 1858; son 
Christopher and Lorain (Tenney) Arnold; grad. 
Franklin Acad., Malone. N.Y., 1881; A.B., Ham- 
ilton Coll., Clinton, N.Y., 1885; married Johns- 
town, Pa., Feb. 14, 1894, Elizabeth Maclay 
Tittle. In practice at Chicago since 1888; prac- 
ticed alone except 1892-4, wlien was mem. Win- 
slow & Arnold. Mem. 111. State Bar Assn., Chi- 
cago Bar Assn., Chicago Law Inst. Republican. 
For several years mem. 27th Separate Co. N.G. 
S.N.Y. Club: Press. Recreation: gardening. 
Residence: Winnetka, 111. Office: 916, 69 W. 
Washington St. 

ABHOKD, Daniel Allen, treas. Rand. Mc- 
Nally & Co.; born Warren Co., Pa., Feb. 21, 
1843; son John George and Maria Salome (Rieg) 
Arnold, natives of Alsace, France; ed. common 
schools of Pa., 4 terms at Northwestern Coll., 
Naperville, 111., and course at Bryant & Strat- 
ton Business Coll., Chicago; served in Civil 
War in Co. F, 134th 111. Vols.; married Chi- 
cago, Dec. 24, 1866, Sabina Ruth; children: Nel- 
lie Sablna (Mrs. John A. Rose), Aurle Florence 
(Mrs. William L. Craig). Was connected with 
Bryant & Stratton Business Coll. as teacher 
and head of depts. until 1873, when entered em- 
ploy of Rand, McNally & Co.. printers, publish- 
ers and stationers, as general bookkeeper, from 
which he advanced to present position as treas. 
and dir. of the company. Democrat. Mem. Co- 
lumbia Post G.A.R. ; Mason, past master Hes- 
peria Lodge No. 411, mem. chapter, consistory, 
shrine. Recreations: outdoor diversions tend- 
ing towards agricultural pursuits. Residence: 
Western Springs, 111. Office: 163 W. Adams St. 

ABROIiD, aeorgre BisseU; 1855-1910; see Vol. 

ABHORS, James Middleton, retired; born 
Libertyville, Lake Co., 111., Apr. 26, 1841; son 
Christopher and Clarissa (Randall) Arnold; ed. 
Milwaukee, Wis., and 2 years' course in coll. at 
Beaver Dam, Wis.; enlisted as private in 24th 
Wis. Vols., 1862; served with regt., taking part 
in battles of Resaca, Chaplin Hills, Murfrees- 
boro, Adairville, Kenesaw Mountain, Peach Tree 
Creek, Atlanta, Jonesboro, Spring Hill, Frank- 
lin, Nashville, and several others; was 4 months 
in Libby Prison; and after Jan. 1865 was or- 
dered to Nashville, where, under Gov. Brown- 
low, was made asst. adjutant-gen. of the state 
and commissioned major of 3d Tenn. Cav. ; mus- 
tered out of service near close of 1865 and re- 
turned to Milwaukee; married 1863, Carrie 
Wallace, of Salem, Mass. (died 1875); children: 
Jay Brentwood, Blanche Beatrice (Mrs. Haynie 
R. Pearson); married 2d, 1876, Mrs. Laura E. 
(Kenny) Porter, of Salem, Mass. (died 1908). 
In 1865 established in Milwaukee in the busi- 
ness of buying and selling machinery: removed 
the business to Chicago in 1876, and has since 
conducted it here, erecting his present building, 
573 and 575 Monroe St., in 1884. Has been re- 
ceiver for several prominent business houses 
here and elsewhere. Was capt. of the celebrated 
Milwaukee Light Guard, afterward col. 1st Wis. 
State Militia, 1872-6, and at same time mem. 
Milwaukee City Council. Mem. G.A.R. , Columbia 
Post 706. Organized and equipped Austin Grand 
Sons of Veterans, boys from 9 to 16, the 1st or- 

ganization of its kind in the U.S. Club: Illinois. 
Residence: 5730 Midway Park, Austin. 

ABNOIiD, Oswald James, sec. 111. Life Ins. 
Co.; born Rochestei-, N.Y.. Oct. 2, 1873; son 
James and Elizabetli (McKenna) Arnold; B.S., 
Univ. of Chicago, 1897; unmarried. On leaving 
coll. in 1897, became asst. to E. D. Stevens, sec. 
of the 111. Life Ins. Co.; later was in the field 
for appointing agents and also soliciting life 
ins., and in 1900 was appointed asst. sec; in 
1901 was elected sec, dir. and actuary of the 
company. Also dir. Prairie State Bank, and Ho- 
tel LaSalle Co. Mem. board of governors and 
vice-pres. Am. Inst, of Actuaries. Republican. 
Episcopalian. Mason (32, Shriner). Clubs: 
Hamilton, Chicago Athletic, Midlothian Coun- 
try, Union League, University. Recreations: 
golf, fishing. Residence: Hotel LaSalle. Office: 
105 W. Monroe St. 

ABNOIiS, Balph Glenroy, sec. and treas. Ar- 
nold Electric Power Station Co.; born Ashland, 
Neb., Feb. 25, 1876; son Joseph and Geraldine 
(Reynolds) Arnold; ed. Neb. pub. schools; mar- 
ried New York, Apr. 5, 1904, Hazel Virginia Mc- 
Lane; children: Virginia, Stanton McLane. Sec, 
treas. and dir. Arnold Electric Power Station 
and its successor. The Arnold Co., since July 
1896; also sec. and treas. Kenosha Electric Ry. 
Co. since July 1896. Republican. Clubs: City, 
Hinsdale Golf, LaGrange Motor. Residence: 
Hinsdale, 111. Office: Borland Bldg. 

ABNOUD, Samnel Oeorife, mfr. ; born Elk 
Rapids, Mich., Aug. 19, 1873; son Samuel W. 
and Sarephine (Bennett) Arnold; ed. public 
schools. Grand Rapids, Mich.; married Edina, 
Mo., June 3, 1901, Katherine Moore. Began 
business life in 1887 with Mfrs.' Mutual Fire 
Ins. Co., at Grand Rapids; in 1889 engaged in 
the elec business with the Grand Rapids Edi- 
son Co. and continued with tliem until coming 
to Chicago in 1890; in U.S. customs service, 
1893-4; then with Chicago Telephone Co. until 
1901; organized Chicago Electric Mfg. Co., 1902, 
and pres. until organization of Arnold Electric 
Mfg. Co., May, 1904, of which he is now pres.; 
also pres. The Slierardizing Co. of 111. Mason. 
Republican. Episcopalian. Residence: 508 En- 
glewood Av. Office: 565 W. Van Buren St. 

ABNOILS, Victor Faffe, lawyer; born Chicago, 
Nov. 17, 1873; son John and Eliza (Page) Ar- 
nold; ed. Jefferson High School; LL.B., Lake 
Forest Univ.; married Chicago, Nov. 7, 1905, 
Amy Eugenia Winchell. Admitted to 111. bar, 
1897, and since in practice at Chicago; asst. 
state's atty. since Dec. 7, 1908. Sergeant Troop 
H, 1st 111. Cav., Spanish-Am. War. Mem. Chi- 
cago Bar Assn., 111. State Bar Assn. Republi- 
can. Protestant. Mason. Club: Hamilton. Res- 
idence: 5934 Circle Av., Norwood Park. Office: 
Criminal Court Bldg. 

ABNOKD, Wayland Uoyd, mgr. electric com- 
panies; born Hillsdale Co., Mich., July 6, 1863 
son Joseph and Geraldine (Reynolds) Arnold 
ed. Ashland (Neb.) pub. school, 1872-80, Univ 
of Neb., 1880-1, Hillsdale (Mich.) Coll., 1881-2 
married Mt. Vernon, 111., Sept. 7, 1899, Ida Ev- 
ans. Was junior mem. of Arm of Joseph Ar- 
nold & Son, Ashland, Neb., retail shoe dealers, 
1882-6; for short time with Am. Loan & Trust 
Co., Ashland, Neb.; mgr. of Cinderella Shoe 
House, Minneapolis, Minn., 1887-8; city sales- 
man and agent Excelsior Electric Co., St. Louis, 
Mo., Aug. 1, 18S9-Apr. 1, 1890; mgr. of St. Louis 
office, Thomson-Houston Electric Co., 1890-2, of 
St. Louis and Kansas City offices. General Elec- 
tric Co., of New York, 1892-6; and May 1, 1896- 
July 1, 1897, located at Chicago office with Gen- 
eral Electric Co. In 1896 the Arnold Co. was in- 
corporated; was its mgr., 1897-1901, and since 
1901 lias been gen. mgr. and vice-pres.; vice- 
pres. and gen. mgr. Kenosha (Wis.) Electric 
Ry. Co., 1904-7; vice-pres. Horton (Kan.), Wa- 
ter cS: Light Co.; vice-pres. and gen. mgr. Elgin 
& Belvidere Electric Co. Residence: 4358 Lake 
Av. Office: Borland Bldg. 



ABNOIiD, William, real estate; see Vol. 1905. 

ASSrOIiD, William G., mfr. and banker; born 
West Columbia, W. Va.. May 23, 1856; son 
George Wilt and Sarah (Zink) Arnold; ed. Mo- 
nongalia Acad, and Univ. of W. Va., Morgan- 
town, and Knox Coll., Galesburg, 111.; unmar- 
ried. Began business career in real estate and 
ins. business, Galesburg, 111., in 1876, remaining 
there until 1887, when came to Cliicago and be- 
came identified witli the A. B. Dick Co., of 
which became secretary and manager in 1887, 
and in which capacity has since continued; as- 
.^isted in organizing the Sheridan Trust & Sav- 
ings Bank, 1909, of which has since been vice- 
pres. and dir. ; also sec. and treas. Carmangay 
Farm Co. Republican. Mason, 32. Clubs: Chi- 
cago Athletic, Midlothian, South Shore Coun- 
try. Recreation: golf. Residence: 4950 Sheri- 
dan Rd. Office: 736-738 W. Jackson Boul. 

ABITSTEIM', Eug'ene, mfr.; deceased; see Vol. 

"ABONSOIT, Maurice, pianist, writer; see 
Vol. 1905. 

ABTHUB, William Henry, lawyer; born Dub- 
lin, Ireland, Dec. 27, 1868; son Harry and Mar- 
tha (Hennan) Arthur; came to Chicago in early 
Infancy; ed. pub. and high schools of Chicago; 
married Chicago, Oct. 1890, Sophie T. Boiler. 
First employment after leaving school was in 
fire ins. office of R. A. Waller, and afterward 
was over five years in head office of the Queen 
Ins. Co.; devoted leisure to study of law, and 
In 1891 was appointed librarian of the Ashland 
Blk. Law Library; LL.B., Lake Forest Univ., 
1892; was asst. corporation counsel, 1895-1902; 
since then engaged in general practice of law 
in Chicago, making a specialty of corporation 
and municipal law. Democratic nominee for 
judge Circuit Court of Cook Co., 1909. Has pre- 
pared a revision of the Municipal Code of Chi- 
cago, known as the Code of 1905. Mason. Mem. 
Royal Arcanum, Chicago Bar Assn. Clubs: 
Town and Country, Chicago Automobile, Iro- 
quois. Recreations: motoring and general ath- 
letics. Residence: 2903 Fulton St. Office: 72 W. 
Adams St. 

ABTINQSTAIiIi, Samuel Oeozge, civil engr.; 

see Vol. 1905. 

ABTHTOSTAIiIi, WlUiam, civil engr.; born 
Chicago, May 10, 1874; son Samuel George and 
Susan Ann (Archer) Artingstall; prep. edn. 
pub. grammar schools, Chicago, and Cascadilla 
School, Ithaca, N.Y.; C.E., Cornell Univ., 1899; 
also studied mech. engring. at Cornell, sum- 
mers 1895-9; married Louise M. Hanson, of Chi- 
cago, June 19, 1904. Resident engr. Sanitary 
Dist. of Chicago, 1899-1901; asst. chief engr. 
Fla. Southern & Gulf Coast R.R., 1902; design- 
er Sanitary Dist. of Chicago, 1902-6; principal 
asst. engr. Chicago Union Traction Co., 1906-7; 
div. engr. of board of supervising engrs., Chi- 
cago traction system, since 1907. Designed and 
built all new tunnels under Chicago River, and 
div. engr. in charge of bridges, etc. Contbr. to 
tech. press on engring. topics. Mem. Western 
Soc. Engrs., Am. Soc. of Engring. Contractors, 
Nat. Geog. Soc. Mem. Knights of Columbu.s. 
Recreation: fruit raising. Residence: 4019 W. 
Polk St. OflSce: Borland BIdg. 

ASAT, Williain Cooper, lawyer; born June 28, 
1857; son Edward G. and Emma O. Asay; B.A., 
Yale Univ., 1880; studied law in office of his fa- 
ther; admitted to bar 1881. Was leading coun- 
sel in the celebrated Storey case, and has been 
identified with other important litigations; has 
been an extensive traveler; was for several 
years a mem. of the 1st Regt. I.N.G.; was asst. 
city atty. from Dec. 1892 to May 1893; city 
prosecuting attornev, 1903-5. Residence: 2572 
Wayne Av. Office: 140 S. Dearborn St. 

ASCKEB, Theodore, wholesale millinery; born 
Hamburg, Germany, Feb. 25, 1844; son Martin 
and Henrietta Ascher; ed. in Hamburg pub. 
schools and in Johanneum Acad.; married Chi- 

cago, Mar. 1870, Caroline Pollock; married 2d, 
New York, Apr. 15, 1873, Lena Wetzer; chil- 
dren: Martin, Carrie, Henrietta. Came from 
Germany to New York, 1867; came to Chicago 
and was traveling salesman, 1868-72; mem. firm 
of Ascher, Bernard & Co., wliolesale millinery, 
1873-91; purchased Mr. Bernard's interest and 
business continued as Theo. Ascher & Co., 1891- 
9, incorporated, 1899, as Theo. Ascher Co., of 
which is pres. Mem. Chicago Assn. of Com- 
merce. Republican. Recreations: reading, the- 
atre. Residence: 1330 LaSalle Av. Office: 30 S. 
Michigan Av. 

ASHBT, James H., general supt. Union Stock 
Yards & Transit Co.; born Dutchess Co., N.Y., 
Nov. 17, 1847; son James N. and Sarah (Van 
Benschoten) Ashby; married 1872, Maria S. 
Rogers. Lived on home farm until 1880, when 
came to Chicago and entered employ of Union 
Stock Yards as yardmaster, for about 6 years, 
when was appointed asst. supt., and has been 
gen. supt. since 1887. Pres. Amity Bldg. & Loan 
Assn.; dir. Nat. Live Stock Bank, Stock Yards 
Savings Bank, Union Rendering Co. Residence: 
442 Oakwood Boul. Office: Administration Bldg. 

ASHCBAPT, Edwin M., lawyer; born Vir- 
ginia, Aug. 27, 1848; son James M. and Clarissa 
(Swiger) Asbcraft; ed. pub. schools of Virginia 
and Illinois; married Belleville, 111., Mar. 16, 
1875, Florence R. Moore; children: Raymond 
M., Edwin M., Jr., Florence V., Alan E. Admit- 
ted to bar, Jan. 1, 1873; now senior of firm of 
Ashcraft & Ashcraft. Mem. (ex-pres. ) Chicago 
Bar Assn. Republican. Methodist. . Clubs: Ham- 
ilton, Union League. Recreations: golf, hunt- 
ing, liorseback riding. Residence: 6046 Kim- 
bark Av. Office: The Temple. 

ASECBAFT, Baymond Moore, lawyer; born 
Vandalia, Fayette Co., Ill,, Jan. 9, 1876; son Ed- 
win M. and Florence R. (Moore) Ashcraft; ed. 
Vandalia public schools, 1884-6, Chicago public 
schools, 1887-92; grad. Chicago Manual Train- 
ing .School, 1894; LL.B., Northwestern Univ. 
Law School 1897; LL.B., Lake Forest Univ. Law 
School, 1898; married Chicago, Aug. 3, 1901, 
Charleta, daughter of Charles Peck; 1 child: 
Charleta Jane, born Dec. 8, 1906. Admitted to 
bar, June 16, 1897; employed by law firm of 
Ashcraft & Gordon, 1894-1900; engaged in prac- 
tice with father and brother, Edwin M. Ash- 
craft, Jr., in firm of Ashcraft & Ashcraft. Re- 
publican. Presbyterian. Mem. 111. State Bar 
Assn., Chicago Bar Assn., Delta Chi, City Club. 
Residence: 6133 Monroe Av. Office: The Temple. 

ASHTOM', Henry Major, lawyer; born Arca- 
dia, Wis., Apr. 6, 1867; son William and Eliza- 
beth (Faulds) Ash ton; attended the Univ. of 
Wis., 1889-92; unmarried. Admitted to bar, 
1898, by the Supreme Court of 111., and has 
since been continuously engaged in general law 
practice in Chicago. Contributor to newspapers 
and magazines on public questions. Mem. Law- 
yers' Assn. Democrat. Mason. Club: Press. 
Residence: 3716 Lake Av. Ofl;ice: 54 W. Ran- 
dolph St. 

ATXIH, Qodfrey Harold, manager Electric 
Storage Battery Co.; born Eccleshall, York- 
shire, Eng., May 10, 1866; son Godfrey and El- 
len (Hall) Atkin; ed. at Elmfield Coll., York. 
Eng., and King's Coll., London, Eng.; married 
Gwendolen Shaw, of Chicago, Dec. 12, 1906; 1 
daughter: Margaret. Was in employ of the 
Pullman Co., 1887-90, General Electric Co., 1890- 
99; treas. and dir. Woods Motor Vehicle Co., 
1899-1901; gen. western mgr. Electric Vehicle 
Co., 1901-2; mgr. Electric Storage Battery Co. 
.since Mar. 1902. Episcopalian. Clubs: Chicago 
Athletic, Mid-Day, Chicago Yacht (vice-commo- 
dore, 1904), South Shore Country: also Royal 
Canadian Yacht Club (Toronto). Recreations: 
yachting and golf. Residence: 1351 E. 53d St. 
Office: 1425 Marquette Bldg. 

ATKHTS, Llewellyn Beynolds, lawyer; see 
Vol. 1905. 



ATKINSON, see also Adkinson. 

ATKINSON, Charles Andrew, lawyer; born 
Webster, O., Feb. 9, 1852; son Lewis A. and 
Amanda L. (Long) Atkinson; early edn. in pub. 
schools; taught school for 3 years, beginning 
teaching at age 17; grad. from Ohio Univ., Ath- 
ens, O., 1874; married Jackson, O., Dec. 25, 1876, 
Florence B. Gilliland. Admitted to bar, 1875; 
engaged in practice in Ohio and was 4 years 
prosecuting atty. for Jackson Co., O. ; removed 
to Lincoln, Neb., where was city atty., and later 
was special U.S. atty. 2 years; located in prac- 
tice in Chicago, 1900; is vice-pres. and gen. 
counsel Federal Life Ins. Co. Republican. Meth- 
odist. Mason. Club: Illinois Athletic. Resi- 
dence: 4541 Woodlawn Av. Office: Marquette 

ATKHTSON, Charles Thomson, sec. Chicago 
Stock Exchange; born Elmira, N.Y., Nov. 4, 
1864; son Frank Holway and Helen (Dunn) At- 
kinson; ed. pub. schools; married Chicago, June 
18, 1891, Martha Wells. In ry. service with va- 
rious rds., ending with C.,B.&Q.R.R. as general 
agent at Cincinnati, O., 1884-91; with Leonard, 
Atkinson Co., mfrs. of boots and shoes, Chi- 
cago, 1891-7; with M. D. Wells & Co., same line, 
1897-9; stock broker with William H. Colvin & 
Co., Chicago, 1900-2; with Finley Barrell Co., 
stocks, bonds and grain, 1902-6; then mgr. Ry. 
Exchange office, Farson, Son & Co., stocks, 
bonds and grain; sec. Chicago Stock Exchange 
since Dec. 1, 1909. Mem. S.A.R., Sons of Revo- 
lution, Soc. of Colonial Wars. Republican. In 
111. Naval Reserve as ensign, and later, lieut., 
1896-8. Clubs: Chicago, Onwentsia, Cliff Dwell- 
ers. Residence: 4847 Lake Av. Office: The 

ATXmSOIl', John P., supt. Chicago Boys' 
Club; born Union Co., Ind., Apr. 1, 1857; son 
Charles and Huldah J. (Morris) Atkinson; ed. 
district schools and Alexandria (Ind.) Normal 
School; married Lizzie C. Wilson, of Muncie, 
Ind., Aug. 1879; 2 children: Blanche Pearl and 
Charles W. Engaged in commercial pursuits, 
1885-90; district supt., 1890-6, financial sec, 
1896-7, Iowa Children's Home Soc; financial 
sec. 111. Children's Home and Aid Soc, 1897- 
1901; founder, 1901, and since gen. supt. Chi- 
cago Boys' Club; also gen. supt. Chicago Girls' 
Trade School. Mem. council Boy Scout move- 
ment; mem. Social Service Club. Republican. 
Methodist. Proprietor, "Waifs of the Slums 
and Their Way Out," 1906. Residence: 1216 Le- 
land Av. 

ATKHTSOH, William 'Walker, author; born 
Baltimore, Dec. 5, 1862; son William C. and Em- 
ma L. (Mittnacht) Atkinson; ed. pub. schools; 
married Margaret Foster Black, of Delanco, N. 
J., Oct. 31, 1889. In commercial life, 1882-94; 
admitted to Pa. bar, 1894, to 111. bar, 1903; as- 
sociate editor "Suggestion," Chicago, 1900; ed- 
itor "New Thought," Chicago, 1901-5. Author 
or compiler of numerous books on New Thought, 
etc., for titles see Who's Who in America. Res- 
idence: 6144 Lexington Av. 

ATTIiEY, James Miles, lumber merchant; 
born Chicago, June 30, 1857; son John and Mary 
(McKendrick) Attley; lived at Polo, 111., 1858- 
1893; ed. pub. school there; married Dixon, 111., 
1881, Kate McGrath; children: Philip, Alice, 
George Emmett. Was engaged in the lumber 
business at Polo, and is still Interested there as 
pres. of the McGrath & Attley Lumber Co. 
Came to Chicago in 1893; senior mem. firm of 
J. M. Attley & Co. Also treas. and dir. Sagola 
Lumber Co.; dir. Ross-Attley Lumber Co., Heth, 
Ark. Mem. Order of Hoo-Hoos, North Am. 
Union. Clubs: The Oaks (Austin), Westward 
Ho, 111. Athletic. Residence: 5903 Midway Park, 
Austin. Office: Railway Exchange. 

ATTIiET, John Daniel, lumber merchant; 
born Polo. III., Aug. 16, 1867; son John and 
Mary (McKendrick) Attley; ed. pub. school Po- 
lo; married Dixon, 111., 1889, Myrtle Dickinson; 
1 daughter: Myrtle. Began lumber business at 

Polo; came to Chicago, 1896; in 1901, with J. M. 
Attley, established the firm of J. M. Attley & 
Co., of which he is Junior partner. Mem. Royal 
Arcanum, Modern Woodmen. Clubs: 111. Athlet- 
ic, The Oaks (Austin). Residence: 5924 W. 
Ohio St., Austin. Office: Railway Exchange. 

ATWATEB, Arthur Jerome, coal; born Fond 
du Lac, Wis., May 8, 1858; son John Bowman 
and Laura (Allen) Atwater; grad. high school, 
Geneva, 111., 1876; married Chicago, Oct. 9, 1889, 
May Purdy; 5 children: Harry Arthur, George 
Wilson, Elaine Laurette, Cordelia Althea, Max- 
ine Helen. After leaving scliool entered employ 
Coxe Bros. & Co.; later with the Consolidated 
Coal Co.; afterward with the New Pittsburgh 
Co.; thence, in 1900, to the Sunday Creek Coal 
Co., for which is western sales agent. Repul)- 
lican. Mason (32, Shriner). Was for 8 years 
mem. board of trustees, was also mem. board 
of local improvements, Morgan Park; vestry- 
man Church of the Mediator (Episcopalian). 
Mem. S.A.R., Royal League, Modern Woodmen 
of America. Clubs: Ridge Country, Beverly 
Country. Recreation: golf. Residence: Morgan 
Park, 111. Office: Old Colony BIdg. 

ATWE:L, Charles Beach, botanist; born The- 
resa, N.Y., Apr. 11, 1855; son of Joseph and 
Mary (Beach) Atwell; Ph.B., Syracuse Univ., 
1879, Ph.M., 1882; post-grad, student, Harvard 
Univ., 1887, Univ. of Freiburg (Baden), 1891; 
married Mary Josephine Kellogg, of Water- 
town, N.Y., Dec. 27, 1883; children: Henry K., 
Francis Charles, Ruth Sarah, William Joseph. 
Instr. Lowville (N.Y.) Acad., 1879-80; instr. 
mathematics and physics, acad., Northwestern 
Univ., 1880-2; prin. of pub. schools, S. Evans- 
ton, 111., 1882-4; instr. natural science, acad.. 
Northwestern Univ., 1884-8; instr. biology, 1888- 
91, prof, biology, 1891-4, prof, botany since 
1894, Northwestern Univ. City forester of Ev- 
anston. 111., 1909-11. Author: Genealogy of the 
Atwell Family of New London, Conn., 1906. 
Editor: College Alumni Record of Northwest- 
ern Univ., 1902. Contributor to botanical and 
other journals. Fellow A.A.A.S. ; mem. Am. Soc. 
Naturalists, 111. Acad. Science, Chicago Acad. 
Sciences, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Phi Beta Kappa, 
Sigma Xi. Club: University of Evanston. Rec- 
reations: camping, walking. Residence: 1938 
Sherman Av., Evanston, 111. 

ATWOOS, Fred Holmes, lawyer; born LeRoy, 
Calhoun Co., Mich., Feb. 4, 1863; son Ephralm 
and Samantha J. Atwood; ed. country school, 
W. LeRoy, Mich., Battle Creek (Mich.) Coll.; 
law dept., Univ. of Mich., 1883-4; married Vicks- 
burg, Mich., Nov. 4, 1885, Minnie P. Best; chil- 
dren: Ivan Jay Best, Ephraim Henry, Lenna 
Gertrude. Admitted to bar, Feb. 20, 1884; prac- 
ticed alone until 1887; mem. firm of Cruikshank 
& Atwood, 1887-97, of Atwood, Pease & Loucks 
since 1897; trial lawyer of the firm. Asst. co. 
atty., 1890-1; presidential elector on Cleveland 
and Stevenson ticket, 1892. Democrat until 1896, 
since Republican. Mem. 111. Soc. S.A.R. Mason, 
K.T. Residence: 503 Melrose St. Office: Tacoma 

ATWOOD, Harry Puller, lawyer; born on 
farm near Morgan Park, 111., Jan. 1, 1870; son 
Orville Elbridge and Martha Elvira (Townsend) 
Atwood; Ph.B., Univ. of Chicago, 1897; LL.B., 
Chicago Coll. of Law, 1898, and 111. Coll. of 
Law, 1899; married Fox Lake, Wis., Aug. 23, 
1905, Maud, daughter of Dr. J. T. Smith and 
niece of former Gov. William Smith, of Wis.; 1 
daughter: Martha Regina. In practice at Chi- 
cago since 1899; asst. state's atty.. Cook Co., 
1901-4; asst. U.S. atty. since 1908. From early 
manhood distinguished as an orator and debat- 
er; was pres. Oratorical Assn. and Debaters' 
League of the Univ. of Chicago, and of North- 
ern Oratorical League, comprising the large 
colls, of the middle west; speaker in co. and 
state campaigns, and in many states under 
Republican Nat. Com.; one of the speakers at 
several large meetings. New Y'ork, 1908, with 



Pres.-elect Taft and Gov. Hughes. Has deliv- 
ered orations on Our Tiiree Great Wars; Wasli- 
ington, Lincoln andMcKinley; God in American 
History; Abraham Lincoln. Mem. Chicago Bar 
Assn., 111. State Bar Assn. Baptist. Mason; 
mem. Royal Arcanum, Modern Woodmen of 
America. Mem. 1st 111. Cav., Spanish-Am. War, 
and later sergeant, Troop "M. Clubs: Ridge 
Country, Hamilton, Central Y. M. C. A. Recre- 
ations: politics, gymnasium, riding, gardening, 
lecturing, checkers and chess. Residence: 1946 
Morgan Av., Morgan Park, 111. Office: 826 Fed- 
eral Bldg. 

ATWOOD, Wallace Walker, geologist; born 
Chicago, Oct. 1, 1872; son Thomas Green and 
Adalaide Adelia (Richards) Atwood; B.S., Univ. 
of Chicago, 1897, Ph.D., 1903; married Harriet 
Towle Bradley, of Chicago, Sept. 22, 1900; 3 
children: Rollin, Wallace and Harriet. Asst. 
geologist, N.J. Geol. Survey, 1897, Wis. Natural 
History Survey, 1898-9; instr. Lewis Inst., Chi- 
cago, 1897-9, Chicago Inst., 1900-1; fellow asst. 
and associate, 1899-1903, instr. and asst. prof, 
physiography and general geology, 1903-10, as- 
sociate prof, since 1910, Univ. of Chicago. Asst. 
geologist, U.S. Geol. Survey, 1901-9; geologist 
since 1909; geologist 111. Geol. Survey since 
1906. Author: Physical Geography of the Dev- 
ils Lake Region, 1899; Physical Geography of 
the Evanston-Waukegan Region of III., 1908; 
interpretation of Topographic Maps, 1908; Gla- 
ciation of the Uinta and Wasatch Mountains, 
1909; Mineral Resources of Southwestern Alas- 
ka, 1910; Geology and Mineral Resources of the 
Alaska Peninsula, 1911; also numerous scien- 
tific and ednl. papers. Sec. Chicago Acad, of 
Sciences and sec. board of trustees, same; fel- 
low Geol. Soc. America; mem. Assn. Am. Geog- 
raphers, Nat. Geog. Soc, Chicago Geog. Soc, 
111. Acad. Sciences, Chicago Museum and Li- 
brary Extension Council. Mem. Delta Kappa 
Epsilon. Residence: 5453 Monroe Av. 

ATTBAKD, Samuel Herbert, physician; born 
Loran, Stephenson Co., 111., Oct. 26, 1854; son 
Joel and Susannah (Getgen) Aurand; worked 
on farm and attended district scliool until 1873: 
attended Iowa Wesleyan Univ. and Mt. Morris 
Coll., 1881; grad. Hahnemann Med. Coll. of Chi- 
cago, M.D., 1884, and has taken various post- 
grad, courses; married 1887. Maggie Toilmeier 
(died 1893); 1 son: Arthur; married 2d, Free- 
port, 111., 1895, Flora I. Knoll. Began teaching 
pub. school, 1874; began practice of medicine, 
1884, at Loran. 111. (6 years); then spent 1 year 
In Chicago hosps. and colls.; practiced at Pearl 
City, 111., 4 years, Freeport, 111., 2 years; in Chi- 
cago since 1897. Mem. Cook Co. Hosp. staff, 
1893-4. Vice-pres. and prof, of materia medica 
and clinical medicine Chicago Horace. Medical 
Coll.; vice-pres. 111. Homoe. Med. Assn.; mem. 
Chicago Homoe. Med. Soc. and of Am. Inst, of 
Homoeopathy. Vice-pres. Pearl City (111.) Bank. 
Republican. Mem. and trustee Park Av. M.E. 
Church. Mason: Blue Lodge, Chapter and Con- 
sistory; Modern Woodmen of America. Resi- 
dence: 2059 Washington Boul. Office: 717, 34 E. 
Washington St. 

ATTSTIIT, Bernard ITelson, general passenger 
agent; born Milwaukee, Wis., Sept. 9, 1856; son 
Robert N. and Sarali (Ford) Austin; ed. Mil- 
waukee pub. schools. Royal Mil. Acad., Berlin, 
Germany (1867-71); high school and Milwaukee 
Academy, Milwaukee, 1871-4; married Clara A. 
Whltcomb, of Milwaukee, Nov. 1880; children: 
Lester W., Juliet, Louise. Began ry. service as 
general office clerk of the C.,M.&St.P.Ry., 1874- 
80; general office clerk in auditing dept. of N.P. 
R.R., 1880-4; passenger and ticket agent at Min- 
neapolis, 1884-8; asst. general passenger agent 
at St. Paul, 1888-1897, same road; general pas- 
senger agent B.&O.R.R. since June, 1897. Also 
chmn. of the exec. com. of the Central Passen- 
ger Assn. Republican. Episcopalian. Clubs: 
Chicago Athletic, Chicago Railway. Residence: 
4833 Lake Av. Office: 112 W. Adams St. 

*ATrSTXS', Charles Orlando, banker; see Vol. 


AUSTIN, Frederick Carleton, pres. Municipal 
Engring. & Contracting Co.; born Skaneateles, 
N.Y., June 2, 1853; son Dorr and Marietta 
(Hatch) Austin; ed. pub. schools of New York 
and Skaneateles Acad.; married Chicago, 1887, 
Anna Barker; children: Wesley Ogden, Marion 
Ogden (Mrs. H. A. Richardson). Began busi- 
ness life in Chicago as resident partner of the 
firm of Goulds & Austin, farming tools, 1883-7; 
then became pres. and treas. of the F. C. Austin 
Mfg. Co., until 1902, when sold interests in that 
company and Joined in organization of the Mu- 
nicipal Engring. & Contracting Co., of which is 
pres. and dir. Republican. Presbyterian. Clubs: 
Chicago, Twentieth Century, Chicago Athletic, 
Chicago Yacht, South Shore Country. Resi- 
dence: Plaza Hotel. Office: Railway Exchange. 

AUSTIN, Harry Qeoffrey, pres. Old Colony 
Life Ins. Co.; born London, Eng., June 10, 1868; 
son George Franklin and Clarissa (Malot) Aus- 
tin; came to America, July 20, 1886; ed. pub. 
schools of Haldinand Co., Ont., Ontario Mil. 
Acad., and Western Business Coll. of Ont.; at- 
tended summer law lectures at Univ. of Mich.; 
married Martha Fletcher Ransom, of Lexing- 
ton, Ky., Sept. 23, 1891. Began ins. with the 
Equitable Life Assurance Soc. of the U.S. at 
Richmond, Ind., in 1888, remained until 1890; 
in service of the Nat. Life Ins. Co. of D.C., 
1890-4, and the Northwestern Mutual of Mil- 
waukee, 1895-8; was agent, special agent and 
asst. supt. of agencies Provident Savings Life, 
1899-1905, when became identified with the Old 
Colony Life Ins. Co., Chicago, as sec, 1906-8, 
vice-pres. and gen. mgr., 1908-9, and pres. and 
gen. mgr. since 1909; also pres. and dir. Com- 
mercial Banking Co. of Ky. Democrat. Episco- 
palian. Mem. Masons. Odd Fellows, Red Men. 
Residence: 843 Lakeside PI. Office: Old Colony 

AUSTIN, Henry Warren, banker and real es- 
tate; born 217 Lake St., Oak Park, 111., Jan. 22, 
1864; son Henry Warren and Martha Sophia 
(Voorhees) Austin; grad. Oak Park High 
School, 1881, W. Division High School, Chicago, 
1884; B.A., Williams Coll., 1888; married Nov. 
17, 1904, Edna Lee Harris. After graduation 
from Oak Park High School worked as clerk 
for H. W. Austin & Co. in hardware business, 
1881-3; bookkeeper for C. T. Boal Stove Co., 
1888-89. On death of father, 1889, came into 
management of his real estate interests. One 
of. organizers, Feb. 1892, and first pres. Oak 
Park State Bank, later changed to OaK Park 
Trust & Savings Bank, of which he is still 
pres. and dir.; vice-pres., treas. and dir. Mackie- 
Lovejoy Mfg. Co.; sec. and dir. Niles Mfg. Co. 
Republican. Mem. 43d, 44th and 45th 111. Gen- 
eral Assemblies from 23d Senatorial Dist. ; 
school trustee of school district, 39-13, April 
1894-Apr. 1903; treas. village of Oak Park since 
its organization as a village. Congregational- 
ist. Ex-pres. Williams Coll. Alumni Assn. of 
Chicago; treas. Chicago Soc. of Alpha Delta 
Phi. Clubs: Oak Park (treas. 6 terms), Hamil- 
ton, City. Residence: 217 Lake St., Oak Park, 
111. Office: 179 W. Washington St. 

AUSTIN, William Baden, treasurer John T. 
Shayne & Co.; born Rensselaer, Ind., Apr. 21, 
1860; son John Martin and Sarah Jane (Webb) 
Austin; B.A., Wabash College, Crawfordsville, 
Ind., 1881, later A.M.; attended Union Coll. of 
Law, Chicago, 1882; married Rensselaer, Nov. 
7, 1882, Louie Hammond; 1 child: Virginia A. 
(Mrs. Roy M. Shayne.) After graduating from 
coll. entered employ of law firm of Thompson 
& Bro., Rensselaer; admitted to Ind. bar, 1882, 
and entered into partnership with Hon. E. P. 
Hammond, 1887, which lasted until Judge Ham- 
mond went to Supreme bench. 1890; then prac- 
ticed alone until 1900, when removed to (Chi- 
cago; now engaged in handling bonds and mort- 
gages; also managing dir. Kno.x Hat Mfg. Co. 



of New York; treas. and gen. mgr. John T. 
Shayne & Co.. Chicago. Organized the Farm- 
ers' State Bank of Knox, Ind., 1892; organized 
the Commercial State Bank of Rensselaer, 1894, 
and controlled the same (now the First Nat. 
Bank); is large owner of real estate in North- 
western Ind. and in Chicago. Mem. Ind. State 
Bar Assn., 111. Mfrs.' Assn., Chicago Assn. Com- 
merce. Republican. Presbyterian. Has been 
tendered various political appointments. Includ- 
ing foreign consulships, all of which declined. 
Mem. K. of P., Phi Kappa Psi; vice-pres. Ind. 
Soc. of Chicago. Clubs: Union League, Univer- 
sity, Hamilton (vice-pres.), Marquette (pres.). 
Recreations: motoring and golf. Residence: 25 
Scott St. Offices: 35 S. Dearborn St. and 43 S. 
State St. 

^AVEBT, Samuel JetTery, physician; see Vol. 

ATEB, Edward Everett, capitalist; born Ke- 
nosha, Wis.. Nov. 16. 1S41; son Elbridge Gerry 
and Mary (Titcomb) Ayer; married Emma Au- 
gusta Burbank. Sept. 7, 1865; 1 daughter: Mrs. 
Elizabeth Burbank Johnson. Has extensive lum- 
ber Interests in South and West; dlr. Ayer & 
Lord Tie Co. Owns one of finest pvt. libraries 
in the U.S. and an especially noteworthy collec- 
tion of Americana. Pres. Field Columbian Mus., 
1893-8; dlr. Field Columbian Mus., Newberry 
Library, Art Inst. Life mem. Am. Hist. Assn.; 
dir. Chicago Hist. Soc. Clubs: Chicago, Cax- 
ton. Commercial, Saddle and Cycle, Riverside, 
South Shore Country (Chicago), Country (Lake 
Geneva, Wis.). Recreation: motoring. Resi- 
dence: 1 Banks St., Chicago. Summer Resi- 
dence: "The Oaks," Lake Geneva, Wis. Office: 
Railway Exchange. 

AYEBS, Frank David, lawyer; born on farm 
in McLean Co., near Bloomington, 111., June 15, 
1867; son Joseph B. and Sarah C. (Hayberger) 
Ayers; ed. prep., literary and law depts. of the 
Illinois Wesleyan Univ., Bloomington, III., 
graduating 1890; unmarried. Began practice of 
law at Ottawa, 111., 1890, as member firm of 
Browne & Ayers; came to Chicago, 1893, form- 
ing the law firm of Ayers, Rinaker & Ay- 
ers. Republican. First asst. city atty., Apr. 
1903-Oct. 8, 1906; became city atty. and re- 
signed latter position Mar. 1, 1907, and became 
atty. Chicago Terminal R.R. Co.; atty. Board 
of Election Commissioners. Mem. Chicago Bar 
Assn. Mason (Shriner), K. of P. Clubs: Ham- 
ilton, Colonial. Residence: 4459 Prairie Av. Of- 
fice: Chamber of Commerce. 

AYEBS, Seymonr Warren, lawj'er; born Mc- 
Lean Co., 111., Aug. 12, 1863; son Joseph B. and 
Sarah C. (Hayberger) Ayers; educated public 
schools of McLean Co., 111., 111. Wesleyan Univ., 
Bloomington, Knox Coll., Galesbure, 111.; law 
course at 111. Wesleyan Univ., 1889-92; married, 
Carllnville, 111., Nov. 4, 1903, Zoe, daughter of 
P. L. Denby; 1 child: Elizabeth. From time of 
leaving Knox Coll. was engaged in raising fine 
horses, cattle and hogs in McLean Co., 111., un- 
til entered on study of law; came to Chicago 
from Bloomington. 111., 1892; was senior mem. 
of law firm of Ayers, Rinaker & Ayers until Mr. 
Rinaker was elected to the bench; firm is now 
Ayers & Ayers; also dir. the Meyercord Co. Re- 
publican. Mason. Club: Colonial. Recreations: 
horseback riding and literature. Residence: 523 
E. 44th St. Office: Chamber of Commerce. 


BAACKES, Frank, general sales agent Am. 
Steel & Wire Co.; born Germany, Mar. 9, 1863; 
son (jodfrey and Franziska Baackes; ed. schools 
in German.v until about 15 years old; married 
Katie O'Rourke (deceased); 1 son: Godfrey D.; 
married 2d, Mamie E. Lutz; 2 sons: Frank, 
Karl. Spent a year in works of wire nail mills 
at Oberbilk-Diisseldorf before coming, in 1879, 
to Cleveland. O.. where he joined his brother. 
Michael, at the H. P. Nail Co.'s works; worked 
in every dept. of the mill, 1879-81, then became 

supt. of the plant, 1881-4; went to Beaver Falls, 
Pa., 1884, to erect wire nail plant for Hartman 
Steel Co.; while there became impressed that in 
order to extend consumption of wire nails they 
must be made of such pattern and quality as to 
supplant the cut nails; after much experiment, 
succeeded, in 1885, in introducing what is now 
known as the Standard wire nail, which grew 
rapidly in favor; organized, July, 1885, and be- 
came gen. mgr. Salem Wire Nail Co., of Salem, 
O., which he developed to importance; business 
was absorbed, Apr. 1898 with other plants at 
New Philadelphia and Flndlay, O., by the Am. 
Steel & Wire Co., of 111., of which became gen. 
mgr. When this was absorbed, Jan. 1899 by the 
Am. Steel & Wire Co. of N.J. was elected gen. 
supt., and in 1900 was elected to present posi- 
tion as gen. sales agent and dlr. of the co., and 
in 1905 was also made vice-pres. Clubs: Chi- 
cago Athletic, Union League, Chicago Automo- 
bile, Mid-Day, Calumet, South Shore Country, 
Germania. Recreations: golf, motoring, and fish- 
ing. Residence: 4932 Lake Av. Summer Resi- 
dence: Baackes Lodge, Lake Content, Eagle Riv- 
er, Wis. Office: 72 W. Adams St. 

BABB, Washingfton Irrinff, lawyer; born Des 
Moines Co., la., Oct. 2, 1844; son Miles and 
Mary (Moyer) Babb; A.B., Iowa Wesleyan Univ., 
1866, A.M., 1869 (LL.D., 1898, State Univ. of 
la., 1907); served 8th la. Vol. Car., 1863-5; mar- 
ried Alice Bird, of Mt. Pleasant, la., Oct. 9, 
1873; children: Max W. (Milwaukee), Miles T. 
(Kansas City), Alice (Aurora, 111). Admitted 
to bar, 1868; practiced at Mt. Pleasant, la,, 
1868-1906, Chicago, since 1906. Pres. Western 
Wheeled Scraper Co., Aurora, 111.; vice-pres. 
Austin Mfg. Co., Chicago, Old Second National 
Bank, Aurora, 111. Mem. la. Ho. of Rep., 1884; 
judge 2d Jud. Dist., 1891-5; Dem. candidate for 
gov.. 1895; received Dem. vote la. Legislature 
for U.S. senator, 1896; chairman Sound Money 
Dem. Conv., la., 1896. Regent, State Univ. of 
la., 1898-1906; trustee la. Wesleyan Univ. since 
1873. Club: Union League. Residence: Aurora, 
111. Office: 1329 Manhattan Bldg. 

BABBITT, Benton Bolcomb, manager Alfred 
Peats Co.; born on farm, Warren Co., O., July 
28, 1858; son James Madison and Eleanor R. 
(Hall) Babbitt; ed. common schools of Warren 
Co.; married Danville, 111., Dec. 16, 1886, Alice 
Knight; children: Alice, Benton Knight, El- 
eanor, Gladys. At 15 years of age began work 
in a grocery store in Warren Co., O. ; was with 
Hale & West, wall paper, Lebanon, O., 1872-8; 
with J. H. Madden. Danville, 111., stationery 
and wall paper, 1878-83; came to Chicago and 
was traveling representative for J. J. McGrath, 
1883-7; traveling salesman, 1887-91, and office 
mgr., 1891-7, Lartz Wall Paper Co.; Chicago 
mgr. Alfred Peats Co., wall paper, since 1897. 
Republican. Club: Birchwood Country. Resi- 
dence: 1309 Lunt Av. Office: 25 S. Wabash Av. 

BABCOCX, Adolpb Boris, stock broker; born 
Washington, D.C., Aug. 10, 1876; son Gen. Or- 
ville E. (U.S.A.) and Annie (Campbell) Bab- 
cock; Ph.B., Sheffield Scientific School (Yale 
Univ.). 1898; unmarried. Since 1900 engaged as 
a stock broker in Chicago, and now connected 
with Babcock, Rushton Co., bankers and brokers. 
Clubs: Chicago, University, Onwentsia, Saddle 
and Cycle, Saddle and Sirloin. Residence: 748 
Lincoln Parkway. Office: The Rookery. 

BABCOCX, Alfred Jerome, Chicago mgr. for 
mfrs.; born Brookfield, N.Y., Mar. 8, 1850; son 
Alfred F. and Lucy (Brownell) Babcock; ed. 
pub. schools of Brookfield. N.Y.; LL.B., Univ. 
of Mich.. 1880; married Saginaw, Mich., Dec. 15, 
1880, Henrietta R. Ripley; children: Earle, Fred, 
Lucy, Dorothy, Marlon. Engaged in various 
lines of business in Saginaw, Mich., and Chi- 
cago; since 1885 identified with the Chicago 
branch of Manning, Maxwell & Moore, ry. and 
machinists' tools; became manager of Chicago 
branch in 1898; dir. Manning, Maxwell & Moore 
(Incorp.). Republican. Clubs: Union League, 



South Shore Country. Recreations: golf and 
motoring. Residence: 5546 Madison Av. Office: 
111-115 N. Canal St. 

BABCOCK, Frederick Beynolds, lawyer; born 
Milwaukee, Wis., May 4, 1865; son Simeon and 
Sarah L. (Reynolds) Babcock; ed. Univ. of 
Mich., and Chicago Coll. of Law; married Abby 
Kettelle, of Chicago, Apr. 30, 1900. Admitted to 
111. bar, 1S90; retired from practice of law, 
Jan. 1, 1906, to engage in banking and broker- 
age business as mem. firm of Finley Barrel! & 
Co., brokers, until 1910. Republican. Mem. Law 
Club, Chicago Bar Assn., Military Order of the 
Loyal Legion. Clubs: Chicago, Union League, 
Chicago Athletic, Press, Glen View Golf, South 
Shore Country, Chicago Yacht, Chicago Golf; 
also Lawyers' (New York) and National Golf 
Links of America. Residence: 14 Bellevue PI. 

BABCOCK, Iceland Almanzo, sec. Sprague 
Canning Machinery Co.; born Freeport, 111., Oct. 
6, 1868; son Leland A. and Margarette Ella 
(Bechtol) Babcock; ed. common schools oi Free- 
port, 111., Northwestern Preo. School at Ev- 
anston, 2 years at Lake Forest Univ., leaving 
to enter business; later grad. Chicago Coll. of 
Law; married Chicago, Nov. 19, 1900, Grace 
Alexandra Heap; children: Grace Elizabeth, Ba- 
sil Philip. Was with Montgomery Ward & Co., 
3 years, then with Sprague, Warner & Co., and 
after that to Board of Trade in the grain and 
feed business of Hadfield & Co.; upon decease 
of father in 1893 succeeded to the estate and 
devoted time during next 2 years to matters 
pertaining to the closing of the estate; later 
employed by Nat. Bank of 111. and by the West- 
ern Mutual Life Ins. Co. (as cashier and atty.) 
until 1899, when entered the Sprague Canning 
Machinery Co., of which is sec. and dlr. ; also 
treas. Western Ranching Corporation, Los An- 
geles, Cal.; vice-pres. Sticknev Machine Co., 
Portland, Me.; pres. I. W. McCagg Co., Chicago; 
dir. Canners' and Dried Fruit Packers' Pub. 
Co. Republican. Club: 111. Athletic. Recrea- 
tion: motoring. Residence: 6426 Washington 
Boul., Oak Park, 111. Office: 222 N. Wabash Av. 

BABCOCK, OrvlUe Ellas, banker and broker; 
born Chicago, Aug. 13, 1872; son Gen. Orvllle E. 
(U.S.A.) and Annie (Campbell) Babcock; Ph.B., 
Sheffield Scientlhc School (Yale Univ.), 1894; 
married Chicago, Nov. 20, 1901, Ellen Walsh. 
In 1896 became a mem. of John C. King & Co., 
bankers and brokers; firm was succeeded by 
King, Hodenpyl & Co., and later again resumed 
name of John C. King & Co., until Jan. 1, 1907, 
when it was succeeded by present firm of Bab- 
cock, Rushton Co., of which is senior member. 
Mem. New York Stock Exchange, Chicago Stock 
Exchange, Chicago Board of Trade, Merchants' 
Exchange, St. Louis. Republican. Clubs: Chi- 
cago, University, South Shore Country, On- 
wentsia. Saddle and Cycle; also Racquet and 
Tennis (New York). Recreations: golf and mo- 
toring. Residence: Lake Forest, 111. Office: The 

BABCOCK, Bottert Hall, physician; born Wa- 
tertown, N.Y., July 26, 1851; son Robert Stan- 
ton and Emily M. (Hall) Babcock; ed. Inst, for 
Blind, Phila., 1864-7, prep. dept. Olivet (Mich.) 
Coll., 1867-9, Western Reserve Coll., 1869-73, 
A.B., 1873, A.M., 1897; Univ. of Mich. (lit. de- 
partment), 1873-4 (med. dept.), 1874-6; M.D., 
Chicago Med. Coll., 1878, Coll. Phys. and Surg. 
(Columbia), 1879; continued med. studies Ber- 
lin, Munich, Wurzburg, 1880-3; (LL.D., Univ. of 
Mich.); married Lizzie C. Weston, of Montclair, 
N.J., June 12, 1879; children: Eleanor Clinton. 
Robert Weston. In practice, Chicago, since 
1883; prof. clin. medicine and physical diagno- 
sis, Chicago Post-Grad. Med. School, 1887-92; 
prof. clin. medicine and diseases of chest. Coll. 
Phys. and Surg., Chicago, 1891-1905; attending 
physician, 1891-1907, consulting physician, since 
1907, Cook Co. Hosp. ; consulting physician to 
Mary Thompson, Marion Sims, St. Anthony de 
Padua and Passavant hosps. Mem. Assn. Am. 

Physicians, Am. Climatol. Assn., A.M.A., Nat. 
Assn. for Study and Prevention of Tuberculo- 
sis, Internat. Inst, for Tuberculosis, Am. Con- 
gress of Physicians and Surgeons; corr. mem. 
Medico-Chirurg. Soc. of Edinburgh; mem. Delta 
Kappa Epsilon, etc. Author: Diseases of the 
Heart and Arterial System, 1903; Diseases of 
the Lungs, 1907. Residence: 44 Bellevue PI. Of- 
fice: 108 N. State St. 

*BABST, Earl D., lawyer; see Vol. 1905. 

BACH, Emanuel, merchant; born Bavaria, 
Germany, Sept. 26, 1841; son Isaac and Fanny 
CLevlgard) Bach; ed. pub. schools in Bavaria; 
married Carrie Kohn, of Chicago, Apr. 22, 1879; 
children: Isaac E., Adele I., Corinne E. Came 
CO U.S. In 1858, and in 1861 went to Oskaloosa, 
la., where he was engaged in mercantile and 
banking business for 27 years; came to Chicago 
in 1888, and established wholesale wool and 
fur business; since 1905 discontinued the wool 
business; pres. Bach Fur Co. Republican. Jew- 
ish religion. Clubs: Standard, Ravlsloe Coun- 
try. Recreation: golf. Residence: 3432 Michi- 
gan Av. Office: 108-110 W. Michigan St. 

BACH, Frederick A., brick mfr. ; born Ploch- 
ingen, Wurttemberg, Germany, Feb. 13, 1864; 
son William and Katharina (Haegele) Bach; ed. 
pub. school and special course in drawing, 
Plochlngen, Germany; came to America, 1880; 
married Emma A. Hage, of Chicago, July 20, 
1893; 3 children: Alice A., Herbert H. and 
Frederick A., Jr. Began in brick mfg. business 
at 18, with his father, becoming sec. Wm. Bach 
& Sons Co., in 1900; then became pres. and 
treas. Bach Brick Co., when this co. took over 
the Wm. Bach & Sons Co., in 1905. Republican. 
Treas. Evangelical Epiphany Church. Member 
K.P., Schwaben Verem (ex-dir.). Recreations: 
motoring and fishing. Residence: 4141 Hermi- 
tage Av. Office: 2647 Montrose Av. 

BACH, Otto Carl, mfr.; born Plochlngen, 
Wurttemberg, Germany, Jan. 18, 1872; son Will- 
iam and Katharina (Haegele) Bach; family 
came to America, settling at Chicago, 1881; ed. 
pub. schools, Bryant & Stratton Business Coll., 
night and correspondence schools; married 
Louise Cora Gatter, of Evanston, 111., Jan. 17, 
1907; 1 son: Otto Carl, Jr. Began to work for 
his father, a brick mfr., 1886, becoming a stock- 
holder of the reorganized firm of Wm. Bach & 
Sons Co., in 1900, which continued until the 
retirement of William Bach, Sr., in 1905, when 
the present corporation. Bach Brick Co., con- 
sisting of himself and five brothers, was organ- 
ized, of which has since been secretary. Re- 
publican. Evangelical Lutheran. Mem. Nat. 
Union. Recreations: billiards and bowling. 
Residence: 2023 Montrose Boul. Office: 2647 
Montrose Av. 

BACH, WilUam Frederick, brick mfr.; born 
Plochlngen, Wurttemberg, Germany, Nov. 29, 
1861; son William and Katharina (Haegele) 
Bach; ed. pub. school and special course in 
drawing; married Marie Lena Ramspberger, of 
Plochlngen, Germany, 1884; 4 children: William 
J., Adolph F., Albert J., and Lillie M. Began 
in brick mfg. business with his father, 1883, 
becoming mem. firm of Wm. Bach & Sons Co., 
1900, and vice-pres. and dir. of its successor, 
the Bach Brick Co., 1905. Republican. Evan- 
gelical. Mem. Schwaben Verein. Residence: 
5532 Southport Av. Office: 2647 Montrose Av. 

BACHAITD, I^evl Noel, mfr.; see Vol. 1905. 

BACHEKSOB, see also Batchelder. 

BACHEIiDOB, Edward Ayranlt, real estate; 
born Waukegan, 111.; son Edward S. L. and Ann 
Atherton (Ayrault) Bacheldor; ed. Lake Forest 
Acad. In grocery business in Chicago 5 years; 
in 1S73 engaged in the hotel business as pro- 
prietor of the Atherton House, the Southern 
Hotel, and later of the Lexington Hotel, until 
1900, when disposed of the hotel business and 
engaged in the real estate business. Repub- 



lican. Club: Union League. Residence: Lexing- 
ton Hotel. 

BACHEtliEi Cecil Von, physician; B.S., Univ. 
of Chicago, 1897, M.S., 1898; M.D., Rush Med. 
Coll., 1900. Asst. prof, obstetrics. Coll. of Phy- 
sicians and Surgeons (Univ. of 111.), and Chi- 
cago Policlinic; attending gynecologist to Ger- 
man Hosp. Mem. A.M.A., 111. State Med. Soc, 
Chicago Med. Soc. Residence: 4521 Sheridan 
Road. Office: 1400 Reliance Bldg. 

BACHBACS, Benjamin Cliarles, lawyer; born 
Elgin, 111., Jan. 29, 1874; son Charles and Leo- 
nora (Goldman) Bachrach; A.B., Univ. of Notre 
Dame, Ind., 1892; student Cornell Univ.; stud- 
ied Columbia Law School, New York; LL.B., 
Kent Coll. of Law, Chicago, 1896; married Chi- 
cago, June a, 1898, Martha Hartman; children: 
Leona and Marie. In practice at Chicago since 
1896. Appeared in defense of Alderman Thomas 
O'Malley, acquitted of murder; Baron von Bie- 
denfeld, acquitted of murder; Charles W. Spal- 
ding, banker, acquitted of embezzlement; Police 
Officer Baginski, acquitted of murder; John 
Kiebel, acquitted of murder; Edward R. Hib- 
bard, convicted in U.S. Court of using mails to 
defraud, case afterwards reversed; David Ro- 
senbaum, acquitted of murder; counsel for Ull- 
man & Keller, Supreme Court of U.S., white 
slave law declared unconstitutional; atty. for 
'Mike de Pike," acquitted of conspiracy. Mem. 
Chicago Bar Assn. Republican. Jewish religion. 
Mem. K.P. Recreations: golf, swimming, bowl- 
ing and walking. Residence: 4531 Greenwood 
Av. Office: 1016 Ashland Blk. 

'BACKUS, Wilson Marvin, clergyman; see 
Vol. I90r,. 

BACOir, Cliaxles Sumner, physician; born 
Spring Prairie, Wis., July 30, 1856; son John, 
Jr., and Chloe Ann (Thompson) Bacon; prep, 
ed. in pub. school and Wisconsin State Normal 
School; Ph.B., Beloit Coll., 1878; M.D., North- 
western Univ., 1884; post-erad. study In Ger- 
many and Austria, 1891. 1894-5; married Vi- 
enna, Austria, Aug. 17, 1895, Marie von Rost- 
horn; children: Karl Alfons, Ernst Lecher, 
Charles Sumner, Jr., Helena Marie. In practice 
of medicine in Chicago since 1884; formerly in- 
terne of Cook Co. Hosp. and asst. surgeon Al- 
exian Bros. Hosp.; prof, of obstetrics Chicago 
Policlinic and med. dept. of Univ. of 111.; at- 
tending obstetrician to Henrotin. Policlinic, 
University, Evangelical Deaconess and Chicago 
Lying-in hosps. Contributor of numerous pa- 
pers on obstetrics to various med. socs. and 
journals. Mem. Chicago Med. Soc, Chicago 
Gynecological Soc, Chicago Pathological Soc, 
Chicago Acad, of Medicine, Physicians Club, 
111. State Med. Soc, A.M.A. Independent in pol- 
itics. Mem. Soc. for Ethical Culture. Clubs: 
University. City. Office and Residence: 2156 
Sedgwick St. 

BACOir, DeWitt Clinton, dentist; born Oneida, 
Knox Co., 111., July 13, 1864; son DeWItt Clin- 
ton and Louise (Knight) Bacon; ed. pub. schools 
of Oneida, 111., Univ. of Mich, and Chicago Coll. 
of Dental Surgery, D.D.S., 1887; married Chi- 
cago, 1887, Marie Thompson. Since 1887 en- 
gaged in general practice of dentistry in Chica- 
go. Mem. Chicago Dental Soc. Republican. Ma- 
son. Residence: Luzerne Hotel. Office: 31 N. 
State St. 

BACOIT, Edward BicIiardBon, grain ; born Chi- 
cago, Feb. 22, 1857; son Moses S. and Georgian- 
na (Richardson) Bacon; ed. Ogden School, New- 
berry School, W. Division High School. Phil- 
lips Exeter Acad., Harvard Univ., graduating 
1878; married 1879, Clara Cram (now deceased) ; 
married 2d, 1902, Katherine D. Horton; chil- 
dren: Raymond C., Edward R., Jr., John W., 
Robert C. Since 1878 engaged in present busi- 
ness as a buyer and shipper of grain. Mem. 
Chicago Board of Trade. Residence: 452 Briar 
PI. Office: 230 S. LaSalle St. 

Painesville, O., Jan. 1, 1843; son Thomas and 
Harriet (Smith) Bacon; ed. district school, Ma- 
rengo Tp., 111.; married Laporte Co., Ind., June 
2, 1864, Sarah Jane McLane (died Oct. 10, 
1884); 3 children. Became connected with the 
Union Stock Yards, Chicago, 1873, as employe 
of commn. firm, selling cattle, hogs and sheep; 
senior member firm of Bacon, Peterson & Co. 
since 1909. Republican. Mason. Residence: 3532 
Indiana Av. Office: Union Stock Yards. 

BACOIT, Oeorire Andrew, publisher; born 
Webster, Mass., Jan. 17, 1847; son George Hale 
and Ann (Bigelow) Bacon; A.B., Brown Univ., 
Providence, R.I., 1867; prin. of an acad., Derby, 
Vt., 1867-8, high school, Gardner, Mass., 1868-9; 
student Newton Theol. Instn., Newton Centre, 
Mass., 1869-70, in Germany, 1870-1; (hon. Ph.D., 
Hamilton Coll., Clinton, N.Y., 1879); married 
.Susan Lyman Hillraan, of Northampton, Mass., 
Aug. 16, 1871; 4 children: George Morgan, Carl 
Edward, Paul Valentine and Annie. Instr. Poly. 
Inst, of Brooklyn, 1871-4, high school, Syra- 
cuse, N.Y., 1874-7 (prin. of latter, 1878-88); en- 
gaged in publishing business in firm of AUyn 
& Bacon, Boston, New York and Chicago, since 
July 2, 1888. Editor of The Academy, 1886-92. 
Recreations: literature and travel. Residence: 
6028 Jackson Park Av. Office: 629 S. Wabash 

BACON, Paul Valentine, publisher; born Syr- 
acuse, N.Y., Feb. 14, 1876; son George Andrew 
and Susan Lyman (Hillman) Bacon; A.B., Har- 
vard Univ., 1898; studied In France, Italy, 
Greece and Germany; married Elizabeth Mar- 
garet Keech, of Waupun, Wis., Jan. 10, 1907. 
Agent for Allyn & Bacon, school book pub- 
lishers, since 1897. Mem. N.E.A., Am. Hist. 
Assn., A.A.A.S., Am. Geog. Soc, Am. Polit. Sci- 
ence Assn., Classical Assn. of the Middle West 
and South. Clubs: Quadrangle, Caxton, Chicago 
Literary. Recreations: literature and travel. 
Author: German Grammar, 1907; Im Vaterland, 
1910. Residence: 6120 Jackson Park Av. Office: 
629 S. Wabash Av. 

BACON, Bobert Stillwell, mfr. ; born Hanni- 
bal, Mo., Apr. 16, 1873; son Robert L. and Julia 
(Stillwell) Bacon; ed. pub. schools; married 
Venetia Neville Danner, of Mobile, Ala., June 
1906. Started to work at 17 in Dayton's Book 
Store in Quincy, 111.; came to Chicago, 1893, 
and traveled for Lord, Owen & Co., wholesale 
druggists, leaving them to go to Chicago Ve- 
neer Co., owned by Mr. Lord of that firm; be- 
came sec. Chicago Veneer Co. until 1897, when 
started in veneer business for self; organized. 
1900, and since pres. R. S. Bacon Veneer Co.; 
organized, pres. and mgr. Bacon-Underwood Ve- 
neer Co., of Mobile, Ala.; resided at Mobile, 
1905-8. Republican. Residence: 4753 Lake Av. 
Office: 213 N. Ann St. 

BASENOCH, John Joseph, hay, grain, etc.; 
born Fyfeshire, Scotland, Apr. 19, 1851; son Jo- 
seph and Helen (Tough) Badenoch; ed. public 
schools of New York; married Chicago, 1874, 
Clemence Ward; children: Joseph W., John J., 
Jr. (deceased), Edward C, Annie L., David A., 
Ernest W. Began in New York as errand boy; 
came to Chicago, 1867, and was in employ of 
M. Kronberg & Co., wholesale jewelers, for 7 
years; in 1873 established present firm of J. J. 
Badenoch & Co., commn. merchants and ship- 
pers of hay, grain, feed, etc., of which is still 
at head as pres. Republican. Was alderman of 
old 11th Ward; pres. of the Board of Election 
Commissioners 3 years, and Board of Educa- 
tion 3 years; gen. supt. of police of the City of 
Chicago 2 years. Mem. Chicago Board of Trade. 
Mason, Past Commander St. Bernard Command- 
ery, K.T. Pres. and one of founders of Masonic 
Orphans' Home. Pres. St. Andrews' Soc. Club: 
Illinois. Recreation: yachting and fishing. Res- 
idence: 2956 Washington Boul. Summer Resi- 
dence: Brown's Lake, Burlington, Wis. Office: 
400 N. Union St. 

BACON, Francis VL, live stock commn.; born BASBNOCB, Bowland Nathaniel, lawyer; 



born Chicago, Dec. 28, 1871; son Joseph and 
Elizabeth (Hill) Badenoch; ed. Englewood gram- 
mar and high schools, graduating, 1891; grad. 
Chicago Coll. of Law, 1897; married Jackson- 
ville, 111., Oct. 25. 1901, Mary R. Russell; 1 son: 
Rowland Russell. Admitted to bar, Sept. 15, 
1898; since then engaged In practice of law. 
Republican. Baptist. Club: Englewood Men's. 
Residence: 6548 Ross Av., Englewood, 111. Of- 
nce: 1501 Ft. Dearborn Bldg. 

BASEB, John, lumber merchant; born Ger- 
many, Aug. 20, 1849. Came to America, 1867; 
was with the lumber firm Waldo & Waters for 
several years, and then established retail lum- 
ber business for self, the firm being Bruce, 
Bader & Co.; thereafter the firm changed to 
Dean, Bader & Co., for about 12 years, to John 
Bader Lumber Co., of which he is senior mem. 
Residence: 1445 Addison St. Office: Dominick 
St.. Foot of A St. 

BASQEB, Alplieug Sbreve, lumber merchant; 
born Chicago, Feb. 16, 1862; son Alpheus C. and 
Elvira C. (Sheridan) Badger; ed. Chicago pub. 
schools; married Dec. 1890, Sarah Frances 
Cowles, of San Francisco; children: Edwin H., 
Shreve C, Frances S. Began lumber business 
in the office of T. W^. Harvey, 1876-8; was after- 
ward in accounting dept. Pullman Palace Car 
Co. and later in wholesale dept. of Field, Leiter 
& Co. In 1888 became connected with the Nat. 
Lumber Co., at Creston, la., and later treas. 
and mgr. of the co. in Chicago; pres. A. S. Bad- 
ger Co. since Apr. 1896. Residence: Kenilworth, 
111. Office: 140 S. Dearborn St. 

BADT, Francis Beatns, elec. engr. ; born St. 
Petersburg, Russia, Oct. 4, 1849; son Augustus 
and Ernestine (Von Todleben) Badt (mother is 
mem. of famous Russian family mentioned in 
mil. annals of Russian hist.); grad. Royal Gym- 
nasium of Prussia; .ioined arty, corps, Prussian 
Army, 1868; grad. Govt. Mil. Academy, 1870; 
served through Franco-Prussian War, 1870-1; 
attended school for officers of arty, and engrs., 
and grad. Imperial Tech. High School, 1872; 
commissioned officer of ordnance and served 
under the ministry of war in the com. of ord- 
nance and arms, until coming to U.S., 1881; 
married Elizabeth O'Donnell, of Chicago, Nov. 
2, 1885; 2 daughters: Frances E. M. and Er- 
nestine L. Supt. construction dept., U.S. Elec- 
tric Light Co., of New York, 1881-8; mgr. pow- 
er and mining dept., Thomson-Houston Electric 
Co., Chicago, 1890, until its consolidation with 
the United Edison Mfg. Co., of New York, in 
1892; gen. mgr. Siemens & Halske Electric Co. 
of America, 1894-7. and dir., sec. and treas., 
1895-7; organized, 1897, present firm of F. B. 
Badt & Co., elec. engrs.; also western agent for 
The Weston Elec. Instrument Co., and Ward 
Leonard Electric Co. Awarded decorations of 
Iron C^ross and campaign medal of German 
Army for services in Franco-Prussion War, 
1871. Mem. Am. Inst. Elec. Engrs., Western 
Soc. Engrs., Chicago Electric Club. Independ- 
ent in politics. Russian Church. Clubs: Union 
League, Midlothian Country, Chicago Electric. 
Author: Dynamo Tenders; Bell Hangers; Elec- 
tric Transmission; Incandescent Wiring (all 
hand books); also Practical Notes on Electro- 
lytic Refining of Copper; Practical Electrical 
Units. Residence: 6506 Lafayette Av. Office: 
1504 Monadnock Blk. 

BAER. Almerin Webster, physician; born 
Wayne Co., O., Feb. 3, 1862; son Benjamin F. 
and Amanda (Buttermore) Baer; ed. public 
schools of Pa.; Ph.G., Chicago Coll. of Phar- 
macy. 1885; M.D., Rush Med. Coll., 1889. En- 
gaged in practice of medicine in Chicago from 
1889; now specialist in electro-therapy and X- 
ray practice. Mem. Am. Electro-Therapeutic 
Soc, A.M.A., 111. State Med. Soc, Chicago Med. 
Soc. Republican. Office: Heyworth Bldg. 

BAOOOT, James Edward, pres. E. Baggot Co., 
plumbers, gas fitters, etc.; born Chicago, Sept. 
6, 1865; son Edward and B. Baggot; grad. St. 

Ignatius Coll., 1881; married Chicago, 1890, Ju- 
lia A. Heeney; children: Edward Genevieve, 
Evyline, James E. In 1881 entered the plumb- 
ing business established by his father, in 1861, 
learning the trade and later having charge of 
the plumbing and lighting fixtures in many of 
the largest buildings in Chicago; now pres. of 
E. Baggot Co.. contractors for plumbing and 
gas fitting and mfrs. of gas and electric fix- 
tures; also treas. Chicago General Fixture Co. 
Republican. Catholic. Recreations: outdoor di- 
versions. Residence: 4103 Vincennes Av. Store: 
17 E. Lake St. Factory: 238 E. Illinois St. 

BAHiE'S', see also Bally. 

BAIXiET, Clarence Mitcliell, brigadier-gen. 
U.S.A.; born New York, Nov. 26, 1841; ed. pvt. 
and pub. schools in Indiana and Pa.; married. 
Apptd. from Ind., 2d It. 6th U.S. Inf., Aug. 5, 
1861; 1st It., July 14, 1863; capt., July 28, 1866; 
assigned to 8th Inf., Dec. 15, 1870; maj. 15th 
Inf., July 10, 1891; It. -col. 18th Inf., Apr. 25, 
1895; col. 16th Inf., Nov. 1, 1898; retired for 
disability in line of duty, May 5, 1899; advanced 
to rank of brig. -gen. retired, by act of Apr. 23, 
1904. Mem. Loyal Legion, G.A.R. Club: Union 
League. Residence: 2404 N. Clark St. 

BATTiEY, Edward Fayson, mfr. ; born Almont, 
Lapeer Co., Mich., Dec. 28, 1841; son Freder- 
ick Kinsman and Sarah (Shaw) Bailey; ed. pub. 
schools and Bryant & Stratton Commercial Col- 
lege, Chicago; married Knoxville, Tenn., Dec 
26, 1866, Katharine Baxter; children: Delia Au- 
gusta (Mrs. Arthur H. Day, New Haven, Conn. ), 
Annie Baxter (died in infancy); married 2d, 
Chicago, May 9, 1889, Minerva Spruance; chil- 
dren: Edward Payson, Harmon (daughter), 
Frederick Spruance, Vaughn. Was clerk for 
Densmore & Rice, Chicago, 1860-1, for Cooley, 
Farwell & Co., 1862, Chicago: bookkeeper at 
Odell, 111., 1863; clerk quartermaster's dept., 
U.S.A., 1863-4; cashier of bank at Knoxville, 
Tenn., 1865-75; with A. T. Stewart & Co., New 
York, 1875-82; since 1882 with Chicago Malle- 
able Iron Co. and Nat. Malleable Castin<s Co., 
for which he is now mgr. of Chicago Malle- 
able Iron Works, established 1873. Dir. C. B. 
Live Stock Co., Coonley Mfg. Co.; vice-pres. and 
dir. Chicago Savings Bank & Trust Co. Mem. 
board of trustees and board of mgrs. Y.M.C.A. 
Episcopalian. Mem. 111. Soc. Colonial Wars, 111. 
Soc. Sons of the Revolution, Religious Educa- 
tion Assn. Republican. Clubs: Union League. 
Chicago Literary, Church, Midlothian, South 
Shore (Country, Twentieth Century. Residence: 
2400 South Park Av. Office: Rockwell St., cor. 
2Sth PI. 

BAH^ET, Edward William, grain merchant: 
born Elmore, Vt., Aug. 31, 1843; son George W. 
and Rebecca (Warren) Bailey; ed. grammar 
schools, Montpelier, Vt. ; married Montpelier, 
Vt.. May 26, 1870, Jennie Carter (died 1908); 
children: George C. and Mary Blanchard (Mrs. 
Fred Mever); married 2d, Corah Haseltine, of 
Chicago, Oct. 1909. Worked on farm until 1869; 
then successively in grocery and grain business 
until 1877, and later exclusively in grain. 
C:ame to (Chicago, 1879, and established the 
pommn,. grain and provisions business of E. W. 
Bailey & Co., of which he is sole principal; also 
under same firm name at Montpelier, Vt., with 
special co-partners at that branch of the busi- 
ness, doing a wholesale and retail trade in flour 
and grain and conducting a mill. Mem. Chicago 
Board of Trade. Chicago Assn. of Commerce. 
Republican. Clubs: Union League, Press, South 
Shore Country, Beverly Golf. Recreation: his 
library. Residence: 902 Oakwood Boul. Office: 
72 Board of Trade. 

BAZLE'Sr, E(U) Stlllman, physician; born Lit- 
tle Genesee. N.Y., Sept. 2, 1851; son James and 
Tacy (Hubbard) Bailey; grad. Milton (Wis.) 
Coll., 1873; M.D., Hahnemann Med. Coll.. Chi- 
cago, 1878. Practiced Chicago, since 1878; ex- 
dean Hahnemann Med. Coll. Mem. Am. Inst. 
Homoeopathy. Republican. Seventh-day Bap- 



tist. Residence: 6222 Woodlawn Av. Office; 34 
E. Washington St. 

BAU-EY, O-eor^fe Coryell, mfr.; deceased; see 
Vol. I'JUu. 

BAH^E'S', Qeorge Troy, physician; born Jack- 
sonville, 111., Nov. 30, 1864; son James R. and 
Mary T. W. Bailey; ed. 111. Coll., Jacksonville, 
and Northwestern Univ. Med. School, grad., 
M.D., 1894; married Chicago, Feb. 14, 1899, 
Clara Koch; children: John Hayes, Helen Hil- 
degarde. Began practice in Chicago, 1894; mem. 
of the dispensary staff and interne at Michael 
Reese Hosp. until 1902; since June, 1904, mem.- 
med. board of the N.Y. Life Ins. Co., and was 
examiner for that companj-, 1894-June, 1904. 
Mem. Chicago Med. Soc. Republican. Resi- 
dence: 656 E. 45th St. Office: N.Y. Life Bldg. 

BAUJET, WiUiam B., ry. official; born Do- 
wagiac, Mich., Oct. 26, 1857. Began ry. service 
with A.,T.&S.F.Ry., 1884, as clerk in auditor's 
office at Topeka, Kan., 1884-5, traveling auditor 
and clerk in charge of freight accounts Wichita 
& Western div., at Wichita, Kan., 1885-90, spe- 
cial agent in accounting dept., 1890-2, chief 
clerk to gen. auditor, 1892-5, asst. to the 1st 
vice-pres., 1895-9, auditor Southern Cal. Ry. and 
Santa F6 Pacific R.R., 1899-1900, asst. gen. 
auditor, 1900-5, and general auditor since Oct. 
1905. Pres. Assn. of Am. Ry. Accounting Offi- 
cers. Club: Chicago Athletic. Office: 1113 Ry. 

BAIZiI^OT, Edonard Paul, univ. prof.; born 
Paris, i'rance, 1860; son AmfedSe and Eliza 
(Walter) Baillot; ed. Coll. Charlemagne, Paris, 
Univ. of Paris, and schools in England and 
Germany; B.Sc, Univ. of France; (L.H.D., 111. 
Coll.); came to U.S., 1885; married Laura Col- 
ton Spooner, of Lockport, N.Y., 1888. Began 
teaching at Cornell Univ., 1890; later in charge 
of a dept. Ind. Univ.; now prof. Romance lan- 
guages and literature Northwestern Univ. Lec- 
turer Cornell, Univ. of Chicago, Univ. of Me. 
and Columbia. Author: French Composition. 
Editor series of French books published by 
Scott, Foresman & Co. Mem. (ex-chmn. Cen- 
tral brancn) Modern Language Assn. of Amer- 
ica; vice-pres. Assn of French Professors of 
America (pres. Central branch); dir. Alliance 
Frangaise of Chicago. Offlcier d' Acadfimie. 
Clubs: University of Chicago, University of 
Evanston. Residence: 2109 Sherman Av., Ev- 
anston, HI. 

BAHiV, see also Bailey. 

BAH^T, Jacoli ., lawyer; born near Ver- 
mont, Fulton Co., 111., Aug. 29, 1851; son Thom- 
as and Nancy A. (Bottenberg) Baily; ed. Ober- 
lln (O.) Coll. and Northwestern Univ.; mar- 
ried Table Grove, 111., Aug. 20, 1876, Lois C. 
Foster; children: Mrs. Jessie P. Twyman, Fran- 
ces. Admitted to 111. bar, 1876; practiced law at 
Macomb, 111., until 1900, when came to Chicago; 
head of firm of Baily, Hall & Spanner. Trial 
atty. for the Union Elevated R.R. Co., North- 
western Elevated R.R. Co., Cicero & Oak Park 
Elevated R.R. Co.; asst. trial atty. Union Trac- 
tion Co. Democrat. Methodist. Mason (K.T.). 
Club: Union League. Residence: 4420 Berkeley 
Av. Office: 913 Ashland Blk. 

BAIN, Foree, patent lawyer and elec. and 
mech. expert; born LaGrange, Oldham Co., Ky., 
Feb. 1, 1853; son Thomas J. and Eunitia A. 
(Foree) Bain; ed. pub. schools of LaGrange, 
Ky. ; legal edn. in Chicago Coll. of Law and 
Kent Coll. of Law; self taught in engring., with 
25 years of practical experience; married La 
Grange. Ky., Dec. 16, 1875, Cora Foster; chil- 
dren: Clara Louise, Virginia M., Cora M., Fo- 
ree, Jr. Telegraph operator. 1868; electric engr. 
and mfr., 1879-94; consulting engr. since 1886; 
elec. and mech. engineer frequently called up- 
on to testify as an expert in causes in which 
elec. and patent matters are involved. Pioneer 
in constructing elec. coal machinery and adapt- 
ing electricity to mining use (1887) for cutting 

and hauling coal and lighting mines. Has de- 
signed and constructed many automatically op- 
erating machines and devices; prolific inventor; 
since 1900 practicing as patent lawyer, and 
since 1909 senior mem. of Foree Bain & May. 
Has contributed many articles to technical 
journals. Independent in politics. Agnostic in 
religion. Mem. Chicago Patent Law Assn. Club: 
Suburban of LaGrange. Residence: LaGrange, 
111. Office: 947 Monadnock Blk. 

BAIBD, Edward Fayson, mfr. ; born Philadel- 
phia, Jan. 26, 1860; son James H. and Adeline 
Whittemore (Torrey) Baird; ed. pub. school 
Montclair, N..J., and Heightstown (N.J.) Acad.; 
married Chicago, Oct. 30, 1895, Cora Lee Cox; 
children; Coreta Cox, Edward Payson, Jr., and 
Helen I. Entered employ of William A. Torrey 
& Co., New York, 1875; Seth Thomas Clock Co., 
New York, 1879; Electro-Mechanical Clock Co., 
Montreal, Can., 1887; established Baird Clock 
Co., of Montreal and Plattsburg, N.Y., 1888; 
moved to Chicago, 1893; established, 1900, Baird 
Mfg. Co. and in 1910 the Baird Electric Co., of 
which is pres. Republican. Presbyterian; dir. 
Christopher House Assn. Clubs: Evanston 
Country, Skokie Country. Residence: 1221 Jud- 
son Av., Evanston, 111. Office: 3145 N. Halsted 

BAIHD, Fxedeilck S,, lawyer; deceased; see 
Vol. 1905. 

BATBD, G-eor^e Ambrose, executor estate of 
Peter L. Kimberly; born Rochester, Beaver Co., 
Pa., May 10, 1865; son Charles A. and Mary B. 
(Ambrose) Baird; ed. public schools, Sharon, 
Mercer Co., Pa.; married Sharon, Mar. 24, 1897, 
Ella R. Stewart; 1 son: George Stewart. In iron 
and steel mfg. business with P. L. Kimberly & 
Co., Sharon, 1881-94; asst. sec. and treas. At- 
lantic Iron & Steel Co., New Castle, Pa., 1894-8; 
mgr. Sharon Iron Co., Ltd., and the Buhl Steel 
Co., Sharon, 1898-9; removed to Chicago, 1899; 
vice-pres. and mgr. sales dept. Republic Iron & 
Steel Co., May 1, 1899-Jan. 1, 1906; has since 
been managing executor estate of late Peter L. 
Kimberly. Engaged in the irrigation enterprise 
of the Twin Falls Land & Water Co., of South- 
ern Ida., and various mining propositions in 
Lake Superior district and the far West. Re- 
publican. Mason (Shriner). Clubs: Chicago 
Athletic, Union League, Mid-Day, South Shore 
Country (Chicago), Duquesne (Pittsburg). Rec- 
reation: golf. Residence: Monrovia, Cal., and 
Chicago Athletic Club, Chicago. Office: 1430 
Corn Exchange Bank Bldg. 

BAIBD, Kuclus Olmsted, clergyman; born 
Chicago, June 15, 1863; son Lyman and Eliza- 
beth (Warner) Baird; B.A., Yale University, 
1885, B.D., 1890; student Chicago Law School, 
1887-8; (D.D., Drury College, Springfield, Mo., 
1910); married Jeannette Stuart Woods, of 
Kingston, Can., Sept. 19, 1895; children: Eliza- 
beth, Jeannette Woods, Harriet Warner. Or- 
dained Congregational ministry, 1890; pastor 
Pullman, Wash., as mem. of the '"Yale band," 
1890-4; pastor Ottawa, 111., 1895-1905, St. Mary's 
Av. Ch., Omaha, Neb., 1905-10; western sec. Am. 
Missionary Assn., (Chicago, since 1910. Dir. 
Congl. Summer Assembly. Progressive Repub- 
lican. Mem. Psi Upsilon, ApoUos Club. Recre- 
ations: motor-boaung and fishing. Residence: 
57 Crescent PI., Wilmette, 111. Office: 1027, 19 
S. LaSalle St. 

BAIBD, Iiyman, real estate; deceased; see 
Vol. 1905. 

BAIBD, acaz, lawyer; born Chicago, Jan. 4, 
1869; son Lyman and Elizabetli Mather (War- 
ner) Baird; A.B., Yale Univ., 1890; married 
June 18, 1906, Lily Olmsted de Palfizieux, 
daughter of Lucius D. Olmsted. Was assoc. in 
practice with the office of John P. Wilson from 
1891-9, having been admitted to bar of 111. in 
1892; since 1899 has been engaged as counsel 
for the 111. Trust & Savings Bank. Mem. Law 
Club of Chicago, Chicago Bar Assn. Trustee 
Thomas Orchestra. Congregationalist. Clubs: 



University, Tale Club of Chicago, Psi Upsilon 
coll. fraternity. Residence: 666 Irving Park 
Boul. Office: 111. Trust & Savings Bank. 

BAIBD, Wyllys Warner, real estate; born 
New Haven, Conn.; son Lyman and Elizabeth 
il. (Warner) Baird; ed. Univ. School, Chicago; 
married Chicago, 1S83, Olivia, daughter of Ol- 
iver B. Green; children: Warner Green, Katha- 
rine Louisa. Entered employ of Baird & Brad- 
ley, 1878; later became mem. of that firm (es- 
tablished 1857) until 1893; since then of its 
successor, the firm of Baird & Warner. Mem. 
Chicago Real Kstate Board (pres. 1903). Con- 
gregationalist; for several years treas. Chicago 
Theol. Seminary. Republican. Clubs: Union 
League, City. Recreations; fishing and hunting. 
Residence: 445 Wellington Av. Office: 104 N. 
LaSalle St. 

BAXEB, Alfred Kandon, stock and bond bro- 
ker; born of Boston citizens temporarily visit- 
ing Nova Scotia, Apr. 30, 1859; son Addison 
and Maria (Mudge) Baker; grad. Lynn (Mass.) 
High School, 1876; studied law in office of 
George W. Smith, Boston; married Chicago, 
June 5, 1894, Mary Corwith; children: Isabelle 
and Mary. Admitted to bar of Essex Co., 
Mass., 1881; practiced law with John R. Bald- 
win (firm Baldwin & Baker) at Lynn until 
1S86; was mem. Lynn City Council and Lynn 
school board. Came to Chicago, 1886, and for 
several years was senior mem. law firm of Ba- 
ker & Greeley, until he retired from active 
practice and engaged in business as banker 
and broker and mem. Chicago Stock Exchange, 
later also becoming mem. Chicago Board of 
Trade and the New York Stock Exchange; in 
Jan. 1899 was joined by Solomon Sturges and 
Hugh McB. Johnston, partners in the present 
firm of Alfred L. Baker cfe Co.; vice-pres. Nat. 
City Bank; pres. Chicago Stock Exchange, 1898- 
1900; pres. board of trustees. Lake Forest Univ., 
1906-7. Clubs: (ihicago. Union League, Univer- 
sity, Commercial, Onwentsla (pres., 1901-6), 
Merchants (pres., 1905). Recreation: golf. Res- 
idence: Lake Forest, 111. Office: Home Ins. Bldg. 

BAXEB, Cliarles K., telegraph official; born 
Alexandria, Pa., Apr. 13, 1854; son Michael W. 
and Catharine S. Baker; ed. in Alexandria, 
Pa., pub. school; married Dwight, 111., Apr. 30, 
1874, Nellie C. Adams; 1 daughter: Adelaide 
Adams Baker (now Mrs. John R. Hilton). Drug- 
gist at Dwight, 111., 1868-86; telegraph opera- 
tor in connection with drug business, 1870-86; 
superintendent of construction Mutual Union 
Telegraph Co., Atlantic and Pacific Telegraph 
Co., American Union Telegraph Co., Baltimore 
& Ohio Telegraph Co., and Postal Telegraph- 
Cable Co., since 1872; built all the lines of the 
Postal Telegraph-Cable Co. from the Pa. State 
Line to Cal. and from New Orleans to Duluth; 
built and owned a line of telegraph between 
Chicago and Milwaukee, which was sold to 
Postal Telegraph-Cable Co.; now gen. supt. of 
plant. Postal Telegraph-Cable Co. Republican. 
Club: Chicago Athletic. Recreations: hunting, 
fishing, motoring. Residence: Chicago Beach 
Hotel. Office: 1000, 140 W. Van Buren St. 

BAXEB, Charles Wlialen, sec. The Chicago 
Live Stock Exchange; born Lockport, N.Y., Apr. 
5, 1856; son Timothy, Jr. and Elizabeth (Ray- 
mond) Baker; took 3-year eclectic course in 
Chicago Univ.; married Chicago, Sept. 15, 1878, 
Ada, daughter of George W. Mathews; children: 
Raymond Macy, Grace Elizabeth, Harold Hol- 
man, Martha Burns. After leaving coll., 1875, 
engaged in business on the Chicago Board of 
Trade, leaving it in 1877 to assume charge, as 
gen. mgr. traffic dept. of Union Stock Yard & 
Transit Co.; since Mar. 13, 1884, sec. Chicago 
Live Stock Exchange, and in 1889 organized 
also The Nat. Live Stock Exchange, of which 
has also been sec. from its organization. Re- 
publican. Episcopalian. Club: Saddle and Sir- 
loin. Mason. Residence: 7157 Princeton Av. Of- 
fice: Exchange Bldg., Union Stock Yards. 

'^BAXEB, Banford Merge, ins.; see Vol. 1905. 

BAKEB, Edwin Bice, Cook Co. auditor; born 
Cleveland, O., Dec. 10, 1864; son of Oliver and 
Mary Ellen (Rice) Baker; Revolutionary an- 
cestry; ed. high schools, Toledo and Cincinnati, 
O. ; special studies Oberlin Coll., Ohio State Univ. 
and Univ. of Minn.; married Ada L. Lewis, of 
Janesville, Wis., Mar. 1892; 1 daughter: Elsie. 
Came to Chicago, 1890; auditor Great Western 
Mfg. Co. until 1895; sec. Chicago Union Lime 
Works Co., 1896-99; auditor United Breweries 
Co., 1900-02; in private practice as pub. ac- 
countant, 1902-3; auditor for County Board of 
Cook Co. since 1903 (qualified first out of 23 
candidates in civil service examination). First 
and only candidate to pass the first examina- 
tion under the Certified Pub. Accountant Act, 
1903. Mem. Toledo Cadets, Ohio N.G., 1882. Re- 
publican. Presbyterian; treas. Granville Av. 
Presbyterian Church, 1907-8. Pres. 111. Inst. Ac- 
countants, 1906-7. Mason, Edgewater Lodge 
(1st sec), Oriental Consistory, Medinah Tem- 
ple Mystic Shrine; K.P. ; ex-pres. Merchants' 
Council No. 8 Nat. Union; mem. S.A.R. Club: 
Hamilton. Recreations: music and walking. 
Residence: 6242 Lakewood Av. Office: 512 Court 

BAXEB, Elmer Jerome, publisher; born Bu- 
chanan Co., la., Nov. 3. 1861; son D. P. and 
Mary C. (Smltli) Baker; ed. public and high 
schools. Sycamore. 111., Wheaton (111.) Coll. and 
Univ. of 111. Resident of Chicago since 1880, 
and after leaving coll., 1882, engaged as pub- 
lisher in Chicago; now publisher of Farm Im- 
plement News. Clubs: Press, Chicago Athletic, 
Chicago Automobile, Columbia Y'acht, Chicago 
Advertising Assn. Recreations: reading and 
motoring. Residence: 410 Diversey Boul. Of- 
fice: Masonic Temple. 

BAXEB, Francis E., jurist; born Goshen, 
Ind., Oct. 20, 1860; son Judge John H. and Har- 
riet (DeFrees) Baker; ed. Goshen until 1875; 
Ind. State Univ., 1876-8; B.A., Univ. of Mich., 
1S82; literary editor University Chronicle, 1881- 
2; married Goshen, Ind., Feb. 21, 1888, May Ir- 
win. Entered, 1882, law office of his father and 
his uncle, Joseph A. S. Mitchell; latter became 
supreme judge (Ind.), 1885; firm Baker & Ba- 
ker, until senior became U.S. judge, 1892; then 
was Baker & Miller until 1899; firm were attys. 
for L.S.&M.S.Ry., and other prominent corpns. ; 
Judge Supreme Court of Ind., 1899-1902; judge 
U.S. Circuit Court, 7th Circuit, since Feb. 4, 
1902. Clubs: University, Union League (hon.), 
Chicago Athletic; also Columbia, Marion (Indi- 
anapolis). Residence: Goshen, Ind. Office: 725 
Federal Bldg. 

BAXEB, Frank, jurist; born Melmore, O., 
Mav 11, 1840; son Richard and Fanny (Wheel- 
er) Baker; A.B., Ohio Wesleyan Univ., 1861; LL. 
B., Albany Daw School, 1863; private in 84th 
Ohio Vol. Inf., 1862-5; married London, O., Nov. 
10, 1870, Eliza Warner; children: Ethel (Mrs. E. 
L. Andrews), Nora (Mrs. S. M. Kochersperger). 
Engaged in practice of law in Chicago, 1873-87; 
since 1887 judge of the Circuit Court of Cook 
Co., and since June 1904 assigned to Appellate 
Court of First Dist. of 111. Democrat. Mem. U. 
S. Grant Post G.A.R., S.A.R., Soc. of Colonial 
Wars. Residence: 3543 Lake Av. Office: Ash- 
land Blk. 

BAXEB, Frank Collins, zoologist; born War- 
ren, R.I., Dec. 14, 1867; son Francis Edwin and 
Anna Collins (Thurber) Baker; ed. Brown 
Univ., 1888; Jessup scholar, Acad. Natural Sci- 
ences, Phila., 1889-90; married Lillian May 
Hall, of Rochester, N.Y., June 16, 1S92. On Mex- 
ican exploring expedition sent out by Acad. 
Natural Sciences, 1890; invertebrate zoologist. 
Ward's Natural Science Establishment and sec. 
Rochester Acad. Sciences, 1891-2; curator zool- 
ogy. Field Columbian Mus., Chicago, 1894; cu- 
rator Chicago Acad. Sciences since July 1894 
(life mem., sec, 1894-7). Corr. mem. Rochester 
Acad. Sciences; vice-pres. 111. Audubon Soc; 


mem. Am. Assn. of Museums, A.A.A.S., 111. 
Acad. Sciences. Author: A Naturalist in Mexi- 
co, 1895; Mollusca of the Chicago Area, 1898- 
1902; Shells of Land and Water, 1903. Contbr. 
to zool. jours., principally on mollusca. Home: 
173S York PI. Office: Chicago Academy of Sci- 
ences, Lincoln Park. 

*BAKEB, Flank Kenry; see Vol. 1905. 

BAKER, Frank Joseph, vice-pres. North Shore 
Klectric Co.; born Cleveland, Sept. 11, 1864; son 
William D. and Josephine (Bussell) Baker; B. 
S., in mech. engring., Univ. of Mich., 1887; LL. 
B., Northwestern Univ. Law School, 1897; mar- 
ried Chicago, Oct. 1906, Gayle Nelson. Vice- 
pres. North Shore Electric Co. since 1902; also 
vice-pres. Chicago Suburban Water & Light Co. 
Associate Am. Inst. Elec. Engrs. ; mem. Nat. 
Electric Light Assn. Republican. Episcopalian. 
Mason (32, Shriner). Club: University. Resi- 
dence: Wilmette. 111. Office: 1010 Home Ins. 

BAKEB, Frank Spencer, architect; born Chi- 
cago, May 2, 1S74; son Orris P. and Rose M. 
I Spencer) Baker; ed. Chicago Manual Training 
School, Lewis Inst., Univ. of Chicago; passed 
state examination for architects, fall of 1904; 
unmarried. Carpenter, 1894-5; architect, drafts- 
man and supt. with Holabird & Roche, Shepley, 
Rutan & Coolidge, Frost & Granger, Patton & 
Miller, 1895-1906; practiced alone, 1906-7; as 
Hall & Baker, 1908-9; sec. and architect for 
Guaranty Construction Co., builders, since Sept. 
1, 1909. Republican. Trustee Woodlawn Park 
Congregational Church. Vice-president Citizens' 
League. Clubs: City, Kenwood Country, Con- 
gregational. Recreation: tennis. Residence: 6049 
Ellis Av. Office: Harris Trust Bldg. 

BAXEB, Fredric Philip, clergyman; born 
Franeker, Netherlands, Feb. 25, 1848; son Al- 
bert and Delia W. (Zipma) Baker; ed. Hope 
Coll., Holland, Mich., and Western Sem. of Re- 
formed Church in America, B.D., 1876; (D.D., 
1896); married Holland, Mich., Sept. 14, 1876, 
Laura M. Heald; 1 daughter: Grace Lucinda. 
Licensed to preach by Classis of Reformed 
Church, 1S76; ordained by Presbytery of Win- 
nebago, 1S77; pastor Presbyterian Churches at 
Rural, Wis., 1S76-8.3. Marshfield, Wis., 1883-7, 
Wayne, Neb., 1887-91, Reformed Church, Con- 
stantine. Mich., 1891-3; Presbyterian Churches 
at Hot Springs, S.D., 1893-7, Sheldon, 111., 1897- 
9, Reformed Church of Irving Park, Chicago, 
since 1899. Republican. Residence: 4045 N. 42d 

BAKBB, Frederick Sherman, lawyer; born 

Chicago, Oct. S. 1858; son Levi S. (resident of 
Chicago from 1847) and Lucetta (Smith) Baker; 
ed. pub. schools of Chicago and by private tu- 
tor; studied law in office of J. H. Truman; mar- 
ried Chicago, Sept. 1888, Josephine Turck; chil- 
dren: Beatrice, Roschen, Frederick, Jr. Admit- 
ted to 111. bar, Jan. 1883, and began practice in 
partnership with William J. Donlin as firm of 
Baker & Donlin; since 1901 in practice alone. 
Residence: Evanston, 111. Office: 208 N. 5tli Av. 

BAXEB, aeorgre, gen. mgr. of sales. 111. Steel 
Co., and mgr. of sales. Carnegie Steel Co., and 
Tenn. Coal, Iron & R.R. Co. Clubs: Chicago 
Athletic. Colonial, South Shore Country. Resi- 
dence: 732 Diversey Parkway. Office: 1512 Com- 
mercial Nat. Bank Bldg. 

BAXEB, Qeorgre Beuhen, druggist; deceased; 

so,. \.,\. UhI.-,. 

BAXEB, Henry, coal merchant; deceased; see 

Vol. lyou. 

BAXEB, John Clark, lawyer; born St. Louis, 
Nov. 25, 1S77; son James and Margaret (Clark) 
Baker; ed. E\'anston Acad.; A.B., Northwestern 
Univ., 1901, fellow in physics, 1901-2. A.M., 
1902; student Mich. School of Mines, 1902-3; 
married Elgin. III., Aug. 24, 1904, Hester Sproul. 
Admitted to 111. bar, Feb. 1905, and since prac- 
ticed at Chicago; atty. Employers' Liability As- 

surance Corpn., Ltd. Democrat. Methodist. Mem. 
Chicago Bar Assn., Phi Beta Kappa, Sigma Nu. 
Sergeant major 2d Mo. Vol. Inf., 1898, Spanish- 
Am. War. Author (with Henry Crew): Thermal 
Development of the Spark Spectrum (Proceed- 
ings Am. Acad. Science), 1901. Clubs: Univer- 
sity, Ouilmette Country, University of Evans- 
ton. Recreation: tennis. Residence: 347 Hill 
St., Wilmette, 111. Office: 29 S. LaSalle St. 

BAXEB, John Ezra, lawyer; born St. Paris, 
O., May 23, 1876; son of Benjamin F. and Eliz- 
abeth (Furrow) Baker; ed. Ohio Wesleyan Univ., 
1891-5; Ohio State Univ., A.B., 1897, LL.B., 1898; 
married Apr. 30, 1907, Elisabeth, daughter of 
John T. Alexander, of Chicago; 1 son: John Ez- 
ra, Jr. Admitted to 111. bar, 1898, and has since 
then been engaged in general practice; mem. 
firm of Winkler & Baker, 1904-6, Winkler, Ba- 
ker & Holder, Dec. 1906-Sept. 1909, Baker & 
Holder since Sept. 1909. Republican. Mason. 
Clubs: University, Chicago Athletic, Chicago 
Yacht. Residence: 3004 Prairie Av. Office: First 
Nat. Bank Bldg. 

BAXEB, Zincias X., lumberman; born Kel- 
loggsville, Ashtabula Co., O., Aug. 16, 1855; son 
Edward P. and Paulina (Bloss) Baker; ed. 
county grammar schools and Grand River Inst., 
Austinburg, O. ; widower. Began business ca- 
reer at Ludington, Mich.. 1874; with J. S. 
Stearns, John W. Gary and John S. Woodruff, 
organized the J. S. Stearns Lumber Co., Odanah, 
Wis., 1893, of which was sec. and treas. until 
1907, when became pres. ; also pres. Baker Lum- 
ber Co. since 1900, and of Ashland, Odanah & 
Meringo R.R. since 1907; dir. Northern Nat. 
Bank, of Ashland, Wis., and Lyon Cypress Lum- 
ber Co. Republican. Presbyterian. Mason. Trus- 
tee Northland Coll., Ashland, Wis. Clubs: Chi- 
cago, Chicago Athletic, Calumet; also Milwau- 
kee (Milwaukee). Residence: Ashland, Wis. 
Office: 406 Marquette Bldg. 

"j-BAXEB, IiUther EU]ah, ins.; see Vol. 1905. 

*BAEEB, Samuel, mfr. ; see Vol. 1905. 

'BAXEB, 'William Bryan; see Vol. 1905. 

BAXEB, 'William Henry, coal merchant; born 
on farm in Lyons Tp., Cook Co., 111., Sept. 18, 
1865; son Digory W. and Agnes (Bielby) Baker; 
removed with parents to Chicago, 1868; ed. at 
Brown School and afterward at Sender's Busi- 
ness Coll., graduating from latter; married Chi- 
cago, June 22, 1891, Belle Clement; 2 sons and 
1 daughter. Began in employ of Baker Bros., 
coal merchants; mgr. of the business, 1890- 
1905, since member of firm. Trustee Sanitary 
Dist. of Chicago, 2 terms, 1900-10. Republican. 
Clubs: Chicago Athletic, 111. Athletic, South 
Shore, Chicago Automobile. Recreations: mo- 
toring and shooting. Residence: 3533 W. Ad- 
ams St. Office: 189 W. Madison St. 

BAXEB, 'William Vincent, banker and bro- 
ker; born Raneegunge, British India, Nov. 17, 
1850; son Col. William Thurlow Baker (late of 
H.B.M. 4th Regt. of Foot) and Elizabeth (Vin- 
cent) Baker; father was 25 years in British 
East Indian service; ed. India, England, France 
and Canada; M.A., McGill Univ., Montreal, P. 
Q., 1870; married Chicago, June 24, 1877, Fran- 
ces E. Markley; 1 daughter: Ethel Markley. 
Came from Canada in 1870 and went into the 
life ins. business with the Chicago Life Ins. 
Co. as office boy, and left it ten years later as 
actuary of the company; broker in commercial 
paper in firm of Baker & Parmele, 1880-5; mem. 
firm of A. O. Slaughter & Co., stocks and bonds, 
1890-7; with firm of E. L. Brewster & Co., 1897- 
1901; with Edwin L. Lobdell & Co., 1901-4; as- 
sociate and mgr. with Chapman, De Golyer & 
Co., stocks, bonds, 1904-7; with A. L. Baker & 
Co. since 1907. Independent in politics. Mason. 
Clubs: Chicago, Union League, Midlothian. Rec- 
reations: golf, fishing, sailing. Residence: 2125 
Calumet Av. Office: Home Ins. Bldg. 

BAI^ATXA, Christian Ferdinand, musician; 
born Chicago, July 21, 1861; son Hans and Hed- 



wig (Fessel) Balatka; ed. high school and Dyr- 
enfurth Coll., Chicago; began studying music 
under his father at early age and afterward 
studied with other local teachers; completed 
studies under best instructors of Royal Acad, 
of Music, Berlin, 1889-91; degree of Mus. D. 
from Grand Conservatory of Music (N.Y. State 
Univ.), New York, Apr. 1903; married Crown 
Point, Ind., Oct. 2, 1901, Anna Nordin. On re- 
turn from Europe assumed directorship of the 
piano dept. of the Balatka Musical College, es- 
tablished, 1879, by his father, who was the pio- 
neer music teacher of the West: after his fa- 
ther's death, Apr. 1899, became dir. of the coll. 
Mem. German Hist. Soc. Republican. Mason 
(Pleiades Lodge, Wiley M. Egan Chapter, Apollo 
Commandery K.T., and Medinah Temple Mystic 
Shrine) ; mem. Royal Arcanum and Nat. Union. 
Clubs: 111. Athletic, Columbia Yacht, Owls, Ger- 
man Press. Recreations: yachting, literature. 
Residence: 1617 Wellington Av. Office: 27 E. 
Randolph St. 

BAI^DWnr, A(rcliibald) Stuart, civil engr. ; 
born Winchester, Va., Sept. 28, 1861; son Rob- 
ert Frederick and Caroline (Barton) Baldwin; 
ed. Shenandoah Valley Acad., Winchester. Va., 
and Staunton (Va. ) Mil. Acad.; married Mattie 
Frazier, of Staunton, Va., Dec. 19, 1883. Rod- 
man on Richmond & Allegheny R.R. (now C.&O. 
Ry.), 1879; asst. engr. and engr. Iron and Steel 
W^orks Assn. of Va., 1880-3; draftsman and 
asst. engr. Phila. extension, B.&O.R.R., 1883-5; 
prin. asst. engr. Mo. River Bridge, Kansas C!ity, 
for CM.&St.P.Ry., 1885-6; resident engr. Louis- 
ville, St. Louis & Tex. R.R., 1886-7; asst. engr. 
and roadmaster L.&N.R.R., 1887-1901; prin. asst. 
engr., 1901-3, engr. of constrn., 1903-5, chief 
engr. in charge constrn. and maintenance of 
way since Mar. 20, 1905, I.C.R.R. Mem. Am. 
Soc. C.E., Am. Ry. Engring. and Maintenance of 
Way Assn. Club: Engineers'. Residence: 1364 
E. 49th St. Office: Central Station. 

*'BAImJ)W1S, Aristidea Edwin, physician, den- 
tist; see Vol. 1905. 

'^BAIiD w iM , ErastUB Bostwick, grain com- 

mn.; see Vol. 1905. 

BAIiSWIIT, Qeorjre Almon, pres. Rebuilt 
Typewriter Co.; born Utica, N.Y., Nov. 28, 1865; 
son of Myron T. and Mary C. (Harvey) Bald- 
win; ed. pub. schools, Univ. of Chicago and 
Denison Univ., Granville, O. ; married Mary G. 
Bruce, of LaGrange, 111., Nov. 1, 1887; 1 daugh- 
ter: Grace Mae. Identified with the typewriter 
industry since beginning active business career 
in 1889; with the Remington Typewriter Co., 
Chicago, 1889-96, Underwood Typewriter Co., 
1896-1908; retired on account of ill health, 1908- 
10; pres. and treas. Rebuilt Typewriter Co., 
Chicago, since 1910. Republican, (jongregation- 
alist. Royal Arch Mason; Odd Fellow. Nom- 
inated for trustee Village of LaGrange for 
term of 1911-13. Clubs; Suburban of LaGrange, 
LaGrange Motor (1st vice-pres.). Recreation: 
motoring. Residence: 15 W. Maple Av., La 
Grange, 111. Factory: 326-328 N. May St. Of- 
fice; 417 S. Dearborn St. 

BAXDWIH, Qeorgre Frederick, retired banker 
and broker; born Boston, Oct. 27, 1853; son 
George Dexter and Sarah Maria (Childs) Bald- 
win; grad. English High School, Boston, 1870: 
married Boston, Feb. 25, 1879. Mary Scott; 1 
son: George Scott Baldwin (died at Harvard 
Coll., Dec. 12, 1903). After graduation went 
with father's firm, Baldwin, Botume & Co., in 
which became partner in 1874, and later alone 
with father under firm name of George D. Bald- 
win & Co., in packing business at Union Stock 
Yards, Chicago, coming here from Boston in 
Oct. 1876; continued that firm until father's 
death, then formed firm of Baldwin, Wrenn & 
Farnum, banking and commn. stocks and grain, 
the firm later becoming Baldwin, Farnum & 
Co., and finally Baldwin, Gurney & Co.; retired 
from business June 1899. Republican. Congre- 
gationalist. Clubs: Calumet, Chicago Athletic; 

also Algonquin (Boston), New York (New 
York). Residence: 2937 Michigan Av. 

BAXDwxA, Eenry B., lawyer; born on farm 
in McHenry C)o., III.; son Sebrean C. T. and La- 
vina (Stevens) Baldwin; ed. pub. schools of 111. 
and at Northern Ind. Normal School; married 
Nettie C. Borden, of Crystal Lake, 111. Was 
several years teacher in country and village 
schools in McHenry Co. and also county supt. 
of schools there; for about 20 years was part- 
ner in firm of Jesse A. & Henry R. Baldwin, In 
Chicago; upon accession to Circuit Court bench 
of Jesse A. Baldwin, succeeded to business of 
former firm and is now mem. law firm of Bald- 
win & Barnes. Mem. Chicago Law Inst., Chi- 
cago Bar Assn., 111. State Bar Assn., Am. Bar 
Assn., Royal League, Royal Arcanum, Order 
Columbian Knights. Clubs: Union League, Ham- 
ilton, South Shore Country, Ridge Country. Re- 
publican. Baptist. Residence: Morgan Park, 111. 
Office: 708 Reaper Blk. 

BAI^S W IN , Jesse A., judge; born Greenwood, 
111., Aug. 9, 1854; son Sebrean C. T. and Lavina 
(Stevens) Baldwin; student Univ. of 111., 1872; 
taught school 5 years; studied law under Hon. 
T. D. Murphy, Woodstock. Ill ; married Fannie 
M. Benton, of Greenwood, 111., Jan. 29, 1879; 
children: Louise, Jesse R. (deceased"*. Fannie 
M. (deceased), Theodore W., Noi'man L., Will- 
iam Storrs. Admitted to bar, 1877; asst. U.S. 
atty., 1877-84; resigned and began private prac- 
tice; for years senior mem. firm of Jesse A. and 
Henry R. Baldwin; judge Circuit Court of Cook 
Co. since 1909. Has been town atty., pres. of 
board of edn. and trustee Library Inst, .of Oak 
Park, 111. Trustee I'niv. of Chicago. Rush Med. 
Coll. Mem. Am., 111. State and Chicago Bar 
assns., Patent Law Assn. Clubs: Union League. 
Hamilton, City, Chicago, Quadrangle. Resi- 
dence: 341 Pleasant St., Oak Park, 111. Address: 
Court House. 

BAKS'WIjr, K(anriB) Blake, physician; born 
Orange, N.J.. June 1, 1870; son Abraham and 
Annie S. (Winterbotham) Baldwin; M.D., Chi- 
cago Med. Coll., 1894; married Chicago, Oct. 
1896, Katherlne Walsh; children: John R. Walsh 
and Lauris. Engaged in practice of medicine in 
Chicago since 1894; was surgeon in U.S.N, in 
Spanish-Am. War, serving on U.S.S. Alexander, 
and received thanks of Congress. Was physi- 
cian-in-charge and pres. Samaritan Hosp. ; ex- 
pres. Dearborn Med. Coll.; ex-sec. Cook Co. 
Hosp.; prof, skin and venereal diseases Post- 
Grad. Med. School; prof, clinical dermatology, 
(Toll, of Physicians and Suraeons: attonding 
dermatologist Cook Co. Hosp. Fellow Am. Acad. 
Medicine, Chicago Dermatological Soc, Chicago 
Med. Soc. Clubs: Physicians', Calumet, Univer- 
sity. Residence: 5460 Washington Av. Office: 
1106, 7 W. Madison St. 

BAKD'WXET, Anther Hnbbell, pres. Baldwin 
Equipment & Supply Co.; born Charlotte, Vt., 
July 27, 1869; son Alonzo M. and Louise C. 
(Hubbell) Baldwin; grad. Burlington (Vt.) High 
School, 1888, followed by 2 years in Univ. of 
Vt. ; married Chicago, June 16, 1896, Lillian M. 
Saunders. Came to Chicago in 1891: with Pull- 
man Palace Car Co. till 1893; with Continental 
Bank, 1893-1901 (receiving teller 2 years). Be- 
came interested in Industrial Co. and the Price 
Machinery Co. until June 1903; then pres. and 
treas. of the Chicago Car & Locomotive Works 
until Aug. 1904, when organized the Baldwin 
Equipment & Supply Co., dealers in ry. equip- 
ment, of which he is pres. and gen. mgr. ; also 
pres. and dir. Central Ry. Equipment Co. Inde- 
pendent in politics. Congregationalist. Mason. 
Clubs: 111. Athletic, Chicago Gun. Recreations: 
fishing and hunting. Residence: 4259 Gladys 
Av. Office: Fisher Bldg. 

BAI^D W Ul , Bobert Bojrers, lawyer: born Clin- 
ton, la., Jan. 14. 1860; son Isaac and Elizabeth 
(Means) Baldwin; ed. Clinton pub. schools; LL. 
B., State Univ. of Iowa, 1884; widower. Estab- 
lished practice, 1884; in Chicago since 1892, in 



general civil practice. Mem. Am., 111. and Chi- 
cago Bar assns., Chicago Law Inst. Former 
sec. Finance Com. Municipal Voters' League; 
dir. Chicago City Missionary Soc. ; treas. Minis- 
terial Relief Assn. of the State of 111. Repub- 
lican. Mason, K.T. Mem. Soc. of the Cincin- 
nati, S.A.R., Mil. Order of Foreign Wars. Club; 
City. Residence: 817 Dearborn Av. Office: 35 N. 
Dearborn St. 

BAIiKE, JuIiuB, vice-pres. The Brunswick- 
Balke-CoUender Co.; born Cincinnati, O., May 

27, 1857; son Julius and Charlotte (Harcamp) 
Balke; ed. high schools at Cincinnati, and poly- 
technic school, Stuttgart, Germany. Began busi- 
ness career, 1875, in factory of The Brunswick 
& Balke Co., Cincinnati, O. (of which his father 
was one of the founders), and has since been 
identified with the company and its successor. 
The Brunswick-Balke-Collender Co., becoming 
dir. in 1890, sec, 1893, 2d vice-pres, 1906. Re- 
publican. Episconalian. Mason; Knight of Pvth- 
ias. Clubs: Union League, Chicago Athletic, 
South Shore Country, Midlothian. Recreations: 
billiards and golf. Residence: 4516 Greenwood 
Av. Office: 324 S. Wabash Av. 

BAIi, David MOTxis, lawyer; born Norwood 
Park, 111., June 17, 1855; son Charles R. and 
Louise M. (Dunham) Ball; ed. Jefferson High 
School, Cook Co.; studied law in Chicago; mar- 
ried 1880, Laura E. Charbonneau, Chicago, 111.; 
1 son: Arthur L. Admitted to bar, 1880; en- 
gaged in general practice. Mem. 111. Bar Assn., 
Chicago Bar Assn. Republican. Mem. Sons of 
the Revolution. Mason; Knight of Pythias. 
Residence: 6241 Lincoln PI., Norwood Park. 
Office: 167 W. Washington St. 

BAIiI^, Edward Henxy, belting mfr. ; born E. 
Troy, Wis., Nov. 12, 1857; son E. H. and Sarah 
E. C. (Cobb) Ball; ed. in schools and acads. of 
Milwaukee and at Princeton Univ. ; married Hen- 
derson, Ky., Apr. 4, 1888, Sarah Beattie; chil- 
dren: Edward Henry, III, Charles Allis Ball. 
Began business career with the wholesale gro- 
cery firm of Ball & Goodrich, Milwaukee, con- 
tinuing with that firm until 1885; in 1886 be- 
came interested in ranch in Kansas; sec. Kan- 
sas City Radiator & Iron Foundry, 1887-8; sec. 
Chicago Belting Co., 1889-1909, and vice-pres. 
and sec. since 1909. Republican. Clubs: Chi- 
cago Athletic, Glen View, Evanston, Princeton 
(Chicago), Princeton, Engineers' (New York), 
Evanston Country. Recreation: motoring. Res- 
idence: 1215 Forest Av., Evanston, 111. Office: 
113-125 N. Green St. 

BAM, Farlin Herbert, lawyer; born Chicago, 
Oct. 19, 1872; son Judge Farlin Quigley and 
Elizabeth (Hall) Ball; A.B., Univ. of Wis., 
1895; LL.B., Chicago Law School, 1897; married 
Laura Frances Leonard, of Chicago, Apr. 23, 
1903; 2 daughters: Barbara and Elizabeth. Ad- 
mitted to 111. bar, 1897; mem. law firm of Ball 
& Lunsford, 1901-5. Mem. Chicago Bar Assn. 
(sec, 1907-9), 111. State Bar Assn., Am. Polit. 
Science Assn., Psi Upsilon. Mason. Clubs: 
Union League, Oak Park, Law, Legal. Recrea- 
tions: gardening, walking, tennis. Residence: 
211 Clinton Av., Oak Park, 111. Office: Chicago 
Title & Trust Bldg. 

BAJiJm, Farlin Qnig-ley, judge; born Ohio, Mar. 

28, 1838; son James M. and Ketruah (Ford) 
Ball; Ph.B., Univ. of Wis., 1861; private to 
major, 31st Wis. Inf., 1862-5; married Elizabeth 
Hall, of Chicago, June 23, 1868; 2 sons: Farlin 
Herbert and Sydney H. Admitted to Wis. bar, 
Nov. 1865; state's atty. of Dane Co., Wis., 2 
terms; removed to Chicago, 1869; was especial- 
ly prominent in the suits arising out of the 
lake front controversy as atty. for several own- 
ers of riparian rights. Judge Superior Court of 
Cook Co., 111., since 1895; assigned to the Ap- 
pellate Court 1st Dist. Judge-advocate of the 
1st Brigade I.N.G., 6 years. Clubs: Hamilton, 
Oak Park. Author: The Law of National Banks, 
1881. Residence: Oak Park, 111. Address: Court 

BAImIm, Godfrey Howitt, fancy groceries; born 
Melbourne, Australia, Feb. 15, 1853; son George 
Palmer and Isabella Ball; ed. public schools, 
Brooklyn, N.Y.; married Chicago, June 24, 1885, 
Mary Clement Herriott; children: James Per- 
cival, Louise Herriott. Has been actively iden- 
tified with the fancy grocery importing busi- 
ness since 1870; mgr. Chicago house of James 
P. Smith & Co., importers, of New York and 
Chicago. Independent in politics. Episcopalian. 
Club: Calumet Golf. Recreations: golf, fishing, 
hunting and baseball. Residence: 4028 Lake Av. 
Office: 35 E. South Water St. 

BAILIE, William A., lawyer; see Vol. 1905. 

BAXb, William Dearborn, consulting engr. ; 
see Vol. 1905. 

''BAIiKABD, Addison, lumber merchant; see 
Vol. 1905. 

'''BAIiIiABD, Cbarles NelBOn, physician; see 
Vol. 1905. 

BAIiKABS, Frank Edward, real estate and 
investment broker; born Chicago, Sept. 30, 1856; 
son Edward and Lucy W. Ballard; ed. public 
schools of Chicago and Univ. of 111., in class of 
1878; married Lansing, Mich., Feb. 21, 1882, 
Jessie Wood. Since leaving coll. in 1876, en- 
gaged in real estate and investment business In 
Chicago, firm of Ballard, Pottinger & Co.; pres. 
Maywood Co., lands. Congregationalist. Repub- 
lican. Mem. Royal League, Nat. Union, Colum- 
bian Knights. Club: Oak Park. Residence: Oak 
Park, 111. Office: 735 Marquette Bldg. 

BAXI^EITOEB, William I^incoln, physician; 
born Economy, Ind., Apr. 26, 1861; son William 
and Lydia Ann (Starbuck) Ballenger; student 
Earlham Coll., Richmond, Ind., 1881; M.D., 
Bellevue Hosp. Med. Coll. (N.Y. Univ.), 1886; 
married Ada Poarch, of Richmond, Ind., July 
15, 1886. Teacher in pub. schools, Ind., 1881-3; 
in general practice of medicine, Richmond, Ind., 
1886-93, at Evanston, 111., 1893-5; since 1895, 
practice limited to otology and laryngology; 
instr., 1895, lecturer, 1898, asst. prof., 1901, as- 
sociate prof., 1902, prof, otology and laryngol- 
ogy since 1903, Coll. Physicians and Surgeons, 
Chicago; instr. Chicago Policlinic, 1891; prof, 
otology, Chicago Eye and Ear Coll. Sec, 1899- 
1902, pres., 1902-4, and since then councillor 
Am. Acad. Ophthalmology and Oto-Laryngol- 
ogy; councillor, 1903, vice-pres., 1903-4, Chicago 
Med. Soc; pres. Chicago Otological and Laryn- 
gological Soc, 1905; mem. Internat. Otol. Con- 
gress, and many Am. socs. Congregationalist. 
Republican. Clubs: Winnetka, 111. Athletic. Au- 
thor: Diseases of the Nose, Throat and Ear 
(text book), 1900; Otology and Laryngology. 
Contbr. scientific and clinical articles to med. 
jours. Residence: Hubbard Woods, 111. Office: 
31 N. State St. 

BAIiKOTT, Amos Percy, mining opei'ator; born 
Bradford, O., Oct. 26, 1874; son of Horace M. 
and Anna (Sowers) Ballou; ed. high school, 
Covington, O.; West Side Commercial Coll., Chi- 
cago; Soper School of Oratory; Soper School of 
Parliamentary Law; married Covington, O., June 
10, 1896, Clara May Ruhl; 1 daughter: Thelma 
May. Engaged in real estate, building and loan 
business in Chicago, 1894; treas. Village of Ev- 
ergreen Park; agent for the subdivision of Ev- 
ergreen Park and editor Evergreen Park Re- 
view, 1896; general agent Royal Union Mutual 
Life Ins. Co., 1899-1902; since 1902 exclusively 
engaged in mining operations. Mem. 41st St. 
Presbyterian Church. Republican. Mason, K.T., 
Shriner. Clubs: Hamilton, Colonial. Recrea- 
tions: golf and hunting. Residence: 601 E. 50th 
St. Office: 112 W. Adams St. 

BAILKOTT, tieoige Frost, sec. the Osgood Co.; 
born Kennebunk, Me.. July 10, 1869; son George 
William and Miranda P. (Frost) Ballou; stu- 
dent Cornell College, Mt. Vernon, la., 1887-8, 
Northwestern Univ., Evanston, 111., 1891-4; mar- 
ried Amanda Louise Dingee, of Chicago, Nov. 7, 
1895. Was associate editor of the Chicago Dry 



Goods Reporter, 1895; became identified with 
tlie Osgood Co., designers, electrotypers and en- 
gravers, in 1896, as sec, in whicli capacity lias 
since remained. Republican. Methodist. Mem. 
Beta Theta Pi (Northwestern Univ.); Mason, 
Ravenswood Lodge, Oriental Consistory, Medi- 
nah Temple Mystic Shrine. Clubs: Chicago 
Athletic, Chicago Automobile, Ravenswood. 
Recreation; automobiling. Residence: 4533 Per- 
ry St. Office: 500 Sherman St. 

BAZiM, Edmund Alexander, pres. 111. Metal 
Ceiling & Supply Co.; born Toledo, O., Anr. 24, 
1867; son Alexander and Mar.y (Dupont) Balm; 
ed. pub. schools; married Canton, O., Sept. 28, 
1898, Ida Biecliele. Began as traveling sales- 
man for Diebold Safe & Lock Co., of Canton, O., 
nearly 5 years; bookkeeper for the Berger Mfg. 
Co., 1893-4; came to Chicago and became mgr. 
of the III. Roofing & Supply Co.; later was tak- 
en Into the company, and in 1902 became its 
pres. and treas. ; company liquidated and now 
pres. and treas. 111. Metal Ceiling & Supply Co. 
Independent in politics. Catholic. Residence: 
3419 W. Monroe St. Office: G3 E. Lake St. 

BAIilVIIiB, Edwin, author; born Chicago, July 
26, 1SS3; son Thomas and Helen Clark (Pratt) 
Balmer; grad. Northwestern Univ. Acad., 1899; 
A.B., Northwestern Univ., 1902; A.M., Harvard 
Univ., 1903; married Katharine MacHarg, of 
Chicago, June 10, 1909; 1 daughter: Caroline. 
Reporter on Chicago Tribune, fall of 1903; as- 
sociated with Graham Taylor in the publica- 
tion of The Commons, Jan. 1904-Oct. 1905, when 
it was merged with Charities, New York; now 
editorial adviser and contributor to Hampton's 
Mag.; also contbr. to Collier's Weekly, Ameri- 
can Mag., Saturday Evening Post, Youth's Com- 
panion, and others. Has traveled in Cuba, Mex- 
ico, Europe, Hawaii and Japan. Author: Way- 
laid Bv Wireless, 1909; The Achievements of 
Luther Trant (with William McHarg), 1910; 
The Science of Advertising, 1910. One of his 
short stories in Saturday Evening Post was the 
basis of Frederic Thompson's production of the 
play "Via Wireless." Mem. Phi Beta Kappa 
(honor) fraternity. Phi Kappa Psl. Clubs: Uni- 
versity, Evanston Golf. Recreations: tennis, 
golf. Address: 5401 Winthrop Av. 

BAI^MEB, Thomas, advertising adviser and 
dir.; born Belfast, Ireland, Mar. 29, 1848; son 
Thomas and Mary (Hull) Balmer; ed. King's 
Coll. School, London, Eng. ; married Cincinnati, 
O.. Sept. 23. 1S80, Helen Clark Pratt; children: 
Helen Ruth, Edwin, Julius Pratt, Catherine 
Gordon. Began business life as mgr. of Hull & 
Co., linen factory, Drogheda, Ireland; landed in 
this country Aug. 16, 1869, and entered employ- 
ment in linen dept. of Cochran, McLean & Co., 
New York; began in advertising business with 
Curtis Pub. Co., 1892: advertising mgr. for the 
Butterick Pub. Co., 1900-5; advertising adviser 
and dir. Street Railways Advertising Co. of 
New York. 1905-10: for The Currier Pub. Co., 
Chicago, since Sept. 1, 1910. Clubs: Mid-Day, 
Agate, Exmoor; also Lotos, Aldine Assn., 
Sphinx (New York). Residence: 1045 Holly- 
wood A\'. Office: Kesner Bldg. 

BANCROFT, Edtrar Addison, lawyer; born 
Galesburg, 111., Nov. 20, 1857; son Addison N. 
and Catherine (Blair) Bancroft: A.B.. Knox 
Coll., 1878, A.M., ISSl; LL.B., Columbia, 1880; 
married Margaret Healy, of Brooklyn, N.Y., Apr. 
18, 1896. In general practice, Galesburg, 1884- 
92, Chicago since 1892; solicitor for 111. of A.,T. 
&S.P.R.R.CO., 1892-5; vice-pres. and general so- 
licitor Chicago & Western Ind. R.R. Co. and the 
Belt Ry. Co., 1895-1904; mem. law firm Scott, 
Bancroft & Stephens since 1904; general coun- 
sel Internat. Harvester Co. since 1907, also of 
Butler Bros. Republican presidential elector, 
1888. Mem. Am. Bar Assn., 111. State Bar Assn. 
(ex-pres.), Chicago Bar Assn. (ex-pres.). Law 
(jlub (ex-pres.). Clubs: University, Union 
League (pres.. 1904-5), Hamilton, Chicago Lit- 
erary, Merchants' (pres., 1899), Citv, Cliff 

Dwellers, Onwentsia. Author: The Chicago 
Strike of 1894, 1895; The Moral Sentiment of 
the People, the Foundation of National Great- 
ness, 1896; Destruction or Regulation of Trusts, 
1907. Recreations: golf, hunting. Residence: 77 
E. Cedar St. Office: Corn Exchange Bank Bldg. 
BANFOBD, Kenry Harris, real estate; born 
Danville, Ky., Nov. 4, 1869; son of William H. 
and Laura (Latham) Banford; ed. Central Univ., 
Ky. ; married Danville, Nov. 14, 1904, Josephine 
Reid. Journalist and newspaper correspondent 
at Lexington and Danville, 1888-90; bookkeeper 
for wholesale grocery house, Danville, 1890-1; 
came to Chicago, 1891, and was mem. of the 
registration com. of Am. Trotting Register As- 
sn. 1 year; with J. L. Cochran, real estate, 1892- 
5; in business for self, 1895-1905, and since head 
of firm of H. H. Banford & Co. Republican. 
Mem. Chicago Real Estate Board (sec, 1905). 
Recreation: motoring. Residence: 521 Fuller- 
ton Boul. Office: 34 N. Dearborn St. 

BAITGS, Frederick Angfnstns, lawyer; born 
Laeon, Marshall Co., 111., Apr. 3, 1865; son Hon. 
Mark and Harriet Cornelia (Pomeroy) Bangs; 
ed. common schools of Lacon until 1875, when 
removed to Chicago, and subsequent edn. was 
in pub. schools of this city; LL.B., Union Coll. 
of Law, 1886; married Oct. 5, 1893, Ruth Tiles- 
ton, of Evansville, Ind.; 1 daughter: Ruth. Ad- 
mitted to bar, 1886; joined father in firm of 
Bangs & Bangs; firm later changed to Bangs, 
Wood & Bangs; now in individual practice. 
Pres. West Chicago Park Commrs. by appoint- 
ment of Gov. Richard Yates from 1901; also 
col. on staff of Gov. Yates. Republican. Mason. 
Residence: River Forest, 111. Office: 522 First 
Nat. Bank Bldg. 

BAKQS, John Sean, merchant; born Lowell, 
Mass., July 19, 1855; son Dean and Eliza Buck- 
ley (Brown) Bangs; ed. pub. schools in Lowell, 
Mass., and Chicago, and at old Chicago Univ.; 
married Winnetka, July 14, 1886, Miss Eliza- 
beth Lathrop. Entered father's hardware store 
upon leaving school and, in 1878, succeeded to 
the business under present firm name of John 
D. Bangs & Co., now specializing in cooking 
and heating apparatus. Was one of the orig- 
inal members of 1st Regt. I.N.G., having en- 
tered as sergt. and later promoted successively 
as 2d lieut. and 1st lieut. of Co. C; was 3 years 
q.-m., afterwards elected as major, and also 
served as treas., 1879-86; resigned. Club: 111. 
Athletic. Recreations: golf, boating and fishing. 
Residence: 3861 Ellis Av. Office: 421 S. Wabash 

*BANKEB, Edward Hamilton, mfr. ; see Vol. 


BAITKS, Alexander French, ry. official; born 
Crawford Co., Ind.. Jan. 31, 1861; son Henry 
Bartlett and Julia C. (French) Banks; ed. pub. 
schools: married Evansville, Ind., Nov. 13, 1883, 
Blanche Nichelson; children: JDuke N., Blanche, 
Charles Ackert. Entered ry. service with the 
St. Louis & Southeastern Ry. Co., 1877, since 
which he was consecutively contracting agent 
for same, 1878-80, at Evansville, Ind.; traveling 
agent arjd gen. agent Continental Fast Freight 
Line, 1880-8; gen. agent la. Central Ry., Peoria, 
111., Jan. 1-Sept. 1, 1888; gen. freight agent, 
Sept. 1888-May 1889, gen. freight and passen- 
ger agent. May 1889-1890, traffic mgr., 1890-3, 
Iowa Central Ry. ; traffic mgr. Elgin, Joliet & 
Eastern Ry., 1893-1900; since 1900 pres. Elgin, 
Joliet & Eastern Ry. and Chicago, Lake Shore 
& Eastern Ry. Dir. Continental and Commer- 
cial Nat. Bank, Commercial Nat. Safe Deposit 
Co., Allis-Chalmers Co., South Chicago Savings 
Bank. Clubs: Chicago, Mid-Day, Union League, 
Glen View, Exmoor. Residence: Evanston, 111. 
Office: 1416, 72 W. Adams St. 

BANKS, Charles Eug'ene, author; moved to 
Seattle, Wash.: see Vol. 1905. 

BANKS, 'William Henry, bonded public ware- 
houseman; born near Quincy, Adams Co., 111., 



June 3, 1842; son of Eli and Harriet (Betts) 
Banl^s; ed. pub. scliools and in Bryant & Strat- 
ton Business Coll., Chicago; widower; 1 child: 
Harry Pickands. In 1861 served as clerk for 
W. & D. J. Lake, grain commn. merchants, and 
later for V. A. Turpin & Co., packers. In 1862 
began active career as clerk for Larrabee & 
North, hardware, Chicago; became partner, 
1868, in business of agrl. implements, seeds and 
tools, with J. Hariey Bradley, as Bradley & 
Banks; this firm made first shipments of agrl. 
implements to Japan, under orders from Japan- 
ese Govt.; bought interest of partner, 1872, con- 
tinuing as W. H. Banks & Co.; disposed of in- 
terest in agrl. business, 1876, and engaged in 
sale of celebrated Kelly Barbed Wire, control- 
ling trade in 111., Ind., and Wis. Became sec. 
and mgr. Van De Poele Electric Light Co., 
1882; while with this company. Van De Poele 
invented the electric trolley now in use on st. 
rys. of the world; became mgr. of a storage 
company, 1889, which operated a warrant sys- 
tem of storage and issued storage warrants; 
organized a wareliousing company of larger 
capital, 1899, and continued at its head until it 
was merged into a New York company, of which 
he was western mgr.. In Chicago; business was 
conducted by the Am. Warehousing Co. of Bal- 
timore, 1905-7; acquired interests of Baltimore 
company, 1907, and has since operated the busi- 
ness Individually. Republican. Episcopalian. 
Residence: Southern Hotel. Office: The Rook- 

BANS' ARD, Renry Clay, brewer; born New 
York City, Dec. 21, 1844; son John W. and Eliza 
Landon (Stone) Bannard; B.A., Yale Coll., 1869; 
married Lafayette, Ind., 1879, Florence Spears 
(died 1883); 1 daughter: Florence Spears; mar- 
ried 2d, Jan. 1894, Mrs. Alice Yeakel Stockton, 
of Lafayette, Ind. Admitted to 111. bar at 
Springfield, 1869; in law office of Norman C. 
Perkins, Chicago, 1869-70; associated with 
Franklin MacVeagh in wholesale grocery busi- 
ness, Chicago, 1870-81; of Bannard, Lyman & 
Co., wholesale grocers, 1882-4; vice-pres. and 
gen. mgr. The N. K. Fairbank Co., 1885-96; out 
of business, 1897-8; since 1899 pres., treas. and 
dir. United Breweries Co. Independent in poll- 
tics. Episcopalian; parishioner St. Chrysostom's 
Church. Mem. Chicago Yale Assn., Art Inst, of 
Chicago, Chicago Hist. Soc. Clubs: Chicago 
(pres., 1896-7), University, Mid-Day (Chicago), 
English Lake (Ind.) Shooting and Fishing, Uni- 
versity (New York). Recreation: travel. Resi- 
dence: 36 Bellevue PI. Office: First Nat. Bank 

BANNING, Ephraim, lawyer; deceased; see 

Vol. 1905. 

BANNING, Samuel 'Walker, lawyer; born 
Chicago. Nov. 16, 187S; son Thomas A. and Sa- 
rah J. (Hubbard) Banning: A.B., Dartmouth 
Coll., 1900; LL.B., Chicago-Kent Coll. of Law, 
1903: married Wheaton, 111., Aug. 12, 1903, 
Grace M. Edson. Entered law office of Banning 
& Banning (Ephraim and Thomas A. Banning) 
In 1900 as clerk and student and was admitted 
to partnership in the firm July 1, 1903, after 
admission to the bar in 1903. Specialties of 
firm are patent, trade mark, copyright and cor- 
poration law. Republican. Congregationalist. 
Mem. Delta Kappa Epsilon, Phi Delta Phi. Res- 
idence: 138 5th St., Hinsdale, 111. Office: Mar- 
quette Bldg. 

BANNING, Thomas A., lawyer; born on farm 
In McDonough Co., 111., Jan. 16, 1851; son Eph- 
raim and Louisa Caroline (Walker) Banning; 
ed. pub. schools; studied law; married Dec. 21, 
1875, Sarah J. Hubbard; children: Samuel Walk- 
er, Edith, Thomas A., Sarah Louise, Dorothea 
Esther. Admitted to 111. bar, Sept. 15, 1875; to 
bar of Supreme Court of U.S., Jan. 8, 1880; gen- 
eral practice, but principally in Federal, Circuit 
and Supreme Courts; head of firm of Banning 
& Banning; is patent counsel for the Moline 
Plow Co., Am. Car & Foundry Co., Colo. Fuel & 

Iron Co., Youngstown Sheet & Tube Co., Inter- 
nat. Harvester Co., Kokomo Steel & Wire Co., 
Denning Wire & Fence Co., Crawfordsville Wire 
& Nail Co. and many other mfg. companies. 
Republican. Office: Marquette Bldg. 

BANNISTEB, Henry Kartyn, physician; born 
Cazenovia, N.Y., July 25, 1844; son Rev. Henry 
and Lucy (Kimball) Bannister; A.B., North- 
western Univ., 1863, A.M., 1869; M.D., Nat. Med. 
College, Columbian (now George Washington) 
Univ., 1871; married Delia C. Ladd, of Chicago, 
June 14, 1887. On geol. survey of 111., 1867-8, 
U.S. Geol. Survey of Territories, 1872; in med. 
practice since 1874; founded with Dr. J. S. Jew- 
ell and jointly edited Journal of Nervous and 
Mental Diseases, 1874-1881; has been connected 
with several other med. jours. Mem. A.M.A., 
Am. Med. Psychol. Assn. (hon.); asso. mem. 
Am. Neurol. Assn. Author: (with Dr. D R. 
Brower) A Practical Manual of Insanity, 1902. 
Contributed chapters to Hare's System of Ther- 
apeutics, 1901, and Reference Handbook of the 
Medical Sciences, 1902; also to geol. reports and 
articles in scientific and med. jours. Residence: 
828 Judson Av., Evanston, HI. 

BANZBT, George Thomas, dentist; born Sand- 
wich, 111., Nov. 22, 1866; son Albert and Mary 
(Hickey) Banzet; B.S., Chicago School of Sci- 
ence, 1891; D.D.S., Northwestern Univ. Dental 
School, 1893; married Lillian E. Randall, of Chi- 
cago, June 2, 1898. Actively engaged in prac- 
tice of dentistry at Chicago since 1893. Mem. 
internal., nat., state and local dental socs. In- 
dependent Democrat. Episcopalian. Clubs: Chi- 
cago Athletic, Evanston University, Glen View 
Golf, Chicago Motor. Residence: 416 Lake St., 
Evanston, 111. Office: 717, 34 E. Washington St. 

BABAG'WANATK, Henry Dnnstan, mfr.; born 

Chicago, Feb. 8, 1S60; son William and Maria 
(Loveland) Baragwanath; ed. pub. and high 
schools of Chicago to 1875; married St. LouTs, 
Mo., Aug. 1888, Emily I. Williams; children: 
Elsie (Mrs. F. S. Brandenburg, Madison, Wis.), 
Genevieve, Ruth, Cecil, Mabel. After leaving 
school in 1875, entered the Pacific Boiler Works, 
established by his father in 1850, and later was 
admitted as a partner under the style of Will- 
iam Baragwanath & Son, continuing the busi- 
ness after the death of his father in 1888, and 
on Jan. 1, 1904, incorporating it under the same 
style, and now being pres. of the company, sole 
mfrs. of the Steam Jacket Feed-Water Boiler 
and Purifier. Democrat. Mason; Royal League. 
Club: Illinois Athletic. Recreation: billiards. 
Residence: 1637 Humboldt Boul. Office: 1260 
W. Division St. 

BABASA, Bernard Philip, lawyer; born Ne- 
gaunee, Mich., Apr. 15, 1878; son Baptist and 
Mary A. (Marchetti) Barasa; grad. Sacred Heart 
Coll., Watertown, Wis., 1893, Negaunee High 
School, 1896; LL.B., Chicago-Kent Coll. of Law, 
1905; married Edith N. Gazzolo, of Chicago, 
Oct. 18, 1905; 1 daughter: Kathryn M. Admit- 
ted to bar, 1905. Dir. Children's Day Assn. 
("tag day"); organized "tag day" work for 
Messina earthquake sufferers, Jan. 8, 1909. Re- 
publican. Catholic. Member Knights of Colum- 
bus. Mem. Chicago Bar Assn. Club: Hamilton. 
Recreations; outdoor diversions. Residence: 
3307 W. Monroe St. Office: 1613 Masonic 

BABBEE, 'William S., lawyer and mir. ; born 
Jefferson Co., 111., Sept. 28, 1865; son Thomas 
M. and Mary S. (Kenner) Barbee; ed. Wesleyan 
Univ.. Bloomington, 111.; LL.B., Chicago Coll. of 
Law (Lake Forest Univ.), 1904; married Lillian 
G. Gilen, of Chicago. Nov. 15, 1904. Engaged in 
real estate operations since 1899 and in prac- 
tice of law since 1904; also sec, treas. and mgr. 
Ry. & Traction Supply Co.; sec. and treas. 
Standard Metal Mfg. Co. Republican. Christian 
Scientist. Mason (K.T., Shriner). Clubs: Ham- 
ilton (life mem., dir. 3 years). Press 'life 
mem.). Recreations: reading and travel. Resi- 



dence: 4724 Kenmore Av. Office: 404 Rector 

BASBEB, Albert Harry, creamery machinery; 
born Chicago, Feb. 13, 1882; son Albert H. and 
Mary (Pennell) Barber; ed. Cornell Univ. in 
class of 1905; unmarried. Upon death of father, 
1903, succeeded him as pres. and dlr. of A. H. 
Barber & Co. Also pres. A. H. Barber Creamery 
Supply Co. Republican. Clubs: Union League, 
Kenwood Country. Recreation: tennis. Resi- 
dence: 566 Bryant Av. Office: 223 W. South 
Water St. 

BABBEB, Conrtenay, life underwriter; born 
Simcoe, Ont., Can., June 5, 1877; son of Charles 
Edgar and Josephine Amelia (Lowe) Barber; 
ed. pub. grammar and high schools, Simcoe, 
Ont.; married Leila Cook, of Cliicago, Jan. 16, 
1902. Began business career as clerk in Chi- 
cago office of the Equitable Life Assurance Soc. 
of the U.S., Dec. 22, 1892, with which has since 
been identified, as clerk, 1892-9, solicitor, 1899- 
1902, and general agent at Chicago since Aug. 
1, 1902. Sec. and mem. board trustees Chicago 
Home for Boys since its organization in 1906; 
mem. nat. council, and since 1910, 2d vice-pres. 
Brotherhood of St. Andrew. Republican. Epis- 
copalian; vestryman Church of the Redeemer 
since 1903. Mason, Kenwood Lodge, Oriental 
Consistory, Medinah Temple. Clubs: Union 
League, Chicago Athletic, Hamilton, Church 
Club of Chicago. Residence: 1438 E. 51st St. 
Office: 617 Peoples Gas Bldg. 

BABBEB, Herbert liee, investments; born 
Jackson, Mich., May 20, 1865; son of Levi W. 
and Martha L. (Naracon) Barber; ed. pub. 
schools and Olivet (Mich.) Coll.; married M. 
Elizabeth Graham, of Oskaloosa, la., Aug. 26, 
1901; 2 children: Haskell and Bernice. Began 
teaching school in Mich, and Ind., which con- 
tinued until 1890, when came to Chicago and 
engaged in publishing business, in which re- 
mained until 1904; publications included va- 
rious productions of the late Murat Halstead 
and others; engaged as dealer in investment se- 
curities since 1905, under the firm name of H. 
L. Barber & Co.; also editor of Investing For 
Profit (newspaper). Republican. Congregation- 
alist. Mem. Chicago Assn. of Commerce. Clubs: 
Chicago Atliletic, Hamilton, Birchwood Coun- 
try, Aero of Illinois. Recreations: his library 
and bowling. Residence: 1540 Lunt Av., Rogers 
Park. Office: 408 Great Northern Bldg. 

BABBEB, Hiram, lawyer; born Queensbury, 
Warren Co., N.Y., Mar. 24, 1835; son Hiram and 
Salome (Seeley) Barber; moved to Wis., 1846; 
ed. 3 years in Univ. of Wis.; attended Albany 
Law School; married 1857, Louisa, daughter of 
Gen. James McEwan, of Chester, Wis.; chil- 
dren: Helen (Mrs. H. L. Kadish), Florence 
(Mrs. D. C. Everitt), Sherman, Cameron. Ad- 
mitted to bar, 1856; practiced at Juneau, Wis., 
as partner of Hon. Charles Billin^hurst; later 
at Watertown, Wis., partner of Col. Charles R. 
Gill, former atty.-gen. of Wis.; removed to Chi- 
cago, 1866; mem. firm of Jussen (Edmund) & 
Barber until 1869, Barber & Lackner (Francis), 
1869-78; mem. of Congress, 1879-81; receiver of 
Land Office, Mitchell, Dak., 1881-5; returned to 
Chicago and practiced in partnership with The- 
odore Brentano until latter was elected to bench 
of Superior Court; since then in practice alone; 
master in chancery Superior Court of C!ook (io. 
since 1891. Secured original appropriation for 
Waukegan harbor, 1880. Republican. Mason 
(K.T.). Residence: Maywood, 111. Office: 32 N. 
Clark St. 

BABBEB, John Child, mfr.; born St. Law- 
rence Co., N.Y., Dec. 12, 1844; son Alonson and 
Emeline (Child) Barber; ed. pub. schools of St. 
Lawrence Co., N.Y., and Rock Co., Wis., 1852- 
60; served in a Wis. regt. in the Civil War, 
Sept. 1861-Aug. 1865; married Fond du Lac. 
Wis., Mar. 3, 1869, Fannie M. Craig; children: 
Annie C, Franklin L., Lee W. Emploved bv 
C.&N.W.Ry.Co. at Fond du Lac, Wis., 1865-71; 

car foreman Northern Pacific Rv., St. Paul, 
1871-3; master car builder M.,K.&T.Ry., Sedalia, 
Mo., 1873-83; supt. Rio Grande division Texas 
Pacific Ry., Ft. Worth, Tex., 1883-5; master car 
builder Northern Pacific Ry., St. Paul, 1885-97; 
came to Chicago in 1898 and organized the 
Standard Car Truck Co., of which has since 
been pres. Inventor of R.R, appliances, and 
originator and patentee of the Barber trucks. 
Republican. Club: South Shore Country. Rec- 
reations: motoring, fishing, hunting. Residence: 
5627 Monroe Av. Office: McCormick Bldg. 

BABBEB, layman W.; see Vol. 1905. 

BABBEB, Sherman, mfr.; born Chicago, Mar. 
S, 1871; son Hiram and Louisa (McEwan) Bar- 
ber; in ranch life near Mitchell, Dakota Ty. 
(now S.D.), 1881-8; attended Mitchell (pub.) 
School; in 1888 took course at Chicago Athen- 
aeum, and later other special courses: married 
Ethel May Messmore, of Mishawaka, Ind., Dec. 
20, 1905; 2 sons: Roger Philip and Sherman, Jr. 
Was mgr. West Side Natatorium, 1891; em- 
ployed in mfg., 1892; mgr. South Side Natato- 
rium, 1893-1900. Since 1896 identified with The 
Jones Positive Nut Lock Co., of which is pres. 
Republican. Episcopalian. Mason. Club: Colo- 
nial. Residence: Lexington Hotel. Office; 2812- 
2814 Wabash Av. 

BABBOXTB, Frank, fire underwriter; born 
Norwalk. Conn., Feb. 18, 1863; ed. pub. schools; 
unmarried. Entered ins. business in 1880 and 
later became a mem. firm of Smith, Miller, 
Whitney & Barbour (established 1874), consol- 
idated in 1901 with R. S. Critchell & Co. (estab- 
lished 1863). under firm name of Critchell, Mil- 
ler, Whitney & Barbour, sole agents for 13 
large English and Am. companies. Republican. 
Clubs: Union League, Chicago Athletic, Mid- 
Day, Kenwood, Midlothian. Recreation: golf. 
Residence: Chicago Beach Hotel. Office: La- 
Salle St., S.W. Cor. Madison St. 

BAHBOUB, James Joseph, lawyer; born Hart- 
ford, Conn., Dec. 28, 1869; son Rev. H. H. and 
Frances E. Barbour; ed. grammar and high 
schools of Newark, N.J., to 1886, Chicago Coll. 
of Law, 1889-92; married Chicago, Sept. 1, 1891, 
Lillian Clayton; children: Justin F. Heman 
H., Elizabeth. Newspaper reporter, Camden, N. 
J., 1887; began study of law with Judge Fred- 
erick A. Smith, Chicago, 1888; became asst. to 
Henry F. Eames, pres. Commercial Nat. Bank, 
1889, and upon admission to bar, 1891, continued 
as atty. for the bank until Mr. Eames' death, in 
1897. Appointed asst. state's atty., Jan. 1904, 
by Charles S. Deneen, reappointed by John J. 
Healy in Dec. 1904, and was 1st asst., 1907-8; 
as prosecutor obtained convictions, of Inga 
Hanson, for perjury committed by her in her 
suit against Chicago City Ry. for alleged per- 
sonal injuries; of George S. McReynolds, fraud- 
ulent removal of grain covered by warehouse 
receipts, upon which McReynolds had borrowed 
more than $700,000; of William Eugene Brown, 
attempted subornation of perjury in disbar- 
ment proceedings growing out of charge of 
bank swindling; of Lucy Hagenow, sentenced 
to 20 years for murder, resulting from illegal 
operation. Assisted in prosecution of Paul O. 
Stensland and other officials of Milwaukee State 
Bank; conducted trial of Iroquois Theatre fire 
case at Danville. 111.; the first "Sunday closing" 
case; removed Ralph Lipsey habeas corpus case 
from Superior Court to Supreme Court by cer- 
tiorari, and was there successful in obtaining 
decision denying right of habeas corpus writ to 
a defendant whose conviction has been affirmed 
by the Supreme Court. In case of Herman 
Blllik. convicted of murder by poisoning, ob- 
tained initial decision in U.S. Supreme Court 
that that court lacked jurisdiction to consider 
appeals from orders denying habeas corpus 
writs except upon certificate of nisi prius judge 
that appeal is meritorious; obtained evidence of 
huge primary election frauds in the nomination 
for state's atty. in Aug. 1908, which evidence 



formed the basis of a lengt!iy contest in the 
County Court, and the subsequent appointment 
of special state's atty. and the return of many 
indictments charging fraudulent voting. Dur- 
ing the afternoon of Nov. 16, 1908, caused the 
arrest, indictment, trial in court, and sentence 
to the penitentiary for forgery, of Peter Van 
Vlissengen, real estate dealer, who admitted 
forgeries of mortgage notes exceeding $1,000,- 
000. Resigned Dec. 1, 1908, to enter private 
practice with Clarence A. Knight and William 
G. Adams, composing firm of Knight, Barbour 
& Adams. Active during 1909 in the conduct of 
litigation in New York and Chicago in behalf 
of Mrs. Mary A. Yerkes, involving her Interests 
in tne estate of her late husband, Charles T. 
Yerkes. Republican. Member Park Lodge A.F. 
&A.M. Clubs: Birchwood Country, Birchwood 
Golf. Residence: 7622 Sheridan Rd., Birchwood. 
Office: Chicago Title & Trust Bldg. 

BABD, Qeorife Uoiris, pres. Barco Brass & 
Joint Co.; born Alliance, O., July 22, 1852; son 
Jesseand Sarah (Ulary) Bard; ed. pub. schoolsof 
Ohio; married Beverly, Mass., 1881, Helen Nor- 
wood; children: Norwood, Ralph A., Roy Emer- 
son. In general hardware business at Alliance, 
O., and at Cleveland, 1869-83; in iron and steel 
business at Cleveland, 1883-91; treas. and mgr. 
of the Ind. Iron Co., Muncie, 1891-99; gen. supt. 
and dir. Republic Iron & Steel Co., Chicago, 
1899-Oct. 1, 1901; pres. Norwall Mfg. Co., 1903- 
7; became pres. Barco Brass & Joint Co., Mar. 
13, 1907. Republican. Mason (K.T.). Recrea- 
tions: golf and fishing. Residence: Highland 
Park, III. Office: 230 N. Jefferson St. 

BABDOITSKI> Victor, druggist; born Welle, 
Poland-Germany, Dec. 23, 1852; son John and 
Agniszka (Moz) Bardonski; ed. common schools 
in Poland-Germany, Chicago schools and grad. 
Chicago Coll. of Pharmacy; married Josephine 
Bloch, of Chicago, Jan. 22, 1873 (died Feb. 
1904); 6 children: Anna Martha (Mrs. Dr. F. 
Kalacinski), John B., Mary (Mrs. Walter Choj- 
nacki, Lemont, 111.), Leokadia (Mrs. Matt Kal- 
acinski), Matilda, Irene. In drug business in 
Chicago since 1882. Democrat; ex-county com- 
mr. Catholic. Mem. Catholic Order of Forest- 
ers, Polish National Alliance. Office and Resi- 
dence: 1256 Noble St. 

BABDWIilili, OrsamuB Havelock, mgr. Chi- 
cago branch The (Jlobe-Wernicke Co.; born Shel- 
burne, Mass., Feb. 17. 1859; son Orsamus O. and 
Helen (Packer) Bardwell; grad. Williston Sem., 
Easthampton, Mass., 1880; special studies in 
civil engring. ; married Cora E. Elmendorf, of 
Chicago, Mar. 6, 1889; 2 children: William O., 
Louise E. Employed in hydraulic engring. dept., 
Holyoke (Mass.) Water Power Co., 1882-3; be- 
came connected with Globe-Wernicke Co., 1884, 
as traveling salesman, and established their 
Chicago branch, 1896, of which has since been 
manager. Republican. Mason. Mem. S.A.R. 
Clubs: Chicago Athletic, South Shore Country. 
Recreations: golf and fishing. Residence: 4758 
Champlain Av. Office: 235 S. Wabash Av. 

BABFIBZiD, William O., architect; born in 
England; has lived in Chicago and practiced his 
profession here for many years. Residence: 
Hinsdale, 111. Office: 58 W. Washington St. 

BABQEB, Kichard Watson, lawyer; born at 
Waynesville, DeWitt Co., 111., Nov. 11, 1847; 
son Rev. John S. and Sarah Lee (Baker) Bar- 
ger; early edn. at pub. schools; at 13 was drum- 
mer boy in Co. K, 73d 111. Vols., of which regt. 
his father was chaplain, but was not enlisted 
because of youth and only remained with the 
regt. until after the battle of Perryville, Ky. ; 
although still under age, succeeded in enlisting 
in Co. D, 1st Battalion of Cav. of Miss. Marine 
Brigade, engaged in keeping open the Miss. 
River from St. Louis to New Orleans; served 
until Jan. 2, 1S65; A.B., 111. Wesleyan Univ., 
Bloomington, 1871, later A.M.; in 1871 began 
study of law in office of Joseph Fifer (later 
gov. of 111.); admitted to bar, Mt. Pleasant, la.. 

1873. Practiced at Mt. Pleasant, 1873-5, at Des 
Moines, la., 1875-90; specialized in ins. law and 
became noted as expert in that specialty; re- 
moved to Chicago, 1890, and has practiced as 
ins. lawyer all over the U.S.; head of firm of 
Barger & Hicks. Republican. Clubs: Chicago 
Yacht, South Shore Country. Residence: 4052 
Grand Boul. Office: 416, 39 S. LaSalle St. 

BABKBB, Clarence Freeman, physician; born 
Montville, Waldo Co., Me., Jan. 19, 1852; son 
Isaac Truman and Abbie (Dyer) Barker; grad. 
Kent's Hill Coll. and Sem., Readfleld, Me., grad- 
uating 1875; M.D., Hahnemann Med. Coll. and 
Hosp., Chicago, 1880; married Chicago, Feb. 24, 

1880, Arta Louise Culver. Practiced at Hollis- 
ton, Mass., 2 years, at Manistee, Mich., until 
1894; since 1895 in practice in Chicago. Prof, 
surgery Hahnemann Med. Cojl., Chicago. Mem. 
Am. Inst. Homeopathy, 111. Med. Assn., Clinical 
Soc. of Hahnemann Med. Coll. and Hosp. Office 
and Residence: 3942 Ellis Av. 

BABKBB, David Nelson, mfrs.' mgr. in iron 
and steel; born Homer, Cortland Co., N.Y., Mar. 
3, 1844; son David Earle and Naomi (Hill) 
Barker; ed. pub. school and Cortland Co. Acad., 
Homer, N.Y., and in Ames Commercial Coll., 
Syracuse, N.Y. ; married Waukegan, 111., Sept. 7, 
1870, Mary, daughter of Alson S. Sherman; chil- 
dren: Earle Sherman Barker, Mrs. Marion Bar- 
ker Wing. Came to Chicago, 1872; since Jan. 
1875 with Jones & Laughlin, and in Aug. 1894 
became mgr. of the Chicago house formerly 
known as Jones & Laughlins, Ltd., but now as 
Jones & Laughlin Steel Co., operating large 
plant at Pittsburg, Pa., in the mfr. of all kinds 
of iron and steel products; dir. State Bank of 
Chicago. Republican. Clubs: Union League, 
Evanston Golf. Recreation: golf. Residence: 
1236 Judson Av., Evanston, 111. Office: 440 W. 
Lake St. 

BABKBB, Frank William, retired mfr.; born 
Chicago, Oct. 15, 1851; son Joseph N. and Fran- 
ces M. (Long) Barker; ed. pub. schools and old 
Chicago Univ.; married Chicago, June 15, 1882, 
Julia R. Shumway; children: Joseph S., Mar- 
gery, Ellen Gould. Admitted to 111. bar, 1877; 
practiced law until 1882; appointed receiver for 
an iron concern and abandoned the law for iron 
and steel mfg. ; now chmn. board dirs. of the 
Kenwood Bridge Co. Mem. Western Soc. of 
Engrs. Republican. Clubs: Kenwood, Chicago 
Athletic, Dunedin (Fla.) Yacht. Recreations: 
yachting and automobiling. Residence: 4633 
Greenwood Av. Office: First Nat. Bank Bldg. 

BABKBB, John Samuel, underwriter; see 
Vol. 1905. 

BABKBB, John Thomas, lawyer; born Eng- 
land, Oct. 27, 1860; son John and Mary (Shim- 
well) Barker; came to America, 1873; ed. pub. 
schools, evening classes Chicago Athenaeum 
and by home study; married Chicago, Dec. 14, 

1881, Anna Laura Blanchard. Admitted to bar, 
1893, and since in practice at Chicago; atty. 
Central Safety Deposit Co. and mgr. Central 
Safety Deposit Vaults. Alderman 3d Ward, Ev- 
anston, 1900-3; mayor of Evanston, 1903-7. Re- 
publican. Episcopalian. Member Chicago Bar 
Assn. Mason; mem. Nat. Union, Royal League. 
Club: Hamilton. Residence: 817 Judson Av., 
Evanston, 111. Office: The Rookery. 

BABKBB, Nelson Barle, banker; see Vol. 

BAB&EB, Ausrnstns Condon, pres. A. C. Bar- 
ler Mfg. Co., oil heaters; born Chester, 111., May 
23, 1856; son Orson L. and Emeline A. (Con- 
don) Barler; ed. pvt. schools and Shurtleft Coll., 
Upper Alton, 111.; married Chicago, June 1878, 
Cordelia J. Higgins; children: Alice L., Jlarold 
A. Came to Chicago, 1875, entering employ of 
McClay & Tucker, produce commn. merchants, 
as clerk, and remaining with that house until 
Nov. 1877, when entered employ of Sidney Shep- 
herd & Co. as bookkeeper and asst. cashier, la- 
ter representing them on road until 1886; went 



to Fremont, Neb., 1SS6, and joined Theo. Huette 
& Sons, hardware, as partner, remaining until 
1892; tlien came to Chicago, organizing and in- 
corporating the Huette-Barler Mfg. Co.; in 1893 
acquired the interests of the Messrs. Huette, 
and changed the name to A. C. Barler Mfg. Co. 
Republican. Mem. Royal Arcanum. Club: Chi- 
cago Athletic. Recreations: traveling and pho- 
tography. Residence: 436 Arlington PI. Office: 
60 W. Lake St. 

BAStOW, Henry Clay, traffic dir. Chicago 
Assn. of Commerce; born Niles, Mich., Aug. 15, 
1850; son Lemuel and Hannah (Orcutt) Bar- 
low; ed. pub. schools, Niles, Mich., and Amboy, 
111.; married Jan. 12, 1883, Mary Cone, of Wi- 
nona, Minn.; children: Henry Cone, Louise F., 
Frances F. Began ry. service as office boy and 
clerk I.C.R.R., Warren, 111., Feb. 17, 1866; tele- 
graph operator C.&N.W.Ry., Barrington, 111., 
June 1866-Feb. 1867; clerk and operator on va- 
rious divisions same road, 1867-77; agt. at Nor- 
walk, Wis., 1877-9; traveling freight agt., same 
road, 1879-81; division freight agt. Winona & 
St. Peter and Dakota Central R.R., Winona, 
Minn., 1881-2; asst. general freight agt., 1882-3, 
and gen. freight agt., 1883-4, A.,T.&S.F.R.R.; 
traffic ragr. Mexican Central R.R., 1884-6; traf- 
fic mgr. Wis. Central lines, 1887-93; vice-pres. 
and gen. mgr., 1893-5, and pres., 1895-1901, Ev- 
ansville & Terre Haute R.R. ; now traffic dir. 
Chicago Assn. of Commerce. Mason. Club: 
Union League. Recreation: outdoor diversions. 
Residence: 515 Fair Oaks Av., Oak Park, 111. 
Office: Great Northern Bldg. 

BAB^OW, Iioois Nathan, physician; see Vol. 

BABMOBE, Nathaniel 1^., pres. F. H. Hill Co., 
coffins. Residence: 4837 Kimbark Av. Office: 
954 Washington Boul. 

BABNABD, Frederick, law printer; born Som- 
erton, Somersetshire, Eng., Oct. 3, 1836; son 
Thomas and Amelia (Frampton) Barnard; ed. 
schools in England until 1847, when came to 
Chicago; married Chicago, 1858, Jennie A. Mc- 
Lean; children: Jennie A. (deceased), Bertie 
(Mrs. John J. Miller), Lucy (Mrs. W. M. El- 
ton), Alice (Mrs. F. M. Wagner), Edward, Fred- 
erick. Began business career as a newsboy car- 
rying the Chicago Journal in 1847; learned 
printing in old Journal office. Began as master 
printer in Jan. 1857 in firm of Beach & Bar- 
nard; changing to Beach, Barnard & Co., 1871, 
and in 1893 to Barnard & Miller, who make a 
specialty of law printing. Is oldest "boss" 
printer and oldest "newsboy" in Chicago. Mem. 
Typothetae (ex-pres.), Chicago Hist. Soc, Oak 
Park Lodge A.F.&A.M. ; Lincoln Council, Nat. 
Union; Old-Time Printers' Soc. Member First 
Congl. Ch., Oak Park. Residence: 424 South 
Boul., Oak Park, 111. Office: 170-172 N. LaSalle 

BABNABD, Qilhert Wordsworth, mcht.; de- 
ceased; see Vol. 1905. 

BASNABD, Hayden SufOield, physician, sur- 
geon; see Vol. 1905. 

BABNABD, James Henry, lawyer; born Al- 
bion, N.Y., Feb. 4, 1869; son Henry B. and Huldah 
L. (Comstock) Barnard; ed. Albion High School 
and Cornell Univ., 1886-7; married Feb. 3, 1904, 
Mrs. Louise Black Clarke, daughter of ex-May- 
or John Black, Milwaukee, Wis. Admitted to 
bar 1890; since engaged in general practice. 
Pres. Benedetto AUegretti Co., Lounetta Mining 
Co.; vice-pres. Lumber World Pub. Co. Repub- 
lican. Clubs: Chicago Athletic, Glen View, Mid- 
Day. Recreations: outdoor life and travel. Res- 
idence: 1325 Astor St. Office: Tribune Bldg. 

BABNABD, Mucins Allyn, coal dealer; de- 
ceased r see Vol. 1905. 

BABNBS, Albert Crane, lawyer; born Addi- 
son, Vt. ; son Asahel and Ellen S. (Crane) 
Barnes; A.B., Univ. of Vt., 1876; LL.B., Albany 
(N.Y.) Law School, 1877; married Chicago, May 
25, 1895, Jessie Welles Griswold. Admitted to 

N.Y. bar, 1877, and after further study, Keese- 
ville and Plattsburgh, N.Y., went to Washing- 
ton, D.C., passed civil service examination and 
was apptd. to position in U.S. General Land Of- 
fice, requiring him to write decisions upon con- 
tested land claims within railroad grants, which 
position held, 1879-83; went to N.D. and was 
apptd. by the governor one of the commrs. to 
organize Bottineau Co., of which, in 1884, was 
elected district atty. ; came to Chicago, 1885; 
practiced in connection with S. M. Millard until 
1896, when was appointed by Charles S. Deneen 
asst. state's atty., and after the resignation of 
Judge McEwen was first asst. until elected 
judge of Superior Court of Cook Co. for term 
expiring Dec. 1910. Republican. Mem. Sons of 
the Revolution. Clubs: Hamilton, Homewood 
Golf, Union League. Residence: 1223 E. 50th 

BABNES, Albert Bice, printer; born West 
Brookfield, Mass., Sept. 21, 1851; son Harrison 
and Rebecca (Rice) Barnes; ed. pub. schools- 
Brookfield and academy at West Salem, Mass.; 
married Chicago, Dec. 1879, Cora Shedd. Came 
from Mass. to Chicago in 1872, and has ever 
since been engaged in the printing business. 
In 1873 the firm became Barnes & Gritzner, and 
in 1875 changed to Bliss, Barnes & Co., so con- 
tinuing until 1879, when it became A. R. Barnes 
& Co. In 1902 the business was incorporated as 
A. R. Barnes & Co., printers and copying book 
mfrs., of which is pres. and dir. Independent in 
politics. Mem. Chicago Assn. of Commerce, Nat. 
Mfrs.' Assn. Clubs: Union League, Evanston, 
Hennepin Shooting, Duckville Gun (Utah). Rec- 
reations: hunting, fishing and travel. Resi- 
dence: 1314 Forest Av., Evanstort, 111. Office: 
1104 S. Wabash Av. 

BABNBS, Caxl ., pres. Barnes School of 
Anatomy; born Connellsville, Pa., May 18, 1872; 
son Zepheniah Ellis and Elizabeth (Dawson) 
Barnes; prep. edn. high school, Connellsville, 
Pa.; M.D., Ind. Univ., Indianapolis, 1892; LL.B., 
Kent College of Law, Chicago, 1898; married 
Mable Clara Gage, of Indianapolis, 1896. Or- 
ganized in 1900, and incorporated in 1903, the 
U.S. Chem. Co., of which has since been pres.; 
also pres. Barnes School of Anatomy, and sec. 
and treas. Chicago Invalids' Coach Co. Repub- 
lican; candidate for Congress from 6th 111. Dis- 
trict, 1908 and 1910. Member A.A.A.S., A.M.A, 
Am. Red Cross Soc, Chicago Med. Soc. Mason 
(32, K.T.). Club: Hamilton. Author: Contagious 
and Infectious Diseases, Disinfectants and Dis- 
infection, 1903; Atlas of Arterial and Venous 
System, 1905; Anatomy, Sanitary Science and 
Embalming, 1906. Residence: 314 Oakley Boul. 
Office: 1977 Ogden Av. 

BABNBS, Cecil, lawyer; born Chicago, Apr. 
17, 1880; son Cecil and Annie Dean (Larrabee) 
Barnes; A.B., Harvard Univ., 1903, A.M., 1904; 
traveled abroad 9 months, 1904-5; LL.B., North- 
western Univ. Law School, 1908; married Mar- 
garet Ayer, of Chicago, May 21, 1910. Admitted 
to bar in 1908; associated with firm of Mus- 
grave & Lee, Sept. 1908-Dec. 1910; has since 
been identified with law firm of Peckham, 
Brown, Packard & Walsh. Independent in poli- 
tics. Episcopalian. Mem. A.A.A.S., Chicago Bar 
Assn., Legal Club of Chicago, Phi Beta Kappa 
(honor) fraternity. Phi Delta Phi. Clubs: (Chi- 
cago, University, Saddle and Cycle, City. Rec- 
reations: motoring and boating. Residence: 20 
E. Goethe St. Office: 1050 First Nat. Bank Bldg. 

BABNES, Charles Joseph; born Evans vllle, 
Ind., July 27, 1837; ed. pub. schools. In 1860 
became identified with house of A. S. Barnes 
& Co.; was with the house at New York until 
1868, when came to Chicago as mgr. of the 
branch house in this city, so continuing until 
1890, when, with other large school book pub- 
lishers, combined in formation of the Am. Book 
Co., of wliich was managing dir. at Chicago, 
until 1907, and chmn. board of dirs. until Apr. 
1910, when resigned; now member of Barnes & 



Young, real estate; spends most of his time in 
Paris, France. Mem. Cliicago Hist. Soc. ; gov. 
Art Inst, of Chicago. Clubs: Calumet, Caxton, 
Chicago, Chicago Golf. Residence: Paris, France. 
Office: 1104 S. Wabash Av. 

*BABNES, Charles Montg'omery ; see Vol. 

BASNES, Charles Beid, univ. prof.; 1S5S- 
1910; see Vol. 1905. 

BABITES, Clifford Webster, educator and 
capitalist; born Corry, Pa., 1864; son Joseph 
and Anna (Webster) Barnes; A.B., Yale, 1889, 
B.D., 1892; fellow Univ. of Chicago, 1892-3, 
M.A.. 1893; married Lake Forest, 111., 1898, Al- 
ice Reid. Resident worker, Hull House Social 
Settlement, Chicago, 1893-4; pastor in Chicago. 
1894-7; student at Oxford, Eng., 189S; dir. of 
Student Christian Movement, Paris, France, 
1898-9; acting pres. Am. Art Assn., Paris, 1898- 
9; instr. sociology and dir. Univ. Settlement 
Work, Univ. of Chicago, 1899-1900; pres. and 
prof, sociology, 111. Coll., 1900-5; gen. sec. Re- 
ligious Edn. Assn., 1905-6; special commr. to 
Europe, Investigating moral training In schools, 
1906-7; exec. chmn. Internat. Com. on Moral 
Training, since 1907. Pres. Legislative Voters' 
League of 111. since 1908; pres. Chicago Sunday 
Evening Club since 1908. Presbyterian. Clubs: 
Chicago, Union League, University, City, On- 
wentsia (Lake Forest, 111.), Yale (New York). 
Recreations: golf, horseback riding and trav- 
eling. Residence: Lake Forest, 111. Office: 1634- 
1636 Tribune Bldg. 

BABNBS, Francis Asliury, real estate; de- 
ceased; see Vol. 1905. 

BABNES, Frank John, wholesale chairs; born 
Swanzey, N.H., Sept. 10, 1845; ed. pub. schools 
of Athol, Mass.; removed to Wis. (when 4 yrs. 
of age) with parents, who located on a farm in 
Newton, Wis.; learned chair-making trade in 
Boston, 1861-4; came to Chicago, 1864, and es- 
tablished chair jobbing business under name of 
E. P. Pierce & Co.; bought out Mr. Pierce in 
1871, and established business as Stolle & 
Barnes, and 1 year later the firm was dissolved. 
He then formed a partnership with J. S. Ford 
Johnson & Co., which continued until 1883; 
since then he has been the Chicago mgr. for the 
Crocker Chair Co.; also pres. Luxury Chair Co., 
of Chicago and (3rand Rapids, Mich. Repub- 
lican. Mem. Chicago Assn. of (Commerce. Rec- 
reation: traveling. Residence: Chicago Beach 
Hotel. Office: 823 S. Wabash Av. 

BABITBS, JnUan, architect; see Vol. 1905. 

BABITES, Kelson Xindinjrton, broker; born 
Chicago, May 30, 1873; son Charles J. and Mary 
(Ludington) Barnes; grad. Phillips Acad., An- 
dover, Mass., 1892; B.A., Yale Univ., 1897; mar- 
ried Aug. 19, 1905, Anna O. Barker; children: 
Mary Ludington, John Barker. Engaged in bus- 
iness as a broker in bonds in 1900 with Tracy & 
Co., Chicago, continuing in that connection un- 
til Jan. 1904, when assumed position as bonds- 
man with the firm of King, Hodenpyl & Co.; 
now associated with its successors, Babcock, 
Rushton & Co. Republican. Clubs: Chicago, 
University, Chicago Golf, Saddle and Cycle. 
Recreations: golf and shooting. Residence: 22 
E. Ontario St. Office: The Rookery. 

BABNES, Philip Bichard, lawyer; born on 
Island in the Hudson River, near Albany, N.Y., 
June 5, 1856; son Samuel and Kate (Veer) 
Barnes; early edn. in pub. schools; grad. State 
Normal School, Oshkosh, Wis., 1881; LL.B., Al- 
bany (N.Y.) Law School (Union Coll.), 1884; 
became teacher, first as prin. of pub. school, 
Oshkosh, Wis., then at high school, Mauston, 
Wis.; lectured on commercial law at Daggett 
Business Coll., Oshkosh; married Dec. 31, 1895, 
Lola Norman Strong (died Dec. 20, 1905); 1 
child: Norman R. Practiced law at Oshkosh, 
1885-90; since 1890 in Chicago; specialist in 
med. jurisprudence cases and lecturer on that 
subject in med. colls. Has been identified with 

several murder cases, in whicli he has sus- 
tained his defense of Insanity, and with other 
important cases involving matters of med. ju- 
risprudence; special counsel for John Alex. 
Dowle; organizer of agricultural interests; atty. 
for Grayland Market Co. (Inc.); gen. counsel 
Cook County Truck Gardeners' and Farmers' 
Assn.; speaker for the 111. State Farmers' Inst. 
Active in matters of constructive legislation; 
drafted bill relating to bovine tuberculosis. 
Liberal in religion. Mem. of People's Church, 
Chicago. Republican In nat. and non-partisan 
in local politics; one of the founders of the 
Emmeline Thomas Day Nursery; dir. Nat. Med. 
Coll. Mem. 111. Farmers' Club; pres. Dr. Thom- 
as Literary and Social; pres. 27th Ward Associ- 
ated Improvement, Irving Park. Recreation: 
country life. Residence: 5079 W. Catalpa Av., 
Forest Glen. Office: 118 N. LaSalle St. 

BABNES, William Ij., ry. official; born in 
Illinois, September 12, 1857; son J. E. and E. 
A. (Ewing) Barnes; ed. pub. school; married 
Miss J. J. Valentine, of Kirkwood, 111., Dec. 14, 
1881; 2 children: Lynn, Gertrude. Began ry. 
service as telegraph operator, C.,B.&.Q.R.R. in 
1875, with which has since been identified, as 
operator, 1875-80, train dispatcher, at Kirk- 
wood, 111., 1880-93, trainmaster, Chicago div., 
at Fulton, 111., 1893-5; chief dispatcher, at 
Galesburg, 111., 1895-1902; supt. spl. car service, 
1902-4, and supt. of transportation since June 
1, 1904. Clubs: Country, Suburban (LaGrange). 
Residence: LaGrange, 111. Office: 226 W. Adams 

BABNES, William Bobbins, jobber of school 
books; born Hinsdale, 111., May 12, 1866; son 
Charles Montgomery and Ellen(Moore) Barnes; 
grad. from South Division High School, Chi- 
cago, 1885; married Clinton, Conn., Nov. 26, 
1896, Blanche, daughter of John W. Wilcox; 
children: Charles Montgomery II., John Wilcox. 
Upon leaving school entered the business of 
C. M. Barnes Co., established by his father In 
1873, of which was vice-pres., 1895-1900, when 
he became pres. of the C. M. Barnes-Wilcox Co. 
Republican. Congregationalist. Club: Press. 
Residence: 5029 Kenmore Av. Office: 323 S. 
Wabash Av. 

BABITETT, Ferdinand ee, lawyer; born 
Nashville, Tenn., Feb. 18, 1856, of slave parent- 
age; father purchased his freedom, removing 
to Canada in 1859, and in 1869 to Chicago; grad. 
Chicago Central High School, 1874; taught 
school 2 years; LL.B., Northwestern Univ., 1878; 
married Ann Arbor, Mich., Nov. 14, 1884, Mary 
Graham (now deceased); children: Ferdinand 
L. and Albert G.; married 2d, Ida B. Wells, of 
Chicago, 1895; children: Charles A., Herman K., 
Ida B., Alfreda H. Admitted to 111. bar, 1878; 
for nearly 15 years an asst. state's atty. of 
Cook County, resigning, 1911. Was several 
years editor-in-chief of the Conservator (news- 
paper published in the interest of negro race). 
Residence: 3234 Rhodes Av. Office: 138 N. La 
Salle St. . 

BABNETT, Joseph K., engraving and electro- 
typing; born Chicago, Jan. 23, 1859; son Alexan- 
der and Fannie (Eccles) Harnett; ed. public 
schools and prep. dept. Northwestern Univ., 
1874-5; married Chicago, Dec. 24. 1879, Henri- 
etta Sigler Wood; children: Fannie Eccles, Jo- 
seph H., Jr., Henrietta Louise, Irving Wood. 
Began business career, 1880, as clerk for Blom- 
gren Bros. & Co., engravers and electrotypers, 
of which subsequently was sec. and mgr. until 
1894; sec. A. Zeese & Co.. 1894-9; was pres. 
Brinkerhoff & Barnett Engraving Co., organ- 
ized 1900, but sold his interest in 1901 and has 
since carried on the engraving and electrotyp- 
ing business under the name of Jos. H. Bar- 
nett & Co., making half-tones a specialty. Was 
connected with 111. N.G. about 20 years, rising 
to the rank of It. -col. Apptd. jury commr. of 
Cook Co., July 15, 1910, for term of 3 years. 
Sec. and trustee First Presbyterian Church, 



Austin, since 1S94. Republican. Club: Hamil- 
ton (dir., 1905, 6, 7, elected 2d vice-pres., 1910, 
but resigned to accept position of Cooli County 
Jury Commr. ). Mem. Royal Arcanum since 
1881. Residence: 134 N. Franklin Av., Austin. 
Office: 506 S. Dearborn St. 

BABiniTT, Otto Baymond, patent lawyer; 
born Washington, D.C., Sept. 21, 1868; son The- 
odore J. and Eugenia M. (Hodge) Barnett; de- 
scended on mother's side from Robert Livings- 
ton, of New York; ed. pub. school, Glencoe, 111.; 
LL.B., Northwestern Univ. Law School, 1888; 
married Chicago, June 18, 1895, Mabel D. Row- 
ley; 2 sons: Lawrence Theodore and Sherman 
Rowley. Admitted to 111. bar, 1889, to U.S. Su- 
preme Court, 1897. Entered office of James H. 
Raymond in 1887, and in 1900 formed partner- 
ship with him as Raymond & Barnett; in indi- 
vidual practice since death of Mr. Raymond, 
1907. Occupied mainly in the law of patents, 
trade-marks, copyrights and corpns. Prof, of 
patent law. Northwestern Univ., 1902-4, 1910; 
vice-pres., dir. and gen. counsel Chicago Car 
Heating Co. Republican. Mem. Patent Law 
Assn., Chicago Bar Assn., 111. State Bar Assn., 
Am. Bar Assn. (sec. patent section.) Mem. Bd. 
of Edn., and pres. Library Bd., (jlencoe. III. 
Clubs: Hamilton. Law, University, Skokie Coun- 
try; also Cosmos (Washington, D.C.), Repub- 
lican (New York). Recreations: reading, golf 
and hunting. Residence: Glencoe, 111. Office: 
Monadnock Blk. 

"BAXmiT, Bruce Burlelerh, real estate; see 
Vol. 1905. 

BABNHABT, Arthur Mlddleton, pres. Barn- 
hart Bros, & Spindlor, type founders; born 
Hartfleld, Chautauqua Co., N.Y., Feb. 17, 1844; 
son Peter and Sarah (Herrick) Barnhart; ed. 
pub. schools; married Angle B. Stein, of Musca- 
tine, la., 1869 (died Chicago, 1895); married 2d, 
Stella I. LaZelle, of Chicago, 1900; children (by 
2d marriage): Arthur M., Jr., Victor Herrick 
(deceased). Barnhart Bros., of which was a 
mem., established several papers in la., 1865-73, 
including the la. State Leader, at Des Moines; 
came to Chicago, 1868, and established, with 
his brothers, G. W., W. and A. E., in the adver- 
tising agency business, and in 1869 with same 
brothers, purchased a controlling interest in the 
Great Western Type Foundry under the name 
of Barnhart Bros. & Spindler, of which is pres. 
and dir.; also pres. Great Western Type Foun- 
dry Co., Kansas City, Mo.; Great Western Bldg. 
Co., Kansas City, Mo.; director Barnhart Type 
Foundry, New York; Minn. Type Foundry Co., 
St. Paul, Minn.; Great Western Type Foundry 
Co., Omaha, Neb. ; St. Louis Printers' Supply 
Co., St. Louis, Mo.; Southern Printers' Supply 
Co., Washington, D.C. ; Pacific Printers' Supply 
Co., Seattle, Wash.; Barnhart Type Foundry, 
Dallas, Tex. Mem. Board of Governors Chicago 
Art Inst.; mem. Municipal Art League of Chi- 
cago, Friends of American Art and A.A.A.S. 
Clubs: Union League. Chicago Athletic, City, 
Glen View Golf, Homewood, Quadrangle, South 
Shore Country. Press, Caxton, Cliff Dwellers, 
Kenwood Country. Residence: 4455 Drexel Boul. 
Office: 183-187 Monroe St. 

BABNHABT, Kenneth, dry goods; born 
Streetsville, Ont., Can., Apr. 14, 1858; son Noah 
and Catherine (McMaster) Barnhart; ed. Mc- 
Gill School, Toronto, Ont., and Hellmuth Coll., 
London, Ont., grad. 1876; married Chicago, 
Sept. 18, 1888, Fanny Coryell Morse; 1 son: Eu- 
gene M. Bookkeeper for A. R. McMaster & 
Bro., Toronto, Ont., 1876-80; since 1880 witli 
Marshall Field & Co., Chicago, in charge of 
their foreign business, and since 1905 treas. 
and sec. of the co. Independent in politics. 
Episcopalian. Clubs: Union League, Mid-Day, 
Glen View, Saddle and Cycle, Evanston Coun- 
try. Recreations: golf and motoring. Residence: 
202 Greenwood Boul.. Evanston, 111. Office: 219 
W. Adams St. 

BAUHHABT, Marvin Elmer, lawyer; born 

Cass Co., Ind., June 17, 1869; son Jacob and 
Mary (Fisher) Barnhart; ed. pub. grammar 
schools of Cass Co.. Ind., and high school, 
Rochester, Ind.; LL.B., Univ. of Mich., 1893; 
unmarried. Admitted to bar, 1893, and since 
in active practice at Chicago; mem. firm of Fo- 
ell & Barnhart. Democrat. Mem. 111. State and 
Chicago Bar assns.. Delta Chi fraternity. Ma- 
son, Standard Lodge. Clubs: Iroquois (vice- 
pres.), Germania Maennerchor, Skokie Country. 
Recreation: golf. Residence: 521 Surf St. Of- 
fice: S03 Straus Bldg. 

BABNEEISEK, Frederick B., pres. H. H. 
Kohlsaat & Co. Residence; 4556 Greenwood Av. 
Office: 1701 Wabash Av. 

BABNTTK, Ernest Sressel, western mgr. An- 
sonla Clock Co.; born Utica, N.Y., Apr. 8, 1850; 
son Richard S. and Juliet A. (Austin) Barnum; 
moved to Chicago, 1855; ed. Chicago public 
schools; married Cleveland, O., Oct. 8, 1873, 
Lucy F. Bailey (now deceased) ; married 2d, 
Helen C. Clarke, of Waukegan, 111., Oct. 5, 1905. 
Began as office boy for Franklin MacVeagh, 
1873; salesman for E. N. Welch Mfg. Co., clocks, 
1879-87; since then in his present position. Re- 
publican. Residence; Waukegan, 111. Office: 105 
N. Wabash Av. 

BABXTtm, Morg'an Kingr, ry. official; born 
Syracuse, N.Y., Apr. 6, 1861; son Gen. Henry A. 
and Lenvina (King) Barnum; A. B., Syracuse 
(N.Y.) Univ., 1884, A.M., 1887; married Emily 
Rice Maginnls, of New Albany, Ind., Oct. 18, 
1887; children: Josephine R., Edmund M., Rich- 
ard F. Special apprentice in machine shops, 
N.Y.,L.E.&W.R.R., Susquehanna, Pa., 1884-5, at 
Hornellsville. N.Y., 1885-6; asst. in office of 
supt. of motive power, Erie R.R., Buffalo, N.Y., 
1886-7; gen. foreman, Erie R.R. shops, Sala- 
manca, N.Y., 1887-9; gen. foreman, L.&N.R.R. 
shops, Decatur, Ala., Jan.-Sept. 1S89; asst. mas- 
ter mechanic, A.,T.&S.F.R.R., Argentine, Kan., 
1889-90; supt. shops at Cheyenne, Wyo., 1890- 
1, dist. foreman at N. Platte, Neb., 1891-8, mas- 
ter mechanic. Neb. Dlv., at Omaha, 1898-1-902, 
U.P.R.R.; asst. mech. supt.. Southern Ry., at 
Washington, D.C, 1902-3; supt. motive power, 
CR.I.&P.R.R., at Chicago, 1903-4; mech. ex- 
pert, C.,B.&Q.R.R., at Chicago, 1904-10; gen. 
supt. motive power, I.C.R.R., at Chicago, since 
1910. Clubs; Engineers', University. Residence: 
LaGrange, 111. Office: 904 Central Station. 

BABIT'DK, 'William H., jurist; born Onon- 
daga Co., N.Y., Feb. 15, 1840; son Charles and 
Harriet (Rogers) Barnum; parents moved to 
Belleville, 111., when he was very young; ed. 
pvt. schools and at State Normal School, Ypsi- 
lanti, Mich.; student at Univ. of Mich, to junior 
year, and later, by action of the faculty and 
board of regents, enrolled among the grads. 
and presented with an honorary degree from 
the Univ.; married 1860, Clara Hyde, of Belle- 
ville, 111.; children: Belle (Mrs. M. D. L. Simp- 
son), Gertrude, Edna (Mrs. Toles), Harry H. 
Studied law in office of Hon. George Trumbull, 
of Belleville, 111.; admitted to 111. bar, 1862; 
practiced at Chester, 111., 1862-7; in Chicago 
since 1867; partner with Lawrence J. J. Nlssen, 
1867-76; of firm of Harding, Nlssen & Barnum, 
1876-8; then with Cornelius Van Schaack, 1878- 
9; judge Circuit Court of Cook Co., 1879-Dec. 1, 
1884, when he resigned; was also Dem. nominee 
for Circuit Judge, 1903; was formerly head of 
firm of Barnum & Barnum; now practicing 
alone. Democrat. Clubs: Union League, Iro- 
quois. Residence: Riverside, 111. Office; 39 S. 
LaSalle St. 

BABITUM, 'William lewis, Ins.; see Vol. 

BABB, Bobert C, foundryman; ed. pub. schs. 
pres., treas. and dir. Cleveland & Barr Foun- 
dry Co., 1892-1906, since then pres. Barr & Kel- 
lerman Foundry Co.; also partner and asst. 
supt. Garden City Foundry Co.. and was pres. 
and dir. Rome Petroleum & Iron Co. Resi- 
dence: 3848 Perry St. Office: 473 W. Erie St. 



BASB, Silas Miller, life underwriter: born 
Aurora, 111., Apr. 14, 1865; son James G. and 
Sarah M. (Miller I Barr; ed. pub. schools of Au- 
rora, grad. from Aurora High School 1883; mar- 
ried Kankakee, 111., June 27, 1895, Helen E. 
Danforth; children: Ruth E., Marjorie L. Taught 
school winter of 1884; clerk in First National 
Bank, Aurora, 111., 1884-6; started in life Ins. 
business with the Equitable Life Assurance 
Soc. in 1887, and has been in the business ever 
since, successively connected with the New 
York Life, Mutual Life of New York, Berkshire 
Life and Aetna Life, with W. W. Denney, in 
firm of Denney & Barr, mgrs. of the Equitable 
Life Assurance Soc. of the U.S., Mar. 15, 1903- 
May 1, 1905; in 1908 returned to Chicago from 
Los Angeles, Cal., to take up former general 
agency of the Equitable. Republican. Recrea- 
tion: music. Residence: 1621 Greenleaf Av. Of- 
fice: 614, 122 S. Michigan Av. 

BASB, WiUiam Allen, physician; born Clark 
Co., 111., Apr. 4, 1860; son James and Margaret 
A. Barr; ed. Northern Ind. Normal School; M.D., 
Rush Med. Coll., 1892; married Princeton. 111., 
Feb. 17, 1894, Hanna Ohman. Began practice 
of medicine in Chicago, 1892, but in fall of that 
year went to Mich, and started practice; re- 
turned to Chicago in 1893; practice now re- 
stricted to diseases of eye, ear, nose and throat. 
Prof, of ophthalmology, Chicago Coll. Medicine 
and Surgery, and 111. Post-Grad. Med. School; 
ophthalmologist to Frances E. Willard Hosp.; 
asst. surgeon III. Charitable Eye and Ear In- 
firmary. Mem. A.M. A., Chicago Med. Soc, 111. 
State Med. Soc. Republican. Residence: 2117 
Jackson Boul. Office: Reliance Bldg. 

*BASB, William Bntler, freight agt.; moved 
lo Washington, D.C.; see Vol. 1905. 

BAKSBIiIi, Flnley, stocks, bonds, grain, pro- 
visions, cotton and coffee; born Chicago, Oct. 
28, 1864; son James and Susan (Finley) Barren ; 
ed. pub. and high schools and Allen's Acad., 
Chicago: married Chicago, Dec. 9, 1890, Grace 
M. Witbeck; one son: John Witbeck. Started 
in business as clerk for Irwin, Orr & Co., Board 
of Trade commn. merchants, Chicago, 1883; in 
employ of Norton & Worthington, in same line, 
Chicago, 1884-90: entered business for self, 
Sept. 1890, in firm of Russell & Barren, grain 
commn.; succeeded 1892 by J. F. Barrell & Co., 
in which was the only partner; admitted James 
Barrell, 1894, and name changed to Finley Bar- 
rell & Co.; admitted Stewart E. Barrell, Apr. 
10, 1899, and business was extended to stocks, 
bonds, cotton and coffee; David A. Noyes was 
admitted Jan. 1, 1903; Frederick R. Babcock 
was admitted Jan. 1, 1906; James Barrell, Stew- 
art E. Barrell and David A. Noyes retired Jan. 
1, 1907; Peter J. Maloney was admitted Feb. 
25, 1909, members of the firm now being Finley 
Barrell, Frederick R. Babcock and Peter J. Ma- 
loney, the latter being the New York resident 
partner. The firm is mem. of the New York 
and Chicago Stock Exchanges, New York Prod- 
uce Exchange, New York Coffee Exchange, New 
York Produce Exchange, Philadelphia Commer- 
cial Exchange. Chicago Board of Tiade, St. 
Louis Merchants* Exchange, Milwaukee Cham- 
ber of Commerce, Kansas City Board of Trade, 
Minneapolis Chamber of Commerce, Duluth 
Board of Trade, and Winnipeg Grain Exchange. 
Republican. Episcopalian. Clubs: Chicago, Union 
League. Onwentsia, Chicago Golf, South Shore 
Country. Recreations: motoring and shooting. 
Residences: 2109 Calumet Av., and Lake For- 
est, III. Office: Monadnock Blk. 

BABSEIiIi, James, broker; born London, Eng., 
1835: son John and Elizabeth (Evans) Barrell; 
ed. London; came to the U.S. and has lived in 
Chicago since 1847; married Chicago, 1865, Sue 
S. Finley: 3 sons: Finley. Stewart E.. Albert 
M. Was in grain and elevator business for over 
30 years with Armour, Dole & Co. and Dole & 
Co., first as clerk and later as partner; retired 
from that business, and with sons, Finley and 

Stewart E. Barrell and David A. Noyes, estab- 
lished firm of Finley Barrell & Co., stock bro- 
kers. Mem. Chicago Board of Trade. Club: 
Chicago. Residence: Evanston, 111. Office: 226 
S. Michigan Av. 

BABBBK&, Stewart Evans, stocks and grain 
commn.; see Vol. 1905. 

BAHBETT, Channlng' Whitney, physician; 
born Blissfield, Mich., Dec. 14, 1866; son David 
Fowler and Martha C. (Dewey) Barrett; ed. 
pub. schs., Fayette Normal Univ.. Ohio, Hills- 
dale (Mich.) Coll.; M.D., Detroit Coll. of Medi- 
cine, 1895; married near Hillsdale, Mich., July 
22, 1896, Luella May, daughter of late Nathan 
Alvord; children: Russell Alvord, Florence 
Louise, Helen Elizabeth, Ruth Esther. Reared 
on farm; teacher in pub. schools, 1886-92; stu- 
dent of medicine in physician's office 2 years 
of this time, as well as years 1892-5; Interne at 
St. Luke's Hosp., Detroit, 1893-5; house phy- 
sician to Harper Hosp., Detroit, 1895-6; asst. 
surgeon to Marion Sims Hosp., Chicago, since 
1896; prof, gynecology, Chicago Clinical School, 
1900-6; prof, gynecology, Chicago Policlinic 
School, and Univ. of III. Med. School. Mem. 
Chicago Med. Soc, Chicago Gynecological Soc, 
Mississippi Valley Med. Soc, III. State Med. 
Soc, A.M.A. Republican. M.E. Mem. Chicago 
Y.M.C.A. Mem. Ft. Dearborn Lodge, Royal Ar- 
canum. Residence: 446 St. James PI. Office: 32 
N. State St. 

BASBETT, Edward Ernest, consulting engr, 
and contractor; born Port Byron, 111., Oct. 12, 
1870; son Daniel Thomas and Lucy Ann (Sid- 
linger) Barrett; ed. pub. grammar and high 
schools, and Port Byron Acad., 1 year, 1888; 
grad. Curtlss Business College, Minneapolis, 
Minn., 1886; B.S., in civil engrine., Univ. of III., 
1893; married Grace Anna Hollister, of Port 
Byron, 111., Nov. 24, 1894; childrn: Jordan Hol- 
lister, Gertrude (died in infancy), and Edward 
Daniel. With U.S. engr. corps in charge of 
surveys and levee constn. on Miss. River, 1893- 
1901; "asst. engr, C.,B.&Q.Ry., Apr. 1, 1901-Aug. 
1, 1901; civil engr. with Fairbanks, Morse & 
Co., Chicago, Aug. 1, 1901-Nov. 1904; gen. mgr., 
chief engr. and dlr. Roberts & Schaefer Co., 
engrs. and contractors, since Nov. 1904; also 
dir. LaGrange Trust & Savings Bank. Inventor 
and patentee of several devices for improved 
methods of handling coal which are now large- 
ly used for coaling locomotives. Mem. bd. of 
trustees Village of LaGrange, 1906-8. Repub- 
lican. Methodist. Mem. Sigma Chi coll. fra- 
ternity. Club: Chicago Engineers. Residence: 
212 S. Madison Av., LaGrange, 111. Office: 1275 
Old Colony Bldg. 

BABBETT, Jolin Patrick, electrician; born 
Auburn, N.Y., 1837; son James and Bedella 
(Gallagher) Barrett; went to Chicago, 1845; 
pub. sch. edn. ; sailor 11 yrs. ; married Margaret 
Darcy, of Chicago, 1867. Asst., 1862-76, supt., 
1876-97, fire alarm telegraph, Chicago; retired 
as consulting electrician for city. Invented fire 
alarm signals; originated police patrol system; 
was first to conceive the idea of laying electric 
wires underground; chief electricity dept. Chi- 
cago Expn., 1893; installed 1st municipal elec- 
tric light for streets, wires underground. Res- 
idence: 4400 Michigan Av. 

BABBETT, Marcns Iiorenzo, pres. M. L. Bar- 
rett & Co. Residence: 3733 Lake Av. Ofl^ice: 
233 W. Lake St. 

BABBETT, Oliver Sog'ers, lawyer; born Jack- 
sonville, 111., Oct. 14, 1873; son George J. and 
Ellen (Watson) Barrett; ed. Pittsfield (111.) 
High School; Ann Arbor (Mich.) High School; 
LL.B., Univ. of Mich., 1896; unmarried. Prac- 
ticed at Peoria, 111., 1896-1905; was asst. city 
atty., Peoria; removed to Chicago, 1905; mem. 
firm of Guerin, Gallagher & Barrett since May 
1. 1909. Republican. Methodist. Mem. Delta 
Chi fraternity. Mem. 5th 111. Inf., U.S.V., 1898, 
Spanish-Am. War. Mem. Chicago and III. State 



Bar assns: Residence: Oak Park, III. Office: 
1406 Tribune Bldg. 

BABKETT, Samuel H., climn. Barrett Mfg. 
Co., roofing materials. Mem. Advisory Board 
Civic Federation; pres. Taylor's Battery Vet- 
eran Assn.: married. Clubs: Chicago, Union 
League, Saddle and Cycle. Summer Residence: 
New Castle. N.H. Residence-: 1408 Lake Shore 
Drive. Office: First Nat. Bank Bldg. 

BAKTfRTT, Thomas Edwaid, sheriff of Cook 
Co.; deceased; see Vol. 1905. 

BABBETT, William. Baker, wholesale lumber 
merchant; born South Bend, Ind., June 9, 1859; 
son William L. and Harriet (Eaker) Barrett; 
ed. South Bend pub. schools; married Grand 
Rapids, Mich., Feb. 25, 1880, Viola Wood (died 
Feb. 5, 1901); 1 son: Glenn Wood Barrett (died, 
age 19); married 2d, June 1910, Mrs. Elizabeth 
H. Castle, of Oak Park, 111. Telegraph operator 
10 years, and in lumber business 18 years at 
Grand Rapids, Mich., his extensive operations 
In his specialty making him widely known in 
the trade as "the Shingle King." In business 
in Chicago since 1903 as jobber of Pacific Coast 
forest products, under style of William E. Bar- 
rett & Co. Republican. Mason (32). Resi- 
dence: Evanston, 111. Office; 1511 Heyworth 

*BABBOljIi, Henry Carathers, banker; see 
Vol. 1905. 

BABBOB, Edtrard Hopkins, lawyer; born 
Chicago, Nov. 7. 1878; son Mahlon and Katha- 
rine (Hopkins) Barron; ed. pub. schools of Chi- 
cago; LL.B., Chicago Coll. of Law, 1901; un- 
married. In practice at Chicago since 1901; 
sec, treas. and dir. Edson Keith & Co. since 
1904; active in affairs of Chicago Credit Men's 
Assn., 111. Mfrs.' Assn. Vice-pres. 7th Ward Re- 
publican Club and pres. Precinct Club. Mem. 
Chicago and 111. State Bar assns.. Chicago Assn. 
of Commerce (exec, com.). Delta Chi (legal 
fraternity). Catholic. Mem. Royal Arcanum. 
Clubs: City, Chicago Athletic. Recreations: 
hunting and fishing. Residence: 6440 Monroe 
Av. Office: 24 S. Michigan Av. 

BABBON, Jolui Tbomas, western mgr. of 
Am. Powder Mills; born Cambridge. N.Y., Oct. 
26, 1865; son Thomas Barron and Mary (Cav- 
anaugh) Barron; removed with parents to Chi- 
cago, 1866; ed. pub. schools of Chicago; mar- 
ried Chicago, 1889, Grace Fitzgerald; children: 
Marie, Grace, Geraldine, Thomas, William, Mil- 
dred. In 1882 entered employ of the Am. Pow- 
der Mills, Chicago office, and continued in serv- 
ice of the CO. until 1889, attained his present 
position as western mgr. Independent in poli- 
tics. Club: Chicago Athletic. Recreation: mo- 
toring. Residence: 541 Barry Av. Office: Trib- 
une Bldg. 

BABB'Sr, see also Berry. 

BABBY, Charles Hart, Ins.; born Alton, 111., 
Nov. 15, 1857; son Amasa S. and Catherine R. 
Barry; grad. Univ. of 111., 1877; married Alton, 
111., 1884, Ida M. Bateman; 1 daughter: Lucile. 
Began in a local ins. agency at Alton. 111.; came 
to Chicago, 1879, and became connected with 
Chicago office of the Niagara Fire Ins. Co.; spe- 
cial agt. for Phoenix of London for 111., Ind., O. 
and Mich., 1881-4; state agt. and adjuster, 1884, 
for the Ins. Co. of North America and Pa. Fire 
for Southern 111., and later for Mich.; in 1890 
mem. of firm of J. F. Downing & Co., western 
mgrs. for same two companies until 1894, when 
Pa. Fire Ins. Co. established western dept. of 
its own, with headquarters at Chicago, of 
which has since been manager. Clubs: Union 
League, University, Evanston Country. Evans- 
ton, Glen View. Recreations: golf and motor- 
ing. Residence: 1225 Forest Av., Evanston, 111. 
Office; 76 W. Monroe St. 

BABB7, Edward Patrick, Ins.; deceased; see 
Vol. 1906. 

^BABBT, John, transportation; see Vol. 1905. 

BABBY, Patrick T., journalist, publisher; 
born Ireland, Mar. 17, 1847; ed. Ireland; hon- 
orary degree of A.B. from Notre Dame (Ind.) 
Univ.; married Sept. 1869 Rebecca Riley, of Gi- 
rard, Pa. Editor Council Bluffs (la.) Nonpareil, 
1869-71, la. State' Register, Des Moines, la., 
1872-4; removed to Chicago, 1874; since 1880 
mgr. of the Chicago Newspaper Union; also 
pres. Ind. Springs Co., of Kramer, Ind.. and dir. 
First Nat. Bank of Englewood tChicago). Re- 
publican; elected mem. 31st 111. Gen. Assembly; 
school treas. of Hyde Park and Lake, 1890-2, 
until they were annexed to the city. Catholic. 
Life mem. 111. State Hist. Soc. ; vice-pres. for 
III., Am.-Irlsh Hist. Soc. of the U.S. Clubs: 
Press (life mem.), Union League, South Shore 
Country. Recreations: on his ranch in Western 
Mich., and at his country home, "Wildwood," 
South Haven, Mich. Residence: 6600 Yale Av. 
Office: 24 S. Jefferson St., Chicago, and 10 
Spruce St., New York. 

BABBY, Bnpert John, lawyer; born Muske- 
gon, Mich.. Aug. 29, 1876; son John and Rose 
(Blake) Barry; grad. St. Ignatius Coll., Chi- 
cago, 1898; LL.B., Univ. of Mich., 1900; mar- 
ried Mary Genevieve Healy, of Chicago, Feb. 22, 
1905. In practice at Chicago since Oct. 1900; 
mem. firm of Barry & Crowley; sec. and dir. 
Barry Transportation Co., 1903-8; dir. Chicago, 
Racine & Milwaukee Line, 1909. Mem. Chicago 
Bar Assn., Delta Upsilon, Knights of Colum- 
bus. Republican. Catholic. Mem. Irish Fellow- 
ship Club. Recreations: outdoor sports. Resi- 
dence: 5407 Winthrop Av. Office: 1217 Ashland 

BABBY, Walter H., treas. Variety Mfg. Co.; 
born Chicago, Oct. 2, 1877; son Gerard H. and 
Kate K. (Kelly) Barry; ed. pub. schools of 
Chicago; unmarried. With Columbia Typewrit- 
er Co., 1895-1900; now treas. and dir. Variety 
Mfg. Co. Democrat. Catholic. Mem. Knights 
of Columbus. Club: Illinois. Residence: 3417 
W. Monroe St. Office: Sacramento and Carroll 

BABTEIiME, Ferdinand E., vice-pres. The 
Keith Lumber Co.; born Alsace-Lorraine, Jan. 
15, 1856; son John and Mary (Weber) Bar- 
telme; came to Chicago, 1866; ed. pub. schools 
of Chicago and Bryant & Stratton Business 
Coll.; married Nov. 12, 1878, Emma C. Tiede- 
mann, of New Orleans; children: Mrs. Dorothy 
Bartelme Pole, of Chicago, Ferdinand M. and 
Tonnies T. Bartelme, of Minneapolis, Mrs. 
Mary Bartelme Cutting, of Chicago. Began as 
a clerk for Hatch, Holbrook & Co., lumber deal- 
ers, Oct. 23, 1873; was apptd. mgr. of branch 
yard for Hatch & Keith, 1882, successors of 
Hatch, Holbrook & Co.; in 1890 when The Keith 
Lumber C;o. was organized to succeed Hatch & 
Keith, was made vice-pres. of the company and 
has so continued. Dir. The Lumberman's Assn. 
Republican. Presbyterian. Formerly mem. 1st 
Regt. I.N.G. and now honorary mem. Co. A. 
Mem. Oak Park Lodge No. 540 A.F.&A.M. ; char- 
ter mem. Siloam Commandery K.T., of Oak 
Park. Clubs: 111. Athletic, The Oaks. Pullman. 
Residence: 241 N. Park Av., Austin. Office: Cor. 
14th and Wood Sts. 

BABTEKS, William Henry, publisher, print- 
er; born New York City, Sept. 17, 1849; re- 
moved to Chicago, 1854; ed. in Chicago pub. 
schools; married Chicago, 1869, Marie J. Baed- 
er; children: Lillian, Florence. Has been in 
printing and publishing business in Chicago 
since 1862, having been with the Commercial 
Express, under Joel Henry Wells. 1862-7; in 
1867 established, with B. F. Howard, the Daily 
Trade Bulletin, a Board of Trade paper which 
has been published daily ever since. These two, 
with C. Lichtenberger, Jr. (admitted 1875) also 
compose the firm of Howard. Bartels & Co., job 
printers and blank book mfrs. Mem. Chicago 
Board of Trade. Residence: 2126 Warren Av. 
Office: 332 Sherman St. 

BABTH, Christian Q., sec. Rehm Hardware 



Co.: born Mendota, III., Jan. 29, 1869: son of 
Mathias and Margaret M. (Buck) Earth: ed. 
Jennings Sem., Aurora, III., 1887-9, and grad. 
Aurora Business Coll., 1889: married Sarah A. 
Wingert, of Chicago, June 1, 1893. Bookkeeper 
Rehm Hardware Co., 1890-1: for D. M. Osborne 
& Co., 1891-1900, and asst. mgr. same, 1900-4; 
sec. and dlr. Rehm Hardware Co. since 1904; 
also vice-pres. and dir. Dexter Mfg. Co. Repub- 
lican. Member Evangelical Assn., North Am. 
Union; Mason. Recreation: automobiling. Res- 
idence: 1540 S. Central Park Av. Office: Cor. 
Blue Island Av. and 15th St. 

BABTH, ewls ]G., lumberman; born South 
Bend, Ind., Dec. 31, 1850; son Henry and Liz- 
ette Earth: ed. Univ. of Notre Dame, South 
Bend, Ind.; married Chicago, 1874, Carrie Halm; 
children: Helena L. (Mrs. Outhet), Hattie (Mrs. 
Charles R. Clow). Began business career in 
1869 as bookkeeper for father in lumber and 
grain. Has been In lumber business in Chicago 
since 1879: vice-pres. and dir. Edward Hines 
Lumber Co. since 1892; also dir. John E. Burns 
Lumber Co., North Wis. Lumber & Mfg. Co. 
(Hayward, Wis.), Iron River Lumber Co. (Iron 
River, Wis.), White River Lumber Co. (Mason, 
Wis.) Republican. Clubs: Illinois, Union 
League, Mid-Day, Hamilton, South Shore Coun- 
try, Homewood Country, Automobile, Traffic. 
Recreations: fishing, motoring, golf. Residence: 
Hotel Metropole. Office: Lincoln St. and Blue 
Island Av. 

BASTHOKF, Charles Stephen, mfr.; born 
Plainfleld, Will Co., 111., Sept. 25, 1857; son Gil- 
liam and Mary (Mc(Sreery) Bartholf; B.S., 
Univ. of Mich., 1880; married Chicago. 1893. 
Grace C. Bullock; children: Dorothy, Herbert 
Bullock, Winifred, Marlorle, Katharine, Beat- 
rice. Was several years principal in the Chi- 
cago pub. schools prior to 1890, when engaged 
In business: now pres. and dir. Standard Dia- 
mond Drill Co. Republican. Mem. S.A.R. Uni- 
tarian. Clubs: Union League, Evanston Golf. 
Recreations: motoring, golf and music. Resi- 
dence: Glencoe, III. Office: Chamber of Com- 

BABTHOKOMEW, Warren Dong'laB, atty. at 
law; born Louisville, Ky., Oct. 2, 1878; son 
Benjamin and Maria (Bartholomew) Bartholo- 
mew; ed. in pub. grammar and high schools, 
Louisville, Ky. : read law in offices of Darby & 
Gates, Princeton, Ky. ; unmarried. Admitted to 
Ky. bar, 1896; engaged in practice at Princeton, 
Ky., until 1903, being city atty. there, 1900-2; 
actively engaged in practice at Chicago since 
1903; trial atty. for Chicago City Ry. Co. Was 
mem. 3d Ky. Vol. Inf. during Spanish-Am. War 
and participated in Cuban campaign. Independ- 
ent in politics. Clubs: Marquette, Iroquois. 
Recreation: outdoor exercise. Residence: Kais- 
erhof Hotel. Office: 1623 First Nat. Bank Bldg. 

BABTKE, James S., ry. official; born Feb. 22, 
1S56; son William Toy and Elizabeth (Granger) 
Bartle; ed. pub. schools; married Mary R. 
Boestler, of Chicago, Nov. 6, 1879; 2 daughters: 
Virginia, Ruth. Began ry. service as clerk 
Plattsmouth office of CB.&Q.R.R., 1876; asst. 
gen. freight agent, same road, at Chicago, 1884: 
gen. freight agent, Hannibal & St. Joseph, and 
Kansas City, St. Joseph & Council Bluffs rys., 
1887-91; asst. gen. freight agent same lines and 
St. Louis, Keokuk & Northern R.R., and Chi- 
cago, Burlington & Kansas City Ry., 1891-6; 
gen. freight and passenger agent, Ind., 111. & 
la. R.R., at Chicago. 1896-8; gen. eastern freight 
agent at New York, 1898-1909: asst. freight 
traffic mgr., at Chicago, A.,T.&S.F. system, since 
Jan. 10, 1910. Clubs: Union League, Freight 
Traffic, Riverside Golf. Recreation: golf. Res- 
idence: Riverside, 111. Office: 1135 Railway Ex- 

BABTiETT, Adolphns Clay, hardware mer- 
chant: born Stratford. N.Y., June 22, 1844; son 
of Aaron and Delia (Dibell) Bartlett; ed. village 
schools, Dansville (NT.) Acad, and Clinton (N. 

Y.) Liberal Inst.; married Mary H. Pitkin, of 
Delavan, Wis., Aug. 27, 1867 (died Dec. 19, 
1890); children: Male Bartlett Heard, Frederic 
Clay, Florence Dibell; married 2d, Abbey L., 
daughter of Bailey H. Hitchcock, of Toledo, O., 
June 15, 1893; 1 child: Eleanor Collamore. Came 
to Chicago at 19; entered the employ of the 
hardware house of Tuttle, Hibbard & Co.; 3 
years later was given interest in profits of the 
business; 3 years later became a general part- 
ner; Jan. 1, 1882, when business was incorpor- 
ated as Hibbard, Spencer, Bartlett & Co., made 
sec. and later vice-pres.; became pres., Jan. 1, 
1904, after death of Mi-. Hibbard, which oc- 
curred Oct. 10, 1903. Dir. First Nat. Bank, 
Northern Trust Co., Elgin Nat. Watch Co., Liv- 
erpool & London & Globe Ins. Co., Calumet & 
Chicago Canal & Dock Co. Has been mem. Chi- 
cago Board of Edn.; dir., since 1873, Chicago 
Relief and Aid Soc; trustee Univ. of Chicago, 
Beloit Coll.; pres. Home for the Friendless; has 
been dir. Orphan Asylum; vice-pres. Old Peo- 
ple's Home; trustee Art Inst, of Chicago; has 
been director Chicago Athenaeum. Republican. 
Clubs: Chicago, Commercial (charter mem. and 
ex-pres.). Union League, City, University, On- 
wentsia, Midlothian, Homewood, Quadrangle, 
Chicago Literary, Caxton, Twentieth Century. 
Recreation: golf. Residence: 2720 Prairie Av. 
Office: State and S. Water Sts. 

BARTIiETT, Charles Carroll, lawyer: born 
Manchester, N.H., Feb. 5, 1868; son Charles H. 
and Mary F. (Locke) Bartlett; ed. Dartmouth 
Coll. and 3 years in Boston Univ. Law School, 
graduating, LL.B., 1892; married Kendall, 111., 
Oct. 16, 1901, Ivah A. Simons; 1 daughter: Hel- 
en. Admitted to bar, Jan. 1892; pres. Western 
Vacuum Ice Co. Mem. Chicago and 111. State 
Bar assns. Republican. Methodist. Mason, Odd 
Fellow. Residence: Oak Park, III. Office: First 
Nat. Bank Bldg. 

BABTIiETT, Charles I^effingrwell, mfr.; de- 
ceased; see Vol. 1905. 

BASTKETT, Charles I^incoln, lawyer; born 
Morris, 111., Sept. 4, 1860; son Rufus and Sarah 
B. (Wood) Bartlett; grad. LeRoy (N.Y.) Aca- 
demic Inst., 1878; A.B., Brown Univ., 1882, A. 
M., 1890; married Chicago, Mar. 23, 1895, Marie 
M. Baker. In practice at Chicago since 1885; 
mem. firm of Johnson & Bartlett, 1888-92, John- 
son, Morrill & Bartlett, 1892: atty. for Title 
Guarantee & Trust Co., 1892-1901; gen. solicitor 
Chicago Title & Trust Co. since 1901, also dlr. 
Mem. Chicago and 111. State Bar assns., Chicago 
Law Inst., Phi Beta Kappa. Republican. Epis- 
copalian. Clubs: Evanston (pres.). University 
(Chicago). Glen View. Recreation: golf. Resi- 
dence: 1415 Judson Av., Evanston, 111. Office: 
Chicago Title & Trust Bldg. 

BABTIiETT, Frederic Clay, artist; born Chi- 
cago, June 1. 1873; son Adolphus Clay and 
Mary H. (Pitkin) Bartlett: ed. Harvard School, 
St. Paul's School, Concord, N.H., Royal Acad. 
Art, Munich, Germany, and studied art in Paris 
under Collin, Aman-Jean, Whistler, etc.; mar- 
ried Dora Tripp, of White Plains, N.T., Oct. 4, 
1898. Professionally engaged as artist In mu- 
ral decorations; has done work in Univ. of Chi- 
cago, Second Presbyterian Church, University 
Club, Chicago, etc. Silver medal, St. Louis Ex- 
pn., 1904; honorable mention Carnegie Inst., 
Pittsburg. Residence: 2901 Prairie Av. 

BABTIIETT, Frederick Henry, real estate; 
born Blnghamton, N.Y., Feb. 6, 1875; son Rob- 
ert and Leodicie (Carle) Bartlett: ed. public 
schools of Big Springs and Midland, Tex., until 
14 years of age, passing eighth grade; married 
Chicago, Nov. 23, 1898, Fannie I. Sweepe; 1 
daughter, Portia. Began as stock boy with 
Marshall Field & Co., 1890, then salesman until 
1896; since in real estate business, and from 
Feb. lS99-Deo. 19, 1904, of firm of Watson & 
Bartlett, and since head of the firm of Fred- 
erick H. Bartlett & Co., sales agents and buy- 
ers of real estate, buying for cash and selling 



on terms, handling Chicago real estate exclu- 
sively. Republican. Clubs: Hamilton, Chicago 
Automobile, Chicago Athletic, Mid-Day, South 
Shore Country. Recreation: motoring. Resi- 
dence: 4854 Washington Av. (Kenwood.) Office: 
69 W. Washington St. 

BABTIiETT, Waxren Goddard, sec. and treas. 
North Western Expanded Metal Co.; born St. 
Louis, Mo., Mar. 18, 1877; son James Alfred 
and Margaret Missouri (Wineland) Bartlett; 
ed. Smith Acad., St. Louis, 1884-93, and Central 
High School, 1893-5; married Arline Morton 
Brown, of Maiden, Mass., Sept. 4, 1907; 1 son: 
Morton. Was clerk in accounting dept. M.,K.& 
T.Ry.Co., St. Louis, 1895-1904; sec. and pur- 
chasing agent Bes Line Construction Co., 1904- 
7; also sec. Florissant Construction, Real Es- 
tate and Investment Co., and vice-pres. and dir. 
St. Louis & Meramec R.R. Co., 1905-6; purchas- 
ing agent Denver, Enid & Gulf R.R., Denver, 
Kansas & Gulf Ry., 1905-6; sec. North Western 
Expanded Metal Co., Chicago, since June 1907, 
also treas. and dir. since Feb. 1911. Republican. 
Unitarian. Mem. Royal Arcanum. Recreation: 
reading. Residence: 921 Buena Av. Office: 930 
Old Colony Bldg. 

BASTI^ETT, William Alfred, clergyman; born 
Chicago, Feb. 17, 1858; son Pres. Samuel Col- 
cord (D.D., LL.D. ) and Mary Bacon Learned 
Bartlett; grad. Phillips Acad., 1876; A.B., Dart- 
mouth Coll., 1882, A.M., 1885; grad. Hartford 
Theol. Sem., 1885; (D.D., Dartmouth, 1899); 
married Chicago, Feb. 23, 1892, Esther Ade- 
laide Pitkin; children: William Pitkin, Doris 
Jeannette, Richard Learned. Organized, 1885, 
and became first pastor Evanston Av. Congre- 
gational Church, Chicago; became first pastor 
Second Congregational Church, Oak Park, 1889; 
pastor Kirk St. Congregational Church, Lowell, 
Mass., 1896, First Congregational Church, Chi- 
cago, since 1901. Lecturer in Chicago Theol. 
Sem., Ocean Park Chautauqua, Atlanta Theol. 
Sem. Mem. Apollo Club, Gnosis Soc, Chicago 
Ministers' Union. Residence: 1739 Washington 

BABTI^TT, 'William H., broker. Senior 
mem. firm of Bartlett, Frazier & Carrington, 
grain, stocks and bonds; pres. and dir. Calumet 
Elevator Co. Mem. Chicago Board of Trade. 
Clubs: Chicago, Union League, Mid-Day, Uni- 
versity, Glen View, Evanston, Evanston Coun- 
try. Summer Residence: Vermejo Park, N.M. 
Residence: 1331 Forest Av., Evanston, 111. Of- 
fice: 111 W. Jackson Boul. 

BABTIiE'Z', Charles Earl, lawyer; born near 
Coldwater, Mich., July 1, 1868; prep. edn. at 
Denlson Univ., Granville, O., 1882-1885; Har- 
vard Univ., 1885-9; LL.B., Lake Forest Univ., 
1895; married July 17, 1892, Virginia Forsythe; 
children: Virginia, Gladys. Was engaged in 
real estate and building business at Toledo, O., 
until 1891; came to Chicago and was admitted 
to 111. bar, 1894; since then engaged in practice, 
making a specialty of real estate law. Pres. 
Anglo-American Copper Mining Co.; treas. Mc- 
Donough & Co., and a dir. in other corpus. Re- 
publican. Baptist. Mason, K.T. Mem. Delta 
Chi fraternity; also several fraternal orders. 
Clubs: Chicago Athletic, Chicago Automobile 
(dir., 1903), Harvard, South Shore Country, Co- 
lonial, Kenwood Country, 111. Athletic, Aero of 
111. (treas.), Automobile Club of America; also 
Toledo, Toledo Yacht (Toledo, O.). Residence: 
5004 Drexel Boul. Office: 931-937 ITnity Bldg. 

BABTIiDTQ, I^onls Charles, Chicago mgr. Nat. 
Enameling & Stamping Co.; born Oldendorf, 
Prussia, Germany, Oct. 25, 1839; son Louis and 
Aldine (Fisher) Bartling; ed. pub. schools in 
Germany; married in Germany. 1866, Minnie 
Deppmeier; children: Mrs. Minnie Mai, Henry 
W., Mrs. Elizabeth Schick, William C. Learned 
the mfr. of tin and stamped ware in Germany 
and, coming direct from Germany to Chicago in 
1868, went to work for the Chicago Stamping 
Co. until 1SS4; vice-pres. KieckhefCer Bros. Co., 

of Milwaukee, until that business was consoli- 
dated, in 1899, with the Nat. Enameling and 
Stamping Co., of New York, of which has since 
been mgr. at Chicago. Republican. Mason. Res- 
idence: 2618 Hampden Ct. Office: Kinzie and 
Kingsbury Sts. 

BABTON, Enos M., mfr. ; born Lorraine, N.Y., 
Dec. 2, 1842; son Sidney William and Fanny 
(Bliss) Barton; ed. pub. and private schools 
and Univ. of Rochester; married Katharine S. 
Richardson, of Rochester, N.Y., Oct. 28, 1869 
(died 1898); children: Alvln L., Clara M., Kath- 
arine (Mrs. Robert W. Childs) ; married 2d, 
Mary C. Rust, Oct. 6, 1899; children: Malcolm 
S., Evan M. Located in Chicago, 1869; became 
sec. Western Elec. Co., 1872, later vice-pres. 
and pres. since 1887, and now chmn. of the 
board; dir. Merchants Loan & Trust Co. Trus- 
tee Univ. of Chicago. Associate mem. Am. Inst. 
Elec. Engrs. Clubs: Chicago, Union League, 
Commercial, Quadrangle, Hinsdale. Residence: 
Hinsdale, 111. Office: 500 S. Clinton St. 

BABTOIT, Qeorgre Freston, patent lawyer; 
born Lorraine, Jefferson Co., N.Y., Aug. 25, 
1851; son of Sidney William and Fanny Abiah 
(Bliss) Barton; A.B., Univ. of Rochester, N.Y., 
1876; married Lucy Nichols, of May wood. 111., 
Sept. 25, 1883 (died Jan. 24, 1891); married 2d, 
Emma Welles, of Towanda, Pa., Oct. 12, 1892; 7 
children: Lester Clement, Thyrza May, Hubert 
Crampton, Amelia Page, William Sidney, Ray- 
mond Welles, Ralph Dix. In practice at Chi- 
cago since 1877; mem. firm of Barton & Folk; 
police magistrate, Maywood, 111., 1884-5. Mem. 
Am., 111. State and Chicago Bar assns.. Law 
Club, Patent Law Assn., Delta Kappa Epsilon. 
Presbyterian. Clubs: Union League, Men's 
(Hyde Park). Recreations: outdoor sports. 
Residence: 5307 Lexington Av. Office: 1445 Mo- 
nadnock Blk. 

BABTON, Jesse Bllliaffs, lawyer; born De- 
morestville, Ont., Can., May 28, 1850; son Sam- 
uel E. and Philana A. (Billings) Barton; A.B., 
Albert Coll., Belleville, Ont., 1873; studied law 
in offices in Chicago; married Ella R. Wilcox, 
Point Peninsula, N.Y., Feb. 5, 1879 (died Dec. 
27, 1879); 1 daughter: Ella W. (died July 18, 
1880); married 2d, Brooklyn, N.Y., Feb. 25, 
1885, Lucy E. Thomas, widow of Joseph F. Bon- 
fleld; children: Alice M. (adopted), Jesse B., 
Jr., Walter I., Lucy A. Taught school and at- 
tended coll., age 16 to 23; came to Chicago, 
1873; taught school; clerked in law offices and 
Superior Court clerk's office; admitted to bar at 
Springfield, 111., Jan. 1876. Asst. corpn. counsel 
of Chicago, Oct. 1876-July 1879, and again, Aug. 
1894-July 1895; asst. atty. South Park Commn., 
Feb. 1881-Nov. 1885; atty. C.G.W.Ry.Co., Nov. 
1885-Jan. 1, 1888; practiced law. Salt Lake City 
and Ogden, Utah, Nov. 1889-Nov. 1892; returned 
to Chicago; gen. atty. and dir. Chicago Termi- 
nal Transfer R.R. Co., Nov. 1, 1899-Apr. 1, 1910; 
gen. atty. B.&O.C.T.R.R.Co. since Apr. 1, 1910. 
Democrat. Club: Hinsdale. Residence: Hins- 
dale, 111. Office: B.&O. Station. 

BABTON, Samuel Qeorg'e, pres. Barton-Ho- 
bart Paper Co.; born in Mercer Co., 111., June 
11, 1871; son Francis and Eliza (Briggs) Bar- 
ton; grad. Wheaton Prep. School, and Wheaton 
Coll., degree of B.L., 1896; married Bassett, 
Wis., June 6, 1900, Sarah Elizabeth Bassett; 
children: Elizabeth Bassett, William Leroy. 
Began with the old firm of Donohue & Henne- 
berry, 1897; became connected with the Henne- 
berry Publishing Co., 1900; then with the Cope- 
lin-Lee Paper Co. and the Dearborn Paper Co. 
until 1910; now pres. Barton-Hobart Paper Co., 
wliolesale and retail paper. Democrat. Congre- 
gationalist. C;iub: Congregational. Recreation: 
study of history. Residence: 216 Hamlin Av. 
Summer Residence: Twin Lakes, Wis. Office: 
Commercial Nat. Bank Bldg. 

BABTOSr, William Eleazer, clergyman; see 
W^t^o's Who in America. 

BABTZEN, Peter, pres. Board of Cook Co. 


Commrs. since 1910. Senior mem. firm of Peter lislier of the Sycamore True Republican for 9 
Bartzen & Son, real estate. Residence: 2546 years; sold out and removed to Chicago, con- 
Lawrence Av. Office: County Bldg. ducting a Job office until 1874, when he bought 
BASCH, Joseph, 2d vice-pres. Siegel, Cooper out the Pictorial Printing Co of which is still 
& Co.; born Prussia, Germany, Mar. 22, 1863; 'it head as pres. and treas ; also treas. and dir. 
son Adolph and Dora Basch; ed. Germany, fln- ?f the J. F. Lawrence Printing Co Since 1887 
ishing at coll. and technical schools at Berlin '"'s resided at Hinsdale, 111., where he has 
and Dresden; married Chicago, 1888, Ida Reiss; po**^of the largest greenhouses in the vicin- 

1 son: Ralph J. Received commercial training 'ty of Chicago, and Is head of the firm of Bas- 
in textile centers of Berlin and Saxony; came sett & Washburn, florists. Republican. Clubs: 
to U.S. at age of 18; formed firm of Friedland- ^'''^'^sro Athletic, Hamilton, Hinsdale. Rosi- 
er & Basch, New York, in 1890; became dept. dence: Hinsdale, III. Office: 131 N. Wabash Av. 
l^?3.? of Siegel, Cooper & Co. in 1895, sec. in BASSOE, Peter, physician; born Drammen, 
1902, and is now 2d vice-pres. and dir.; in en- Norway, May 18, 1874; son Rev. L. A. and Ma- 
tire control of the merchandise and advertising rie (Andersen) Bassoe; came to America. 1893; 
depts. Club: Standard Residence: 3622 Grand m.D., College Phys. and Surg. (Univ. of 111.), 
Boul. Office: State, \an Buren and Congress Chicago, 1897; married Miriam Gardner, of Pas- 
Streets. adena, Cal., Nov. 30, 1907; 1 daughter: Lucy. 

BASQUIN, Olin Hanson, univ. prof.; born Engaged in med. practice at Chicago since 1897, 

Dows, la.. Jan, 30, 1869; son Oliver William making a specialty of neurology; asst. prof, 

and Hannah (Valentine) Basquin; A.B., Ohio nervous and mental diseases. Rush Med. Coll., 

Wesleyan Univ., 1892; A.B.. Harvard, 1894; A. since 1907; attending neurologist to Cook Co., 

M., Northwestern Univ., 1895 Ph.D., 1901; mar- St. Elizabeth, Swedish Covenant and Presbyte- 

ried Jessie C. Guthrie, of Aledo, 111. (died 1907); rian hosps. Mem. Chicago Pathol. Soc, A.M.A., 

2 sons: Harold and Maurice; married 2d, Anna 111. State Med. Soc, Chicago Med. Soc, Chicago 
Stuart, of Los Angeles, Cal., Sept. 12, 1908. Neurological Soc. (pres.) Residence: 2207 Col- 
Chief engr. for the Duxfer Prism Companies, fax St., Evanston, 111. Office: 905 Venetian 
at Chicago, 1897, at London, 1898, at Berlin, Building. 

1899; asst. prof, physics, 1901-9, prof, applied .--,-,-, -.^ , - ,..1, ^ ^ 
mechanics since 1909, Northwestern Univ Ed- BASTIAH, CharleB leopoM, brass founder; 
itor: Luxfer Prism Pocket Book, 1898; Luxfer ''O'" Baden-Baden Germany, Nov. 16, 1861; son 
Prism Hand Book (translated into German and Frederick and Pauline Bastian; ed pub. schools 
French), 1899; also papers on experimental of ^fl');^?''^?;.,^^'''?''"^'',,?."'' Meyers Corn- 
work in physics. Republican. Methodist. Mem. ercial Coll Milwaukee, Wis.; married Chi- 
Western Soc Engrs., Soc for Promotion of gigo, Feb 18, 1888, Mete Schroeder; children: 
Engring. Edn., Sigma Xi, Delta Tau Delta fra- ^"""ne, Emily, Emil. Henrietta Elsa., Came 
ternity. Club: University of Evanston. Resi- f Germany to U.S., 1880, settling in Mil- 
dence: 724 Foster St., Evanston, 111. "'''"}^e ^^ere was engaged in elec business 

_,__ _ , , ,.,,. 1 until 1886; came to Chicago, becoming mem. of 
^r^^^' ?^'-,%^,'^ lawyer; born Williamstown. firm of T. S. Wild & Son, brass founders and 
yt., Dec 10, 1846; son Joel, Jr. and Catharine finishers, to whom succeeded. 1888; now pres. 
(Burnham) Bass; A^., Harvard Univ. 1871; The Bastian & Blessing Co. Mason (32% Shrin- 
student law dept. of Harvard Univ, 1872; mar- pr). Mem. North Am. Union. Residence: 2624 
rled Manitowoc Wis., Aug. 8, 1894, Elizabeth n. Paulina St. Office: 125-131 W. Michigan St. 
Merrill. Came to Chicago in 1872 and was ad- 
mitted to 111. bar; in office of Judge Beckwith, BASTRITF, iouis, lawyer; born Holding, Den- 
1872-5; since then alone. Elected mem. of the mark, July 8, 1856; son N. W. and Adelaide 
State Senate in 1892; master in chancery, 1888- (Cohn) Bastrup; ed. Real-Gymnasium, Holding, 
1900; presidential elector on the Blaine and Lo- Denmark, 1863-9; entered Johanneum College, 
gan ticket. Mem. Chicago Bar Assn. Clubs: Hamburg, Germany, 1869; afterward graduate 
Union League, Harvard (Chicago). Residence: Univ. of Copenhagen. Denmark, 1875; (LL.M., 
Chicago. Summer Residence: Manitowoc, Wis. honoris causa, Univ. of Notre Dame, Ind., 1894); 
Office: 8 S. Dearborn St. married Copenhagen, Sept. 4, 1884, Nancy Gun- 

BASS, Jolm Poster, war correspondent; born <'2'"P.h; I daughter: Stephanie Adelaide Was 

Chicago, 1866; son Perkins and Clara (Foster) admitte^d to bar, 1878; afterward went into; grad. Phillips Exeter Acad., 1886; Har- mercantile business; came to Chicago; was 

vard, 1891; Harvard Law School, 1893; admit- <^'e<J't e'': f"'" ^ ^^^se Chicago house for 6 

ted to N.Y. bar, 1894; married Boston, 1896, pars; went into general law practice. 1893, as 

Abigail Bailey; 1 son: John Foster, Jr. Cam- law partner of John Gibbons now judge Cir- 

paigns: 1895, in Egypt with English, and Cre- ?"it .Court of Cook Co.; in 1895, with Hugh 

tan insurrection; 1896, across Armenia at the p Neill, established the copartnership of Bas- 

time of massacre; 1897, Cretan rebellion and trup & O Neill, lawyers, of which he is still 

Greek war; 1898, Spanish-Am. war; 1899, Phil- senior mem. Republican. Mem. 111. State Bar 

ippine insurrection; 1900, Boxer insurrection in Assn., Chicago Bar Assn., Notre Danie Soc. and 

China and march of allies to the relief of Pe- "divers Danish socs Clubs: Germania, Germa- 

kin; 1903, Bulgarian uprising in Macedonia; ".'a Maennerchor. Author of a treatise on ma- 

1904, Russo-Japantsc war, 6 months in the 'me Ins., and several works on history, espe- 

fleld with Kuroki's army. Fellow Royal Geog. "fiJiV-i L'^e o^, ^"stavus Adolphus Residence: 

Soc. of London. Treas. and mem. exec. com. 1-'31 LaSalle Av. Office: Reaper Blk. 

Nat. Conservation Assn. Clubs: University, BATCHBIiDEB, see also Bacheldor. 

Chicago Athletic, South Shore Country, Press, ~,.-d~i.t T.-r.-i t,...i, n ,.,. ^mii. t,^ 

Chicago Literary, Saddle and Cycle (Chicago), ^.?,*^p,??^i^^Mnv ?7 ix^iT^inn cS,nforrt T 
New York Athletic Explorers' (New York). '^ 4^? ,\ ^^^ . l" , *^ "i' ^^^^ " Sanford L. 
Recreations: tennis and other athletic sports, and Dolly Batchelder; ed common school; mar- 
Residence: 743 Lincoln Parkway. Office: 115 S. !;'^?^,''^V'^ ^- 9S"?,^^^' Pj Minneapolis, Apr. 
Toiip qf " ^'"^=- i*" " 2, 1894; 1 daughter: Dorothy. Began ry. serv- 

^.== ,. _i ^. , . X ^ . ice with C.M.&St.P.Ry., 1874, with which re- 

*BASS, Robert Perkins, real estate; moved to mained until 1888, as operator and train dis- 

N.H. , see \ol. 190u. patcher, at various points; train disriatclier, 

BASSETT, Orland P.; born Towanada, Pa., 1888-93, asst. supt., 1893-9, supt. Wis. and 
Mar. 31, 1831; son John W. and Angeline Peninsula div., Feb. -July, 1899, Minneapolis, 
(Crooker) Bassett; ed. public schools and in St. Paul & Sault Ste. Marie Ry.; supt. north- 
printing office: married Apr. 5, 1858, Betsey M. western div., at Garrett, 111., 1899-1901, supt. 
Shelton; 1 daughter: Kate B. (Mrs. Charles L. Newark (O.) div., 1901-5, supt. Chicago div., 
Washburn, of Hinsdale.) Began printing busi- 1905-7, gen. supt. main line system, Baltimore, 
ness for self at Towanda, Pa., 1854; came West 1907-10, B.&O.R.R.; 1st vice-pres. B.&O. Chi- 
in 1837 and located at Sycamore, 111., as pub- cago Terminal R.R., since 1910. Club: South 



Shore Countrv. Residence: 4S2S Madison Av. 
Office: B.&O. Station. 

BATCHEI^DIiR, Qeorgre Kutchinson, fire ins. ; 
born St. Paul, Minn., Oct. 8, 1862; son George 
W. and Helen M. (Bartine) Batchelder; grad. 
E. Orangre (N.J.) High School, 1878; married 
Denver, Colo., Apr. 10, 1889, Frances L. Taylor. 
Entered ins. business with London Assurance 
Corpn., New York, 1880, continuing until 1883; 
lived in Colo., 1884-1907, engaging in mining 
and Are ins., 1896-1907, as gen. agent for Niag- 
ara Fire Ins. Co. of New York; 1907-10, asst. 
mgr. Western dept., at Chicago, of Del. Ins. Co. 
of Phila., Reliance Ins. Co. of Phila., Rochester 
German Ins. Co. of Rochester, N.Y. ; mem. Arm 
Kemp & Batchelder, mgrs. of same companies, 
since 1911. Treas. Fire Underwriters' Assn. of 
the Northwest; sec. Western Ins. Bureau. Re- 
publican. Episcopalian. Mem. 111. Soc. S.A.R. 
Club: Union League. Recreations: golf and 
bowling. Residence: 422 Greenwood Boul., Ev- 
anston. 111. Office: 79 W. Monroe St. 

BATEMAIT, Floyd Kawerence, forwarding and 
distributing agent; born Grand Island, Neb., 
July 26, 1875; son of Selim James and Joseph- 
ine E. (Boyce) Bateman; grad. Grand Island 
High School. 1893; married Kenosha, Wis., 
June 11, 1900, Alta B. Aspinwall; 3 children: 
Donald F., Lawerence and Barbara Jean. Was 
engaged as a general railroad accountant until 
Mar. 1, 1903, when he became sec. and treas. of 
the Trans-Continental Freight Co. (incorpor- 
ated 1899), engaged as forwarding and distrib- 
uting agents throughout the country and con- 
ducting a general warehouse and transfer busi- 
ness at Los Angeles and San Francisco, Cal., 
owning and operating warehouses and transfer 
equipment at those points; sec. and treas. Chi- 
cago Furniture Forwarding Co., forwarders for 
Chicago Furniture Mfrs.' Assn. Republican In 
national. Independent in local politics. Presby- 
terian. Clubs: Traffic, Wilmette Country. Rec- 
reations: golf and music. Residence: Wilmette, 
111. Office: 203 S. Dearborn St. 

*BATBS, Henry Moore, lawyer; see Vol. 1905. 

BATES, James Benjamin, ship builder; born 
Windsor, N.S., Apr. 22, 1842; son Thomas and 
Hannah (Dyer) Bates; ed. pub. schools of Nova 
Scotia; married Catherine Corrin, of Milburn, 
111., May 22, 1879; children: James Perry, Ida 
Catherine, Byron Ross. Began as a farm hand 
In boyhood, then served an apprenticeship In 
the shipyard of W. C. Fitch, at Windsor, N.S.; 
came to Chicago in 1869 and worked at trade 
for W. W. Bates & Co. ; was made foreman, and 
in 1892 established firm of J. B. Bates & Co., 
of which Is now senior mem. Republican. Con- 
gregationalist. Mason. Residence: Berwyn, 111. 
Office: 2424 S. Halsted St. 

BATES, Mark, grain commn. merchant: born 
Walsall, Eng., Mar. 30, 1867; son of William 
and Sarah (Holder) Bates; ed. pub. schools of 
England; came to America and settled at Chi- 
cago, Feb. 1884; married Mae Henderson, of 
Chicago, 1893. Began business career as book- 
keeper for W. G. Press & Co., grain commn. 
merchants. Mar. 4, 1884, and has since been 
Identified with that company, becoming vloe- 
pres. upon its incorporation in 1892, and pres. 
in 1900. Mem. Chicago Board of Trade. Inde- 
pendent in politics. Episcopalian. Residence: 
6153 Lexington Av. Office: 59, 304 Sherman St. 

BATES, Morley Da Costa, physician; born 
Mlllersburg, Iowa Co., la., Sept. 17, 1872; son 
Dr. Homer O. and Dr. Laiira (Cowgill) Bates; 
grad. West Division High School, 1893; grad. 
Rush Med. Coll., M.D., 1896; married Chicago, 
Aug. 29, 1900, Edith Gray Brown; 2 children: 
Katherine Brown, Morley Da Costa, Jr. Interne 
Presbyterian Hosp., 1897-8; surgeon for Home- 
stake Mining Co., of Lead and Deadwood, S.D., 
2 years; since then in practice in Chicago. 
Instr. in Rush Med. Coll.; attending physician 
and treas. Grace Hosp.; lecturer School for 

Nurses of the Presbyterian Hosp.; now dist. 
pliysician and lecturer for the com. on the Pre- 
vention of Tuberculosis of The Visiting Nurses' 
Assn., Chicago; physician Met. Elevated Ry. 
Formerly attending physician to Nat. Temper- 
ance Hosp. Mem. Physicians' Club. A.M.A., 111. 
State Med. Soc, Chicago Med. Soc, Soc. of 
Med. History of Chicago. Republican. Meth- 
odist. Residence: 417 S. Central Park Av. Of- 
fice: Cor. Ashland Boul. and Van Buren St. 

BATES, Onward, civil engr. ; born St. Charles 
Co., Mo., Feb. 24, 1850. Engr. and supt. of 
buildings of the C.,M.&St.P.Ry.Co., 1888-1901. 
Mem. Am. Soc. Civil Engrs. Residence: 832 
Belden Av. Office: 537 S. Dearborn St. 

BATES, Bobert Fecic, head master Chicago 
Latin School; born Coventry, R.I., Jan. 28, 1872; 
son Mason Arnold and Cornelia (Peck) Bates; 
prepared for coll. at Windham High School, 
Wlllimantlc, Conn.; grad. Trinity Coll., Hart- 
ford, Conn., 1893; married Mary, daughter of 
Judge John M. Lansden, of Cairo, 111., July 1, 
1905. Head master Chicago Latin School since 
1894. Episcopalian. Mem. Delta Kappa Ep- 
sUon, Phi Beta Kappa. Club: University. Rec- 
reation: fishing. Residence: 11 Scott St. Office: 
18 E. Division St. 

BATES, Thomas, lawyer; born Griggsville, 
Pike Co., 111., Mar. 4, 1844; son Thomas and 
Elvira (Cleveland) Bates; ed. pub. schools; was 
in government service as a wagon-master un- 
der Gen. Sully in his expedition against the 
Indians, 1865-6; assisted father in his lumber 
office at Lincoln, 111.; principal of Gilman (111.) 
pub. school 4 years, reading law during the 
last 2: came to Chicago, April, 1876, and fin- 
ished legal studies in office of Leonard Swett; 
married Dec. 24, 1870, Sarah H., daughter of 
Albion Ricker, of Turner, Me.; children: Rose 
Cleveland, Alfred Ricker. Admitted to 111. bar, 
Sept. 1876, and was 2 years mem. of firm of 
Swett & Bates, then for 1 year of Higgins, 
Swett & Bates, later of Swett, Bates & Haskell 
and of Bates, Harding & Atkins. Democrat. 
Club: Evanston Country. Residence: 2112 Or- 
rington Av., Evanston, 111. Office: 39 S. LaSalle 

BATTEN, Jolin Henry, lawyer; born London, 
Eng., July 16, 1850; son John H. and Mary Ann 
Batten; ed. Franklin and Newberrv Schools, 
Chicago, 1856-66; Racine (Wis.) Coll., 1866-9; 
studied law in Chicago in the office of Dent & 
Black; married Naperville, 111., Aug. 26, 1874, 
Ida Haight: children: Marion (Mrs. Albert 
Hayes Wetten), Percy Haight, Ralph Ells- 
worth. Admitted to bar, 1872; state's atty. Du- 
Page Co., III., 1888-96; county Judge DuPage 
Co., first to fill unexpired term and later for 
full term, June 1897-Dec. 1902, and sat in coun- 
ty court of Cook Co.. at Chicago, for 2 years as 
acting county .fudge, assisting Judge Carter; 
acting probate judge of Cook Co., Mar. 20, 1899- 
Dec. 1, 1900. having charge of the Probate 
Court from the resignation of Judge Kohlsaat 
and until Judge Cutting was elected and took 
his seat. Republican. Club: Hamilton (pres., 
1910-11). Residence: 5510 East End Av. Office: 
Chicago Title & Trust Bldg. 

BAUEB, see also Baur. 

BATTEB, Alexander, pres. Bauer & Black, 
mfrs. surgical dressings. Residence: 5026 Grand 
Boul. Office: 45 W. 25th St. 

BAUEB, John C, publisher; born La Porte, 
Ind., Oct. 25, 1858; son Anton and Catherine 
Bauer; went to Aurora, 111., in early childhood, 
living there until 17 years of age; ed. Aurora 
pub. schools; married Chicago, May 25, 1881, 
Lena M. Stevens; children: John W., Harry W. 
Began work at 9 years; learned printers' trade 
in Aurora, 111., and in 1873 became a printer on 
the Chicago Times; established Union Printing 
Co. in 1887 and in 1889 organized the Horse 
Review Co., publishers of the Horse Review, of 
which is pres. and treas. Republican. Club; 



Press. Recreations: driving and fishine. Resi- 
dence; Naperville, III. Office: Masonic Temple. 
BATTEB, William Cliarle*, elec. engr.; born 
Cincinnati, Dec. 26, 1873; B.S., in elec. engring., 
Univ. of Cincinnati, 1896; student Univ. of Chi- 
cago, 1905; Sc.D., IJal^er Univ., Baldwin, Kan., 
1908. Instr. civil engring., Univ. of Cincinnati, 
1896-7; professor physics and chemistry, Baker 
Univ., 1897-1908; prof, physics and elec. engr- 
ing., Univ. of Denver, 1908-9; prof. elec. engring.. 
Northwestern Univ., since 1909. Magnetic ob- 
server and dir. Baldwin Magnetic Observatory, 
U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey, 1900-2; mag- 
netic observer in Can. of eclipse for U.S. Coast 
and Geodetic Survey. 1905; supt. Baldwin 
(Kan.) Light & Power Co., 1907-8; consulting 
elec. and mech. engr. since 1903. Fellow A.A.A. 
S. ; mem. Am. Chem. Soc, Soc. for Promotion 
Engring. Edn., etc. Residence: 2149 Sherman 
Av., Evanston, 111. 

BATTM, (yinan) Frank, author; born Chit- 
tenango, N.Y., May 15, 1856; son Benjamin 
Ward and Cynthia (Stanton) Baum; acad. edn. 
at Syracuse, N.Y. ; married Maud, daughter of 
Matilda Joslyn Gage, of Fayetteville, N.Y., 
Nov. 9, 1882. Began newspaper work, 1880; ed- 
ited Dakota Pioneer, Aberdeen, S.D.. 1888-90. 
The Show Window, Chicago, 1897-1902. Clubs: 
Press, Chicago Athletic, Colonial (Chicago), 
Players (New York). Author of numerous 
books and plays, for titles see Who's Who in 
America. Residence: (Oct. to June) 5243 Mich- 
igan Av., Chicago; (June to Oct.) Macatawa, 

BATTM, William Iiouis, physician; born Mor- 
ris, 111., May 11, 1867; son Henry and Elizabeth 
(Zorrman) Baum; ed. Morris Normal School; 
M.D., Jefferson Med. Coll., Phila., 1888; special 
courses in univs. and hosps. of Vienna and 
Berlin. Unmarried. Since 1891 in practice in 
Chicago as specialist in skin and venereal dis- 
eases. Treas. and prof, skin and venereal dis- 
eases, Chicago Post-Grad. Med. School; derma- 
tologist to Baptist, German and Chicago hosps.; 
attending physician for contagious diseases in 
Cook Co. Hosp. Mem. Physicians' Club; sec. 
Chicago Medico-Legal Society; fellow Chicago 
Acad, of Medicine; mem. Chicago Dermatologi- 
cal Soc, Am. Urological Assn. (treas.), A.M.A., 
III. State Med. Soc, Chicago Med. Soc, Chicago 
Pathological Soc, Miss. Valley Med. Soc, Tri- 
State Med. Soc Republican; was coroner of 
Grundy Co., 1888. Clubs: Chicago, Chicago Ath- 
letic, Marquette, Chicago Yacht (fleet surgeon). 
Residence: 807 Pullman Bldg. Office; 31 N. 
State St. 

BAXTMANIT, Ferdinand Otto, mfr. ; born Wa- 
tertown. Wis., Jan. 29, 1853; son Jacob and 
Margareth (Meyer) Baumann; ed. pub. schools 
of Watertown, Wis.; married Chicago, Nov. 5, 
1883, Carrie Linsenbarth; children: Nettie A., 
Frances, Lucille. Began active business career 
as cabinet maker at A. H. Andrews & Co.'s, in 
1875, and rose to gen. supt., leaving in 1895; 
then in mantel mfg. business in the Baumann- 
Simon Co. until 1898: since Feb. 1, 1898. supt., 
sec. and dir. the William H. Warren Mfg. Co., 
until Aug. 1, 1905, when purchased the busi- 
ness and changed firm name to F. O. Baumann 
Mfg. Co., Inc., of which is pres. and treas. Gold 
Democrat. Protestant. Mem. North Chicago 
Bowling Assn. Recreations: bowling and auto- 
mobiling. Residence: 530 Hawthorne PI. Office: 
Blackhawk St. and Smith Av. 

'BAUBCEB, Norbert Joseph, atty.; see Vol. 

BAUMOABTK, iBidor, brewer; born Pesth, 
Hungary. Mar. 29, 1860; son Adolph and Betty 
(Stein) Baumgartl; ed. high school and Dyren- 
forth Univ., graduating 1878; married Chicago, 
1881, Bertha Wilhartz; children: Clara, Dillie, 
Leroy, Olga, Gertrude. Began as bookkeeper in 
wholesale liquor house of Joseph Stein & Co., 
1878; admitted to partnership In firm of Stein 

& Baumgartl, 1880, and in 1882 firm consoli- 
dated business with that of Adolph Stein and 
became Stein Bros. & Baumgartl. Severed act- 
ive connection with that firm in 1887, engaging 
in the real estate business, and in 1889 built 
the Calumet Distilling Co.'s distillery; sold that 
to the trust and organized Monarch Brewing 
Co. ; consolidated that in United Breweries Co., 
of which is now chmn. of the board. Built Art 
Wall Paper Mills, 1900, and is now pres and 
dir.; also sec. Stein Bros.; organized, 1907, and 
since pres. Federal Cement Tile Co., and built 
factory at Hammond, Ind. Pres. Home for the 
Friendless; pres. Brewers Exchange of Chicago. 
Clubs: Standard, Mid-Day. Residence: 4837 
Grand Boul. Office: First Nat. Bank Bldg. 

BATTB, see also Bauer. 

BATJB, Jacob, chemist, pharmacist; born 
Louisville, Ky., Oct. 12, 1856; son J. J. and Ma- 
rie (Stuber) Baur; ed. pub. schools; graduate 
Phila. Coll. of Pharmacy, 1881; married. Was 
in drug business, Terre Haute, Ind., 1869-90; 
also in flour mill business there, 1887-8; since 
1888, pres. and treas. Liquid Carbonic Co., op- 
erating plants in many large cities; also pres. 
and treas. Federal Brass Works. Mem. socs. of 
chemical industry of England and America, Am. 
Pharmaceutical Assn. Republican. Episcopal- 
ian. Clubs: Union League, Chicago Athletic, 
Exmoor Countrv. Recreation: golf. Residence: 
59 E. Division St. Office: 440 Wells St. 

BAtTBDCAKN, O-ustav; deceased; see Vol. 

BAUSHEB, Henry, commn. merchant; de- 
ceased; see Vol. 1905. 

BAXMAir, Kartin J., commn. merchant; born 
Wheeling. 111., July 17, 1871; son John G. D. 
and Carolina (Clausing) Baxman; ed. public 
schools, Bryant & Stratton Business Coll., Chi- 
cago; grad. Central Coll. of Correspondence, St. 
Louis; married Tillle S. Rotermund, of Nor- 
wood Park, 111., June 25, 1898. Began in live 
stock commn. in employ of Ingwersen Bros. & 
Smith, 1893-1901; cashier Smith, Haas & Co., 
1901-6; sec. and treas. Smith, Carey & Co., 
1906-8; sec, treas. and dir. Smith Bros. Commn. 
Co. since 1908; also sec. and dir. Cuban-Am. 
Land Co. Republican. Methodist. Mason (K.T.). 
Residence: 10620 Seeley Av. Office: 33-36 Ex- 
change Bldg., U.S. Y'ards. 

BAXTEB, Qeorgre Edwin, physician; born 
Griggsville, 111., Oct. 27, 1874; son Edwin Wal- 
ter and Helen Maria Baxter; grad. Griggsville 
High School, 1891, Whipple Acad., Jacksonville, 
111., 1893; Ph.B., 111. Coll., Jacksonville, 1896; 
M.D., Northwestern Univ. Med. School, 1899; 
married June 7, 1905, Cecile Maude Hitchcock. 
Interne St. Luke's Hosp., Chicago, 1899-1901; 
instr. in pathology, 1902-3, instr. in haemotol- 
ogy, 1902-4, Northwestern Univ. Med. School; 
attending physician St. Vincent's Infant and 
Ravenswood hosps. Asst. editor 111. Med. Jour- 
nal. Formerly sec. and pres. North Shore 
Branch Med. Soc; mem. A.M.A., Chicago Med. 
Soc, 111. State Med. Soc; pres. Physicians' Clu'b. 
Republican. Congregationalist. Recreation: trav- 
eling. Residence: 5216 Kenmore Av. Office: 4603 
Evanston Av. 

BAXTEB, Bobert W., ry. official; born In 
Scotland, Feb. 22, 1859; son Robert W. and Hel- 
en (Graham) Baxter; ed. pub. schools. Began 
ry. service with U.P.Ry., 1870, as messenger, 
with which remained until 1890, as operator, 
train dispatcher, chief train dispatcher, train 
master, asst. supt. and supt. various divs. ; 
supt. Ohio and Midland divs., B.&O.R.R., at 
Newark, O., Apr.-Sept. 1891; again with U.P. 
Ry., as supt. Ore. and Wash, divs., at Portland, 
Ore., 1891-2, gen. supt. Paciflc div., at Portland, 
1892-4. gen. agent for receivers, at Portland, 
1894-8, and supt. Neb. div., at Omaha, 1898- 
1903; supt. Pa. div., at Sayre, Pa., July-Dec. 
1904, Wyo. div., at Wilkes-Barre, Pa., 1904-5, 
Lehigh Valley R.R.; gen. supt. I.C.R.R., at Chi- 



cago, since July 1, 1910. Club: South Shore 
Country. Residence: 5411 Bast End Av. Office: 
701 Central Station. 

BA7, Qeorge FhiUp, banker; 1830-1910; see 
Vol. 1905. 

BATIiET, Edwin Fisher, lawyer; born Man- 
lius, N.y., June 11, 1845; son Calvin Chapin and 
Ann Sophia (Fisher) Bayley; early life on farm 
near Waupun, Wis., where he attended school 
until 1858; in acad. of Brockway Coll. (after- 
ward Ripon Coll.), 1858-64; served enlistment 
of 100 days as private, Co. B, 41st Wis. Inf., 
summer of 1864; In Ripon Coll., 1864-6; A.B., 
Amlterst Coll., 1868; LL.B., St. Louis Law 
School, 1870; married Chicago, Nov. 1876, Anna 
Katharine Ober; children: Helen (Mrs. Charles 
T. Mordock, Winnetka, 111.) and Katharine 
(Mrs. Edwin H. Clark, Chicago). Began prac- 
tice at St. Louis, In office of Elmer B. Adams 
(now U.S. circuit judge) in 1871; came to Chi- 
cago, Oct. 9, 1872; mem. of firm of Scoville, 
Corwin & Bayley until 1877; practiced alone, 
1877-85; mem. of firm of Bayley & Waldo, 1885- 
95; since of Bayley & Webster (Charles R.). 
Republican, with mugwump tendencies. Mem. 
Kenwood Evangelical Church. Clubs: Kenwood, 
Union League, University, Homewood, Onwent- 
sia, City. Recreation: golf. Residence: 4634 
Greenwood Av. Office: 19 S. LaSalle St. 

BATI^niS, Ripley H., lawyer; born St. Hel- 
ena Parish, La., Sept. 5, 1845; son Nicholas and 
Harriet (Gaboon) Baylies; ed. collegiate and 
law depts. of the Univ. of Iowa; married Osage 
Mission, Kan., 1873, Harriett Sinnamon (now 
deceased); children: Mrs. Nettie B. Poor, Fred 
N., Harry L., Harriet H. Admitted to bar in 
Iowa in 1867 and practiced in Kan. several 
years; then at Des Moines, la., until 1890, when 
was elected judge of the Circuit Court of Polk 
Co., la., and at expiration of term resumed 
practice; since 1892 in practice in Chicago. Re- 
publican. Club: Chicago Athletic. Residence: 
2702 Michigan Av. Office: 1222 McCormick 

BATNES, James, editor; born Valley Forge, 
near Philadelphia, Pa., Nov. 30, 1840; son Bee- 
zon and Lowry (Humphreys) Baynes; ed. pub. 
schools in Pa. and Ind. ; married Salem, Ind., 
Nov. 21, 1871, Ella Lyon; children: Harry L., 
Clara. Served 3 years in 5th Ind. Cav., Co. E, 
in Army of the Ohio, 1862-5; participated In 
Sherman's movements from Chattanooga to 
Jonesboro. Moved to Ind. when 15 years old 
and located on farm, remaining there until 
1879; then went to Alexandria, S.D., and en- 
gaged in publishing the Alexandria Herald; 
started the American Swineherd in 1884 and in 
1890 removed it to Chicago, where has since 
resided, as its editor and pres. of American 
Swineherd Pub. Co., its publishers. Republican; 
was member of the Territorial Legislature of 
Dakota, 1880-1. Member George G. Meade Post 
G.A.R. Residence: 418 W. 61st PI. Office: 443 
S. Dearborn St. 

BEACS, Chandler Belden, editor and pub- 
lisher; born Groton, N.Y., June 27, 1839; son 
Edwards A. and Rhoda C. (Churchill) Beach; 
A.B., Marietta (O.) Coll., 1863, A.M., 1866; mar- 
ried Cincinnati, Dec. 24, 1869, Laura B. Nerney; 
4 children. Capt. and asst. quartermaster in 
Civil War; has engaged in publication and sale 
of various books in Chicago since 1870; dir. 
Central Trust Co. of 111. Republican. Presby- 
terian. Mem. G.A.R. Editor and Publisher: 
The Students' Cyclopaedia, 1893; The Students' 
Reference Work, 1902; The New Students' Ref- 
erence Work, 1909. Recreations: golf, fishing, 
etc. Residence: Riverside, 111. Office: 215 S. 
Market St. 

BEACH, Clinton Stillwell, grain commn. ; 
born Chicago, Aug. 8, 1875; son Elli Alonzo and 
Abbie Davis (Stillwell) Beach; A.B., Univ. of 
Chicago, 1897; married Ada C. Lloyd, of Chi- 
cago, 1903; children: Lloyd E. and Harriette C. 
Entered employ of grain firm of E. A. Beach & 

Co., July 1897; became an officer of Beach- 
Wickham Grain Co. upon its oi'ganization, 1903, 
continuing until the corpn. was dissolved in 
1905; since mem. corpn. Beach-Wickham Grain 
Co. Republican. Baptist. Mem. Beta Theta Pi 
fraternity. Recreation: golf. Residence: 537 
Bryant Av. Office: 543-546 Postal Telegraph 

BEACH, Elli Alonzo, pres. Beach-Wickham 
Grain Co.; born Stratford, N.H., July 9, 1842; 
son Lawrence Clinton and Lucy A. (Brockett) 
Beach; came west with parents in 1852; ed. 
Beloit, Wis., and Darlington, Wis., finishing at 
the Platteville Acad.; then taught school in 
winter of 1863; married Oct. 13, 1868, Abbie 
Davis Stillwell, of Providence, R.I. (died Jan. 
1881); children: Annie S., Henry L., Clinton S.; 
married 2d, Harriett A. Peck, Providence, R.I. 
In Jan. 1864, came to Chicago; served an ap- 
prenticeship of 3 years in office of David H. 
Lincoln, with whom became partner in June, 
1867; firm dissolved, 1877, each partner contin- 
uing alone; in 1879 became partner in Mead, 
Beach & Co., which continued until 1890; from 
then until 1902, E. A. Beach & Co.; since 1903, 
pres. of the Beach-Wickham Grain Co., which 
was incorporated in that year. Dir. Chicago 
Board of Trade, 1893-6. Clerk of Memorial Bap- 
tist Church for 22 years. Residence: 533 Bry- 
ant Av. Summer Residence: Castle Park, Mich. 
Office: 543-546 Postal Telegraph Bldg. 

BEACH, Elmer Ellsworth, lawyer; born Civil 
Bend, Fremont Co., la., Dec. 19, 1861; son Hen- 
ry Walter and Eva E. (Canfield) Beach; A.B., 
Univ. of Mich., 1884; married Ann Arbor, Mich., 
July 27, 1889, Jessie E. Taylor; children: Eliz- 
abeth Clara and Mae Vee. Studied law and was 
admitted to bar in 1888; now mem. of the law 
Arm of Beach & Beach. Republican. Mason, 
K.T., Shriner. Mem. Chicago and 111. State Bar 
assns. Club: Chicago Athletic. Residence: 1312 
Lunt Av., Rogers Park. Office: Ashland Blk. 

BEACH, Harrison Ji., newspaper man; born 
Dubuque, la., Jan. 12, 1863; son of Myron H. 
and Helen Mary (Hoskins) Beach; common 
school edn. ; married Jessie M. Bowen, of Bick- 
ford. Can., Sept. 5, 1905. Entered newspaper 
work in Chicago, 1889; has been connected with 
Associated Press since 1892; correspondent at 
Santiago and other points during Spanish-Am. 
War, and for many years represented Associat- 
ed Press at nat. political conventions; supt. 
central dtv., comprising 16 states, with head- 
quarters at Chicago, since Jan. 1, 1909. Pres- 
byterian. Mem. Loyal Legion. Clubs: Union 
League, Caxton. Residence: 3630 Lake Av. Of- 
fice: 111 W. Jackson Boul. 

BEACH, Myron Hawley, lawyer; born Seneca 
Falls, N.Y., May 22, 1828; son Blam and Han- 
nah (Edwards) Beach; A.B., Hamilton Coll., 
1853 (LL.D., 1905); married Seneca Falls, N.Y., 
Dec. 23, 1857, Helen Mary Hoskins (died Apr. 
12, 1902); children: Lansing H. (grad. U.S. Mil. 
Acad., now lieut.-col. in charge of Engring. 
Dept. of the Gulf, with headquarters at New 
Orleans), Harrison L. and Woolsey E. Prof, of 
mathematics, Brockport Collegiate Inst., 1853; 
prin. Seneca Falls Acad., 1853-6; admitted to 
bar, 1856; served in Union Army in 1864. En- 
gaged in practice at Dubuque, la., where he 
was dir. Board of Edn. and a dir. German The- 
ol. Sem.; In practice in Chicago since 1885. 
Mem. Am., 111. State and Chicago Bar assns. 
Republican. Presbyterian. Mem. G.A.R., Loyal 
Legion, Alpha Delta Phi, Phi Beta Kappa, Am. 
Hist. Assn., Chicago Hist. Soc. Clubs: Union 
League, Caxton. Residence; 3630 Lake Av. Of- 
fice: The Rookery. 

BEACH, Baymond 'Walter, lawyer; born Per- 
cival, la., Nov. 29, 1863; son Henry Walter and 
Eva E. (Canfield) Beach; spent most of boy- 
hood and youth in Grand Rapids and Charle- 
voix, Mich.; B.S.,C.E., Univ. of Mich., 1886, LL. 
B., 18S9; married Chicago, Oct. 4, 1892. Jennie 
Healy; 1 daughter: Ethel (iorinne. Admitted to 



111. bar. 1889. and at once joined liis brother, 
Elmer E. Beach, present Arm of Beach & Beach, 
making a specialty of corpn., real estate and 
ins. law. Also treas. and dir. Northwestern De- 
velopment Co. and other corpns. Lecturer on 
common law pleadings in Chicago Law School. 
Mem. Chicago and 111. State Bar assns., Chi- 
cago Assn. of Commerce, Delta Upsilon. Re- 
publican. Mason. Clubs; 111. Athletic, Edge- 
water Golf. Recreations: golf and automobil- 
ing. Residence: 857 Pratt Av. OtHce: Ashland 

BHAJm, Sarell Wood, dealer in timber and 
lumber; born Grand Rapids. Mich., Jan. 13, 
1870; son William Henry and Gertrude V. B. 
(Wood) Beal; ed. pub. schools of Grand Rap- 
ids; married Mary Ellen Nutt, of New Orleans, 
La., Apr. 27, 1898; 2 sons: James Lacey and 
Sarell Wood, Jr. Began business career as of- 
fice boy with Robinson & Lacey, timber deal- 
ers. Grand Rapids, in 1887, remaining with that 
firm until its dissolution in 1891, when contin- 
ued with its successor, J. D. Lacey. becoming 
a mem. of the firm of J. D. Lacey & Co. in 1898, 
with which company has since continued. Re- 
sided at New Orleans, 1894-1908, at Chicago 
since 1908; treas. and dir. Clallam Lumber Co.; 
sec. and mgr. Tensas Delta Land Co., Ltd.; sec. 
and dir. Pigeon River Lumber Co.; dir. Tenn. 
& N.C. Ry. Co. Clubs; Chicago, Union League, 
Midlothian. South Shore Country, Traffic; also 
Boston Club (New Orleans), and Kent Country 
Clulj (Grand Rapids). Recreations: motoring, 
golf, photography. Residence: 4554 Greenwood 
Av. Office: 1215 Old Colony Bldg. 

BEAAE, 'William. Oerrish, lawyer; born Win- 
throp. Me., Sept. 10, 1854; son William and Lu- 
cinda (Bacon) Beale; A.B., Bowdoin Coll., 1877; 
read law in office of Williams and Thompson, 
Chicago; married Elizabeth Caruthers, of Chi- 
cago, Nov. 2, 1904. Admitted to 111. bar, 1881; 
has since practiced at Chicago; head of firm of 
Isham, Lincoln & Beale. Pres. Board of Edn., 
Chicago, 1891-2; corpn. counsel, Chicago, 1895- 
7; one of 3 trustees holding majority of stock 
of Chicago Tribune under will of Joseph Me- 
dill, deceased. Republican. Clubs: Chicago, Uni- 
versity, Union (Chicago), Union, University 
(New York). Residence; 1100 Lake Shore 
Drive. Office: 72 W. Adams St. 

BEAKS, CIiaTleg Edward, clergyman, sec; 
born Stoughton, Mass., July 15, 1869; son of 
Charles Emery and Susan (Fisher) Beals; stu- 
dent mech. engring. 4 years, Mass. Inst. Tech- 
nology; grad. Drew Theol. Sem., 1892; married 
Nellie Vernon Drake, of Stoughton, June 30, 
1892; children; Helen Drake, (Charles Edward, 
Mary Lunn, Robert Vernon. Entered M.E. min- 
istry, 1892; pastor Emmanuel Ch., Mansfield, 
Mass., 1892-6; asst. pastor Maverick Congrega- 
tional Church, E. Boston, Mass.. 1896-7; pastor 
First Congregational Church, Stoneham, 1897- 

1900, Second Church, Greenfield, 1900-3, Pros- 
pect St. Church, Cambridge, 1903-8; field sec. 
Am. Peace Soc. since Api". 1, 1908; also sec. 
Chicago Peace Soc. since Jan. 4, 1910. Delegate 
17th Universal Peace Congress, London. 1908; 
organized 2d Nat. Peace Congress, (Chicago, 
1909; reorganized Chicago Peace Soc, 1910. 
Capt. 1st Co. Inf., Mass. Provisional Militia, 
1898; chaplain 5th Inf. Mass. Vol. Militia, 1899- 

1901. Sec. Sagamore Sociological Conference, 
1907-9; mem. Am. Soc. Internat. Law. New 
England Hist.-Geneal. Soc, City Club of Chi- 
cago. Editor: Report of Second National Peace 
Congress. Chicago, 1909. Residence; 307 Davis 
St.. E\'anston. Summer Residence: Passacon- 
away. X.H. Office: Association Bldg. 

BEAIiS, H. Wallace, merchant; born in Cass 
Co., 111., Mar. 1, 1868; son Peter and Eliza M. 
(Corrie) Beals; ed. pub. schools of Rushville, 
111.; married Chicago. Oct. 1. 1895, Malvinia S. 
Tyler; 2 children; Helen Roxana, John Tyler. 
With W. L. Parrotte & Co., Omaha, Neb., hats 
and caps, 1886-90; in Chicago with Parrotte, 

Andrews & Co., as treas., 1890-4; firm became 
Taylor & Parrotte, of which he was sec, 1894- 
1904; changed to Parrotte, Beals & Co., Jan. 18, 
1904, of which is vlce-pres. and sec. Trustee 
Oakland M.E. Church. Republican. Residence: 
4100 Vincennes Av. Office: 200 S. Market St. 

BEABD, Charles Heady, physician; born 
Spencer Co., Ky., Jan. 27. 1855; son James P. 
and Emerin (Heady) Beard; ed. public schools 
of Spencer Co., Ky., and Transylvania Univ., 
Lexington, Ky. ; M.D., Univ. of Louisville, Ky., 
1877; married Cannelton, Ind., Sept. 1888, 
Laura Clark; children: Halard, Charlotte. In 
gen. practice at Cannelton, Ind., 1877-83; went 
to New York City, 1883, and studied at Post- 
Grad. Med. School, Polyclinic, Knapp's Inst., 
and then became house surgeon Manhattan 
Eye and B)ar Hosp.; studied in London, Paris, 
Ziirich and Vienna about 2 years. In Chicago 
since 1887, making specialty of eye and ear 
practice; became asst. surgeon 111. Charitable 
Eye and Ear Infirmary, 1887, and surgeon in 
1890; oculist to Cook Co. Hosp.. 1 year, and at- 
tending physician at Central Free Dispensary 
a year; oculist to Passavant Memorial Hosp. 
Author; Ophthalmic Surgery; Ophthalmic Di- 
agnosis. Ex-pres. Chicago Ophthalmological and 
Otological Soc; mem. Am. Ophthalmological 
Soc, Miss. Valley Med. Assn., A.M.A., 111. State 
Med. Soc, Chicago Med. Soc, Chicago Neuro- 
logical Soc, Physicians' Club. Recreations: 
drawing, painting, motoring. Residence: 1019 
E. 48th St. Office: 15 E. Washington St. 

BEABD, Tliomaa Francis ("Frank Beard"), 
artist; deceased; see Vol. 1905. 

BEABDSIiEE, Franklin Smilie, mf r. ; born on 
farm in DeKalb Co., HI., Dec 28. 1861; son of 
Smilie Ransom and Ruth (Hebron) Beardslee; 
grad. Grand Prairie Sem., Onarga, 111., 1884; 
married Charlotte Isabel Harland, of Chicago, 
Apr. 8, 1891; 1 son: Harland Franklin. After 
leaving school traveled for various firms in gas 
and electric fixtures until 1889; was one of the 
incorporators of the W. S. Edwards Mfg. Co.; 
withdrew (1901) and organized the Beardslee 
Chandelier Mfg. Co., of which is pres. Repub- 
lican. Clubs: Chicago Athletic, Electric, .Edge- 
water Country; also Delavan Lake Yacht Club. 
Recreations: motoring and yachting. Resi- 
dence: Hollywood Annex, Edgewater, HI. Office; 
227 S. Clinton St. 

BEABSSKEE, Oeozge Murray, mfr.; born 
Iroquois Co., 111., June 20, 1868; son Smilie 
Ransom and Ruth (Hebron) Beardslee; ed. 
pub. schools of Iroquois Co., 111., at Bryant & 
Stratton Business Coll., Chicago, and Northern 
Ind. Normal and Business Inst., Valparaiso, 
Ind.; married Constantine, Mich., Mar. 30, 1898, 
Marie Louise Castle. Has been engaged in the 
gas and electric fixtures business since Sept. 
1890, and was with the W. S. Edwards Mfg. Co. 
until Aug. 1901, when, upon the organization of 
the Beardslee Chandelier Mfg. Co. he became 
its treas., and is now vice-pres., the co. being 
wholesale mfrs. of gas, electric and combina- 
tion fixtures. Independent in politics. Recrea- 
tions: fishing and swimming. Residence; 1642 
Bryan Av. Office: 225-7 S. Clinton St. 

BEABDSIiET, Arthur Lehman, mgr. Chicago 
branch Cleveland Twist Drill Co.; born Bu- 
chanan. Mich., Dec. 27, 1869;' son S. L. and 
Martha (Foster) Beardsley; grad. high school 
Kalamazoo, Mich., 1887; married Stella Hug- 
gett, of Kalamazoo. Mich., June 16, 1896; chil- 
dren: Olive Maud, Edward Huggett. After leav- 
ing school worked on the home farm until Oct. 
1889; entered employ of Edwards & Chamber- 
lain Hardware Co., Kalamazoo, Mich., as clerk 
to Dec 1900; then with a lumber firm at Lum- 
ber City. South Ga.. until July 1902, when be- 
came mgr. Chicago branch of the Cleveland 
Twist Drill Co. Republican. Mason. Residence: 
1624 Farwell Av. Office: 9 N. Jefferson St. 

BEATOH, David, clergyman; born Arbuth- 
not, Scotland, 1848; A.M., Univ. of Edinburgh. 



1S76; B.D., Theol. Hall, Scotland Congl. Ch., 
1879. Ordained Congl. ministry, 1877; pres. 
Redfleld (S.D.) Coll., 1881-6; supt. and pastor, 
St. John's, Newfoundland, 1886-91; pastor Lin- 
coln Park Ch., Chicago, 1891-1907; lecturer in 
gen. literature, Univ. of Chicago, since 1906. 
Pres. Poly. Soc, Chicago, since 1903. Author: 
Cyrus the Magician, 1898: Selfhood and Serv- 
ice, 1898; A Scientific System of Religious Edu- 
cation. Address; 2573 N. Clark St. 

BEATTIE, Charles Stuart, lawyer; born Ot- 
tawa, 111., Sept. 30, 1855; son Charles J. and 
Eliza B. (Card> Beattie; removed with parents 
In 1857 to Pontiac, 111., and ed. pub. and high 
schools tiiere; removed to Chicago, 1872; stud- 
ied law in office of John Lyle King 1 year and 
later in office of his father; married New Or- 
leans, La., Dec. 25, 1884, Miss Florence L. 
Smith; 1 daughter: Gladys. Admitted to bar, 
Jan. 1875, by examination before Supreme Ct. 
at Springfield, 111. Democrat. Odd Fellow, K.P., 
A.O.U.W. Residence: 2666 Washington Boul. 
Office: 5 N. LaSalle St. 

BEATTIE, Boliert Hezekiab, clergyman; born 
Bethlehem, N.Y., Nov. 10, 1864; son Robert H. 
and Mary Ann (Brewster) Beattie; A.B., Prince- 
ton Univ., 1885, A.M., 1890; teacher and prin. 
prep. dept. Syrian Prot. Coll., Beirut, Syria, 1885- 
9; teacher classical dept., Princeton Univ., 1889- 
90; teacher English history, Evelyn Coll., Prince- 
ton, N.J., 1890-1; grad. Princeton Theol. Sem., 
1891; student Univ. of Berlin, Germany, 1893-4; 
married Carolyn Palen Weller, of Newburgh, 
N.Y., Apr. 16, 1895; children: Eleanor, Robert, 
Elizabeth, Carol, Charles, Dale. Ordained Re- 
formed Dutch Ch. ministry, 1891; pastor New- 
burgh, N.Y., 1891-1903, First Presbyn. Ch., Aus- 
tin, since Jan. 1903. Mem. Soc. Bibl. Lit. and 
Exegesis, Chicago Soc. Bibl. Research. Recrea- 
tion: golf. Residence: 240 N. Waller Av., 

BEATT7, aeoxge Bateman, manager western 
business of George P. Ide & Co.; born Philadel- 
phia, Apr. 13, 1867; son Archibald and Mary 
(Seeds) Beatty (both born in Ireland); grand- 
son William Beatty, of Londonderry, Ireland, 
at one time largest linen maker in the world; 
ed. pvt. schools, and Univ. of Kansas; married 
Chicago, Feb. 23, 1897, Effle Andrews Byers. 
Located in Chicago, 1892; mem. firm of Thomp- 
son, Beatty & Lieberman, mfrs.' agts., 1892- 
1906; became connected with George P. Ide & 
Co., 1896, and since 1905 mgr. of Chicago office. 
Democrat. Episcopalian. Mason; Elk. Club: 111- 
nois Athletic. Recreation: motoring. Residence: 
933 Alexander PI. Office: Cor. Jackson Boul. 
and 5th Av. 

BEATTV, Bobs James, general mgr. Inland 
Steel Co.; born on farm in Beaver Co., Pa., Aug. 
12, 1858; son Jonathan and Perthenia Jane 
(Sheets) Beatty; ed. pub. schools, acad. at Da- 
mascus, O., and Iron City Business Coll., Pitts- 
burg, Pa., graduating, 1873; married Muncie, 
Ind., Sept. 12, 1894, Mildred Veronese, daugh- 
ter of Hon. J. W. Ryan; children: John Town- 
send, Suzanna Dodge (died Oct. 1907), Thomas 
Rosslyn, Mildred Veronese. Employed in mer- 
cantile business, Pittsburg, 1873-80; treas. and 
bookkeeper, Portsmouth ((3.) Iron & Steel Co., 
1880-4; gen. sales agt. Leechburg Iron Works 
and Chartiers Iron & Steel Co., Pittsburg, 1884- 
8; gen. sales agt. W. Dewees Wood Co., mfrs. 
of planished iron, Pittsburg, 1888-92; in 1891-2 
organized Midland Steel Co. and built a steel 
plant and rolling mill at Muncie, Ind.; was 
pres. and gen. mgr. of same until works were 
sold, Apr. 1, 1900, to Am. Sheet Steel Co., of 
which was gen. western mgr. until 30, 
1901; since May 1, 1901, gen. mgr. and dir. In- 
land Steel Co. of Chicago. Republican. Clubs: 
Union League, Exmoor Country, Highland Park. 
Recreations: outdoor diversions. Residence: 
Highland Park. Office: First Nat. Bank Bldg. 

BEATTY, WllUam Trimble, pres. and gen. 

mgr. Austin Mfg. Co., machinery; born New 
Brunswick, N.J., Oct. 2, 1864; son of William 
Trimble (D.D.) and Sarah Colwell (Fulton) 
Beatty; ed. pub. schools of Pittsburg, Pa.; mar- 
ried Valerie Lee Jones, of West Chester, Pa., 
.\pr. 2, 1891. Entered employ of Austin Mfg. 
Co., 1885, becoming vlce-pres. and gen. mgr., 
1902 and pres., 1911; also pres. and gen. mgr. 
of Austin-Western Co. Republican. Member 
S.A.R., Soc. Colonial Wars. Clubs: Homewood 
Country (ex-pres.). Union League, Chicago Ath- 
letic, Chicago Yacht. Residence: Flossmoor, 
111. Office: Manhattan Bldg. 

BEAUMONT, Qeor^e, architect; born Farn- 
ley, near Leeds, Yorkshire, Eng., Feb. 13, 1854; 
son James and Elizabeth (Gledhill) Beaumont; 
common school edn. ; married Chicago, Apr. 13, 
1882, Harriet Wood, of Leeds, Eng. (deceased); 
children: Marie, Francis Harold, George Stan- 
ley, Bessie. Began study of architecture Nov. 
1, 1869; obtained medal of Leeds and Yorkshire 
-Architectural Assn., Leeds, Eng., 1880; traveled 
extensively in Europe for architectural study; 
emigrated to U.S., locating in Chicago, Sept. 2, 
1881; employed as architectural draftsman and 
gen. supt. on buildings to Feb. 4, 1886; since 
then In gen. practice on own account. Mem. 
Royal Inst, of British Architects since 1881; 
organized Architectural Club, Chicago (pres. 
1886-7); fellow Am. Inst, of Architects, mem. 
(now pres.) 111. Chaijter of same; mem. Chi- 
cago Architects' Business Assn. (pres., 1899- 
1900); chmn. architects' subdivision of Chicago 
Assn. of Commerce. Independent in politics. 
Episcopalian. Recreations: scientific farming 
and fruit growing, music. Residence: 1226 Ful- 
lerton Av. Office: 25 N. Dearborn St. 

*BEATTMOKT, Jolm P., physician; see Vol. 

BEATXHISin:, Albert O., pub.; deceased; see 
Vol. 1905. 

BEBB, Edwin, lawyer; born Salem, 111., Oct. 
19, 1858; son Michael S. (son William Bebb, 
gov. of Ohio, and commr. of patents under Lin- 
coln) and Catherine (Hancock) Bebb; ed. coun- 
try dist. schools, Wheaton (111.) Coll., Univ. of 
111.; LL.B., Chicago Coll. of Law (Lake Forest 
Univ.); married Byron Twp., Ogle Co., 111., Feb. 
18, 1885, Minnie A. Jones; children: Herbert, 
Kenneth, Edwin Adams. Was apptd. state grain 
inspector in 1878, and in 1883 was apptd. agt. 
of the grain receiving commn. merchants of 
the Chicago Board of Trade to take charge of 
their business at CR.I.&P.R.R. receiving de- 
pot. Admitted to bar, 1893, and since engaged 
in gen. practice. Republican. Residence: 1652 
W. 102d St. Office: 19 S. LaSalle St. 

BECK, Alexander lUcbard, retired lumberman; 
born Magdeburg, Prussia, May 3, 1839; son Alex- 
ander and Jane (Kirk) Beck; father was Scotch, 
and mother was English; came to U.S., settling 
in Milwaukee, Oct. 1846; ed. pub. schools of 
Milwaukee; married 1869, Elizabeth Wall, of 
Milwaukee, who died the same year, leaving 
him 1 child: Edward W. R.; married 2d, 1871, 
Annie Walsh, of Chicago; children: Margaret 
J., Clara B., Alexander E., Mary G., Annie L. 
Began career of sailor on Great Lakes in 1852, 
filling all positions from cabin boy to capt. un- 
til 1866; lumber inspector in Chicago market, 
1866-73; foreman of lumber yard for Sylvester 
Wheelock, 1873-4; mgr. of lumber yard at S. 
Chicago for Mr. Wheelock, 1874-8; In business 
for himself, 1878-84; incorporated, 1884, as A. 
R. Beck Lumber Co., of which was pres.; was 
treas. of the Rudolph Hegener Co. Was school 
dir. and pres. Board of Edn., S. Chicago, 1875-9; 
trustee village of Hyde Park, 1878-84. Demo- 
crat. Mason; has served as high priest of the 
Royal Arch Chapter and Eminent Commander 
of K.T. Residence: McHenry, 111. 

BECK, Carl, surgeon; born Milan, Austria, 
Mar. 26, 1864; son Ignatz and Elizabeth (Pol- 
lak) Beck; ed. common school and gymnasium 



In Prague, Bohemia, and med. school of the 
Royal and Imperial Univ. of Prague, M.D., 1889; 
served as asst. in surgical and gynecological 
clinics in Prague, assisting first Prof. Gussen- 
bauer and later Dr. Schauta, famous gynecolo- 
gist of Vienna; married Chicago, Apr. 10, 1899, 
Eda Stein; children: Helen Babette, Prances 
Eda, William. Visited most of the univs. of 
Germany, Austria and other countries; made 
several trips to America as steamer surgeon, 
1889-90, and in 1890 settled in Chicago in gen. 
practice of medicine. Is prof, surgery In Chi- 
cago Coll. of Phys. and Surg. (Univ. of 111.), 
Post-Grad. Med. School and Chicago Coll. of 
Dentistry, attending surgeon to Cook Co., St. 
Joseph, North Chicago, and other hosps., de- 
voting time to surgery. Founded St. Anthony 
Hosp. with the Sisters of Joliet. Founded Ger- 
man Med. Soc. and Bohemian Med. Soc. of Chi- 
cago; mem. A.M.A. and most of the local med. 
socs. ; also of the German Soc. of Surgeons of 
Berlin, and Society of Physicians of Prague. 
Served as volunteer in 11th Inf. regt., Austrian 
Army, and later 1st It. of 75th Inf. regt. Con- 
tributor to Am. and foreign med. journals on 
surgical subjects. Mem. Independent Religious 
Soc. Residence: 601 Deming Pi. Office: 108 N. 
State St. 

BECK, Edward Scott, newspaper man; born 
Bainbridge, Ind., Dec. 12, 1868; son Moses M. 
and Mary Hamilton (Scott) Beck; A.B., Univ. 
of Mich., 1893; married Cora Frances Reilly, of 
Chicago, Sept. 9, 1896 (died Oct. 12, 1899). Be- 
gan newspaper work on reportorlal staff of the 
Chicago Daily Tribune in 1893, with which has 
since been identified, becoming night city ed- 
itor in 1896, city editor In 1898 and night ed- 
itor in 1908, in which capacity has since con- 
tinued. Residence: University Club. Office: The 

BECK, Joseph Carl, physician; born Bohemia, 
Austria, Sept. 26, 1870; son Ignatz and Louise 
(Pollack) Beck; resided In Clinton and Holden, 
Mo., 1885-93; since 1893 in Chicago; ed. public 
schools of Prague, Austria, and in Catholic 
Convent school in Holden, Mo.; grad. from Coll. 
of Phys. and Surg. (med. dept., Univ. of 111.), 
M.D., 1895; married Chicago, Mar. 26, 1899, Car- 
rie A. Stein; children: Elsa, Philip, Joseph C, 
Jr. Since 1895 engaged in practice of medicine 
and surgery in Chicago, limiting practice to 
eye, ear, nose and throat. Prof, of otology and 
laryngology In Chicago Eye, Ear, Nose and 
Throat Coll.; clinical prof, otology and rhino- 
laryngology. Coll. of Phys. and Surg.; oto-lar- 
yngologlst and oplitlialmologist to North Chi- 
cago Hosp., and partner with his brothers, Dr. 
Carl and Emil G. Beck and Dr. Bernard G. 
Katz; surgeon in oto-laryngology, Cook Co. 
Hosp. Fellow Am. Acad, of Ophthalmology and 
Oto-Laryngology; mem. Am. Laryngological, 
Rhinological and Otological Soc, German Med. 
Soc, A.M.A., 111. State Med. Soc, Chicago Med. 
Soc. Chicago Laryngological Soc, and Nu Sig- 
ma Nu, med. fraternity. Republican. Mason. 
Residence: 4755 Lake Av. Office: 108 N. State 

BECK, Bndolph, dentist; born Prague, Aus- 
tria, Sept. 18, 1868; son I. and Elizabeth Beck; 
grad. Chicago Coll. of Dental Surgery, 1899; un- 
married. Has resided in Chicago since 1888; 
prof, dental anatomy, Chicago Coll. of Dental 
Surgery. Mem. 111. State Dental Soc, Chicago 
Dental Soc. Clubs: Illinois Athletic, Ridgemore 
Golf. Residence: 3617 Rokeby St. Office: Stew- 
art Bldg. 

BECKEir, Albert Charles, wholesale jeweler; 
born Buffalo, N.Y., Apr. 19, 1855; son Ferdinand 
Charles and Ulricka (Holz) Becken; ed. dist. 
school; father died when was 10 years old and 
mother married again: married Driftwood, Pa., 
Apr. 19, 18S3, Grace, daughter of Judge Hunt- 
ley; children: Clara Louise, Albert Charles. Af- 
ter mother's second marriage, stepfather took 
him from school to assist in live stock busi- 

ness, which proved too hard for him; went into 
barber shop and learned the trade; established 
for self in barber business at Driftwood, Pei., 
1874, and by 1883 had saved $9,000; entered the 
jewelry business, traveling among lumber camps 
selling watches to the men; went to St. Paul, 
Minn., in 1886 and established in watch-Jobbing 
business, introducing the Dueber - Hampden 
watches in that territory; since 1892 in whole- 
sale watch and jewelry business. Mem. Chi- 
cago Jewelers' Assn., Chicago Assn. of Com- 
merce. Republican. Mem. First Presbyterian 
Church. Mason (K.T.). Club: Chicago Ath- 
letic. Recreations: agriculture and traveling. 
Residence: Park Ridge, 111. Office: Powers Bldg. 

BECKEB, Abraham O., commercial paper; 
born Warsaw, O., Sept. 21, 1857; son Nathan 
and Henrietta (Schaffner) Becker; ed. public 
schools; married Chicago, Feb. 8, 1887, Kate 
Friedman; children: Helen, Louise, James H., 
Margaret. Began business career Jan. 1, 1878, 
in house of Hermann Schaffner & Co., In which 
he became a partner, and after the death of 
Mr. Schaffner organized and incorporated, July 

I, 1894, the firm of A. G. Becker & Co., dealers 
in commercial paper, of which is pres. and 
treas. Also dir. Live Stock Investment Co., 
Woods Motor Vehicle Co. Republican. Jewish 
religion. Clubs: Union League, Standard, Ham- 
ilton, City. Residence: 5132 East End Av. Of- 
fice: 102 S. LaSalle St. 

BECKER, Anthony WiUiam, merchant and 
mfr. ; born Dubuque, la., Apr. 27, 1858; son 
Gerhard and Fannie (Kohaus) Becker; ed. pub. 
schools of Dubuque, la., to 1872, then student 
in prep, schools at Telgte, Germany, for 3 years; 
married at Chicago, Apr. 27, 1881, Clara Elma 
Hoagland, of Dayton, O. ; 1 son: Frederick G. 
Began in 1878 as bookkeeper with his father, a 
wholesale clothing dealer, at Dubuque, la.; In 
1879 went to Minneapolis, Minn., as mgr. of 
branch house, and in 1880 both plants were 
removed to Chicago; was financial mgr. and 
credit man of the firm, 1880-90, and upon his 
father's retirement from the clothing business, 
entered firm of Lange Bros. & Co., but retired 
from it Jan. 1, 1893. to organize, with H. L. 
and Joseph Mayer and H. B. Hellman, the pres- 
ent firm of Becker, Mayer & Co., mf rs. of cloth- 
ing. In which is credit man and financial mgr. 
Republican. Catholic. Mem. Credit Men's Assn., 
Chicago Assn. of Commerce, 111. Mfrs.' Assn., 
Nat. Sales Mgrs.' Assn., Nat. Clothiers' Assn., 
Patriotic Order Ancient and Honorables. Club: 
Hamilton. Recreations: collector of books, mu- 
sic and walking. Residence: Windermere Hotel. 
Office: 501 S. Franklin St. 

BECKEB, Benjamin 'V'oarel, lawyer; born 
Warsaw, Ind., June 20, 1871; son Leopold and 
Caroline (Vogel) Becker; ed. pub. schools, War- 
saw and Fort Wayne, Ind., to 1885; married 
Jackson, Mich., June 20, 1901, Elizabeth Loeb; 
1 son: John Leonard. Came to Chicago from 
Fort Wayne, Ind., In 1887, and began to read 
law in the office of Jacob Newman; was ad- 
mitted to bar by Supreme Court of 111., 1892, 
and Supreme Court of U.S., 1900, and continued 
in same office; admitted to partnership in 1898 
in present firm of Newman, Northrup, Levin- 
son & Becker. Dir. in several corpus. Member 
Am. Bar Assn., 111. State Bar Assn., Chicago 
Bar Assn. Republican. Clubs: Hamilton, Rav- 
isloe Country. Residence: 4610 Woodlawn Av. 
Office: Chamber of Commerce. 

BECKEB, Charles Jacob, mfr.; born Free- 
port, 111., Aug. 27, 1867; son Jacob Henry and 
Katherlne (Maurer) Becker; ed. pub. and high 
schools, Freeport, 111.; married Chicago, Sept. 

II, 1899, Margaret A. Kneller; children: Erma 
(died at age of 10 months), Ethel L. Learned 
the machinist trade with the Stover Mfg. Co., 
of Freeport, 111., serving 4 years' apprentice- 
sliip, 1881-4; worked as journeyman machinist 
1 year, then went with the Belding Motor Co., 
of which was foreman for about 3 years, and 



in Aug. 1891, with brother, Oliver E., estab- 
lished firm of Becker Bros., elec. repairs and 
mfrs. of all kinds of dynamos and motor 
brushes, in which is still partner and mgr. ; also 
vice-pres. Perfection Vacuum Cleaner Co. of 
Chicago. Royal League, Odd Fellows. Mason, 
Berwyn Lodge, LaGrange Chapter R.A.M., Si- 
loam Commandery K.T., Oriental Consistory, 
Medinah Temple. Clubs: Berwyn, LaGrange 
Motor (dir. ). Knapp Island Gun. Recreations: 
motoring and hunting. Residence: 3420 Berke- 
ley Av.,. Berwyn, 111. Office: 561 W. Washing- 
ton Boul. 

BECXEB, Frederick Walter, lawyer; born 
Ann Arbor, Mich., Oct. 27, 1844; son Hiram and 
Sophia (Millard) Becker; grad. Ann Arbor High 
School, 1861; A.B., Univ. of Mich., 1866, LL.B., 
1867; attended lectures at The Sorbonne, Paris, 
2 years, 1867-9; married Clara, daughter Judge 
D. M. Cooley, of Dubuque, la.; children: Wal- 
ter Cooley, Harlan Aldrich. Admitted to bar, 
1869; to Supreme Court of U.S., 1872; member 
firm of Carter (Walter S.) & Becker until 1880 
(firm founded 1868), and since of MacChesney 
(Nathan W.), Becker & Bradley (Herbert E.). 
Mem. Chicago Law Inst., Alpha Delta Phi. Re- 
publican. Presbyterian. Club: Twentieth Cen- 
tury. Residence: 4169 Berkeley Av. Office: 30 
N. LaSalle St. 

BECKEB, Jolm William, tax specialist; born 
Cloppenberg, Germany, Apr. 9, 1864; son Her- 
man J. and Elizabeth (von Ravensburg) Beck- 
er; came with parents to Chicago when 3 years 
old; ed. pub. and high schools, Chicago; mar- 
ried Boston, Mass., Nov. 19, 1900, Esther M. 
Walker. Established in real estate business on 
own account in 1884; sold out and went into 
CO. treas.'s office in 1885 as clerk; was ad- 
vanced to asst. chief clerk, and then was chief 
clerk for 9 years; in Feb. 1904, with George J. 
Lawton, established firm of John W. Becker & 
Co., gen. real estate, with a specialty in tax 
matters. Republican. Mason (32), Shriner. 
Residence: 541 Oakdale Av. Office: Chicago 
Title & Trust Bldg. 

BECXEB, bonis Alexander, pres. L. A. Beck- 
er Co.; born Winona, Minn., Sept. 11, 1869; son 
Jolin S. and Marie Kathryn (Faehr) Becker; 
ed. pub. school and business coll. at Winona, 
Minn.; Ph.G., Chicago Coll. of Pharmacy (Univ. 
of III.), 1888; married Chicago, 1892, Elizabeth 
T. Nash; 1 daughter: Marie Kathryn. Appren- 
tice, A. M. Pett & Son's drug store, Winona, 
Minn., 1884-6, then to pharmaceutical coll.; drug 
clerk, N. Gray Bartlett, Chicago, 1888-90; in 
drug business for self, 1890-1; salesman for 
Am. Soda Fountain Co., 1891-7; in business as 
mfr. under partnership of L. A. Becker & Co., 
incorporated, 1898, as L. A. Becker Co., of which 
is pres. and mgr.; organized, 1902, and since 
been pres. of the Dispenser Publishing Co., pub- 
lishers of The Soda Fountain. Inventor and 
mfr. of the 20th Century Sanitary Soda Water 
Fountain. Democrat. Mason (32, K.T., Shrin- 
er). Clubs: Chicago Athletic, South Shore Coun- 
try, Germania, Drug Trade. Recreations: golf 
and other outdoor diversions. L. A. Becker Co. 
absorbed by the Bishop & Babcock Co. of Cleve- 
land, Mar. 3, 1911, under name of Bishop-Bab- 
cock-Becker Co., of which he is vice-pres. Res- 
idence: 4454 Drexel Boul. Office: 2241 S. Hal- 
sted St. 

BECKHB, Oliver Edward, elec. engr. ; born 
Lanark, 111., Feb. 9, 1871; son Jacob Henry and 
Katherine (Maurer) Becker; ed. pub. schools, 
Freeport, 111., 3 years in Rose Polytechnic Inst., 
Terre Haute, Ind., 1891-3; Ohio State Univ., 1894- 
5; married Chicago, June 11, 1902, Mabel Louise 
Thorsell; 2 sons: Oliver Edward, Jr., and Rich- 
ard F. Began electrical work in 1888; in 1890 
with Charles J. Becker established firm of 
Becker Bros., elec. engrs., machinery, dynamos, 
motors, brushes, etc. Also pres. and treas. Am. 
Maintenance Co.; dir. Internal. Land & Live 
Stock Co. of Mexico; treas. Perfection Vacuum 

Cleaner Co. of Chicago. Independent in politics. 
Mason, Blue Lodge, Chapter, Consistory, Shrine. 
Clubs: 111. Athletic (life), Chicago Fly Cast- 
ing. Recreations: automobiling and fishing. 
Residence: Elmhurst, 111. Office: 561 W. Wash- 
ington Boul. 

BECKSB, S. Max, fur merchant; born Doern- 
bach, Germany, Dec. 14, 1855; son Isaac and 
Henrietta Becker; ed. pub. school; came to U.S., 
1872; married Chicago, Apr. 30, 1891, Lilly 
Hirsh; children: Rober G., Florence E., S. Max, 
Jr. Lived at Pine Bluff, Ark., 1872-81; in Jan. 
1882 came to Chicago as a dealer in wool and 
furs; in 1886 established the firm of Wolf, 
Becker & Co.; in 1888 became a mem. of the 
firm of Bach, Becker & Co., which firm was suc- 
ceeded by Becker Bros. & Co., 1905. Hebrew re- 
ligion. Club: Standard. Residence: 4058 Grand 
Boul. Office: 43 W. Michigan St. 

BECXEB, Simon, merchant; born Ft. Wayne, 
Ind., Apr. 26, 1856; son Jacob and Henrietta 
(Lohmann) Becker; ed. high school. Ft. Wayne; 
married Angola, Ind., May 27, 1885, Rosa Stle- 
fel; 3 children. In mercantile business continu- 
ously for 36 years in Goshen, Ind., New York 
City and Chicago; removed to Chicago, 1903: an 
organizer of Becker, Ryan & Co. dept. store, 1904. 
and financial mgr. of the firm. Republican. Jew- 
ish religion. Clubs: Ravisloe Country, Idlewild 
Country. Residence: 438 Oakwood Boul. Office: 
6245-6257 Halsted St. 

BECKETT, James Beacli, lawyer; see Vol. 

BECXIiEB, Elbrldgre Harlow, civ. engr.; de- 
ceased; see Vol. 1905. 

BECKXiE'S', Welcome bonis, wholesale hard- 
ware merchant; born Crystal Lake, 111., Nov. 
21, 1867; son Captain John E. and Emma C. 
Beckley; ed. pub. schools of Crystal Lake, El- 
gin (111.) Acad, and business coll. in Chicago; 
unmarried. Began business life at 16 as errand 
boy and a year later was shipping clerk for a 
year; then bookkeeper in iron and steel commn. 
business for 2 years, supt. of Iron and steel 
warehouse 2 years. Started Mfrs.' & Merchants' 
Warehouse (iron and steel storage commn.), 
1890; managed the warehouse for 3 years and 
bicycle material dept. of same for 3 years; or- 
ganized The Beckley-Ralston Co., wholesale 
tools, hardware, automobile and bicycle sup- 
plies, 1896 (incorporated 1897), of which is pres. 
Republican. Club: Illinois. Residence: 3830 W. 
Van Buren St. Office: 157 N. Michigan Av. 

BECXaiAir, Bernard Cbristian, sales mgr.; 
born Naperville, 111., Feb. 20, 1877; son Philip 
and Elizabeth (Pfeiffer) Beckman; ed. North- 
western Coll., Naperville; married May Ballou, 
of Naperville, 111., Oct. 24, 1901; 2 daughters: 
Bernlce and Eleanor. Taught school 1 year; en- 
tered employ of Chicago office of the Standard 
Paint Co., 1896, in minor capacity; western 
sales mgr. since 1905. Republican; alderman 
3d Ward, Naperville, 1908-10, 1910-12. Christian 
Scientist. Club: III. Athletic. Recreations: out- 
door diversions, gardening. Residence: Naper- 
ville, 111. Office: 961-963 People's Gas Bldg. 

BECK WITS, Clarence Augustine, theologian; 
born Charlemont, Mass., July 21, 1849; son Jus- 
tin Williams and Sarah (Upton) Beckwith; 
A.B., Olivet (Mich.) Coll., 1874, A.M., 1877; stud- 
ied Yale Divinity Sch., 1874-6; grad. Bangor 
(Me.) Theol. Sem., 1877: Univ. of Berlin, 1897- 
8; (S.T.D.. Olivet, 1892); married Boston, V. 
Eugenie Loba, of Olivet, Mich., Sept. 25, 1878. 
Ordained Congl. ministry, 1877; pastor Brewer, 
Me., 1877-82, W. Roxbury (Boston), 1882-92; 
prof. Christian theology, Bangor Theol. Sem., 
1892-1905; prof, systematic theology, Chicago 
Theological Sem., since 1905. Corporate mem. 
A.B.C.F.M. ; mem. Soc. Bibl. Research. Author: 
Realities of Christian Theology, 1906. Editor 
dept. theology and philosophy, in the new Schaft- 
Herzog Encyclopedia. Address: 81 Ashland 



BECK WITH, John William, lawyer; born 
Chicago, Apr. 17. 1871; son Corydon and Mary 
Anne (Smith) Beckwlth; B.A., Yale Univ.. 1889; 
LL.B.. Kent Coll. of Law. Chicago, 1S92; mar- 
ried Chicago, Apr. 22, 1898, Eunice Stuart; 1 
daughter: Mary A. Entered practice In law 
dept. of C.&A.R.R.. 1892; asst. corpn. counsel 
City of Chicago, 1903-6; mem. firm of Felsen- 
thal. Foreman & Beckwlth, 1906-11, Felsenthal 
& Beckwlth since Jan. 1, 1911; dir. Hotel Sher- 
man Co. Mem. Chicago Bar Assn. Episcopalian. 
Democrat. Clubs: University, Yale, Law. Rec- 
reation: golf. Residence: 607 Rush St. Office: 
810 Chicago Title & Trust Bldg. 

BEECBOFT, David, editor; born Wlngham, 
Ont., Can.. July 17, 1875; son John and Anne 
Jane (Golley) Beecroft; grad. Barrie (Ont.) 
Collegiate Inst., 1895, Ontario Normal School, 
Toronto, 1894, Ontario Normal Coll., Hamilton, 
1899; grad. Walseley Barrack, London, Ont., 
taking subaltern and capt.'s course; grad. Stan- 
ley Barracks, Toronto, taking field officer's 
course; capt. Co. A, 25th Regt., Canadian Mili- 
tia, St. Thomas. Ont., 2 years; married Char- 
lotte Stacey, of St. Thomas. Ont., Can., Oct. 
14, 1904. Taught school, St. Thomas, Ont., 1896- 
1902, during same period on editorial staff St. 
Thomas Dally Times; advertising solicitor Chi- 
cago Daily News, 1902-3; technical editor Mo- 
tor Age, 1905-8, and editor since 1908. Dir. 
Class Journal Co. Mem. contest board and nat. 
technical board Am. Automobile Assn. Clubs: 
Chicigo Automobile. Chicago Motor (pres.). 
Recreations: golf, tennis, motoring. Residence: 
5701 Indiana Av. Office: 1200 Michigan Av. 

BEEDKE, Edwin W., printing; vice-pres. In- 
land Printer Co., Henry O. Shepard Co. Office: 
634 Sherman St. 

BEEK, William O-., optician; born St. John's, 
N.B., Can., Feb. 10, 1872; son George N. and 
Annie (Green) Beek; brought to Chicago by 
parents in 1873; ed. pub. schools and Metro- 
politan Business Coll.; student Harvey Medical 
Coll., 1890-3; M.D., Dearborn Med. Coll., 1894; 
unmarried. Started retail optical business in 
Jan. 1897, which was incorporated in 1906 as 
Beek Optician, of which has since been sec, 
treas. and mgr. ; also vice-pres. and dir. Geo. S. 
Johnston Co., mfrs. and jobbers of ootical 
goods, since Jan. 1909. Independent In politics. 
Presbyterian. Club: Chicago Athletic. Recrea- 
tions: motoring, golf, sailing, outdoor sports. 
Residence: 45 E. Oak St. Offices: 22 Washing- 
ton St., and 105 N. Wabash Av. 

BEEBT, Charles Curtis, physician; born 
Clyde, O., Apr. 14, 1854; son Philemon and Sa- 
rah A. (Curtis) Beery; early edn. pub. and pvt. 
schools at New York City; grad. Jefferson Med. 
Coll., Phila., 1879; married Mary Maxwell, of 
Upper Sandusky, O., Dec. 28, 1885; children: 
Jennie (Mrs. George Hough), Edward L. (de- 
ceased) and Mary M. In U.S. Marine Hosp. 
service at Phila., Pa., and Portland, Me., 1879- 
81; came to Chicago, Aug. 1881 and has since 
been in gen. practice of medicine. Mem. Chi- 
cago Med. Soc. Recreations: motoring, fishing. 
Residence: 4544 Michigan Av. Office: 1737 Wa- 
bash Av. 

BEHAIT, Konis Joseph, lawyer; born New Or- 
leans, Mar. 10, 1876; son Frank A. and Kathe- 
rine (Coffin) Behan; ed. pub. and high schools. 
New Orleans; LL.B., Lake Forest Univ., 1S97. 
Admitted to bar, Feb. 1898; served during war 
of 1898 as corporal Troop H, 1st 111. Vol. Cav.; 
married Chicago. Mar. 12, 1901, May Louise 
Hull; children: Dorothy (deceased), Louis J., 
Jr. Associated in law practice with Perry A. 
Hull, 1898-1902; special master In chancery. 
Circuit Court of Cook Co., 1902-3; asst. co. atty. 
Cook Co. in charge of tax litigation, 1907-10. 
Sec. to Harry S. New, chmn. Rep. Nat. Com., 
1904-8; chief clerk and purchasing agt. in Taft- 
Bryan campaign. 1908, Rep. Nat. Com. at west- 
ern headquarters, Chicago; candidate for Con- 
gressional nomination 2d Dist., 1910. Mem. Chi- 

cago Bar Assn., Chicago Hist. Soc, Knights of 
Columbus. Catholic. Recreations: outdoor sports. 
Residence: 5443 Prairie Av. Office: Chamber of 

BEHIiES, Kicholas a., mfr.; born Chicago, 
Oct. 17, 1876; son Peter and Barbara (Kuhn) 
Behles; ed. Chicago pub. schoois until 1891; 
married Minnie Moody, of Chicago, Nov. 4, 1899; 
2d, May Leawald, Apr. 13, 1906; 1 daughter: 
Lucile. Began business life in 1891 and worked 
with different paper box factories until 1902, 
when became pres. and mgr. of the Julius Mar- 
quardt Co., mfrs. of paper boxes, which was es- 
tablished, 1892, by Julius Marquardt, who died 
in 1902. Mem. Royal Arcanum; Mason. Recre- 
ations: golf and automobiling. Residence: 3452 
Lexington St. Office: 345 W. Michigan St. 

BEHBENDT, Arthur J., physician and sur- 
geon; born Germany, Dec. 18, 1865; son Joseph 
and Cecelia (Spickholz) Behrendt; Ph.G., Chi- 
cago Coll. of Pharmacy, 1886: M.D., Coll. of 
Phys. and Surg., Chicago, 1891; married Hunt- 
ington, Ind., Feb. 27, 1894, Anna Plummer; chil- 
dren: Mildred, Florence and A. James. Engaged 
in gen. practice since 1891. Mem. Chicago Med. 
Society, German Med. Soc. of Chicago, A.M. A., 
Miss. Valley Med. Soc, 111. State Med. Soc, 
Physicians' Club. Mason (33, K.T., Shriner; 
med. dir. of Medinah Temple Mystic Shrine). 
Office and Residence: 2026 Fowler St. 

BEISKEB, Adam Warner, pres. HI. Terra 
Cotta Lumber Co.; born Reading, Pa., Apr. 27, 
1857: son Franklin C. and Hannah M. (Warner) 
Beidler; ed. pub. school; married Detroit, Oct. 
5, 1893, May Donnelly; 1 daughter: Louise. 
Telegraph operator for Western Union Tele- 
graph Co., at Reading and Philadelphia, 1873-5; 
came to Chicago, 1875, and worked for the same 
CO. until 1881; was on the Board of Trade with 
C. W. Brega & Co., 1881-7; took position with 
the 111. Terra Cotta Lumber Co., 1887, and later 
became stockholder In the co., then sec. and 
treas., later vice-pres., and pres. since 1902: 
also president McRoy (ilay Works. Republican. 
Clubs: Builders', Union League, Midlothian. 
Recreation: golf. Residence: Hotel Metropole. 
Office: The Rookery. 

BEISKEB, Francis, lumber merchant; born 
Chicago, 1854; son Jacob and Mary Ann (Funk) 
Beidler; ed. Chicago pub. schools and in Bryant 
& Stratton Business Coll.; married Mar. 8, 1893, 
Elizabeth M. Loose, of Springfield, 111. Began 
in lumber business In the employ of J. Beidler 
& Bro., 1870-3; was sec of the South Branch 
Lumber Co., 1873-93; established, 1894, lumber 
firm of Francis Beidler & Co., of Chicago, of 
which is now pres.; pres. Republic Lumber Co. 
(Chicago, and Marinette, Wis.), pres. Santee 
River Cypress Lumber Co. (Ferguson, S.C.). 
Beidler & Robinson Lumber Co. (MayviUe, N. 
D.), Commercial Sash & Door Co. (Chicago.) 
Clubs: Chicago, Union League, Chicago Ath- 
letic, Midlothian, Hamilton, South Shore, Ra- 
venswood, Coleman Lake. Residence: 4736 
Drexel Boul. Office: 1112, 72 W. Adams St. 

BEISKEB, Oeoxge, real estate; born Chicago, 
Oct. 28, 1864; son Jacob and Mary Ann (Funk) 
Beidler; ed. common school and business coll.; 
married Chicago, Feb. 22, 1900, Margaret E. 
Young; 5 children: John Jacob, Virginia, Doro- 
thy, Paul William and Marion. Associated with 
Beldler-Robinson Lumber Co.. Mayvllle, N.D., 
1884-S, and Beidler Bros. Lumber Co., Chicago, 
1888-91; mgr. of his father's property Interests 
until 1900; now In real estate business. Repub- 
lican. Past Grand, I.O.O.F. Clubs: Chicago Ath- 
letic, 111. Athletic, South Shore Country; also 
Macatawa Yacht (Macatawa, Mich.). Recrea- 
tions: automobiling and agriculture. Resi- 
dences: Holland, Mich., and Pasadena, Cal. Of- 
fice: 649 W. Washington Boul. 

BEIFE&S, Alexander, cloak mfr.; born Hun- 
gary. July 7, 1864; son Ignatz and Rose (Her- 
zog) Beifeld; ed. in Hungary and Vienna, Aus- 
tria; married Chicago, June 27, 1895, Florence 



Florsheim; children: Robert Slegmund and Mar- 
garet Rose. Came to the U.S., 1881; in employ 
of Beifeld Bros, till 1892; became mem. of Arm 
of Joseph Beifeld & Co., which in 1902 was 
succeeded by Beifeld, Hirsch & Kline. Mem. 
Sinai Temple. Republican. Clubs: Standard, 
Ravisloe Country. Recreations: golf, reading. 
Residence: 3344 S. Park Av. Office: 317 W. Ad- 
ams St. 

BEIFEKS, Josepli, pres. Hotel Sherman Co. 
Clubs: Hamilton, Standard. Residence: 3304 
Calumet Av. Office: Hotel Sherman. 

BEHV, Carl, sculptor; born Stetten a. k. M., 
Germany, Dec. 9, 1857; son Johann and Therese 
(Forstenegger) Bell; studied art at Acad. Mu- 
nich, Germany; married New York, Sept. 19, 
1894, Irene Maybeck; 4 children: Margaret, Ju- 
liett, Richard and Irene. Began in profession 
in New York, 1885; removed to Chicago, 1894; 
associated with Max Mauch, 1894-1905 (when 
he died), since then with Leon Hermant, as Bell 
& Hermant. Was supt. sculpture dept. Chicago, 
Buffalo and St. Louis expns. Prin. works in La 
Salle Hotel, Congress Hotel, County Bldg., Chi- 
cago. Mem. 111. State Art Commn. Club: Ger- 
mania. Republican. Recreation: reading. Resi- 
dence: 1306 Winona St. Studio: 19-21 E. Pear- 
son St. 

BEIXFUSS, Albert W., printer; born in Pom- 
erania, Germany, 56 years ago; family came to 
America in 1868, settling in Oswego, N.Y. 
Learned printer's trade in Oswego; removed to 
Chicago, 1886 and worked as a compositor until 
becoming a mem. firm of Severinghaus & Beil- 
fuss (now a corpn. of which he is treas.). First 
elected alderman in 1896, and has been reelect- 
ed 7 times, present term expiring Apr. 1911; 
was mem. Finance Com. over 10 years, and was 
chmn. Special Park Commn. Republican. Pri- 
mary nominee for city treas., Feb. 28, 1911. 
Residence: 2258 Cornelia St. Office: 778 Mil- 
waukee Av. 

BEITIiEB, Henry Clay, judge; born near Ha- 
gerstown, Md., July 1, 1866; son Samuel J. and 
Catharine Beitler; ed. Washington Co. High 
School at Hagerstown; LL.B., Univ. of Mich., 
1888; unmarried. Admitted to bar. May, 1888, 
and practiced at Hagerstown, Md., 18 months; 
removed to Chicago in spring of 1890. Mem. 
111. Ho. of Rep. several terms from 1898; now 
judge Municipal Court of Chicago, for term ex- 
piring 1914. Republican. Mem. 111. Commn. to 
Louisiana Purchase Expn. Residence: 1839 Lin- 
coln Av. Office: 116 S. Michigan Av. 

BEI^ASCO, Daniel, lawyer; born Phila., Pa., 
Apr. 23, 1878; son Isaac D. and Annie (Jacobs) 
Belasco; ed. pub. schools of London, Eng., Bos- 
ton, Mass., Providence, R.I., and Chicago; LL.B., 
Chicago Coll. of Law, 1899; resident of Chica- 
go since 1892; married Adelaide Wiegandt, of 
Chicago, June 30, 1905; 1 child: Daniel, Jr. 
Worked for a number of law Arms until ad- 
mitted to bar of Supreme Court of 111., Oct. 14, 
1899; since engaged in gen. practice; mem. firm 
of Johnson & Belasco since 1905. Mem. Art 
Inst, of Chicago. Republican. Mem. Royal Ar- 
canum. Club: 111. Athletic. Residence: 542 Mil- 
lard Av. Office: 179 W. Washington St. 

BEIiDBIT, JS&gar Stanton, engr. ; born Paw- 
tucket, R.I., July 20, 1870; son Francis Stanton 
and Anna Marie (Le Valley) Belden; ed. high 
school, Evanston, 111., R.I. School of Design, 
Providence, and Univ. of 111. in class of 1892; 
married Ella Celeste Pomeroy, of Chicago, .Jan. 
1, 1900. Began business in office of D. H. Burn- 
ham, architect, Chicago, 1892-3; with Holabird 
& Roche, architects, 1893-5; architect of Met. 
West Side Elevated R.R., 1895-8; practiced ar- 
chitecture as senior mem. firm of Belden & Hig- 
ginson, 1898-1905; construction engr. for George 
A. Fuller Co., builders, since 1905. Republican. 
Club: Union League. Residence: 5216 Cornell 
Av. Office: 1027 Marquette Bldg. 

BEI^DEir, John Secord, ins.; deceased; see 
Vol. 1905. 

BEIiDEK, Josepli Conerdon, pres. Belden Mfg. 
Co.; born Chicago, June 11, 1876; son John Sec- 
ord and Amanda Williams (Pool) Belden; Ph.B., 
Sheffield Scientific School, Yale, 1897; married 
Chicago, June 7, 1902, Mary Campbell Rew; 1 
son: Joseph C, Jr. Pres. Belden Mfg. Co. since 
1902. Clubs: University, Chicago Athletic, Sad- 
dle and Cycle, Onwentsia (Chicago), Yale (New 
York). Residence: 751 Lincoln Parkway. Of- 
fice: 23d St. and Western Av. 

BEl^IEIiS, Andrew Miller, patent lawyer; 
born Chicago, Sept. 6, 1873; son Henry Holmes 
and Anne W. (Miller) Belfleld; ed. Chicago pub. 
schools to 1887, Chicago Manual Training Sch., 
1887-90; engring. course, Purdue Univ., Lafay- 
ette, Ind.; LL.B., Northwestern Univ. Law Sch., 
1894; unmarried. Admitted to bar, 1894, and 
was with Judge Lysander Hill, 1894-6; mem. 
firm Page & Belfield, 1897-9; of Brown, Cragg & 
Belfield, 1901-2; in independent practice with 
specialty in patent law since 1902. Mem. Chi- 
cago Patent Bar Assn., Chicago Assn. of Com- 
merce. Republican. Presbyterian; deacon in 
Hyde Park Church. Vice-chairman Hyde Park 
Dept. Y.M.C.A. Mem. Loyal Legion. Clubs: 
Union League, Chicago Law, Homewood Coun- 
try, Men's of Hyde Park (ex-pres.). Recrea- 
tion: golf. Residence: Hyde Park Hotel. Of- 
fice: Monadnock Blk. 

BEIiFIEIJ), Henry Holmes, educator; born 
Phila,, Nov. 17, 1837; son William and Selener 
(Marshall) Belfield; A.B., la. (now Grinnell) 
Coll., 1858 (Sargent gold medals for scholar- 
ship, 1857-8, valedictorian of class), A.M., 1868, 
Ph.D., 1878; A.M., Griswold Coll., 1861; married 
Anne Wallace Miller, of Chicago, July 27, 1869. 
Served in Civil War as 1st It. and adj. 8th la. 
Cav., on staffs of Brig.-Gen. J. T. Croxton and 
Maj.-Gen. E. M. McCook; prisoner of war in 
1864; mustered out, Aug. 27, 1865. Tutor in 
Greek, la. Coll., 1858; prin. and supt. pub. schs., 
Dubuque, la., 1859-60, 1861-3, 1865-6; tutor in 
Latin, Griswold Coll., 1860-1; prin. grammar 
sch., Chicago, 1866-76, North Div. High Sch., 
Chicago, 1876-83; organized and dir. Chicago 
Manual Training Sch., 1883-1903; dean Univ. 
High Sch., 1903-8, retired. One of the earliest 
advocates (1872) of manual training. Lecturer 
on edn. ; spl. commr. U.S. Dept. of Labor to in- 
spect and report on tech. schs. in Europe and 
U.S., 1891-2. Author of series of arithmetics; 
editor of English and French classics. Repub- 
lican. Trustee Presbyn. Home for the Aged. 
Mem. Am. Hist. Assn., G.A.R. ; past sr. vice- 
comdr.. 111. Commandery Mil. Order Loyal Le- 
gion; charter mem. Nat. Soc. for Promotion In- 
dustrial Edn. Club: Chicago Literary. Resi- 
dence: 5738 Washington Av. 

BEKFIEljD, 'William Thomas, physician; born 
St. Louis, 1856; son William and Selener (Mar- 
shall) Belfield; student Univ. of Mich., 1872-3; 
M.D., Rush Med. Coll., Chicago, 1878; post-grad, 
work in Univ. of Vienna; unmarried. Lecturer 
of Cartwright Fund, New York, 1883; prof, gen- 
ito-urinary and venereal diseases, Chicago Poli- 
clinic, since 1888; prof, genito-urinary surgery. 
Rush Med. Coll., since 1898. Pres. Chicago Med. 
Soc, 1887-8, Am. Assn. Genito-Urinary Sur- 
geons, 1902-3, Chicago Urol. Soc, 1903-4, Am. 
Urol. Soc, 1908-9; mem. French Urol. Assn. 
Clubs: Chicago Athletic, Chicago Literary. Con- 
tributor to med. jours. Residence: 5438 Cornell 
Av. Office: 32 N. State St. 

BEJtIt, Edgrar Solyman, physician; born Chi- 
cago, June 15, 1868; son Robert B. and Ellen 
(De Wolf) Bell; grad. from Ottawa (111.) High 
School, 1888; M.D., Rush Med. Coll., 1896; un- 
married. Engaged in med. practice since 1896; 
practice limited to eye, ear, nose and throat. 
Mem. Chicago Med. Soc, A.M.A., 111. State Med. 
Assn. Clubs: 111. Athletic, Physicians, Colonial. 
Residence: Lexington Hotel. Office: 31 N. State 

BEtli, Fred C, banker; born Colerain, Frank- 
lin Co., Mass., Oct. 25, 1862; son Joseph S. and 



Sarah L. (Packer) Bell; ed. Powers Inst., Ber- 
nardston, Mass.; Arms Acad.. Shelburne Falls, 
Mass.: married Alton, 111.. June 15, 1892, Clara 
Levhe. Mem. firm of McKey and Poague, real 
estate, since 1893; cashier and dir. Woodlawn 
Trust & Savings Bank; dir. Washington Park 
Nat. Bank, Woodlawn Masonic Temple Assn. 
Republican. Presbyterian. Mason (32). Club: 
South Shore Country. Residence: 6330 Wood- 
lawn Av. Office: 1206 E. 63d St. 

WSImJi, Oeorge Htunplirey, merchant: born 
Manitowoc, Wis., Mar. 25, 1863; son Robert L,. 
and Mary E. (Humphrey) Bell; ed. Chicago 
pub. schools; widower; 1 son: Douglas H. En- 
gaged as clerk until 1887, since then has rep- 
resented Samuel Cabot, mfr. of building spe- 
cialties, Boston, Mass., and for 22 years has 
been western mgr. for that business. Resi- 
dence: Chicago Beach Hotel. Office: 350 Dear- 
born Av. 

BEIk, Herliert JS., pres. Bell & Zoller Coal 
Co. Residence: 4543 Maiden St. Office: Fisher 

BEI^, J(aineg) HamUton, importer teas, cof- 
fees and spices; born New Hudson, N.Y., Jan. 
7, 1839; son Nathaniel Davidson and Rebecca 
(Anderson) Bell; ed. Rushford (N.Y.) Acad, to 
1859; married Lexington, Ky., Sept. 1877, Mary 
Elizabeth Stone; children: Mrs. Elsie Davidson, 
Daisy Bell. Worked on father's farm until 
1861; entered service of 6th N.Y. Cav. as 2d It., 
Co. I, Oct. 1861; mustered out in Aug. 1865 as 
capt.; was in all campaigns of the Army of the 
Potomac, and was with Sheridan in the Shenan- 
doah Valley campaign. Began business career, 
Nov. 1865 at Sparta, Wis., as wholesale grocer; 
came to Chicago in Mar. 1872 and became a 
mem. of the firm of Bell, Conrad & Co.; pur- 
chased Mr. Conrad's interest In 1897. and 
changed the firm name to J. H. Bell & Co., of 
which is pres. Republican. Mem. Doyal Le- 
gion, (3eorge H. Thomas Post G.A.R. Club: 
Union League. Residence: 4037 Drexel Boul. 
Office: 209 N. Michigan Av. 

TBSImIi, James Stephenson, physician; born 
Ireland, Aug. 25, 1841: son William and Nancy 
A. (Smith) Bell; immigrated to U.S., 1848; at- 
tended Geneseo Acad., 1856. (Jenesee Wesleyan 
Sem., 1857-8; Hahnemann Med. Coll., Chicago, 
1864-5, New York Homoeopathic Med. Coll., 
1865-6, M.D., 1866; married Naperville, DuPage 
Co., 111., Nov. 10, 1868. Julia M. Keith; children: 
Will J. and Eva F. (Mrs. Curtis B. Camp). In 
practice of medicine in Chicago since 1865. 
Mem. Am. Inst, of Homoeopathy, 111. Homoeo- 
pathic Med. Assn. Lectured in Nat. Med. Coll. 
of Chicago on Fevers, 1898. Enlisted in 1861 
and served In Civil War in Co. I, 12th Regt.. 
111. Vol. Inf. Republican. Episcopalian. Mason; 
K.P., Roval Arcanum, Knights of Honor. Of- 
fice and Residence: 4321 Van Buren St. 

TBHUm, MarcQS Jjafayette, lawyer; born Pine 
Bluft, Ark.. Jan. 11, 1880; son late Marcus La- 
fayette and Cynthia Ellen (Vanderwerker) Bell; 
A.B., Univ. of Ark., 1898; law student, Univ. of 
Chicago, 1903; married Ruth Van Doren Bogue, 
of Hinsdale. 111., Nov. 8, 1906; 2 sons: Marcus 
Lafayette, III, and Robert Bogue. Admitted to 
bar, 1903, and practiced at Pine Bluft, Ark., 
1903-4; entered law dept. CR.I.&P.Ry.Co., New 
York, 1904; came to Chicago, as asst. atty., Jan. 
1, 1905, becoming local atty., Nov. 1, 1906, asst. 
gen. atty., Aug. 1, 1909, and gen. atty., Apr. 1, 
1910. Democrat. Episcopalian. Mem. Chicago 
Bar Assn., Kappa Sigma fraternity. Clubs: Uni- 
versity, Beverly. Residence: 5227 Madison Av. 
Office: 1025 LaSalle St. Station. 

BEKK, 'William Edward, division commercial 
supt. Am. Telephone & Telegraph Co.: born 
Montreal, P.Q., Can., Mar. 6, 1856; son William 
and Sarah (Williamson) Bell; ed. common and 
high schools at London, Ont. ; married Evans- 
ton, 111., May 11, 1892, Henrietta Pettlt; 1 
daughter: Helen Victoria. Began career as mes- 
senger for Montreal Telegraph Co., at London, 

Ont., Aug. 9, 1870; promoted to joint position 
as bookkeeper, receiving and delivery clerk, 
same place. Mar. 1, 1871; resigned Dec. 31, 1872. 
to take position of asst. bookkeeper Western 
Union Telegraph Co., at Chicago, Jan. 1, 1873, 
later promoted to asst. chief bookkeeper, and 
on Oct. 1, 1882, became audit clerk, first dlst., 
central division of same co.; apptd. by Vice- 
Pres. and Gen. Supt. Clowry, Aug. 9, 1886, as 
supt. and sec. of the Western Automatic Weigh- 
ing Machine Co., which resigned Oct. 31, 1888, 
to become chief clerk and auditor first dist. 
central division. Western Union Telegraph Co., 
which held until Oct. 31, 1890, when resigned 
to become supt. Am. Dist. Telegraph Co., on 
staff of Charles H. Wilson, gen. supt. of the 
Chicago Telephone Co.; resigned Sept. 1, 1893, 
to become business mgr. of the Nat. Cash Reg- 
ister Co. at Chicago; transferred to New York 
office as mgr. Apr. 1, 1899; resigned Dec. 31, 
1899, and Jan. 1, 1900, was apptd. gen. supt. 111. 
District Telegraph Co.; resigned July 1, 1901, 
and became sec. and treas. of the Jackson-Cor- 
bett Co., and gen. supt. of the 111. Construction 
Co.; resigned Dec. 1, 1901, and Dec. 16, 1901, 
accepted position of dlst. supt. Am. Telephone 
& Telegraph Co.; also dir. Am. Telephone & 
Telegraph Co. of 111. Republican. Methodist. 
Served in 1st Cav., I.N.G., 1877, serving private 
to It., Troop A, and adj. Mem. Old Time Teleg- 
raphers' Assn. Club: Union League. Recrea- 
tions: outdoor diversions. Residence: 1113 Dear- 
born Av. Office: 220 W. Washington St. 

BEIiIk, William 'White, banker; born Sparta, 
Tenn., Apr. 16, 1842; son Brig.-Gen. Joseph 
Warren (U.S.V.) and Rose Ann (Smith) Bell; 
ed. private schools, also grammar and high 
schools, Chicago, 1855-60; served in Civil War 
as capt. 13th 111. Cav. and breveted maj. U.S.V. 
for gallant and meritorious services in battle 
of Cache River, Ark., July 7, 1862; married Chi- 
cago, Apr. 16, 1863, Nannie C. Brown; children: 
Lilian (author, now Mrs. Arthur H. Bogue), 
Clara (now Mrs. Lesslg), James Edward (capt. 
2d U.S.Inf.). Was private banker, 1857-8 (at 
age of 15); mem. firm of J. M. Lyons & Co., 
bankers, 1865; paying teller Nat. Bank of Com- 
merce, Chicago, 1870-1; vice-pres. Neb. City 
Nat. Bank, 1871-2; cashier Bank of the State 
of Ga., Atlanta, 1873-7; in dry goods commn. 
business, Chicago, 1878-80; mem. Board of 
Trade and in grain commn., 1881-4; in banking 
business, 1885-91; cashier and dir. Nat. Bank 
of the Republic, which he organized with 
$1,000,000 capital, 1891; since 1892 banker and 
dealer In commercial paper. Republican. Was 
1st treas. of Immanuel Baptist (Church, mem. 
finance com., and for 16 years a trustee. Resi- 
dence: 3930 Lake Av. Office: 226 S. LaSalle St. 

BE^U^OWS, John Austin, publisher; born 
Guilford, Mo., Nov. 9, 1866; son Franklin and 
Mary (Dilling) Bellows; prepared at Maryvllle 
(Mo.) High School; B.S., Northwestern Univ., 
1892; student 1 year in law school of same; 
married, Cora Barney, at Lacon, 111., Oct. 16, 
1895; children: Franklin Barney, John Austin, 
Jr., Esther Katherine, Gordon, George Kings- 
ley. Began business life as mgr. Parliament 
Pub. Co., afterwards represented Ginn & Co., 
school book publishers; since Jan. 1, 1898, pres. 
Bellows Bros. Co., publishers; also pres. Inter- 
state School of Correspondence. Mem. Phi Kap- 
pa Psi and Phi Delta Phi. Mem. New Trier 
Township High School Board of Edn. Club: 
Kenll worth. Residence: Kenilworth, 111. Office: 
629 S. Wabash Av. 

BEIiSHE, Edwin Anther, pres. and gen. mgr. 
Chicago Portrait Co.; born La Plata, Mo.. Mar. 
10, 1872; son Thomas M. and Lina (Elgin) 
Belshe; grad. high school of La Plata, Mo., 
1892; married Kirksville, Mo., Oct. 12, 1899, Al- 
ta Baird; children: Edwin Baird, Albert Thom- 
as, Martha Evilyn, Alta Dee. Entered employ 
of Chicago Portrait Co. as traveling salesman, 
Jan. 1, 1895; was made dist. mgr. Feb. 1. 1896, 
and road mgr., Jan. 1, 1897; on Jan. 1, 1899, be- 



came a stockholder and took position as corre- 
spondent in the house; elected dir., Apr. 1902, 
sec, 1903, and is now pres. and gen. mgr. Re- 
publican. Presbyterian. Clubs: Chicago Ath- 
letic, Hamilton, South Shore Country. Resi- 
dence: 5118 Madison Av. Office: 509 S. Wabash 

BEILT, WlUiam Osbom, lawyer; born Wash- 
ington, D.C., May 16. IS'iO; son Robert V. and 
Joanna W. (Kirkwood) Belt; ed. pub. schools 
and Columbian Univ., Washington, D.C., grad. 
in the class of 1892; married Morrison, 111., 
June 6, 1890, Cora L. Wood; 2 children: Robert 
Kii-kwood, Virginia Margaret. Admitted to bar 
in 1892; practiced in New York, 1892-5; since at 
Chicago where has devoted himself almost ex- 
clusively to practice in the U.S. courts, with a 
specialty in the law of patents, trade marks, 
and copyrights; mem. of firm of Linthlcum, 
Belt & Fuller. Republican. Mem. Patent Law 
Assn., Am. Bar Assn., Chicago Bar Assn. Ma- 
son, Home Lodge No. 508. Oriental Consistory, 
Medinah Temple Mystic Shrine. Clubs: Union 
League, Ouilmette Country, Skokie Country. 
Residence: Wilmette, 111. Office: Monadnock Blk. 

BEKAir, Solon Spencer, architect; born at 
Brooklyn, Oct. 1, 1853; son William Riley and 
Sarah Ann (Robins) Beman; ed. private and 
pub. schools; studied architecture with Richard 
M. Upjohn, New York. 1870-77; married Pull- 
man. 111., Sept. 1882. Miriam Agnes Smith (died 
1887); 2 children: Florence and Spencer; mar- 
ried 2d. Apr. 30. 1888. W. New Brighton, S.I., 
N.Y., Mary H. Miller; 1 son: Roffe Josslyn. Be- 
gan practice in New York in 1877; removed to 
Chicago 1879. Designed all buildings in town 
of Pullman (now a part of Chicago), town of 
Ivorydale, with the extensive works, near Cin- 
cinnati; also Pullman, Studebaker, and Fine 
Arts bldgs., Grand Central Station, T. B. Black- 
stone Mem. Library, the First, Second. Fourth, 
Fifth, Sixth and Seventh Churches of Christ, 
Scientist. St. Paul's Episcopal Church. Bryson 
Apartment Bldg., etc. (Chicago), Pioneer Press 
Bldg. (St. Paul). Bee Bldg. (Omaha), Mining 
and Merchant Tailors' bldgs.. Chicago Expn., 
1893, Pabst and Northwestern Mutual Life 
bldgs. (Milwaukee), Michigan Trust Co. Bldg. 
(Grand Rapids), T. B. Blackstone Mem. Libra- 
ry (Branford, Conn.), Union Station (Peoria, 
111.), Berger Bldg. (Pittsburg). J. M. Stude- 
baker. Studebaker Bros. Mfg. Co.'s Administra- 
tion and Y.M.C.A. bldgs. (South Bend, Ind.). 
Bankers' Life Ins. Co.'s Bldg. (Lincoln, Neb.), 
Christian Science Pub. House (Boston), bldgs. 
each named First Church of Christ, Scientist, 
in Milwaukee, Wis.; Portland, Ore.; Lincoln, 
Neb.; Cincinnati, Ohio, etc., and Second Church 
of Christ, Scientist, in Detroit, and Denver. 
Fellow Am. Inst. Architects (ex-pres. III. Chap- 
ter). Clubs: Chicago, Hamilton, ClifC Dwellers. 
Residence: 5502 East End Av. Office: 303, 606 S. 
Michigan Av. 

BEKSKT, Alburto, consulting engr. ; born 
Appleton. Wis.. Mar. 18, 1862; son Cyrenius 
Elihu and Martha A. (Gibson) Bement; married 
Berkeley. Cal., Aug. 23, 1910, Eva, daughter of 
Mr. and Mrs. IJaniel D. Henderson. Engaged in 
gen. engring. practice, but in early experience 
specialized in coal production and its utiliza- 
tion, the efficiency of boilers, smokeless com- 
bustion and smoke suppression, in whicli work 
conducted many researches and investigations. 
Consulting engr. Chicago Smoke Abatement 
Commn. ; chairman Chicago Dynamite Commn. 
Has given much attention to questions of pub- 
lic interest and author of many papers, con- 
tributions and discussions to engring.. scientific 
and other socs. Thrice recipient of the Chanute 
medal of Western Soc. of Engrs.. for merito- 
rious engring. papers. Mem. spl. com. of Chi- 
cago Assn. of Commerce on the electrification 
of ry. terminals; chmn. com. on Chicago harl>or 
development of Western Soc. of Engrs.; chmn. 
of subdivision of engrs. and surveyors of Chi- 
cago Assn. of Commerce; mem. advisory com. 

on fuel testing of Univ. of 111.; chmn. com. of 
Western Soc. of Engrs. on standard method for 
testing of boilers and furnaces, also chmn. of 
com. of Am. Inst. Chem. Engrs. for similar pur- 
pose; chmn. of com. on establishment of Coll. 
of Mines at Univ. of 111.; mem. com. on fuel 
testing of Am. Soc. for Testing Materials. Mem. 
A.A.A.S.. Am. Gas Inst., Am. Soc. Mech. Engrs., 
Nat. Electric Light Assn., North of England 
Inst. Mining and Mech. Engrs., Am. Inst. Chem. 
Engrs., Am. Inst. Elec. Engrs., Western Soc. 
Engrs. (vice-pres. ), Soc. Chem. Industry, Ver- 
ein deutscher Ingenieure. Verein deutscher 
Chemiker, Am. Chem. Soc, Am. Soc. Testing 
Materials, Chicago Engrs.' Club (dir.). Wis. 
Soc. of Chicago. Residence: 2927 Warren Av. 
Office: 2114 Fisher Bldg. 

BENDEB, Pred, mfr. ; born Hatzenport on 
Moselle, Germany, Feb. 7, 1866; son Benjamin 
and Sara (Adler) Bender; ed. pub. and private 
schools of Hatzenport, Germany; also high 
school of Kreuznach, Germany. Since 1883, 
jobber and mfr. of modern store fixtures in 
New Y'ork and Chicago; since 1891, at various 
locations on Wabash Av.. Chicago, now having 
stores at 1607-1611 State St., also at 1555-1559 
Wabash Av. Maj. 1st Regt. Chicago Rough 
Riders. Club: 111. Athletic. Residence: 4449 
Ellis Av. Office: State and _16th Sts. 

BENEDICT, Charles Dnmlia, lumber; see Vol. 

BENEDICT, Qeorgre H., engraver; born War- 
saw, Wyoming Co., N.Y.. Aug. 12, 1857; son 
Edward R. and Levira (Morris) Benedict; ed. 
public schools and commercial college; married 
Mar. 24, 1880, Miss Caroline L. Randolph; chil- 
dren: Claire E. (Mrs. H. G. Wiseman), Frank 
E., Lloyd G. Came to Chicago, 1864; worked 
for a time at printing, and then was an ap- 
prentice in the map dept. of Rand, McNally & 
Co.; later foreman in same line for George F. 
Cram. Studied photo-engraving, in leisure hours, 
with J. A. Drummond; then for a time in busi- 
ness for himself, later becoming mgr. of the 
wax engraving dept. of Blomgren Bros. & Co., 
and later mgr. of the advertising dept. of A. G. 
Spalding & Bros.; again established general en- 
graving and electrotyping business under the 
style of George H. Benedict & Co., and in 1903 
this firm was consolidated with the Globe En- 
graving & Electrotype Co., of which he is now 
treas. From early boyhood has been an enthu- 
siastic athlete and became an authority on gen- 
eral athletic and gymnastic sports; wrote a 
widely circulated book on the subject which 
was published by A. G. Spalding & Bro. in 1880. 
For 9 years pres. of the Electrotypers' Assn. of 
Chicago, and for 2 years pres. of the National 
Assn. of Electrotypers and Photo Engravers. 
Mem. Chicago Assn. of Commerce. 111. Mfrs.' 
Assn. Club: Chicago Athletic. Mason, K.T., 
Shriner. Recreations: scientific reading and 
study. Residence: 3004 Warren Av. Office: 711 
S. Dearborn St. 

BENEDICT, O-eorg'e Montage, banker; born 
Chicago, Feb. 2, 1860; son Hiram Wesley and 
Frances (Hatch) Benedict: ed. Chicago pub. 
schools; married Chicago, Feb. 22, 1882, Lillie 
Kate Boyer; 4 children: Allan B., Frances, Paul 
M., Katherlne. Began active career with Ar- 
mour & Co., Union Stock Yards, 1876; with 
Union Stock Yards Nat. Bank, 1880-1, Mer- 
cliants' Nat. Bank, Chicago, 1882, Drovers' Nat. 
Bank, 1883-1902; upon reorganization of the 
Drovers' Nat. Bank as the Drovers' Deposit 
Nat. Bank, 1902, was elected asst. cashier, and 
has been cashier same since Jan. 8, 1907. Re- 
publican. Metliodist. Clubs: Kenwood. Saddle 
and Sirloin, South Side Bankers'. Residence: 
4904 Washington Av. Office: 4201 Halsted St. 

BENEDICT, Harry, live stock; born Bureau 
Co., 111., isr.6; son Julius and Henrietta (Cleve- 
land) Benedict; ed. high school; married Prince- 
ton. III.. 1880. Belle Kyle; 2 children. Engaged 
in live stock commn. business at Union Stock 



Yards, 1S90, in firm of Lee & Benedict, until 
1894, wlien firm changed to Benedict, Murray & 
McDowell, in wfiicli remained a number of 
years. Clulj: Cliicago Athletic. Residence: 5040 
Greenwood .\v. Office: McCormick Bldg. 

BENHAM, John, vice-pres. and treas. The 
Internat. Register Co.; born Western Star, O., 
May 3, 1846; son John and Melissa (Brown) 
Benham; academic edn.; married Bloomington, 
111., 1869, Adeline H. Richardson. Began busi- 
ness career, 1867, as a mem. of the firm of 
Smith, Benham & Aiken; mem. of firm of Ben- 
ham & Brown, wholesale cotton goods, 1868-70, 
C. H. Fargo & Co., wholesale shoes, 1871-82, 
Keith, Benham & Dezendorf, wholesale hard- 
ware, 1883-8; supt. pub. service. Cook Co., 1888- 
90; vice-pres. and treas. St. Lawrence Marble 
Co., 1891-6; vice-pres. and gen. mgr. the Con- 
sumers' Co., 1896-1903; since Aug. 1903, vice- 
pres. Internat. Register Co. Republican. R.E. 
Church. Clubs: Union League, Kenilworth, Au- 
tomobile. Residence: Kenilworth, III. Office: 
124 W. Jackson Boul. 

BEHJAMnr, Emile, secretary Great Western 
Smelting & Refining Co.; born Dayton, O., Jan. 
12, 1856; son Bernhardt and Hannah (Block) 
Benjamin; ed. at Cincinnati pub. schools, and 
business course at Gundry's Coll.; unmarried. 
Clerk in hardware store, Kansas City, Mo., 
1880-1; bookkeeper in produce commn. house, 
1881-4; bookkeeper and general utility man for 
Charles Weill, dealer in scrap iron and metal, 
1884-92; came to Chicago, 1892, and entered 
employ of Reitler & Blum, who organized the 
Great Western Smelting & Refining Co., of 
which has since been sec. Mason. Residence: 
4221 Berkeley Av. Office: 41st and Wallace Sts. 

BEirjAMm', Frederic, atty. in patent law; 
born Cincinnati, O., Mar. 16, 1860; son Orson 
A. and Abia A. (Hartwell) Benjamin; moved to 
Washington, D.C., in childhood and there ed. in 
pub. and private schools; LL.B., Nat. Univ., 
Washington, 1881; married Washington, D.C., 
Nov. 17, 1886, Lena M. Bouton; children: Hart- 
well, Charles Bouton, John Allen, Martha Ma- 
rion, Frederic H. In practice of patent law be- 
fore U.S. Patent Office and U.S. courts since 

1881, residing and doing business in Washing- 
ton, D.C., until 1899; since in Chicago. Elected 
trustee of Oak Park in 1908. Republican. Con- 
gregationalist. Mem. Kensington Lodge A.F.& 
A.M. Residence: Oak Park, 111. Office: Mar- 
quette Bldg. 

BBKJAMnr, Konls, Iron merchant and mfr. ; 
born St. Louis, Sept. 13, 1850; son of Jacob and 
Jennette (Lehman) Benjamin; ed. New Orleans 
pub. schools; married New Orleans, Oct. 18, 

1882, Julia Kottwitz; children: Sadie L. (Mrs. 
Milton F. Goodman), Blanche J. (Mrs. Dr. M. E. 
Elsenstaedt), Jack A. Left school at 15 (but 
took course of studies nights at Dolber's Coll.); 
worked in iron business in New Orleans from 
age of 15 until 1880, when opened an office 
there, representing Block & Pollak, of Cincin- 
nati, in iron and steel; in 1884 removed to Chi- 
cago and became mem. of firm of Block & Pol- 
lak, of Cincinnati and Chicago, and became sec. 
of the Block-Pollak Iron Co., upon its incorpn., 
1891, and vice-pres. from 1907. Jewish in reli- 
gion; trustee 33d St. Congregation. Republican. 
K. of P. Clubs: Hamilton, Standard, 111. Ath- 
letic. Recreations: motoring and fishing. Office: 
First Nat. Bank Bldg. 

BENN, Alonzo Hewton, asst. to the pres., 
Nat. Packing Co.; born Washington, la., Nov. 
25, 1866; son John Robert and Nancy Ann Benn; 
ed. pub. schools, Woodburn, la., 1871-81; mar- 
ried Miss Harriett Waterbury Condee, 1910. 
Telegraph operator, C.,B.&Q., Ottumwa, la., 
1882-5; telegraph operator. General Offices, Bur- 
lington Route, and Western Union, Omaha, 
1886; stenographer, telegrapher, etc., Nebraska 
City Packing Co., 1887-9; asst. supt., Omaha 
Packing Co., South Omaha, 1890-2; mgr., Oma- 
ha Packing Co., St. Joseph, Mo., 1893-5; gen. 

supt., Omaha Packing Co., Chicago, 1896-8; 
mgr., Omaha Packing Co., South Omaha, 1899- 
1901; gen. mgr. and dir., Omaha Packing Co., 
Cliicago and South Omaha, 1902; vice-pres., 
Omaha Packing Co., Chicago, 1903; asst. to the 
vice-pres., Nat. Packing Co., Chicago, 1904; 
asst. to the pres., Nat. Packing Co., since 1905. 
Mem. Chicago Board of Trade, Chicago Assn. 
of Commerce. Mason (Apollo Commandery No. 
1 K.T., Oriental Consistory, Medinah Temple). 
Clubs: Union League, Chicago Athletic, Calu- 
met, Kenwood, South Shore Country. Residence: 
4561 Woodlawn Av. Office: 759 The Rookery. 

BEICKETT, A. Milo, theatrical agent and 
play broker; born Kalamazoo, Mich., Dec. 25, 
1865; son John and Anna Marie (Coleman) Ben- 
nett; ed. high school, Kalamazoo, and studied 
German at Chicago; married 2d, Ethel Day, of 
Boston, Jan. 17, 1908. Began as an actor, 1887, 
and played in "Jane," Michael Strogoff (40 
weeks) and in other dramatic and extravagan- 
za companies; mgr. "Jane" and "Charlie's Aunt" 
for Frohman; and the "White Squadron Co."; 
propr. and mgr. Bennett's Dramatic Exchange, 
Chicago, since 1891. Author: Zero (played in 
Eastern cities 4 years) ; also a number of dra- 
matic sketches, a pamphlet on the Pullman 
strike, 1894, numerous stories in newspapers, 
etc. Was 1st asst. sec. of Silver Republican 
headquarters, Chicago, and mem. Cook Co. Cen- 
tral Com., 1896, and made many speeches in 
that campaign; delegate Silver Republican Con- 
vention, Kansas City, 1900; was appointed del- 
egate Deep Waterways Convention, St. Louis, 
1910, but unable to accept on account of ill- 
ness; now a Democrat. Episcopalian. Mem. 
Chicago Assn. of Commerce; associate mem. 
Art Inst, of Chicago; formerly pres. Dramatic 
Agents' Assn., Order of Owls (1st vice-pres. 3 
years.). Club: Press (ex-dir.). Recreations: 
billiards, verse writing. Residence: 817 Edge- 
comb PI. Office: 153 N. Dearborn St. 

BENNETT, Artlinr Orant, sec. W. M. Hoyt 
Co.; born Deerfleld, III., Apr. 30, 1863; son Rob- 
ert J. and Electa M. (Hoyt) Bennett; ed. high 
school, Chicago; married Carrie L. Kimball, of 
Berlin, Wis., Apr. 30, 1889; 1 son: Sidney Kim- 
ball. Entered employ of W. M. Hoyt Co., whole- 
sale grocers, Dec. 1880; elected asst. sec. and 
treas., Jan. 1890; sec. and treas., Jan. 1896-July 
1, 1903, when resigned and engaged in the au- 
tomobile business for some time, later again 
becoming sec. W. M. Hoyt Co. Mem. Chicago 
Credit Men's Assn. Clubs: Chicago Athletic, 
Skokie Country. Residence: Glencoe, 111. Of- 
fice: 22d St. Bridge. 

BENNETT, Edward Herl)ert, architect; born 
Cheltenham, Eng.. May 12, 1874; son Capt. Ed- 
win C. and Margaret (Callas) Bennett; ed. pri- 
vate schools and Bristol (Eng.) Tech. Coll.; 
diploma in architecture, ficole des Beaux Arts, 
Paris, France; unmarried. Came to U.S. about 
1890; began architectural experience in San 
Francisco, 1892; then after 6 years' study at 
Paris went to New York and was with George 
B. Post, architect, for 1% years; came to Chi- 
cago, 1904, entered the office of D. H. Burnham 
& Co., and has since 1909 been actively engaged 
in architectural practice, specializing in city 
planning; associated on city plans of San Fran- 
cisco and Chicago with D. H. Burnham. "Pa- 
tron," architectural atelier, auspices of the 
"Soc. of Beaux Arts Architects." Episcopalian. 
Clubs: University, Union, ClifE Dwellers, On- 
wentsia. Residence: Union Club. Office: 1800 
Railway Exchange. 

BENNETT, Frank Ira, lawyer, alderman; 
born Galva, Henry Co.. 111., Oct. 17, 1858; son 
John I. and Maria (Reynolds) Bennett; ed. 
pub. schools of Chicago; attended Union Coll. 
of Law, 1879; married Chicago. June 1884, An- 
na H. Cortright; two sons: Lewis C, Ira F. 
Admitted to bar, 1880; in 1884 became mem. 
law firm of Bennett & Higgins; actively en- 
gaged in real estate business, with a specialty 



In subdividing and building operations. Mem. 
Chicago Bar Assn. Republican. Elected as- 
sessor of Town of Hyde Park, 1888; now alder- 
man from Seventh Ward; re-elected for 6th 
term, 1907; mem. Board of Edn. Presbyterian. 
Clubs: South Shore, Mid-Day. Residence: 5807 
Washington Av. Office: 69 W. Washington St. 

BENMliTT, Horace Cor'bett, lawyer; born 
Cheshire Co., N.H., Oct. 24, 1841; son Lyman 
and Lucinda (Wellington) Bennett; ed. pub. 
school and 2 years at Appleton Acad., New Ips- 
wich, N.H.; enlisted, Sept. 1861, in 1st N.H. 
Battery, serving 3 years and taking part in the 
battles of Gettysburg, second battle of Bull 
Run, Rappahannock Station, Antietam, South 
Mountain, Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville, the 
Wilderness (where he was wounded) and all 
the battles of the Army of the Potomac except 
Gen. McClellan's Peninsular campaign; studied 
law in office of Hon. Amasa Norcross, of Fitch- 
burg, Mass., and later represented Ivison, Blake- 
man, Taylor & Co., of New York, publishers of 
school and coll. text books, In the New England 
States until 1870; meanwhile being admitted to 
the Mass. bar, 1869; married 1870, Charlotte E., 
daughter of Dr. Freeland, of Fitchburg, Mass.; 
one daughter: Esther Freeland (died Aug. 2. 
1902). Removed to Chicago, 1870; was burned 
out in Are of 1871; since making a specialty of 
commercial law. Democrat. Residence: 1321 W. 
Adams St. Office: 106 N. LaSalle St. 

BEmTETT, James Ewing', grain commn.; 
born St. Louis, Mo., Apr. 3, 1871; son Thomas 
and Jennie (Ewing) Bennett; attended pub. 
schools; graduate (Chicago Manual Training 
School, 1890; married Chicago, Apr. 8, 1902, 
Bertha Bogue. First business experience was 
with the W. Seattle St. Ry., of Seattle, Wash., 
1891-3; after that was employed In the offices 
of Bennett & Johnson, brass foundry, and in 
1894 became associated with Thomas Bennett 
& Co., grain and provisions, of which he was 
sole proprietor until Jan. 1, 1909, when firm be- 
came Jas. E. Bennett & Co.; dir. LaSalle St. 
Nat. Bank. Mem. of the Chicago Board of 
Trade. Republican. Clubs: Chicago Athletic, 
Union League, South Shore. Residence: 5333 
Lexington Av. Office: 309, 140 W. Van Buren 

BEZnmTT, James CDoimeU, newspaper man; 
born Jackson, Mich., May 1, 1870: son Charles 
Henry and Mary (O'Donnell) Bennett; student 
Univ. of Mich., 1889-92 (hon. A.B., 1909); mar- 
ried Susan North Hayward, of Erie. Pa., June 
5, 1901. Newspaper writer since 1890, chiefly 
on Chicago press; connected with the exec, staff 
of Miss Julia' Marlowe, 1900-1; correspondent 
Chicago Journal in Spanish-Am. War; now dra- 
matic editor Chicago Record-Herald. Episco- 
palian. Republican. Editor: When Good Fel- 
lows Get Together. Residence: 1018 N. State 
St. Office: Record-Herald. 

BENNBTT, Nelson, underwriter; born 
Chicago, Aug. 20, 1867; son Joseph and Mary 
B. (Macfarlane) Bennett; ed. pub. grammar 
schools and business coll.; married Katharine 
E. Lewis, of Flint, Mich., Feb. 5, 1894; 4 chil- 
dren: Martha Y., Jean May, Helen June, John 
L. Began as office boy in an ins. office in 1882; 
Independent ins. broker since 1892, and local 
agent since 1893. Mem. Chicago Board of Un- 
derwriters, Nat. Assn. Local Fire Ins. Agents. 
Congregationalist. Mem. Royal Arcanum, Royal 
League, North Am. Union, Columbian Knights. 
Clubs: Union League, Evanston, Evanston Golf. 
Recreation: golf. Residence: 1418 Judson Av., 
Evanston, 111. Office: Nat. Life Bldg. 

BBNITBTT, Batrson, Journalist and actuary; 
born Franklin, Ind., Dec. 5, 1863; son James 
Clinton and Flora (Rawson) Bennett; ed. pub. 
schools, Emporia, Kan., and unlvs. of Kan. and 
Mich, (no degree) ; married Milwaukee, Wis., 
June 29, 1903, Cora Anita Jones, Riverside, Cal. 
Beginning as reporter, served on various pa- 
pers in Chicago, Kansas City, Milwaukee and 

Marquette, Mich., until Jan. 1896, when joined 
staff Chicago Inter Ocean, of which has been 
chief editorial writer since Nov. 1899; also dir. 
and sec. The Inter Ocean Newspaper Co. Actu- 
ary Northern Life Ins. Co. of 111., 1906-8; since 
consulting actuary for various companies. Re- 
publican. Mason, Myrtle Lodge, Irving Park 
Chapter, Siloam Council, Oriental Consistory; 
Modern Maccabees, Nat. Union, Royal League. 
Unitarian. Life mem. Shakespeare Soc. of New 
York. Residence: 4420 Cullom Av. Office: The 
Inter Ocean. 

BEinTETT, Robert John, wholesale grocer; 
born Pulaski, Oswego Co., N.Y., Feb. 9, 1839; 
son Reuben J. and Alta (Haskins) Bennett; ed. 
Lake Co. schools, finishing at Waukegan, 111., 
and Racine, Wis., 1856-9; married Chicago, Apr. 
9, 1862, Electa M. Hoyt; children: Arthur Grant, 
Maud B. (now Mrs. Vail), William Hoyt. School 
teacher In Lake Co., 111., 1856-63; mem. firm 
since 1865 and now vice-pres. and dir. W. M. 
Hoyt Co., wholesale grocers. Was dir. Atlas 
Nat. Bank, and later vice-pres. and dir. West- 
ern State Bank; mem. firm of (Jlenn R. Powers 
& Co., general merchants, Belgrade, Mont. Was 
alderman and for a time mayor of Lake Forest, 
111., 1872-4. Republican. Congregationalist; con- 
nected with City Missionary Society; trustee 
Wheaton Coll.; pres. 111. Children's Home and 
Aid Soc. Club: Congregational. Residence: 4250 
N. Paulina St. Office: 22d St. Bridge. 

BBNRETT, Willis Henry, merchant; born 
Erie, Pa., Aug. 24, 1851; son Henry D. and Sa- 
rah Ann (Bryant) Bennett; ed. Erie ward 
school and Erie High School to 1867; married 
Davenport, la., Dec. 24, 1883, Estella P. John- 
ston; children: Willis Henry Johnston, Allie 
Johnston, June Johnston, Bryant Johnston, 
Dorothea Johnston. Clerk in grocery store, 
Belvidere, 111., 1868-71; early in 1872 became 
clerk for H. B. Cragin & Co., Chicago, and, 1873- 
5, was commercial traveler for same firm; with 
Chicago Stamping Co., 1875-83; then with L. C. 
Dessanet Sons, hardware jobbers, Davenport, 
la., as commercial traveler; in 1886 became 
salesman and subsequently Western mgr. for 
the Reading Hardware Co. (a position he still 
occupies) ; the company have at Reading, Pa., 
one of the most complete plants in the country 
for manufacturing fine builders' hardware. 
Also sec.-treas. Lawson Mfg. Co. of Racine, 
Wis.; a state dir. of First State Pawners' Co. 
Mem. exec. com. Am. Hardware Mfrs.' Assn.; 
mem. Chicago Assn. of Commerce; hon. mem. 
Chicago Retail Hardware Assn., 111. State Re- 
tail Hardware Dealers' Assn. Republican; dele- 
gate to National Republican Convention, 1896; 
alternate, 1904. Mason: Belvidere Lodge, Kis- 
waukee Chapter (Belvidere, 111.), Oriental Con- 
sistory (Chicago), Siloam Commandery K.T. 
(Oak Park, 111.); Kaaba Temple (Shrine), Dav- 
enport, la.; mem. Nat. Union, Royal League. 
Clubs: Chicago Athletic, Hamilton. Recreation: 
farming. Residence: 309 S. 53d Av. (Austin). 
Office: 63 W. Lake St. 

BENSnrO-EB, Benjamin Bdward, pres. Bruns- 
wick-Balke-Collender Co.; born Louisville, Ky., 
Jan. 4, 1868; son Moses and Eleanor (Bruns- 
wick) Bensinger: ed. Moseley (pub.) School, 
South Division High School, and Bryant & 
Stratton Business Coll.; married Chicago. Jan. 
20, 1896, Rose Frank; two sons: Robert Frank 
and Benjamin Edward, Jr. Was with the Bruns- 
wick-Balke-Collender Co.. 1885-8; sec. Bensinger 
Self Adding Cash Register Co.. 1880-90, which 
concern has since retired from business; since 
1890, with the Brunswick-Balke-Collender Co., 
of which. In 1903, he became 1st vice-pres., and 
upon the death of his father succeeded to the 
presidency. Republican. Jewish religion, (jlubs: 
Hamilton, Standard. 111. Athletic, Chicago Au- 
tomobile, Ravlsloe Country, Lake Shore Coun- 
try (dir.). Recreations: golf and motoring. Res- 
idence: Glencoe. 111. Office: 324 S. Wabash Av. 

BENSIiE'S', Bobert Bnssell, univ. prof.; born 



Hamilton, Can., Nov. 13, 1867; son Robert Dan- 
iel and Caroline (Vandeleur) Bensley; A.B., 
Univ. of Toronto, 18S9, M.B., 1892; mem. Coll. 
Physicians and Surgeons, Toronto, 1892; mar- 
ried Carriella May, of Toronto, Sept. 12, 1892; 2 
children: Caroline May and Robert Daniel. Asst. 
demonstrator of biology, 1891-98, demonstrator, 
1898-1901, Univ. of Toronto; asst. prof, anat- 
omv, 1901-5, associate prof., 1905-7, prof, since 
1907, Univ. of Chicago. Mem. Canadian Inst., 
British Assn. Advancement of Science, Assn. 
Am. Anatomists, Am. Soc. Naturalists, Soc. Ex- 
perimental Biology, A.A.A.S., Sigma Xi, Alpha 
Kappa Kappa. Club: Quadrangle. Residence: 
1441 E. 60th St. 

BENSOir, Christian Kndwig', wholesale fish 
merchant; born at Haderslev, Denmark, Apr. 
22, 1856; son J. and Anna M. (Paulsen) Benson; 
ed. in Denmark; came to U.S., 1870; married 
Chatrlne Lund, of Chicago, Aug. 1879; 2 chil- 
dren: Alfred J., Anna (Mrs. Arthur Brownlee). 
Since 1876, Importer of Norwegian, Swedish 
and Holland products, mainly fish and cheese. 
Republican. Lutheran. Park commr., North 
Shore Park Dist., 1900-4. Mason, 32, K.T., 
Shriner. Recreation: traveling. Residence: 5964 
Winthrop Av. Office: 336 W. South Water St. 

BEITT, Charles A., treas. Geo. P. Bent Co., 
mfrs. pianos and organs. Residence: LaGrange, 
111. Office: 214 S. Wabash Av. 

BEITT, Bdwatd T., coal; born Kenosha, Wis., 
Jan. 20, 1863; son of Thacher Tucker and Flor- 
ence Genevieve (Dana) Bent; ed. common 
schools, Tonica, 111.; married Hannah Ruan 
Bussey, of Chicago, Apr. 14, 1909. Has been 
connected with the Oglesby (ioal Co. since be- 
ginning of active business career, pres. since 
1909; also pres. Rutland Coal Co.; was sec. 
and treas. 111. Coal Operators' Assn. for 10 
years, with which has been identified since its 
organization In 1898; sec. 111. Coal Operators' 
Mut. Employers Liability Ins. Co. Republican. 
Protestant. Mem. Chicago Assn. of Commerce. 
Club: Press. Recreations: books, music and so- 
ciological, church, and philanthropical work, 
camping, canoeing and fishing. Residence: 5948 
Prairie Av. Office: 1110 Fisher Bldg. 

BERT, Oeorge Kenry, mgr. retail dept. 
George P. Bent Co.; born Chicago, Oct. 11, 1878; 
son George Payne and Clara A. (Wingate) 
Bent; prep. edn. Chicago Manual Training 
School; student Purdue Univ., 1897-9, Univ. of 
Chicago, 1899-01; married Grace Gardner, of 
Hinsdale, 111., Feb. 26, 1906; 2 children: Debo- 
rah Fessenden and George Payne, II. Has been 
mgr. retail dept. Geo. P. Bent Co., pianos, since 
1901. Republican. Clubs: Hinsdale, Chicago 
Athletic. Recreations: golf, horseback riding 
and outdoor diversions. Residence: Hinsdale, 111. 
Office: 214 S. "Wabash Av. 

BEITT, Qeorere Payne, piano and organ mfr. ; 
born- at Dundee, 111., June 16, 1854; son Rev. 
George (Congregational minister) and Mary P. 
(Payne) Bent; early edn. in pub. schools of 
la., finishing at Wheaton (111.) Coll.; married 
at Burr Oak, la., Apr. 26, 1876, Clara A. Win- 
gate; children: Clara Wingate (Mrs. E. G. Mel- 
kle), George Henry, Charity Mary, Muriel, Dor- 
othy Amelia, Charles Matchett, Barbara. Came 
to Chicago, 1870; worked for David C. Cook 
(now publisher, of Elgin, 111., but then a jobber 
of sewing machines and sewing machine sup- 
plies) ; bought out Mr. Cook's business, 1878, 
conducted it until 1880, when he began the mfr. 
of the "Crown" pianos and organs. Mem. Chi- 
cago Assn. of Commerce. Independent in poli- 
tics. Club: Union League. Recreation: fishing. 
Residence: Williams Bay, Wis. Office: 214 S. 
Wabash Av. 

BEZTTIiE'Z', Charles Edwin, dentist; born Cin- 
cinnati, O., Feb. 21, 1859; son Charles E. and 
Sarah (Watson) Bentley; grad. Cincinnati High 
School; D.D.S., Chicago Coll. of Dental Surgery, 
1887; married Philadelphia, Pa., June 2, 1897, 
Florence Augusta Lewis. Engaged in practice 

of dentistry in Chicago since 1887; oral sur- 
geon. Rush Med. Coll. Dispensary, 1887-90; prof, 
oral surgery in Harvey Med. Coll.; sec. Provi- 
dent Hosp. Author of many contributions to 
dental literature; associate editor of "The Bur," 
a monthly dental journal. Pres. Odontographlc 
Soc. of Chicago; vice-pres. Chicago Dental Soc; 
mem. 111. State Dental Soc, Nat. Dental Soc; 
hon. mem. Wis. State Dental Soc. Independent 
in politics. Unitarian; member of All Souls' 
Church. Mem. Anti-Crime Com.; pres. Equal 
Opportunity League. Residence: 529 E. 41st St. 
Office: 1106, 32 N. State St. 

BEZTTKEY, Charles S., commn. merchant; 
born Schoharie, N.Y., June 23, 1839; son Ed- 
ward Edwin and Nancy Maria (Gallup) Bent- 
ley; ed. Charlotteville (N.T.) Conf. Sem.; mar- 
ried Mary E. Duncan, of St. Louis, Mo., Sept. 3, 
1864; 3 children: Marcia D. (Mrs. F. J. Pike), 
Jessie M. (Mrs. M. R. Dial), Virginia E. (Mrs. 
H. S. Thompson). Entered service, 1861, and 
served in 2d Wis. Cav. throughout the Civil 
War successively as private, sergt., 1st lleut., 
capt., and was mustered out at Its close, 1865, 
as inspector-gen. of the cav. brigade at Memphis, 
Tenn. Holds rank of col. of 4th la. and brig.-gen. 
2d Brigade la. N.G. ; commanded nat. mil. en- 
campments, composed of regular army detall- 
ments and of nat. guard companies. North and 
South, held at Nashville, Tenn., 1882, at Du- 
buque, la., 1884, and at Mobile, Ala., 1885. Aft- 
er war, settled In la.; came to Chicaero in 1885, 
and since been engaged in the grain commn. 
business. Mem. Chicago Board of Trade. Was 
chief marshal of the Memorial Day parades at 
Chicago, 1901, 1904 and 1910, and of the Dewey 
parade in 1900; commanded the first division at 
the dedication of the laying of the corner stone 
of the Federal Bldg., Oct. 9, 1899. Mem. Mil. 
Order of the Loyal Legion and Hiram McClln- 
tock Post G.A.R. (commander.) Trustee Vil- 
lage of LaGrange, 1908-10. Presbyterian. Clubs: 
Suburban of LaGrange, LaGrange Country. 
Residence: 211 S. 5th Av., LaGrange, 111. Office: 
914 Postal Telegraph Bldg. 

BEITTXE'S', Cyrus, lawyer; born Chicago, 
Sept. 5, 1861; son Cyrus and Anna (Riley) Bent- 
ley; A.B., Yale Univ., 1882; LL.B., Union Coll. 
of Law (Northwestern Univ.), 1884; married 
Chicago, Jan. 8, 1889, Elizabeth King; children: 
Margaret and Richard. In practice at Chicago 
since May, 1883; mem. firm of Bentley, Burling 
& Swan. Clubs: University, Chicago (Chicago), 
University (New York). Residence: 713 Rush 
St. Office: 203 S. Dearborn St. 

BENTKET, Frank Taergart, traffic mgr. 111. 
Steel Co.; born Charlestown, Ind., May 2, 1864; 
son Francis W. and Catherine (Taylor) Bent- 
ley; educated Charlestown (Ind.) pub. schools, 
Charlestown Acad, (private), Davenport (la.) 
Business Coll.; married Chautauqua Lake, N.Y., 
Aug. 11, 1889, Catherine L. Brownell. After 
several years spent in roughing it in the West, 
entered accounting dept. of Monon Route, Feb. 
1885; changed to operating dept., C.&N.-W.Ry., 
July 1886, and to traffic dept. of C.G.W.Ry., 
Apr. 1889; local freight agent of same, Chicago, 
1892-3; gen. freight agent Consolidated Steel & 
Wire Co., June 1894; for Am. Steel & Wire Co. 
from Its formation until Mar. 1899; since then 
traffic mgr. of the 111. Steel Co., Ind. Steel Co., 
and western traffic mgr. Universal Portland Ce- 
ment Co. Independent Republican. Presbyte- 
rian. Mem. of all masonic bodies. Royal Ar- 
canum, Ind. Soc. Clubs: Chicago Athletic, Chi- 
cago Yacht, Exmoor Country, Traffic (Chicago), 
Traffic (New York). Recreations: golf, fishing 
and yachting. Residence: The Lesslng. Office: 
Commercial Nat. Bank Bldg. 

BENTI^E'7, Frederic William, lawyer; born 
Edgerton, Wis., July 22, 1860; son William Per- 
ry and Harriet Louise (Burdick) Bentley; B.S., 
Milton (Wis.) Coll., 1880, A.M., 1890; LL.B., 
Univ. of Wis., 1883; married Josephine Cody, of 
Cleveland, O., Dec. 27, 1893; 2 sons: Paul Cody 



and Alden Robinson. Admitted to bar, 1883; 
trial atty. A.,T.&S.F.Ry.Co., Wichita, Kan., 1883- 
1900; associated in practice with J. D. Houston, 
Wichita, 1883-90; was gen. atty. and receiver 
for W.&W.Ry., 1894-8; atty. for nat. banks in 
liquidation, in Kan., under comptroller of the 
currency, 1893-1900; came to Chicago, 1900; as- 
sociated with W. Irving Osborne, 1900-4, with 
Hon. Russell M. Wing since 1905. Lecturer on 
trial evidence. III. Coll. of Law. Cleveland Dem- 
ocrat. Baptist. Mason (32). Club: 111. Ath- 
letic. Recreations: swimming, working with 
tools, literature. Residence: 4750 Kenwood Av. 
Office: N.Y. Life Bldg. 

BEITTIiE'S', 'Wllber Oorton, retired lawyer 
and underwriter; born Watertown, N.Y., Dec. 
13, 1835; son Gorton and Alancy (Clark) Bent- 
ley; ed. common school and Wyoming Acad., 
Wyoming, N.Y.; studied law with Hon. Harlow 
L. Comstock, Warsaw, N.Y., 1858-61; married 
Lena, 111., June 25, 1860, Mary A. Bailey; chil- 
dren: Marshall G., Mrs. Alice Bentley Gardiner, 
William J. (died aged 4), Cora M. (Mrs. O. V. 
Emery). Served as capt., maj. and lleut.-col. 
9th N.Y. Vol. Cav. from Oct. 14, 1861, partici- 
pating in nearly 100 engagements; severely 
wounded at White House Landing, Va., June 21, 
1864, resulting in loss of left leg; mustered out 
of service Oct. 1864; admitted to bar at Buffalo, 
N.Y.. Dec. 1864; moved to Des Moines, la., and. 
In 1865, elected probate and county judge; re- 
signed because of ill health, 1867; moved to St. 
Louis, Mo., and worked life and fire ins. for ten 
years; atty. and supt. of agencies Continental 
Fire Ins. Co. of New York, 1877-85; gen. north- 
western mgr. for same, 1885-91; in banking 
business, 1891-3; for nearly 15 years in ofBce 
of Hon. E. B. Sherman, master in chancery U. 
S. Court; since retired. Mem. Loyal Legion, 
Western Soc. of Army of Potomac. Baptist. 
Residence; 83 E. Elm St. 

BENTOir, Alphonso Xioomis, clergyman; born 
Cortland, N.Y., Nov. 9, 1831; son Chester and 
Tirza Porter (Loomis) Benton; A.B., Hamilton 
Coll., Clinton, N.Y., 1856 (D.D., 1896); grad. Au- 
burn (N.Y.) Theol. Sem., 1859; married Emma 
Sandford, of Ovid, N.Y., Jan. 4, 1860; children: 
George Parsons, Emma. Ordained Presbyterian 
ministry. Mar. 6, 1861; pastor Lima, N.Y., 1860- 
70; associate pastor Central Church, Buffalo, 
N.Y., 1870-2; pastor Fredonia, N.Y., 1872-82. 
Montrose, Pa., 1882-1902 (pastor emeritus of 
latter since May, 1902); supplied various 
churches at Chicago since June 1903. Resi- 
dence: 4212 Calumet Av. 

BEBO, MoiTls Henry, jeweler; born New 
York City, Feb. 2, 1853; son Henrv and Henri- 
etta (Hyman) Berg; removed with parents to 
Chicago in infancy; ed. pub. schools and in 
Dyrenforth's School of Trade, Chicago; married 
Chicago, Mar. 4, 1877. Rose Weil: children: Ag- 
nes Berg (Mrs. Joseph Landauer), Herbert 
Morris. In 1868 entered the jewelry house of 
Wendell & Hyman as an errand boy, and con- 
tinued with the house until he advanced to a 
partnership in the jewelry firm of Hyman, Berg 
& Co., with which remained until Mar. 1, 1910, 
when, with son, e.stablished firm of Berg & Co. 
Mason. Club: Standard. Recreations: fishing 
and motoring. Residence: Lakota Hotel. Office: 
512 S. Michigan Av. 

BEBXSOn', Maorice, lawyer; born Rock Is- 
land, 111., Jan. 15, 1880; son Simon and Hannah 
(Sternberg) Berkson; ed. pub. schools of Rock 
Island; high school. Lincoln, Neb.; Chicago 
Coll. of Law (Lake Forest Univ.); married 
Chicago, July 28, 1907, Maude May Gelder. 
Practiced as mem. firm of Fishell & Berkson. 
1903-6, Sonnenschein, Blumenthal & Berkson, 
1906-9, Sonnenschein, Berkson & Fishell, since 
Apr. 1, 1909. Mem. Chicago and 111. State Bar 
assns. Democrat. Mason; mem. B'nai B'rith. 
Recreation: fishing. Residence: 5711 Indiana 
Av. Office: 934. 30 N. LaSalle St. 

BEBtlN, Bobert Carl, architect; born Gran- 

ville, Putnam Co., 111., Feb. 11, 1853; son Au- 
gustus and Helene (Brennemann) Berlin; ed. 
Granville pub. school; grad., receiving diploma 
as architect, from Eidgenoessisches Polytech- 
nikum, Ziirich, Switzerland, 1877; married Chi- 
cago, May 10, 1883, Agnes Augusta Dodge; 
children: Lillian Agnes, Marie Valentine, Har- 
old Robert. In practice of architecture in Chi- 
cago since 1877; designer and has superintend- 
ed erection of many fine residences, apartment 
buildings, factories, business buildings, church- 
es, schools, etc., in Chicago, and also at other 
points in 111. and other states. Fellow of Am. 
Inst, of Architects, and of 111. Chapter of same 
(dir. and treas. ); mem. Chicago Architects' 
Business Assn. (1st vlce-pres. ), Chicago Assn. 
of Commerce. Republican. Club: University. 
Residence: 4500 N. Ashland Av., Ravenswood. 
Office: Association Bldg. 

BEBMINQHAM, Thomas C, wholesale paper 
merchant; born on farm in Washington Co., 
Wis., May 21, 1850; son Thomas and Ann (Cos- 
tello) Bermingham; ed. common schools, Beloit, 
Wis., 1857-65; married Des Moines, la., Oct. 6, 
1880, Belle Daugherty. Began business life in 
1868 as office boy with Davis, Lawrence & Da- 
vis, paper mfrs., Beloit, Wis.; traveling sales- 
man for same firm, 1870-2; for J. W. Butler Pa- 
per Co., 1872-82; in range cattle business in 
Arapahoe Co., Colo., 1882-92; lost all his money 
in the business and returned to Chicago, 1892, 
and worked for several firms in wholesale pa- 
per business, 1892-9; secured interest in whole- 
sale paper business of F. K. Moody & Co., 1899; 
reorganized as Moody & Bermingham Co., 1902, 
becoming its pres., Mr. Moody retiring from 
firm same year; changed name of company, 
1904, to Bermingham & Seaman Co., of which is 
pres. Mem. Chicago Assn. of Commerce. Rec- 
reations: reading, motoring and traveling. Res- 
idence; 1013 Dempster St., Evanston, 111. OflSce: 
Tribune Bldg. 

BEBBIUAN, Edward Charles, cigar mfr.; 
born Oswego. N.Y"., Mar. 28, 1864; son George 
W. and Elizabeth (Stroud) Berriman; ed. nub. 
schools of N.Y. State; married Chicago, 1892, 
Mary R. Wood; two children: Katherane M., 
Edward W. Since 1881 has been actively en- 
gaged In the cigar-making business in Chicago, 
and now of the firm of Berriman Bros., oper- 
ating Factory No. 83 at Tampa, Fla., and hav- 
ing offices in New Y'ork and Chicago. Mason. 
Clubs: Edgewater Golf, Chicago Athletic, Co- 
lumbia Yacht. Recreations: yachting and golf. 
Residence: 435 Diversey Parkway. Office: 1044 
First Nat. Bank Bldg. 

BEBBT, see also Barry. 

BEBBT, Franklin James, commn. merchant; 
1837-1909; see Vol. 1905. 

BEBBT, John B., chief engr. C.,R.I.&P.Ry.; 
supervising engr. St.L.&S.F.Ry. ; formerly chief 
engr. U.P.R.R. Address: 803 LaSalle Station. 

BEBBT, Joseph John, pres. Oelerlch & Berry 
Co.; born on farm near St. Louis, Mo., May 23, 
1862; son Jacob and Frances (Frauel) Berry; 
ed. common schools and Christian Brothers' 
Coll., St. Louis; married Julia M. Maybrun, of 
Galena, 111., May 18, 1886; children: Heribert 
J., Loretta, Eleanor. Began as dealer In gro- 
ceries and feed, St. Louis, June 1883; sold it 
out, 1889, came to Chicago, and entered the 
business conducted by the Berry-Maybrun Co. 
till July 1, 1910, at which time name was 
changed to Oelerlch & Berry Co., molasses, syr- 
up, sugar, of which is pres. Residence: 521 
Ridge Av., Evanston, 111. Office: 854 Larrabee 

BEBSBACH, Alfred, treas. and gen. mgr. The 
J. Manz Engraving Co.; born Chicago, Nov. 5, 
1856; son John and Magdaline (Zanner) Bers- 
bach; ed. Chicago pub. schools; married Dec. 
25, 1878, Helena Malcolm; children: Lillian C. 
C. (Mrs. D. F. Anderson), Amy A. F. (Mrs. S. 
S. Porter), Frank John. Began his connection 



with the engraving house of J. Manz & Co. as 
boy in 1872, was admitted to partnership in 
1880, and upon incorpn. of the business in 1890 
to The J. Manz Engraving: Co., became sec. and 
treas. and is now treas. and gen. mgr. Mason, 
33, K.T., Shriner. Club: Chicago Athletic. Rec- 
reations: music and motoring. Residence: 530 
Washington Av., Wllmette, 111. Office: Majestic 

BEBSBACH, EzuU, 2d vice-pres. Tablet & 
Ticket Co.; born Cliicago, Nov. 2, 1861; son John 
and Magdaline Bersbach; ed. Chicago pub. 
scliool; married Chicago, Oct. 6, 1889, Nora 
Jeannette Abbott; 1 son, Emil. First business 
experience was as errand boy for Vergo, Ruh- 
ling & Co., 1872; then with Boston Store (firm 
of C. W. & E. Pardridge); with Wade Abbott, 
lawyer; then 6 years with A. T. Stewart & Co., 
2 years with John V. Farwell & Co., H4 years 
at Evanston, Wyo., with Blythe & Fargo; since 
1886 with the Tablet & Ticket Co.; mgr. of the 
company's brancli at New York, 1889-99; be- 
came sec, 1899, and now 2d vice-pres. of the 
company and located at Chicago. Republican. 
Club: 111. Athletic (life mem.). Residence: 4336 
N. Ashland Av. 

BEBTKUTQ, AdolpliuB Edmund, physician and 
surgeon; born Northeim, Germany, Jan. 28, 
1865; son August and Henrike (Bohne) Bert- 
ling; ed. gymnasium at Northeim until coming 
to America, 1884; A.B., Northwestern Univ., 
Watertown, Wis., 1887; M.D., Rush Med. Coll., 
1895; married Alma Dengler, of Chicago, July 
7, 1909; 2 children: Adeline and Lolita. In 
active practice of medicine and surgery at Chi- 
cago from 1895; specialty genito-urinary sur- 
gery; associate prof, surgery, Chicago Clinical 
School since 1897; associate prof, genito-uri- 
nary diseases, Chicago Coll. Medicine and Sur- 
gery, since 1906; pres. Grace Hosp. since 1909; 
mem. staff of Frances Willard Hosp. Mem. 
A.M.A., 111. State Med. Soc, Chicago Med. Soc, 
Chicago Urol. Soc, German Med. Soc. of Chi- 
cago. Republican. Lutheran. Club: Illinois. 
Recreation: motoring. Residence: 1010 Ashland 
Boul. Office: 1106 Reliance Bldg. 

BES^ET, Frederick Atwood, physician; born 
Waukegan, 111., Apr. 19, 1868; son William and 
Sylvia (Jocelyn) Besley; ed. pub. and high 
schools of Waukegan, Chicago Manual Train- 
ing School; M.D., Northwestern Univ. Medical 
School, 1894; married Mrs. Myra E. Busey, of 
Chicago, Oct. 6, 1910. Since 1894 has been en- 
gaged In the practice of medicine in Chicago; 
associate prof, surgery. Northwestern Univ. 
Med. School ; prof, surgery, Post-Grad. Med. 
School; attending surgeon Cook Co., Woman's, 
Wesley and Chicago Charity hosps. Mem. A.M. 
A., Chicago Surgical Soc, Chicago Med. Soc 
Miss. Valley Med. Soc. Clubs: University, Mid- 
lothian. Residence: 5258 South Park Av. Office: 
Columbus Memorial Bldg. 

BEST, A(lbert) Starr, merchant; born Buf- 
falo, N.Y., Apr. 25, 1871; son Albert and Estelle 
(Starr) Best; ed. pub. schools, New York City; 
married Marjorie Ayres, of New York, Apr. 18, 
1897; 4 children: Marshall Ayres, Albert Leon- 
ard, Marjorie Starr and Louise Estella. Began 
as clerk in father's clothing store. New York, 
1888; came to Chicago, 1901, and established A. 
Starr Best, Inc., infants', children's and young 
men's outfitters, of which has since been pres. 
and treas. Was mem. 7th Regt. N.G.S.N.Y. 10 
years. Republican. Congregationalist. Clubs: 
Evanston, Evanston Golf. Union League. Rec- 
reations: golf, bowling, billiards and fishing. 
Residence: 1936 Orrington Av., Evanston, 111. 
Office; N.E. Cor. Madison St. and Wabash Av. 

BEST, 'WllUam, importer and dealer in cigars 
and cigarettes; born Canterbury, Eng.. Aug. 29. 
1841: son William and Mary Ann (Whitehead) 
Best; family came to U.S., 1852; ed. Canterbury 
and Chicago pub. schools: married Aug. 1, 1865, 
Louise C. daughter of Isaac B. Sterling, of 
Chicago; children: William, Florence G. (Mrs. 

Walter G. Warren), Grace L. (died aged 13). 
First employment on leaving school in 1857 
was as office boy in wholesale tobacco house of 
John C. Partridge & Co., in which, after a few 
years, he became partner, and on death of Mr. 
Partridge, 1876, became head of the house and 
organized the firm of Best, Russell & Co., 
wholesale tobacconists and cigar mfrs. ; on in- 
corpn. as Best & Russell Co., 1891, became pres. 
South Town collector, 1883; South Park comrar., 
1885-1911 (pres. of board, 1887-91, auditor of 
board, 1905-1911), thus making 25 years of 
service, the longest continuous period ever 
served by a commr. in the City of Chicago; also 
mem. Special Park Commn. Mem. Chicago 
Assn. of Commerce. Mason (32, K.T.). Trus- 
tee Sixth Presbyterian Church. Clubs: Mid- 
Day, South Shore Country, Iroquois, 111. Ath- 
letic Recreation: motoring. Residence: 4616 
Ellis Av. Office: 533 S. Wabash Av. 

BESTOB, Arthnr Eng-ene, dir. Chautauqua 
Instn.; born Dixon, 111., May 19, 1879; son Or- 
son Porter and Laura Ellen (Moore) Bestor; 
A.B., Univ. of Chicago, 1901; married Jeanette 
Louise Lemon, of Bedford, Ind., Mar. 24, 1905; 
children: Arthur Eugene, Jr., Mary Frances. 
Prof, history and political science, Franklin 
(Ind.) Coll., 1901-3; lecturer on political sci- 
ence. Extension Div., Univ. of Chicago, since 
1904; asst. gen. dir., 1905-7, dir. since 1907, 
Chautauqua Instn. Pres. Internat. Chautauqua 
Alliance; mem. Am. Hist. Assn., Am. Political 
Science Assn., Delta Upsilon, Phi Beta Kappa. 
Clubs: City, (juadrangle. Residence: Hotel Del 
Prado, Chicago; Summer: Chautauqua, N.Y. Of- 
fices: Chautauqua, N.Y., and 5704 Kimbark Av., 

BETSEA, Solomon Hicks, lawyer; deceased; 
see Vol. 1905. 

BETSCHE, Cbarles William, furniture mfr.; 
born Baden, Germany, Aug. 11, 1848; son Jacob 
and Christina (Branch) Betsche; ed. schools in 
Germany; married Chicago, 1872, Kate Fischer; 
children: Emma, Lydia, Oscar, William, Arthur, 
Clara, Carl. Came from Germany in 1865 to 
Chicago; learned the trade of upholsterer here, 
and worked at trade until 1879. when estab- 
lished business for self; later joined by Henry 
Ricke and organized the Betsche & Ricke Mfg. 
Co., of which was sec. and mgr.; in 1866 organ- 
ized firm of Charles W. Betsche & Co., of which 
was pres. until 1908, and pres. of its successor, 
Betsche & Sandberg Co., since 1908. Mason, 
Lincoln Park Lodge, Lawn Chapter, Lincoln 
Park Commandery, K.T. Residence: 388 Dayton 

*BETT1IAII', Boeme, physician, oculist and 
aurist; see Vol. 1905. 

BETTS, 'William Hamilton, Ins.; born Fort 
Gratiot, Mich., Feb. 19, 1875; son John and 
Margaret (Hamilton) Belts; ed. pub. schools, 
London, Ont., Can.; married Margaret Boylan, 
of Detroit, Mich., June 26, 1901. Asst. auditor 
Union Station & Terminal Assn., Detroit, May 
1. 1893-May 1, 1898; clerk Continental Casualty 
Company, May 1, 1898-1900, asst. mgr., 1900-3, 
resident mgr. at San Francisco, 1903-6, sec. 
since May 1, 1906. Republican. Episcopalian. 
Mason. Clubs: 111. Athletic, South Shore Coun- 
try. Recreations: golf, hunting. Residence: 
5117 Kimbark Av. Office: 1208 Michigan Av. 

BE'ITAH, Arthnr Dean, surgeon; born Chi- 
cago, Aug. 6, 1861; son Thomas and Sarah 
(Ramsey) Bevan; ed. Sheffield Scientific School 
(Yale), 1878-9; M.D., Rush Med. Coll.. Chicago, 
1883; married Anna L. Barber, of Akron, O., 
Feb. 1896. U.S. Marine Hosp. Service, 1883-7; 
prof, anatomy. Ore. State Univ., 1886-7; prof, 
anatomy, 1887-9, associate prof, surgery, 1899- 
1902, prof, surgery since 1902, Rush Med. Coll.; 
professorial lecturer on surgery, Univ. of Chi- 
cago, since 1901; pres. and surgeon Presbyte- 
rian Hosp.; 1st lieut. U.S.A. Med. Reserve Corps 
since 1908. Fellow Am. Surg. Assn.; mem. 
A.M.A., Chicago Med. Soc. (pres., 1898-9), etc. 



Clubs: Chicago, Chicago Athletic, University, 
Glen View, Onwentsia. Residence: 2917 Michi- 
gan Av. Office: 122 S. Michigan Av. 

BEVnrGTOK, Edwin Leslie, ry. official; born 
New Lenox, 111., Feb. 22, 1866; son William and 
Theresa (Clemens) Bevington; ed. pub. schools, 
by private instruction and commercial coll.; 
married Etta Barrow, of Chicago, Aug. 2, 1896. 
Began ry. service as bill clerk C.&N.-W.Ry., 
until 1882, when entered passenger dept. C.&A. 
R.R., in various capacities until 1900; gen. mgr. 
Denver, Boulder & Northern R.R., Denver, 1900- 
1; sec. Trans-Continental Pass. Assn., Chicago, 
since 1901. Republican. Episcopalian. Mason 
(32, Shriner). Residence: The Plaza. Office: 
405 Railway Exchange. 

BICKFORD, Anther Henxy, editor; deceased; 
see Vol. 1905. 

BICKFOBS, Bnssel Kittridg'e, lumber; de- 
ceased; see Vol. 1905. 

*BICKNEI>I^, Ernest Percy; see Vol. 1905. 
BICXITEI^I^, Orlando I^ane; 1841-1907; see 
Vol. 1905. 

BISDIiE, WiUiam Baxter, ry. official; born 
Beloit, Wis., Nov. 12, 1856; son Charles H. and 
Alice (Coftman) Biddle; grad. high school, Be- 
loit; married Nov. 23, 1880, Ella Frost, of Be- 
loit; children: Robert C, Wheldon F., Walter 
C. Began ry. career in 1887 as brakeman for 
Santa Fe Co.; later station agent and, 1882-6, 
chief clerk gen. freight office Atlanta & Pacific 
R.R. ; promoted to asst. freight agent, 1886, 
then division freight and passenger agent, and, 
in 1888, asst. gen. freight agent Santa Fe Sys- 
tem; asst. traffic mgr., 1890-4, and freight traf- 
fic mgr., 1894-Mar. 1, 1905; 3d vice-pres. C.R.I. 
&P.Ry.Co., Mar. 1, 1905-Dec. 1, 1909; vice-pres. 
C.&E.I. and St. Louis & San Francisco rys. 
since Dec. 1, 1909. Clubs: Union League, Mid- 
Day, Chicago Athletic, Kenwood, Midlothian. 
Residence: 4135 Drexel Boul. Office: LaSalle St. 

BISWII^Ii, Josepli E.; born Chicago, Feb. 21, 
1857; son Richard and Mary (English) Bidwill; 
ed. Chicago pub. schools; married Chicago, Sept. 
14, 1882, Mary A. O'Sullivan; children: Joseph 
E. (clerk of Circuit Court since 1906), Gene- 
vieve, Loretto, Earl, Charles, Richard, Arthur. 
In grain business since 1878, In which year was 
appointed mem. of the State Grain Inspection; 
promoted from position of helper through in- 
tervening duties until became 1st asst.; mem. 
Chicago Council, 1889-97, resigning to become 
railroad and warehouse commr. of 111. under 
appointment of Gov. John R. Tanner, 1897- 
1901; chief grain Inspector of 111., under ap- 
pointment by Gov. Richard Yates, 1901-4, being 
the only person who has ever served from low- 
est to highest positions in that service. Now 
treas. American Engring. & Construction Co., 
doing a large amount of work in Louisville, 
Ky., and other large cities, as well as Chicago. 
Mem. (Chicago Central Com. for 12 years; mem. 
Cook Co. Republican Com.; delegate to Repub- 
lican Nat. Convention of 1896. Catholic. Resi- 
dence: 1113 S. Ashland Boul. Office: 912, 155 
N. Clark St. 

BIEDENWEQ, William C, stained glass, etc.; 
born near Berlin, Germany, 1853; son Charles 
and Mary Biedenweg; came to Chicago with 
parents in 1857; ed. pub. schools of Chicago; 
married Chicago, 1884, Matilda Kugler. After 
leaving school, engaged in various pursuits un- 
til 1874, when engaged in the stained glass bus- 
iness, and in 1885 established for self, with J. 
B. Flanagan, the business being incorporated in 
1893; is now treas. and dir. of the Flanagan & 
Biedenweg Co.: also senior mem. firm of Bie- 
denweg & Seifert. Residence: 4847 N. Hermit- 
age Av. Office: 312 W. Illinois St. 

BIEHK, Joseph Favll, physician, bacteriolo- 
gist; born Chicago, Apr. 1, 1878; A.M., North- 
western Univ., 1898, M.D., 1901; student Post- 
Grad. Med. School, 1901-2. Instr. bacteriology 

and clinical pathology, Northwestern Univ. 
Med. School, 1899-1902; asst. prof, pathology 
Post-Grad. Med. School, 1901-2; prof, bacteriol- 
ogy, sanitary sciences and pub. health. Dear- 
born Med. School, since 1903; supt. and bacteri- 
ologist, Municipal Laboratory, Chicago, 1904-9; 
dir. scientiflc and research laboratories, Abbott 
Alkaloidal Co., since 1909; bacteriologist to 
Mercy, Samaritan, Wesley hosps. and Post- 
Grad. Hosp. Training School; pathologist and 
bacteriologist, Dearborn Post-Graduate Medical 
bchool; prof, bacteriology and special pathol- 
ogy. Am. Med. Coll. Residence: 5444 Lakewood 
Av. Office: 4753 E. Ravenswood Park. 
c^^^^^^^' Austin, lawyer, author; born 
Shelly s Island, Pa.; son Casper and Lydia 
il^^,''^!?^ Bierbower; A.B., Dickinson Coll., 
1864, A.M., 1866; student Univ. of Berlin, 1872- 
(LL.D., la. Wesleyan Univ., 1902): admitted to 
bar, 1874; unmarried. Prof. Greek and Latin, 
la. Wesleyan Univ., 1864-8; foreign correspond- 
ent Chicago Tribune and Cincinnati Times-Star, 
18(0-2; editorial writer Chicago Daily News, 
1879-83; in law practice since 1883. Author: 
Principles of a System of Philosophy; The 
??,^^^^^9^ Christ, 1885; The Socialism of Christ, 
1890; The Virtues and Their Reasons, 1896; 
From Monkey to Man, 1894; How to Succeed, 
1900; On the Training of Lovers, 1900; Thoughts 
for the Rich, 1906. Also various articles In 
magazines. Residence: 1810 Michigan Av. Of- 
fice: 58 W. Washington St. 

BIEBIKGEB, WiUlam Augmstus, physician: 
born Bielefeld, Westphalia, Germany, May 7, 
1872; son Wilhelm A. and Marie (HauphofE) 
Bieringer: ed. gymnasium, Bielefeld, Germany, 
to 1889; student Gross Med. Coll., Denver. Colo.. 
1896-8; M.D., Rush Med. Coll., Chicago, 1900 
married LeadviWe, Colo., Feb. 20, 1895, Emily 
Bowden. Was druggist, Hanover, Germany, 
1889-91; came to U.S., Apr. 1891; druggist in 
Cheyenne, Wyo., Leadville, Colo., Denver, Colo., 
until fall of 1896; in practice of medicine in 
Chicago since June, 1900. Mem. Chicago Med. 
Soc, Am. Med. Soc. Republican. Lutheran. Rec- 
reation: traveling. Office and Residence: 1245 
I.aSalle Av. 

BIQEI^OW, Edward Alphens, retired; born 
Zanesville, O., Aug. 18, 1849; son Loyal H. and 
Wealthy M. (Pier) Bigelow; ed. Zanesville pub. 
schools; entered army at age of 14 years and 
4 months, pvt. Co. F, 68th Ohio Vet. Vol. Inf. 
in Civil War; participated in Sherman's cam- 
paigns from Vicksburg to close of war; mar- 
ried 1st, 1871, Margaret R., daughter of W. H. 
Bush, of Chicago (died 1879); married 2d, Chi- 
cago, Aug. 23, 1887, Susan Springer; 1 son: 
Loyal Arthur. After war became grain and pro- 
vision commn. merchant; for many years at 
head of E. A. Bigelow & Co. ; retired from grain 
business, 1897; organized, May 1903, and was 
pres. Continental Life Ins. Co. until co. discon- 
tinued business; sec. and dir. Bush Temple Con- 
servatory. Served in Spanish-Am. War as maj. 
and paymaster. Mem. Loyal Legion, G.A.R. 
Republican. Methodist. Club: Marquette. Rec- 
reation: political lecturing. Residence: 333 Bel- 
den Av. 

BIGEI^OW, Harry Augmstas, prof, of law; 
born Norwood, Mass., Sept. 22, 1874; son Erwin 
A. and Amy (Fisher) Bigelow; A.B., Harvard 
Univ., 1896, LL.B., 1899; married Mary Parker 
Bigelow, of Georgetown, Colo., Apr. 12, 1902. 
Instr. criminal law. Harvard Law School, 1899- 
1900; engaged in practice at Honolulu, H.T., 
1900-3; asst. prof, law, 1904-6, asso. prof., 1906- 
9, prof, since 1909, Univ. of Chicago. Club: 
Quadrangle. Residence: 5633 Washington Av. 

*Bl&EIiOW, James Iioyal; see Vol. 1906. 

BIGEI.OW, Nelson P., lumber; born Racine, 
Wis., July 19, 1862: son Anson A. and Emma 
W. (Ullmann) Bigelow; brought to Chicago by 
parents, Sept. 1862; grad. Yale, 1884; married 
Nov. 23, 1893, Sophia Dallas Borda: children: 
Matilda, Anson A. After leaving coll. entered 



the business of Blgelow Bros. In 1887 he be- 
came a partner in the firm, and when it was 
succeeded in 1902 by the corporation of Bigelow 
Bros. & Walker Co., he became its pres. and 
later pres. of the Fourche River Lumber Co. 
Sec. of First State Pawners Soc. ; mem. Chicago 
Plan Commn. Republican. Clubs: Chicago, Uni- 
versity, Onwentsia, Commercial. Recreations: 
golf and horseback riding. Residence: Lake 
Forest, 111. Office: 5 N. LaSalle St. 

B^Ii, Ingram Ebenezer, clergyman; born 
Hampton, N.B., Can., Nov. 23, 1872; son Ingram 
Ebenezer and Eleanor (Pyke) Bill; A.B., Acadia 
Univ., Nova Scotia, 1893; student Newton Theol. 
Instn., 1893-4; B.D., Rochester (N.Y.) Theol. 
Sem., 1897; Div. School of Univ. of Chicago, 
1905-8; fellow In ch. history, Univ. of Chicago, 
1907-8; married Blanche Thomas, of London, 
Ont., May 5, 1S97. Ordained Baptist ministry, 
Sept. 19, 1S94; pastor West Cleveland, O., 1894- 
5, First Church, Oberlin, O., 1897-1905; acting 
pastor Capitol Hill Church, Denver, Colo., Mar.- 
Sept., 1908; pastor North Shore Church, Chi- 
cago, since Nov. 1908. Residence: 4620 Mag- 
nolia Av. 

BH^IiIQ, Oeorg'e 'Washlngrton, physician and 

surgeon; see Vol. 1905. 

BUiI^IKQS, Charles Ziewis, lawyer; bornHigh- 
land, Wis.; son Henry M. and Ann (Bray) Bil- 
lings; ed. common school, la. Co., Wis.; Normal 
School, Platteville, Wis.; special student Univ. 
of Wis., 1878-82; unmarried. Chief clerk in of- 
fice of atty.-gen. of Wis., 1882-3; located in Chi- 
cago, Sept. 1883; during 1883-4 wrote articles 
and notes upon legal subjects for the Law Reg- 
ister and the Central Law Journal, and assisted 
in the preparation of new editions of the U.S. 
Supreme Court Reports and New York Chan- 
cery Reports; asst. librarian Chicago Law Inst., 
1855; atty. in credit dept. of J. V. Farwell & 
Co., 1886; in gen. practice of law at Kansas 
City, Mo., 1887-90; since 1890 in Chicago, main- 
ly devoted to real estate law and titles, ins. and 
commercial law; was a mem. of the firm of 
Paddock, Wright & Billings, 1894-1901. Elected 
state senator 1st Senatorial Dist., Nov. 1906; 
Republican. Mem. Am., 111. State and Chicago 
Bar assns., Chicago Law Inst. Clubs: Law, Chi- 
cago, University. Residence: 335 E. 22d St. Of- 
fice: Chicago Title & Trust Bldg. 

BIIi^IKaS, Franlc, physician; born Highland, 
la. Co., Wis., Apr. 2, 1854; son Henry M. and 
Ann (Bray) Billings; M.D., Northwestern Univ., 
1881, M.S., 1890; interne Cook Co. (111.) Hosp., 
1881-2; studied in Vienna, 1885-6; married Dane 
Ford Brawley, of Washington, May 26, 1887; 1 
daughter: Margaret. Prof, medicine. Northwest- 
ern Univ.. 1891-8; prof, medicine since 1898, 
dean of faculty since 1900, Rush Med. College 
(Univ. of Chicago); professorial lecturer, 1901- 
5. prof, medicine, since 1905, Univ. of Chicago. 
First It. U.S.A. Med. Reserve Corps since 1908; 
physician to Presbyn. Hosp.; consulting phy- 
sician to Cook Co., Children's Memorial, St. 
Luke's, Michael Reese and Provident hosps. ; 
pres. 111. State Bd. Charities. Mem. Chicago 
Med. Soc. (pres. 1890). Chicago Neurol. Soc, 
111. State Med. Soc, A.M.A. (pres. 1902-4, treas., 
1904-10). Assn. Am. Physicians (pres. 1905-6), 
Nat. Assn. for Study and Prevention of Tuber- 
culosis (pres., 1907-8). Clubs: Chicago, Univer- 
sity, Chicago Athletic. Quadrangle. Residence: 
335 22rt St. Office: Peoples Gas Bldg. 

BHiIiINO-SIiEA, Edwam Xi., resident partner 
firm of Roeers, Brown & Co., pig iron; vlce- 
pres. Chicago Short Line Ry. Residence: 4539 
Ellis Av. Office: 134 S. LaSalle St. 

BH^OW, Clayton Oscar, consulting engr. ; 
born Shelby, O., June 14, 1860; son David and 
Susan (Tressler) Billow; grad. Shelby (Ohio) 
High School, 1879; married Springfield, O., Nov. 
24, 1887, Helen Parker; children: Robert (died 
In infancy). Virginia. Operator in Shelby Wool- 
en Alills, 1877-8, in surveying corps as transit- 

man, 1879: in government employ, 1880; with 
James LefCel & Co., turbine wheels, Springfield, 
O., 1881; with Cincinnati, Sandusky & Cleveland 
Ry., 1882, St. John Sewing Machine Co., 1883, 
Champion City Oil Co., 1884-8, and during that 
period, with E. E. Billow, carried on experi- 
ments with crude oil for fuel and made some 
of the earliest installations of apparatus for 
storing, controlling and burning liquid fuels; 
gen. Western mgr. Pasteur-Chamberlain Filter 
Co., at St. Louis, Mo., 1888-9; in 1890, with E. E. 
Billow, came to Chicago and organized Nat. 
Supply Co., of which is sec, treas. and dir. Was 
asst. mech. engineer of the World's Columbian 
Expn., 1892-3, and designed, installed and oper- 
ated the fuel oil appliances connected with the 
power plant (received two medals and three 
diplomas). Republican. Lutheran. MLson;past 
commander Apollo Commandery No. 1; K.T.; 
Elks, K.P. Mem. Western Soc. of Engrs. Co- 
inventor and patentee of the Billow System fuel 
oil appliances, furnaces, forges, kilns, etc. 
Clubs: Union League, Engineers; also Lagondo 
Club, Springfield, O. Recreation: traveling. Res- 
idence: 1013 Ridge Av., Evanston. Office: 416 
W. Indiana St. 

BIKKO'W, Elmer Ellsworth, pres. Nat. Sup- 
ply Co.; born Shelby, O., May 11, 1862; son Da- 
vid and Susan (Tressler) Billow; student Wit- 
tenberg College, Springfield, O., 1883; married 
Harrisburg, Pa., 1891, Jessie McKee; children: 
Vera, Susan, Marjorle, Elmer E., Jr. After leav- 
ing coll. engaged in the oil business at Spring- 
field, O., for 6 years, coming to Chicago in 1888, 
and becoming pres. of the Nat. Supply Co., In 
which position has since continued; also vlce- 
pres. and gen. mgr. Wyopo Co. and vlce-pres. 
Nat. Machine & Construction Co., Kansas City; 
sec. Bi-Metallic Mining Co., Ft. Erie Ferry Ry. 
and International Ferry (io., Buffalo, N.Y. Mem. 
Beta Theta Pi. Republican. Mason, Apollo 
Commandery, Medinah Temple Mystic Shrine. 
Club: Press (life). Recreation: traveling. Res- 
idence: 823 Washington St., Evanston, 111. Of- 
fice: 416 W. Indiana St. 

*BIirES, Bohert, grain; see Vol. 1905. 

BIHQKAM, Arthur E., lumber merchant and 
mfr.; born Cleveland, O., Dec. 23, 1852; son Ed- 
ward and Esther (Sanford) Bingham; ed. Cleve- 
land pub. schs., and Brooklyn Poly. Inst.; mar- 
ried Helen, daughter George W. Whitney, of 
Cleveland, 1875; children: Florence, Harold, Ed- 
ward, Madeline. Began in Nat. City Bank of 
Cleveland, where was successively collector, 
gen. bookkeeper and paying teller, 1872-7; came 
to Chicago, Nov. 1877; connected with Cobb's 
Library, 1877-80; afterward in lumber business 
as Wells & Bingham; in Jan. 1883 formed part- 
nership with George A. Marsh and W. B. Ran- 
som as Marsh, Bingham & Ransom. Mr. Ran- 
som retired Aug. 27, 1883, and the Marsh & 
Bingham Co. was incorporated; was vice-pres. 
and treas. until the death of Mr. Marsh, Aug. 
12, 1888; since then pres. and treas. Clubs: 
Union League, Calumet (Chicago), Algonquin 
(Boston), Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara Coun- 
try (Cal.). Residence: Santa Barbara, Cal. Of- 
fice: 1405 W. 37th St., Chicago. 

BUTOHAM, Charles layman, retired; born 
Jericho Centre, Vt., June 13, 1852; son Stillman 
Rockwell and Mary (Lyman) Bingham; ed. Chi- 
cago pub. schools; also under pvt. tutor, fol- 
lowed by business edn. ; studied music with D. 
N. Hood; married Chicago, Oct. 15, 1874, Jennie 
Elizabeth Leonard; children: Jessie May (Mrs. 
Mark R. Kimball), Carrie Anna (Mrs. Edward 
E. Rice), Mabel (Mrs. Harry B. Hess), Eleanor 
Elizabeth. On July 5, 1870, entered employ of 
the Chicago branch of the S. S. ^Vhite Dental 
Mfg. Co. as mailing clerk, and after regular 
promotion, became, 1896, Chicago mgr. for the 
company, continuing until Jan. 1911. Repub- 
lican. Presbyterian. Was. sec. Apollo Club 6 
years. Clubs: Kenwood, Homewood. Recrea- 
tions: traveling and outdoor diversions. Resl- 



dence: Chicago Beach Hotel. Summer Resi- 
dence: Intervale, N.H. 

BnfGHAM, Blillard F., pres. Samuel Bing- 
ham's Son Mfg. Co., printers' rollers; born New 
York City, 1847; son Samuel B., 1st mfr. of 
printing press rollers. Residence: 2147 Wash- 
ington Boul. Office: 318 S. Canal St. 

BIITKtET, John Thomas, Jr., physician; see 
Vol. 1905. 

BUTKO'WITZ, Samnel D., vice-pres. Am. In- 
sulated Wire & Cable Co.; born Kansas City, 
Mo., Sept. 1, 1879; son David and Sarah (Berk- 
man) Binkowitz; ed. pub. schools and Spal- 
ding's Commercial Coll., Kansas City; married 
Anna Koftman, of Kansas City, Feb. 21, 1909. 
Came to Chicago, 1898, as office mgr. of the Al- 
den Electric Co. and the 111. Insulated Wire Co., 
both corpns. being under one control; corRns. 
dissolved, 1899, and became office mgr. for the 
Am. Insulated Wire & Cable Co., then a part- 
nership; upon incorporation, 1905, was elected 
vice-pres., which office still holds. Republican. 
Jewish religion. Mem. K.P., B'nai B'rith. Rec- 
reations; outdoor diversions, reading, theater. 
Residence: 821 Sheridan Rd. Office: 954-964 W. 
21st St. 

BUTS'WAITG'ER, Aujrastns, lawyer; born Ca- 
tonsville, Baltimore Co., Md., Jan. 19, 1844; son 
of Emanuel and Elise (Seligman) Binswanger; 
ed. pub. schs., Baltimore; LL.B., Yale Law Sch., 
1867; married Carrie Vogel, of Chicago, Nov. 20, 
1872; children: Ida and Alvin. Practiced at St. 
Louis, 1867-88; removed to Chicago, Oct. 1888, 
to take charge of legal business of Nelson Mor- 
ris & Co.; in general practice since 1867; dir. 
Siegel, Cooper & Co., George Lanz & Co., etc. 
Democrat. Mason. Reform Jewish belief; was 
dir. and sec. Chicago Sinai Congregation for 5 
years. Mem. B'nai B'rith, Independent Free 
Sons. Residence: 3342 South Park Av. Office: 
1520-1521 Ft. Dearborn Bldg. 

BINSWAITQEB, Jacob, pres. Chicago Muslin 
Underwear Co.; born Germany, Mar. 30, 1862; 
son Oswald and Caroline (Kahn) Binswanger; 
ed. pub. schs. and commercial coll., Augstjurg, 
Bavaria; married Bella Ottenheimer, of Jeben- 
hausen, Germany, Apr. 20, 1890, at San Fran- 
cisco, Cal.; children: Richard M. and Elsie K. 
Served apprenticeship in a wholesale dry goods 
house of Geneva, Switzerland; came to Amer- 
ica, 1883; traveled 16 years for Pacific Coast 
houses; then for a St. Louis firm; associated 
with Ottenheimer & Co., mfrs. of duck clothing, 
1901-5, and still retains interest In that house; 
pres. Chicago Muslin Underwear Co. since 1905; 
sec. Madame Mariette Co. Republican. Jewish 
religion. Served one year in Bavarian Army 
and qualified for It. of reserve. Royal Arch Ma- 
son. Recreations: literature, philately. Resi- 
dence; 5244 South Park Av. Omce: 533 S. Frank- 
lin St. 

BimrON, Kewis Sezter, brick mfr. ; born Ce- 
dar Lake, Ind., Apr. 13, 1871; son Christopher 
W. and Flora (Pierce) Binyon; ed. high school, 
Crown Point, Ind.; married Fanny Spencer, 
daughter late S. S. Kimball, of Chicago, Nov. 
22, 1893; 2 sons: Spencer and Millard. Taught 
district school in Lake Co., Ind., until coming 
to Chicago in 1888: was employed by Hibbard, 
Spencer, Bartlett & Co. a short time, then in 
wholesale dept. of Marshall Field & Co. 3 years; 
identified with brick mfg. industry since 1893 
and became sec. S. S. Kimball Brick Co. in 
1902, and pres. in 1907. Republican. Club: 
Builders' (ex-pres.). Recreation: motoring. Res- 
idence: 2604 Kimball Av. Office: 304 Chamber 
of Commerce. 

BINZ, Charles Aug-ustus, sec. Curtis & Co. 
Mfg. Co.; born St. Louis, Mo., May 30, 1853; son 
of Stephen and Anna M. (Leonard) Binz; ed. 
pub. grammar and high schools and business 
coll. at St. Louis; married Catherine Hetzel, of 
St. Louis, Sept. 17, 1878 (died May 22, 1910); 1 
daughter: Mrs. Harry L. Malcher, of Chicago. 

Began business career as order clerk for Curtis 
& Co. Mfg. Co., St. Louis, in 1878, coming to 
Chicago, 1880, as mgr. of the branch office in 
which capacity remained until 1886, when he 
incorporated a separate co. of the same name in 
111. and in 1887 purchased the Chicago co., of 
which has since been sec. and dir. Democrat. 
Catholic. Mem. Ro.val League, Chicago Assn. of 
Commerce. Recreation: bowling. Residence: 
5331 Magnolia Av., Edgowater. Office: 215 N. 
Desplaines St. 

BIBCH, Hugfh Taylor, atty. at law; born Lake 
Co., 111., Aug. 2, 1848; son Brastus Mitchell and 
Sally (Milligan) Birch; studied at Antioch Coll., 
Yellow Springs, O. ; married Maria Root, of 
Buffalo. Admitted to 111. bar, 1871, and since 
actively engaged in practice at Chicago; mem. 
law firm of Gait, Birch & Gait. Was 1st asst. 
state's atty. of Cook Co., Dec. 1, 1872-Dec. 1, 
1876. Stand pat Republican. Clubs: University, 
Chicago, Saddle and Cycle. Winter Residence: 
1912 Michigan Av. Office: 804, 32 N. Clark St. 

BIBD, Curtis D., ry. official; see Vol. 1905. 

BIBD, Harry Iiewis, lawyer; born Marinette, 
W"is., Oct. 8, 1870; son Hon. H. P. and Sarah J. 
(Fairchild) Bird; A.B., Lake Forest Coll., 1894; 
LL.B., Chicago-Kent Coll. of Law; married Chi- 
cago, 1897, Grace Wilson; children: Harlan Wil- 
son, Harry Lewis, Jr., Elizabeth. Came to Chi- 
cago, 1894 ; was on editorial staff Chicago Chron- 
icle 3 years, Chicago Daily News 3 years, city 
editor Chicago Daily News, 1899-1901; chief 
paymaster City of Chicago, 1901-4. Engaged in 
gen. law practice with Graham H. Harris; la- 
ter associated with John Vennema and James 
W. Hyde; gen. sec. Legislative Voters' League 
of 111., in active charge of its work, since May, 
1910. Presbyterian. Mason. Clubs: Hamilton 
(dir., 1906-8), City. Residence: 455 Bowen Av. 
Office: Tribune Bldg. 

BIBD, Paul P., chief smoke inspector. City of 
Chicago. Residence: 1363 E. 48th St. Office: 105 
N. Clark St. 

BIBDSA^K, Richard Maurice, vice-pres. West- 
ern Cold Storage Co.; born Greene, Chenango 
Co., N.Y., Jan. 11, 1843; son Maurice and Irene 
Juliand Birdsall; ed. Oxford (N.Y.) Academy; 
married Chicago, 111., Mar. 29, 1882, Carrie M. 
Andrews; children: Jennie Irene (Mrs. Prof. F. 
A. Rogers), Carrie Lillian (Mrs. Chas. R. Shult- 
heis, Elsie Louise (Mrs. Walter E. Toon). Be- 
gan business career in retail grocery store at 
Greene, N.Y. ; came to Chicago, 1877; became 
mem. firm of Birdsall & Baker, cold storage, 
1878, which later became the Western Refrig- 
erator Co., and in 1894 changed to the Western 
Cold Storage Co., of which was sec. until 1905, 
since then vice-pres. Served in Civil War as 
orderly sergeant, Co. E, Regt. N.G.S.N.Y. Re- 
publican. Mason (K.T. ). Recreations: reading, 
billiards. Residence: 3210 Washington Boul. 
Office: 421 N. State St. 

BIBX, Edward John, sec. and treas. of Birk 
Bros. Brewing Co.; born Chicago, Apr. 2, 1867; 
son Jacob and Magdalena (Wheelflin) Birtt; ed. 
Scammon (pub.) School to 1882; married Chi- 
cago, Oct. 5, 1892, Amanda Markus; 1 son: 
William Jacob. Began as clerk for a commn. 
firm on the Chicago Board of Trade, 1882-9; 
went to the Pacific Coast; after 8 months re- 
turned to Chicago; learned the brewer's trade 
with the Wacker & Birk Brewing Co. and in 
Aug. 1891, with elder brother, William A., or- 
ganized the Birk Bros. Brewing Co., of which is 
now sec. and treas. Democrat. Clubs: Ger- 
mania Milnnerchor, 111. Athletic, South Shore 
Country, Chicago Athletic, Chicago Automobile. 
Recreation: motoring. Residence: 419 Oakdale 
Av. Office: 1325 Webster Av. 

BISK, 'William Andrew, president Birk Bros. 
Brewing Co.; born Chicago, Nov. 11, 1861; son 
Jacob and Magdalena Birk; ed. pub. schs. of 
Chicago; married. In grain commn. business on 
Chicago Board of Trade until 1882; with Wack- 



er & Birk Brewing Co., Chicago, 1882-91; in 
1891, with brother, Edward J., organized the 
Birk Bros. Brewing Co., of wliich is now pres. 
Democrat. Mason. Clubs: Chicago Athletic, In- 
dustrial, South Shore Country, Germania MUn- 
nerchor. Residence: 555 Stratford PI. Office: 
1315-1325 Webster Av. 

BIBKENSTEUT, All>ert, merchant; born Chi- 
cago, Nov. 8, 1879; son Sigmund and Mary (Fel- 
senthal) Birkenstein; ed. Chicago pub. school 
and Chicago Business Coll.; married Beatrice 
Schloss, of Chicago, Jan. 25, 1906; 1 daughter: 
Ruth. On leaving school entered house of S. 
Birkenstein & Sons, metals, in which he has 
been a partner since 1903. Mason, 32. Club: 
111. Athletic. Residence: 938 Wilson Av. Office: 
409 W. Ontario St. 

BXaKEITSTEIIT, Konls, merchant; born Chi- 
cago, Aug. 6, 1866; son Sigmund and Mary (Fel- 
senthal) Birkenstein; ed. Chicago pub. schools; 
married Chicago, June, 1897, Bertha G. Ulman; 
1 son: George U. Since 1881 engaged in busi- 
ness established by his father in 1865, and 
now partner in S. Birkenstein & Sons, dealers 
In new and old metals, ingot copper, pig lead, 
spelter, block tin, etc. Also treas. of Bryant 
Mfg. Co., and pres. of Globe Metal Co. Mason, 
32. Clubs: 111. Athletic, Hampden (pres.). Res- 
idence: 444 Wrightwood Av. Office: 409 W. 
Ontario St. 

BIBKHOFF, Qeorge, Jr., real estate; born 
Rotterdam, Holland, May 16, 1852; son George 
and Agatha (Van Butten) Blrkhoft; ed. In Hol- 
land; married Chicago, June 22, 1875, Elizabeth 
Van Winden; children: Genevieve M., Agatha 
L., George III. Came to U.S. and on July 21, 
1871, became connected with the real estate firm 
of W. D. Kerfoot & Co. (established 1862), of 
which firm he is now a member. Dir. Chicago 
Title & Trust Co., Chicago Opera House Co. 
Has been consul of the Netherlands in Chicago 
since 1886; was commr.-gen. of the Netherlands 
at the World's Columbian Expn. in 1893. Officer 
of the order of Orange Nassau, conferred by 
the Queen of Holland; Chevalier of the Eiken 
Kroon, conferred by the Grand Duke of Lux- 
emburg. Mem. and ex-pres. Chicago Real Es- 
tate Board, Chicago Assn. of Commerce. Re- 
publican. Presbyterian. Clubs: Union Lieague, 
Kenwood, Midlothian. Recreation: golf. Resi- 
dence: 4943 Woodlawn Av. Office: 58 W. Wash- 
ington St. 

BIBXIiAND, NOTman Sven, coal; born Chica- 
go, Dec. 3, 1861; son Jacob S. and Serena (Mau- 
ritzon) Birkland; grad. Lake View High School; 
married Chicago, 1885, Anna McDonald; chil- 
dren: Norman Donald, Evelyn Isabel, Walter 
Bogle. In 1883 became associated with Walter 
S. Bogle in the coal business as sec. and treas. 
Crescent Coal & Mining Co., continuing until 
1906; since then sec. Globe Coal Co. Repub- 
lican. Lutheran. Mason, K.T., Shriner. Clubs: 
South Shore Country, Chicago Yacht. Resi- 
dence: 746 Oakley Boul. Office: McCormick 

BISHOP, diaries Nelson, Ins.; born Kenosha, 
Wis., May 28, 1855; son Rev. Hiram Nelson 
Bishop (rector St. John's P.B. Church, Chica- 
go); ed. high school, Chicago; married Chicago, 
Sept. 7, 1903, Anna Bobbins. In 1872 entered 
fire ins. agency of Thomas & W. A. Goodman, 
as clerk, until 1875; in service of The Spectator, 
ins. journal, 1875-80 (and also in 1883-5), part 
of tin^e as traveling agent and part of time 
as mgr. western office in Chicago; lived in Colo- 
rado, 1880-3, where was engaged in mining, and 
as editor and proprietor Summit Co. Leader; 
partner in local fire ins. agency of H. H. Brown 
& Co., Chicago, 1885-9; since 1889 Chicago mgr. 
for the Northern Assurance Co., Ltd., of Lon- 
don. Pres. Chicago Board of Underwriters, 
1909. Clubs: Chicago Athletic, Illinois, Oak 
Park, Westward Ho. Recreations: golf, hunting 
and fishing. Residence: Oak Park, 111. Office: 
29 S. LaSalle St. 

BISHOP, Henry 'Walker, lawyer; born Lenox, 
Mass.; son Henry W. and Sarah (Taintor) Bish- 
op; A.B., Amherst Coll., 1850; student Harvard 
Law Scliool; married 1863, Mrs. Anne Mauger, 
of Portland, Me. (died 1884); married 2d, 1886, 
Jessica Ayrault, daughter of Robert Pomeroy, 
of Pittsfield, Mass. Came to Chicago and en- 
gaged in gen. practice; master in chancery Cir- 
cuit Court of the U.S., Northern District of 111., 
since 1865. Clubs: Union, University, Chicago, 
Chicago Literary. Residence: Chicago Club. Of- 
fice: Federal Bldg. 

BISHOP, li(oiiis) Brackett, Chicago mgr. of 
the Mass. Mutual Life Ins. Co.; born Boston, 
Mass., Feb. 2, 1854; son Paul J. and Frances A. 
(Bacon) Bishop; ed. pub. and high schools at 
Boston, Mass., to 1869; married Chicago, Apr. 
2, 1890, Minnie Ridgway; 1 son: Ridgway P. 
Began business life in wholesale dry goods 
house In Boston, 1869, continuing in business 
in that city until 1886, when came to Chicago. 
In 1888 became a solicitor for the Mass. Mutual 
Life Ins. Co., of Springfield, Mass., at its Chi- 
cago branch, and in 1897 became Chicago mgr. 
of the CO. Dir. Mt. Hope Cemetery Assn. Mem. 
and ex-pres. of the Life Underwriters' Assn. of 
Chicago. Republican. Swedenborgian; presi- 
dent Kenwood Parish New Church. Mem. I3oard 
of Managers of the T.M.C.A. of Chicago about 
3 years. Mem. Soc. of Mayflower Descendants; 
vice-pres. New England Soc. Club: Hamilton. 
Recreations: music, literature (philosophy), bil- 
liards. Residence: Chicago Beach Hotel. Office: 
112 W. Adams St. 

BISHOP, Bnfas W physician; grad. Univ. 
of Vermont, A.B., 1877; Univ. of Berlin, M.D., 
1882. Fellow Am. Acad, of Medicine; mem. 
A.M. A., Chicago Med. Soc. Club: Calumet. Med. 
dir. of the Nat. Life Ins. Co. of the U.S.ofA. 
Office: 138 N. State St. 

BISHOP, Seth Scott, physician; born Fond du 
Lac, Wis., Feb. 7, 1852; son Lyman and Maria 
(Probart) Bishop; grad. Pooler Inst., Fond du 
Lac, Wis.; studied at Belolt (Wis.) Coll., Univ. 
of New York, and grad. Northwestern Univ., 
1876 (B.S., M.D., LL.D.); learned printers' trade; 
married 1885, Jessie A. Button; children: Jessie 
and Mable. Prof, otology, rhlnology and lar- 
yngology, Chicago Post-Cjrad. Med. School and 
Hosp. ; prof, diseases of the nose, throat and 
ear, Loyola Univ. Med. School; surgeon to 111. 
Hosp. and the Post-Grad. Hosp.; consulting sur- 
geon to Mary Thompson Hosp., 111. Masonic 
Orphans' Home of Chicago, and Silver Cross 
Hosp., Joliet. Mem. Internat. Med. Congress, 
Pan-Am. Med. Congress, A.M.A., state med. 
socs. of 111., Wis. and Minn., etc. Mem. Masons, 
Odd Fellows, Knights of Honor, Ancient Order 
of United Workmen, Beta Theta Pi. Author: 
Diseases of the Ear, Nose and Throat, and 
Their Accessory Cavities; The Ear and Its Dis- 
eases; also numerous monographs; has written 
extensively for journals and books. Residence: 
1726 Ridge Av., Evanston, 111. Office: Columbus 
Memorial Bldg. 

BISSEKK, Arthiix, pianos and organs; born 
Chicago, Jan. 1, 1870; son George Francis and 
Jerusha (Woodbridge) Bissell; ed. Chicago pub. 
schools, Chicago Manual Training School, Lake 
Forest Acad., Lake Forest Univ.; married St. 
Louis, Mo., Dec. 1, 1897, Emily Greeley Tred- 
way; children: Emily Greeley "Tredway, Arthur 
Dwight. Was 5 years with Weber Piano Co.; 
then 5 years with Lyon, Potter & Co., former 
agents of Stein way & Sons' pianos; sec. Clayton 
F. Summy Co., publishers and importers of mu- 
sic and dealers in music, and Chicago repre- 
sentative of Chickering & Sons, pianofortes, 
189S-1907; then organized the Bissell-Cowan Pi- 
ano Co., of which was pres. until Apr. 1, 1910, 
when the Aeolian Co. of New York City pur- 
chased the lease, good will, etc., of the Bissell- 
Cowan Piano Co. at 409 S. Michigan Av., and 
he was apptd. one of the resident mgrs. of that 
CO. Pres. Chicago Musical Art Soc. Republican. 



Clubs: University, Cliff Dwellers, Onwentsia. 
Recreations; golf and music (vocal). Resi- 
dence: Lake Forest, 111. Office: 409 S. Michigan 

BITKEB, WilUam A., lawyer; born Sherbourn 
Co., Minn., June 16, 1867; son Hiram Hall and 
Safrona (Felch) Either; B.S., Northern Ind. 
Coll., 188S; LL.B., Univ. of Mich., 1892; married 
Stacyville, la., July 19, 1894, Lydia L. Penny; 
1 daugliter: Luella. Admitted to bar by Su- 
preme Court of 111., 1892. Pres. and dir. Ma- 
sonic Temple Safety Deposit Co.; dir. and mem. 
executive board Security Trust & Deposit Co.; 
dir. Internal. Register Co.; dir. and pres. Hill 
Construction Co. Republican. Residence: 4400 
Greenwood Av. Office: New York Life Bldg. 

BKABON, Josepli Ward, ry. official; born 
Farmington, Franklin Co., Me., Apr. 27, 1858; 
son Joseph Eaton and Martha Ward (Smith) 
Blabon; ed. pub. schools, Portland, Me.; unmar- 
ried. Began as clerk at New York, 1876; In bus- 
iness on own account, St. Paul, Minn., 1883-9; 
entered ry. service on Great Northern R.R., 
1890, with which remained until 1905, as pur- 
chasing agt., 1890-9, western traffic mgr., at 
Seattle, 1899-1902, 4th vice-pres., 1902-5; was 
also pres. Great Northern Express Co. and 
Northern Steamship Co.; traffic mgr. C.&A.R.R., 
Jan. 1, 1905-Dec. 31, 1908; vice-pres. C.G.W.R.R. 
since Sept. 1, 1909. Clubs: Chicago, Chicago 
Golf, South Sliore Country. Residence: Chicago 
Club. Office: Peoples Gas Bldg. 

BIiACX, Artbar Davenport, dentist ; born Jack- 
sonville, 111., Nov. 15, 1870; son Dr. Greene V. 
and Elizabeth Black; grad. 111. Coll., B.S., 1892, 
Northwestern Univ. Dental School, D.D.S., 1900, 
Northwestern Univ. Med. School, M.D., 1901; 
married Virden, 111., Oct. 19, 1897, Lenore Bro- 
naugh; 3 children: Gilmer Vardiman, Mary Bar- 
bara, Jane. Came to Chicago from Jacksonville, 
111., 1895; was engaged in mfg. business in In- 
dianapolis and Chicago; since 1900 practicing 
dentistry in this city. Asst. prof, operative den- 
tistry, and asst. oral surgeon, Northwestern 
Univ. Dental Scliool; oral surgeon, St. Luke's 
Hosp. Mem. A.M.A., 111. State Med. Soc, Chi- 
cago Med. Soc, Physicians' Club, Nat. Dental 
Assn., 111. State Dental Soc, NortJiern 111. Den- 
tal Soc, Ciiicago Dental Soc. Republican. Club: 
University. Residence: 1250 Asbury Av., Ev- 
anston. 111. Office: 34 E. Washington St. 

BIiACK, Elmer Ellsworth, banker; deceased; 
See Vol. 1905. 

b:laCX, Frederick William, lumber; born In- 
dianapolis, Aug. 17, 1874; son William F. and 
Elizabeth (Webster) Black; ed. grammar and 
high schools; married Winsted. Conn., June 20, 
1899, Mary Anna Cooke; 2 daughters: Elizabeth 
L., Helen L. In employ of Greer, Mills & Co., 
Union Stock Yards, 1894-8. Organized Harman- 
Black Coal Co., July 2, 1899; dissolved Aug. 1, 
1903; pres. F. W. Black Coal Co., 1903-5; since 

Sres. Fred W. Black Lumber Co. Republican, 
[em. Church of Christ. Club: Hamilton. Rec- 
reation: tennis. Residence: 5032 St. Lawrence 
Av. Office: Blue Island Av. and Roby St. 

BI^CX, Qraene 'Vardiman, dentist; born Scott 
Co., 111., Aug. 3, 1836; D.D.S., Mo. Dental Coll., 
St. Louis, 1S77; M.D., Chicago Med. Coll., 1884; 
(Sc.D., HI. Coll.; LL.D., Northwestern Univ., 
1898). Prof, operative dentistry, pathology and 
bacteriology and dean Northwestern Univ. Den- 
tal School. Author: Formation of Poisons by 
Micro-Organisms; Periosteum and Peridental 
Membrane; Anatomy of the Human Teeth; Op- 
erative Dentistry (2 vols.); also many soc. pa- 
pers and Journal articles. Residence: 4549 Oak- 
en wald Av. Office: Northwestern Univ. Bldg. 

BKACK, John Charles, lawyer; born Lexing- 
ton, Miss., Jan. 27, 1839; son Rev. John and 
Josephine (Culbertson) Black; ed. Wabash Col- 
lege; (A.M., LL.D., Knox Coll.); married Ada- 
line L. Griggs, of Urbana. 111.. Sept. 28, 1867. 
Pvt. and sergt.-maj. 11th Ind. Inf., Apr. 25-Aug. 

4, 1861; maj. 37th 111. Inf., Sept. 5, 1861; It.-col., 
July 12, 1862; col., Dec. 31, 1862; bvtd. brig.- 
gen. vols., Apr. 9, 1865, "for gallant services in 
assault on Ft. Blakely, Ala."; awarded medal of 
honor, Oct. 31, 1893, for Battle of Prairie Grove, 
Ark., Dec. 7, 1862 (severely wounded) ; resigned, 
Aug. 15, 1865. Admitted to bar, 1867; practiced 
at Danville, 111., from 1867; candidate for Con- 
gress, 1866, 1880, 1884, for It.-gov., 1872; del. 
Dem. Nat. Conv., 1872; Dem. nominee for U.S. 
senator, 1879; U.S. commr. of pensions, 1885-9; 
mem. 53d Congress (1893-5), 111. at-large; U.S. 
atty. for Northern Dlst. of 111., 1895-9; mem. 
U.S. Civil Service Commn. since Dec, 1903, 
pres. since Jan., 1904. Comdr.-ln-chief G.A.R., 
1903-4 (comdr. 111. dept., 1902-3); comdr. 111. 
Commandery, Mil. Order Loyal Legion. Resi- 
dence: Chicago. Office: 1314 Connecticut Av., 

BIiACX, John Clarke, banker; born Middle- 
bury, Addison Co., Vt., July 3, 1837; son Daniel 
and Jean (Lawrence) Black; ed. pub. schools in 
Vt.; married New York City, Sept. 25, 1875, Ele- 
nor (jlarke. Arrived in Chicago Mar. 6, 1856; 
was first employed as bookkeeper and cashier 
for Ross & Bamber, dry goods, at 141 Lake St., 
and later with Armour & Co., until 1881. Was 
one of the organizers and incorporators. Mar. 
1883, of the Continental Nat. Bank, of which 
was for many years pres., and later chmn. 
board of dirs. ; now dir. Continental & Com- 
mercial Nat. Bank, Northwestern Safe & Trust 
Co.; trustee Prussian Nat. Ins. Co., of Stettin, 
Germany; mem. western board of control of the 
Audit Co. of New York. Trustee Art Inst, of 
Chicago, Armour Mission. Mem. Chicago Board 
of Trade. Clubs: Chicago, Union League, Bank- 
ers', Saddle and Cycle. Recreation: travel. Res- 
idence: 30 W. Walton PI. Office: 206 S. LaSalle 

B^ACK, John Donald, lawyer; born Urbana, 
111., Sept. 11, 1872; son Gen. John Charles and 
Adaline L. (Griggs) Black; ed. pub. schools of 
Danville, HI., and Washington, D.C., Columbian 
Univ. Law School, Washington, Harvard Law 
School; married Chicago, Jan. 1, 1902, Margaret 
Horton Potter (divorced, 1910). Admitted to 
bar by Supreme Court of 111., 1896; now mem. 
of law firm of Winston, Payne, Strawn & Shaw. 
Clubs: Mid-Day, 111. Athletic, Chicago Automo- 
bile. Residence: III. Athletic Club. Office: First 
Nat. Bank Bldg. 

BIiACX, Bohert A., physician; born Apr. 18, 
1879; son Rev. J. A. and Tizah M. (Cannon) 
Black; prep. edn. Washington Acad., la.; M. D., 
Northwestern Univ. Med. School, 1904. Engaged 
in med. practice at Chicago since 1904, making 
a specialty of the diseases of children; prof. 
diseases of children, Post-Grad. Med. School, 
since 1908; attending pediatrician, Chicago Hosp. 
and Jackson Park Sanitarium. Mem. Assn. Am. 
Teachers of Diseases of Children, A.M.A., 111. 
State Med. Soc, Chicago Med. Soc. Office and 
Residence: Del Prado Hotel. 

BKACK, Stephen K., sec. Bauer & Black; 
born Davenport, la.. Mar. 4, 1861; son William 
and Mary J. (Henlev) Black; ed. pub. schools 
of Clinton, la.; married Jennie Ticknor, of Chi- 
cago, Oct. 13, 1885. Began business career in 
retail drug store at Clinton, la., in 1876, in 
which remained until went to Omaha in 1880, 
to engage in wholesale drug business; came to 
Chicago In 1882 and engaged in same line until 
1884, when became mfrs.' agent, In which con- 
tinued until 1890; mgr. of a mfg. business at 
New York City, 1891-3; returned to Chicago In 
1894 and organized the corpn. of Bauer & Black, 
mfrs. of porous plasters and surgical dressings, 
with which has since been identified as sec. and 
dir. Republican. Clubs: Chicago Athletic, Mid- 
lothian Country, South Shore Country. Recrea- 
tion: golf. Residence: 2945 Michigan Av. Of- 
fice: 45 W. 25th St. 

BIVACK, William Joseph, ry. official; born St; 
Louis, October 3, 1864; son Andrew and Mary 



(O'Connell) Black; married Mary M. Atchison, 
of Leavenworth, Kan., Apr. 24, 1895. Entered 
ry. service, 1879, as office boy; served in vari- 
ous positions until 1887; chief clerk passenger 
dept., Oct. lS87-Jan. 1, 1892, asst. gen. pass. 
agt., Jan. 1, lS92-Feb. 1, 1897, gen. pass, agt., 
1897-1905, pass, traffic mgr. entire A.,T.&S.F. 
System, since Oct. 10, 1905. Office: Railway 

BKACK, William Perkins, la wyer ; born Wood- 
ford Co., Ky., Nov. 11, 1842; son Rev. John 
(D.D.) and Josephine (Culbertson) Black; fa- 
ther died wlien son was 5 years old, and with 
mother he removed to Danville, 111.; ed. schools 
of Danville, and in 1860 entered Wabash Coll., 
Crawfordsville, Ind. ; remained there until Apr. 
15, 1861; enlisted on President Lincoln's 90-day 
call, in Co. I of the 11th Ind. Zouaves; was 
mustered out as corporal at end of enlistment 
and assisted in recruiting a co. in Vermillion 
Co., 111., of which was elected capt. (commn. 
dated Sept. 18, 1861), and it was mustered in 
for 3 years' service as Co. K, 37th 111. Inf., at 
the head of which he remained until the ex- 
piration of his enlistment, Sept. 30, 1864, par- 
ticipating in all the engagements of his regt. ; 
married 1869, Hortensia M. MacGreal, of Gal- 
veston, Tex.; 1 son: William P. E. After re- 
turning home was 1 year in office of the provost 
marshal of 7th Congressional Dist. of 111., at 
Danville; studied law in office of Arrington & 
Dent, Chicago; admitted to bar, 1867; practiced 
at Danville 1 year; returned to Chicago and 
became partner of his former preceptor, Thom- 
as Dent, in firm of Dent & Black, until 1886, 
when the partnership was dissolved, following 
his defense of the famous anarchist case, in 
which he was leading counsel, conducting the 
defense and the subsequent appeals to the Su- 
preme Court of 111. and the Supreme Court of 
U.S. After the close of the trial resumed prac- 
tice, becoming later senior partner of Black & 
Fitzgerald; now in individual practice. Was 
Republican until 1872, when espoused the cause 
of Horace Greeley; since then has been iden- 
tified with the Democratic party. Dem. candi- 
date for Congress, 1882; identified with various 
reform movements. Pres. Hot Blast Smokeless 
Stoker Co. Mem. of Geo. H. Thomas Post No. 
5 G.A.R. Residence: 3220 Franklin Boul. Office: 
Ashland Blk. 

BJjACKBXTBK, Charles, sec. Cincinnati, BlufC- 
ton & Chicago R.R. Co.; born Leighton Buz- 
zard, Eng., July 13, 1874; son Robert and Sa- 
rah (Crowley) Blackburn; ed. public schools; 
married Chicago, Dec. 6, 1899, Gertrude S. Bra- 
cey; children: Ethel Maude, Charles Bracey. 
Republican. Episcopalian. Clubs: 111. Athletic, 
Beverly Country, Ridge Country. Residence: 
9351 Pleasant Av. Office; Tribune Bldg. 

BI^ACKBTTBN, Francis Adelbert, univ. prof.; 
born Gaines Tp., Genesee Co., Mich., Mar. 5, 
1845; son John and Almira Montgomery (Co- 
vert) Blackburn; A.B., Univ. of Mich., 1868, 
A.M., 1871; Ph.D., Univ. of Leipzig, Germany, 
1892; married Berkeley, Cal., Mary Eliza Reed, 
of Middletown. Conn., Dec. 23, 1884 (died July 
8, 1900); married 2d, Harriet Rebecca Black- 
burn, of Hunnewell, Mo., June 19, 1902; 2 sons: 
John Francis and Hubert Ely. Prof, ancient 
languages, Albion (Mich.) Coll., 1870-1; instr. 
Latin, Univ. of Mich., 1871-5; prin. high school, 
Pontiac, Mich., 1876-7; teacher, 1877-81, prin., 
1881-6, high school, San Francisco; teacher, Bel- 
mont School, Cal.. 1886-9; assistant prof. Eng- 
lish language, 1892-6, asso. prof, since 1896, 
Univ. of Chicago. Contributor to philol. jour- 
nals. Served as pvt. Battery G, 1st Mich. Light 
Arty., 1864-5. Mem. Modern Lang. Assn. Amer- 
ica. Advisory Council Simplified Spelling Board, 
Psi Upsilon. Recreations: landscape photog- 
raphy, making and coloring lantern slides, walk- 
ing, bicycle riding and archery. Residence: 1228 
E. 56th St. 

BKACKMAN, Chester Sidney, grain commn.; 

born Jericho Center, Vt., Aug. 15, 1848; son 
Henry C. and Minerva (Lane) Blackman; par- 
ents came to 111., settling in McHenry Co.; ed. 
pub. schools of Harvard, 111.; married Harvard, 
1871, Jennie Diggins. Began in the grain com- 
mission business with his brother, Willis L., 
1862, and a few years later the present style 
of Blackman Bros, was adopted. Mem. Chicago 
Board of Trade. Republican. Congregationalist. 
Clubs: Illinois, Hinsdale Golf. Residence: Hins- 
dale, 111. Office: Board of Trade. 

"BKACKUAK, Franklin Fierce, lawyer; see 
Vol. 1905. 

BACKIAN, 'Wrillls Itemuel, grain commn; 
born Jericho Center, Vt., May 2, 1845; son Hen- 
ry C. and Minerva (Lane) Blackman; removed 
with parents in boyhood to Harvard, 111.; ed. 
pub. schools of Harvard; married Fenton, Mich., 
1869, Carrie Linsley; children: Winifred (Mrs. 
B. E. Gray), Willis L., Bonnibel, Marjorie. Came 
to Chicago in 1862 and established in the grain 
commn. business later with two brothers, form- 
ing the firm of Blackman Bros., to which suc- 
ceeded, 1908. Mem. Chicago Board of Trade. Re- 
publican. Alderman of Hinsdale, 1900-4. Con- 
gregationalist. Recreations: outdoor diversions. 
Residence: Hinsdale, 111. Office: Board of Trade. 

B^ACKWEIiDEB, I. S., underwriter; born 
Montgomery Co., 111., Mar. 8, 1840; son Peter 
and Nelly Blackwelder; ed. common schools, 
Litchfield, 111., and acad. at Hillsboro, 111.; mar- 
ried Lawrence, Kan., Apr. 5, 1877, Alice Ger- 
trude Boughton; children: Paul, Eliot. County 
clerk of Montgomery Co., 111., 1861-4; in drug 
business, 1864-6; local fire ins. agent at Hills- 
boro, HI., 1864; in field as representative of va- 
rious prominent fire ins. cos., 1868-74 and 1877- 
81; traveled as supervising agt. Nat. Board of 
Fire Underwriters, 1874-6; western mgr. Ni- 
agara Fire Ins. Co., of New York, Apr. 1881- 
Jan. 1, 1908. Republican. Mem. S.A.R., Mason, 
K.T. Club: Union League. Residence: Morgan 
Park, 111. Office: 76 W. Monroe St. 

BIiACKWOOD, Alexander Leslie, surgeon; 
born Huntingdon Co., Que., Can., July 28, 1862; 
son John and Ann (Steell) Blackwood; ed. 
Huntingdon (Can.) Academy and McGill Univ., 
Montreal; M.D., Hahnemann Med. Coll., Chica- 
go, 1888, New York Post-Grad. Med. Sch. and 
Hosp., 1889, Johns Hopkins Med. Sch., 1902; 
married Helen A. Winslow, of Hammond, Ind., 
Aug. 16, 1891 (died Feb. 11, 1903); 2 sons: Les- 
lie Winslow, Howard C. Sr. prof, materia med- 
ica and prof. clln. medicine, Hahnemann Med. 
Coll., Chicago, since 1899. Mem. Chicago Bd. 
Edn. (vice-pres.) Author: Diseases of the 
Heart, 1901; Diseases of the Lungs, 1902; A 
Manual of Materia Medica, Therapeutics and 
Pharmacology, 1906; Pancreas and Ductless 
Glands, 1907; Diseases of the Food Tract. Res- 
idence: 9128 Erie Av. Office: 34 E. Washington 

BI^AIB, Chauncey J., banker; born Michigan 
City, Ind., Apr. 6, 1845; eldest son Chauncey 
Buckley and Caroline O. (DeGraff) Blair; ed. 
pvt. schools in Chicago; married Chicago, Oct. 
26, 1882, Mary A. I. Mitchell; children: Italia 
Mitchell, Chauncey B., Mildred M., William M. 
Came to Chicago in 1864; pres. Merchants' Nat. 
Bank (founded by his father), 15 years; began 
with that bank in 1879, and served in various 
capacities until 1888, when succeeded his father 
as pres.; bank was consolidated in spring of 
1903 with the Corn Exchange Nat. Bank, of 
which Is vice-pres. Also pres. Kennicott Water 
Softener Co.; dir. South Side Elevated R.R. Co. 
Vice-pres. Chicago Home for the Friendless. 
Republican. Clubs: Chicago, Union League, Chi- 
cago Athletic, Bankers', Casino (Edgewater), 
Caxton, Onwentsia, Quadrangle, Saddle and Cy- 
cle. Recreations: reading and outdoor diver- 
sions. Residence: 4830 Drexel Boul. Office: 
Corn Exchange Nat. Bank. 

BI;aiB, Frank Anthony, mfr.; born Franklin 
Center, P.Q., Can., Sept. 15, 1869; son Alexander 



and Elizabeth (Anthony) Blair; ed. at Hunting- 
don (Que.) Acad., and Davis & Buie's Business 
Coll., Montreal; married Carrie Eugenia Mann, 
of Hancock, Md., Dec. 23, 1895; 1 son: F. King. 
Came to Chicago in 1892, entering employ of 
the Fitzgerald Plaster Co., of which was mgr.. 
1892-5; with other Chicago enterprises until 
1900; began with Foley & Co., proprietary med- 
icines, as salesman, 1900, becoming office mgr., 
1902, 2d vice-pres. and general mgr., 1904, and 
vice-pres., treas. and gen. mgr. since 1909; 
also vice-pres. and mgr. the Magnolia Springs 
Land Co. ; treas. and mgr. Foley-Gregory En- 
gine Co. Republican. Methodist. Mem. I.O.O.F., 
111. Commercial Men's Assn. Clubs: Marquette, 
111. Athletic. Recreation: motor-boating. Resi- 
dence: 532 Oakdale Av. Office: 319-331 W. Ohio 

*B1&AIB, Frank Preston, lawyer; see Vol. 

BKAIB, Henry Augustus, financier; born 
Michigan City, Ind., July 6, 1852; son Chauncey 
Buckley and Caroline O. (DeGraft) Blair; ed. 
Willlston Sem., Eastharapton. Mass.; married 
Grace E. Pearce, of Chicago, Feb. 19, 1878: 
children: Natalie, Anita. After leaving school 
in 1871 entered the Merchants' Nat. Bank of 
Chicago, of which his father was founder and 
with which he continued, becoming vice-pres., 
until 1902, when the bank consolidated with 
the Corn Exchange Nat. Bank; in 1904 became 
receiver North Chicago Street Ry. and West 
Chicago Street Ry. and continued as such until 
the reorganization of the properties into the 
Chicago Rys. Co.; vice-pres. 111. Trust & Sav- 
ings Bank; dir. Union Trust Co., Calumet and 
Chicago Canal & Dock Co., Elgin Nat. Watch 
Co., Commonwealth Edison Co.; chmn. board of 
dirs. Chicago Rys. Co. Republican. Clubs: Chi- 
cago, Union League, Chicago Athletic, Caxton, 
Chicago Golf, Midlothian, South Shore Country, 
Exmoor, Onwentsia, Saddle and Cycle. Recrea- 
tion: golf. Residence: 2735 Prairie Av.; Sum- 
mer, Jefferson, N.H. Office; Borland Bldg. 

B&AIB, Sidney O., merchant; born on a farm, 
Blandford, Hampden Co., Mass., Sept. 11, 1846; 
son Samuel O. and Eliza (Osborn) Blair; mar- 
ried Anna Louise Petty, of Detroit, Mich., May 
8, 1872; children: Mary L. (Mrs. Russell E. 
Burke, N.Y.), and Robert Osborn. Came to Chi- 
cago in 1868; employed as clerk in wholesale 
grocery; in 1871 engaged in coffee and spice 
business; founded present company in 1878; in- 
corporated in 1882; pres. B. B. Millar Coffee & 
Spice Co. Republican. Clubs: Chicago Athletic. 
South Shore Country. Recreations: fishing and 
motoring. Residence: 4448 Drexel Boul. Office: 
Michigan Av. and South Water St. 

BKAIB, Watson Pranklln, capitalist: born 
Michigan City, Ind., Jan. 29, 1854; son (jhaun- 
cey Buckley and Caroline O. (De Graft) Blair; 
ed. Willlston Sem., Eastharapton, Mass.; mar- 
ried Chicago, 1883, Alice Keep; children: Wat- 
son, Wolcott. After leaving school entered the 
pork and beef packing firm of Culbertson, Blair 
& Co., until 1877; then engaged in the grain 
commn. business on the Chicago Board of 
Trade as Blair & Co. until 1890, when retired 
from active business; was several years dir. 
Merchants' Nat. Bank (founded by his father) 
prior to 1902, at which time that bank, after 
an honorable career of 40 years, consolidated 
with the Corn Exchange Nat. Bank, and it do- 
nated to its employes $100,000; now dir. Corn 
Exchange Nat. Bank. Clubs: Chicago, Chicago 
Athletic, Chicago Golf, Saddle and Cycle, On- 
wentsia. Recreations: golf and motoring. Res- 
idence: 720 Rush St. Office: Corn Exchange 
Bank Bldg. 

BJtAXE, Charles Qeorge, granite mfr.; born 
Devonshire, Eng., Oct. 3, 1866; son William 
Milne and Ann Maria (Prouse) Blake; ed. 
grammar and high schools of Westerly. R.I. ; 
Cowles Art School, Boston; Art Inst, of Chi- 
cago; studied monumental art in Europe: mar- 

ried Sycamore. 111., May 10, 1S99. Mildred Ger- 
trude Ellwood; 2 sons: Charles E. and Donald 
P. In business alone, 1890-5; then took William 
J. Blake (brother) into partnership, firm be- 
coming Charles G. Blake & Co., mfrs. of gran- 
ite monuments; dir. Calumet Trust & Savings 
Bank, of Morgan Park. Republican; member 
Board of Trustees of Morgan Park, 1907-10. 
Mem. Chicago Stock Exchange, Municipal Art 
League of Chicago; life mem. Art Inst, of Chi- 
cago. Episcopalian; senior warden Church of 
the Mediator, Morgan Park. Was mem. R.I. 
Militia and of provisional regt. sent to New 
York to participate in the Washington Centen- 
nial. Mason, 32, K.T., Shriner; Patriarch Mil- 
itant of I.O.O.F. Clubs: Hamilton (life mem.), 
Chicago Architectural, Ridge Country. Recrea- 
tions: golf, tennis, baseball and bowling. Resi- 
dence: 10823 Armida Av., Morgan Park, 111. Of- 
fice: The Temple. 

BKAKE, Edgar, clergyman; born Gorham, 
Me., Dec. 8, 1869; son Charles H. and Abigail 
(Redlon) Blake; ed. common schools of Me.; 
grad. Boston Univ. School Theology, 1898; (D. 
D., Neb. Wesleyan Univ., 1909); married Char- 
lotte Woodman, of Westbrook, Me., Feb. 4, 1891. 
Ordained M.E. ministry, 1895; pastor Salem, N. 
H., 1895-9, Lebanon, N.H., 1895-1903, Manches- 
ter, N.H.. 1903-8; asst. see. Board of Sunday 
Schools. M.E. Church, since July, 1908. Repub- 
lican. Residence: 612 Church St., Evanston, 111. 
Office: 14 W. Washington St. 

BI^AKE, Edward Everett; see Vol. 1905. 

BLAKE, Freeman K., judge; born DeKalb 
Co., Ind., Mar. 25, 1858; son James O. and Mar- 
tha (Kelley) Blake; A.B., Valparaiso (Ind.) 
Univ., 1881; married Andrews, Ind., Mar. 12, 

1884, Iva A. Minnich; married 2d, Chicago, Aug. 
5, 1908, Florence B. Marble; 1 son: Guy M. 
Practiced at Auburn, Ind., 1884-9, since at Chi- 
cago. Mem. Chicago City Council, 1899-1905; 
.iudge Municipal Court of Chicago, Dec. 1, 1906- 
Dec. 1, 1912. Republican. Methodist. Mem. Ma- 
sonic Order, Nat. Union, Columbian Knights, 
Modern Woodmen of America. Clubs: Hamil- 
ton, City. Recreations: golf and walking. Resi- 
dence: 4125 Perry St. Office: Municipal Courts 

BIiAKE, James Vila, clergyman; born Brook- 
lyn, Jan. 21, 1842; son Hamlin and Elizabeth 
(Dexter) Blake; A.B., Harvard, 1862, B.D., 1866; 
married Abbie Frances Hovey, of Haverhill, 
Mass., 1869. Ordained Unitarian ministry, 1867; 
pastor Haverhill, Mass., 1867-9, 28th Congl. 
Soc, Boston, 1869-72, Second Congl. Church, 
Quincy, 111., 1878-83, Third Unitarian Church, 
Chicago, 1883-97, Church of All Souls, Evans- 
ton, 111., since 1892. Author of numerous books, 
for titles see Who's Who in America. Address: 
122 N. Ashland Boul. 

BKAKEIiET, John Marvin, lawyer; born St. 
Paul, Minn.. June 14, 1864; son of Russell and 
Eleanor L. (Sheldon) Blakeley; Ph.B., Sheffield 
Scientific School (Yale), 1886; LL.B., Yale Law 
School. 1888; married Emily A. Robbins, of St. 
Paul, Sept. 26, 1908. Practiced at St. Paul, 1888- 
1900, Chicago since 1900; mem. firm of Wells & 
Blakeley. Republican. Clubs: University, City. 
Recreation: golf. Residence: 1210 Astor St. Of- 
fice: 19 S. LaSalle St.. 

''Bl^AXEI.Y, Charles Franklin, printer; see 
Vol. 1905. 

BKAXEV, Alvin Jay, investment broker; born 
Racine Co.. near Union Grove, Wis., Feb. 28, 
1855; son Thomas and Mary (Stotti Blakey; ed. 
common school, Yorkville, Racine Co.. Wis.; be- 
gan teaching at age of 19; grad Wis. State Nor- 
mal School, Whitewater, 1877; married Mar. 4, 

1885, Carrie A. Turner, native of New York 
City; children: Harold A. (deceased). Katherine 
Alice. Taught school 4 years, then was a com- 
mercial traveler in watches, diamonds and jew- 
elry for 10 years, traveling from Chicago; since 
1889 has been an investor in Chicago, and was 



a mem. for some years of firm of Bobb & Bla- 
key, real estate brokers; now investment bro- 
ker, also pres. La. Lumber & Farm Co. Repub- 
lican. Recreations: chess and checkers. Resi- 
dence: 5423 Kenmore Av. Office: 106 N. LaSalle 

BIiAlfCHABD, Don Curtis, mgr. Mechanical 
Rubber Co.; born Rochester, Pa., Feb. 16, 1864; 
son Ira Blanchard and Dorcas Eloise (Riley) 
Blanchard; ed. pub. school, Rochester, Pa., to 
187S; married Allegheny, Pa., Oct. 2, 1884, So- 
phia Mayer; 1 son: Don Curtis, Jr. Began busi- 
ness career as messenger boy In ry. office and 
with Western Union Telegraph Co., Rochester, 
Pa.; telegraph operator and mgr. of telegraph 
office in general offices of the Pa. Lines west of 
Pittsburgh, at Pittsburgh, Pa.; came to Chi- 
cago, 1887, and entered employ of Chicago Rub- 
ber Works, which changed, 1892, to the Me- 
chanical Rubber Co., started as office clerk, be- 
came supt. in 1895 and has been mgr. since Jan. 
1, 1904. Company's plant at Grand Av. and W. 
Ohio St., mfg. rubber goods for mechanical 
purposes, belting, hose, etc. Sec. and treas. The 
Walldren Express & Van Co., Chicago. Repub- 
lican. 32 Mason, K.T., Shriner. Recreations: 
theatre, driving and baseball. Residence: 2331 
Washington Boul. Office: 307 W. Randolph St. 

BKAZrCSABS, Wallace, orthopedic surgeon; 
born Fredonia, N.Y., Dec. 15, 1849; son Dr. Jo- 
seph and Jane Agnes (Mills) Blanchard; resi- 
dent Chicago from 1858; graduate Hatha way's 
Acad., 1865; M.D., Med. Dept. Northwestern 
Univ., 1869; unmarried. Engaged in practice 
since 1869; specialist in orthopedic surgery; for 
years has been orthopedic surgeon to the Home 
for Destitute Crippled Children. Mem. A.M.A., 
Congress of Am. Physicians and Surgeons, Am. 
Orthopedic Assn., 111. State Med. Assn., Chicago 
Med. Soc. Republican. Methodist. Past Com- 
mander St. Bernard Commandery No. 35, K.T., 
111.; Past Thrice Illustrious Master of Chicago 
Council No. 4, Royal and Select Master Masons. 
Residence: 3706 Pine Grove Av. Office: 15 E. 
Washington St. 

BIiANSEN, Charles arangeT, sec. Rialto Co., 
and author; born Marengo, McHenry Co., 111., 
Jan. 19, 1857; son Granger and Anna Louise 
(Tiffany) Blanden; ed. pub. schools. Park Av. 
Inst., Bridgeport, (ionn. ; married Ottumwa, la., 
Sept. 17, 1884, Elizabeth Mills. For 15 years 
was with the First Nat. Bank of Fort Dodge, 
la., as teller, asst. cashier and cashier; came to 
Chicago, 1890; since 1891 with the Rialto Co. 
(incorporated, 1886), owning the Postal Tele- 
graph Bldg. ; Is sec. and dir. of company, and 
agent of the bldg. Was mayor of Fort Dodge, 
la., 1887-8; pres. of school trustees, town of 
Cicero, 1904-5. Republican. Author several books 
of verse. Residence: Oak Park, 111. Office: 
Postal Telegraph Bldg. 

BIiATCHFOBB, Elipbalet 'Wrickes, retired 

mfr. ; born Stillwater, N.Y., May 31, 1826; son 
Dr. John and Frances (Wickes) Blatchford; 
grad. 111. Coll., Jacksonville, 1845 (LL.D.); mar- 
ried Oct. 7, 1858, Mary Emily Williams, Chicago. 
Engaged in business at St. Louis, 1850; came to 
Chicago, 1854; mem. and treas. Northwestern 
branch U.S. Sanitary Commn., 1861-5; long dir. 
and over 30 years pres. board of trustees, Chi- 
cago Theol. Sem.; one of the two original exec- 
utors and trustees of Walter L. Newberry's es- 
tate, charged with duty of creating the New- 
berry Library, of which he is pres.; trustee 
John Crerar Library; pres. board of trustees, 
Chicago Manual Training School, from its foun- 
dation till its absorption by the Univ. of Chi- 
cago, and connected with many other ednl. and 
religious organizations; corporate mem. (vice- 
pres., 1885-98) Am. Board of Commrs. for For- 
eign Missions (Congregational); pres. E. W. 
Blatchford & Co. Clubs: University, Chicago 
Literary. Residence: IIH LaSalle Av. Office: 
230 N. Clinton St. 

BI.ATCHFOBS, Natlianlel Hopkins, mfr.; 

born Quincy, 111., Sept. 25, 1849;, son Rev. John 
and Frances (Wickes) Blatchford; ed. Chicago 
High School and at Norwich, Conn.; married 
Ella Marion Philbrick, Concord, N.H. (died 
1899); married 2d, Helen D. Wheeler, Ripon, 
Wis., 1901; children: Francis Wickes (M.D.), 
Nathaniel H., Jr. Entered the office of E. W. 
Blatchford & Co., mfrs. of lead pipe, etc., as 
clerk in 1869, and has been connected with that 
firm and company ever since; also mgr. branch 
of United Lead Co. Republican. Congregational- 
ist. Clubs: Skokie Country, Union Leaeue. Rec- 
reation: golf. Residence: Winnetka, 111. Office: 
230 N. Clinton St. 

Bl^ATCHFOBD, Paul, sec. Central Supply 
Assn.: born Chicago, July 18, 1859; son E. W. 
and Mary E. (Williams) Blatchford; A.B., Am- 
herst (Mass.) Coll., 1882; married Bangor, Me., 
1887, Frances V. Lord; children: John, Dorothy 
L., Barbara, Charles L. From 1882 until 1900 
was actively engaged at Blatchford & Co.'s lead 
works. West Side, withdrawing in 1900 to be- 
come sec. of the Central Supply Assn., embrac- 
ing mfrs. and jobbers of water, steam and gas 
supplies. Also sec. and dir. B. W. Blatchford & 
Co. Sec. Chicago Metal Trades' Assn. since 
1903; sec. Employers Assn. of Hotel Men of 
Chicago. Republican. Gov. 111. Soc. Mayflower 
Descendants, 1907-9; lieut.-gov. 111. Soc. Colo- 
nial Wars, 1908-9; mem. 111. Soc. S.A.R. Mason, 
Oak Park Dodge, Cicero Chapter R.A.M., Siloam 
Commandery K.T., Medinah Temple Mystic 
Shrine. Clubs: University, Westward Ho, Cax- 
ton. Residence: 333 N. Euclid Av., Oak Park, 
111. Office: 7 S. Dearborn St. 

BKAXTVEIiT, Martin Post, ry. comptroller; 
born Suftern, Rockland Co., N.Y., Feb. 25, 1865; 
son Cornelius Aaron and Arminda (Post) Blau- 
velt; ed. Goshen (N.Y.) Collegiate Inst.; mar- 
ried Mary Eraser, of Jersey City, N.J., Jan. 20, 
1892. Began ry. service as clerk local freight 
office D..L.&W.R.R., Hoboken, N.J., 1886-7; with 
Erie R.R., New York, as clerk in various depts., 
1887-1902, asst. auditor, June 1-Oct. 1, 1902, 
auditor, Oct. 1, 1902-Jan. 1, 1903, comptroller, 
Jan. 1, 1903-Feb. 1910; comptroller I.C.R.R. 
since Feb. 8, 1910; also comptroller Yazoo & 
Miss. Valley R.R. Co.; comptroller and dir. In- 
dianapolis Southern R.R. Co. Republican. Dutch 
Reformed Church. Vice-pres. Assn. Am. Ry. 
Accounting Officers. Clubs: South Shore (Coun- 
try (Chicago), New York Athletic. Recreations: 
athletics. Residence: 4559 Greenwood Av. Of- 
fice: Central Station. 

BKA'STTB'S', Frederick Hamilton, physician 
and surgeon; born Summerton, Morrow Co., O., 
Jan. 3, 1869; son Henry Giles and Mary Caro- 
line (Todd) Blayney; A.B., Washington and 
Jefferson Coll., Washington, Pa., 1891, later A. 
M. : M.D., Coll. of Physicians and Surgeons, 
Chicago, 1898; married Corning, la., June 29, 
1904, Grace Beymer; 2 children: Anna Eliza- 
beth and Frederick Arthur. Taught Latin and 
Greek in Corning (la.) Acad., Sept. 1891-June 
1895; interne West Side Hosp., Chicago, 1898- 
1900; engaged in general practice of medicine 
since June, 1900. Instr. in surgery. Coll. of 
Physicians and Surgeons; asst. in surgery. 111. 
Post-Grad. School; capt. and asst. surgeon, 2d 
Inf. I.N.G. Mem. Chicago Med. Soc, 111. State 
Med. Soc, A.M. A., Assn. Mil. Surgeons of U.S.; 
mem. Phi Gamma Delta and Nu Sigma Nu fra- 
ternities. Mem. K.P. Republican. Presbyterian. 
Club: Illinois. Recreations: camping and shoot- 
ing. Residence: 115 N. 53d Av. Office: 1551 W. 
Madison St. 

BKECH, Gustavus Maximilian, surgeon; born 
Riga, Livonia. Nov. 28, 1870; son Johann (or- 
thopedic physician) and Johanna (Wohlfarth) 
Blech; collegiate edn., Riga City Lycee; studied 
medicine in Germany, France and U.S.; M.D. 
from Barnes Univ., 1894; honorary degrees from 
other professional schools: married Rose Ber- 
kenstadt. Engaged in practice of medicine since 
1892. Consulting surgeon People's Hosp.; chief 



surgeon Lincoln Hosp. ; prof, surgery, Loyola 
Univ.; dir. commanding 111. div. Red Cross 
Field Corps. Served as asst. surgeon of vols. 
during Spanish-Am. War. Mem. A.M.A., Miss. 
Valley Med. Assn., West Chicago Med. Assn. 
(founder). Mem. Soc. for Ethical Culture. Au- 
thor of several med. books and contributions 
to med. literature. Residence: 2805 Indiana Av. 
Office: Chicago Savings Bank Bldg. 

*BKEE, Joseph BIcHard, coal mining com- 
pany official; see Vol. 1905. 

BKEI, Oeoxgre Frederick, mfr. and dealer in 
cooperage supplies, etc.; born Chicago, Oct. 18, 
1872; son Daniel and Wilhelmina (Ladwlg) 
Blei; ed. in Chicago pub. schools and in Bryant 
& Stratton Business Coll.; married Chicago, 
Oct. 23, 1897, Ida M. Saubert; children: Ruth 
M.C., Henrietta O. and George W. Began busi- 
ness life as an office boy and was connected in 
various capacities with several mercantile con- 
cerns in Chicago, until 1901, when joined Mr. J. 
D. Hollingshead in organizing the Hollings- 
head & Blei Co., mfrs. of cooperage supplies, of 
which is pres. Residence: 3532 Janssen Av. 
Office: 717, 206 S. LaSalle St. 

BIiESSm'a', Iiewls areene, treas. and gen. 
mgr. The Bastian-Blessing Co.; born Manteno, 
111., Mar. 28, 1873; son John Lewis and Jane 
(Esgar) Blessing; ed. pub. schools, Morris, 111., 
and Chicago; married Grace Elizabeth Will- 
iams, of Columbus, O., Sept. 1, 1896; 1 daugh- 
ter: Marion Elizabeth; married 2d, Rosalie 
Koch, of Chicago, Oct. 4, 1910. Clerk in gen. 
offices of CB.&Q.R.R., June 1, 1889-Peb. 12, 
1894; bookkeeper, Cleveland Faucet Co., Chi- 
cago, 1894-5, Berner-Mayer Co., 1895-7; dept. 
mgr. Liquid Carbonic Co., 1898-1900; with Gil- 
more & Blessing, coal, 1900-2; traveling sales- 
man, Charles L. Bastian Mfg. Co., 1902-7; treas. 
and gen. mgr. The Bastian-Blessing Co., brass 
and aluminum founders, since 1907. Republi- 
can. Mason (Windsor Park Lodge 836). Club: 
Colonial (Oak Park). Recreations: motoring, 
traveling and baseball. Residence: 225 N. Elm- 
wood Av., Oak Park, 111. Office: 125 W. Mich- 
igan St. 

BKESSIxrO, WUbur Paul, mgr. Presbyterian 
Board of Publication and Sunday School Work; 
born Greenville, O., Feb. 12, 1875; son Ira W. 
and Elizabeth (Herbert) Blessing; ed. public 
grammar and high schools, McPherson, Kan.; 
married Grace Anderson, of Dayton, O., July 
21, 1899; 2 children: Genevieve and Holly Paul. 
Engaged with United Brethren Pub. House, 
Dayton, O.. 1893-1900; identified with the Pres- 
byterian Board of Publication and Sunday 
School Work since 1900, as asst. mgr. until 
1903, and mgr. of the Chicago depository since 
1903. Republican. Club: 111. Athletic. Resi- 
dence: 857 Windsor Av. Office: 509 S. Wabash 

BI^EYEK, Charles Edwin, pres. Hawley Down 
Draft Furnace Co.; born Davenport, la., Aug. 
1, 1856; son Maurice H. and Antoinette S. Bley- 
er; ed. pub. schools of Iowa, and St. Louis, Mo.; 
widower; 1 son: Clifford Melville. Began busi- 
ness career in St. Louis, but since 1885 has 
been a resident of Chicago, except for 5 years, 
1901-6, when lived in New York. In 1889 or- 
ganized the Hawley Down Draft Furnace Co., 
of which he is pres. Republican. Col. on staff 
of Gov. Tanner, 1897-1901, on staff of Gov. 
Yates, 1901-5. Was sec. and treas. The Inter- 
state Nat. Guard Assn. of America for 6 years 
and was instrumental in obtaining from Con- 
gress an appropriation of $1,000,000 for the 
benefit of the national guard of the U.S. Clubs: 
Union League, Chicago Athletic (Chicago), En- 
grs.' and Machinery (New York). Mem. Chi- 
cago Assn. of Commerce, 111. Mfrs.' Assn. Rec- 
reations: traveling, literature. Residence: 3651 
Grand Boul., Chicago. Offices: Park Row Bldg., 
New York, and 736 W. Monroe St., Chicago. 

*BIiimT, Edmund B., lumber merchant; see 
Vol. 1905. 

BKISS, Charles Iiewis, fire ins.; born Carroll 
Co., 111., Nov. 11, 1852; son George Jenkins and 
Climanda (Preston) Bliss; ed. Northwestern 
Univ., class of 1875. Engr. on N.P.R.R., 1873-4; 
actuarial dept. of Nat. Life Ins. Co. of U.S.of A., 
1875-8; then with land dept. of the C.&N.-W. 
Ry.Co. until 1885; fire ins. since 1885. Repub- 
lican. Mason (Shriner). Clubs: Chicago Ath- 
letic, Jackson Park Yacht. Recreation: yacht- 
ing. Residence: 1409 E. 62d St. Office: 8 S. La- 
Salle St. 

BKISS, Eliakim Baymond, lawyer; born New 
Brunswick, N.J., Sept. 3, 1846; son Rev. George 
Ripley (D.D.) and Mary A. (Raymond) Bliss; 
ed. Univ. of Lewlsburg, Pa., and old Univ. of 
Chicago; LL.B., Columbian Univ., 1873; mar- 
ried Chicago, 1880, Margaret Holmes; 1 son: E. 
Raymond. Has lived in Chicago since 1863; ad- 
mitted to bar, 1873, but did not begin practice 
until 1876; county atty.. Cook Co., 1882-4 and 
1886-9; has been identified with much impor- 
tant litigation; in 1889, as county atty., estab- 
lished validity of law permitting annexation of 
Hyde Park, Lake View and other suburbs; gen. 
counsel Chicago City Ry. Co. Mason (33); was 
one of the 3 Masons appointed to carry out 
plan of erecting Masonic Temple in Chicago. 
Republican. Judge advocate general I.N.G. since 
1897. Mem. 111. State Bar Assn. and Chicago 
Bar Assn. Clubs: Union League, Chicago Ath- 
letic, Hyde Park, Hamilton, South Shore Coun- 
try. Residence: 5001 Madison Av. Office: First 
Nat. Bank Bldg. 

BKISS, Qilhert Ames, unlv. prof.; born Chi- 
cago, May 9, 1876; son George Harrison and 
Mary Maria (Gilbert) Bliss; B.S., Univ. of Chi- 
cago, 1897, M.S., 1898, fellow, 1899-1900, Ph.D., 
1900; student Univ. of Gottingen, 1902-3; un- 
married. Instr. mathematics, Univ. of Minn., 
1900-2; asso. in mathematics, Univ. of Chicago, 
1903-4; asst. prof, mathematics, Univ. of Mo 
1904-5, Princeton Univ., 1905-8; asso. prof, 
mathematics, Univ. of Chicago, since 1908. As- 
so. editor Annals of Mathematics since 1906, 
Transactions Am. Math. Soc. since 1908. Re- 
publican. Mem. Delta Kappa Epsilon. Clubs 
Quadrangle, University. Address: Hitchcock 
Hall, University of Chicago. 

BKISS, Samuel Entfene, mfr.; born Jericho, 
Vt., Jan. 31, 1846; son Samuel Butler and Sally 
Clarisa (Cadwell) Bliss; ed. Underbill (Vt.) 
Acad.; married Saginaw, Mich., Sept. 29, 1869, 
Mary Frances Hickok. Worked in shop of fa- 
ther, blacksmith and carriage builder, 1862-4; 
clerk in hardware store, Burlington, Vt., 1864- 
8; arrived in Chicago Mar. 23, 1868; clerk and 
traveling salesman until 1885; in business for 
self as dealer, 1885-91; sold out, Feb. 1891, and 
started in business as a mfr. of shafting; or- 
ganized Bliss & Laughlin, Harvey, 111., incor- 
porated, of which he is pres., treas. and dir.; 
also pres. Metropolitan Trust & Savings Bank; 
vice-pres. LaPorte (Ind.) Carriage Co.; dir. 
Parkhurst & Wilkinson Co. Mem. 111. Mfrs.' 
Assn. Republican. Mason, K.T. (past master 
and past high priest of Chapter and past grand 
sovereign of the Order of Red Cross of Con- 
stantino); pres. 111. Soc. S.A.R. ; vice-pres. nat. 
soc. S.A.R. Clubs: Chicago Athletic (life), Un- 
derclifE Sportsman Assn. Recreations: fishing 
and hunting. Residence: 3636 Lake Av. Offices: 
30 N. LaSalle St. and 129 N. Canal St. 

B^LOCK, Isaac, iron merchant; born Phila- 
delphia, Dec. 23, 1840; son Leopold and Rebecca 
(Weil) Block; ed. pub. schools, Cincinnati, O.; 
was engaged as scout in an independent com- 
pany at the time of the Morgan raid through 
Ohio, during the Civil War; married Cincinnati, 
O., Nov. 26, 1879, Rosa Liebenstein; children: 
Alma, Grace. Resided in Cincinnati until 1884; 
since then in Chicago; with Block-Pollak Iron 
Co. many years from 1884, of which was vice- 
pres.; also dir. Parkhurst & Wilkinson Co., iron, 
Chicago, and La Porte (Ind.) Carriage Co. Ma- 


son. Republican. Clubs: Hamilton, Standard, 
Ravisloe Country. Residence: 4521 Ellis Av. 

BKOCX, Leopold E., steel: born Cincinnati, 
Jan. 13. 1869; son Joseph and Rose (Kahn) 
Block; ed. pub. schools of Cincinnati; married 
Chicago, June 20, 1900, Cora B. Bloom; 1 son: 
Joseph. Entire business life has been in the 
coal and iron trade, first in Cincinnati, and 
since 1S97 in Chicago; treas. and dlr. Inland 
Coal & Washing Co.. 1897-1905; vlce-pres. In- 
land Steel Co. Republican. Clubs: Standard, 
Ravisloe Country, Lake Shore Country. Resi- 
dence: 4119 Grand Boul. Office: First Nat. Bank 

BKOCK, Philip Dee, steel mfr. ; born Cincin- 
nati. O., Feb. 16, 1871; son Joseph and Rose 
(Kahn) Block; grad. Hughes High School, Cin- 
cinnati, June 1888; married Chicago. June 1, 
1899, Cella P. Leopold; children: Madeline Bab- 
ette, Philip Dee, Jr. With Bloek-Pollak Iron 
Co.. Chicago and Cincinnati, 1888-1903; since 
1903 with Inland Steel Co. as vice-pres. and 
treas. Also vice-pres. Chicago. HI. & Ind. Ry. 
Co., Buffalo Steel Co.; dlr. Indestructible Post 
Co. Clubs: Standard, Ravisloe Country. Lake 
Shore Country. Recreation: golf. Residence: 
3333 Michigan Av. Office: First Nat. Bank Bldg. 

BAOCX, Wlllard Thomas, capitalist; born 
Columbia, Pa.. Jan. 6, 1853; son Abraham Ber- 
nard and Barbara A. (Brobst) Block; ed. pub. 
and high schools of Columbia; married 1880, 
Anna E., daughter of William P. Scott, of la., 
and niece of Col. Thomas A. Scott, formerly 
pres. Pa. Rv. Began business career at 14 
(1867) with Phila. & Reading R.R., serving in 
various capacities and advancing steadily un- 
til 1878, when came to Hannibal & St. Joseph 
R.R. at solicitation of John B. Carson, to reor- 
ganize the accounts of the mech. dept. of that 
road, 1878-82; entered employ of R. T. Wilson 
& Co., of New York, 1882, in charge of con- 
struction of the Wis., la. & Neb. R.R., in la., 
and was consecutively auditor, treas.. traffic 
mgr. and supt., 1883-7; rested 1 year: bought 
Fort Madison & Northwestern R.R., under fore- 
closure: organized new company, of which was 
pres. until, under his personal supervision, 75 
miles of the road had been built; promoted nu- 
merous enterprises, including the organization 
of the Grant Locomotive Works, Siemens & 
Halske Electric Co., Grant Land Assn. (being 
sec. and treas. same). The United Telephone, 
Telegraph and Electric Co., of which was pres. 
until sold out to eastern syndicate in 1902. 
Pres. Chicago & Southwestern Ry., part of the 
Chicago Terminal Co., and negotiated purchase 
of several large acre deals; the Sturges farm 
of 380 acres, for $570,000. the Hetty Green 
tract. 651 acres, for $1,020,000 and many other 
smaller tracts; controls a large acreage of cop- 
per bearing lands in upper Mich, which is de- 
veloping. Col. on staff of Gov. Larrabee. of la., 
as aide-de-camp, 1885-9. Republican. Episco- 
palian. Mem. (Sliicago Real Estate Board. 111. 
Soc. S.A.R. Clubs: Union League, South Shore 
Country. Recreations: reading; fond of the 
country. Residence: 3123 Calumet Av. Office: 
1610 Chicago Title & Trust Bldg. 

BKOCXI, Frederick WiUlam, electric and 
steam railroads: born Chicago, Nov. 2. 1868; 
son John and Emma (Leadbeater) Blockl; ed'. 
high school, and Lewis Inst., Chicago; married 
Chicago, 1899, Louise Woltersdorf; 1 son: Fred- 
erick A. L. Engaged in business as druggist 
and mfr. of perfumes; treas. firm of John 
Blockl & Son; now treas. Brennan Electric Con- 
struction Co., Blocki-Brennan Refining Co.; dlr. 
Barney Coal Co.. Warrior Coal Co., Miami Coal 
Co.. City Fuel Co. Has been active in politics 
in Chicago. Appointed by Mayor Carter ri. Har- 
rison, Jr., as supt. of Bureau of Maps, City of 
Chicago; 6 months later promoted to deputy 
commr. of pub. works, and, after 18 months, 
commr. of pub. works; reappointed after 2 
years, and held that position until Apr. 1905, 

when was elected treas. of the City of Chicago, 
term ending 1907. Clubs: Chicago Athletic, 111. 
Athletic, Germania Maennerchor, Iroquois, Illi- 
nois, Chicago Riding and Driving, Pickwick, 
Rotary. Recreations: motoring and fishing. Res- 
idence: 717 Ashland Boul. Office: 15 N. LaSalle 

BKOCXI, Qale, lawyer; born Chicago, Dec. 
22, 1870; son William F. and Emily L. (Hal- 
lock) Blockl; grad. River Forest pub. school, 
1886; Oak Park High School, 1890; Chicago 
Coll. of Law, 1895; married; 2 children: Gale, 
Jr. and Jane. Began practice of law, 1895; went 
to Cal. to take charge of western litigation for 
Chicago clients in 1896, and practiced law In 
Los Angeles for 1 year; opened an office In Chi- 
cago, 1897, and has been In active practice here 
since that time. Mem. Chicago Bar Assn., III. 
State Bar Assn. Republican. Clubs: Hamilton, 
South Shore Country. Residence: 6407 KImbark 
Av. Office: First Nat. Bank Bldg. 

BI^OCKI, William P., druggist; born E. Prus- 
sia, Germany, Dec. 8, 1841; son Frederick Will- 
iam and Emma (Doehllng) Block!; ed. by pri- 
vate tutor In Germany and high school, She- 
boygan, Wis.; served In Civil War as 1st sergt., 
Co. B, 12th 111. Vols.; married Chicago, Mar. 11, 
1868, Emily L. Hallock (now deceased); 2 chil- 
dren: Gale and Mrs. G. E. Grossbeck, living In 
Cal. In 1858 entered drug and stationery busi- 
ness of A. F. Wheeler. Sheboygan, Wis.; came 
to Chicago and took position with Gale Bros., 
wholesale and retail drugs, Dec. 5, 1859; be- 
came mem. of firm, 1864. when name of firm 
was changed to Gale & Blockl, and later be- 
came a corpn. under same name, of which was 
vice-pres. and dlr. Also dir. White Rock Min- 
eral Spring Co. Republican. Unitarian. Mason 
(Supreme Council, 33; also K.T. and Scottish 
Rite). Mem. Am. Pharmaceutical Assn., Chi- 
cago Veteran Druggists' Assn. Club: Wood- 
lawn Park. Residence: 6040 KImbark Av. 

BI.OSOETT, Edward A.; 1835-1910; see Vol. 

BKOME, Hndolph S., contractor; born Mon- 
roe, Mich., Apr. 7. 1871; son of Joseph and Car- 
oline (Blome) Sedlaczek; ed. at Monroe (Mich.) 
High School, Univ. of Mich, and Detroit Busi- 
ness Univ.; came to Chicago, 1891, and In 1895, 
because of the difficulty experienced by most 
English-speaking people in pronouncing the 
name of .Sedlaczek. secured a decree of court 
changing his surname to Blome; married Chi- 
cago, Jan. 18, 1899, Viola Josephine Dix. In 
Jan. 1892. entered the business of Joseph Stam- 
sen. established 186S. contractor for cement 
paving and concrete construction; became part- 
ner, Jan. 1894, under firm name of Stamsen & 
Blome; acquired sole ownership of the business 
after the death of Mr. Stamsen, In 1896, and the 
firm name changed to Rudolph S. Blome Co., 
reorganized in 1904, Mr. Blome remaining sen- 
ior partner of the firm. The company employs 
several thousand men. has offices in Chicago, 
New York, Birmingham, New Orleans, Spokane, 
and Vancouver, B.C.. with other subsidiary con- 
nections: has executed a vast amount of con- 
crete and asphalt work of every description, in- 
cluding concrete buildings, bridges, subways, 
reservoirs, etc.. Its operations extending 
throughout the U.S. and Can. They are the in- 
ventors of the patented Granitoid concrete 
street pavement, which has met with great suc- 
cess. Clubs: Union League, Chicago Athletic, 
Chicago Automobile, South Shore, Marquette. 
Germania. Pres. Chicago Concrete Contractors' 
Assn. Residence: 612 Deming PI. Office: Unity 

BKOMPE^BT, Peter Axel, mfr.; born Koping, 
.Sweden. Apr. 10, 1858: son Peter Eric and Anna 
(Bernwall) Blomfeldt; ed. pub. schools In Swe- 
den: came to Chicago direct from old country 
In 1880; married Chicago, Oct. 1896. Emily Sam- 
uelson; 1 son: Axel Allen. Learned the machin- 
ist trade in Sweden, beginning in 1873; after 



coming to Chicago worked at the trade until 
1896, when he established for himself; now 
mem. firm of Blomfeldt & Rapp, special ma- 
chinery. Republican. Club: Swedish Singing. 
Mem. Independent Order of Svitiiiod. Resi- 
dence: 6523 Perry St. Office: 108 N. Jefferson 

BKOMQBEIT, Oscar Natbanlel, retired; born 
near Gotlienburg, Sweden, Sept. 11, 1848; son 
Carl and Hanna (Benett) Blomgren; came to 
Chicago with parents in 1854; ed. Chicago pub. 
schools; married Chicago, Dec. 31, 1876, Emma 
Peterson; children: Edna Olivia (Mrs. Rev. 
Adolf Hult, of Omaha), Natalie Amanda, Ray 
Augustus. After learning the trade engaged on 
his own account, in 1875, In the business of en- 
graving and electrotyping, and was pres. of 
Blomgren Bros. & Co., engravers and electro- 
typers till 1909, when he retired. Was mem. 
School Board, Lake View. Mem. 111. Mfrs.' 
Assn. Recreations: yachting and fishing. Res- 
idence: 5912 Winthrop Av. (Edgewater). 

BlOOMPIEIiD, WUUs Elliott, mgr. Chicago 
office Houghton Mifflin Co.; born Jackson Co., 
Wis., Apr. 1, 1861; son William and Louisa 
(Button) Bloomfleld; ed. pub. schools of Wis.; 
married Margaret Conklin, of Milwaukee, Wis., 
July 19, 1892. Became identified with the ednl. 
publishing business in 1892. as mem. firm of 
Gillan & Bloomfield, Milwaukee, Wis., publish- 
ers of The Western Teacher, witli which re- 
mained until 1894, when came to Chicago as 
mgr. of Houghton, Mifflin & Co., publishers, of 
Boston, and Its successor, Houghton Mifflin Co., 
in which position has since remained. Inde- 
pendent In politics. Mem. Modern Woodmen of 
America. Clubs: Press, Edgewater Golf. Resi- 
dence: 6718 Bosworth Av. Office: 629 S. Wabash 

'BIiOOMHTO'STON', Herbert W., Ins. pub.; 
see Vol. ISO",. 

BI^OSSOBI, Qeorg'e W., underwriter; born Du- 
buque, la., Oct. 1, 1854; son Alonzo and Frances 
E. (Williams) Blossom; ed. pub. schools of Du- 
buque; married Chicago, 1888, Carrie R. Board- 
man; children: George B., Francis R., Kather- 
Ine May. Began business career in a local Are 
Ins. agency at Dubuque, and afterward served 
in the office of the western dept. of the Ger- 
man-Am. Ins. Co., 8 years, and in the western 
dept. of the Conn. Fire Ins. Co., 3 years; then 
became a partner in Fred S. James & Co., Chi- 
cago; is also asst. gen. agent Nat. Fire Ins. Co.; 
also a partner in the New York agency of Fred 
S. James & Co. and one of the mgrs. for the 
U.S. of the Gen. Fire Assurance Co., of Paris, 
France. Clubs: Union League, Mid-Day, Soutli 
Shore Country. Kenwood, Midlothian, Kenwood 
Country. Recreations: golf and motoring. Res- 
idence: 4858 Kenwood Av. Office: 39 S. LaSalle 

BKOUXE, Milton Baker, physician; born 
Stoyestown, Somerset Co.. Pa., Feb. 19, 1862; 
son Henry and Susan (Kimmel) Blouke; ed. 
pub. and private scliools in Pa.; M.D., Chicago 
Homoe. Med. Coll.. 1885; married Chicago, Feb. 
19, 1891, Ola Louise Matthews; children: Louise, 
Pierre, Dorothy. Elizabeth. Since Apr. 1885, in 
practice in Chicago; prof, gynecology, Hahne- 
mann Med. Coll. and Hosp. ; attending surgeon 
Chicago Homce. Hosp. Mem. Am. Inst, of 
Homoeopathy, Homoe. Med. Assn. of 111., Homoe. 
Med. Soc. of Chicago. Independent in politics. 
Congregationalist. Club: Town and Country. 
Residence: 2907 Washington Boul. Office: Mar- 
shall Field Bldg. 

BIiOTTNT, Pred Meacham, ins.; born White- 
hall, N.Y., Jan, 24, 1853; son John Darwin and 
Sarah (Meacham) Blount; came to Chicago in 
childhood; ed. old Chicago I'niv. ; married Chi- 
cago, Mar. 25, 1874, Kittle E. Deane; children: 
Harry D. and KIttie E. (Mrs. Charles F. Wein- 
land). Began as messenger with Merchants' 
Loan & Trust Co., and thence to asst. treas. of 
U.S., Chicago, and at the starting of the Chi- 

cago Nat. Bank went with them as receiving 
teller, became cashier and later vice-pres. and 
dir. ; now senior mem. firm of Fred M. Blount 
& Sons, ins. Dir. Equitable Trust Co., Peoria 
Gas & Electric Co. Republican. Protestant. 
Has been mem. Board of W. Chicago Park 
Commrs. and Chicago Board of Edn.; treas. 
Sanitary District of Chicago, Board of W. Chi- 
cago Park Commrs.; mem. III. commn. to La. 
Purchase Exposition. Clubs: Union League, 
Hamilton. Illinois. Residence: Wheaton, 111. 
Office: The Temple. 

BXiXTM, Angrnst, banker; born In Rhenish Ba- 
varia, Germany, June 29, 1846; son Isaac and 
Marian (Felsenthal) Blum; ed. in pub. and pri- 
vate schools, Germany; married Chicago, Feb. 
14, 1880, Edith Bromfleld; children: Marian, 
Herbert, Bernard, Helen, Margaret. Came to 
IT.S., 1867, and entered employ of Henry Greene- 
baum & Co., bankers; later head of foreign de- 
partment same, until 1877; went to New York 
and employed Limburger & Thalmann (later 
Ladenburg, Thalmann & Co.), bankers, 2 years; 
returned to Chicago, and became mgr. foreign 
dept. of the Interna t. Bank; organized same 
dept. Union Nat. Bank, 1881, and was mgr. 
same until 1890; also asst. cashier, 1888-92, and 
cashier from 1892-1900, when Union Nat. Bank 
was consolidated with First Nat. Bank of Chi- 
cago, of which he was asst. casliier until Jan. 
1, 1905, being since then mgr. of Division P 
(banks and bankers), and vice-pres. since 1907. 
Clubs: Bankers', Chess and Checkers. Recrea- 
tions: books, concerts, chess. Residence: 3245 
Groveland Av. Office: First Nat. Bank. 

BKITM, Julius, men's furnishings; born Burg- 
preppach, Bavaria, Dec. 19, 1849; son Seligmann 
E. and Therese (Amerikaner) Blum; ed. in pub. 
schools of Bavaria (Germany); married Carrie 
Sonlander, of Milwaukee, Wis.. Oct. 3, 1880; 
children: Sidney J., Jerome S., Edna T. (Mrs. 
Milton C. Kaufman, of Chicago). In Jan. 1880. 
with brother, Simon S., established firm ol: 
Blum Bros., wholesale men's furnishings. Re- 
publican. Mason. Residence: 4619 Miciilgan 
Av. Office: 119 S. Market St. 

BtUM, Simon S., merchant; born, Burgprep- 
pach, Bavaria, Sept. 16, 1856; ed. in Bavaria. 
Began business in Chicago In 1880 as. mem. of 
the firm of Blum Bros., wholesalers of men's 
furnishing goods. Mem. Chicago Turngemeinde, 
German Aid Soc. (dir.), German-Am. Hist. Soc. 
of 111., 111. Commercial Men's Assn. (dir.). Art 
Inst. Mem. Sinai Temple. Club: Germania 
Maennerchor. Recreation: travel. Residence: 
4927 Grand Boul. Office: 119 S. Market St. 

""BKUMEITAITEB, Cbarles Henry, glass; 
moved to W.Va.; see A^ol. 1905. 

B^UMENTHAIi, Isadora Sidney, lawyer; 
born Leavenworth, Kan., Nov. 20, 1879; son 
Solomon and Rebecca Jennie (Shaffer) Blumen- 
thal; ed. pub. schools, Chicago; private schools 
and Instruction in (jcrman and ancient lan- 
guages and English; LL.B., Chicago-Kent Coll. 
of Law (Lake Forest Univ.), 1900; married 
Ruble, daughter of David A. Radzinski, of Chi- 
cago. Feb. 3, 1909; 1 child: Ethel Anne. With 
William E. O'Neill, atty., Chicago, 1894-1906; 
admitted to bar, 1901; mem. firm Sonnenscliein, 
Blumenthal & Berkson, 1906-9, since alone. Re- 
publican. Assisted in organizing the Chicago 
Savings Bank, Northern Life Ins. Co.; atty. for 
Chicago House Wrecking Co. and many other 
corpus, and firms. Mem. Chicago and 111. State 
Bar assns., Hebrew Inst., Y'oung Men's Asso- 
ciated Charities, Associated Jewish Charities. 
Mem. Oriental Lodge B'nai B'rith (ex-pres.), 
Isaiah Temple. Mason, Apollo Lodge A.F.&A. 
M.; Monteflore Council Nat. Union. Recrea- 
tions: outdoor sports. Residence: 4555 Prairie 
Av. Office: 1616 Tribune Bldg. 

BIiVSCT, John EUswortli, civil engr. ; born 
Brainard, Tenn., Dec. 25, 1833; son Ainsworth 
E. and Harriet (Ellsworth) Blunt; ed. Phillips 
Acad., Andover, Mass.; married Augusta E. 



Wood, Oct. 11, 1856. Engr. on various rys., Ga. 
and Ala., until 1862; constructing engr. Chicago 
& Galena Union R.R., 1862-4; dlv. engr.. 1864- 
88, chief engr., Nov. 1, 1888-Dec. 3. 1899, con- 
sulting engr.. since Dec. 3, 1899, C.&N.-W.Ry. 
Residence: 1560 Asbury Av., Evanston, 111. Of- 
fice: 226 W. .Jackson Boul. 

Bi;iTITT, Jolrn EUiworth, Jr., banker; born 
Wheaton, 111.. Aug. 12, 1870; son John B. and 
Augusta (Wood) Blunt; ed. pub. schools of 
Wheaton. 111., and Winona, Minn., and grad. 
Winona High School, 1886; married St. Paul, 
Minn.. June 4, 1898. Carlene Curtis. Entered 
employ of C.&N.-W.Ry. in 1886 as messenger; 
remained with that company and the C.,M.&St. 
P.Ry. as telegraph operator, ticket agent and 
traveling passenger agent of the C.&N.-W. un- 
til 1892; with Second Nat. Bank of Winona, 
Minn., Jan. -Mar.. 1893; came to Chicago, and in 
Dec. 1893 entered office of Farson, Leach & Co., 
remaining until Jan. 1899, when entered service 
of the Merchants' Loan & Trust Co., organiz- 
ing its bond dept.. and was elected vice-pres., 
Jan. 1910. Clubs: Mid-Day, Union League, Ev- 
anston, Bankers'. Recreation: golf. Residence: 
Evanston, 111. Office: 112 W. Adams St. 

BIiTTSE, Hii|rl>< broker; born Burlington, 
la., Aug. 23, 1878; son Joseph William and 
Margaret Eliza (Gear) Blythe; A.B., Harvard 
Univ., 1901. LL.B., 1903; prepared to practice 
law but was not admitted to practice; unmar- 
ried. In employ of C.B.&Q.Ry., 1903-5; entered 
brokerage business. May 1905, and now partner 
In firm of Harris, Winthrop & Co. Republican. 
Clubs: (Chicago, University. Recreations; out- 
door diversions. Residence: 54 E. Division St. 
Office: The Rookery. 

BOAX, Kobert Bnms, merchant; born Hali- 
fax. N.S.. Dec. 29, 1849; son Sir Robert and Ma- 
tilda S. (Anderson) Boak; ed. private and gov- 
ernment schools. Nova Scotia; married Jennie 
E. DeBlois. of Bathurst, N.B., Dec. 19, 1871 
(died 1904): children: Robert, Mary M. (Mrs. 
V. M. Harding), Jean (Mrs. D. F. Badger), 
Louise DeBlois (Mrs. Karl R. Slocum): mar- 
ried 2d, Grace Edith Crane, of Chicago, 1906; 1 
daughter: Laura Crane. Entered father's office, 
1864; became partner in firm of Robert Boak & 
Son, 1871; came to Chicago, 1881; is senior 
mem. firm of R. B. Boak & Co., importers of 
salt and canned flsh; also sec. and treas. Boak 
Fish Co.. of St. Paul. Club: Kenwood. Recrea- 
tion: traveling. Residence: 4744 Kimbark Av. 
Office: 342 LaSalle Av. 

BOA, Ayres, real estate; born Chicago, Mar. 
26, 1879; son Charles Thomas and Henrietta 
(Ayres) Boal; grad. Harvard School, Chicago, 
1896; A.B., Harvard Univ., 1900; married Wln- 
netka. 111.. Jan. 1. 1906, Lesley Stewart John- 
son; children: Ayres. Jr.. Stewart and Thoma.s. 
In real estate business in Chicago since 1901, 
Clubs: City. University. Chicago, Chicago 
Yacht, Saddle and Cycle. Residence: WInnetka, 
111. Office: 122 S. Michigan Av. 

BOAK, Charles Tlioinag, real estate dealer; 
born Reading. O.. Apr. 16, 1832; son Dr. Robert 
and Christiana WalKer (Sinclair) Boal; re- 
moved with parents to Lacon, 111., and was ed. 
in pub. schools there; married Chicago, Henri- 
etta Ayres; children; Horton S. (deceased). Ed- 
na M. (Mrs. D. S. Flood), Anna C. (Mrs. P. L. 
Wlckes, Jr.). Ayres. Came to Chicago. 1854, and 
later became connected with firm of Hall, Kim- 
bark & Co., In wholesale iron business, in which 
afterward became a partner. Recruited a com- 
pany of Inf.. 1862. and became an officer in the 
88th 111. Vol. Inf., serving with regt. until end 
of the war. After war engaged in hardware 
business In firm of Austin & Boal, afterward 
changing to Charles T. Boal & Co.; burned out 
In Chicago fire, Oct. 9. 1871; built the Chicago 
Stove Works, but sold out and engaged In 
wholesale stove and hollow-ware business, 
from which retired In 1894; since engaged In 
real estate business. Mem. Chicago Real Estate 

Board, Mil. Order of the Loyal Legion. Repub- 
lican. Clubs: Chicago, Calu-net, Onwentsia, 
Twentieth Century, South Shore (jountry. Rec- 
reation: traveling. Residence: Congress Hotel 
Annex. Office: 105 N. Clark St. 

BOANB, Joles Aognstni, mfr. ; born Morges, 
Canton of Vaud, Switzerland, Mar. 15, 1860; son 
Frangois Louis and Henrietta (Chevaux) 
Boand; ed. pub. schools of native place; mar- 
ried St. Joseph, Mo., Sept. 3, 1890, Lena Jo- 
sephine Acker; children: Jennie Elizabeth, Jules 
Francis. Came to U.S., Jan. 1875; settled In 
Idaho Springs, Colo., and as soon as became 
familiar with English language took instruc- 
tion in chemistry and assaying and followed 
business of mining and smelting until 1884; be- 
came identified, 1884, with Omaha White Lead 
Co., and in Jan. 1886, with its successor, the 
Carter White Lead Co. ; was first shipping clerk, 
then foreman, in one of the depts., and in 1886 
became supt. ; in 1893 became stockholder in 
the company, and in May, 1895, when company 
opened new plant at W. Pullman, 111., was 
placed in charge of the mfg. operations there. 
DIr. since 1897, State Bank of W. Pullman. 
Gold Democrat. Protestant. Club: Windsor 
Country. Residence: 11955 Eggleston Av. Of- 
fice: 121st and Peoria Sts. _ 

BOABD, Ellswortli ICaitby, mfr.; born Mor- 
ristown, N.J., Apr. 24, 1855; son David J. and 
Susan P. (Lewis) Board; came west to 111. in 
childhood; ed. country school; married Evans- 
ton, 111., 1883, Madelaine Randall (now de- 
ceased); children: Harold E., Edward P., Dor- 
othy R. Lived on farm 40 miles south of Chi- 
cago; came to city when 19 years old; entered 
employ of C.&N.-W.Ry. as check clerk loading 
freight cars; advanced to other positions dur- 
ing 9^ years' service, being chief clerk of 
freight auditor's office for last 3% years with 
railway; pres. and treas. Cross Press & Sign 
Co.; also treas. Bedencion Plantation Co., Buena 
Ventura Plantation Co., Bahia Honda, Cuba. 
Republican. Congregationallst. Clubs: Union 
League. Evanston Golf, Evanston. Recreation: 
golf. Residence: 1602 Hinman Av., Evanston, 
111. Office: 1510 Dayton St. 

*BOABDlCAII', Horace Prentiss, civil engr.; 
see Vol. 1905. 

BOBB, Dwigrht St. John, lawyer; born Da- 
kota, 111., July 19, 1876; son of Daniel Bingman 
and Armlnda Frost (St. John) Bobb; A.B., 
Northwestern Univ., 1899; A.M., Harvard, 1900, 
LL.B., 1903, post-grad, student in law, 1903-4; 
unmarried. Began practice at Chicago, 1904; 
associated In practice with Matz, Fisher & Boy- 
den, 1904-9; mem. firm of Adams, Bobb & Ad- 
ams since 1909. Acting editor "Municipal Af- 
fairs," published by Reform Club of New York, 
summer of 1899; asst. in history. Harvard Univ. 
and Radclifte Coll., 1900-1; asst. In economics. 
Harvard, 1901-2; lecturer on pub. service cor- 
pus.. Northwestern Univ. Law School, 1904-9; 
lecturer on pub. service and municipal corpns., 
John Marshall Law School, 1904-9. Mem. Chi- 
cago and 111. State Bar assns.. Am. Economic 
Assn., Chicago Assn. of Commerce. Alpha Kap- 
pa Phi (law). Phi Beta Kappa (honor frater- 
nity). Republican. Methodist. Clubs: City, Har- 
vard (Chicago), Evanston, University of Evans- 
ton (dir. ). Recreations: outdoor sports. Resi- 
dence: University Club, Evanston, 111. Office: 
1124 Am. Trust Bldg. 

BOBO, John Konis, tailors' trimmings; born 
Dayton. O.. Feb. 5, 1851; son John and Mar- 
garet (Waltz) Bobo; ed. pub. schools of Ohio; 
married Lima, O., Aug. 7, 1877, Ella F. Mow- 
en; children: Breta (Mrs. Burt T. Stanton) and 
Fred Mowen. Retail clothing business at Lima, 
1868-80; came to Chicago. 1880, and became 
mem. of firm of J. H. Lesher & Co., tailors' 
trimmings, until Dec. 1902, when that firm was 
succeeded by present one of John L. Bobo & 
Co., of which Is senior mem. Mem. Chicago 
Assn. of Commerce. Democrat. Clubs: Union 



League, Homewood. Recreations: motoring and 
golf. Residence: 4246 Drexel Boul. Summer 
Residence: Diamond Lake, Mich. Office: 515 S. 
Franklin St. 

BOCKITTS, Franklin B. von Eisen, physician; 
born Galena, 111., Mar. 9, 1848; son Joseph Rex 
and Marie (von Eisen) Bockius; finished course 
in Galena High School, 1864; was sent to Chi- 
cago to enter the Univ. of Chicago, but instead 
enlisted as private In Co. C, 140th 111. Vol. Inf., 
his parents knowing nothing of his enlistment 
until he wrote to them from the seat of war; 
served to end of war, then entered Univ. of 
Chicago, graduating, B.S., 1868; graduate med. 
dept. Northwestern Univ., 1872, receiving the 
prize offered by the faculty for the best thesis 
on a med. subject; was appointed med. dir. of 
the Chicago Relief and Aid See. in charge of 
the Chicago Fire Sufferers, 1872-82; married 
Racine, Wis., 1891, Doretta Brenzel; children: 
Doris von Eisen, Frances von Eisen. Has been 
engaged in general practice of medicine in Chi- 
cago from 1872; was asst. to prof, of chemistry 
In med. dept. of Northwestern Univ., 1872; 
physician, 1872-8, and after that consulting 
physician to North Side Dispensary; as a diver- 
sion (while continuing med. practice) took 
course at Union Coll. of Law, 1874-6, graduat- 
ing, LL.B., and third in his class, 1886; also 
studied homoeopathy in Northwestern Homce. 
Coll., 1878-80; prof, of forensic medicine. Coll. 
of Physicians and Surgeons, 1881-91. Contbr. 
to med. and literary periodicals. Residence: 
4657 Wilson Av. Office: 1587 Milwaukee Av. 

BODDIE, John Tbomas, real estate; see Vol. 

BODE, Frederick, pres. Gage Bros. & Co., 
wholesale millinery; born Exkwarden, Germany, 
Aug. 20, 1856; son of Frederick and Sophia 
(Kimmann) Bode; ed. Hanover Realschule; also 
studied music in Hanover; married Chicago, 
June 19, 1880, Augusta Ebeling (died 1907); 1 
daughter: Ida Frances (Mrs. Edwin F. Weary); 
married 2d, Chicago, June 19, 1909, Esther El- 
len Simpson. Came to Chicago from Germany, 
1870; in 1871 entered employ of D. B. Fisk & 
Co., wholesale millinery, as errand boy; became 
city buyer and left that firm, 1874; with Gage 
Bros. & Co. (established 1856), 1874-6; with Ed- 
son Keith & Co., as buyer and mgr. of the hat 
dept., 1876-92; in 1892, with others, purchased 
the business of Gage Bros. & Co., incorporated 
it, and has since been pres. Pres. The Millinery 
Jobbers' Assn. since 1902. Mem. exec. com. 
Civic Federation. Republican. Clubs: Union 
League, South Shore Country (pres., 1908-9), 
Chicago Athletic, Industrial. Residence: 5827 
Washington Av. Office: 18 S. Michigan Av. 

BODUTE, 'William l^ester, supt. of compul- 
sory edn. ; born Marion Co., Mo.. Sept. 10, 1862; 
son Joseph and Eliza (Lewis) Bodine; ed. pub. 
schools; married Clinton. la., Feb. 10, 1S90, Mae 
Richardson; children: Helen, Robert. Came to 
Chicago in 1881 and then went west; was news- 
paper man originally; state labor commr. of 
Colo., 1890-3; elected vice-pres. Nat. Assn. of 
Statisticians at Denver convention, 1892; ap- 
pointed special master commr. of U.S. court 
(8th Judicial Dist.), with headquarters at Oma- 
ha, 1893; came to Chicago, 1895; with Times- 
Herald as political reporter until 1899; elected 
supt. of compulsory edn., July 13, 1899, by Chi- 
cago Board of Edn. (holds under Civil Service 
Law). Chmn. of Chicago Child-Saving League 
legislative com., which carried the child-labor 
and compulsory edn. bills through the Legisla- 
ture in 1902-3; served on exec. com. of Cook 
Co. child-saving conference. Also on state com. 
to revise child labor law; chmn. com. on pub. 
order, Ravenswood Protective Assn., and mem. 
exec, com.; dir., Juvenile Protective League, 
Frances Juvenile Home. Has held nat. record 
for reduction of truancy since 1905. world's 
record in 1908 and 1909. Democrat. Club: City. 
Residence: 4556 Dover St. Office: Tribune Bldg. 

BODKAN, Luther 'W., sec. Am. Straw Board 
Co.; born Charlemont, Mass., Feb. 4, 1845; son 
Luther and Philena (Hawks) Bodman; ed. Wil- 
liston Seminary, Easthampton, Mass.; married 
Northampton, Mass., 1870, Grace H. Smith; chil- 
dren: Marjorie (Mrs. J. P. Hobbs), Edward (M. 
D.), and Luther (died Jan. 2. 1908). Began bus- 
iness life at Bement, III., 1867, as grain dealer 
and banker; with Milmine, Bodman & Co., com- 
mn. merchants, Baltimore, 1879. Came to Chi- 
cago, 1884, as resident partner of same, with 
which remained until 1906; retired from grain 
business, Feb. 1, 1908; sec. Am. Straw Board 
Co. since 1909. Mem. Chicago Board of Trade, 
Chicago Stock Exchange. Trustee Chicago 
Nursery and Half Orphan Asylum. President 
Board of Trustees 4th Presbyterian Church. 
Clut>s: Union League, Chicago Athletic, City. 
Residence: 1519 N. State St. Office: 306 Sher- 
man St. 

BOETTCREB, Henry Bodolph, physician; 
born Holton. Kan., Apr. 15, 1866; son of Ferdi- 
nand and Margaret (Storke) Boettcher; ed. 
Holton (Kan.) High School and Campbell's 
Normal Coll., Holton; M.D., Hahnemann Med. 
Coll., Chicago, 1890, and Harvey Med. Coll., 
Chicago, 1895; married Olga Krohmer. of Chi- 
cago, Oct. 31, 1896; 2 children: Henry Ferdinand 
Krohmer, Katherine Olga. In drug business at 
Holton. Kan., 1885-7, then came to Chicago and 
entered med. coll.; began practice, 1890; since 
1895 as regular physician and surgeon. Sur- 
geon to HI. Charitable Eye and Ear Infirmary; 
eye and ear surgeon to Englewood Hosp. ; ex- 
surgeon, eye dept. Rush Med. Coll. Mem. 111. 
State Med. Soc, Chicago Med. Soc, A.M.A. Re- 
publican. Mem. Peoples Liberal Church. Mason 
(32, K.T., Shriner). Clubs: 111. Athletic, South 
Shore Country, Beverly Country. Recreations: 
golf, shooting. Residence: 6336 Harvard Av. 
Office: 914 Venetian Bldg. 

BOO-EBT, 'William Beuezet, pres. Bogert, 
Maltby & Co.; born Providence, R.I.. Oct. 2, 
1860; grad. Brown Univ., 1882; married June 
1887, Ella Loomis, of Springfield, Mass.; chil- 
dren: William Benezet, Jr., Theodore Loomis, 
Frances Hoyt. Engaged In cotton mfg. busi- 
ness at Taftville. Conn., 1882-4; came to Chi- 
cago, 1884, becoming mem. of the Board of 
Trade: mem. Carrington. Patten & Co., and 
later Bogert, Maltby & (io., brokers in grain, 
provisions, stocks and cotton. Dir. Chicago 
Board of Trade, 1897-9 (chmn. exec, com., 1898- 
9). Mem. Sons of Revolution (ex-pres.), Soc. 
Colonial Wars. Clubs: Union League (director, 
1909-11). Chicago Athletic, Glen View, Univer- 
sity of Evanston (pres.. 1906-7, 1910-11), Ev- 
anston Country. Residence: Universitv Club, 
Evanston, 111. Office: Postal Telegraph Bldg. 

BOO-KE, 'Walter Scott, coal merchant; born 
Dover, N.H., Apr. 3, 1852; son Daniel and Mary 
(Boyd) Bogle; removed to Chicago with par- 
ents when 9 years old; graduate Chicago High 
School, 1868; married Chicago, Mar. 1872, Delia 
E. Stearns; children: Walter S., Jr.. Mrs. C. W. 
Gllmore, Mrs. H. Edward Sauer and Nellie D. 
After graduation entered his father's coal busi- 
ness; was mgr. for years of the Del. & Hudson 
Canal Co.; pres. Crescent Coal & Mining Co.; 
pres. Retlaw Mines Co. and Merchants Fuel 
(io. ; dir. Fort Dearborn Nat. Bank. Democrat; 
was mem. West Park Board 3 years. Mason, 
Apollo Commandery K.T. Ex-pres. Iroquois 
Club. Clubs: Union League, Illinois, Chicago 
Yacht, Press, Chicago Automobile, South Shore 
Countrv; also Manhattan (New York). Resi- 
dence: 852 North Park Av. Office: 343 S. Dear- 
born St. 

BOQTTE, Hamilton B., Jr.; born Chicago, Dec. 
26. 1S68: son Hamilton B. and Emily Augusta 
(Hoyt) Bogue; grad. Phillips Exeter Acad., N. 
H., 1889: Princeton Univ., A.B., 1893; North- 
western Univ. Law School, LL.B., 1895; unmar- 
ried. Admitted to HI. bar. 1895. and was in 
practice 6 years with the firm of Peck. Miller 



& Starr; now attends to real estate and com- 
mercial business. Residence: 4841 Madison Av. 
Office: Tribune Bldg. 

BOHART, James Camlinm, live stock com- 
mn.; born Clarlt Co.. Ind., Dec. 12, 1848; son 
Peter and Nancy (Clegg) Boliart; worlced on 
farm, attending dist. school winters until 1864 L 
married in Nodaway Co., Mo., 1866, Cinda J. 
McRoberts; children: Dr. William H., James 
Edwin, Richard Clegg; also Mary Ellen (died 
1873), Eliza J. (died Feb. 1893), John C, Jr. 
(died Dec. 1893.) Enlisted in Union Army in 
Co. I 48th Mo. Vol. Inf., Aug. 1864, and served 
until end of war; after war engaged as a stock- 
raiser and dealer, in Nodaway Co., Mo., where 
still has two stock farms. Since 1875 has made 
his home in Chicago; pres. Bohart Live Stock 
Commn. Co. Prohibitionist. Mem. Pentecostal 
Church of the Nazarene. Mem. Lincoln Post 
No. 91 G.A.R. Residence: 4430 Emerald Av. 
Office: 23 Exchange Bldg., Union Stock Yards. 

BOHN, Henry Jolin, journalist, publisher; 
born Cuyahoga Co., O., Feb. 7, 1856; son Henry 
C. and Henrietta Bohn; ed. public school and 
Baldwin Univ.; married Chicago, 1891, Bertha 
Roselle Bowlby; children: Harold Jay, Olive Ra- 
mona, Louise Mildred, Beryl Bowlby. Worked 
on farm until 18, in sawmill at 19, printing 
office at 20, telegraph office at 22; came to Chi- 
cago in Dec. 1876; became foreman In news- 
paper office at 23, and since Apr. 1879, has been 
a publisher; now mem. firm of H. J. Bohn & 
Bro., editors and publishers of The Hotel World 
from Apr. 1879; was chmn. and has for 27 years 
been a mem. of board of dir. Hotel Men's Mu- 
tual Benefit Assn. of the U.S. and Can.; organ- 
izer and sec. and treas. 111. Hotelkeepers' Assn. 
(Organized the Chicago Trade Press Assn., and 
long' an officer; 4 years trustee Village of Mor- 
gan Park; pres. of board of commrs. of Calu- 
met Park dist.; organized Hotel Assn. of Chi- 
cago, 1897, and still sec. and treas. Publisher 
of technical books and class papers, and with 
John J. Bohn proprietor Bohn Mfg. (Jo. Repub- 
lican. Agnostic; chmn. board of trustees Inde- 
pendent Religious Soc. Mem. Ohio Soc. of Chi- 
cago (6 years sec). Horticultural Soc, Art 
Inst., Chicago Assn. of Commerce; chmn. Sub- 
division No. 66, Haeckel Fellowship Club. Clubs: 
Press (life mem. and 2 years financial sec), 
Hamilton (charter mem. ), Ridge Country, Union 
League. Residence: Morgan Park, 111. Office: 
440 S. Dearborn St. 

BOKITEB, Georg'e, mfr. ; born Buffalo, N.Y., 
Nov. 20, 1846; son Alois and Adeline (Brooker) 
Bohner; ed. pub. schools of Buffalo, N.Y. ; wid- 
ower; 1 son: George H. Came to Chicago, 1863; 
was employed in a lamp store and in 1870 be- 
came a partner; was burned out in the great 
fire of Oct. 9, 1871, but resumed business on 
the lake front and removed to permanent quar- 
ters, 1872; continued in that business until 
1898; now proprietor of the Bohner Mfg. Co., 
Brilliant Gas Lamp Co., Chicago Lighting Sys- 
tem. Was formerly an officer of Co. H, 1st Inf. 
I.N.G. Mason. Residence: 2944 Vernon Av. Of- 
fice: 182 N. State St. 

BOISOT, Emile KellosfeTi banker; born Du- 
buque, la., Feb. 26, 1859; son Louis and Alber- 
tina (Bush) Boisot; ed. pub. and high schools 
of Dubuque; married 1891. Employed in Ger- 
man Bank of Dubuque. la., 1875-S: with First 
Nat. Bank, Chicago, since 1878; in bond and 
foreign exchange dept., of which he became 
mgr., 1897. Upon the opening, Jan. 1904, of the 
First Trust & Savings Bank of Chicago, was 
appointed its vice-pres. and mgr.; dir. First 
Nat. Bank, First Trust & Savings Bank; also 
pres. Southern Ind. Ry. (io.. 111. Southern Ry. 
Mem. Chicago Stock Exchange. Republican. 
Clubs: Union League, Chicago Golf, Chicago 
Automobile, Mid-Day, South Shore Country. 
Residence: 5825 Washington Av. Office: First 
Nat. Bank. 

BOISOT, XotilB, trust officer. First Trust & 

Savings Bank; born Dubuque, la.. May 23, 
1856; son Louis and Albertina Boisot; A.B., 
Hamilton College, 1877; LL.B., Columbia Law 
School, 1879; admitted to bar, 1880; married 
May 13, 1887, Mary Spencer; 1 child: Pauline. 
Practiced law in Chicago, 1880-1904, except a 
short time in Colo.; trust officer First Trust & 
Savings Bank since 1904. Mem. Chicago Law 
Inst., Delta Kappa Epsilon. Author: By-Laws 
of Private Corporations, 1892, 1902; Treatise on 
the Law of Mechanics' Liens, 1897. Contbr. to 
legal periodicals. Clubs: University, LaGrange 
Country. Recreations: golf, gardening, reading. 
Residence: LaGrange, 111. Office: First Nat. 

BOKTTK, Bichard Dmnuaond, state agent of 
the Mutual Benefit Life Ins. Co.; born Cincin- 
nati, O., Jan. 30, 1854; son Rev. Herman and 
Ann R. S. (Drummond) Bokura; ed. pub. schools; 
married Philadelphia, Pa., Dec. 13, 1881, Anna 
L. Harkness; children: Norris H., Richard D., 
Jr., Marjory. Began business career in 1872 as 
clerk for S. S. White Dental Mfg. Co., Phlla.; 
entered life ins. business, 1887, as agent of 
New York Life (1 year); then mgr. in north- 
ern Ohio 10 years; state agent for 111. of Mu- 
tual Benefit Life Ins. Co. of Newark, N.J., since 
Nov. 1897. Ex-pres. Life Underwriters' Assn. 
of Chicago. Mem. Loyal Legion. Clubs: Chi- 
cago, Mid-Day, Southern, Glen View, Chicago 
Golf. Recreations: golf and fishing. Residence: 
1431 N. State St. Office: Marquette Bldg. 

BOIiDENWECK, Carl Qeorg'e, mfr.; moved 
to Tacoma, Wash.; see Vol. 1905. 

BOI^DENWBCK, Frederick, general mdse.; 
born Hillbron, Germany, Apr. 14, 1842; son 
Carl George and Christina Boldenweck; ed. In 
(Jermany until 12 years of age, when came to 
America; mainly ed. by practical experience; 
married, Chicago, Oct. 29, 1876, Salina Alexan- 
der. Began mercantile business on Blue Island 
Av., 1866 and has ever since continued; business 
conducted in own name. Republican. Lutheran. 
Mem. Nat. Union, Royal League. Residence: 
6022 Vernon Av. Office: 6229-6233 S. Ashland 

BOI^DEZTWECK, William, ex-asst. U.S. treas.; 
born Jettingen, Bavaria, Germany, Aug. 9,1851; 
son Karl H. and Charlotte Boldenweck; came 
to Chicago with parents June 1854; ed. Dear- 
born School and Dyrenfurth Coll. ; married Chi- 
cago, Mar. 25, 1873, Gusina A. Samme. Learned 
tinsmith trade, then became bookkeeper for a 
stove and hardware house, cut stone contractor 
1875-87; mayor of Lake View 1887-9 until Its 
annexation to the city of Chicago; in real es- 
tate business and mem. Chicago Board of Edn., 
1889-90; mem. Board of Trustees of the Sani- 
tary District of Chicago, 1890-1900; out of busi- 
ness 1901-3; then became sec. and treas. of the 
Brookman Mfg. Co. (established 1879); asst. 
treas. U.S. Sub-Treasury, Chicago, 1906-10. Dir. 
Carterville Coal Co. Republican. Lutheran. 
Mason (32), Shrlner. Club: Chicago Athletic. 
Residence: Lessing Annex, Surf and Evanston 

BO^DTTAN, Frank, mfg. chemist; born Chi- 
cago, Jan. 24, 1873; son Gustav and Mathilda 
(Kramer) Bolduan; ed. Chicago pub. schools 
and in Metropolitan Business Coll.; married 
Amanda Zutz, of Chicago, Apr. 28, 1902. After 
leaving school was employed by the wholesale 
drug house of Robert Stevenson & Co. and later 
by Hance Bros. & White, of Philadelphia, mfg. 
chemists, until 1891; identified with firm of 
Stearns & White, mfg. chemists, and its suc- 
cessor, the Stearns & White Co., since 1891, of 
wliich is sec. Republican. Recreations: fishing, 
bowling and billiards. Residence: 1037 Sacra- 
mento Boul. Office: 232 W. Chestnut St. 

BOIiEN, John Iiincoln, lawyer; see Vol. 1905. 

BOljBS, Frederic T., lumberman; born Three 
Rivers, Mich., June 7, 1866; son Thomas H. 
and Rachel (Trattles) Boles; ed. Constantine 



(Mich.) High School, and 3 years in Olivet 
(Mich.) Coll.; married Annette Hinman, of 
Portland, Mich., Oct. 24, 1894; 2 daughters: 
Marlon, Winifred. Began with Detroit Lumber 
Co., Menominee, Mich., 6 months, 1888; with 
Perley Lowe & Co., Chicago, 1888-9; Identified 
with The Lord & Bushnell Co., lumber, (Chica- 
go, since Jan. 1889, beginning as salesman, later 
becoming sec, vice-pres. and gen. mgr., and 
pres. since 1906. Independent in politics. Con- 
gregationalist. Clubs: Chicago Athletic, Union 
League, Hinsdale, Hinsdale Golf, LaGrange Mo- 
tor. Recreations: motoring and golf. Residence: 
45 3d St., Hinsdale, 111. Office: 1155 W. 22d St. 

BO^O-EB, Thomas J., Investment banker; 
born Waterloo Co., Ont., Can.. Sept. 7, 1856; 
son John and Mary (Charles) Bolger; ed. pub. 
schools of Canada; married Kate C. Johnson, 
of W. Williams Tp., Middlesex Co., Ont., Can., 
Dec. 7, 1880; children: Rev. T. Johnson, Flor- 
ence Kate and Mayme Esther. Began in mu- 
nicipal bond business In Chicago, Jan. 1894; 
now pres. Thomas J. Bolger Co.; vice-pres. Al- 
bert Lea Light & Power Co.; dir. Sioux Falls 
Light & Power Co. Independent Republican. 
Trustee Fourth Baptist Ch. ; dir. Bapt. Exec. 
Council, Bapt. Hosp. ; treas. and dir. Chicago 
Bapt. Social Union. Clubs: Union League, Ham- 
ilton. Recreations: motoring and travel. Resi- 
dence: 1916 Potomac Av. Office: 701-703, 19 S. 
LaSalle St. 

BOIiIiES, Charles Edwin, merchant, banker; 
born Cambridge, Vt., Oct. 14, 1844; son Lemuel 
and Mary Ann (Weaver) Bolles: ed. Fulton 
Mil. School. Fulton, 111., and at Wheaton Coll., 
Wheaton, 111.; married Turner, III., Sept. 19, 
1867, Mattie Butterfleld (died Apr. 14, 1910); 1 
daughter: Mrs. Abram Gale. Served in Civil 
War as pvt. Co. K, 13th 111. Vol. Inf. Began 
business career in buying and selling hides; 
was with H. C. Tilllnghast & Co. for 10 years 
as traveling agent; senior partner Bolles & 
Rogers, dealers In hides, wools, pelts and tal- 
low, 1880-1908; pres. Avenue State Bank (Oak 
Park, 111.), West Chicago (111.) State Bank, 
Minneapolis (Minn.) Wool Co.; dir. Oak Park 
Light, Heat & Power Co., Harlem State Bank 
(Forest Park, 111.). Republican. Clubs: Union 
League, Oak Park. Recreations: fishing, hunt- 
ing; lover of good horses. Residence: 358 Lake 
St., Oak Park, 111. Office: 129 W. Kinzie St. 

BOI^TE, Anson I^ee, sec. Waugh Draft Gear 
Co.; born Lexington, Mich., Sept. 20. 1860; son 
William Henry and Jane Usher (Baker) Bolt*; 
came to Chicago, Dec. 25, 1867; grad. Haven 
Grammar School, 1876; married Chicago, Oct. 
13, 1887, Marion Endicott; 3 children: Edward 
Endlcott, Charles Lawrence, RusseU Anson. Be- 
ginning in 1876. was employed as errand boy, 
office boy, collector, bill clerk, proofreader, 
cashier, bookkeeper (the latter for 7 years); 
vice-pres. Cole Lithographing Co., 1892-1900; 
vice-pres. Snitzler & Bolte Advertising Co., 
1902-5; sec. C. J. Boedeker Coal Co., 1905-6; sec. 
Waugh Draft Gear Co. since 1907. Enlisted in 
Co. C, 1st Inf. I.N.G., to date from Sept. 26, 
1879, being credited 1 year for service in cadet 
corps of that organization; apptd. serft., 1886: 
commd. 2d It., 1887; 1st It., 1888; capt., 1894; 
mustered into U.S. service as capt. 1st 111. Vol. 
Inf., comdg. Co. C, May 13, 1898. for war against 
Spain; served in Cuban campaign with 5th 
Army Corps before Santiago de Cuba; hon. mus- 
tered out, Jan. 1899. Republican. Methodist. 
Mem. S.A.R., Soc. of Foreign Wars, Soo. Armv 
Santiago de Cuba; comdr. 1st Regt. Veteran 
Corps. Mason. Clubs: Hamilton, Chicago Ath- 
letic. Recreations: outdoor sports, fishing, bil- 
liards. Residence: 3757 Ellis Av. Office: Peo- 
ples Gas Bldg. 

BOIiZA, Oskar, mathematician; born Bergza- 
bern, Germany. May 12, 1857; son Moritz and 
Luise (Koenig) Bolza; grad. Freiburg in Baden. 
1875; student Berlin, 1875-6, Heidelberg, 1877, 
Strassburg, 1878, Gottingen, 1880, Berlin, 1881- 

2; Ph.D., Gottingen, 1886; married Anna Neckel, 
of Freiburg in Baden, Dec. 27, 1898. Came to 
U.S. in 1898; reader mathematics, Johns Hop- 
kins, 1888-9; asso. mathematics, Clark Univ., 
1889-92; asso. prof, mathematics, 1892-3, prof., 
since 1893, Univ. of Chicago. Mem. Nat. Acad. 
Sciences, Am. Math. Soc. (vice-pres., 1904), 
Deutsche Mathematiker Vereinigung, Circolo 
Matematico di Palermo. Contbr. to math. Jours, 
and procs. of various articles on hypereliptic 
functions, theory of substitution-groups, and 
calculus of variations. Residence: 5533 Lexing- 
ton Av. 

BOMAIT, Charles H., sec. Scandia Life Ins. 
Co.; born Calmar Co., Sweden, July 9, 1848; son 
Charles M. and Caroline (Anderson) Boman; 
ed. pub. schools in Sweden; married Rock Is- 
land, 111., June 9, 1880, Margaret Cervin; chil- 
dren: Ella, Rudolph, Anton, Anna, Berndt, Her- 
bert. At age of 22 came with parents to U.S., 
locating at Galesburg, 111., where was clerk in 
gen. store for about a year; went to Rock Is- 
land, 111., and was a dealer In stoves and hard- 
ware until Sept. 1902, when came to Chicago as 
sec. of the Scandia Life Ins. Co. Republican. 
Lutheran. Recreations: gardening, hunting and 
fishing. Residence: 5220 Kenmore Av. Office: 
30 N. LaSalle St. 

BONBBIQBT, Daniel, university dean; born 
Youngstown, Pa., 1831: son Daniel B. and Mary 
(Smith) Bonbright; Dickinson College, 1846-8; 
A.B., Yale, 1850, A.M., 1853; tutor, Yale, 1854-6; 
student unlvs. of Berlin, Bonn, Gottingen, 
1856-8; (LL.D., Lawrence, 1873, Northwestern 
Univ., 1908); married Alice D. Cummings, of 
Evanston, III., 1890. Prof. Latin lang. and lit., 
since 1858 (now emeritus), dean B'aculty of 
Liberal Arts, 1899-1902, acting pres.. 1900-2, 
Northwestern Univ. Residence: Evanston, 111. 

BOND, William Alonzo, real estate; born 
Newark, N.J., Nov. 15, 1849; son William Scott 
and Phoebe Elizabeth (Baldwin) Bond; pre- 
pared for coll.. Lake Forest (111.) Acad.; mar- 
ried Sarah Barber Fisher, of Chicago, Sept. 8, 
1874; children: William Scott, Juliette G. (Mrs. 
Robert V. Massey), Laurence Colton, Rachel 
Elizabeth, Phyllis Eleanor (deceased), Gladys 
Alberta. Engaged in real estate business at 
Chicago since 1871; mem. firm of Turner & 
Bond, 1875-1892; organized firm of William A. 
Bond & Co. in 1892, of which has since been 
the senior mem. Dir. The Pressed Prism Plate 
Glass Co. Pres. Chicago Real Estate Board, 
1893; vice-pres. Chicago Assn. of Commerce 
and chmn. civic industrial com., 1910-11. Trus- 
tee Chicago Bureau of Public Efficiency; ex- 
pres. Revenue Reform League. Was largely In- 
strumental in the passage of the Torrens law 
for land registration and its practical introduc- 
tion in Cook Co. Republican. Clubs: Union 
I^eague (ex-dlr. ). Hennepin Shooting. Recrea- 
tions: hunting, fishing. Residence: 4025 Drexel 
Boul. Office: 25 N. Dearborn St. 

BOND, William Scott, real estate; born Chi- 
cago. May 9, 1876; son William Alonzo and 
Sarah Barber (Fisher) Bond; Ph.B., Univ. of 
Chicago, 1897; LL.B., Kent Coll. of Law, Chica- 
go, 1899; unmarried. In law offices of Peck, 
Miller & Starr. 1897-1900; admitted to 111. bar, 
1899; now mem. real estate firm of William A. 
Bond & Co. Vice-pres. Univ. of Chicago Settle- 
ment. Republican. Clubs: University, Quad- 
rangle, Wanderers' Cricket and Athletic. Rec- 
reations: athletics, hunting, fishing. Residence: 
4025 Drexel Boul. Office: 25 N. Dearborn St. 

BONGO-BEIT, Olof Jakoh, journalist; born 
Bergane, parish of Habol, Dalsland, Sweden, Oct. 
7, 1854; son Olof O. and Maria B. Bonggren; 
grad. Coll. of Venersborg, 1874; (L.H.D.. Beth- 
any College, Llndsborg, Kan., 1900); married 
Stora Tuna, Dalecarlia, Sweden, Sept. 24, 1877, 
Johanna Sporre (died Oct. 8, 1903); 2d, Chicago, 
Apr. 29, 1905, Olga Amalia Lundin (died Oct. 
1, 1906). Came to I'.S., July 4, 1882; has been 
connected with the leading newspapers in Swe- 



den; since May 3, 1883, editor of the Svenska 
Amerikanaren (Swedish newspaper in Chicago). 
Author: Bibeln mot Bibeln. 1879; Liisarelif, 
1879: Forstlingar (poems), 1882; Det hemlig- 
hetsfullus verld (theosophical), 1892; Sanger 
och Sagor (poems), 1902. Translator: Helvetet 
och Spoken (from Robert Ingersoll), 1878; 
Caesar's Kolonn (from Ignatius Donnelly). 1891. 
Residence: 3101 Johnston Av. Office: 208 N. 
5th Av. 

BOmrsti;, Charles Edwin, formerly in var- 
nish mfg. ; now out of business and a non- 
resident: see Vol. 1905. 

BONHST, Kawton Corl, pres. Chicago Starch 
Co.; born Chicago, Jan. 2, 1862; son Charles 
Carroll and Lydia A. (Pratt) Bonney; ed. Chi- 
cago pub. schools; married Milwaukee, Aug. 
14, 1895. Olive Baker. Began as messenger in 
the Merchants' Loan & Trust Co. Bank in 1881 
and was promoted steadily until became chief 
clerk, resigning in 1888 to become sec. of the 
Douglas Park Bldg. Assn., with which re- 
mained until 1892; sec. treas. and dir. of the 
Chicago Gen. Ry. Co., 1892-99; engaged as in- 
vestment broker to Mar. 1910; pres. and dir. 
Chicago Starch Co. since Apr. 1, 1910. Chris- 
tian Scientist. Formerly member Co. H, 1st 
Regt.. I.N.G. Clubs: Chicago, Union League. 
Recreation: golf. Residence: 2149 Adams St. 
Office; Ft. Dearborn Bldg. 

BOOBCEB, Senry Bust, broker; born near 
Yorkville, 111., Dec. 8, 1872; son Solon Smith 
and Lois C. (Barnes) Boomer; grad. Yorkville 
High School, 1889; student Northwestern Univ., 

1 yr.; LL.B., Chicago Coll. of Law, 1898; stu- 
dent Northwestern Univ. Coll. of Commerce, 2 
years, 1909-10; married Mae Thomson, of Chi- 
cago, July 12, 1910. Admitted to 111. bar, 1898, 
but did not enter practice. Identified with Ells- 
worth & Cross Co., commn. mchts., in 1894- 
1910, except for 8 months in 1897, when was 
with Anglo-Am. Provision Co.; sec. Independ- 
ent Packing Co. since 1907. Republican. Mem. 
Chicago Bd. of Trade. Clubs: Chicago Gun, 
Underclift Sportsmen's Assn. Residence: 1123 
Lake Av., \v i'.mette. 111. Office: 630 Postal Tel- 
egraph Bldg. 

BOON, Clement Iiavem, bonds and invest- 
ments; born Hamilton, Madison Co., N.Y.; son 
William H. and Sarah C. (Staples) Boon; ed. 
Hamilton pub. schools. After graduation was 

2 years prin. of Lowell's Commercial Coll., at 
Binghamton, N.Y. ; devoted spare time to study 
of law under Hon. Neri Pine, of Binghamton; 
later entered law office of Hon. Alexander Cum- 
mings; admitted to New York bar. May 3, 1877; 
engaged in practice; later pvt. sec. and after- 
wards gen. agt. for Hon. Sherman D. Phelps, 
of Binghamton, becoming familiar with his 
large banking and other interests; after Mr. 
Phelps died, went west and was for some years 
engaged in investing money for large English 
and Scotch cos., and tlie handling of securities; 
since 1893 in the municipal bond business in 
Chicago; has also capitalized several gas, elec- 
tric light and traction cos. Now engaged exclu- 
sively in financing traction and steam railroads 
and handling securities. For past 15 years has 
had extensive connections and executed impor- 
tant financial deals in Eng. and other foreign 
countries. Residence: 326 E. Garfield Boul. Of- 
fice: 39 S. LaSalle St. 

BOOBE, Harry, pork packer: born Shrews- 
bury, Eng.. Nov. 28, 1852; son John and Sarah 
Ann (Davies) Boore; ed. pub. schools in Eng.; 
came from Eng. to Cliicago in 1869: married 
Chicago, Oct. 1, 1877, Lydia M. Forrest; children; 
Harriet E. (Mrs. Harry B. Minor), Sarah. Af- 
ter arrival in Chicago worked for various firms 
in the pork packing business until 1888; went 
to Nebraska City, 1888. for Chicago Pack- 
ing & Provision Co.. remaining 1 year; went to 
St. Louis as a partner in the East St. Louis 
Packing & Provision Co., 2 years. Returned to 
Chicago, 1891, becoming connected with the In- 

ternat. Packing Co.; continued In that co. u^- 
til they sold out In 1894; assisted in organiz- 
ing the Continental Packing Co.; on Nov. 12, 
1903, established business for self under name 
of H. Boore & Co., pork packers. Mem. Chicago 
Board of Trade. Episcopalian. Mason. Clubs: 
Chicago Athletic, South Shore Country. Recre- 
ations: hunting and fishing and other outdoor 
sports. Residence: 4804 Vlncennes Av. Office: 
160 W. Jackson Boul. 

BOOBN, 'VrUUam CbarleB, fire underwriter; 
born Kenosha Wis., Aug. 30, 1863; son Charles 
P. and Huldah Maria (Stevison) Boorn; ed. pub. 
and high schools, Peoria, 111.; married Peoria, 
Oct. 14, 1897, May C. Giles; 1 son: Philip Hen- 
ry. In service of Orient Ins. Co. of Hartford, 
Conn., and London and Lancashire, of Liver- 
pool, 1888, becoming agency supt. of the west- 
ern dept. of that co., 1897; since Jan. 1, 1902, 
with Hartford Fire Ins. Co.; asst. gen. agt. of 
western department of same since Nov. 1, 1903. 
Clubs: Union League, Kenwood, Mendelssohn, 
Midlothian Country. Recreations: music, golf. 
Residence: 4584 Oakenwald Av. Office: 39 S. La 
Salle St. 

BOOS, Albert S(idney), banker; born Somo- 
nauk. 111., Nov. 14, 1866; son Theodore and Min- 
nie (Thomas) Boos; ed. pub. schs. ; married Ruth 
A. Barker, of Newport, R.I., Nov. 11, 1890 (died 
May 31, 1906); 1 son: Harold Vernon. With 
Park Nat. Bank, Chicago, 1887-8, Merchants' 
Loan & Trust Co., 1888-1902; asst. cashier Co- 
lonial Trust & Savings Bank, 1902-3; organized 
Central State Bank, Jackson, Mich., 1907; reor- 
ganized North West State Bank, Chicago, 1908, 
and cashier same since 1909; director, sec. and 
treas. North West State Safety Deposit Vault 
Co. Republican. Recreations: books, photogra- 
phy, fishing. Residence: 1543 N. Leavitt St. 
Office: N. W. cor. Milwaukee and North Avs. 

BOOTES, Jolin Dwight, sec. Commercial Se- 
curity Co.; born Waterloo, N.Y., Dec. 1, 1872; 
Bon of Benjamin Franklin and Lida (Miller) 
Bootes: ed. pub. schools, Waterloo, and East- 
man Business Coll., Poughkeepsie, N.Y.; mar- 
ried Ella S. Acker, of M'aterloo, N.Y., June 17, 
1897 (died Aug. 3, 1901); 2d, Loula A. Gates, of 
Rochester, N.Y., July 20, 1908. Came to Chi- 
cago, 1908; sec. Commercial Security Co. since 
Dec. 1, 1908. Mason (K.T., Shriner). Resi- 
dence: Oak Park, 111. Office: 38 S. Dearborn St. 

BOOTH, Alfred Temon, grain commission: 
born Dubuque, la.. May 25, 1865; son Sidney 
and Anna (Porch) Booth; ed. pub. schools of 
San Francisco; married Milwaukee, Wis., Oct. 
12, 1892, Ada Bercry; 1 son: Alfred Bercry. 
Began business life as purser on Cal. Transpor- 
tation Co.'s steamers, 1882; came to Chicago, 
1883, beginning as messenger boy for Bros- 
seau. Booth & Co.; then with W. S. Booth & 
Co.; later with John W. Hepburn & Co., H. G. 
Gay lord & Co., and C. A. Wyland & Co.; mem. 
of Board of Trade in 1889, and in 1893 started 
in business alone as a broker, and was a spe- 
cialist in long time privilege business; since 
May 1901 of firm of Al V. Booth & Co., Chicago 
and Milwaukee, principal broker in Board of 
Trade memberships. Republican. Episcopalian. 
Clubs: South Shore Country, Swan Lake. Resi- 
dence: 5127 Cornell Av. Office: 69 Board of 

BOOTH, Edwin Iiincoln, coal shipper; born 
Suspension Bridge, Can., June 1, 1860; son Jo- 
seph and Frances (Sutton) Booth; ed. public 
schools of Toronto and Hamilton, Ont., to 1875; 
married Erie, Pa., Feb. 4, 1886, Sarah Edith 
Vincent; children: Blanche, Dorothy, Edwin 
Lincoln, Jr., Donald. Was clerk for his father 
in railroad business in Hamilton. Ont., 1875-9; 
stenographer for gen. freiglit agt. M.C.Ry.Co., 
1879-81; moved to St. Paul and became stenog- 
rapher with the North-Western Fuel Co.; ad- 
vanced In company's service and became, 1890, 
2d vice-pres. ; removed to Chicago in same ca- 
pacity in 1899, and is mgr. the Chicago office. 


fepublican. Episcopalian. Clubs: Union League, BOBDEN, Hamilton, merchant: born on farm 
elmont Golf, Minnesota (St. Paul). Recrea- in Burlington Co., N.J., June 21, 1835- son John 
tion: golf. Residence: 5717 Washington Av. Allen and Sarah Armstron (Davison) Borden; 
Office: Fisher Bldg. ed. pvt. schools in Burlington Co., N.J., and in 

BOOTK, Jolin, mfr.; born Radcliff, Lanca- P'^'t- acad. at Mt. Holly, N.J.; married Vicks- 
shire, England, Dec. 30, 1833; son James and burg. Miss., June 26, 1868, Charlotte M. Page; 
Maria (Walker) Booth; ed. common schools, children: Sara A., Frances C. (Mrs. George C. 
Lancashire, Eng., to 1847; came to U.S., Sept. Purdy. of Rockford, 111.), John Hamilton. 
1851; to Chicago, 1856; married Chicago, Jan. 1, Learned trade of coachmaker in Philadelphia and 
1857, Julia Hefternan (died Feb. 1891); 2d, Chi- worked for a time at same; clerk for Adams 
cago, Nov. 1892, Louise Ford; children: James, Express Co., Phila., 1856-8; went to Memphis, 
Isabella, John, Julia, Florence, Stella, Char- Tenn., as agt. Adams Express Co., 185S; agt. 
lotte, George. Learned trade as wrought iron Adams Express Co. and Southern Express Co., 
and wire worker in England, 1847-51; worked 1858-62; merchant and lumberman, Vicksburs, 
for Stevens c& Co., in N.J., 1851-6; came to Chi- Miss., 1863-7; connected with railroad busi- 
cago, 1856; worked consecutively here for Snow ness in la. and on Paclflc Coast, 1867-72; mfr. 
& Co., Markley, Ailing & Co., Jones & Price, ot machinery, Phila., 1872-6; in Chicago since 
Began business for himself as a mem. Arm of 1876; gen. agt. for Howe scales and Howe gas 
Booth & Conway, 1866-8; then alone until the and gasoline engines; in 1879 firm of Borden, 
big fire of 1871; established again in Feb. 1872, Selleck & Co. was formed; since 1890 pres. Bor- 
in Arm of Jones & Booth until 1883; then alone, <3en & Selleck Co. Republican. Club: Union 
as a mfr. of wrought iron and wire goods and League. Residence 613 Groveland Park. OfBce: 
wire cloth; retired May 1, 1909. Republican. 12 E. Lake St. 

Episcopalian. Residence: 2148 Cleveland Av. BOBDEBS, Michael WasMng-ton, lawyer; 

BOOTK, William O-ordon, real estate; born born Randolph Co., 111., May 9, 1867; son James 
Dundee, Scotland, July 7, 1874; son James and Johnson and Mary A. (Ritchie) Borders; A.B., 
Jane (Gordon) Booth; came to America in 1885; Monmouth (111.) Coll., 1888; Columbia Law 
ed. Chicago pub. schools; married Jessie M. School, New York, 1891; married Klrkwood, 111., 
Shields, of Chicago, Feb. 18, 1896; 2 children: Feb. 9, 1892, Alice B. Abbey; children: James, 
Frederick S., Jean C. With the real estate firm Edward, Melville, Horatio. Aamitted to bar, 
of Turner & Bond, and their successors Will- 1891; practiced at Belleville, 111., for 11 years, 
lam A. Bond & Co. since 1891; admitted as a co- and was mem. of the law firm of Hamill & Bor- 

gartner Jan. 1, 1909. Sec. Chicago Real Estate ders, and was master in chancerv of the Cir- 
:oard, 1911. Congregationalist. Recreation: cult Court of St. Clair Co., 111., 1900-2; came to 
fishing. Residence: 7538 Eggleston Av. Office: Chicago, Apr. 1, 1903, and has since practiced 
25 N. Dearborn St. here; gen. counsel for Nelson Morris & Co., 

BOOTH, William Vernon; see Vol 1905 packers. Mem. Chicago and 111. State Bar assns. 

-Bonir Ti,_ f.-^i^^ !.,. \,r.^ ot Democrat. Mem. B.P.O.E. Clubs: Iroquois, Ken- 

Vc A?f^ ^?^s?s-^i^n' TSh7wLH^"=S,^'']i^^*^"o' '"o<i, Mid-Day, Chicago Athletic, South Shore 
TmAA^^S i',,i.t^^i/J!i'l'}..^^fi^2^n^"t^^'^^ Country, Beverly Country, Calumet Country. 
iJ^.'^n^ M?,u^?S 'A^a-,,''war^2it^^"lfth%?,^" Residencc: 4439 Greenwood Av. Office: The 
Durne Military Acad. Was engaged with Nor- -Rnrkirfirv 
folk & Western R.R., in Va., as relief agt. and ^""'^'"^y- 

operator for 5 years, from 16 to 21 years of BOBO, M. Edward, banker; born Little Rock, 
age; published the Waynesboro Times, Waynes- Ark., Mar. 21, 1876; son Isaac and Flora (Alex- 
boro, Va., 1889-91; sec. Va. Press Assn., 1890-1, ander) Borg; prep. edn. in pub. sch. of Chicago, 
studying law during this period; was admitted finishing in Valparaiso (Ind.) Normal Coll. 
to the Va. bar; came to Chicago, 1892, and has (now Valparaiso Univ.), 1888-9; unmarried, 
since been engaged in general practice in this Began business life in his father's employ, at 
city. Democrat. Mason, lodge and chapter. Club: Chicago, who was a mfr. of chewing gum, re- 
Southern. Residence: 504 Diversey Boul. Office: maining with him until 1898, when went to 
Ashland Blk. New York and became identified with the bank- 

BOPP William Osorira lawver- born Chicn- ^"S house of Simon Borg & Co., remaining there 
go Mar.' TmoT son (fhkrfel'k^nd Fr'edericke ""Vi l^i^^.''^^lri''r.?>!:''^f^^lT- ilyT^''- "' 
(Schiele) Bopp; A.B., Univ. of III., 1902, Ph.B., f^fiU^%'fi".*'|fi\?i'- ?^?,V''';';?'^kti"^''S*''^ """ 
1903, J.D., 1904 married Emma Knoke, of Chi- Lif ''i'?-fiS,w ^?hw^?r^vl'l--^i''''^*i^jni^il'''^S*' 
cago June 12, 1906; 1 daughter: Helen Bernice. U"l\,"^nfflf;.^^-l=V 4at IfJ^f- r?J,J " 
Admitted to the 111. bar, 1904, and since en- ley Av. Office. First Nat. Bank Bldg. 
gaged In active practice at Chicago. Independ- BOBIiAND, Bmce, civil engr. ; born Chicago, 
ent in politics. Lutheran; vice-pres. St. Paul's July 31, 1880; son late John Jay and Harriet 
Church League. Mason (Lake View Lodge, (Blair) Borland; A.B., Harvard Univ., 1901, 
Chapter, St. Bernard Commandery, Shrine). S.B., 1902; married Dorothy Fuller, of Chicago, 
Recreation: literature. Residence: 1315 Eddy June 24, 1909. Engaged in mech. engring. ; In- 
St. Office: 1008 Chicago Title & Trust Bldg. vented a lock used by safety deposit compa- 

BOBCHEBDT, Albert Prederiok, sec. Cudahy ".'es; pres. Ideal Electric Co.; sec, Borland Mfg. 
Packing Co.; born Saxonburg, near Mishlcot, go.; sec. Glenwood School .Junior mem. Am 
Wis., Oct. 21, 1847; son Albert and Amelia Soc. Civil Engrs. Clubs: Chicago, Saddle and 
(Stoltze) Borcherdt; ed. pub. schs. and Bryant Cycle, University, Union League Recreation: 
and Stratton Business Coll., Chicago; married ?"i'5''';^'l'^.'^'"^-j S??"^'^"'^^- 2920 Prairie .\ v. 
Elizabeth S. Krause, of Brooklyn, N.Y., May 6, Office: 1508 Borland Bldg. 

1872; children: Helen A. (Mrs. A. Koch), Her- BOBIiAITO, Cbanncey Blair, real estate: born 
man A., Walter O., Elsie L. Entered office of Chicago, Nov. 26, 1878; son late John Jay ana 
Bacon & Co., grain commn. merchants, Chicago, Harriet (Blair) Borland; grad. Lawrenceville 
1863, leaving them in 1864 to begin his first ex- (N.J.) School, 1897; A.B., Harvard Univ., 1901; 
perience in the packing business with Jones & Harvard Law School, 1 year; married Belle Mc- 
Culbertson and remained with them and their Cullough, of Chicago, June 23, 1904; 2 children: 
successors in various positions more than 20 Harriet, Beatrice. With John H. Wrenn & Co., 
years; was with A. Eichold in the same line, 1902-3, Northern Trust Co.. 1903-4: in charge of 
1886-7; then became connected with George and mgr. of Borland properties and buildings 
Stewart & Co., and their successors until Jan. since 1904. Also pres. Borland Mfg. Co.; dir. 
1, 1892, when became identified with the Cuda- Ideal Electric Co. Trustee and sec. St. Luke's 
hy interests as sec. of the Cudahy Packing Co., Hosp., and the Old People's Home of Citv of 
in which capacity has since remained. Mem. Chicago. Episcopalian. Clubs: Harvard (New 
Chicago Board of Trade. Republican. Recrea- York), Eastern Yacht (Marblehead, Mass.), 
tion: outdoor exercise. Residence: 1348 Dear- Chicago, Union League, University, Saddle and 
born Av. Office: 763 The Rookery. Cycle, Chicago Athletic, Chicago Automobile, 



Onwentsla, Harvard. Recreations: outdoor di- 
versions. Residence: 2622 Prairie Av. Office: 
1508 Borland Bldg. 

BOItI/A.Iin>, lioonard Clifford, pliysician; born 
Cook Co.. 111., ilay 25, 1863; son Dr. Matthew 
W. and Emily Ladd (Robinson) Borland; ed. 
pub. scliools, Chicago; M.D., Rush Med. Coll., 
1887; married Chicago, 1897, Louisa Marie 
Ulscht; 1 daughter: Viola Louisa; married 2d, 
Mrs. Petrine Wold; 1 son: Leonard C, Jr. En- 
gaged in general practice of medicine and sur- 
gery in Chicago since 1887. Prof, physiology, 
adj. prof, nervous diseases, prof, nervous anat- 
omy, Chicago Coll. of Medicine and Surgery; 
prof, practical anatomy, prof, physiology, prof, 
physical diagnosis, Chicago Coll. of Dental Sur- 
gery; prof, practice of medicine, Jenner Med. 
Coll. Residence: 2525 Smalley <Jt. Office: 1107 
Republic Bldg. 

BOBSr, Moses, wholesale tailor; born Wollen- 
berg, Germany, May 6, 1851; son Aaron and 
Rosa (Reis) Born; ed. common school; married 
New lork, Feb. 2, 1881, Isabella Rose; chil- 
dren: Alfred. Edgar, Addle, Florence. Emigrat- 
ed to America in 1869. at age of 18, and kept a 
general store in Port Jefferson, L.I., 1871-6, un- 
der the firm name of Wertheimer & Born; came 
to Chicago. 1876. and engaged in retail clothing 
business; originated the "tailoring to the trade" 
business in 1877; pres. M. Born & Co. Republic- 
an. Dir. Michael Reese Hosp. Club: Standard 
(pres. 1896-7). Recreations: traveling and golf. 
Residence: 4801 Drexel Boul. Office: 540-544 S. 
5th Av. 

BOBITEB, WiUiam, ry. official; born Bedford, 
Pa., Mar. 27, 1842; son of Melchoir and Lena 
(Miller) Borner; ed. pub. school and Duffa 
(Commercial Coll., Pittsburg; married Fanny 
Amelia Jennings, of Springfield, Mass.. Dec. 3, 
1863. With Leech & Co., agts. for Pa. lines. 
1857-63; clerk and chief clerk Union Line fast 
freight line of Pa. Lines until Nov. 30, 1871: 
apptd. cashier Union Line. Dec. 1, 1871; local 
agt. Pa. Co., 1877-81; apptd. gen. western and 
div. freight agt. at Chicago, June 1, 1881, and 
asst. to the freight traffic mgr., June 1, 1910. 
Republican. Lutheran. Mason. Clubs: (Chicago 
Athletic, Glen View Golf. Residence: Plaza Ho- 
tel. Office: 304 Sherman St. 

BOBOWSKI, F611X, musical dlr.; born Bur- 
ton, Eng., of Slavonic parentage. Mar. 10, 1872; 
son Bruno Bronislas and Clara Eliza (Nutter) 
Borowskl; studied music 1st under pvt. mas- 
ters; grad. Conservatoire, Cologne, (Jermany, in 
violin, pianoforte and composition; lived in 
London until 1897; married Edith Frances 
Grant, of Aberdeen, Scotland, Oct. 9, 1897. Dir. 
dept. of composition and lecturer upon mus. 
history, Chicago Mus. Coll., since 1897; musical 
critic (Chicago Evening Post, 1906-9; musical 
editor Chicago Record Herald since 1909. Com- 
poser of works for orchestra; also many small- 
er works. Also critic and writer on musical 
subjects; author of the hist, and analyt. pro- 
grammes of the Theodore Thomas Orchestra 
since 1908. Offices: 624 S. Michigan Boul. and 
Record Herald Bldg. 

BOBWEKK, Piank Im., dry goods commission 
merchant; born on farm in Dane Co., Wis.. Aug. 
20. 1S38; son Joseph C. and Martha (Baile) 
Borwell; ed. pub. school in Dane Co., Wis.; 
married Chicago. Dec. 29. 1880, Mary Councer; 
1 daughter, Blanche. Served apprenticeship as 
machinist, 1871-5; with Greeley, Lockwood & 
Co., drj- goods commn. merchants, and its suc- 
cessors, 1875-7; salesman for Crane & Tucker, 
dry goods commn. merchants, and their suc- 
cessors. 1877-9: salesman with Rollins, Shaw 
& Co. until 1892, when, upon reorganization of 
firm as T. A. Shaw & Co., was admitted to part- 
nership, in which has continued. Republican. 
Episcopalian. Clubs: Union League, Suburban, 
of LaGrange. LaGrange Country. Residence: 
204 S. Spring Av., LaGrange, 111. Office: 412 S. 
Market St. 

BOSCH, Henry, mcht.; deceased; see Vol. 


BOSI;et, Edward Franklin, mfr. ; born Chi- 
cago, May 29, 1869; son Daniel Webster and 
Mary E. W. Bosley; ed. high school, Chicago, to 
1887; married Chicago, Apr. 1899, Harriet L. 
Benham; 1 son: Maurice Edward. Upon leav- 
ing school in 1887 entered the business estab- 
lished by his father In 1869 as a mfr. of weath- 
er strips, and was sec. of the D. W. Bosley Co. 
until, upon the death of D. W. Bosley. In 1899, 
he succeeded him as pres. and treas.; also pres. 
Standard Cleaner Co., Standard Typesetting Co. 
Republican. Mem. by inheritance of Mil. Order 
of Loyal Legion, first class. Clubs: Chicago 
Athletic, South Shore Country, Illinois, Chi- 
cago Yacht, Lake Geneva Country. Residence: 
Lake Geneva. Wis. Office: 1123 Fulton St. 

BOSTESO, locals Qardner, mfr.; born Wey- 
auwega. Wis.. Aug. 7. 1861; son Alfred Lee and 
Emma (Gardner) Bostedo; ed. Univ. of Wis., 
1877-9; Bryant & Stratton Business Coll., Chi- 
cago, 1879; married Weyauwega, Wis., Sept. 19, 
1S82, Elnora Fordyce; children: Alfred Gard- 
ner, Helen Katherlne, Josephine. First employ- 
ment was in retail hardware store of Andrew 
Gardner, Weyauwega, Wis., about 1 year, 1876; 
next, in latter half of 1879, in office of the Wil- 
son Packing Co., of Chicago; surveyor for 
D.&R.G.Ry.Co. in Colo., 1880-1; in fall of 1881 
joined his father In retail dry goods and car- 
pets at Atlantic, la., firm being A. L. Bostedo 
& Son; retained Interest in that business until 
1893, but In 1884 came to Chicago and started 
the Bostedo Package & Cash Carrier Co., after- 
ward the Bostedo Pneumatic Tube Co.; was 
mgr. of that co. until sold interest in 1898; la- 
ter joined firm of L. D. Miller & Co., brokers; 
bought out L. D. Miller, Mar. 31, 1904, and on 
July 1, 1904, changed business to own name. 
At the close of 1906 sold out and spent most 
of 1907 at Pasadena and Ocean Park, Cal. ; re- 
turned to Chicago and repurchased the old bus- 
iness, and In Jan. 1909 took John Christopher 
into partnership, under title of L. G. Bostedo & 
Co.. dealers In listed securities, which firm dis- 
solved partnership, Oct. 19, 1910; mem. firm A. 
D. Foyer & Co., mfrs. of household specialties, 
since Nov. 21, 1910. Henry George Democrat. 
Recreations: experimenting on elec. lines; stu- 
dent of economics. Residence: River Forest, 
111. Office: Cor. Clinton and Van Buren Sts. 

BOSWOBTH, Harry John, dental supplies; 
born Cannon Falls, Minn.. Sept. 1, 1873; son 
Charles H. and Amelia C. (Richards) Bosworth; 
ed. Elizabeth St. School, Chicago; married Mil- 
waukee, Wis., Nov. 25. 1894. Anna Florence 
Rogers. Began business career in 1889 with 
the 111. Dental Mfg. Co., continuing until Jan. 
1. 1891; with the Keller Dental Co., 1891-2; 
with Gideon Sibley, in the same line, as mgr. 
9 years, and at the beginning of 1902 assumed 
his present position as mgr. of the Ritter Den- 
tal Supply House. Republican. Mem. B.P.O.E. 
and K.P. Club: South Shore Country. Recrea- 
tion: automoblllng. Residence: 4636 Lake Av. 
Office: S.E. Cor. of Lake and Dearborn Sts. 

BOTSFOBD, Henry, commn. merchant; dir. 
Continental & Commercial Nat. Bank. Mem. 
Chicago Board of Trade. Clubs: Chicago, Union 
League. Residence: Pullman Bldg. Office: 206 
S. LaSalle St. 

BOUFFKETTB, Albert I., surgeon; born at 
Sprlngvllle, Wis., Aug. 20, 1864; son Philip and 
Mary A. Bouffleur; prep. edn. VIroqua (Wis.) 
High School and Valparaiso (Ind.) Univ.; M.D., 
Rush Med. Coll., 1887; married Grace Francher, 
of Mt. Vernon, la., Sept. 18, 1889; 1 child. En- 
gaged In practice of surgery at Chicago since 
1887; surgeon-In-chlef to Monroe St. Hosp. since 
1900; consulting surgeon to Cook Co. Hosp. 
Mem. Am. Assn. of Ry. Surgeons, A.M. A., 111. 
State and Chicago Med. socs., Chicago Surg, 
and Pathol, socs. Clubs: Chicago Athletic, Phy- 


sicians'. Residence: 2501 W. Monroe St. Office: 
Peoples Gas Bldg^. 

BOUIiTOK, Oeorg'e D'Arcy, banker; 1S44- 
1909; see Vol. 1905. 

BOUBrnQlTX:, An^nstns Entrene, prof, of 
dancing; born Cirey, France, Oct. 27, 1842; son 
Augustus and Pauline Bournique; came to New 
yorlc with parents, 1845; ed. pub. schools, at 
Acad, of the Holy Infancy, Manhattanville, and 
Bourseaux Acad., Brooklyn, N.Y. ; married Chi- 
cago, June 14, 1862, Elizabeth Ann Corning, 
daughter Mr. and Mrs. Hiram V. Corning (nee, adopted daughter Mr. and Mrs. Hugh 
Branigan; children: Eugene A., Alvar L., Hugh 
L. (now deceased). May E., Lyman G. Removed 
with parents to Chicago, 1857; was bookkeeper 
in father's plate glass business until 1858; then 
in dry goods house of Ross & Foster, as sales- 
man. 1858-61; after that salesman in clothing 
house of George T. Belding & Co. Studied and 
practiced dancing from boyhood; after coming 
to Chicago attended the dancing school of Prof. 
J. P. Lasairre, in which Miss Corning was a 
teacher until he married her. In 1865, with 
wife, established Bournique's Dancing Acad., at 
State and Randolph Streets, and soon after a 
branch at Adams and Halsted Sts. Fire de- 
stroyed the downtown premises in the great 
conriagration of 1871; rebuilt on 24th St., be- 
tween Mich, and Ind. Avs., and in 1883 built 
the present large academy on 23d St., between 
Prairie and Calumet Avenues; also conducting 
branches on North and West Sides, Chicago; 
The Athenaeum, Milwaukee. Wis.; Winter Club, 
Lake Forest, 111.; Highland Park Club, North- 
western Mil. Acad., Highland Park, 111.; Hins- 
dale (111.) Club; Assembly Hall, LaGrange, 111.; 
Assembly Hall, Riverside, 111.; Kenwood Club, 
Chicago. Club: Calumet. Recreations: fishing, 
canoeing, billiards; fond of fine horses. Office 
and Residence: 315 E. 23d St. 

BOTTBNIQTTE, Bnerraa Augustas, real estate; 
born Chicago, June 13, 1864; son Augustus Eu- 
gene and Elizabeth Ann (Branigan) Bournique; 
ed. pub. schools; married Chicago, 1894, Stella 
Grace Curtis; children: Joy, Hellen, Ruth. Was 
for 13 years associated with father, Prof. A. E. 
Bournique. teacher of dancing. Since 1890, real 
estate business, Eugene A. Bournique & Co. 
Mem. Chicago Real Estate Board. Republican. 
Clubs: Mid-Day, Exmoor Country, Highland 
Park. Residence: Highland Park, III. Office: 
First Nat. Bank Bldg. 

SOVTEImIm, Henry Sbermaii, congressman; 
born Boston. Mar. 14, 1856; son Lewis Henry 
and Anna (Greene) Boutell; A.B., Northwest- 
ern Univ., 1874, A.M., 1879; A.B., Harvard, 1876, 
A.M., 1877; (LL.D.. Northwestern. 1904); ad- 
mitted to bar. 1879; married Euphemia Lucia 
Gates, of Providence, R.I., Dec. 29, 1880; 3 chil- 
dren. In practice, Chicago, since 1879; mem. 
111. Ho. of Rep.. 1884; mem. 55th, 56th and 57th 
Congresses, 6th 111. Dist.. and 58th to 61st Con- 
gresses, 9th Dist. (1897-1911); apptd. U.S. min- 
ister to Portugal, Mar. 1, 1911. Republican. 
Trustee Northwestern Univ., since 1899. Mem. 
Phi Beta Kappa (pres. 1899), 111. Soc. S.A.R. 
(pres. 1895), Soc. Colonial Wars. Clubs: Chi- 
cago, Union League. University (pres. 1897-9), 
Germania, Marquette, Chicago Literary. Resi- 
dence: 82 Rush St. Office: 137 S. LaSalle St. 

BOUTOir, Nathaniel Sherman; deceased; see 
Vol. 1905. 

BOWEK, Ira Pardee, banker; deceased; see 
Vol. 1905. 

BOWEN, Joseph Tilton; born Providence, 
R.I., Apr. 1, 1854; son William H. and Ednah 
B. (Goodhue) Bowen; ed. pub. and high schools 
of Providence; married Chicago, June 1, 1886, 
Louise Hadduck de Koven; children: John de 
Koven, Joseph T., Jr., Helen Hadduck, Louise 
de Koven. Until Jan. 1, 1890, with Cheney & 
Bro., silk mfrs.. South Manchester, Conn.; 
resident vice-pres. and mgr. City Trust, Safe 

Deposit & Surety Co. of Philadelphia, from 
1890 until CO. merged into Met. Surety Co. of 
New York and was connected with latter co. 
until Jan. 1, 1910. Republican. Episcopalian. 
Clubs: Chicago, University, City, Commercial, 
Saddle and Cycle, Church. Recreations: horse- 
back riding and fishing. Residence: 1430 Astor 
St. Office: The Rookery. 

BOWEB, Bohert Allan; born Brown Co., O., 
Dec. 10, 1841; son William Smith and Margaret 
McArthur (Sutherland) Bower; ed. State Nor- 
mal Univ., Bloomington, HI.; married Chicago, 
1876; Charlotte E. Cuyler. Bookkeeper 4 years 
after leaving normal school; taught school; 
came to Chicago, 1869, and identified with print- 
ing and publishing house of Rand, McNally & 
Co.; became dir. in 1877, and, after the death 
of Andrew McNally, 1904, was elected vice- 
pres., retiring in 1908 after a continuous con- 
nection with firm for nearly forty years. Start- 
ed map dept. of the house; originated the index 
map system, and had charge of map dept., 1871- 
1908. By suggestion to the Pa.R.R. officials re- 
ceived credit for originating the Limited Train 
system, which was first put in operation on 
the Pa.R.R.; (the Pennsylvania Co. gave him 
full credit for originating this fast passenger 
service on its lines). Republican. Mem. Wau- 
bansia Lodge No. 160 A.F.&A.M. Clubs: Union 
League, South Shore Country, Glen View (Jolf. 
Recreation: motoring. Residence: 660 Graceland 
Av. Office: 159 W. Adams St. 

BOWEBS, Iiloyd 'Wheaton, lawyer; deceased: 

see Vol. 1905. 

BOWEBSOCK, Clement Cory, lawyer; born 
St. Paris, O. ; son Samuel and Sarah (Cory) 
Bowersock; took special literary course in 
Univ. of Mich, and law course in Union Coll. 
of Law (now Law School of Northwestern Uni- 
versity), Chicago, graduating, LL.B., 1887. Ad- 
mitted to bar in 1887, and has since been en- 
gaged In practice in Chicago, formerly as mem. 
firm of Wells, Bowersock & Stillwell; since 
Dec. 1896 mem. Bowersock & Stillwell. Mem. 
Phi Delta Phi (legal fraternity). Mason. Club: 
Illinois. Residence: 110 S. Ashland Boul. Office: 
89 W. Randolph St. 

BOWES, C(harles) Frank, mgr. Chicago of- 
fice The Lunkenheimer Co.; born Crete, Will 
Co., 111., Dec. 25. 1865; son George H. and Syl- 
via A. (Adams) Bowes; ed. pub. schools; mar- 
ried Alice W. Eggleston, of Chicago, July 27, 
1889; 2 children: Laurence C. and Leon F. Be- 
gan with E. B. Preston & Co., as office boy 
in 1880, and in 1886, when business of E. B. 
Preston & Co. was succeeded by Vt'. D. Allen 
Mfg. Co., contiued with the latter and, after va- 
rious promotions, became vice-pres. and dir., 
1899-1907; disposed of his interests and became 
mgr. Chicago office of The Lunkenheimer Co., 
engring. specialties. Mason (K.T.). Recreation: 
hunting. Residence: 7058 Eggleston Av. Office: 
186 N. Dearborn St. 

BOWES, Frank B., ry. official; born Chicago, 
Jan. 29, 1862. Began ry. service with I.C.R.R. 
in 1876, with which has since been identified, 
as clerk in auditor's, gen. freight and gen. pass, 
offices, 1876-86, gen. northern pass, agt., 1886- 
94, asst. gen. pass, agt., 1894-5, gen. freight agt. 
southern lines and Yazoo and Miss. Valley R.R., 
1895-1903, asst. traffic mgr. same lines, 1903-5. 
freight traffic mgr. same. 1905-8, and gen. traf- 
fic mgr. I.C;., Yazoo & Miss. Valley and Ind. 
Southern rys. since 1909. Club: Union League. 
Residence: 1027 E. 46th St. Office: 602 Central 

BCWKES, Charles Edward, clergyman; see 

Vol. i;ior>. 

BOWIiES, John P., live stock commn. ; born 
Quincy, 111., May 26, 1S59; son John and Mary 
(Cass) Bowles; ed. pub. schools of Quincy, 111., 
and Gem City Business Coll.; married Quincy, 
111., Oct. 18, 1893, Ella Bertha Hense; children: 
Dolores Joan, John Hense, Helen Edith. Reared 



on a farm and from boyhood identified witli 
live stoclc business, in whicli was engaged at 
Edina, Mo., before coming to Cliicago, 1881; was 
with Keenan & Hancock 9 years; mem. firm of 
Tomlinson. Bowles & Co. 7 years; after that 
3 years of Strahorn, Hutton, Evans Commn. 
Co., until present co. of Bowles Live Stock 
Commn. Co. was organized, of which is pres. 
Democrat. Clubs: South Shore Country, Saddle 
and Sirloin. Residence: 4340 Vincennes Av. Of- 
fice: Exchange Bldg., Union Stock Yards. 

BO'VrMAI)', Jolinston B., pres. Bowman Dairy 
Co. Residence: 436 Wellington Av. Office: 152 
"W. Ontario St. 

BOWIOAIT, William Charles, manager Linen 
Thread Co.; born Brooklyn, N.Y., Feb. 9, 1861; 
son Theodore H. and Angeline (Major) Bow- 
man; ed. Brooklyn Collegiate and Polytechnic 
Inst., Brooklyn, N.Y., and at Noelle's School 
of Language, Hanover, Ger. ; married Chicago, 
Apr. 1901, Carrie M. Warden. Began business 
career as salesman; since 1887 connected with 
the Linen Thread Co., beginning in a subordi- 
nate capacity and advancing step by step until 
1900, when became mgr., in which position has 
since continued. Also sec. of the Art Marble 
Co. Republican. Protestant. Recreations: au- 
tomobiling, yachting and fishing. Residence: 
Plaza Hotel. Summer Residence: Sylvan Beach, 
White Lake, Mich. Office: 154-158 W. Michigan 

BOWaCAir, William Heniy, real estate; born 
Zanesville, O., June 9, 1841; son John and Su- 
sannah (Border) Bowman; ed. pub. schools of 
Zanesville; served as pvt. in 159th Ohio Inf. 
during its term of service; married Springfield, 
O., Nov. 9, 1876, Anna S. Moore. Assisted fa- 
ther, who was in pork packing business at 
Zanesville, O., until 1866; from that year in 
Colo, in range cattle business 9 years; came to 
Chicago in 1878, employ of Chicago Packing & 
Provision Co. and later with Charles Counsel- 
man & Co.; in real estate business in Chicago 
since 1884, making specialty of building homes 
for working people in the Brighton Park dist. ; 
built 600 cottages there; now retired from bus- 
iness. Mem. Chicago Real Estate Board. Pres- 
byterian. Club: South Shore. Republican. Res- 
idence: 4017 Grand Boul. 

BOWBUCG', William Palmer, secretary C. H. 
Worcester (To.; born Detroit, Mich., Oct. 18, 
1868; son Thomas and Susan (Doubell) Bow- 
ring; ed. Detroit pub. schools; unmarried. Be- 
gan business career at Detroit, Mich., in 1885, 
as sales manager with Leonard Laurense & 
Co.; came to Chicago in 1903; sec, treas. and 
dir. C. H. Worcester Co., lumber and cedar prod- 
ucts, since 1901; also treas. Greenwood Lumber 
Co., of Ontonagon, Mich., since 1907. Repub- 
lican. Recreations: books, art, outdoor diver- 
sions. Residence: 1219 N. State St. Office: 1028 
Tribune Bldg. 

BOWYliB, J^orraine Fleetwood, coal miner 
and shipper; born Mt. Pleasant, la., June 30, 
1866; son of Lewis Franklin and Elizabeth Sa- 
repta (Surface) Bowyer; ed. in Chicago public 
schools; grad. Purdue Univ., Lafayette, Ind., 
1885. After leaving coll, entered into newspa- 
per work on the staff of The Chicago Daily 
News; then in 1889 in the wholesale coal busi- 
ness: now pres. and treas. of the Kanawha Val- 
ley (r!oal Co.; vice-pres. New Kanawha Coal & 
Mining Co. Has large real estate interests in 
Chicago owns the Bowyer Blk., 305 N. Mich. 
Av. Republican. Recreations: golf and driving. 
Residence: 1946 Park Av. Office: 305 N. Mich. 

BOTCE, Simeon Iieonard, lawyer; born Chi- 
cago, Jan. 14, 1850; son LeRoy Merrick and 
Helen Maria (Williams) Boyce; grad. Yale 
Univ., 1873; studied law in offices of Walker, 
Wirt, Dexter & Smith, Chicago; married Chi- 
cago, Jan. 7, 1875, Helen Isabel, daughter Wil- 
lard and Eliza (Adams) Adams, of Syracuse, 
N.Y.; children: Helen, James Leonard (Yale, 

1901), Elizabeth. Admitted to 111. bar, and be- 
gan practice, Jan. 1, 1876. Pres. board of trus- 
tees and elder First Presbyterian Church of 
Chicago since 1904; trustee Am. Coll. for Girls 
at Constantinople, Turkey, Old People's Home 
of Chicago (treas.). Republican. (Slubs: Chi- 
cago, University (life), Homewood Country 
Golf (treas.), Yale of Chicago, Associated West- 
ern Yale Clubs (pres., 1910). Residence: 3335 
Grand Boul. Office: 1208, 112 W. Adams St. 

BOTCE, William D., publisher; born Alle- 
gheny Co., Pa., June 16, 1860; son David and 
Margaret J. Boyce; ed. Univ. of Wooster, O. 
Began bus. career as adv. solicitor, Chicago, 
1881; became newspaper pub. in Dak.; organizer 
and mgr. bur. of correspondence, representing 
1,200 newspapers. New Orleans Cotton Expn., 
1884; established "patent inside" house, Chica- 
go, and Winfleld, Kan.; assisted in establishing 
the Saturday Blade, Chicago, of which became 
owner; bought Chicago Ledger and other pubis, 
now pub. by W. D. Boyce Co. (pres.); pres. Mar- 
seilles (111.) Land & Water Power Co. Owner 
of Boyce Bldg., Chicago. Republican. Clubs: 
Union League, Chicago Athletic. Office: Boyce 

BOYS, Edward B., ry. official; born Green- 
castle, Ind., July 18, 1861; son George M. and 
Ann G. (Thorpe) Boyd; ed. pub. schools in Ind.; 
married May Marshall, of Chicago, Oct. 16, 
1889. Began ry. service, 1883, in gen. offices 
CR.I.&P.Ry., becoming chief rate clerk, 1887- 
92, 2d asst. gen. freight agt., 1892-6, 1st asst. 
gen. freight agt., 1896-7, gen. freight agt. lines 
west of Mo. River, 1897-9, and gen. freight agt. 
lines east of Mo. River, 1899-1904; mgr. trans- 
portation dept. Chicago Bd. of Trade, 1904-8; 
asst. to the vice-pres. "Gould system" since 
Jan. 1, 1908. Republican. Clubs: Hamilton, Ex- 
moor Country. Recreations: outdoor sports. 
Residence: 4558 Lake Av. Office: 519 Western 
Union Bldg. 

BOTOEN, Balph WUtingr, business mgr.; 
born Saline, Mich., July 12, 1874; son James H. 
and Castella (Whiting) Boyden; ed. Ypsilantl 
(Mich.) State Normal Coll.; married Clara Lou- 
isa Everett, of Sharon, Mich., Feb. 2, 1898; 3 
children: Ruth, Francis, Arthur. Farmed at 
Sharon, Mich., until 1904, when came to Chica- 
go as resident mgr. of The A. I. Root Co., bee- 
keepers' supplies, of Medina, O. Independent in 
politics. Baptist. Mason. Recreation: church 
work. Residence: 2236 Leland Av. Office: 213- 
231 Institute PI. 

BOI'DEN, William Cowper; born Sheffield, 
111., Apr. 6, 1864; son Albert W. and Ellen R. 
(Webb) Boyden; grad. Phillips Exeter Acad., 
1882; A.B., Harvard Univ., 1886, LL.B., 1889; 
married Chicago, Apr. 13, 1893, Mabel G. Bur- 
lingham; children: William C, Preston B., Mar- 
garet, Elizabeth. Admitted to bar, 1889; prac- 
ticed law, 1890-7, as mem. of firm of Hamlin, 
Holland & Boyden; since 1897 of firm of Matz, 
Fisher & Boyden. Dir. Western Trust & Sav- 
ings Bank. Republican. Mem. 111. State and 
Chicago Bar assns., Chicago Law Club. Clubs: 
University, Chicago, Skokie, City. Residence: 
Winnetka, 111. Office: 35 N. Dearborn St. 

BOTESEIT, Introlf Xrohgr, lawyer; moved to 
Colo.; see Vol. 1905. 

BO'TESEir, zrorman Fravel, lawyer; born 
Chicago, Jan. 5, 1888; son In.?olf K. and Janie 
S. (Stewart) Boyesen; grad. Lawrenceville 
School, Lawrenceville, N.J., 1907; Chicago-Kent 
Coll. of Law; unmarried. Began as sec. Goodall 
News Service (now Nat. Press Assn.); later be- 
came identified with the Crane Co., in various 
depts. of the factory; law office of Herrick, Al- 
len, Bovesen & Martin. Republican. Residence: 
6411 Lexington Av. Office: 72 W. Adams St. 

BOTI^E, Jolin Patrick, ice; born Chicago, 
July 6, 1870; son Thomas and Mary (Maginnis) 
Boyle; ed. Chicago Manual Training School, 
Chicago Coll. of Law, LL.B., 1S8S; married Chi- 



cago, Mar. 2S, 1894, Grace O'Brien; children: 
Marion, Tiiomas. Practiced law a few years; 
durlngr Mayor Wasiiburn's administration was 
asst. prosecuting- atty. of Cliica^o; mgr. Lin- 
coln Ice Co., 1892-5; asst. gen. mgr. Kniclcer- 
boclcer Ice Co., 1895-6; mem. firm of Walsli, 
Lange & Co., wliolesale grocers, wliich later be- 
came incorporated as Walsh, Hoyle & Co., 1897- 
1906; now vice-pres. Boyle Ice Co. Democrat. 
Mem. Knights of Columbus. Club; 111. Athletic. 
Recreations: hunting and Ashing. Residence: 
271 Belden Av. Office: 219-231 N. State St. 

BOTIiE, I^oren KanerUin; deceased; see Vol. 

BOTIiES, Charles Dickinson, sec. The Albert 
Dickinson Co., field seeds; born Chicago, Aug. 
1, lii65; son Cliarles C. and Hannah (Dickinson) 
Boyles; ed. high school, Chicago, and old Chi- 
cago Univ.; married Detroit, Jan. 31, 1899, 
Edith M. Johnson. Began in employ of The Al- 
bert Dickinson Co. in 1878, while still attending 
school became asst. sec. on incorporation of the 
CO. in 1887, and sec, 1888. Episcopalian. Club: 
Union League. Recreations: golf, horseback 
riding. Residence: Winnetka, 111. Office: W. 
Taylor St. and the river. 

BOYXSTON, John, engrs'. supplies; born 
Chicago, May 6, 1864; son John and Alice 
(Quinlan) Boylston; ed. pub. schs.; married 
Mary Moore, of Chicago, 1898; 4 children: Em- 
ily, Marie, John, Ruth. In mercantile business 
since 1886; now pres. "Western Kieley Steam 
Specialty Co. and of the Chicago Engrs'. Sup- 
ply Co. Residence: 4526 Maiden St. Office: 66 
W. Lake St. 

BOTNTON, Charles T., vice-pres. Pickands, 
Brown & Co.; born West Stockbridge, Mass.,' 
Dec. 5, 1858; son Charles Sumner and Elizabeth 
(Thompson) Boynton; ed. pub. schools. Cats- 
kill, N.y.; married Anna E. Bell, of Catskill, 
N.Y., June 17, 1880; 3 children: Elizabeth, 
Edith, Donald. Came to Chicago, 1879, and en- 
tered employ of the Washburn & Moen Mfg. 
Co., as office boy, with which remained until 
1898, and was gen. western mgr. of that co. 
when it was sold to Am. Steel & Wire Co., of 
whicli was gen. sales agt. and dir. until June 
1900; pres. Shelby Steel Tube Co., 1900-02; vice- 
pres., sec. and dir. Pickands, Brown & Co. since 
Mar. 1, 1902. Also pres. and dir. North Shore 
Consolidated Gas Co.; dir. Continental & Com- 
mercial Nat. Bank, Continental & Commercial 
Trust Co., Central Trust Co. of 111., Dearborn 
Co., Calumet Ins. Co., Buck & Rayner Drug Co., 
Zenith Furnace Co. Republican. Clubs: Chica- 
go, Onwentsia, Exmoor Country, Evanston 
Country, Highland Park. Recreations: golf, mo- 
toring, fishing, shooting. Residence: Highland 
Park, 111. Office: Commercial Nat. Bank Bldg. 

BOTNTOM', John B., physician; M.D., Hahne- 
mann Med. (jolL, Chicago, 1880. Pres. Hering 
Med. Coll. Residence: 1324 LaSalle Av. Office: 
Chicago Savings Bank Bldg. 

BOTNTOIT, Melbourne Parker, clergyman; 
born Lynn, Mass., Nov. 6, 1867; son Benjamin 
Skinner and Mary Elizabeth (Croscup) Boyn- 
ton; ed. common schools in Mass. and N.J. ; Cal. 
Coll., Oakland, Cal.; Divinity School, Univ. of 
Chicago (not grad. of any school; special 
course in each) ; married San Jose, Cal., Sept. 
8, 1892, Hattle Wells. Ordained as a Baptist 
minister, Sept. 8, 1892, at San Jose, Cal.; con- 
secutively assistant, acting, and pastor First 
Ch., San Francisco, 1894-7; pastor Lexington 
Av. Church, Chicago, since Aug. 1897; erected 
new edifice and dedicated it Oct. 26, 1902. Mem. 
iieadquarters com. 111. Anti-Saloon League; 
pres. Beulah Home Assn.; dir. Beulah Home; 
trustee ShurtlefE Coll.; sec. Chicago Midnight 
Mission; mem. Nat. Vigilance Com.; dir. III. 
Vigilance Assn., 111. Baptist State Convention, 
Baptist Social Union, Baptist Exec. Council, 
Co-operative Council of City Missions. Resi- 
dence: 6529 Ingleside Av. 

BOTITTON, Stuart Dunlevy, mech. engr. ; 

born Chicago, Nov. 23, 1869; son Charles W. 
and Mary (Morris) Boynton; ed. pub. and man- 
ual training schools in Chicago until 1886; in 
real estate business, managing father's proper- 
ty, 1886-9; grad. Cornell Univ. as mech. and 
elec. engr., 1893. In U.S. Revenue Service as 2d 
asst. engr., 1893-4; resigned 1894 to come to 
Chicago; was mgr. and principal of the storage 
business of C. W. Boynton until 1906; since 
then pres. Power Equipment Co., contractors 
for steam and electric plants. Club: Union 
League. Recreations: golf, motoring, fishing. 
Residence: 211 E. Ontario St. Office: Fisher 

BBACE, 'William, lawyer; deceased; see Vol. 

BBACEY, Smith Herbert, ry. contractor; born 
Clinton Co., N.Y., Aug. 4, 1S59; son A. S. and 
Ann (Roberts) Bracey; came west with parents 
when 6 years old and located in Galesburg, 111.; 
ed. pub. schools of Galesburg; married Crown 
Point, N.Y., Nov. 30, 1879, Nellie A. Speyer; 2 
children: Mrs. Charles Blackburn, Smith Her- 
bert, Jr. (died 1901.) Began railroad work as 
water boy and successively became section 
hand, roadmaster and gen. mgr.; worked on 
C.,M.&St.P., the C.,B.&Q. and the St. Louis c& 
(irand Tower rys. until 1889, when became a 
railroad contractor; has constructed over 3,000 
miles of railroad in U.S. and 400 miles in Can- 
ada; pres., since 1902, Cincinnati, Bluftton & 
(Chicago R.R. Republican. Mason, Odd Fellow, 
Independent Order of Red Men. Club: Kenwood. 
Residence: 1128 E. 47th St. Office: Tribune 

BBACH, Emil Julius, mfg. confectioner; born 
Schoenwald, Germany, May 21, 1859; son Mar- 
tin and Wilhelmina (Hamler) Brach; brought 
to U.S. by parents when 7 years of age; ed. in 
schools of Germany and Burlington, la.; mar- 
ried Katharine A. Cunningham, of Chicago, 
Sept. 24, 1885; children: Edwin James, Francis 
Leo, Anna Theresa. Came to Chicago 31 years 
ago from Burlington, la., and for 30 years has 
been engaged in the confectionery business; 
pres. and supt. of the Dreibus-Heim Co., mfg. 
confectioners, 1896-1904; mfg. confectioner un- 
der ills own name since Dec. 3, 1904. Republic- 
an. Mem. Royal League. Residence: 4151 Sher- 
idan Road. Office: 503 LaSalle Av. 

*BBADB'DB'S', Oeorg-e Iiewis, retired ry. offi- 
cial; see Vol. 1905. 

BBADBZr, Joseph Coll, ins. broker; born Jo- 
liet. 111., Jan. 29, 1858; son Joseph L. and Jane 
(Coll) Braden (father was 14 years editor and 
publisher Joliet Republican, and a Lincoln elec- 
tor) ; ed. Joliet pub. schools and Univ. of Notre 
Dame, Ind. ; later read law in Joliet; married 
Agnes I. Stringfield, Dec. 16, 1884, Chicago; 3 
daughters: Agnes G., Frances Marion, Joseph- 
ine C. Since 1877 has been engaged in the ins. 
business; established agency of Park & Braden 
in Joliet, 1879; sold it out, 1881, and since with 
Moore, Case, Lyman & Hubbard, fire ins. agts. ; 
also agt. for Conn. Mutual Life of Hartford, 
Conn. Has resided in Hyde Park since 1884 and 
has ever since been active in politics there. Re- 
publican. County central committeeman from 
32d Ward, 1894; sec. Cook Co. Campaign Com., 
1894; sec. Rep. City Campaign Com., 1895, when 
George B. Swift was elected mayor. Member 
board of trustees Sanitary District of Chicago, 
1895-1905 (chmn. of engring. com. 7 years). 
Clubs: Chicago Athletic, South Shore Country; 
also Commercial (Joliet). Recreations: hunt- 
ing, reading. Residence: 3931 Prairie Av. Of- 
fice: Nat. Life Bldg. 

BBASFOBD, 'William B., lawyer; deceased; 
see Vol. 1905. 

BBADFOBD, 'William Josiah, wholesale pa- 
per merchant; born in Romulus, N.Y., Nov. 29, 
1858; son Theron and Mary Elizabeth (Draper) 
Bradford; ninth descendant of Gov. William 
Bradford, of Plymouth, Mass.; reared and ed. 




at Syracuse, N.Y. ; married Marion Emma Lob- 
dell, of Chicago, Feb. 12, 1895; 2 sons; William 
Josiah, Jr., Charles Lobdell. Came to Chicago 
from Syracuse, 1S86; in employ of the M. J. 
Fitch Paper Co., 1886-97; on May 1, 1897, estab- 
lished present Arm of W. J. Bradford & Co., 
wholesale jobbers. Importers and mfrs. of pa- 
per specialties. Also interested in pecan farm- 
ing in Florida. Republican. Mem. Reformed 
Episcopal Ch. Recreations: fishing and motor- 
boating. Residence: 3854 Lake Av. ; Summer 
Residence: Macatawa Park, Mich. Office; 152 
W. Kinzie St. 

BRA.DI^E'S', Herbert E., lawyer; born Brook- 
lin, Ont., Can., Dec. 20, 1874; son Thomas and 
Margaret (Bradshaw) Bradley; ed. pub. schools 
of Ont., Port Perry (Ont.) High School, Whitby 
Collegiate Inst.; LL.B., Univ. of Mich., 1900; 
special student in Northwestern Univ. Law 
School, 1909; married Mary W. Hastings, June 
21, 1910. Taught in Canadian schools, 1893-5; 
came to Chicago in 1896; was with firm of Mor- 
gan & Wright until 1898, afterwards engaged 
in gen. practice of law, becoming associated 
with the present firm of MacChesney, Becker & 
Bradley in 1900, admitted to Arm in 1903. In- 
terested with Col. MacChesney largely in Chi- 
cago real estate. Republican. Presbyterian. Ma- 
son; Royal Arcanum (Past Regent Fort Dear- 
born Council). Clubs: Hamilton, Twentieth Cen- 
tury. Residence: 834 E. 64th PI. Office: Chicago 
Stock Exchange. 

BKADIiET, Jolm Dorr, real estate agt. ; born 
Boston, Feb. 9, 1864; son Richards and Sarah 
A. W. (Merry) Bradley; A.B., Harvard Univ., 
1886, LL.B., 1890; married Chicago, 1896, Fran- 
ces E. Kales; 2 daughters: Alice Prltchard, El- 
eanor. Practiced law in Boston, 1890-3; came to 
Chicago in 1894 and was associated with the 
real estate office of Bryan Lathrop until 1897, 
when became connected with firm of Aldis, Al- 
dis, Northcote & Co., and later mem. present 
firm of Aldis & Co. Clubs: University, City, 
Cliff Dwellers, Onwentsla. Recreations: agri- 
culture, outdoor sports. Residence: Lake For- 
est, 111. Office; Monadnock Blk. 

BBADKET, Joseph Harley, mfr. ; born Ra- 
cine, Wis., Sept. 30, 1844; son David and Cyn- 
thia (Abbott) Bradley; removed with parents 
to Chicago, 1845; ed. Chicago pub. schools; mar- 
ried 1872, Margie Peugeot, of Brooklyn, N.Y. 
(died 1896); 4 daughters. Partner in firm of 
Jones, Ellinwood & Bradley, implements and 
seeds, 1865-8; Bradley & Banks, jobbers of farm 
implements, 1868-72; sec, 1872-82, Furst & 
Bradley Mfg. Co. (plows and agricultural im- 
plements), in which his father was partner; 
vice-pres. David Bradley Mfg. Co., 1882-99; then 
succeeded his father as pres. till Jan. 1910; also 
pres. Bradley, Clark & Co., Minneapolis, till 
Jan. 1909; pres. David Bradley & Co. (now 
Bradley, Merriam & Smith), Council Bluffs, la.; 
pres. Bradley, Alderson & Co., Kansas City; dir. 
Northern Trust Co. from its organization to 
1907. Has been active in affairs of Chicago Re- 
lief and Aid Soc. (dir. 1883-4); one of organiz- 
ers Chicago Freight Bureau; pres. Citizens' 
Assn., 1891. Clubs: Chicago, Commercial (pres. 
1904), Union League. Was pres. Illinois Club, 
1883-5. Residence; 607 Rush St. Office: 217 N. 
Desplaines St. 

BBADIiET, Kenneth McFherson, musical ed- 
ucator; born Campbellsville, Ky., Sept. 27, 1872; 
son J. S. and Anna D. (McPherson) Bradley; 
ed. Add Ran Coll., Tex., 3 yrs., Univ. of Woos- 
ter, O., 1 yr., Univ. of Ky., 2 yrs., Cincinnati 
Coll. of Music, 1 yr., Cincinnati Conservatory, 2 
yrs., by pvt. teacher, Paris, France, 1 yr. ; un- 
married. After finishing sch., organized sch. of 
music at ^Vaxahachie, Tex., removed it 3 yrs. 
later to Fort Worth, Tex., where conducted it 4 
yrs.; dir. Bush Temple Conservatory of Music, 
Chicago, since 1902. Lecturer, pianist, theorist 
and instr. ; has lectured before many musical 
clubs and colls. Author: Harmony and Analy- 

sis. Residence: 39 E. Elm St. Office: Bush 

BBASKET, Anther Daniels, cartoonist; born 
New Haven, Conn., Sept. 29, 1863; son Francis 
and Sarah Beaman (Ruggles) Bradley; ed. Ev- 
anston pub. school, 1866-6; Northwestern Pre- 
paratory Acad., 1867-70; Northwestern Univ., 
1870-3; Yale Coll., 1873-5; married Bvanston, 
111., Oct. 31, 1901, Agnes Floyd Smith; children: 
Francis, John Freeman, Elizabeth, Margaret. 
Upon leaving Yale, 1875, entered business in 
employ of Baird & Bradley, real estate, Chica- 
go; went to Australia, 1882; cartoonist for Aus- 
tralian Tit Bits, 1884; later cartoonist and ed- 
itor Melbourne Life; cartoonist Melbourne 
Punch, 1888-93; returned to Chicago, 1893; car- 
toonist Chicago Journal, 1894, Inter Ocean, 
1894-8, Chicago Daily News and head of art 
dept. since 1899. Independent Republican. Epis- 
copalian. Residence: 822 Michigan Av., Wil- 
mette, HI. Office: The Daily News. 

BBASIiET, Balph Bohlnson, lawyer; born 
Chicago, Mar. 17, 1870; son John and Sophia 
(Robinson) Bradley; ed. pub. schools and Univ. 
of Mich., 1892; LL.B., Northwestern Univ. Law 
School, 1893; married Ft. Madison, la., Jan. 10, 
1900, Maude Louise Morrison. Admitted to bar, 
1893, and became associated in 1894 as a Junior 
partner in the firm of Collins, Goodrich, Dar- 
row & Vincent; In 1895 the present law firm of 
Goodrich, Vincent & Bradley was formed. Re- 
publican. Episcopalian. Clubs: Chicago Yacht, 
Union League, South Shore Country. Resi- 
dence: 5141 Hibbard Av. Office: The Rookery. 

BBADKET, Thomas E. D., lawyer; born on 
father's farm nr. Waynesville, DeWltt Co., 111., 
Dec. 13, 1861; son John Enoch and Sarah 
(Spry) Bradley; grad. 111. State Normal Univ., 
1883; LL.B., Union Coll. of Law, Chicago, 1888; 
married Chicago, June 26, 1890, Lizzie Russell; 
children: Eleanor, Paul Russell. Admitted to 
111. bar, June 14, 1888, and engaged In practice. 
Was prof, of law. Northwestern Univ. Law 
School, 1891-2; prof, law of contracts, evidence 
and equity, jurisprudence and pleading, Kent 
Coll. of Law, 1892-9; now prof, of the law of 
contracts and evidence in Chicago-Kent Coll. of 
Law. Mem. Chicago Bar Assn., Phi Delta Phi. 
Republican. Trustee Chicago Foundlings' Home. 
Active in religious and charitable work. Clubs: 
Illinois, Hamilton. Residence: Wllmette, 111. 
Office: Hartford Bldg. 

BBADSHAW, John Herman, merchant; born 
Mechanicville, Saratoga Co., N.Y., May 4, 1836; 
son William and Lucy (Boynton) Bradshaw; 
ed. district school of Mechanicville; married 
Charlotte, Vt., June 16, 1875, Frances A. Stone 
(died 1902); children: Antoinette (died in in- 
fancy), Grace (Mrs. Rev. Arthur E. Holt), Eu- 
genie Fulton, Agnes Boynton. In mercantile 
life from boyhood; established In business in 
Chicago, 1865, as a mfr. of and wholesale deal- 
er in glucose and syrups; firm became Brad- 
shaw & Wait, 1872, but Mr. Wait retired in 
1897 and he conducted the business alone until 
1909, when he also retired. Pres. of The Ad- 
vance Publishing Co. since 1902. Republican. 
Senior warden emeritus St. Paul's R. E. Church. 
Residence: 1021 Forest Av., Evanston, 111. 

BBAST, Charles Edwin, clergyman; born La- 
Porte, Ind., Nov. 7, 1863; son Isaac Henry and 
Ann Elizabeth (Bastow) Bradt; A.B., Univ. of 
Wooster, O., 1886, A.M., 1889, Ph.D., 1897 (D.D., 
1905) ; married Nellie Acken, of Humboldt, Neb., 
June 11, 1889; children: Margaret, Gordon, Ed- 
win. Ordained Presbyn. ministry, 1889; pastor 
Second Ch., Lincoln, Neb., 1889-96, First Ch., 
Wichita, Kan., 1896-1905; sec. Presbyn. Bd. of 
Foreign Missions at Chicago since 1905. Office: 
509 S. Wabash Av. 

BBASWELIG, James B., jurist; deceased; see 
Vol. 1905. 

BBAD'WEIiIi, Thomas, justice of the peace; 
see Vol. 1905. 


cago, Mar. 28, 1894, Grace O'Brien; children: born Chicago, Nov. 23, 1869; son Charles W. 
Marlon, Thomas. Practiced law a few years; and Mary (Morris) Boynton; ed. pub. and man- 
durlng Mayor Washburn's administration was ual training schools In Chicago until 1886; In 
asst. prosecuting atty. of Chicago; mgr. Lin- real estate business, managing father's proper- 
coin Ice Co., 1892-5; asst. gen. mgr. Knlcker- ty, 1886-9; grad. Cornell Univ. as mech. and 
bocker Ice Co., 1895-6; mem. firm of Walsh, elec. engr., 1893. In U.S. Revenue Service as 2d 
Lange & Co., wholesale grocers, which later be- asst. engr., 1893-4; resigned 1894 to come to 
came Incorporated as Walsh, Boyle & Co., 1897- Chicago; was mgr. and principal of the storage 
1906; now vlce-pres. Boyle Ice Co. Democrat, business of C. W. Boynton until 1906; since 
Mem. Knights of Columbus. Club: 111. Athletic, then pres. Power Equipment Co., contractors 
Recreations: hunting and fishing. Residence: for steam and electric plants. Club: Union 
271 Belden Av. Office: 219-231 N. State St. League. Recreations: golf, motoring, fishing. 

BOTI^E, i;oreu I^aug-liUii; deceased; see Vol. Residence: 211 E. Ontario St. Office: Fisher 
1905. Building. 

BOTIiES, Charles Dickinson, sec. The Albert BBACE, William, lawyer; deceased; see Vol. 
Dickinson Co., field seeds; born Chicago, Aug. 1905. 

1, 1865; son Charles C. and Hannah (Dickinson) BBACEY, Bmltli Hertert, ry. contractor; born 
Boyles; ed. high school, Chicago, and old Chi- Clinton Co., N.Y., Aug. 4, 1859; son A. S. and 
?,^^,- y,"'y-', married Detroit, Jan. 31, 1899, Ann (Roberts) Bracey; came west with parents 
Edith M. Johnson. Began in employ of The Al- when 6 years old and located in Galesburg, 111.; 
bert Dickinson Co. in 18 1 8, while still attending ed. pub. schools of Galesburg; married Crown 
school became asst. sec. on incorporation of the Point, N.Y., Nov. 30, 1879, Nellie A. Speyer; 2 
CO. in 1887, and sec, 1888 Episcopalian. Club: children: Mrs. Charles Blackburn, Smith Her- 
Union League. Recreations: golf, horseback bert, Jr. (died 1901.) Began railroad work as 
riding. Residence: Winnetka, 111. Ofl[ice: W. water boy and successively became section 
lay lor bt. and the river. hand, roadmaster and gen. mgr.; worked on 

BOTIiSTOir, Jolin, engrs'. supplies; born C.,M.&St.P., the C.,B.&Q. and the St. Louis & 
Chicago, May 6, 1864; son John and Alice Grand Tower rys. until 1889, when became a 
(Quinlan) Boylston; ed. pub. schs.; married railroad contractor; has constructed over 3,000 
Mary Moore, of Chicago, 1898; 4 children: Em- miles of railroad In U.S. and 400 miles in Can- 
ily, Marie, John, Ruth. In mercantile business ada; pres., since 1902, Cincinnati, Bluftton & 
since 1886; now pres. Western Kieley Steam Chicago R.R. Republican. Mason, Odd Fellow, 
Specialty Co. and of the Chicago Engrs'. Sup- Independent Order of Red Men. Club: Kenwood, 
ply Co. Residence: 4526 Maiden St. Office: 66 Residence: 1128 E. 47th St. Office: Tribune 
W. Lake St. Building. 

BOTNTOK, Charles T., vlce-pres. Flckands,. BBACH, EmU Julius, mfg. confectioner; born 
Brown & Co.; born West Stockbridge, Mass., Schoenwald, Germany, May 21, 1859; son Mar- 
Dec. 5, 1858; son Charles Sumner and Elizabeth tin and Wilhelmina (Hamler) Brach; brought 
(Thompson) Boynton; ed. pub. schools. Cats- to U.S. by parents when 7 years of age; ed. In 
kill, N.y.; married Anna E. Bell, of Catsklll, schools of Germany and Burlington, la.; mar- 
N.Y., June 17, 1880; 3 children: Elizabeth, rled Katharine A. Cunningham, of Chicago, 
Edith, Donald. Came to Chicago, 1879, and en- Sept. 24, 1885; children: Edwin James, Francis 
tered employ of the Washburn & Moen Mfg. Leo, Anna Theresa. Came to Chicago 31 years 
Co., as ofllce boy, with which remained until ago from Burlington, la., and for 30 years has 
1898, and was gen. western mgr. of that co. been engaged in the confectionery business; 
when it was sold to Am. Steel & Wire Co., of pres. and supt. of the Dreibus-Heim Co., mfg. 
which was gen. sales agt. and dir. until June confectioners, 1896-1904; mfg. confectioner un- 
1900; pres. Shelby Steel Tube Co., 1900-02; vice- der his own name since Dec. 3, 1904. Republlc- 
pres., sec. and dlr. Flckands. Brown & Co. since an. Mem. Royal League. Residence: 4151 Sher- 
Mar. 1, 1902. Also pres. and dir. North Shore idan Road. Office: 503 LaSalle Av. 
Consolidated Gas Co.; dlr. Continental & Com- .__.____._. - _ , . ^ ^ 

merclal Nat. Bank, Continental & Commercial . *BBADBUB-jr,Qeor?e lewis, retired ry. offl- 
Trust Co., Central Trust Co. of 111., Dearborn ^^'^^' ^<^^ ^'- ^^^- 

Co., Calumet Ins. Co., Buck & Rayner Drug Co., BBABEIT, Joseph Coll, Ins. broker; born Jo- 
Zenith Furnace Co. Republican. Clubs: Chlca- liet. 111., Jan. 29, 1868; son Joseph L. and Jane 
go, Onwentsia, Exmoor Country, Evanston (Coll) Braden (father was 14 years editor and 
Country, Highland Park. Recreations: golf, mo- publisher Jollet Republican, and a Lincoln elec- 
torlng, fishing, shooting. Residence: Highland tor); ed. Jollet pub. schools and Univ. of Notre 
Park, 111. Office: Commercial Nat. Bank Bldg. Dame, Ind.; later read law in Jollet; married 

BO-rNTOW, John B., physician; M.D., Hahne- Agnes I. Strlngfield, Dec. 16, 1884, Chicago; 3 
mann Med. Coll., Chicago, 1880. Pres. Hering daughters: Agnes G., Frances Marion, Joseph- 
Med. Coll. Residence: 1324 LaSalle Av. Office: '"e C. Since 1877 has been engaged in the Ins. 
Chicago Savings Bank Bldg. business; established agency of Park & Braden 

^^Z^^ ,^ t. .. , in Joliet, 1879; sold it out, 1881, and since with 

BO-S-ITTON, Melbourne Parker, clergyman: aioore. Case, Lyman & Hubbard, fire ins. agts.; 
born Lynn, Mass., Aoy. b, 186, ; son Benjamin also agt. for Conn. Mutual Life of Hartford, 
Skinner and Mary Elizabeth (Croscup) Boyn- Conn. Has resided in Hyde Park since 1884 and 
ton; ed^ common schools in Mass. and N J.; Cal. has ever since been active in politics there. Re- 
Coll., Oakland, Cal.; Divinity School, Univ. of publican. County central committeeman from 
Chicago (not grad. of any school; special 32d ward, 1894; sec. Cook Co. Campaign Com., 
^""/o^,?,, '"t/??.*^' UI"?;'"'"'^ ?^? 'P^^' ^^h ^^?h 1894; sec. Rep. City Campaign Com., 1895, when 
8, 1892, Hattle Wells. Ordained as a Baptist George B. Swift was elected mayor. Member 
minister. Sept 8, 1892, at San Jose, Cal.; con- board of trustees Sanitary District of Chicago, 
secutively assistant, acting, and pastor First 1895-1906 (chmn. of engring. com. 7 years). 
Ch., San Francisco, 1894-7; pastor Lexington clubs: Chicago Athletic, South Shore Country; 
Av. Church, Chicago, since Aug 189, ; erected also Commercial (Jollet). Recreations: hunt- 
new edifice and dedicated it Oct. 26, 1902. Mem. ) reading. Residence: 3931 Prairie Av. Of- 
headquarters com. 111. Anti-Saloon League; flee' Nat. Life Bldg. 

pres. Beulah Home Assn.; dir. Beulah Home; '. *^, . -rm^-,! , j j 

trustee Shurtleff Coll.; sec. Chicago .Midnight ^**,''f?' W"liaa =- lawyer; deceased; 
Mission; mem, Nat. Vigilance Com.; dir. III. see Vol. 1905. 

Vigilance Assn., 111. Baptist State Convention, BBADFOBO, 'Williani Josiah, wholesale pa- 
Baptist Social Union, Baptist E.xec. Council, per merchant; born in Romulus, N.Y., Nov. 29, 
Co-operative Council of City Missions. Resi- 1858; son Theron and Mary Elizabeth (Draper) 
dence: 6629 Ingleslde Av. Bradford; ninth descendant of Gov. William 

BOYNTOIT, Stuart Dunlevy, mech. engr.; Bradford, of Plymouth, Mass.; reared and ed. 



at Syracuse, N.Y. ; married Marion Emma Lob- 
dell, of Cliicago, Feb. 12, 1895; 2 sons: William 
Josiah, Jr., Cliarles Lobdell. Came to Chicago 
from Syracuse, 1886; in employ of the M. J. 
Pitch Paper Co., 1886-97; on May 1, 1897, estab- 
lished present firm of W. J. Bradford & Co., 
wholesale jobbers, importers and mfrs. of pa- 
per specialties. Also interested in pecan farm- 
ing In Florida. Republican. Mem. Reformed 
Episcopal Ch. Recreations: fishing and motor- 
boating. Residence: 3854 Lake Av. ; Summer 
Residence: Macatawa Park, Mich. Office: 152 
W. Kinzie St. 

BBADIiET, Herbert ., lawyer; born Brook- 
lin, Ont., Can., Dec. 20, 1874; son Thomas and 
Margaret (Bradshaw) Bradley; ed. pub. schools 
of Ont., Port Perry (Ont.) High School, Whitby 
Collegiate Inst.; LL.B., Univ. of Mich., 1900; 
special student In Northwestern Univ. Law 
School, 1909; married Mary W. Hastings, June 
21, 1910. Taught in Canadian schools, 1893-5; 
came to Chicago in 1896; was with firm of Mor- 
gan & Wright until 1898, afterwards engaged 
in gen. practice of law, becoming associated 
with the present firm of MacChesney, Becker & 
Bradley in 1900, admitted to firm in 1903. In- 
terested with Col. MacChesney largely in Chi- 
cago real estate. Republican. Presbyterian. Ma- 
son; Royal Arcanum (Past Regent Fort Dear- 
born Council). Clubs: Hamilton, Twentieth Cen- 
tury. Residence: 834 E. 64th PI. Office: Chicago 
Stock Exchange. 

BBADKE7, John Dorr, real estate agt.; born 
Boston, Feb. 9, 1864; son Richards and Sarah 
A. W. (Merry) Bradley; A.B., Harvard Univ., 
1886, LL.B., 1890; married Chicago, 1896, Fran- 
ces E. Kales; 2 daughters: Alice Pritchard, El- 
eanor. Practiced law in Boston, 1890-3; came to 
Chicago in 1894 and was associated with the 
real estate office of Bryan Lathrop until 1897, 
when became connected with firm of Aldis, Al- 
dis, Northcote & Co., and later mem, present 
firm of Aldis & Co. Clubs: University, City, 
Cliff Dwellers, Onwentsia. Recreations: agri- 
culture, outdoor sports. Residence: Lake For- 
est, 111. Office; Monadnock Blk. 

BBAD^EY, Josepli Harley, mfr.; born Ra- 
cine, Wis., Sept. 30, 1844; son David and Cyn- 
thia (Abbott) Bradley; removed with parents 
to Chicago, 1845; ed. Chicago pub. schools; mar- 
ried 1872, Margie Peugeot, of Brooklyn, N.Y. 
(died 1896); 4 daughters. Partner in firm of 
Jones, Ellinwood & Bradley, implements and 
seeds, 1865-8; Bradley & Banks, jobbers of farm 
implements, 1868-72; sec, 1872-82, Furst & 
Bradley Mfg. Co. (plows and agricultural im- 
plements), in which his father was partner; 
vice-pres. David Bradley Mfg. Co., 1882-99; then 
succeeded his father as pres. till Jan. 1910; also 
pres. Bradley, Clark & Co., Minneapolis, till 
Jan. 1909; pres. David Bradley & Co. (now 
Bradley, Merriam & Smith), Council Bluffs, la.; 
pres. Bradley, Alderson & Co., Kansas City; dir. 
Northern Trust Co. from its organization to 
1907. Has been active in affairs of Chicago Re- 
lief and Aid See. (dir. 1883-4); one of organiz- 
ers Chicago Freight Bureau; pres. Citizens" 
Assn., 1891. Clubs: Chicago, Commercial (pres. 
1904), Union League. Was pres. Illinois Club, 
1883-5. Residence: 607 Rush St. Office: 217 N. 
Desplaines St. 

BBASKEY, Xenneth McPbergon, musical ed- 
ucator; born Campbellsville, Ky., Sept. 27, 1872; 
son J. S. and Anna D. (McPherson) Bradley; 
ed. Add Ran Coll., Tex., 3 yrs., Univ. of Woos- 
ter, O., 1 yr., Univ. of Ky., 2 yrs., Cincinnati 
Coll. of Music, 1 yr., Cincinnati Conservatory, 2 
yrs., by pvt. teacher, Paris, France, 1 yr. ; un- 
married. After finishing sch., organized sch. of 
music at Waxahachie, Tex., removed it 3 yrs. 
later to Fort Worth, Tex., where conducted it 4 
yrs.; dir. Bush Temple Conservatory of Music, 
Chicago, since 1902. Lecturer, pianist, theorist 
and instr. ; has lectured before many musical 
clubs and colls. Author: Harmony and Analy- 

sis. Residence: 39 E. Elm St. Office: Bush 

BBADJ^ET, Knther Daniels, cartoonist; born 
New Haven, Conn., Sept. 29, 1853; son Francis 
and Sarah Beaman (Ruggles) Bradley; ed. Ev- 
anston pub. school, 1865-6; Northwestern Pre- 
paratory Acad., 1867-70; Northwestern Univ., 
1870-3; Yale Coll., 1873-5; married Evanston, 
111., Oct. 31, 1901, Agnes Floyd Smith; children: 
Francis, John Freeman, Elizabeth, Margaret. 
Upon leaving Yale, 1875, entered business in 
employ of Baird & Bradley, real estate, Chica- 
go; went to Australia, 1882; cartoonist for Aus- 
tralian Tit Bits, 1884; later cartoonist and ed- 
itor Melbourne Life; cartoonist Melbourne 
Punch, 1888-93; returned to Chicago, 1893; car- 
toonist Chicago Journal, 1894, Inter Ocean, 
1894-8, Chicago Daily News and head of art 
dept. since 1899. Independent Republican. Epis- 
copalian. Residence: 822 Michigan Av., WU- 
mette. 111. Office: The Daily News. 

BRADIiE'S', Balph Robinson, lawyer; born 
Chicago, Mar. 17, 1870; son John and Sophia 
(Robinson) Bradley; ed. pub. schools and Univ. 
of Mich., 1892; LL.B., Northwestern Univ. Law 
School, 1893; married Ft. Madison, la., Jan. 10, 
1900, Maude Louise Morrison. Admitted to bar, 
1893, and became associated in 1894 as a junior 
partner in the firm of Collins, Goodrich, Dar- 
row & Vincent; In 1895 the present law firm of 
Goodrich, Vincent & Bradley was formed. Re- 
publican. Episcopalian. Clubs: Chicago Yacht, 
Union League, South Shore Country. Resi- 
dence; 5141 Hibbard Av. Office: The Rookery. 

BBADXiET, Thomas E. D., lawyer; born on 
father's farm nr. Waynesvllle, DeWltt Co., 111., 
Dec. 13, 1861; son John Enoch and Sarah 
(Spry) Bradley; grad. 111. State Normal Univ., 
1883; LL.B., Union Coll. of Law, Chicago, 1888; 
married Chicago, June 26, 1890, Lizzie Russell; 
children: Eleanor, Paul Russell. Admitted to 
111. bar, June 14, 1888, and engaged in practice. 
Was prof, of law. Northwestern Univ. Law 
School, 1891-2; prof, law of contracts, evidence 
and equity, jurisprudence and pleading, Kent 
Coll. of Law, 1892-9; now prof, of the law of 
contracts and evidence in Chicago-Kent Coll. of 
Law. Mem. Chicago Bar AssJi., Phi Delta Phi. 
Republican. Trustee Chicago Foundlings' Home. 
Active in religious and charitable work. Clubs: 
Illinois, Hamilton. Residence: Wilmette, 111. 
Office: Hartford Bldg. 

BBADSHA'V, John Kerman, merchant; born 
Alechanicvilie, Saratoga Co., N.Y., May 4, 1836; 
son William and Lucy (Boynton) Bradshaw; 
ed. district school of Mechanicville; married 
Charlotte, Vt., June 16, 1875, Frances A. Stone 
(died 1902); children: Antoinette (died in in- 
fancy), Grace (Mrs. Rev. Arthur E. Holt), Eu- 
genie Fulton, Agnes Boynton. In mercantile 
life from boyhood; established in business in 
Chicago, 1865, as a mfr. of and wholesale deal- 
er in glucose and syrups; firm became Brad- 
shaw & Walt, 1872, but Mr. Wait retired in 
1897 and he conducted the business alone until 
1909, when he also retired. Pres. of The Ad- 
vance Publishing Co. since 1902. Republican. 
Senior warden emeritus St. Paul's R. E. Church. 
Residence: 1021 Forest Av., Evanston, 111. 

BBADT, Charles Edwin, clergyman; born La- 
Porte, Ind., Nov. 7, 1863; son Isaac Henry and 
Ann Elizabeth (Bastow) Bradt; A.B., Univ. of 
Wooster, O., 1886, A.M., 1889, Ph.D., 1897 (D.D., 
1905) ; married Nellie Acken, of Humboldt, Neb., 
June 11, 1889; children: Margaret, Gordon, Ed- 
win. Ordained Presbyn. ministry, 1889; pastor 
Second Ch., Lincoln, Neb., 1889-96, First Ch., 
Wichita, Kan., 1896-1905; sec. Presbyn. Brt. of 
Foreign Missions at Chicago since 1905. Office: 
509 S. Wabash Av. 

BBAD'WEIiX,, James B., jurist; deceased; see 

Vol. 1905. 

BBAD'WEIiZ,, Thomas, justice of the peace; 
see Vol. 1905. 


BItADT, Hng'o, mfr.; born Cuxhaven, Ger- chael Brand, until 1874; then conducted a brew- 
many, Sept. 12, 1854; son B. I. and Emma ery of his own at Blue Island, 111., 1874-8; sold 
(Friedman) Brady; ed. pub. schools in Ger- out and became partner with his uncle, organ- 
many; emigrated to U.S., 1869; married Chica- izing: corporation of Michael Brand & Co., 
go, June 16, 1885, Mathilde Schoenfeld; chil- which, in 1891, became part of the U.S. Brew- 
dren: Paul A. and Doris. Was clerk in retail ing Co., of which is now pres., treas. and dir. 
mens furnishing store, Washington, D.C., 1869- Also pres., treas. and dir. of U.S. Security Co. 
75; mem. Arm of Franc & Brady, men's furnish- Was city treas. of Chicago, 1881-3; mem. Board 
ings, Toledo, O., 1875-9; founder and propr. of Education, 1884-7; Democrat. Mason (32 >. 
mens furnishing goods store of Hugo Brady, Club: Germania Maennerehor. Recreation; farm- 
Peoria, 111., 1879-83; since 1883 mem. of firm of ing. Kosidence: 53 Cedar St. Office; First Nat. 
Friedlander, Brady & Co., mfrs. of knit goods. Bank Bldg. 

vfJ?,ii'''J,="A '"l^m'^ relision. Residence: 4812 bbaito, Vlr^ll Michael, brewer; born Blue 

Vincennes Av. Office: 501 S. Green St. Island, 111., Jan 16, 1862; son Michael and Phil- 

*BBADT, John Franklin; see Vol. 1905. ippine Brand; ed. pub. schools of Chicago. With 

BRAGDOIT, Merritt Caldwell, physician; born Michael Brand Brewing Co., 1878-89, which be- 

Auburn, N.Y., Jan. 6, 1850; son Charles P. and came a part of the U.S. Brewing Co., with 

Sarah (Cushman) Bragdon; A.B., Northwestern which remained until 1891. Was out of busi- 

Univ., 1870, A.M., M.D., 1873; post-grad, studies "S' 1891-9, but in the latter year established 

in Chicago Med. Coll., Hahnemann Med. Coll., the Brand Brewing Co., of which has since been 

Phila., and at Vienna; married Elizabeth Wavne Pres. and mgr.; was also pres. Globe Brewing 

Byerly, of Philadelphia, June 6, 1876; children: Co. till it was absorbed by the Brand Brewery 

Eliiabeth.Wayne.CharlesRidgaway, Sara Fran- Co., Jan. 1, 1910; vice-pres. Brandsyille Fruit 

ces, Merritt Caldwell, Jr. Engaged in medical Farm Co. Mem. K.P., Art Inst, of Chicago, Ger- 

practice at Evanston since 1873; mem. attend- '"=n Hist. Soc, Chicago Numismatic Soc. Club: 

ing staff Evanston Hosp. Dir. State Bank of I>1- Athletic. Residence and Office: 2530 Elston 

Evanston. Mem. Board of Edn., Evanston; trus- Avenue. 

tee Northwestern Univ. since 1899, also First BBANDBIFF, Charles Daniel, ry. accountant; 

Methodist Church, Evanston. Mem. Am. Inst, born Millville, N.J., Feb. 18, 1874; son Charles 

of Homoeopathy, 111. State Med. Soc. Residence: P. and Emma J. (Gandy) Brandrift; grad. Mis- 

1709 Chicago Av., Evanston, 111. souri Valley (la.) High Sch., 1891; student la. 

BBAIZTABS, Edward Chauncey; born Cleve- ("ow Grinnell) Coll., Grinnell, la., 1892-5; B.U. 

land, O., Jan. 12, 1856; son Chauncey and Ma- Uniy of Mich 1897; married Lola E. Chapman, 

linda (Parks) Brainard; ed. pub. schools of "' Missouri Valley, la.. May 6, 1901; 1 son: 

Cleveland; married Chicago. Nov. 1881, Eleanor Charles Edward. In service with C.&N.W.Ry. 

Millar; 1 son: Millar. Treas. and trustee Mu- since 1897, successively as accountant, Missouri 

tual Life Ins. Co. of 111., 1902-4; retired from Valley, la ,1897-9, accountant, gen offices, Chi- 

active business Dec. 31, 1908. Republican: del. cago, 1900-2, gen. bookkeeper, 1903-9, and gen. 

Republican State Convention, 1904. Clubs: Union ?,"'5''?I, ^'"S,*'J^S?' V ^f^'^- Res'dence: Glencoe, 

League, Suburban of LaGrange. Residence: 237 !" Office: 226 W. Jackson Boul. 

S. Spring Av., LaGrange, 111. Office; The Rook- BBANST, Qeorg'e Washingrton, lawyer; 1848- 

ery. 1910; see Vol. 1905. 

BBAND, Charles Herbert, sand; born Mill- BBAJBTEIT, Frank, physician; born Fayette 

edgeville. 111., Nov. 16, 1864; son Isaac and Co., O., Aug. 5, 1865; son William and Margaret 

Emma Viola (Seville) Brand; B.L., Northwest- (Briggs) Branen; ed. Ohio Wesleyan Univ. ; M.D., 

em Univ., 1887; married Chicago, Nov. 15, 1892, Hahnemann Med. College. Philadelphia, 1891; 

Franc Warner; 1 son: Warner Holmes. After married Charles City, la., Sept. 10. 1894, Lillian 

leaving college was employed in the banking Sanford. Gynecologist to Garfield Sanitarium; 

house of Preston, Kean & Co., and later with prof, gynecology, Hering Med. Coll. Mem. 111. 

the 111. Trust & Savings Bank; in 1889 went State Homoe. Med. Assn., Cook Co. Homoe. Med. 

with the New England Mutual Life Ins. Co. as Soc. Republican. Mason (K.P.). Residence: 

cashier of the 111. agency until 1902; mem. firm 2338 W. Monroe St. Office: 32 N. State St. 

Morrison & Brand, accident ins., 1902-5; in Cal., bsaitsaic Bsnlamin ^tma niihli<jhpr and 

^'.''n'd'h^'"*if,i^?r'ya"?^c.^"tPJf%^'H^<?''-^^'" prfnte'^o^^bwe^^C?',' K^^^Mk/oe '?865; ISn 
?f"'*i??n' %^ K^***^- SfT"'^.'''/iw"'l '-^''- V,"''^ Benjamin Osborne and Nannie S. (Forsee) 
Mar. 1910. Republican. Methodist. Recreation: Branham; ed. pub. schs. of Kentucky; married 
motoring. Residence: 517 Oakwood Boul. Of- sallie A. Johnson, of Ky., Sept. 8, 1882; chil- 
fice; Merchants Loan & Trust Bldg. <jren; Goldie M., Bessie P., Lucille M., Camille 
BBAND, Horace I^.; born Chicago, Oct. 6. L. Began learning printing trade in early boy- 
1868; son Michael and Philippine (Darmstaet- hood; became connected with the Courier-Jour- 
ter) Brand; prep. edn. University School, Chica- nal Job Printing Co., Louisville, Ky., 1884, and 
go; grad. Mass. Inst. Technology, Boston, 1891; has since remained with that co., becoming vice- 
married Louise M. Keller, July 27, 1897; mar- pres. in 1902; also vice-pres. Ins. Field Co., 
ried 2d, Mrs. Margareta True, Jan. 31, 1910; Louisville, publishers of weekly ins. paper; also 
daughter: Erna. Was graduated as mech. engr.; pres. Commercial Publishing Co., Chicago, pub- 
employed in Chicago Iron Works, 1891; sec. to lishers of the Hotel Bulletin. Democrat. Bap- 
his father in real estate and loan business, tist. Club: Union League. Residence: 627 Ful- 
1892-5, furniture mfr. in Chicago, 1895-7; mgr. lerton Boul. Office: 39 S. LaSalle St. 
of a fruit farm in Mo., 1897-1900. Since 1900 bBAUN, David Johann, mfr.; born Esslingen, 
pres. and dir of Brand Bros. Co.; sec. and dir. Kingdom of Wiirttemberg. Germany, Dec. 30 
BrandsvMlIe Fruit Farm Co.; dir 111. Pub Co.: jgjo; son Johann N. and Rosine (Hamm) 
pres. and dir Vril Co German Lutheran Clubs: Braun; attended pub. school from 6th to 14th 
Germania Maennerehor, Exmoor Country, 111. y^ar, and attended several courses of evening 
Athletic, Marquette, University, South Shore schools later on; married Buffalo, N.Y., Apr. 2, 

??}" xV^r:VJ'A'"''''"S*''J^I-^?"i?,?"'" ^J.- "*^''- 1868, Laura U. Hiiussler; children: Rosa Clara 
104 N. 5th Av. and 23-2o W. Illinois St. (Mrs. c. E. Browne), Frieda Laura (Mrs. James 
BBAND, Bndolph, pres. United States Brew- C. Downs), Sidney D. R. Served 4 years' ap- 
ing Co.; born Odernheim, near Mainz-on-the- prenticeship as metal spinner in Grermany: came 
Rhine, Germany, Apr. 10, 1851; ed. schools of to U.S. Feb. 1867; worked at trade in Buffalo. 
Darmstadt, Germany; married Chicago, 1875, 1867-70; came to (Chicago, Aug. 1870; worked at 
Clara, daughter of Ernest Uhlich; children; trade for Taft, Schwamb & Co. until Nov. 1874; 
Hedwig (Mrs. Carl M. Gottfried), Philip Ru- mem. firm Braun & Geiss. electric fixtures, 
dolph, Alfred. Learned brewing trade in Darm- 1874-7; changed to Braun & Abbott, 1877-80; 
stadt, whence came direct to Chicago in 1868; bought out Mr. Abbott, 1880, and conducted 
connected with the brewery of his uncle. Mi- under own name until incorporating the David 


J. Braun Mfg. Co., 18S9. Republican. Mem. and paper.s, for titles see Who's Who In Amer- 
Herder Lodpe No. 609 A.P.&A.M.; Odd Fellow, ica. Residence: 5545 Lexington Av. 
Residence: 6800 N. Ashland Av., Rogers Park. BSECHEB, Oicar W., lawyer; born Sand- 
Offlce: Washington and Union Sts. wich. 111.. Dec. 5, 1871; son Gustave and Bar- 

'BBAT, Frank Cbapin, editor; see Vol. 1905. bara (Woelfel) Brecher; grad. Lake View High 

School, 1889, Chicago Coll. of Law (Lake For- 
est Univ.), 1892; married Dora Brauckmann, 

BBEAXSTONE, Benjamin Henry, physician, 

surgeon; born Suwolk, Poland. Russia, Mar. 27, of Chicaeo Oct "l 1896- 2 children- Helen 

i^V':^"^ .il'i'^LI'''''^r^Vl^.ff^%o^n^^"'J^^ GeoVginl^andPaul Velford.' Ai^ftted to l!l 

tlsky) Breakstone; edp^-imary school and ^ar. 1892; associated with law firms of Blanke 

Grammar School No. 2, New York City to 1889 ^ Chytraus, Blanke, Chytraus & Deneen and 

grad. Scranton (Pa.) High School, 1893. 111. chytraus & Deneen 1889-98, with Deneen & 

Coll. of Psychology and Suggestiv-e Tlierape^^ Hamill, and Charles H. Hamlll, 1899-1906, Ro- 

^'S^'^Vf^a?ti,"kJ?. iIqs? M D R ,,h Me^ Pni senthal & Hamill, 1906-10; senior mem. Brecher 

P- ic?a'''4*'c.^?.'^- ^*'*?' ^?,; ^i^in.^??;,S^l,' & Chindblom since June 1910. Republican. 

}?*''i^o^^'T?-^- ^?r?l*Q? ^o^yi'oi^Rr^co ^h1% Congregationalist. Mem. 111. State and Chicago 

Cook Co Hosp 1897-9; married Rose Fried- Bar aslns. Mem. Royal League. Club: City, 

man of Chicago, Apr^^ 190o; 2 children- Judah Recreations: motor-boating, flfhing, etc. Resi- 

Reuben and Blanche Dorothy. Asst in gyneco- ^^^^6: 516 Briar PI. OfflceT 167 W. Washington 

logical clinic, 189(-9. asst. attending neurolo- atre-e^t 

gist, 1899-1900, attending surgeon, 1900-1, house i.i:i:_^.^. ., _, 

physician, 1901-2, Central Free Dispensary; ad- ^ BBECKrUTlIDGE, WiUiam leyrtB, civil engr.; 

junct prof, chemistry, Jenner Med. Coll., 1899- J)orn Louisville, Ky., June 29, 1857; son Marcus 

1900; physician to (and honorary member) P- ap<J Lucy (Long) Breckinridge; prep. edn. 

Friends of Poor since 1898; physician to (and public schools, Alton, 111.; C.E., Washington 

honorary mem.) Mutual Friends 2d Regt. 111. Univ., St. Louis, 1879 (hon. M.A. 1906); mar- 

Vols. since 1898; attending surgeon, 1899-1901, "ed Irene Waples, of Alton, III., Oct. 15, 1891; 

surgeon-in-chlef since 1901, Red Shield Sanita- 2 sons: William Lewis, Jr., and Frank. Began 

rium; surgeon-in-chief dept. of skin, venereal engring. career with the C.,B.&Q:R.R., 1879, 

and genito-urinary diseases, Malmonides Poly- ?"d became engn of maintenance of way, 1900. 

clinic HosD.: adjunct prof, diseases of women, Mem. Am. Soc. Civil Engrs , Am. Ry. Engring. 

111. Med. Coll.. 1900-2; attending dermatologist ^^ Maintenance of Way Assn., Western Soc. 

and genito-urinary surgeon. 111. Med. Coll. Dls- ?"S'"^-RP"y"-, J^s"'g"<=e= **65 Berkeley 

pensary, 1899-1901; attending gynecologist, 1904, Av. Office: 226 W. Adams St. 
and since 1901 asso. attending surgeon. United *BBECKOIT, Charles Ijandon, newspaper pub. ; 

Hebrew Charities Dispensary; prof, genito-uri- see Vol. 1905. 

nary surgery and venereal diseases, Jenner BBESE, Max ., vice-pres Albert Pick & 

Med. Coll 1903-9; attending surgeon. Olivet co.; born New York City, Feb. 25, 1865; son 

Mission Dispensary, since 1903; surgeon to (^ook Lewis and Esther (Ettlinger) Brede; ed. in 

Co. Hospital, 1904; consulting surgeon Mary Chicago pub. schools; married Chicago, Mar. 4, 

T'!.P^.'^" Hosp. for Women and Children, since iggg, Rosa Pick; children: Maude, Teresa. Lived 

1909; attending surgeon Jefferson Park Hosp. for 15 years In Mo., in general merchandising 

and Polyclinic since 1908; prof, genito-urinary business; returned to Chicago, 1890, and was 

and clinical surgery Bennett Med. ColL (Car- ( g^oe business on the West Side; connected 

negie Univ ), 1909-10; prof sure-ery, Bennett .^pith the Chicago Bar Supply Co., 1901, which 

Med. Coll. (Loyola Univ.), since 1910; founder, later consolidated with Albert Pick & Co., of 

dir. and surgeon-in-chief Maimonides Kosher which has since been vice-president. Mason; 

Hosp.; dir. Chicago Hebrew Inst., 190 1 -9. Au- b.P.O.E. Residence: 4755 Forrestville Av. Of- 

$r,''i.^/J? P^^ ^"'p''^V,'*5^'?- Chicago and flee: 212 W. Randolph St. 
111. State Med. socs.. Am. Med. Assn.; 1st vice- - .i . . <.i i , tn 

pres. West Chicago Med. Soc. since 1902; hon- **=?,?''' f/" ?'^*i,l?""y'^: ^ Minne- 

Srary alumnus 111. Med. Coll.; founder and apolis, Minn Mar. 14, 1873; son of John (Dscar 

mem. West Side Physicians' Club. Mem. and ^"5 Marie (Lyons) Breding, ed. pub. schools 

examiner E.R.K.P., I.W.S.O., O.B.A., A.O.S., K.& "<' Centra] High School, Minneapolis gradu- 

L.S., LO.B.C.U.; mem. LO.O.F. Clubs: Lawn- ating, 1892: student Univ. of Minn.; John IV^r- 

dale Self-Educational. McKinley League. El- ^S^ll,^!?;.,? *'-S2l'.,]!i''^<- ^^^Zl'^V'^ ^lonfT 

dorado. Independent Republican Recreations: ?vr^Lif2'^;J^^E!?^^^f" 1^ x^iL^^^ =1^ 

music and art. Residence: 3716 Douglas Boul. "'^"^f "*' .fl^t?'i'*'; 5""^=^ ^ "'^^"'i',' '"p^^"^*" 

Office- 32 N State St nership with Michael Gesas, as Breding & Ge- 

' sas, commercial, corpn., real estate, probate 

BBEASTED.ffamesHenry, Egyptologist; born and bankruptcy law, since May 1. 1908. Mem. 
Rockford, 111., Aug. 27, 1865; son Charles and Chicago Bar Assn. Mason, K.T., Shriner. Rec- 
Harriet N. (Garrison) Breasted; A.B., North- reations: boating, sailing and rowing in sum- 
western Coll., 1888; studied Chicago Theol. Sem. mer; devotes attention to private library In 
(particularly Hebrew), 1888-90; A.M., Yale, winter. Office: 1129, 76 W. Monroe St. 

BBEED, Boswell Allen, proprietor Internat. 

1892; A.M., Ph.D.. Univ. of Berlin, 1894; (hon. 

^f T-.,i ' f <-.!,,--, /-^ii<,n f T-i years with J. T. Lester & Co. and 5 years m 

^ rv,?nL i^- ^^?^l fsi^i ? ^h.^^f= rX.tY^lr business for self until 1888, when began with 

wi^hll^^n5 r^.?^o.?iV WQ7?LXtT?1nn^ V.^^ Norwich Belt Mfg. Co. (established 1845) as 

Richmond (Va.) Coll., 1897; apptd (1900) on a western mgr., and in 1900. when the co. was in- 

?:^S,1^,'".^r;S" 4,.l^^!r"/<f"'?^n2^ ^"^'Jni'/ corporated became its prks.. in which capacity 

commn. of the Royal acads. of Germany (Ber- remained until Feb.. 1910. when became propr. 

lin. Leipzig, Munich. Gottingen). to copy and mternat. Leather & Belting Co. Republican. 

arrange the Egyptian inscriptions in those mu- protestant. Club: 111. Athletic. Recreations: 

seums for the Egyptian dictionary, for the athletic exercises. Residence: 111. Athletic Club. 

completion of which the acads. were commLs- office: 646 Washington Boul. 

sioned and endowed bv the German Emperor; ___- . _^ , . ,. j 

dir. Egyptian expdn. of Univ. of Chicago, 1903. ,.^*^?A' CHarles -W., capitalist; deceased; see 

Asso. editor American Journal Semitic Lan- y ol. 190a. 

guages. The Biblical World. Hon. mem. Royal BBEITTJITO, Alliert, cigar mfr. ; born Saal- 

Acad. Sciences, Berlin. Author of various books feld, Germany, Sept. 27, 1861. Came to America, 



1884. Mem. Chicago Assn. Commerce, Royal 
Arcanum, Nat. Union; Mason (32). Clubs: 
Union League, Chicago Athletic, Hamilton, 
South Shore Country, Chicago Automobile, Ger- 
mania Maennerchor. Residence: 427 Wright- 
wood Av. Office: 306 S. Dearborn St. 

BHEMEBICAN, ewl8 Wine, surgeon; born 
Washington, D.C., Aug. 12, 1877; son Laban 
Trout and Helen Kate (Rhinehart) Bremer- 
man; prep. edn. pub. grammar and high schs., 
Washington; A.B., Central High Sch., Phila., 
1897, A.M., 1905: M.D., Jefferson Med. College, 
Phila., 1900; married Helen Tope, of Oak Park, 
III., Sept. 26, 1905 (died Sept. 13, 1906). Interne, 
Pa. Hospital for Injured Persons, Fountain 
Springs, Pa., 1900, W. W. Backus Hosp., Nor- 
wich, Conn., 1901; practiced surgery at New 
York, 1902-7, at Chicago since 1907; specialist 
in kidneys and bladder. Asso. prof, urology, 
1904-5, prof., 1905-7, New York Sch. of Clinical 
Medicine; prof, urology, Bennett and Practi- 
tioners' Med. colls., Chicago, since 1910; sur- 
geon to Oak Park Hosp. Apptd. 1st It. U.S.A. 
Med. Reserve Corps, 1911. Democrat. Method- 
ist. Mem. Am. Urological Assn. (a founder). 
Am. Med. Assn., Congress of Clinical Surgeons 
of N. America, Chicago Urol. Soc, Chicago Med. 
Society, Am. Soc. of Magicians. Clubs: Chicago 
Automobile, Southern. Recreations: magic and 
necromancy; has devised modifications and in- 
vented many new experiments in magic. Resi- 
dence: 350 Lake St., Oak Park, III. Office: SOS- 
SOD, 7 W. Madison St. 

BBEMNEB, David Francis, retired; born Ot- 
tawa, Can.. June 30, 1839; son Robert and Ra- 
chel (Brooks) Bremner; removed to Chicago, 
with parents, 1848; ed. Univ. of St. Mary's of 
the Lake; married 1865, Katherine, daughter 
James Michie, of Lyons, 111. In 1861 was 2d 
It. of the Highland Guard, a co. of I.N.G. under 
the first call for 90 days, which, at the expira- 
tion of that term, enlisted as a body for 3 
years, becoming Co. E, 19th 111. Vols., of which 
was 1st It.; won a captaincy at battle of Mur- 
freesboro; at Missionary Ridge, carried the reg- 
imental flag over the last entrenchment, after 
three of its bearers had been shot down in 
quick succession and his own overcoat had been 
riddled with bullets. After war engaged as 
cracker mfr. at Cairo, 111., in 1865; sold out and 
establisiied in same business in Chicago; busi- 
ness was merged in Am. Biscuit & Mfg. Co., of 
which was pres. ; later it became part of the 
National Biscuit Co., of which was a dept. mgr. 
and dir. until about 1906. Was 3 years mem. 
of the Chicago Bd. of Edn. Residence: 5001 
Greenwood Av. 

BBEMNEB, Qeorgre Hampton, civil engr. ; 
born Marshalltown, la.. Dec. 17, 1861; son Will- 
iam and Catherine C. (Hampton) Bremner; C.E., 
State Univ. of la., 1883; married Red Oak, la., 
Sept. 5, 1888, Louie A. Stephenson; children: 
Charles W., Annabel P., George H., Jr. Since 
graduation engaged in. engring. works in ry. 
service, beginning with the C.G.W.Ry., 1883, 
and C.&N.-W.Ry., 1884; since 1884, with the C, 
B.&Q.Ry. In various positions, now engr. of the 
111. dlst. Mem. Am. Soc. Civil Engrs., Western 
Soc. Engrs., Am. Ry. Engring. and Maintenance 
of Way Assn., Engrs.' Club. Residence: 37 N. 
Madison Av., LaGrange, 111. Office: 226 W. Ad- 
ams St. 

BBEMNXB, Bobert Joseph, mfr.; born Chica- 
go, Sept. 20, 1S64; son Robert John and Annie 
(Connelly) Bremner; ed. pub. school, Orland, 
111., 2 years at St. Ignatius Coll., followed by 
6 months at Bryant & Stratton Business Coil, 
in 1881; married Chicago, Oct. 20, 1886, Susan 
Riordan; children: Robert Joseph, Jr., Frank 
M., Susan L., Joseph Edward, Paul A., Walter 
J., Aloysius and James. Since leaving school 
has been continuously engaged In the baking 
business, beginning with the D. F. Bremner 
Baking Co., and later with the Am. Biscuit Co.; 
then for 6 years with the Nat. Biscuit Co., from 

whom, on Jan. 1, 1904, acquired the plant for- 
merly known as the William Sclimidt Bakery. 
Mem. Catholic Order of Foresters, Knights of 
Columbus. Recreations: fishing, hunting and 
bowling. Residence: 4728 N. Ashland Av. Of- 
fice: 1276-1282 Clybourn Av. 

BBEmrAN, Frederick Kazlitt, sec. and treas. 
The N. K. Fairbank Co.; born Buffalo, N.Y., 
Mar. 16, 1857; son Barnabas Hazlitt and Emma 
R. (Ketchum) Brennan; ed. Heathcote School, 
Buffalo, N.Y., Shattuck (mil.) School, Faribault, 
Minn., and Univ. of Va. ; unmarried. Began 
as accountant with The N. K. Fairbank Co., 
1884; then mgr. of their New Y'ork office, 1896- 
8, and has been sec. and treas. (at Chicago) 
since 1898. Mem. Chicago Bd. of Trade. Re- 
publican. Episcopalian. Club: Press. Recrea- 
tion: equestrianism. Residence: 709 Bitter- 
sweet PI. Office: Tribune Bldg. 

BBENKAH', Patrick, pres. The Independent 
Packing Co.; born Ireland, May 4, 1861; son of 
James and Mary (Flannery) Brennan; came to 
America with parents, 1864; ed. pub. schools; 
married Annie M. Boggle, of Chicago, Feb. 9, 
1882. Became connected with the Union Stock 
Yards, 1878, and soon commenced to deal in 
live stock; started a slaughter house, 1897, un- 
der the name of The Nat. Provision Co.; prop- 
erty totally destroyed by fire in summer of 
1904; at once formed The Independent Packing 
Co., of which has since been pres. Member 
Knights of Columbus. Clubs: South Shore 
Country. Chicago Athletic. Residence: 4941 
Drexel Boul. Office: 41st and Halsted Sts. 

BBENHTAN, William Francis, contractor and 
mfr.; born St. Louis, Aug. 26, 1860; son Peter 
and Sarah Agnes (Ryan) Brennan; moved to 
Winona, Minn., with parents, 1861; ed. pub. 
schools of Minn, and State Normal School, Wi- 
nona; married Dubuque, la.. May 14, 1890, Mary 
Julia Early; children: Marjorie, Leone, Alice 
and Frances; also Anna and Mary, who died in 
infancy. In railroad constrn., 1876-94; general 
mgr. Chicago Gen. Ry. Co., 1894-9; mem. Bd. of 
Aldermen, 12th Ward, 1899-1902; deputy commr. 
pub. works, 1902-4; since in contracting and 
mfg. business; pres. Brennan Electric Constrn. 
Co., Blockl & Brennan Constrn. Co., Blocki- 
Brennan Refining Co., Heat, Power & Refriger- 
ation Co. Democrat. Catholic. Mem. Knights 
of Columbus. Club: 111. Athletic. Residence: 
1936 Turner Av. Office: 15 N. LaSalle St. 

BBENITBMANN, Joseph, physician; born Pe- 
ru, 111.. Sept. 25, 1872; son Joseph and Mary 
(Schaefer) Brennemann; Ph.B., Univ. of Mich., 
1895; M.D., Northwestern Univ. Med. School, 
1900; St. Luke's Hosp., 1900-2; married Bessie 

D. Daniels, of Chicago, Jan. 2, 1905; 2 children: 
Mary Elizabeth, Barbara. Asst. prof, diseases 
of children, Northwestern Univ. Med. School, 
since 1909; prof, same, Chicago Post-Grad. Med. 
School, 1905-6; attending physician diseases of 
children, St. Luke's and Wesley hosps. Mem. 
Chicago Med. Soc, Englewood Med. Soc; sec. 
Chicago Pediatric Soc. ; mem. Nu Sigma Nu. Re- 
publican. Residence: 4632 Lake Av. Office: 309 

E. 47th St. 

BBBmrEB, Oeorere, mgr. City office of Swift 
& Co.; born Chicago, May 28, 1860; son George 
and Mary Ann (Haven) Brenner; ed. Chicago 
pub. schools; married Chicago, May 17, 1883, 
Eugenia F. Johnson; children: Edith A., George 
J., Eugenia M. First business experience was 
in employ of S. D. Childs, Jr. & Co., printers; 
then with Frank Clifton & Co.. grain and provi- 
sions, as settling and margin clerk on the Bd. 
of Trade; remained with that firm 15 vears and 
in 1888 became identified with Swift & Co., as 
bookkeeper, and eventually assumed present 
position as city mgr., and Board of Trade rep- 
resentative. Member Ravenswood Whist Club. 
Residence: 5448 Lakewood Av. Office: 1236, 76 
W. Monroe St. 

BBEKTAITO, Theodore, judge; born Kalama- 
zoo, Mich., Mar. 29, 1854; son Lorenzo and Car- 


oline Brentano; ed. pub. schs. and in Germany Blaine Jackson. Practiced In Chicago since 1876; 
and Switzerland; LL.B., LL.M., Nat. Univ., 1881; was mem. Arm of Brickwood & Walker until 
married Minnie Claussenius, of Chicago, May election of partner to municipal Judgeship, 
17, 1S87; children: Johanna von Tilly, Carola, 1906; apptd. master in chancery. Circuit Court 
Dorothy. Home has been in Chicago since 1859; of Cook Co., 111., Dec. 1906. Editor Brickwood's 
admitted to bar by Supreme Ct., D.C., 1882; Sackett on Instructions to Juries. Republican, 
attv. in office of corpn. counsel, 1887; asst. city Congregationallst. Mem. Chicago Bar Assn., 111. 
atty. Chicago, 1888; judge Superior Ct., Cook State Bar Assn. Mem. I.N.G. (cav.), 1877-81, 
Co.. since 1890; present term expires, 1915. Re- also Mounted Special Police, July 1877 (Agra- 
publican. Clubs: Marquette, Germania Maen- monte's Cav.). Clubs: Press, Hamilton. Resi- 
nerchor. Residence: 701 Gordon Terrace. dence: 126 N. Ashland Boul. Office: 1201-1202 

BBETT, Bnfns Franklin, mfr.; moved to Rector Bldg. 

Minn.; sec Vol. 1905. BHISOi:, Oeorcre Smith, commn. merchant; 

BBEWEB, Orrille, publisher; born Ashton, born on farm, Jefferson Co., Wis., June 28, 1860; 
111., Mar. 31, 1857; son James and Elizabeth son Robert and Isabella (Kelley) Bridge; ed. 
(Pratt) Brewer; prep. edn. Allen's Acad., Allen's pub. schools and State Normal School, White- 
Grove. Wis., 1867-9, Lee Center (111.) High water. Wis.; married Chicago, Jan. 19, 1887, 
School, 1870-3; A.B., Beloit (Wis.) Coll., 1878; Betsy A. Randall; children: Isabella, George 
married Elizabeth Brough, of Indianapolis, Oct. Randall. Engaged in milling business at White- 
25, 1895. In pub. business since 1900 (Orville water, Wis., 1881-4; special partner in firm of 
Brewer Publishing Co., school text books) ; also T. D. Randall & Co., commn. merchants, Chica- 
mgr. The Brewer Teachers' Agency, and of The go, 1885-95; gen. partner same firm, owning 
Teachers' Co-operative Assn. Republican. Clubs: half interest in business, 1895-1902; established 
Hamilton, Press. Author and publisher: Brew- under own name as commn. merchant in grain 
er's National Songs and Hymns; Brewer's Pop- and hay, 1902, and in 1903 admitted John R. 
ular Song Book; Brewer's American Song Book; Leonard as partner, firm becoming Bridge & 
Brewer's Assembly Song Book; Brewer's High Leonard. Mem. Chicago Board of Trade. Re- 
School Song Book; Brewer's Art Studies and publican. Congregationallst. Mason, Home 
Famous Paintings; etc. Residence: 2923 Grove- Lodge 508 A.F.&A.M., Chicago Chapter, Cheva- 
land Av. Office: 1300 Auditorium Bldg. Her Bayard Commandery, K.T. Clubs: Hamil- 

BBE'WXB, Bobert T., real estate; born Chi- ton. Saddle and Sirloin, Evanston Country. Rec- 

cago, June 13, 1S63; son John S. and Helen M. reation: outdoor life. Residence: Evanston, 111. 

(Shaw) Brewer; ed. high school, Chicago; mar- Office: Board of Trade. 

ried-, Paula Fabian Seckel, of St Louis, Dec. 1, BBISGE, Herman, physician; born Windsor, 
1902; 2 sons: Fabian S., Jerome S. In mercan- vt., Dec. 30, 1844; son James Madison and Nan- 
tile pursuits, 1881-90; in mfg. business, 1890-6; cy Ann (Bagley) Bridge; high sch. edn.; M.D., 
in real estate operations at Chicago since 1896, Chicago Med. Coll. (now med. dept. Northwest- 
firm of Robert T. Brewer & Co. Clubs: Chicago em Univ.), 1868, Rush Med. Coll., Chicago, 
Athletic, Chicago Yacht, Germania. Recrea- 1378; (hon. A.M., Lake Forest Univ., 1889) ; mar- 
tion; yachting. Residence: 1347 N. State St. ried Mae Manford, of Chicago, May 21, 1874. 
Office: 701 First Nat. Bank Bldg. Prof, clinical medicine, 1887-98, prof, medicine, 

BBE'WSTEB, Edward IDester, banker, broker; 1898-1901, emeritus prof, since 1901, Rush Med. 

born Brockport, N.Y., June 22, 1842; son Fred- Coll. (Univ. of Chicago.) Treas. Mexican Pe- 

erick W. and Jeannette (Downs) Brewster; ed. troleum Co., Am. Petroleum Co., Am. Oilfields 

Brockport Collegiate Inst.; married, Mary, Co., Mexican Nat. Gas Co., etc. Mem. Chicago 

daughter of Hiram Niles, Buffalo, N.T.; chll- Bd. Edn., 1881-4 (pres. 1882-3); mem. bd. elec- 

dren: Walter S., Pauline. Left school at 15; be- tion commrs., 1886-90; Republican. Mem. Assn. 

came clerk in dry goods store, Brockport, 1 Am. Physicians, Chicago Acad. Sciences; corr. 

year; then in ins. office, Buffalo, attending night mem. Acad. Sciences, Arts and Letters of Wis. 

course of commercial coll.; located in Chicago, Clubs: Union League, University, Hamilton 

1860; employe banking house, 1860-8; wholesale (Chicago), University, California (Los Ange- 

grocer, 1868-72; mem. Wrenn & Brewster, bank- les). Author: The Penalties of Taste and Other 

ers and brokers, 1872-6; head of firm of Edward Essays, 1898; The Rewards of Taste and Other 

L. Brewster & Co., 1876-1904; since then special Essays, 1902; Lectures on Tuberculosis, 1903; 

partner Russell, Brewster & Co.; dlr. Common- House Health, 1907. Also 44 papers on med. 

wealth Edison Co. Clubs: Chicago, Chicago and cognate subjects in med. jours, and books. 

Athletic; also Metropolitan, Union League Residence: 10 Chester PI. Office: Auditorium 

(New York). Office: 114 W. Adams St. Bldg., Los Angeles, Cal. 

BBE'WSTEB, 'Walter Stanton, banker and ^ ^^^S^S, Clare A., cartoonist; born Heeds- 
broker; born Evanston, 111., Sept. 4, 1872; son ^urg. Wis., Aug. 5, 1875; son William Pardee 

Edward Lester and Mary (Niles) Brewster; ed. ??^,S"^i'l^;?lVT?,r'5f^<r.K^: "5;,f,?*'g;i'A 
St. Paul's School, Concord, N.H., until June Lincoln, Neb., and Univ. of Neb., married Ruth 
1891; A.B., Yale Univ., 1895; married Chicago, Owen, of Lincoln, July 18, 1900; 2 children: 
Jan. 24, 1903, Kate Lancast4r; 2 children: Sa- S?''?'^ Si^''^'lt%J^5?RS!'^^"',.^5",!i " |^ J-"" ! 
rah, Edward Lancaster. In 1896 entered the SL^tfM^i"5^lv^^J,?;?,L<=a'\'^ ?80^. "^5 
service of Edward L. Brewster & Co., bankers 2^J"v}X^^^J^3, fS^ \l^:J^T^\^^^^^,innf.^^ 
and brokers, and in Jan. 1899 was admitted to ^ew York ^_orld and Journal until 1900; car- 
the firm, and July 1, 1904, Edward L. Brewster toonist on Chicago American and Chicago B^^^^ 
& Co. was succeeded by the firm of Russell, ?'"'>,,,l?>"^3^h^" ^*i^?,^!^'H^J^,^i"^?,J^^^ 
Brewster & Co. Governor Chicago Stock Ex- "<'^',9J"''^^,?'^iSf<f=:^*MSfl^,.' Ohi^tf^ m^J' 
change; mem. New York Stock Exchange. Dlr. Riverside Golf, Chicago Motor, Chicago News- 
United Charities ( Clubs: Chi- Paper (was vice-pres and succeeded to presi- 
cago. University, Onwentsla, Saddle and Cycle; ?^"<=yAifA"L??^^T?,^"'?21^T ?fffl^^^^^ 
also University and Tale (New York). Recrea- '" Residence: Riverside, 111. Office: 302 Trib- 
tions: golf, horseback riding. Residence: Lake ''"^ Biag. 
Forest, 111. Office: 114 W. Adams St. BBIOQ-S, David C, mfr.; deceased; see "Vol. 

BBICX'WOOD, Albert 'William, lawyer; born 1905. 
Mt. Erie, Wayne Co., 111., Nov. 21, 1855; son BBIOHAM, Bret Hart, life underwriter; born 
John and Maria Bennett (Venn) Brickwood; ed. Rutland, Vt., May 6, 1871; son Leonard W. and 
common and high schools. 111.; 111. Agrl. Coll., Henrietta (Hubbard) Brigham; B.S.. Lombard 
Irvington, 111.; Bryant & Stratton Business Coll., Galesburg, 111., 1890; LL.B., Northwest- 
Coll., Chicago; LL.B., Union Coll. of Law, Chi- ern Univ. Law School, 1892; married Ventura, 
cago, 1876; married Niles, Mich., Jan. 2, 1879, Cal., Mildred Woods, July 20, 1892; children: 
Genevieve M. Jackson; children: Albert Will- Grace E., Cecelia H. Practiced law in Chicago 
iam, Jr., Genevieve Maria, Beatrice Margarette, in partnership with I. T. Greenacre, 1892-7; 



bought a ranch in \lcinity of Los Angreles 
which operated 2 years; returned to Chicago, 

1899, and became identified with Nat. Life Ins. 
Co. as mgr. for Wis., with headquarters at Mil- 
waukee, in whicli has continued, office being 
moved to Chicago in 1908. Republican. Univer- 
salist. Residence: 3631 Bosworth Av. Office: 
728 First Xat. Bank Bldg. 

BRIQHAM, Edmund Douglass, ry. official; 
born Dunkirk, N.Y., Dec. 28, 1856; son George 
F. and Aurilla D. Brigham; ed. pub. schools, 
Chicago; married Ishpeming, Mich., 1879, Edith 
Northmore. Began ry. service as telegraph op- 
erator C.&N.W.Ry., Ishpeming, 1873; with C.& 
N.W.Ry. since Nov. 2, 1874, as cashier, Ishpem- 
ing, 1874-9, agt. at Peshtigo, Wis., 1879-80, Ish- 
peming, Mich., 1880-2, traveling ireight agt.. 
Fond du Lac, Wis., 1882-5, chief clerk gen. 
freight dept., Chicago, 1885-8, division freight 
agt. Wis., Galena & Madison and Madison & 
Peninsular divisions, 1888-93, asst. gen. freight 
agt., 1893-1900, gen. freight agt. from Feb. 1, 

1900, and now asst. freight traffic mgr. Clubs: 
Union League, Mid-Day, Chicago Athletic, Ham- 
ilton, Skokie Country, Church. Residence: Glen- 
coe. 111. Office: 226 W. Jackson Boul. 

ERIQHT, Matthew M.; see Vol. 1905. 

BBIIiIi, O-eorgre Mackensie, mech., elec. and 
architectural engr. ; born Poughquag, Dutchess 
Co., N.Y., Mar. 24, 1866; son Thomas and Mary 
(Hurd) Brill; prep. edn. Wilbraham (Mass.) 
Acad.; grad. elec. and mech. engring, Cornell 
Univ., 1891; married 1892, Achsah A. Quick, of 
New York; children: Elliot, Meredith, Roland. 
Technical expert for Solvay Process Co., Syra- 
cuse, N.Y., 1891-5; chief engr. for same com- 
pany, Detroit, Mich., engaged in constructing 
new plant, 1895-7; supervising engr. and gen. 
engr. Swift & Co., packers, Chicago, 1897-1900; 
since 1900 in general practice as consulting and 
designing engr., specializing in rafg. and power 
plants; mem. firm Brill & Gardner, engrs., since 
Jan. 1910. Mem. Am. Soc. of Mech. Engrs., 
Western Soc. of Engrs., Soc. for Promotion of 
Engring. Edn., Am. Inst. Elec. Engrs., A.A.A.S. 
Clubs: Union League (Chicago), Columbia (In- 
dianapolis). Residence: 6613 Harvard Av. Of- 
fice: Marquette Bldg. 

BRruSTIH, William Ed^r, sec. Federal Life 
Ins. Co.; born Toronto, Can., Dec. 4, 1876; son 
Hugh and Mary A. (Owens) Brimstin; ed. pub. 
schools. Model School and private schools, To- 
ronto; grad. Jarvis Collegiate Inst., 1895; com- 
pleted school training in Upper Canada Coll.; 
married Toronto, Dec. 6, 1899, Katharine Green- 
wood. Began in the policy dept. of Imperial 
Life Ins. Co., Toronto; then in actuarial dept. 
of Mfrs.' Life Ins. Co.; with the Federal Life 
Ins. Co. since 1899; came to Chicago, 1900, as 
policy clerk, served as chief clerk, 1902-4, asst. 
sec, 1905-8, sec. since 1908. Republican. Meth- 
odist. Mason (32, Shriner). Clubs: Hamilton, 
111. Athletic, Colonial, Columbia Yacht. Recre- 
ations: outdoor sports. Residence: 838 51st 
Boul. Office: 140 S. Dearborn St. 

BRINCKEBHOFI', Clarence Eufrene, physi- 
cian; born Homer, near Joliet, 111., Nov. 9, 1859; 
son John and Rebecca (Breckenridge) Brincker- 
hoff; descendant of old Knickerbocker family; 
removed to Chicago, 1861; ed. in pub. schools 
and worked at various kinds of business before 
taking up study of medicine; grad. from Coll. 
of Physicians and Surgeons (Univ. of 111.), 1885. 
Engaged in genei'al practice of medicine since 
1885, largely specializing in surgery. Mem. A. 
M.A.. Chicago Med. Soc. Recreations: travel, 
hunting and fishing. Office and Residence: 507 
N. Halsted St. 

*BRIM'CKERH07I', Henry Morton, elec. 
engr.: see Vol. 1905. 

BRINK, Arthur Perry, express; born Stock- 
bridge. Vt., Nov. 11. 1855; son Washington Per- 
ry and Fidelia S. (Holland) Brink: ed. pub. and 
high schools of Chicago, gi-aduating 1874, fol- 

lowed by course in Bryant & Stratton Business 
Coll.; married Chicago, Jan. 6, 1876, Nina M. 
Meader; children: Percival Arthur, Cora Fidelia 
(Mrs. W. S. Tyson, of Chicago) and Olive M. 
In 1873 entered the express business founded 
by his father in 1,859, and incorporated in 1879; 
now gen. mgr. and treas. Brink's Chicago City 
Express Co. Pres. Ravenswood Hist. Soc. Ma- 
son (32), St. Bernard Commandery K.T. ; Me- 
dinah Temple Mystic Shrine; member Royal 
League. Republican. Clubs: Birch wood. Con- 
gregational. Recreations: automobiling, horse- 
back riding, motor-boating, hunting and fish- 
ing. Residence: 1427 Bryan Av. Summer Resi- 
dence: Crystal Lake, Frankfort, Mich. Office: 
711 W. Monroe St. 

BRUTTKAKK, William Henry, banker; born 
Attica, Wyoming Co., N.Y., Nov. 17, 1847; son 
Solva and Janet (Hurd) Brintnall; ed. N.Y. 
State and Chicago grammar and high schools: 
married Warsaw, N.Y., Aug. 8, 1876, Gertrude 
Shattuck; children: Charles S., Henry S., Les- 
lie C, Gertrude. Came to Chicago from Suspen- 
sion Bridge, N.Y., May 1863; in 1866 became 
clerk in his father's hardware store, until 1883; 
with father started the Drovers Nat. Bank, of 
which was cashier until Jan. 1900, and pres., 
1900-2, and pres. of its successor, the Drovers 
Deposit Nat. Bank, several years from 1902; 
was also pres. Drovers Safe Deposit Co. Repub- 
lican. Mem. Evangelical Church. Clubs: Union 
League, Hamilton, Bankers', Kenwood. Resi- 
dence: 4621 Ellis Av. 

BRISTOI^, Edward Samuel; 1842-1906; see 
Vol. 1905. 

BRITTAIN', Joseph Xing', real estate; born 
Greenville, Mercer Co., Pa., Dec. 27, 1867; son 
Jeremiah R. and Nancy Davidson (King) Brit- 
tain; ed. Greenville (Pa.) High School, Thiel 
Coll., Greenville, Pa.; married Chicago, June 15, 
1896, Harriet D. Borland; 1 son: Ashleigh Wood- 
ruff. Started in a LaSalle St. real estate office 
in 1888 as rent collector on small salary, and 
after a few months was put in sales dept.; in 
1891 opened office under name of J. K. Brittaln 
& Co.; in 1901 consolidated with Wm. H. Brown 
& Co., as Wm. H. Brown & Co., dealing largely 
in N.D. lands, and in Nov. 1903, the firm name 
was changed to Wm. H. Brown & Brittaln. deal- 
ing extensively in Chicago real estate and first 
mortgages and carrying on a large business in 
N.D. and Mont, lands; vice-pres. N.D. corpn. 
known as Wm. H. Brown Co. Mem. Chicago 
Real Estate Board. Republican. Elder in Nor- 
mal Park Presbyterian Church. Clubs: Union 
League, Ridge Country. Recreations: traveling 
and driving. Residence: 7126 Princeton Av. 
Office: Tacoma Bldg. 

BRITTEZr, Prederlck Albert, general contract- 
or; born Chicago, Nov. IS, 1871; son Michael 
and Eva (Fey) Britten; lived in San Francisco 
during earlier years and ed. in pub. schools 
there; returned to Chicago with team of ath- 
letes from Olympic Club, in 1893, for World's 
Fair; studied architectural drafting at Lewis 
Inst., Chicago; married Alma Hand, of Weiser, 
Ida., Mar. 4, 1907. Began as contractor, 1894; 
has done large construction work at Puget 
Sound Navy Yard, Seattle, Wash.; Algiers Na- 
val Station, New Orleans; bldgs. for U.S. Govt, 
at Helena, Mont.. Portland, Ore., Los Angeles. 
Cal., Beaumont, Tex., Worcester, Mass., Jack- 
son, Miss.; pub. school bldgs. and other pub. 
bldgs. in Chicago; pres. Britten & Ortseifen Co., 
general contractors; senior mem. Britten & 
Revnolds. Was elected alderman 23d Ward, 
1908 and 1910; active in revising Chicago bldg. 
ordinances: chairman Civil Service Com.. 1909; 
also on harbor coms. Republican. Catholic. 
Clubs: Chicago Athletic. Marquette. Recrea- 
tions: athletics and swimming. Residence: 327 
Belden Av. Office: 8 S. Dearborn St. 

BRITTOK, Sumner Charles, publisher; born 
Arkadelphia, Ark.. Dee. 16, 1S66; son William 
A. and Mildred (Tennyson) Britton; ed. pub. 



schools and acad. ; married Orpha E. Adams, of 
Muskogee, Okla., Dec. 24, 1890; children: Will- 
iam Adams and Sumner Hamilton. At age of 
21 became a member of the Original Town Site 
Co.. of Colby, Kan., and was also interested in 
banking, ins. and real estate there; reporter on 
Kansas City Journal, 1889-92; represented the 
Kansas City Star at the World's Columbian 
Expn., 1893; removed to Chicago, July 1. 1894, 
and entered the trade dept. of the Werner Pub. 
Co., with which remained until 1897, when or- 
ganized the firm of Britton & Co., publishers, 
of which remained the head until 1898; was 
also sec. The George M. Hill Co., publishers, 
1897-1901; organized Apr. 1, 1902, and became 
pres. of the Madison Book Co., which in 1904 
was reorganized as The Reilly & Britton Co., 
of which has since been pres. and dlr. Repub- 
lican. Mason; K. of P. Clubs: Chicago Athlet- 
ic, South Shore Country. Recreation: golf. Res- 
idence: 6950 Euclid Av. Office: 319 S. Wabash 

BSOASBENT, TbomaB A11>ert, dentist; born 
in Henry Co., 111., Sept. 29, 1862; son William 
and Martha (Prince) Broadbent; ed. Knox Coll., 
Galesburg, III., and at Chicago Coll. of Dental 
Surgery; married Chicago, Oct. 1887, Clara Pot- 
ter; children: Earl Robert, Donald Potter, Grant 
Bell. Resident of Chicago since fall of 1885, 
when he came from Galesburg, 111.; engaged in 
practice of dentistry since 1887; was prof, den- 
tal surgery. Coll. of Physicians and Surgeons, 
4 years; demonstrator and Instr., Chicago Den- 
tal Coll., 4 years. Mem. Chicago Dental Soc, 
111. State Dental Soc. Sec. 111. State Board of 
Dental Examiners; sec. Nat. Assn. of Dental 
Examiners. Mem. Delta Sigma Delta, Phi Delta 
Theta fraternities. Republican. Mason. Clubs: 
Chicago Athletic, Ravenswood, Edgewater Golf. 
Residence: 4410 N. Hermitage Av. Office: 705, 
15 E. Washington St. 

BBOBEBQ, Qnstaf, newspaper pub.; 1858- 
190ii; see Vol. 1905. 

BBOCK-JONBS, Charles, Ins. broker; born 
London, Eng., Feb. 10, 1856; son Benjamin and 
Matilda (Davies) Brock-Jones; ed. pub. schools; 
married Chicago, Feb. 17, 1888, Elizabeth Morse. 
In fire ins. business in Chicago since 1880, be- 
ginning as office boy with McCormick Bros. & 
Findlay, later with Fisher Bros., and afterward 
with W. W. Caldwell until 1885, when estab- 
lished present firm of Charles Brock-Jones & 
Co., ins. brokers. Episcopalian. Mason (K.T.). 
Trustee Village of Western Springs. Club: 
Suburban of LaGrange. Residence: Western 
Springs, 111. Office: 928 Nat. Life Bldg. 

BBOCKlEBAirx, John Charles (Fremont), 

mfr. ; born St. Catherines, Can., June 1, 1854; 
son John W. and Catherine (Waugh) Brockle- 
bank; ed. St. Stephen's Coll., Annandale, N.Y., 
and law dept. of New York Univ.; married Chi- 
cago, July 8, 1890, Anna Woodward Durell; 1 
daughter: Caroline Rae. Admitted to N.Y. bar, 
1876; with Mutual Life Ins. Co. of New York, 
in New York City, until 1885, when came to 
Chicago as representative of the Mfrs.' Paper 
Co. of New York, of which was 2d vice-pres. 
and western mgr. a number of years; now pres. 
J. C. Brocklebank & Co., paper mfrs. Republic- 
an. Episcopalian. Was mem. of 71st Regt. N. 
G.S.N.Y. Mem. S.A.R., Soc. of Foreign Wars, 
Colonial Soc. Clubs: Chicago Athletic, Glen 
View, Edgewater Golf (ex-pres.). Residence: 
5000 Sheridan Rd. Office: 612 The Rookery. 

BBODE, 'Willard Semetrlns, physician and 
surgeon: born on farm at Prosper, Fillmore Co., 
Minn., Sept. 21, 1870; son Peter and Lucy (El- 
liot) Brode; attended Decorah (la.) Inst.. 1889- 
90, Valparaiso (Ind.) Normal School, 1891-2, 
pursuing scientific and prep. med. courses: M. 
D.. Rush Med. Coll., 1896; (A.M., Ewinsr Coll., 
1910); married Valparaiso, Ind., Aug. 30, 1900, 
Clara Bell Heogle; 1 daughter: Geraldine Bur- 
netta (born Feb. 13, 1903). Began practice of 
medicine, 1896, at Union Mills, Ind.; removed 

from there, June 15, 1899, to Chicago, where 
has since practiced medicine and surgery. Mem. 
consulting staff Mary Thompson Hosp. ; mem. 
attending med. staff Frances Willard Hosp.; 
prof, diseases of chest, Chicago Coll. of Med- 
icine and Surgery. Mem. Chicago Med. Soc, 111. 
State Med. Soc. Republican. Baptist. Mason, 
Odd Fellow, K.P. Residence: 2323 Jackson Boul. 
Office: Chicago Savings Bank Bldg. 

BBODHEAD, Iiucas, farmer, pres. Ashland 
Blk. Assn.; born Frankfort, Ky., Apr. 12, 1844; 
son Lucas and Mary Cordelia (Price) Brod- 
head; ed. private school of B. B. Sayre, a cele- 
brated educator of Frankfort, Ky. ; married 
Richmond, Ky., June 29, 1880, Sallie W., daugh- 
ter of Rev. Robert L. Breck, D.D. On Jan. 1, 
1866, had flour and feed store at 144 Franklin 
St., Chicago; managing partner in Montgomery 
Mills, Sept. 1, 1866-Nov. 1, 1869, and later in 
the Black Hawk Mills, Aurora, 111.; agent for 
the Woodburn Farm at Spring Station, Ky., 
Nov. 1869-May 1900; partner in mill and mill- 
ing firm of Hord, Brodhead & Co., Aurora, 111., 
1872-97; in 1884 built the Lexington (Ky.) Roll- 
er Mills and organized the Lexington Roller 
Mills Co., of which is vice-pres.; in 1900 or- 
ganized the J. E. M. Milling Co., at Frankfort, 
Ky., of which Is vice-pres.; in 1892, together 
with late R. A. Waller, leased the ground and 
built the Ashland Blk. at Chicago, and, on the 
death of Mr. Waller, became pres. of the Ash- 
land Blk. Assn. Is executor of the estate of A. 
J. Alexander, and was trustee under will of 
R. S. C. A. Alexander. Mem. New York Gene- 
alogical and Biographical Soc, Va. Hist. Soc, 
Nat. Geographic Soc, Ky. Soc. Sons of the 
Revolution. Gold Standard Democrat. Presby- 
terian. Mason, K.T. Recreations: hunting and 
fishing. Residence: Versailles, Ky. Office: Ash- 
land Blk. 

*BBODIB, Andrew M., clergyman; see Vol. 

BSOE^K, Albert Charles, physician; born 
Dubuque, la.. Mar. 4, 1864; son John and Rosa 
(Sinniger) Broell; grad. high school, Dubuque, 
la.; M.D., Chicago Med. Coll., 1886; married 
Chicago, Oct. 1, 1896, Agnes Happel; children: 
Frederick Gaudenz, Rose Helen, Albert Frank. 
Engaged in practice In Chicago since 1886; asst. 
attending physician St. Joseph's Hosp., 1890; 
attending physician, same, 1895; several years 
attending physician Home for the Aged; at- 
tending obstetrician LaSalle Av. Hosp. Mem. 
German Med. Soc, 111. State Med. Soc, A.M.A., 
Chicago Med. Soc. Catholic Recreations: fish- 
ing and swimming. Office and Residence; 1954 
Fremont St. 

BBOMBEBO, Isidore, merchant; born Frank- 
fort-on-Main, (Germany, Feb. 15, 1876; son Mo- 
ritz and Rose (Gordon) Bromberg; ed. pub. 
schools, Frankfort-on-Main, until 1888; unmar- 
ried. Came to Chicago, 1889, and entered the 
business established by his father as a fur- 
skin dresser and dyer, in which business he 
later became a partner. Recreation: billiards. 
Residence: 2333 Racine Av. Office: 1406 N. Hal- 
sted St. 

BBOMBEBQ, Morltz, merchant; born Bres- 
lau. Silesia, Germany, Nov. 23, 1847; son Jacob 
and Eva Salzberg Bromberg; ed. pub. school in 
Germany; married Breslau, Germany, 1873, Rose 
Gordon: children: Louis, George, Helen (Mrs. 
M. M. Linick), Hannah (Mrs. D. Gordon) and 
Isidore. Came to U.S., 1886; resided in New 
York 1 year and became resident of Chicago, 
1887, establishing the business which he now 
(with his son, Isidore) conducts as M. Brom- 
berg & Son Co., fur-skin dressers and dyers. 
Has been in the business from boyhood, in Ger- 
many and the U.S. Democrat. Mem. Nat. Union. 
Recreation: reading. Residence: 2333 Racine 
Av. Office: 1406 N. Halsted St. 

BBOITSON', Edward Pitkin; see Vol. 1905. 

BBONSOIT, Hermon, mfr.; born Peninsula, 



O., Aug. 15, 1846; son Hiram V. and Ruth L. 
Bronson; prep. edn. Western Reserve Acad., 
Hudson, O.; A.B., Adelbert Coll., Western Re- 
serve Univ., 1868; read law at Richmond, Ind., 
1868-9; married Lizzie M. Hazlett, of Phlla., 
Apr. 9, 1882. Admitted to bar. 1869; U.S. vice- 
consul at City of Mexico, 1870; U.S. consul at 
Isthmus of Tehauntepec, Mex., 1871-3; with the 
Eastern Ry. Assn., at Phila., 1877-81; asst. 
cashier Whitman & Barnes Mfg. Co., Akron, O., 
1881-7; business mgr. Beacon Pub. Co., Akron, 
1887-9; pres. Cleveland Gordon Press Co., 1889- 
93; came to Chicago, 1893, and since engaged as 
mfr. of printers' machinery; senior mem. firm 
of H. Bronson & Son since 1901. Republican. 
Episcopalian. Mem. Delta Upsilon. Residence: 
608 N. Central Av. Office: 703 S. Dearborn St. 

BBOirSON, lieonard, mgr. Nat. Lumber Mf rs.' 
Assn.; born Sackett's Harbor, N.Y., Aug. 3, 
1856; son Rev. George Franklin (Congregation- 
al minister) and Charlotte Maria (Holt) Bron- 
son; ed. pub. schools, Clinton (Wis.) High 
School, Beloit (Wis.) College; married Grace 
Preble, of Clinton, Wis., Oct. 11, 1883; children: 
George Earl and Dorothy. Newspaper man, 
connected with lumber trade Journals most of 
time since 1881; editor American Lumberman, 
1900-10; mgr. Nat. Lumber Mfrs.' Assn. since 
Jan. 1, 1910, a position created to handle prob- 
lems especially of a pub. character of common 
interest to timber owners and lumber mfrs. 
Investigator and writer on economic and busi- 
ness subjects, particularly in relation to for- 
estry and the timber and lumber industries. 
Mem. Nat. Geog. Soc, Am. Forestry Assn., Phi 
Kappa Psi. Republican. Presbyterian. Club: 
Press. Recreation: reading. Residence: 233 N. 
Willow Av., Austin. Office: Fisher Bldg. 

BBONSOK, Solon Gary, theologian; born West 
Union, la., July 26, 1855; son Harvey S. and 
Jane (McCool) Bronson; A.B., Upper la. Univ., 
Fayette, la., 1875, A.M., 1879; B.D., Garrett 
Bibl. Inst., Chicago, 1878 (D.D., 1894; D.D., 
Cornell College, la., 1902); married Frances 
Avann, of Cleveland, O., July 2, 1879; children: 
Edna M. (Mrs. A. W. Campbell, Seattle), Eliz- 
abeth G. (Mrs. E. W. Brownell, Seattle), Earle 
A. and Reid R. Entered M.E. ministry, 1878; 
pastor in la. at Hopkinton, 1878-81, Waterloo, 
1881-4, Toledo, 1884-7, Clinton, 1887-92, Bur- 
lington, 1892-6; Cornelia Miller prof, practical 
theology since 1896, acting pres., 1908-9, Gar- 
rett Bibl. Inst.; also sec. of the faculty, same. 
Author: Religious Delusions, 1895. Trustee Up- 
per Iowa Univ., 1902-5; vice-pres. Chicago Boys' 
Club. Mem, Soc. for Bibl. Research, Federation 
for Social Service, Religious Edn. Assn. Re- 
publican. Clubs: Methodist Episcopal Union, 
Upper Iowa, University of Evanston. Resi- 
dence: 2026 Orrington Av., Evanston, 111. 

BBOOKE. Freeborn D., clergyman; born Ore- 
gon, Ogle Co., 111., Dec. 27, 1858; son William 
and Paulina Roena (Healy) Brooke; ed. pub. 
school. Eagle Point, 111.; married Ridott, 111., 
June 28, 1882, Lizzie B. Bardell; children: Clarke 
Harding, William Sullivan, Lena Harriet, Mae 
Evangel. United with the 111. Annual Confer- 
ence, Free Methodist Church, and traveled in 
the itinerancy for 10 years; presiding elder, 
1891-1901, 1904-7, and since 1910; pastor Engle- 
wood Free Methodist Church, Chicago, 1901-4; 
pastor at Evanston, 111., 1907-10. Treas. Old 
People's Rest Home, Chicago Industrial Home 
for Children., 111. Conf. Board of Dirs.; dir. Ev- 
ansville Sem. ; pres. Free Methodist Ministers 
Mutual Aid Soc. Prohibitionist. Address: 1113 
Grant St., Evanston, 111. 

BROOKE, Thomas Preston, conductor, com- 
poser: see Vol. 1905. 

BBOOKS, Everett Wellington, lumber mer- 
chant; born Cambridge, Mass.. Dec. 29, 1840. 
Established lumber firm of E. W. Brooks & Co., 
later the Brooks & Ross Dumber Co., mills at 
Schofield, Wis., and main office in Chicago, of 
which is pres.; also vice-pres. Prairie River 

Lumber Co., Parish, Wis., Wis. Valley Lumber 
Co., Harrison, Wis., and vice-pres. Union Wire 
Mattress Co. Clubs: Union League, South Shore 
Country, Hammond Country. Residence: 4932 
Lake Av. Office: 39 S. LaSalle St. 

BBOOKS, James Carter, lumber; born Salem, 
Mass., Aug. 25, 1837; son William H. and Sarah 
(Carter) Brooks; ed. pub. schools of Cambridge, 
Mass., and private schools in Boston; married 
1867, Rose, daughter of Samuel T. Hambleton, 
of Cincinnati, O.; children: Alice H. (Mrs. G. J. 
Farnsworth), Edith G. (Mrs. H. G. Collins), 
James H. (deceased.) Came to Chicago, 1856, 
and worked for Artemas Carter, 1856-9; em- 
ployed with C. Mears & Co., 1859-60, and then, 
C. Mears retiring, became a partner in Mears, 
Bates & Co., until 1879, when he retired and 
spent a year in Europe. He became, in 1866, a 
stockholder in the Oconto Co., and soon after 
became interested in the Bay Noquet Lumber 
Co.; later became a dir. in these companies, and 
in 1886, George Farnsworth retiring, he suc- 
ceeded as pres. till 1908. Republican. Unitarian. 
Recreations: traveling. Residence: 714 Lincoln 
Parkway. Office: 817 Railway Exchange. 

BBOOKS, Jesse Wendell, clergyman; born 
Cheshire, Conn., Sept. 26, 1858; son Jesse R. 
and Louise A. (Smith) Brooks; 6th in lineal de- 
scent from Henry Brooks, of the New Haven 
Colony; A.B., Rutgers, 1881; grad. Union Theol. 
Sem., 1884; Ph.D., New York Univ., 1889; mar- 
ried Louise Bissell, daughter of Prof. Nathan 
Upham, of Brooklyn, 1884. Ordained Congre- 
gational ministry, 1884; pastor Bay Shore, L.I., 
N.Y., 1884-7, in Europe, 1887, Stuyvesant Av. 
Church, Brooklyn, 1887-8, Dutch Ref. Church, 
Brooklyn, 1888-94, Irving Park Church, Chi- 
cago, 1894-8; dist. sec. Am. Tract Soc. for the 
Northwest, 1898-1902; sec. Chicago Tract Soc. 
since 1898. N.Y. State supt. Christian Endeavor, 
1887-S; an organizer and 3 years vice-pres. Am. 
Soc. Comparative Religion; lecturer and head 
dept. comparative religion, and ethics, Brook- 
lyn Union Missionary Training Inst., 1892-4; 
chmn. Reformed Church Gen. Synod's Sabbath 
Observance Com. several years and addressed 
Congressional (iom. regarding Sunday closing 
of World's Fair, Chicago, 1893. Mem. board 
mgrs. Am. Sabbath Union. Mem. Phi Beta Kap- 
pa. Residence: Wheaton, 111. Office: Monon 

BBOOKS, Jonathan Williams, Jr., merchant; 
1847-1910; see Vol. 1905. 

BBOOMEIiI^, Chester Chapin, real estate; 
born Chicago, Feb. 19, 1862; son George D. and 
Ellen (Chapin) Broomell; grad. Hayes School, 
1875, Central High School, Chicago. 1879; mar- 
ried Chicago, July 2, 1888, Lena F. Johnson; 
children: Ellyn C, Francis J., Mary. Was mem. 
of night force of Chicago Public Library, 1877- 
80; with A. W. Wheeler, wholesale hardware, 
1879-82; with Lapp & Flershem, wholesale jew- 
elers, 1882-4. In 1884 became associated with 
Jerome J. Danforth in the preparation of a set 
of abstract indexes, and early in the year 1885, 
with him, organized and Incorporated the Cook 
Co. Abstract Co., of which was treas. until 
1890, and upon its enlargement and reorganiza- 
tion as Chicago Title & Trust Co., was made 
mgr. of the guarantee dept.; became sec. of the 
company about 1900, and so remained until con- 
solidation of the three leading abstract com- 
panies of Chicago; then became one of the or- 
ganizers and incorporators of First-Mortgage 
Bond & Trust Co., of which was sec. and dir. 
until it was absorbed by the Royal Trust Co., 
after which (Oct. 1, 1904) associated with 
brother, Francis E., in real estate and loan 
business, under style of Broomell Bros., suc- 
ceeding to the business of C. J. Hambleton & 
Co. Mason (32), K. T., Shriner. Republican. 
Clubs: Chicago Whist, City. Residence: 5750 
Midway Park, Austin. Office: Reaper BIk. 

BBOOMEKK, Francis Ely, real estate; born 
Chicago, Feb. 6, 1874; son George Dare and 



Ellen B. (Chapin) Brooraell; B.S., Swarthmore 
Coll., 1893; married Sept. 23, 1908, Georgia Sil- 
ver, of Chicago; 1 son; Kennetii Foster. After 
graduation spent a year in Washington, D.C., in 
the study of architecture; returned to Chicago 
and identified with real estate business; in Oct. 
1904, entered into co-partnership with brother, 
Chester C. Broomell (Broomell Brothers), real 
estate and loans. Mem. Chicago Real Estate 
Board. Republican. Mem. Delta Upsilon. Clubs: 
University, City, Edgewater. Residence: 920 
Argyle St. Office: 74 W. Washington St. 

BSOOMEi;^, Qeorgre Dare, retired; born Ches- 
ter Co., Pa., July 27, 1832; son John and Letitia 
(Parry) Broomell; academic edn.; married Chi- 
cago, 1861, Ellen B. Chapin; children: Chester 
C, George D., Francis E. In business In Phila- 
delphia, 1854-6; came to Chicago, 1856; princi- 
pal Dearborn School, 1857-63; in business 1863- 
6; resumed position as principal of Dearborn 
School, 1865-6; principal of Haven School, 1866- 
9; asst. supt. of schools of Chicago, 1869-70; at 
own request was relieved and appointed teacher 
of mathematics, Chicago High School, until 
1882, when resigned; mem. firm of Wanzer & 
Co., commission merchants on Chicago Board 
of Trade until 1893; since retired. An advocate 
of phonetic reform in English spelling. Uni- 
tarian. Residence; 2129 Prairie Av. Office: 601 
Reaper Blk. 

BBOPKT, Tminan WllUam, oral surgeon; 
born Will Co., 111., Apr. 12, 1848; son William 
and Amelia (Cleveland) Brophy; acad. edn.; D. 
D.S., Pa. Coll. Dental Surgery, 1872; M.D., Rush 
Med. Coll., Chicago, 1880; (LL.D., Lake Forest 
Univ., 1889); married Emma Jean, of Chicago, 
May 8, 1873 (died 1899); married 2d, E. W. 
Strawbridge, of Moorestown, N. J., Mar. 31, 
1908. Pres. and prof, oral surgery, Chicago Coll. 
Dental Surgery; asso. prof, surgery. Rush. Med. 
Coll. (Univ. of Chicago); dental and oral sur- 
geon to Presbyn. Hosp. ; consulting oral sur- 
geon to Provident Hosp. Pres 14th Internat. 
Med. Congress, Internat. Commn. of Edn.; del. 
4th Internat. Dental Congress, at Madrid, Spain, 
1893. Mem. A.M.A., Nat. Dental Assn. Clubs: 
Union League, Illinois, Chicago Athletic. Resi- 
dence: 6007 Kenmore Av. Office; 81 E. Madison 

BBOSS, Mason, lawyer. Mem. Chicago Bar 
Assn. Clubs: University, Saddle and Cycle, On- 
wentsia, Chicago Literary. Residence: 20 B. 
Goethe St. Office: 32 N. Clark St. 

BBOSSEAU, Zenophila P., grain commn.; 
born LaPrairie, P.Q., Can., Oct. 1840; son Louis 
and Marguerite (Ste. Marie) Brosseau; ed. 
schools of his native place. At 15 moved to 
Malone, N.Y., and was employed in a store; 
came to Chicago, 1860, and the following year 
became a mem. of the Board of Trade; after Are 
of 1871 resumed business and established pres- 
ent Board of Trade commn. firm of Brosseau & 
Co. Democrat. Officier du Merite Agricole; 
Chevalier de la Legion d'Honneur; officier 
d'Academie (France). Pres. SociSte de Bienfals- 
ance des Illinois; ex-pres. Pub. Library Board; 
ex-pres. I'AUiance Frangaise. Clubs: Chicago, 
Iroquois, Chicago Golf, Edgewater Golf, Glen 
View Golf. Residence: 406 Barry Av. Office: 64 
Board of Trade. 

BBOTTO-HTOIT, John Wheat, broker; born St. 
Charles, Minn., Nov. 17, 1866; son Henry E. and 
Martha K. (Armstrong) Broughton; ed. pub. 
schools; married Harriet Herrick, of Poultney, 
Vt., Oct. 21, 1891; 3 children: Ruth S., Mary and 
Harriet. Came to Chicago, 1876; began in em- 
ploy of mfg. concern, 1886-7; was clerk for R. 
H. Labagh & Co. (Board of Trade) until 1889, 
when became a mem. of the board and engaged 
as trader, to 1907; since then broker in mort- 
gage loans, ins. and investment securities. 
Mem. S.A.R. Clubs: 111. Athletic, Chicago 
Yacht. Recreations: motoring, yachting. Resi- 
dence: 253 Keystone A v.. River Forest, 111. Of- 
fice: 804 Association Bldg. 

BBOWEB, Daniel Roberts, physician; de- 

cca.sed; yee Vol. 1905. 

BBOWEB, Jule Franklin, lawyer; born Otta- 
wa, 111., June 19, 1868; son of Frank F. and 
Ruth Waldon (Miller) Brower; ed. pub. schools 
of Ottawa and Chicago; student Northwestern 
Univ., 1887-8; LL.B., Chicago Law School, 1892; 
married. Admitted to 111. bar, 1892, and since 
actively engaged in practice at Chicago; has 
been resident consul of the Republic of Guate- 
mala at Chicago, since Feb. 1909. Mem. Hol- 
land Soc. (pres. 1906-7 and trustee since 1906), 
Chicago Bar Assn. Mason, Blue Lodge, Chap- 
ter, Consistory. Clubs: Chicago Athletic, Ex- 
moor Country. Residences: Highland Park, 111., 
and Chicago. Office: 1331 First Nat. Bank Bldg. 

BBOWN, see also Browne, also Braun. 

BBOWir, Archibald !., mfr.; born Chicago, 
Oct. 17, 1867; son Edwin Lee and Mary Lapham 
(Babcock) Brown; ed. private tutors; married, 
1st, Washington, D. C, Mar. 30, 1891, Grace, 
daughter of Chief Justice Melville W. Fuller 
(she died 1893); married 2d, Buzzard's Bay, 
Mass., July 14, 1894, Hester Yail Wentworth; 
one son: Warren Wentworth. Now pres. West- 
ern Sand Blast Mfg. Co. Republican. Congre- 
gationallst. Recreation: golf. Residence: 2745 
Pine Grove Av. Office: 548 W. Jackson Boul. 

BBOWir, Arthur Charles Iiewls, univ. prof.; 
born Avon, N. Y., Aug. 18, 1869; son Rev. For- 
tune Charles and Sarah (Lewis) Brown; A.B., 
Hobart Coll., Geneva, N.Y., 1893; A.B., Harvard, 
1894, A.M., 1895, Ph.D., 1900; Rogers traveling 
fellow of Harvard at unlvs. of Paris and Frei- 
burg, 1900-1; married Octavia Crenshaw, of 
Richmond, Va., June 15, 1907. Instr. English, 
Haverford (Pa.) Coll., 1896-8; instr. and asst. 
prof. English, Univ. of Wis., 1901-6; prof, and 
head of dept. English literature. Northwestern 
Univ., since 1906. Author: Iwain, A Study in 
the Origins of Arthurian Romance, 1903; also 
of various articles In philological journals. 
Editor: Macbeth (in the Tudor Shakespeare), 
1911. Democrat. Episcopalian. Mem. Modern 
Language Assn., Am. Folk-Lore Soc. (pres. 111. 
branch), Soci6t Amicale Gaston Paris, Irish 
Texts Soc, Phi Beta Kappa. Clubs: University 
of Evanston, Cliff Dwellers. Residence: 625 
Colfax St., Evanston, 111. 

BBOWir, Charles Albert, patent lawyer; born 
Manchester, N.Y., Aug. 25, 1858; son Thomas 
A. and Emily A. Brown; A.B., Univ. of Roches- 
ter, 1879, A.M., 1889; LL.B., Lake Forest Univ.. 
1890, LL.M., 1891; married Chicago, July 27, 
1892, Carolyn Cotton; children: Kenneth, Mal- 
colm, Meredith, Winifred, Barbara, Marian, 
Gordon. Entered service of Western Electric 
Mfg. Co., 1879, became mgr. of its successor, 
the Western Electric Co. in Chicago, and con- 
tinued In that position until 1891, when he be- 
gan the practice of law; made a specialty 
of patent business, both in the securing of pa- 
tents and attending to patent litigation. Dlr. 
Am. Spiral Pipe Works, Milwaukee Sanitarium 
Assn., Hinsdale Trust & Savings Bank, Hins- 
dale Cemetery Assn. Mem. Phi Beta Kappa, 
Republican. Clubs: Law, Union League, Uni- 
versity, Hinsdale, Hinsdale Golf, La Grange 
Motor. Residence: Hinsdale, 111. Office: Monad- 
nock Blk. 

BBOWK, Charles Edward, sec. Central Elec- 
tric Co.; born Philadelphia, July 15, 1866; son 
George F. and Catherine (Wager) Brown; ed. 
pub. schools. Was employed for 5 years in the 
wholesale dry goods house of Marshall Field & 
Co., prior to 1890, when became connected with 
the Central Electric Co., electrical supplies, of 
which he has been sec. since 1892; also vlce- 
pres. Delta Star Electric Co., Price-McKlnlock 
Co. Clubs: Chicago, Union League, Union, On- 
wentsla. Recreations: motoring, horseback rid- 
ing, golf. Residence: Lake Forest, 111. Office: 
320 S. Fifth Av. 

BBOWN, Charles KeBoy, lawyer; born Mey- 


ersdale. Pa., Dee. 14, 1874; son of George W. patholofrlst, 1899-1903, patholoerist, 1903-8, eye 
Ira and Magdalene (Miller) Brown; parents surgeon, 1908, 111. Charitable Eye and Ear In- 
moved, 1878, to Dixon, 111.; A.B., Dixon Coll., flrmary; a.sst. In ophthalmology, 1899-1905, in- 
1892; attended Univ. of Michigan, 1893-5; LL. str., 1905-7, asst. prof, since 1907 and instr. 
B., Northern 111. Coll. of Law, 1897. Admitted pathology of the eye since 1909, Univ. of Chi- 
to bar, 1897; was associated in practice with cago. Appointed 1st It. U.S.A. Med. Reserve 
William Barge at Dixon, for few months; in Corps, 1911. Mem. A.M.A., 111. State Med. Soc, 
fall of 1897 moved to Chicago; in law dept. ot Chicago Med. Soc. Club: Quadrangle. Office: 
N. Chicago St. R.R.Co., 1898-9, Chicago Union 32 N. State. St. 

Js''l'oc'iat"ion''"wlfh ^ "iamVs ' V^^ Dunca^n """igo! V BBOWW, Edwin PrankUn, banker, mf r. ; born 

mem firm ni^Morrit^n Brown \^Ooni,l^^i^^^^ Auburn, Me., Jan. 26, 1862; son of Edwin Lee 

1910^- s^^ce 1910 alone ReDubli?anrfnh^- "'' ^^"""y Lapham (Babcock) Brown; ed. 

Chickco Mid-Dav l2w South Shore Conn trv Evanston, III., High School, and Univ. of III.; 

ReLidlnce 4721 Gretnwood Av OfflcP ^fS married, Chicago, Sept. 10, 1885, Sarah B. 

ijof noSt' ^^^l Greenwood Av. Office. First Vowell; 1 daugliter: Lucile Vowell. Was pres. 

jNat. nanK tsiag. ^^^ owner Brown Bros. Mfg. Co. 12 years, now 

BBOWIT, Charles Turner, patent atty. and its vice-pres. ; pres. Monroe Nat. Bank since 

patent and mech. expert; born East Bethel, Vt., 1906; pres. Brown Specialty Machinery Co.; 

May 3, 1849; son of .Tonathan Marston and sec. Union Gas & Electric Co. Sub-treas. Rep. 

Susan Stone (Turner) Brown; ed. public Nat. Com., 1896, 1900, 1904. Clubs: Evanston 

schools and Gaskell's Business Coll., Manches- Country (charter mem.), Chicago Athletic, Chi- 

ter, N.H., and in Phila. (Pa.) Polytechnic Inst.; cago Yacht, Columbia Yacht, South Shore 

children: Mrs. Alice Brown Ross, Maud. Prac- Country (charter mem.), Germania Maenner- 

ticed civil and mech. engring., 1872-9; read law chor. Was also charter mem. Chicago Bicycle 

and was admitted to practice by Supreme (5ourt Club and Chicago Automobile Club. Recrea- 

of 111., Nov. 1881. Mason; Odd Fellow; mem. tions: walking, motoring, houseboating. Resl- 

"Gesang Verein Frohsinn." Residence: 2156 dence: Chicago Athletic Assn. Office; Madison 

Park Av. Office: Unity Bldg. and LaSalle Sts. 

BBOWIT, Charles "Walter, author; born St. BBOWW, Everett Chase, live stock commn. 
Louis, June 23, 1866; son Prof. Isaac Hinton broker; born Oneida, 111., Oct. 14, 1863; son 
and Esther L. (Quin) Brown; grad. Edwards- Thomas and Emily (Ware) Brown; ed. Chicago 
ville (111.) High School, 1883; studied Univ. of PUb. schools, Bryant & Stratton Business Coll., 
Mo., 1885-7; (hon. A.M., SlcKendree Coll., 111., Chicago Evening Coll. of Law, Lake Forest 
1902); married Mary Nelson, daughter Con- Univ., LL.B., 1892; married Glencoe, 111., Dec. 
gressman C. C. Matson, of Ind., Sept. 14, 1904. 1901, Elizabeth Sawyer Dupee. Entered em- 
Engaged in lit. work since 1887; spl. writer on Ploy of St. John & Brown, live stock commn. 
St. Louis Republic, 1889-93; lecturer on hist, merchants, 1881; now gen. mgr. of the Brown- 
and ednl. subjects. Author of various books, St. John Commn. Co. Mem. Co. C, 1st Regt. I.N. 
for titles see Who's Who in America. Address: Ci-. 5 years. Mem. Chicago Plan Commn. since 
Press Club. 1909. Republican. Presbyterian. Mason (Home 

Brown: graduated from Ottawa High School; '""? shore Country (dr 1910-13 chmn 

M.D., Northwestern Univ. Med. School, 1893; ^ance com 1911) Chicago Motor Rec^a^ 

mavvic^ Vn^ao^oif in r>,-<i^ti/.o no nViTrci/.,on or,/) unancB com. 1311), ^nicago ivioior. ecrea- 

59 Exchange Bldg., 

Post-'GraduTte'lvfe'dicaT"Schooir"Mem.' Chicago ^ ^^O'"''?' J'*"* Arnold, mfr.; born Chicago, 

Med. Soc, 111. State Med. Soc, A.M.A., Phy- Oct. 14, 18(2; son of David Paul and Ellen M. 

sicians' Club. Clubs: Chicago Yacht, South (Francis) Brown; ed Ravenswood pub. school. 

Shore Country. Residence: The Kenwood Ho- Mich. Military Acad, and Lake View High 

tel, 4700 Kenwood A v. Office: 302, 32 N. State School: married Chicago, Aug. 14, 1895, Ella 

Street Grace Bryan; 3 children: Dorothy G., OIney 

'Dnniim i-d^.-vi r>.~.a A i,^ ai~ Frank and Gertrude. In Mar. 1894, went to 

BBOWN, Edward OBSrood, judge; born Salem, ^ ^ Squire Dingee Co., mfrs. of pickles. 

Mass Aug. 5, 1847: son Edward and E iza vinegar, etc; later took charge of sales and 

(Dalton) Brown; A.B., Brown Univ. 1867; law Chicago office; became vice-pres., later treas., 

?i'i'].''^,;,i5fiVtTH ^l^^h=V^"iB7S'.'^'L=^,i;i'?H -w^iY; and fs now pres. of the co. Republican, 
vard. admitted to bar, 1870, married Helen Methodist. Mason, 32. Club: Ouilmette. Re- 
Gertrude Eagle, of Chicago, June 25 1884. Asst. creation: automob ling. Residence: 502 Wash- 
elerk Supreme Court R.I., 1870-1; began prac- ; jo j^^. wjimettl. 111. Office: 1546 Cly- 
tice in firm of Peckham & Brown, Chicago, >,,, pia 

1872; candidate for judge Superior Court, 1893; "_'_' .,., ^ ,. , 

counsel for Lincoln Park Commrs., 1894-7; BBOWK, Prank Edward, banker; deceased; 

judge Circuit Court, Cook Co., 111., 1903-9, re- see \ ol. 1905. 

elected, 1910; appointed justice Appellate BBOWK, Prank Townley, patent atty.; born 

Court, 1st Dist., 1904, reappointed, 1910; mem. Louisville, Ky., Aug. 2, 1857; son of Theodore 

law firm Peckham, Brown, Packard & Walsh, and Sallle (Bryan) Brown; prep. edn. pub. and 

1909-10. Radical Democrat; nationally active in private schools; LL.B., Columbian (now George 

Single Tax movement. Clubs: University, City, Washington) Univ., Washington, D.C., 1879; 

Chicago Literary, Mid-Day, Press, Iroquois, married Harriette Marshall, of Ga., May 26, 

Has written several legal papers and pam- 1908. Was examiner and later principal ex- 

phlets relating to littoral rights on Lake Michi- aminer and atty. for U.S. Patent Office, 1876- 

gan; many papers and pamphlets on the Single 89; admitted to D.C. bar, 1879, Supreme Court 

Tax and other economic, political and hist, sub- of U.S., 1885, 111. bar, 1889; came to Chicago, 

jects, and opinions in vols. 117-146, 111. Appel- 1889, and since actively engaged in practice of 

late Court Reports. Residence: 1216 N. State patent law; mem. Butterworth, Hall & Brown, 

St. Chambers: Ashland Blk. 1889-93, Brown & Hopkins since 1905. Repub- 

BBOWSr, Edward Vail lapham, oculist: M. Hcan. .Mem. Patent Bar Assn. Clubs: Chicago 

D., Hahnemann Med. Coll., 1897; M.D., Rush Athletic, University, Chicago Kennel. Recrea- 

Med. Coll., 1898; S.B., Univ. of Chicago, 1903; tions: collie dogs, horses, driving and farming, 

grad. student in eve pathologv, Univ. of Berlin. Residence: 4260 Hazel Av. Office: 1124 Monad- 

1902, in Univ. of Vienna, 1907; grad. student in nock Blk. 

diseases of the eye, 1908. Interne, 1898, asst. BBOWIT, Prederick Anson, lawyer; born De- 



catur, III., Aug. 9, 1867; son Josiah and Sarah 
Elvira Brown; LL.B., Univ. of Mich., 1889; 
married Jan. 7, 1891, Mary Lois Roby; children: 
Kilburn Roby, Mary Lois. Admitted to 111. bar, 
1889, practiced at Decatur, 111., 1889-90; at Ta- 
coma, 1890-8; at Chicago since 1898, senior 
mem. Arm of Brown & Ewen. Dir. and sec. 
Grover Cleveland Memorial Assn.; dir. Central 
Howard Assn., Kenilworth Sanitarium. Repub- 
lican. Presbyterian. Mason, Knight Templar, 
Shriner. Clubs: University, Law, Union 
League, Press. Residence: 1358 E. 58th St. 
Office: Tacoma Bldg. 

BBOWIT, Frederick Harvey, inventor; born 
Indiantown (now Tiskaiwali), 111., May 11, 
1843; son Joseph Mortimer and Louisa M. 
Brown; ed. St. Louis Higli School, Washington 
Univ. and by private study of natural sciences; 
married Ida Moore, of Peru, 111., 1861 (now de- 
ceased) ; married 2d, Catherine F. Norwood, 
of Clinton, La., Apr. 29, 1877. Asst. auditor and 
clerk for Gen. T. J. Haines, purchasing q.-m. 
commissary U.S.A., St. Louis, 1862; vice-pres. 
Magneto Telegraph Co., New York, 1885-6, 
Brown Telegraph Co., Chicago, 1890; pres. Elec- 
tro Geodetic Co., Los Angeles, 1900, Nat. Elec- 
tric & Magnetic Co., Chicago. Invented system 
of telephoning without batteries, 1885; tele- 
phone relay, 1899; terreohmeter (instrument 
for locating minerals underground), 1906; mag- 
netic wireless system of talking to persons in 
submarine boats, 1907; has taken out a large 
number of patents on electric inventions in U. 
S. and foreign countries. Awarded medal for 
telephone, Paris Expn. Mem. Southern Cal. 
Acad. Science. Agnostic. Author: One Dollars 
Work, 1893; A Few Wise Things It Were Well 
for You to Read, 1893. Residence: 1153 W. 37th 
PI., Los Angeles, Cal. Address: 63 W. Randolph 
St., Chicago. 

BBOWN, Frederick Iiee, lumberman; born 
Albion, Erie Co., Pa., Nov. 4, 1870; son Henry 
King and Lydia (Barns) Brown; grad. Edin- 
boro (Pa.) State Normal School, 1891; Univ. of 
Chicago; married, Conneaut, O., Dec. 27, 1899, 
May Carlin Bigelow. Taught in pub. schools of 
Pa., Minn, and Ohio, 1891-1901; principal gram- 
mar school, Akron, O., 1897-1901; with Cran- 
dall & Richardson, wholesale lumber, Chicago, 
1901-6; mem. firm Crandall (James N.) & 
Brown, wholesale hardwood lumber, since 1906. 
Pres. Chicago Hardwood Lumber Exchange. 
Mason. Clubs: 111. Athletic, South Side Coun- 
try. Residence: 5414 Cornell Av. Office: 3300 
Center Av. 

BBOWIT, Qeorg'e Francis; 1843-1910; see Vol. 

BBOWIT, Georg'e W., lawyer; deceased; see 
Vol. 1905. 

BBOWN, Harry Adams, sec. and treas. Squire 
Dingee Co.; born Providence, R. I., Jan. 17, 
1876; son David Paul and Ellen M. (Francis) 
Brown; ed. (Chicago pub. schools; married, Chi- 
cago, Apr. 14, 1898, Maud Billings; 2 children: 
Nellie Frances and Paul. Began business ca- 
reer in real estate office, and afterward with 
Sweet, Dempster & Co.; identified with Squire 
Dingee Co., mfrs. of pickles, since 1898, be- 
coming sec. and treas. of the co. in 1902. Re- 
publican. Residence: 4543 Perry St. Office: 
1546 Clybourn Pi. 

BBOWN, Harry Forbes, Western mgr. of 
Neptune Meter Co.; born Red Oak, la., Dec. 10, 
1872; son G. B. and Mary (Forbes) Brown; ed. 
pub. schools of Red Oak, la., and Iowa State 
Coll., Ames, la., graduating 1892; married 
Ames, la., June 18, 1895, Blanche Granger 
(died Oct. 15, 1905); married 2d, Cecelia L. 
Arnold, of Owensboro, Ky., Jan 17, 1907; 1 son: 
Harry A. Was engaged in various mercantile 
and banking enterprises at Red Oak, la., 1892- 
1900: came to Chicago in Mar. 1900, to take 
present position as Western mgr. for the Nep- 
tune Meter Co., of New York City, in which 
position has since continued. Republican. Ma- 

son, Keystone Lodge No. 637, York Chapter, 
Columbia Commandery, Oriental Consistory, 
Medinah Temple Mystic Shrine; K. P., Laramie 
Lodge No. 152, of Iowa. Recreations: motor- 
ing, hunting and fishing. Residence: 803 Sheri- 
dan Rd. Office: 914 First Nat. Bank Bldg. 

BBOWN, Heman Hampton, physician, ocu- 
list; born Jersey Shore, Pa., July 8, 1863; son 
George R. and Elizabeth G. Brown; ed. literary 
and med. depts. of Univ. of Mich. (M.D., 1886); 
married Adrian, Mich.. 1886, Myrtle L. Poucher; 
children: Myrtle, Belle. After graduation es- 
tablished in practice in Ohio, and for 4 years 
was U.S. pension examining surgeon under the 
Harrison administration; came to Chicago, 1892, 
and has since practiced as a specialist in oph- 
thalmology, otology, rhinology and laryngol- 
ogy. Was formerly associated in dept. of oph- 
thalmology. In the Chicago Policlinic, and in 
same dept. of the 111. Charitable Eye and Ear 
Infirmary; mem. the advisory and consulting 
staff of Cook Co. and Columbus hosps. ; oph- 
thalmologist to Tribune Hosp. ; prof, ophthal- 
mology and 8 years pres. 111. Med. Coll.; prof, 
ophthalmology, Chicago Eye, Ear, Nose and 
Throat Coll. Mem. Chicago Ophthal. Soc, Am. 
Acad. Ophthalmology and Oto-Laryngology, A. 
M.A., Chicago, 111. State, Miss. Valley and Tri- 
State Med. socs., etc. Republican. Clubs: Union 
League, University, Chicago Automobile. Resi- 
dence: Manor House, Edgewater, 111. Office: 31 
N. State St. 

BBOWN, Henry Temple, mem. firm of Chase 
& Sanborn, importers of teas and coffees: born 
Yarmouth, N.S., Jan. 21, 1866; son George S. 
(mem. of the Provincial Parliament) and Eliz- 
abeth (Bond) Brown; graduated English High 
School, Boston, 1885; married Chicago, Nov. 
1893, Anna F. Lenz; children: Elizabeth Anna, 
Ronald Norman. On graduation obtained a po- 
sition in the coffee importing business in Bos- 
ton, and a year later entered the employ of 
Chase & Sanborn; for 2 years traveled for them 
through Neb. and Colo., and In 1888 became 
asst. mgr. of the Chicago dept. of the firm, de- 
voting particular attention to the development 
of the tea business; became a partner in the 
firm, Jan. 1, 1900. Mason, Lincoln Park Chap- 
ter R.A.M. Clubs: Chicago Athletic, Skokie 
Country. Residence: 455 Barry Av. Office: 76 
E. Lake St. 

BBOWN, James Sd^ar, lawyer; bornHalleck, 
W.Va.. Feb. 8, 1865: son Granville and Eliza- 
beth (Watson) Brown; B.S., W.Va. Univ., 1889, 
LL.B., 1891. In practice in Chicago since 1892. 
Has made a special study of municipal affairs 
and administration of justice in various coun- 
tries of Europe; lecturer HI. Coll. of Law; has 
taken active Interest in local, state and nat. 
politics and as campaign speaker. Past Regent 
of Garden City Council Royal Arcanum. Club: 
Hamilton. Mem. Nat. Geog. Soc, Geographic 
Soc. of Chicago, Sons of Revolution, S.A.R., 111. 
Soc. War of 1812, 111. Hist. Soc. Author: Gene- 
alogy of the Brown Family of Prince William 
County, Va., 1898. Recreations: traveling and 
lecturing. Residence: Hamilton Club. Office: 
409 Ashland Blk. 

*BBOWN, James Moreao, physician; see Vol. 

BBOWN, Jolin A., lawyer; born Tannersville, 
Greene Co., N.Y., June 21, 1876; son James and 
Catherine (Goggin) Brown; ed. private tutor 
and later, in North Division High School (Chi- 
cago); LL.B., Kent Coll. of Law, 1898; LL.B. 
and LL.M., 111. Coll. of Law, post-grad, course. 
1899; bachelor. Started in study of law by oc- 
cupying positions as clerk of Circuit Court of 
Cook Co. under Frank J. Gaulter; later clerk in 
law office of Lackner & Butz; when Jacob J. 
Kern retired from state's atty.'s office. 1896, 
and formed a partnership with Elisha S. Bot- 
tum, started in with them: Mr. Bottum died in 
1898 and Charles D. Fullen became partner, as 
Kern & Fullen; became silent partner in that 



firm and upon retirement of Mr. Fullen, 1900, 
firm became Kern & Brown until 1910; in prac- 
tice alone since Oct. 1910; Identified with forma- 
tion of large industrial corpns. and a general 
practice; in 1907 purchased the property around 
the lake at Glen Ellyn, subdivided the same, 
and added It to the village, the subdivision be- 
ing known as John A. Brown's Addition to Glen 
Ellyn, DuPage Co., 111. Democrat. Mem. Phi 
Alpha Delta (legal fraternity). 111. State Bar 
Assn., Chicago Bar Assn., Central Y.M.C.A. 
Past Regent 111. Council Royal Arcanum; mem. 
Northwestern Council Royal Arcanum, Banner 
Lodge No. 219 K. of P. Clubs: Press, Birch- 
wood Country. Residence: 228 Ontario St. Of- 
fice: 1601 Chicago Title & Trust Bldg. 

''BBOWN, John Haven, mfr.; see Vol. 1905. 
BBOWN, Uncoln, investments; born Gales- 
burg, 111., Sept. 23, 1861; son Luke S. and El- 
mina (Wright) Brown; resident of Chicago 
since 1868; ed. high school, Chicago, to 1876; 
read law in offices of Walker, Dexter & Smith, 
in which remained until 1884. Sec. Metcalf 
Stationery Co. until 1891; retired 1891-5; since 
1895 in real estate business in Chicago; also 
pres. Elk Rapids Iron Co. Mason (32). Clubs: 
Caxton, Chicago Athletic, City; also Rowfant 
(Cleveland). Residence: 1453 Maple Av., Ev- 
anston. Ofllce: 167 W. Washington St. 
*BBOWir, lot, ry. official; see Vol. 1905. 
BBOWK, ICoreau BoliertB, physician; born 
Galveston, Tex., July 26, 1853; son James Mo- 
reau and Rebecca Ashton (Stoddart) Brown; 
ed. private schools, Chester (Pa.) Acad., Jeffer- 
son Med. Coll., Phila., and in med. dept. of 
TJniv. of Louisville, from which was grad. in 
1876; took post-grad, courses in Germany and 
Austria; twice married; 1 son: James Moreau 
Brown, by first wife; married 2d, Jeanerette, 
La., July 18, 1887, Louise Grevemberg; 1 daugh- 
ter: Rebecca Alice Brown. After graduation 
began practice in Galveston, Tex., where was 
house physician Galveston City Hosp., county 
physician of Galveston Co., quarantine physi- 
cian of Galveston and city physician of Galves- 
ton. Came to Chicago, 1886; specialist in dis- 
eases of throat, ear and nose; prof, laryngol- 
ogy, rhinology and otology, Coll. of Physicians 
and Surgeons; prof, laryngology and rhinology, 
Chicago Policlinic; med. dir. Nat. Union. Fel- 
low Am. Laryngological Soc. ; mem. Chicago 
Med. Soc, 111. State Med. Soc, Medico-Legal 
Soc. Club: Physicians. Residence: Winnetka, 
111. Office: 15 E. Washington St. 

BROWN, Paul, lawyer; born McHenry, Mc- 
Henry Co., 111., Dec. 1, 1864; son Dr. Henry T. 
and Almira M. Brown; ed. common and high 
schools of McHenry Co.; studied law in office 
of Hoyne, Horton &Hoyne; married 1888, Grace 
A., daughter of O. W. Owen, of McHenry Co.; 
children: Paul Donald, Grace Dorothy, Clarence 
Raymond. Admitted to bar, 1886, and a few 
months later was appointed master in chancery 
Circuit Court of Cook Co. (resigned 1893). In 
1889 joined Clarence A. Knight in firm of 
Knight & Brown; dissolved fall 1903; on Dec. 
1, 1903, became a mem. of the firm of Horton 
& Brown; dissolved May 1, 1908; since prac- 
ticing alone. Republican. Mason. Clubs: Union 
League, Skokie Country; also Columbia (In- 
dianapolis). Residence: Glencoe, 111. Office: 
Corn Exchange Bank Bldg. 

BBOWDT, FhlUp Sidney, lawyer; born Evans- 
ton, Wyo., Apr. 10, 1876; son Clarence A. 
and Corinne (Stubbs) Gooding; mother mar- 
ried Frank E. Brown, 1883, who in 1890 legally 
adopted him as his son; grad. Hyde Park High 
School, 1894; student Northwestern Univ. Law 
School, 1895-6; LL.B., Kent Coll. of Law, 1897; 
married Rose Swain Brown, of Chicago, Dec. 
22, 1906; 1 son: Frank Edward. Was in law of- 
fice of Clarence S. Darrow, 1896-1900, since in 
practice alone. Joined Social Democratic party, 
1900. Mem. Chicago Bar Assn., Art Inst, of Chi- 
cago. Recreations: golf and yachting. Resi- 

dence: 219 Park Av., Hinsdale, 111. Office: 1438 
First Nat. Bank Bldg. 

BBOWN, Bichard. Hnnt, physician; born New 
York City, Dec. 2, 1862; son Richard and Thalia 
(Newton) Brown; grad. high school, Canfleld, 
O., 1879; 3 years at Franklin (Ind.) Coll.; M.D., 
Coll. Physicians and Surgeons, Chicago, 1891, 
with second honors; married Fremont, O., Apr. 
6, 1893, Elva L. Powers; children: Ralph Pow- 
ers, Eben Newton and Elva Powers. Since 1891 
In med. practice in Chicago; specialist in dis- 
eases of the eye, ear, nose and throat. Since 
1892 has conducted clinic at West Side Dis- 
pensary in this specialty; asso. clinical prof, 
diseases of ear, nose and throat. Coll. Physi- 
cians and Surgeons. Mem. Chicago Med. Soc, 
111. State Med. Soc, A.M.A. Independent in pol- 
itics. Congregationalist. Club: 111. Athletic. 
Recreation: swimming. Residence: 2742 Jack- 
son Boul. Office: 1102, 7 W. Madison St. 

BBOWN, Sang'er, physician; born Bloomfield, 
Ont., Can., Feb. 16, 1852; son Stewart and Cath- 
erine (Comer) Brown; ed. Albert Coll. Univ., 
Belleville, Ont. (in arts and engrlng.), 1872-3; 
M.D., Bellevue Hosp. Med. Coll., New York, 
1880; married Bella Christy, of Chicago, July 9, 
1885; 1 son: Christy. Asst. physician Hosp. for 
Insane, Ward's Island, N.Y., 1880-1, Danvers 
(Mass.) State Hosp. for Insane, 1881-2, Bloom- 
Ingdale Asylum, New York, 1882-5, and acting 
med. supt., 1886; prof, neurology, Post-Grad. 
Med. School, Chicago, since 1890; prof. med. 
jurisprudence and hygiene, Rush Med. Coll., 
1892-7; prof, clinical neurology. Coll. of Physi- 
cians and Surgeons (Univ. of 111.), Chicago, 
1902-S; consulting neurologist Cook Co. Hosp., 
Chicago; attending neurologist St. Luke's Hosp., 
Chicago; physician in charge Kenll worth (111.) 
Sanitarium. Conducted (with Prof. E. A. Scha- 
fer) series of vivisection experiments on mon- 
keys at Univ. Coll., London, 1886-7, which af- 
forded first conclusive proof that in these ani- 
mals the center for vision is In the occipital 
lobe. Results were published as: An Investiga- 
tion into the Functions of the Occipital and 
Temporal Lobes of the Monkey's Bram, Philo- 
sophical Trans., Royal Soc. of London, 1888. 
Wrote: Hereditary Ataxia, with Clinical Report 
of 26 Cases, Brain, 1892; Responsibility in Crime 
from the Medical Standpoint, Popular Science 
Monthly, Dec. 1894. Clubs: Union League, Uni- 
versity, Glen View. Mem. Chicago Med. Soc, 
A.M.A., Am. Neurological Soc, Chicago Neuro- 
logical Soc; fellow Royal Society of Medicine, 
England, New York Acad, of Medicine. Resi- 
dence: Kenilworth, 111. Office: 32 N. State St. 

BBOWN, Stewart Beed, lawyer; born Brook- 
lyn, Sept. 18, 1876; son Alexander Parks and 
Jeannette (Fraser) Brown; educated Marquette 
Grammar School, Chicago; Central Y.M.C.A.; ex- 
tension work Univ. of Chicago; LL.B., Law 
Dept. Lake Forest Univ., 1897; unmarried. In 
practice at Chicago since 1902; mem. firm of 
McMahon, Cheney & Brown. Mem. Chicago Bar 
Assn., Commercial Law League of America. 
Sec. North Side Center, Univ. of Chicago ex- 
tension dept., 1901-3, and mem. advisory board, 
1904-9, now asso. mem.; trustee Cumberland 
Presbyterian Church. Was chmn. North Side 
div. of Associated Cycling Clubs and vice-pres. 
of central body, 1898-1900; was mem. com. that 
worked for boulevarding Jackson St. and the 
speedways In parks; actively engaged In racing 
sport, winning several races, and later engaged 
in lawn tennis diversions, affiliating with sev- 
eral lawn tennis clubs. Recreation: tennis. 
Residence: 5410 Southport Av. Office: 1131-1136 
Unity Bldg. 

BBO'W, Taylor Everett, lawyer; born St. 
Loul^, Mo., Jan. 22, 1860; son Capt. Henry Stu- 
art and Emma Jane (Taylor) Brown; ed. pub. 
and high schools, St. Louis, until 17 years old; 
learned trade of pattern-maker at Vulcan Iron 
Works, St. Louis; worked at trade until 1882; 
took partial law course at Union Coll. of Law, 



Chicago, 18S3: was patent office draftsman, 
1883-4; married Chicago, Jan. 30, 1888, Fannie 
Garrison Dayton (died Dec. 28, 1901); children: 
Melville S., Taylor G. (deceased), Charles Ev- 
erett, Jessie Imogen, Dayton Reginald E., Fan- 
nie Susan; married 2d, Nov. 3, 1904, Jessie May 
Catlin, Ripon, Wis. Admitted to bar. Mar. 1884; 
since 1887 member Poole & Brown, patent law- 
yers and solicitors of U.S. and foreign letters 
patent for inventors, securing copyrights, reg- 
istering trade-marks and labels, and attending 
to litigation in Supreme Court of U.S., U.S. Cir- 
cuit Courts of Appeals, and other federal courts. 
Served in Mo. N.G.. 1877-80; then in 111. N.G., 
as private, corporal, color-sergt., lieut., capt. 
and major, until retired as major (at his own 
request), Nov. 1899; served in 1st 111. Vol. Inf. 
and Provisional Battalion of Engrs. in U.S., Cu- 
ba and Porto Rico In war with Spain, 1898; ap- 
pointed inspector-gen. 111. N.G., rank of lleut- 
col., Feb. 24, 1908, and chief ordnance officer, 
HI. N.G., May 1910. Was first officer of U.S.A. 
to land in Porto Rico (Guanica) and was rec- 
ommended for brevet major U.S. Vols, "for gal- 
lantry in action" by Gen. Miles, and name was 
sent to Senate by President McKlnley, etc. 
Mem. Mil. Order Foreign Wars of U.S.; com- 
mander III. Commandery and commander-in- 
chief Nat. Commandery Naval and Mil. Order 
Spanish-Am. War: pre.s. Veteran Corps, First 
Inf., 111. N.G. Episcopalian; mem. Brotherhood 
of St. Andrew; pres. Nat. Conference of Church 
Clubs. Clubs: Chicago Athletic, Union League, 
South Shore Country, Church (Chicago), Army 
and Navy (New York and Washington), Mo. 
Athletic (St. Louis). Residence: 5210 Hibbard 
Av. Office: Marquette BIdg. 

BBOWN, Thomas James, clergyman; born 
Burford, Ont., Can., June 2, 1858; son John and 
Ellen (Adair) Brown; ed. pub. schools. Brant 
Co., Ont., and Albert Univ., Belleville, Ont.; 
student Chicago Seminar of Science; married 
Lillian Wood Haney, of Welland, Ont., Oct. 8, 
1885. Ordained Congregational ministry, Ham- 
ilton, Ont., June 2, 1884; pastorates: Mukwon- 
ago, Wis., 1886-90, Waupun, Wis., 1890-5, Lan- 
caster, 1896-1903, Vermillion, S.D., 1905-6, Grace 
Church, Chicago, since Nov. 1907. Chaplain Wis. 
State Penitentiary, Waupun, 1892-5. Mason 
(32; grand chaplain Wis. Grand Lodge, 1896- 
1904); mem. Modern Woodmen of America, 
Equitable Fraternal Union. Recreations: fishing 
and hunting. Residence: 2347 Greenwood Ter- 

BBOWir, VTalter Burrows, mfg. chemist; 
born Grand Detour, Ogle Co., 111., Apr. 23, 1874; 
son John Spalding and Cornelia E. (Turner) 
Brown; B.S., Univ. of 111., 1897, M.S., 1905; 
married Antoinette Mae Farren (Oberlin Coll., 
1901), at Paris, France, Jan. 23, 1906. Asst. to 
the N.Y. state chemist at Buffalo, 1897-9; asst. 
chemist C.&.N.W.Rj-., Chicago, 1899-1900; chief 
chemist Morris & Co., Chicago, 1900-3; direct- 
ing chemist and gen. supt. Victor Chemical 
Works since 1903. Mem. Am. Chem. Soc. and 
Soc. Chem. Industry (London). Mason. Repub- 
lican. Recreations: hunting, fishing and other 
outdoor diversions. Residence: 5434 Cornell Av. 
Office: 509 Fisher Bldg. 

BBOWN, Walter Zolvah, auditor III. Life Ins. 
Co.; born Coventry, Conn., Oct. 26, 1855; son 
Walter C. and Sarah A. (Clark) Brown; ed. 
Natchaug High School, Willimantic, Conn.; mar- 
ried Soutli Paris, Me., June 24, 1880, Mabel 
Phelps (died 1908); children: Walter G. (died 
1905), Edith, Burton, Edwin, Mildred; married 
2d, Portland, Ore., June 28, 1909, Marie A. Luce. 
Taught school In Conn., 1872-3; cashier and 
bookkeeper for B. F. Spinney & Co., shoe mfrs., 
Lynn, Mass., to 1880; then went to New York, 
where was treas. to the receiver of the Lacka- 
wanna & Pittsburgh Ry. (subsequently reor- 
ganized as the Lackawanna & Southwestern 
Ry. ) and was Identified with other railroad 
projects; next in banking and brokerage busi- 
ness on Wall St.; came to Chicago, 1892, and 

was with the Rookwood Bros., wholesale gro- 
cers, and in 1894 became identified with the 111. 
Life Ins. Co., of which was treas., 1901-5, since 
auditor; asst. sec. and treas. LaSalle Hotel Co. 
since its organization in 1907. Republican. Pres- 
byterian; trustee of Church of Covenant. Club: 
Hamilton. Recreations: golf and amateur pho- 
tography. Residence: 858 Oakdale Av. Office: 
105 W. Monroe St. 

BBOWN, William, Jr., lawyer; born Jackson- 
ville, 111., Oct. 24, 1870; son William and Clara 
(Robb) Brown; ed. Whipple Acad.. Jacksonville, 
111., 1886-7, 111. Coll., Jacksonville, 1887-9, U.S. 
Mil. Acad., West Point, N.Y., 1889-92; LL.B., 
Washington Univ., St. Louis, 1896; married Chi- 
cago, Dec. 30, 1903, Marguerite, daughter of 
William R. Manlerre. Admitted to bar, June 
1897; in law dept. of C.&A.R.R.CO., 1897-1900; 
formed partnership with T. J. Scofield as Sco- 
field & Brown, representing C.&A.Ry. Co. as dis- 
trict attys., and the M.,K.&T.Ry.Co., as local 
attys.; (with Eugene E. Prussing and Hoyt 
King), formed firm of Prussing, Brown & King, 
which continued, 1903-7; mem. law firm of Hay 
(William Sherman) & Brown since 1907, repre- 
senting Wabash and M.,K.&T.Ry. cos. as local 
attys. Democratic nominee for judge Superior 
Court of Cook Co., 1909. Episcopalian. Mem. 
Phi Delta Phi (on exec, council, 1897-9, and 
vlce-pres., 1898-9). Clubs: University, Onwent- 
sia. Law. Residence: 1510 Dearborn Parkway. 
Office: 1318 Hartford Bldg. 

BBOWir, William Bruce, vice-pres. Durand 
Steel Locker Co.; born Edinburgh, Scotland, 
Feb. 3, 1876; son William and Margaret Mac- 
Dougal (Reid) Brown; ed. pub. schools and 
Navigation School, Edinburgh; came to U.S., 
March, 1892; married Hinsdale, 111., Dec. 2, 1905, 
Sara Morgan Gardner; 2 children: Gardner and 
Elizabeth MacDougal. Became identified with 
Durand Steel Locker Co., mfrs. of steel furni- 
ture, 1906, as vice-pres., treas. and gen. mgr. 
Mem. Chicago Assn. of Commerce. Republican. 
Served In 1st Cal. U.S. Vols. In Philippines dur- 
ing Spanish-Am. War and Philippine insurrec- 
tion. Mem. Nat. Soc. Army of the Philippines. 
Mason. Clubs: Chicago Athletic, Hinsdale Golf. 
Recreations: golf and swimming. Residence: 
Hinsdale, 111. Office: 76 W. Monroe St. 

BBOWir, William Coren, gen. mgr. Chicago 
Drop Forge & Foundry Co.; born Plalnfleld, N. 
J., Aug. 26, 1872; son of Edward Lownes and 
Helen Struthers (Jones) Brown; ed. private 
schools, Plalnfleld, N.J., Chicago pub. schools, 
and Chicago Manual Training School; married 
Catherine Bulkley Dewey, of Chicago, Sept. 29, 
1903. Came to Chicago, 1882; engaged with A. 
F. Seaberger, in wholesale hardware business, 
1890-5; became identified with the Chicago Drop 
Forge & Foundry Co., 1896, becoming gen. mgr. 
in 1908. Republican. Presbyterian. Club: Calu- 
met Country. Residence: 5014 Washington Av. 
Office: 447 Kensington Av., Kensington, 111. 

BBOWIT, William Curtis, pres. U.S. Mica Co.; 
born Shelbyville, Ind., May 31. 1859; son Will- 
iam and Elvra (Victor) Brown; married Kath- 
erine Wells, of Brooklyn, N.Y., Nov. 12, 1884. 
Came to Chicago, 1880; began as clerk for Wm. 
Blair & Co.; identified with iron and steel busi- 
ness, 1884-1902; pres. and dir. U.S. Mica Co. 
since 1902. Republican. Mason (32). Resi- 
dence: 730 Forest Av., Evanston, 111. Office: 234 
S. LaSalle St. 

BBOWIT, William Henry, real estate; born 
Warren, III., May 14, 1860; son Thomas and 
Elizabeth (Campbell) Brown; ed. Cedar Falls 
(la.) Normal School and Valparaiso (Ind.) Bus- 
iness Coll.; married S.D., 1885, Hattie Aunger; 
children: Paul E., Ethel F., Cecil A., Raymond 
P. Was engaged in real estate business for 
many years before coming to Chicago, in 1901; 
now senior mem. of Wm. H. Brown & Brittaln, 
real estate; also pres. William H. Brown Co. 
Republican; was mayor of Devil's Lake, N.D., 
19()0-1. Mason. Clubs: Union League, Ridge 



Country. Residence: 10324 Longwood Boul. Of- 
fice: Tacoma Bldg. 

BBOWir, WllUam Horace, author; born near 
Logansport, Ind., Aug. 1, 1855; son Josiah and 
Elizabeth (Thompson) Brown; acad. edn., Wau- 
kon, la.; married Belle Henderson, of San Fran- 
cisco, June 6, 1893. Sec. Civic Federation of 
Chicago since 1900. Author: The Slaves of 
Folly, 1889; A Southern Heritage, 1902; The 
Glory-Seekers, 1906. Contbr. on civic and so- 
ciol. subjects. Residence: 5611 Kenmore Av. Of- 
fice: 620 The Temple. 

BBOWIT, WilUam Uston, merchant in pig 
iron and iron ores; born St. Joseph, Mich., Aug. 
23, 1842; son Hiram and Jane Reese Tilton (Lis- 
ton) Brown; came to Chicago, 1848; ed. pub. 
and private schools, Chicago; married Sept. 27, 
1871, Mrs. Catherine Seymour Bigelow, daugh- 
ter of Dr. Stephen Seymour, M.D., of Chicago. 
Began business career, 1859, as clerk for a 
Board of Trade commn. house: served in Chi- 
cago Mercantile Battery of Light Artillery, 
1862-5, in Vicksburg campaign and Red River 
expedition, etc.; returned to Chicago; one of or- 
ganizers, 1883, and since mem. firm of Pickands, 
Brown & Co., one of largest in U.S. in iron and 
iron ore trade. One of the organizers, 1890, of 
Chicago Shipbuilding Co.; since 1899, chmn. 
Am. Shipbuilding Co. (consolidated Lake Ship 
Yards); pres. Federal Furnace Co.; dir. First 
Nat. Bank. Republican. Trustee Cliicago New 
Church (Swedenborgian) Soc; trustee Chicago 
(Drchestral Assn. Clubs: Chicago, Commercial, 
Caxton, Press, Mid-Day, Tolleston, Glen View, 
Evanston Country, Castalia Fishing. Residence: 
Evanston, III. Office: 1740, 72 W. Adams St. 

BBOWNE, see also Brown, also Braun. 

BBOWNE, Charles Prancla, artist; born Na- 
tick, Mass., May 21. 1859; son George Warren 
and Emeline (Wetherbee) Browne; studied at 
Boston Art Mus., 1882-4; Pa. Acad. Fine Arts. 
1885-7, and at ficole des Beaux Arts under 
G6r6me and other masters, 1887-90; married 
Miss Taft, sister of Lorado Taft, May 21, 1909. 
Instr. and lecturer on history of art, Chicago 
Art Inst. Edited Brush and Pencil, 1897-1900. 
Exhibited at Paris expositions, 1889, 1900, Chi- 
cago Exposition, 1893, and the important cur- 
rent exhibitions. Mem. Soc. Western Artists, 
Chicago Soc. of Artists; dir. Municipal Art 
League of Chicago: mem. N.E. Soc. Clubs: The 
Little Room, Cliff Dwellers. Studio: 1543 57th 

BBOWNE, Pxancis Fiaher, editor; born S. 
Halifax, Vt., Dec. 1, 1843; son William Gold- 
smith and Eunice (Fisher) Browne; learned the 
printer's trade and attended high school at 
Chicopee, Mass., leaving school for service in 
46th Mass. Vols., 1862-3; studied law Roches- 
ter, N.Y., and Univ. of Mich., 1866-7; married 
Susan Seaman Brooks, of Rochester, N.Y., June 
26, 1867. Editor Lakeside Monthly, Chicago, 
1869-74; literary editor of The Alliance, 1878-9; 
editor The Dial since 1880. Chmn. Com. on Con- 
gress of Authors at World's Congress Auxil- 
iary of Columbian Exposition, 1893. One of 
founders (1874), and now honorary mem. Chi- 
cago Literary Club; honorary mem. Caxton Club 
(Chicago), Twilight Club (Pasadena, Cal.). Au- 
thor or editor of numerous books, for titles see 
Who's Who in America. Address: The Dial, 
Fine Arts Bldg. 

BBO'WNIKQ, Qranvllle 'Williaius, lawyer; 
born Indianapolis. Ind., March 14, 1856; son 
(3eorge T. and Elizabeth (McClung) Browning; 
B.S., Univ. of Mich., 1877: married Lake Ge- 
neva, Wis., Sept. 13, 1903, Carrie Woolfolk. Ad- 
mitted to bar, June 1880; partner of Samuel M. 
Moore, chancellor of the Superior Court, until 
1886; mem. firm of Woolfolk & Browning, 1890- 
5, Browning & Shepard. 1898-1905; master in 
chancery Superior Court. 1897-1906, Circuit 
Court since 1906. Atty. of West Town of Chi- 
cago, 1886-7; candidate for judge Circuit Court, 
1893, 1897; special counsel for City of Chicago, 

1897-1906. Democrat. Mem. Chicago Bar Assn. 
Presbyterian. Clubs: Chicago, University, On- 
wentsia. Saddle and Cycle, Law. Recreations: 
automoliiiling, farming. Residence: 5*7 Cedar St. 
Office: Hartford Bldg. 

BBO'WmnQ, Thomas 'Walter, broker; born 
Phila., Jan. 4, 1866; son William H. and Eliz- 
abeth (Bolton) Browning; ed. pub. schools; 
married Chicago, Apr. 5, 1904, Esther St. John. 
Came to Chicago in 1879 and entered employ of 
William Young Co.; became mem. of the firm 
of Pringle, Fitch & Rankin, Mar. 1, 1904; now 
of Walter Fitch & Co. Mem. Chicago Board of 
Trade since 1890. Republican. Clubs: Chicago 
Athletic, South Shore Country. Residence: 1352 
E. 48th St. Office: Board of Trade. 

BBTTBAXEB, WilUam A., chmn. Prohibition 
Central Com. of Cook Co.; born Somerset Co., 
Pa., Sept. 12, 1853; son Abraham and Anna 
(Bisel) Brubaker; ed. Pa. State Normal School, 
Millersville, class of 1874; married Stella Chap- 
pell, of Fallsington, Pa., Nov. 28, 1878; 4 chil- 
dren. Taught scliool 2 years, and read law 2 
years; was engaged in ry. work and as commr. 
III. Ry. Freight Assn. State organizer and lec- 
turer for Prohibition Party, in 111., Neb., Tex. 
and Mich.; chmn. Prohibition Central Com. of 
Cook Co. since May 1905. Elected Prohibition 
nominee for mayor of Chicago, primary elec- 
tion, 1911. Congregationalist. District chief 
templar Independent Order of Good Templars; 
mem. Royal Arcanum. Residence: 6542 Ellis 
A v. Office: 160 W. Washington St. 

BBTTCE, Charles Austin, packer; born Racine, 
Wis., July 17, 1853; son William and Sarah 
June (Mathews) Bruce; ed. pub. school, Clin- 
ton, Wis.; married Bloomington, 111., Oct. 16, 
1877, Effa Mayers; 1 son: Lawrence Woods. In 
employ Am. Express Co.. at Clinton, Wis., Men- 
dota and Bloomington, 111., 1870-5; with Max- 
well & Co., Bloomington, 1875; mem. firm of 
Bruce & Brown, wholesale confectioners, Bloom- 
ington, 1880-5; moved to Chicago, 1897, to enter 
the employ of Miller & Hart, packers, as credit 
man, and since incorpn. of that firm in 1898 has 
been treas. Republican. Presbyterian. Fores- 
ter. Recreations: motoring, fishing, golf. Resi- 
dence: 6828 Union Av. Office: 25th and LaSalle 

BBUCXITEB, William Tretzel, banker; born 
Monroe, Mich., Aug. 4, 1869; son George W. and 
Ann Eliza (Spalding) Bruckner; ed. pub. schools, 
Monroe, Mich.; unmarried. Began with the Wells 
& Nellegar Co. in 1890, with which remained 
1% years; identified with tlie Commercial Nat. 
Bank in 1892, and has since remained with it 
and its successor. Continental & Commercial 
Nat. Bank, in various capacities, becoming vice- 
pres. of latter upon the consolidation in 1910; 
also dir. Lake View Trust & Savings Bank, and 
Cicero State Bank, Hawthorne, 111. Republican. 
Congregationalist. Clubs: Chicago Automobile, 
Bankers', Hinsdale Golf, South Shore Country. 
Recreations: golf, theatre, motoring. Residence: 
Windermere Hotel. Office: Continental & Com- 
mercial Nat. Bank. 

BBTTKBACK, Arthur Henry, physician; born 
Hancock Co., 111., Mar. 31, 1862: son Thomas 
Benton and Abble D. (Southwick) Brumback; 
ed. Carthage (111.) Coll.; M.D., Coll. of Physi- 
cians and Surgeons, Chicago, 1884: married 
Augusta. 111., Dec. 12. 1884, Rose G. Steed: mar- 
ried 2d. Milwaukee, Wis., July 17, 1889, Sophia 
J. 'Wiborg; children: Benton Lee. Marion. Aft- 
er graduation, 1884, located in practice of medi- 
cine at Mound Station. Brown Co., 111., 2 years; 
after that practiced 4% years at Kansas City, 
Mo.; since Oct. 1. 189(), practicing at Chicago; 
gynecologist at West Side Hosp. ; adjunct prof, 
gynecology. Coll. of Physicians and Surgeons. 
Mem. A.M.A.. 111. State Med. Assn.. Chicago 
Med. Soc. Republican. Mason (32). Mem. 
Royal League, Royal Arcanum. K.P.. North Am. 
Union. Clubs: Chicago Athletic, Illinois, Physi- 


cians. Residence; 1503 Jackson Boul. Office: 32 and study of literature. Residence: 1260 Bryn 

N. State St. Mawr Av. Studio: 624 S. Michigan Av. 

BBTTMIiET, Daniel Josepli, civil engr. ; born BBUmss, Frank C, clergyman; born In 

near Leipsic, Putnam Co., O., Mar. 19, 1865; son Switzerland Co., Ind.; reared on farm in Rock 

Joseph and Phillipplna (Leftler) Brumley; Island Co., 111., and attended country schools; 

acad. edn. Ohio Normal Univ., Ada; C.E., Ohio enlisted in 9th 111. Cav. at age of 15, and served 

State Univ., Columbus, 1895; married Susanna to close of war; promoted for gallantry, Dec. 

Pinkarton Lytle, of Deshler, O., Sept. 1, 1908; 1864; finished classical and scientific edn. Mem. 

1 son: David Joseph. Rodman and asst. engr.. Rock River Conf. of M.E. Church and is now 

L.&N.R.R., Louisville, Ky., 1895-1901; engr. pastor Loorais St. Church, West Englewood, 

maintenance of way, Nat. Ry. of Mexico, Sept. Chicago; also platform lecturer. Chaplain 3d 

and Oct., 1901; roadmaster, L.&N.R.R., Eliza- 111. Vols, during Spanish-Am. War; chaplain-ln- 

bethtown, Ky., 1901-4; div. engr. Ind. Southern chief G.A.R., 1897-8; mem. Meade Post G.A.R. 

R.R., 1904-5; principal asst. engr., 1905-10, Residence: 6715 Perry Av. 

engr. of construction since May 1, 1910, I.C.R. BBUNEB, Prank O., psychopathologlst; born 

5- ^"'^,.]'*^'J^^?'^ ^'^j X^"^ ^?- -S""- / Streator, 111., Mar. 28, 1874; son John Mathew 

Yazoo-Mlss. Delta Land Co. Private Co. A, ^nd Anna (Haney) Bruner; grad. Northern Ind. 

14th Inf. Ohio N.G., 1893-5. Republican. Normal School, 1896; supt. schools, Dwight, 

Methodist. Member Am. Soc. Civ. Engrs., Am. jj, 1899-1901; fellow Univ. of Neb., 1901-3, A. 

Ry Engnng. and Maintenance of Way Assn., g 1903; instr., Columbia Univ., 1903-5; M.D., 

Nat. Geog. Soc. Ohio State Univ. Club of Chi- co physicians and Surgeons (Columbia), 

S*^??- Recreation: photography. Residence: 1905. ph.D., Columbia, 1907; married Lottie 

5706 Washington Av. Office: 706 Central weldy, of Coldwater, Mich., June 28, 1906. 

Station. Supt. of sections of anthropometry and psy- 

BBXTMUZIZi, Prederlok William, fire ins.; cholometry, St. Louis Expn., 1904; psycho- 
born Chicago, June 4, 1872; son Henry and Su- pathologist, dept. of child study and ednl. re- 
sanna (Stoll) Brummel; grad. St. Francis So- search, Chicago Board of Edn., since 1905. 
lanus Coll., Quincy, 111., 1889; married Chicago, Author of various monographs, papers and ar- 
June 12, 1895, Mamie Rose Berresheim. In fire tides. Mem. A.A.A.S., Am. Psychol. Assn. Ma- 
ins, since July 15, 1889; chief clerk of German son. Methodist. Residence: 1053 Foster Av. 
Ins. Co., of Freeport, 111., Mar. 1894 to Apr. Office: Tribune Bldg. 

1901; now of firm of Brummel Bros., Cook Co. *BBUlfrsOZr, Bandolph, physician; see Vol. 

mgrs. of the Williamsburg City Fire Ins. Co. of J905 

New York, and the German Fire Ins. Co. of _4'.t.'=. r^t. i- .e-i-_i._i-<. v,it*. >,- 

Peoria, 111. Mem. Knights of Columbus. Club: =^f=' '??"^^'' =H^,1,\*?: ^'L'Ui^'',* =, ^/" 
111. Athletic. Recreations: bowling, golf, swim- Carbondale, II., Mar 1/, 1855; son Daniel Har- 
ming. Residence: 5833 Kenmore Av. Office: 401 po" and J"'ia ^f^i^'^J,""), ?^'i;/%'V'j,^''"f 
A%!cinoi!itir.n RidB- ih Pub. schools of Carbondale; grad. Univ. of 
Association aiag. j,j _ jg^j_ g g^ j^g^. jarried Fort Wayne, Ind., 

BBTTMMBI^, Henry Christopher, flre ins.; Mar. 11, 1885, Ida B. Fleming. Engaged in prac- 

born Chicago, Jan. 11, 1878; son Henry and Su- tice as architect at Chicago since 1892; archi- 

sanna (Stoll) Brummel; grad. St. Francis So- tect of the Northern 111. State Normal School 

lanus Coll., Quincy, 111., 1895; married Mabel at DeKalb, 111., the Lee Co. Court House at Dlx- 

Taylor, Cincinnati, O., Jan. 1, 1908; children: on. 111., and numerous hotel, office, bank and 

Gordon, Jerome. In flre ins. since May 25, other buildings, pub. and private, in Chicago 

1895; was Cook Co. special agent and mgr. for and elsewhere. Mem. Am. Inst, of Architects; 

Western Underwriters' Assn., of Chicago, III., mem. Military Order of the Loyal Legion (by 

Jan. 1900-Apr. 1, 1902; now of firm of Brummel inheritance). Delta Tau lielta Fraternity. Ma- 

Bros., Cook Co. mgrs. of the Williamsburg City son. Residence: 864 Irving Park Boul. Office: 

Fire Ins. Co. of New York, and the German 54 w. Randolph St. 

Fire Ins. Co. of Peoria, 111. Mem. Knights of 

BBTTSH, EiheTson Howard, real estate; de- 

Columbus. Club: 111. Athletic. Recreation: golf. ""^^'p TC^ , qo5 

Residence: Oak Park, 111. Office: 401 Associa- ^^t^^-l^JJ^]:\ ^ * . ^ , 

tion Bldg. *BBT7SHINa'KAM, John Patrick, clergyman; 

BBXrNDAOE, Edward Jackson, corpn. coun- ^^iZl'l i,^^: ^ ^ , ^ 
sel; born Campbell, N.Y., May 13, 1869; son BBTAW, Alfred Cochrane, real estate and 
Victor and Maria L. (Armstrong) Brundage; loan agent; born Chicago, July 22, 1852; son 
removed with parents to Detroit, Mich., in Frederick A. and Ann (Hodgson) Bryan; ed. 
1880; ed. pub. schools of Campbell, N.Y., and Pub. schools of Chicago; married Chicago, 
Detroit until 1883. Employed in railroad office 1889, Helen A. Thompson; children: James A., 
in Detroit and Chicago; studied law in leisure Beatrice H., John F. After leaving school 
hours; admitted to 111. bar, 1892; grad. Chicago learned printing trade; in 1874 engaged in the 
Coll. of Law, LL.B., 1893. Republican. Mem. real estate business; in 1888 was joined by 
House of Representatives in 41st and 43d Gen- brothers, F. W. and J. C, and organized firm of 
eral Assemblies, from 6th Senatorial Dist. of Bryan Bros., real estate and loans. Club: Hins- 
111.; elected, Nov. 1904, pres. of the Board of dale. Residence: Hinsdale, 111. Office: La- 
Co. Coramrs. of Cook Co., and re-elected Nov. fayette Bldg. 

1906; resigned Apr. 16, 1907, to accept position *BXYAlll, Benjamin Butters, commn. mer- 

of corpn. counsel City of Chicago. Was vice- chant; moved to N. Y.; see Vol. 1905. 

W% ^aJ "' ?^?^""i"t ^5''''V'?"'ai?,'i'^n^' BBYAN, Edward Arthur, mfr.; born Peoria, 

N. Y. Mason (K.T.), K.P., Royal League, Co- jj, j^, 'jg ;^g5g go William F. and Jane 

lumbian Knights .Clubs: Chicago Athletic, Evans Bryan; ed. pub. schools; married Peoria, 

F"o'o^^^''?'' ^,?''"?5i"''' ^f^**??- Residence, m., Nov. 4, 1886, Lucy Gibson; 1 son: William 

2228 Dayton St. Office: City Hall. j. Began business life as clerk in grain busi- 

BBUNE, Adolf Gerhard, musician, composer, ness, Peoria. Since 1884 has been engaged in 

critic; born in Germany, June 21, 1870; ed. in iron business and builder of all kinds of steel 

Germany; studied harmony, composition, piano, storage tanks, etc.; organized, Feb. 1902, and 

organ and violin under masters in Germany; was pres. and mgr. E. A. Bryan Co., with plant 

came to U.S., 1889; married Mary R. Ramsey, at Harvey, 111., mfg. steel storage tanks, steel 

of Pittsburg, Pa., Aug. 7, 1899. Instr. of musi- grain elevators, tank cars, and structural iron 

cal theory, Chicago Musical Coll., since 1898; work, 1902-7; engaged in same line with fac- 

organist "St. Joseph's and Cathedral, Peoria, tory at Paris, 111., until 1909; mgr. of tank and 

111.; asso. musical editor Chicago Inter Ocean, car dept. The Kennicott Co., factory at Chicago 

Has written 2 symphonies, and much other Heights, since 1909. Mason, K.T., Shrlner. 

music, more than 50 songs, variations and Club: 111. Athletic. Residence: 4642 Drexel 

other pieces for piano. Recreations: reading Boul. Office: Great Northern Bldg. 



BBYAK, Frederick William, real estate; born 
(on site of new Federal Bldg.) Chicago, May 
13, 184S; son Frederick A. and Ann (Hodgson) 
Bryan; ed. Chicago pub. schools; married Chi- 
cago, Nov. 13, 1873, Nellie Wheeler; one daugh- 
ter: May (Mrs. H. G. Steinson). After leaving 
school was engaged in the drug business and 
was for years with the firm of Burnhams & 
Van gchaack, and in 1886 became identified in 
real estate business with brothers, A. C. and J. 
C. Bryan, organizing firm of Bryan Bros., which 
has since been engaged in an extensive real 
estate and loan business, in charge of Chicago 
properties. Mason, K.T. Mem. Chicago Hist. 
Soc. Club: Chicago Athletic. Recreations: 
flower gardening, possessing the only real Jap- 
anese garden in this part of the country; also 
fond of traveling and photography. Residence: 
1423 Kenilworth Av. Office: Lafayette Bldg. 

BBTAN, John Charles, physician; born Chi- 
cago, Oct. 31, 1850; son Frederick A. and Ann 
(Hodgson) Bryan; ed. pub. and high schools of 
Chicago; grad. Rush Med. Coll., M.D., 1877; 
married England, 1888, Mary E. Lynch; 1 
daughter: Marie E. Also since 1886 with 
brothers, A. C. and F. "W. Bryan, mem. of Bryan 
Bros., real estate and loans. Vice-pres. Boyn- 
ton Wool Scouring Co. Mem. Chicago Assn. of 
Commerce, Chicago Pathological Soc. Club: 
Chicago Athletic. Ex-pres. Mencken (31ub. 
Residence: 5536 Sheridan Rd. Office: 70 La- 
fayette Bldg. 

BBTAIT, Thomas Joseph, chemist; born War- 
wickshire, Eng., Sept. 26, 1869; A.B., Colgate 
Univ., 1893, A.M., 1895; student Univ. of Got- 
tingen, 1899, Univ. of Heidelberg, 1900; Ph.D., 
Univ. of Freiburg, 1901. Asst. in chemistry, 
Colgate Univ., 1893-9, Wesleyan Univ., 1901- 
2; instr. chemistry, Williams Coll., 1902-3, Univ. 
of 111., 1903-6; state analyst. 111. State Food 
Commn., since 1906. Residence: Oak Park, 111. 
Office: 1620 Manhattan Bldg. 

BBYAN, W. S. Plnmer, clergyman; born Al- 
legheny City, Pa., Aug. 30, 1856; son Samuel S. 
and Kate (Plumer) Bryan; grad. Davidson 
Coll., N.C., A.B., 1875, A.M., 1878, Columbia 
Theol. Sem., 1878; (D.D., Centre Coll., Ky., 
1892); married Dec. 1, 1887, Alice C. Reid, 
Staunton, Va.; children: William Plumer (de- 
ceased), Alison Reid, Helen Reid, George 
Plumer. In charge of churches in Randolph 
Co., W.Va., 1878-87; pastor Presbyterian 
Church, Asheville, N.C., 1887-92, Second Pres- 
byterian Church, Cincinnati, O., 1892-5, Church 
of the Covenant, Chicago, since Feb. 1, 1895. 
Residence: 840 Belden Av. 

BBTAN, William Edward, lawyer; born Port 
Hope, Ont., Can., Sept. 12, 1867; son James and 
Letitia (Rothwell) Bryan; ed. Port Hope High 
School; Canadian Business Univ., Toronto; 
Lake Forest ( 111.) Univ. Law School, 1897-8; 
married Chicago, Feb. 24, 1892, Minnie C. Has- 
kell; 1 daughter: Ethel May. Engaged as sten- 
ographer, clerk and cashier, 1888-1895; law 
clerk in the law dept. Armour & Company, 
1895-8; admitted to 111. bar, 1898; asst. counsel 
for Armour & Company, 1898-1907; mem. law 
Arm of Seitz, Bryan & Wilber since 1907: also 
gen. mgr. Wilber Mercantile Agency, Chicago. 
Mem. 111. State Bar Assn., Chicago Bar Assn., 
Lawyers' Assn. of 111. Republican. Episcopa- 
lian. Mason, North American Union. Club: 
Charlevoix. Recreations: automobiiing and bil- 
liards. Residence: 5741 Indiana Av. Office: 
1512-1517 Ashland Block. 

BBTANT, Arthur W., pres. White Lake Lum- 
ber Co.; born Lexington, Mass., Jan. 20, 1847; 
son Albert W. and Nancy (Wellington) Bryant; 
ed. high school, Lexington, Mass.; married Chi- 
cago, 1883, Ella Swartley: children; Marion 
Elizabeth, Elsie Harriet. Came to Chicago from 
Lexington, Mass., in 1865; first in wholesale 
drug house and later clerk in bank until 1872; 
with Park & Soper Lumber Co. until 1879; since 
in w'holesale lumber business foi- self and now 

pres. White Lake Lumber Co.; also dir. Oak 
Park Trust & Savings Bank. Independent Re- 
publican. Mason. Residence: 234 Maple Av., 
Oak Park, 111. Office: 133 W. Washington St. 

BBYAITP, Clifford Welllnrton, sec. and treas. 
White Lake Lumber Co.; born Lexington, 
Mass., Oct. 11, 1859; son of Albert W. and 
Nancy (Wellington) Bryant; ed. in pub. schools 
of Lexington, Mass.; married Trenton, Tenn., 
Nov. 4, 1890, Nellie Levy; 1 daughter: Cornelia 
Crawford. Was in wholesale drug house in 
Boston for 5 years prior to 1882, when came to 
Chicago and entered employ of The Soper Lum- 
ber Co., with which remained until 1887; since 
then with the White Lake Lumber (io., of 
which is now sec. and treas. Republican. Ma- 
son, 32 K. T., Shriner; Elks; mem. Sons of 
Am. Revolution. Recreation: reading. Resi- 
dence: 3635 Michigan Av. Office: 407 Chamber 
of Commerce. 

BBTANT, Henry Willis, pres. Bryant & 
Stratton Business Coll.; born Cleveland, O., 
July 22, 1855; son Henry B. and Lucy Stratton 
Bryant (father was pioneer in field of business 
edn. and with brother-in-law, Henry D. Strat- 
ton, founded the Bryant & Stratton Business 
Coll. in Chicago in 1856) ; came to Chicago with 
parents, 1860; grad. Harvard Univ., 1879; mar- 
ried Chicago, 1887, Miss Antoinette Kellogg Re 
Qua; children: Catharine Re Qua and Willis Re 
Qua. In 1879 became associated with father In 
the management of the Bryant & Stratton 
Business Coll., and in 1892 succeeded his father 
as pres. Republican. Club: Union League. 
Residence: 2454 Michigan Boul. Office: 80 E. 
Randolph St. 

BBTAITT, John J., retired grain merchant; 
born Elizabeth, N. J.; ed. pub. schools, Eliza- 
beth; married Matilda Miller. Went to New 
York, 1863, and was in employ of H. B. Claflin 
& Co., wholesale dry goods, until 1864; enlisted, 
1864, in 9th N.J. Vol. Inf., serving to end of 
war; came to Chicago, May 1871; general agent 
Elliptic Sewing Machine Co. 2 years; in employ 
of C. P. Comstock & Co., grain commn. mer- 
chants, 1873-5; in business for self as senior 
mem. of Bryant & Co., 1875-1906, now retired. 
Mem. of Chicago Board of Trade from Jan. 
1872 (dir. 1883). Mem. S.A.R. Mason. Resi- 
dence: Riverside, 111. 

BBTANT, John J., Jr., broker; born Chicago, 
Dec. 9, 1875; son John J. and Matilda (Miller) 
Bryant; ed. at the Harvard School, Chicago, U. 
S. Naval Acad., Annapolis, Md., 1891-4; LL.B., 
Cornell Univ., Ithaca, N.Y., 1898; unmarried. 
Admitted to the N.Y. bar, 1898, 111. bar, 1899, 
and engaged in practice at Chicago, 1899-1901; 
mgr. bond dept. Granger Farwell & Co., bank- 
ers, until 1907, when that co-partnership be- 
came the Farwell Trust Co. of which was sec, 
1907-9; resigned 1909 to accept mgrship. Chi- 
cago office of Jas. H. Oliphant & Co., bankers 
and brokers, of New York. Mem. Sigma Phi, S. 
A.R. Clubs: University, Exmoor Country, Riv- 
erside Golf. Recreations: golf and horseback 
riding. Residence: University Club. Office: 711 
The Rookery. 

*BBYAirr, Stowell Iiyman, clergyman; see 

Vol. 1905. 

BB'S'SOIT, William John, retired civil engr. ; 
born New Rochelle, N.Y., July 16, 1845; son 
William and Julia Goodwin Bryson; ed. private 
schools, followed by special courses in civil en- 
gring. ; married Emma Edna Horton. Began 
practice of civil engring. in 1865 in employ of 
U.S. Govt, on fortification work at Washington, 
D.C., and in 1867 was employed on work for the 
City of (Chicago; later returned to govt, work in 
Chicago, Appleton, Wis., and Oshkosh, Wis., 
until 1874, when became asst. engr. of the C.& 
A.R.R. until 1900, when retired from practice. 
Dir. James B. Clow & Sons, and Joliet & Chica- 
go Ry. Co. Clubs: Chicago, Union League, Ham- 
ilton, Jlid-Day, Saddle and Cycle, South Shore 



Country, Glen View. Residence: 731 Buena Av. 
Office: 410 S. Micliigran Av. 

BUCXAirAir, Se Witt W., coal mine opera- 
tor; born Ciiicago, May 16, 1876; son MilfordD. 
and Mary S. (Wiieeler) Buchanan; prep. edn. 
Harvard and University schools, Chicago; M.E., 
Purdue Univ., Lafayette, Ind., 1898; married 
Apr. 12, 1905, Grace D. Follansbee (died July 19, 
1906). With engring. dept. I.C.R.R.Co., 1898-9; 
resigned to enter coal mining business with the 
Wilmington Star Mining Co.; sec. and treas. 
Wilmington Star Mining Co., Ohio Valley Min- 
ing Co.; pres. Bituminous Coal Washing Co., 
the Coalfield Co. Mem. Western Soc. Bngrs. 
Clubs: Chicago Athletic (life), Exmoor Coun- 
try, Oconomowoc Lake. Recreations: yachting, 
hunting. Residence: Oconomowoc, Wis. Office; 
11th floor McCorraick Bldg. 

B'DCHANAI]', James Neliou, real estate; born 
cor. Dearborn and Adams Sts., Chicago, Oct. 16, 
1849; son Nelson and Kllen Alaria (Paine) Bu- 
chanan; ed. pub. schools. Palmer's Acad, and 
Dyrenfurtli's Coll., all of Chicago; married Chi- 
cago, Oct. 17, 1876, Isadora Berry; children; 
Grace (Mrs. G. H. Lamberton), William Nelson, 
Isadora Berry. Began active career in employ 
of Culver, Page & Hoyne, 1864; was with Hol- 
llster & Phelps, 1867-8; took up contracting and 
real estate, also operated coal mine In Ind.; In 
real estate business, loans and Ins. as owner or 
agent since 1871. Mem. 36th General Assembly 
of 111., representing 2d Dist. Mem. Co. A, 1st 
Regt. 111. N.G., serving as private, corpl., sergt., 
lieut., and 2^ years as capt., total service of 
8^4 years in the regt.; was in 1st Brigade staff 
6% years, with Gen. Charles Fitzsimons, as 
commissary and asst. insp.-gen., rank of lieut. - 
col. Episcopalian. Club: Press. Recreations: 
camping and trout fishing. Residence: 5555 
Monroe Av. Office: 54 W. Randolph St. 

BUCHAITAIT, Kilford De Witt; deceased; see 
Vol. 1905. 

BTTCHHOIiZ, Frederick William, mathemati- 
cian; born Cleveland, O., Jan. 5, 1865; son Will- 
lam and Mary Philena (Farrand) Buchholz; A. 
B., Oberlln Coll., 1889; LL.B., Chicago Coll. of 
Law, 1895; married Chicago, Aug. 29, 1893 
Laura Belle MuUendore. Principal De Pere 
(Wis.) High School, 1889-91, Menasha (Wis.)' 
High School, 1891-3; teacher of mathematics 
Chicago English High and Manual Training 
School, 1893-1902; head dept. of mathematics, 
Chicago Normal School since 1902. Mason. Con- 
gregationalist. Residence: 6818 St. Lawrence 

BUCHSBAITM, Samuel, mfg. jeweler; born 
Sziirte T^gias. Hungary, Aug. 12,. 1865; son 
Herman and Marie (Greenwald) Buchsbaum; 
ed. in pub. schools in Hungary to 1879: mar- 
ried Chicago, Feb. 19, 1893, Jennie Hlrschko- 
vltz; children: J. Herbert, Chester William, Al- 
ice, Mildred. Engaged in mfg. in old country, 
1879-84; came to U.S.; after a year in New 
York, came to Chicago, 1885, and entered shop 
of M. Newmann; in 1889 established for self 
as mfg. jeweler under present firm name of S. 
Buchsbaum & Co. Mem. Jewelers' Club. Re- 
publican. Mason; B.P.O.E., B'nai B'rith, Free 
Sons of Israel, Austria-Hungarian Soc. Resi- 
dence: 5430 Michigan Av. Office: 401 Masonic 

BUCK, Carl Darling', philologist; born Or- 
land. Me., Oct. 2. 1866; son Edward and Eme- 
line (Darling) Buck; A.B., Yale, 1886, Ph.D., 
1889; mem. Am. School Classical Studies, Ath- 
ens. 1887-9; studied in Leipzig, 1889-92; mar- 
ried Clarinda Darling Swazey, of Bucksport. 
Me., Sept. 10, 1889. Asst. prof. Sanskrit and 
Indo-European comparative philology, 1892-4, 
asso. prof.. 1894-1900, prof., 1900-3, prof, and 
head of dept. since 1903, Univ. of Chicago. 
Mem. Am. Philol. Assn., Am. Oriental Soc. Au- 
thor of various books, for titles see Who's Who 
in America. Address: 5733 Lexington Av. 

BUCK, James P., physician; born Cambria 

Co., Pa., Feb. 19, 1856; son John and Rachel 
(Sherry) Buck; A.M., St. Vincent Coll., La- 
trobe. Pa., 1876; taught school 2 seasons; took 
course in anatomy at Hahnemann College, 
Phlla.; M.D., Jefferson Med. Coll., Phlla., 1879; 
practiced in Western Pa., 1879-84; post-grad, 
work in med. schools of Vienna and Heidelberg, 
and in unlvs. and hosps. of Berlin and Prague, 
1884-5; married Chicago, June 30, 1877, Cather- 
ine M. Grass; children: Marie G., Harold F. J., 
Cecil C. Served in Servian army, then at war 
with Bulgaria, Roumania, as surgeon, with 
rank and title of capt., 1885-6, and with Dr. 
Bridges had charge of a mil. hosp.; when re- 
signed commn. became asst. to Prof. Hock, lec- 
turer on diseases of the eye at Vienna Poli- 
clinic; returned to U.S., 1887, locating in Chi- 
cago, where has since been engaged in general 
practice of medicine, but making a specialty of 
surgery. Inventor of various instruments and 
appliances for operative surgery. Mem. Chi- 
cago Med. Soc, A.M.A. Recreation: motoring. 
Office and Residence: 1161 LaSalle Av. 

BUCK, Niels, architect and contractor; born 
Morse, Denmark, Mar. 24, 1866; son Christ and 
Cecil Buck; ed. pub. schools in Denmark; mar- 
ried Chicago, Mar. 1, 1892, Emma Rubart; chil- 
dren: Fred, Downell, Adelaide. Learned trade 
of cabinet maker in Denmark, near Copenha- 
gen; at age of 17 came to Chicago, and started 
in with A. H. Andrews & Co. as a cabinet 
maker; was later with Jenson & Dryer as supt. 
of carpenters and builders; studied architecture 
and became mem. of firm and gen. supt. of 
Wheatley, Buck & Co. and then from 1893 was 
in business for himself as architect, and in 1903 
was joined by Fred Schroeder, forming present 
firm of Niels Buck & Co., contractors and build- 
ers. Pres. Ziegler Dist. Colliery Co. since 1905. 
Republican. Lutheran. Mason. Club: Chicago 
Automobile. Recreation: motoring. Residence: 
5332 Kenmore Av. Office: 9 S. LaSalle St. 

BUCK, William P., ry. official. Began ry. 
.service with N.P.R.R. as machinist, and was 
shop foreman, 1893-5, gen. foreman of shops at 
Missoula, Mont., 1895-9, at Helena, Mont., 1899- 
1902, master mechanic Rocky Mountain dlv., at 
Missoula, Mont., 1902-4; with A.,T.&S.F. Sys- 
tem since 1904, as master mechanic Ariz, div., 
at Needles. Cal., and is now supt. of motive 
power, at Chicago. Residence: Hotel Metropole. 
Office: 1018 Railway Exchange. 

BUCKBEE, John Calvin, engr.; born Galena, 
S.D., July 12, 1876; son Arthur and Fannie 
(Woods) Buckbee; ed. high school, S.D. and 
Utah, supplemented by 5 months at Univ. of 
Utah ; married Cora Agnes Long, of Louisville, 
111., May 2, 1909. Began as mechanic of Eureka 
Hill Mining Co., Eureka, Utah, 1892-5; supt. 
Sunbeam Mining Co., Silver City, Utah, 1895-8; 
came to Chicago, 1898; special engr. on mining 
plants for Eraser & Chalmers and their suc- 
cessors, the Allis-Chalmers Co., 1898-1906; or- 
ganized in 1906, and since pres., J. C. Buckbee 
Co., engrs. Appointed by Gov. Deneen delegate 
to Nat. Mining Congress, 1906. Republican. 
Clubs: Chicago Athletic, Chicago Yacht. Recre- 
ations: billiards and fishing. Residence: Del 
Prado Hotel. Office: 1735 First Nat. Bank Bldg. 

BUCKINQHAM, Benjamin J., sec. Bucking- 
ham Bros. Co., skirts. Office: 180 W. Adams 

BUCKINQHAM, Clarence, real estate; dlr. 
111. Trust & Savings Bank. Residence: Lake 
Forest, 111. Office: 653 The Rookery. 

BUCKHTOHAM, Ebenezer, capitalist; born 
Zanesville, O., Jan. 16, 1829; son Ebenezer and 
Eunice (Hale) Buckingham; grad. Yale, 1848; 
married Lucy Sturges; children: Clarence, Kate 
S., Lucy M. Removed to Chicago, Nov. 1859; 
engaged in grain and storage business, Oct. 
1866-Dec. 1891; pres. Traders Ins. Co., 1883- 
1902; pres. Northwestern Nat. Bank from Aug. 
1890 until it was consolidated with the Corn 
Exchange Nat. Bank and the Am. Nat. Bank, 



Sept. 15, 1900. Has been dir. South Side Ele- 
vated R.R. and other large corpns. Residence: 
2036 Prairie Av. Office: The Rookery. 

BtTCXnsrOHAM, ateoxge Tracy, lawyer; born 
Delphi, Ind., Apr. 21, 1864; son Tracy Wilson 
and Helen (Clark) Buckingham; ed. common 
schools and normal school, Ladoga, Ind.; stud- 
ied law in ofBce of W. J. Calhoun, Danville, 111.; 
admitted to bar, 1890; married Danville, Nov. 
3, 1893, Victoria Donlon; 1 son: Tracy. Was a 
mem. successively at Danville of law firms of 
Wilson & Buckingham, Buckingham & Dysert, 
Buckingham, Dysert & Troup, Buckingham & 
Troup, 1893-1908; came to Chicago, May 1, 1908, 
at invitation of surviving mems. of firm of De- 
frees, Brace & Ritter, after death of William 
Brace, firm becoming Defrees, Buckingham, Rit- 
ter & Campbell, which continues as Defrees, 
Buckingham, Ritter, Campbell & Eaton. Pres. 
and ch:ief owner of Danville Belt Coal Co. While 
at Danville organized or was financially Inter- 
ested in following cos. : Ike Stern Co., mercan- 
tile corpn., Danville Dept. Store, Kelly Coal Co., 
Consumers' Coal Co., Vermilion County Coal 
Co., Traer Coal Co., and various traction cos. 
allied to the III. Traction Co. Was dist. atty. 
W^abash Ry. Co. and then and now gen. counsel 
111. Coal Operators' Assn. Asst. state's atty. 
Vermilion Co., 1894-8; candidate for Justice Su- 
preme Court of 111., 1907, to succeed Justice 
Wilkin, deceased; convention balloted 155 times 
lacked 5 votes of majority. Mem. I.N.G., 1886- 
1904, last rank col. Trustee Insane Hosp., Kan- 
kakee, 1897-1901; pres. Joliet Prison Bd., 1901- 
5. Repuljlican. Methodist. Mem. Vermilion Co., 
Chicago, and 111. State Bar assns. Mason (32); 
mem. K.P., Elks, Modern Woodmen of Amer- 
ica. Clubs: Union League, Hamilton. Recrea- 
tions: motoring, golf, etc. Residence: Winder- 
mere Hotel. Office; 226 S. LaSalle St. 

BVCXUTOKAM, WilUam F., pres. Bucking- 
liam Bros. Co., skirts. Residence: 5236 South 
Park Av. Oflflce: 180 W. Adams St. 

BTTCKI^Eir, Herbert E.; born W. Winfleld, 
Herkimer Co., N.Y., July 9, 1848; ed. public 
schools of Herkimer Co., N.Y., New York State 
Acad., and finished at a business coll. in Chi- 
cago; married 1879, Bertha E.. daughter of Hon. 
George Redfleld. Removed, 1860, with parents, 
to Elkhart, Ind.; was druggist there, 1863-79; 
came to Chicago, 1879, and has since been en- 
gaged in the mfr. of proprietary medicines; 
now pres. and treas. of H. E. Bucklen & Co.: 
also publisher of The Druggist. Residence: 814 
S. Michigan Av. Office: 802 S. Michigan Av. 

BTTCKKE'S', Charles 'Wilbur, grain commn.; 
born Peoria, 111., Aug. 20, 1857; son Robert C. 
and Elizabeth M. Buckley; ed. pub. schools of 
Peoria, 111.; married Peoria, 1882, Nannie B. 
Johnston; children: Robert, Saldee, Warren, 
Elizabeth. Removed to St. Louis, Mo., 1880, 
where was engaged in the grain business until 
1884, when came to Chicago, and nas since been 
continuously engaged in commn. business; vice- 
pres. Pratt & Buckley until 1905, when it dis- 
solved; since then of Buckley & Co., commn. 
merchants, in grain, provisions, etc.; also vlce- 
pres. W. G. Press & Co.; see. and dir. Somers, 
Jones & Co.; mem. Buckley, Pursley & Co., Pe- 
oria, 111.; pres. Phillips Land Co. Mem. Chicago 
Board of Trade (dir., 1898-1901). Clubs: Ex- 
moor, Highland Park. Recreation: horseback 
riding. Residence: Highland Park, 111. Office: 
Board of Trade. 

BXrCKI^ET, Bdnrnnd, lecturer; born Birming- 
ham, Eng., Mar. 30. 1S55; son James and Mary 
Ann (Lapworth) Buckley; A.B., Univ. of Mich., 
1884, A.M., 1884; student in Germany, 1884-5, at 
London, 1885-6; Ph.D., Univ. of Chicago, 1894; 
married Sara S. Craig (M.D.), of Churchville, 
N.Y., July 15, 1885. Prof, philosophy, Doshisha 
Coll., Kyoto, Japan, 1886-92; traveled in China, 
India, Egypt, Palestine and Europe, 1892-3; fel- 
low in hierology, 1893-4, docent in hierology. 
since 1894, Univ. of Chicago. Editor The World 

To-Day. 1902-4. Editor: Universal Religion, 
1897; University Lessons in Art, 1901; contbr. 
to mags. Residence: 5635 Madison Av. 

B'DCXKE'Z', Homer Jolm, sec. and treas. Buck- 
ley, Dement & Co; born Rock Island Co., 111., 
Mar. 16, 1879; son John A. and Mary (Sullivan) 
Buckley; ed. pub. schools, St. Ignatius Coll. and 
Bryant & Stratton Business College, Chicago; 
married Lvicile Kathleen Wallace, of New York 
City, Sept. 23, 1908. Began business career 
with Marshall Field & Co., in 1891, as messen- 
ger, remaining with them for 14 years in va- 
rious positions, resigning as mgr. of the circu- 
lar advertising and follow-up systems, in 1905; 
organized the corpn. of Buckley, Dement & Co., 
form letters, mailing lists, etc., in 1905, with 
which has since been identified as sec, treas. 
and dir.; also pres. Standard 5 and 10 Cent 
Stores. Democrat. Catholic. Mem. Knights of 
Columbus. Chicago Assn. of Commerce (chmn. 
advertising com.), St. Ignatius Alumni. Clubs; 
Chicago Advertising. Suburban of LaGrange, 
LaGrange Country, Irish Fellowship (sec, 1904- 
10), Chicago Athletic Recreation: golf. Resi- 
dence: 240 8th Av., LaGrange, 111. Office: 85 W. 
Harrison St. 

BUCKKnr, Edward Ira, lawyer; born Danby, 
Vt., Sept. IS, 1873; son Charles Knox and Sa- 
mantha Elizabeth (Vail) Bucklin; ed. Burr & 
Burton Sem., Manchester, 1888-91; LL.B., Kent 
Coll. of Law, Chicago, 1897; married Edith M. 
Farnsworth, of Hyde Park, Mass., Mar. 25, 
1908; 1 son: Edward Ira, Jr. Practiced law 
alone, 1897-1902; senior mem. firm of Bucklin 
& Bucklin since 1902. Co-sec, co-treas. and co- 
mgr. Ironite Co. Member Chicago Bar Assn. 
Served as pvt. Co. H, 1st Inf. I.N.G., 1896-7. 
Republican. Congregationalist. Mason. Recre- 
ations; general outdoor exercises. Residence: 
143 N. 52d Av. Office; 118 N. LaSalle St. 

BTTCKKUT, Tail Rhodes, lawyer; born Danby, 
Vt., Aug. 16, 1878; son Charles Knox and Sa- 
mantha Elizabeth (Vail) Bucklin; grad. Burr & 
Burton Sem., Manchester, Vt., 1894; LL.B., Chi- 
cago-Kent Coll. of Law, 1902; married Chicago, 
May 29, 1906, Imogene Pearl White. Taught 
in pub. schools, 1894-1900; mem. firm of Buck- 
lin & Bucklin since May 1902; dir., co-sec, co- 
treasurer and co-mgr. Ironite Co.; dir. and sec. 
Standard Earth Auger Co. Mem. Chicago Bar 
Assn. Independent Republican. Congregation- 
alist. Recreations: golf and other outdoor ex- 
ercises. Residence: 1205 LaSalle Av. Office: 
118 N. LaSalle St. 

B'DCKITEB, Jolin Jtee, lumber; born Sweet 
Springs, Mo., Dec 19, 1863; son "W. G. and Sa- 
rah (Brown) Buckner; ed. Westminster Coll., 
Fulton. Mo.; married Slater, Mo., Apr. 23, 1885, 
Alice P. Smith; children; Madeline, Frances, 
J. L., Jr. Started at age 16 in lumber business 
with G. W. Smith at Sweet Springs, Mo.; thence 
to Kansas City, 1886; mgr. 2 years for C. P. 
Deatherage Lumber Co.; then in retail lumber 
business for himself up to 1895; in wholesale 
lumber brokerage to 1896; lumber traffic mgr. 
Kansas City, Pittsburg & Gulf Rv. till July, 
1898: came to Chicago in 1898; founded the firm 
of Buckner, Saunders & Co. (J. L. Buckner, A. 
P. Buckner), mfrs. and wholesale dealers in 
yellow pine lumber, with specialties in long 
leaf yellow pine and railroad timbers. Clubs: 
Marquette, South Shore. Recreation: golf. Res- 
idence: 4719 Michigan Av. Office: Fisher Bldg. 

BtrSD, Brltton Ihrie, pres. Met. West Side 
Elevated Ry. Co.; born San Francisco, Cal., 
Sept. 7, 1S71; son AVayman C. and Annabelle 
(Parks) Budd; ed. public schools, Chicago, and 
Shattuck Sch., Faribault, Minn.; married Kath- 
arine Krugh, of Chicago, Jan. 1. 1900. Began as 
mem. of a ry. surveying corps in Ohio. 1892: 
was with the Intramural Rv. at the Chicago 
World's Fair, 1893; identified with the Met. 
West Side Elevated Ry. Co. since 1894, begin- 
ning as clerk in storehouse and since served 
in various capacities, becoming pres. and gen. 



mgr., Apr. 10, 1910. Independent in politics. 
Episcopalian. Clubs: Union League, City, West- 
ern Ry. Recreations: outdoor sports. Res- 
idence; Elmhurst, III. Office: 1001 Royal Ins. 

BTTDDE, Jolin Oeorge, printer; born Mount 
Pleasant, la.. May 27, 1874; son of Dietrich 
Adrian and Rebecca Jane (Cuddy) Budde; grad. 
Mt. Pleasant (la.) High School and Elliott's 
Business Coll., Burlington, la.; married Anna 
Dorothea Wolfgram, of Chicago, Oct. 4, 1899. 
Began business career in the Nat. State Bank 
of Mt. Pleasant, for 3 years before coming to 
Chicago in 1897; became Identified with Regan 
Printing House as sec, treas. and dir. in 1904, 
and has since remained in that capacity; also 
dir. Am. Poultry Journal Co., and head of J. G. 
Budde & Co. Republican. Presbyterian. Mason, 
Oak Park Lodge, Cicero Chapter, Siloam Com- 
mandery. Oriental Consistory, Medinali Temple 
Mystic Shrine. Clubs: Chicago Athletic, 111. 
Athletic, Press, Hawkeye Fellowship. Recrea- 
tions: hunting and fishing. Residence: 635 S. 
Oak Park Av., Oak Park, 111. Office: 527 
Plymouth PI. 

BUDZBAIT, Nicholas Stanislaus, real estate 
and ins.; born Poland, Germany, Sept. 15, 1877; 
son of John and Julia (Jagodzinska) Budzban; 
came to America with parents, 1879; ed. at St. 
Stanislaus parochial schools and St. Stanislaus 
Coll., Chicago; married Chicago, 111., Sept. 25, 
1901, Mary Kolassa (died May 20, 1908). En- 
gaged in real estate and ins. business since 
1907; sec. and dir. Eagle Brewing Co. Mem. 
Board of Local Improvements during Mayor 
Dunne's administration, 1905-7; member State 
Board of Equalization, 1908-12. Democrat. Cath- 
olic. Gen. sec. Polish Roman Catholic Union of 
America; mem. Catholic Order of Foresters, 
Macierz Polska. Residence: 1256 Fry St. Office: 
1024 Noble St. 

BUECKnrO, Edward Frederick, physician; 
born Washington, Franklin Co., Mo., Sept. 18, 
1857; son Dr. John Henry and Minnie (Grieve) 
Buecking; ed. St. Francis Solanus Coll., Qulncy ; 
M.D., Bennett Med. Coll., Chicago, 1876, and 
Louisville Eclectic Med. Coll., M.D., ad eundem 
graduni, 1877; married Apr. 13, 1879, Alona R. 
Watkins; children: Henry Watkins, Vera Clark. 
Engaged in practice in Chicago since 1877, in 
which year became lecturer on anatomy and 
orthopsedic surgery in Bennett Med. Coll., of 
which has since been, successively, prof, prin- 
ciples and practice of surgery, and of clinical 
surgery. Served as surgeon at Cook Co. Hosp., 
surgeon-in-cliief at Chicago Policlinic and Post- 
Grad. Policlinic schools. Mem. 111. State Ec- 
lectic Med. Society (ex-pres.), Chicago Eclectic 
Med. Soc. (ex-pres.), Nat. Eclectic Med. Assn., 
Chicago Med. Soc. Republican. Residence: 3301 
Cottage Grove Av. Office: 32 N. State St. 

''BTTEHIiEB, John W.; see Vol. 1905. 

BUEHIiEB, William Emiuett, physician; born 
Hatboro, Montgomery Co., Pa., Jan. 27, 1869; 
son George Washington and Alice (Green) 
Buehler; ed. Hatboro Lollar Acad., Phila. pub. 
schools and pvt. schools at Hatboro, Pa.; grad. 
Am. Coll. of Osteopathic Medicine and Surgery, 
Chicago. D.O., Jan. 1903; M.D., Coll. of Medi- 
cine and Surgery, Chicago, May 1904; married 
Phila., Sept. 5, 1893, Ella May Abel. Began 
practice as osteopath Feb. 1, 1903, and since 
May 1904, as physio-med. and osteopathic phy- 
sician and surgeon. Mem. of faculties of Coll. 
of Medicine and Surgery, Am. Coll. of Medicine 
and Surgery, and Am. Coll. of Osteopathic Med- 
icine and Surgery. Vice-pres. Chicago and Cook 
Co. Osteopathic Soc; mem. Chicago Med. Soc, 
A.M. A. Baptist. Mason, Odd Fellow; mem. Red 
Men. Patriotic Order Sons of America. Club: 
Illinois. Residence: 1421 Farwell Av. Office: 
64 E. Van Buren St. 

BTTEIi, Munson Parker, live stock commn.; 
born Croton, Licking Co., O., Oct. 14, 1845; son 

Joshua H. and Lucy (Gear) Buel; ed. public 
schools, followed by short term at Granville 
(O.) Coll.; married Chillicothe, Mo., Mar. 13, 
1873, Evaline Wigley; children: Forest Lee, 
Daisy (Mrs. McNeil). Reared on farm in Ohio 
until 17 years old; 4 years in gen. merchandise 
store at Croton, O. ; moved to Austin, Nev., and 
was asst. cashier nat. bank there 2% years; 
health being affected by confinement, severed 
connection with bank and went to Chillicothe, 
Mo., where engaged in buying and handling live 
stock; became mem. of live stock commn. firm 
of Hunter, Evans & Co., at St. Louis, Mo., May 
1, 1876; moved to Chicago, Apr. 15, 1885, and 
began business under same firm name. Incorpo- 
rated, 1889, as Evans-Snider-Buel Co., of which 
was vice-pres. until 1894; since then pres. Pres. 
Chicago Live Stock Exchange, 1904-6. Repub- 
lican. Mem. Evangelical Church. Club: Saddle 
and Sirloin (ex-pres.). Residence: 4444 Green- 
wood Av. Office: Union Stock Yards. 

'BWEJilt, Charles Clinton, lawyer; born Ster- 
ling, 111., Feb. 14, 1867; son Clinton C. and Mary 
A. (Niles) Buell; grad. Sterling High School, 
and afterwards attended Univ. of 111., leaving 
in sophomore year; married Chicago, Oct. 26, 
1892, Maude Hoyne; children: Temple Hoyne, 
Charles Clinton, Jr., Frances Vedder. Came to 
Chicago, 1886, and read law in office of uncle, 
Ira W. Buell; admitted to bar in Mar. 1888, af- 
terward forming partnership with uncle under 
firm name of Ira W. & C. C. Buell (dissolved); 
mem. firm of Buell & Abbey since Apr. 1, 1905. 
Has paid special attention to corpn., real estate, 
chancery and probate law. Mem. 111. State Bar 
Assn., Cihicago Bar Assn. Democrat. Attends 
Second Presbyterian Church. Past-master Bla- 
ney Lodge No. 271, A.F.&A.M. ; mem. of Oriental 
Consistory and Medinah Temple Mystic Shrine. 
Clubs: Law, Chicago Athletic, Lake Zurich 
Golf, Midlothian Country. Residence: 1833 In- 
diana Av. Office: 1612 Tribune Bldg. 

BUEtK, Ira 'Warner, lawyer; deceased; see 
Vol. 1905. 

BTrFFINOTOir, Eugrene Jackson, capitalist; 
born Guyandotte, W. Va., Mar. 14, 1863; son 
James H. and Columbia (Nicholas) Bufflngton; 
student Chickering Inst., Cincinnati, 1879-80, 
Vanderbilt University, 1881-3; married Drucllla 
Nichols Moore, of Catlettsburg, Ky., Nov. 27, 
1888; 2 children: Eugenia M., Sarah Louise. 
Treas. Am. Wire & Nail Co., Anderson, Ind., 
1884-8; sec. and treas. Am. Steel & Wire Co., 
1888-9; pres. 111. Steel Co., since Jan. 1, 1899; 
also pres. Ind. Steel Co. Clubs: Chicago, Union 
League, Commercial, Mid-Day. Residence: Ev- 
anston. 111. Office: 72 W. Adams St. 

BTTFFUM, Joseph Howard, oculist; born Pitts- 
burg, Pa., Aug. 24, 1849; son Joseph C. and Ma- 
ria Buffum; A.B., Cornell Univ.; student Hahne- 
mann Med. Coll., Philadelphia, 1 year, then in 
New York Homoeopathic Med. Coll., graduating 
1873; married 1876, Evelyn Barrett Sprague, of 
Jamestown, N. Y.; children: Howard E., Na- 
talie S. Practiced in Pittsburg, Pa.; attending 
physician to Pittsburg Homoeopathic Hosp., 
1873-6; practiced in New York City, 1876-80. 
with special study and practice in diseases of 
the eye and ear; called to Chicago, 1880, as 
prof, diseases of the eye and ear in the Chicago 
Homceopathic Med. Coll., and has since prac- 
ticed here as a specialist in diseases of the eye 
and ear. Was pres. of Indianapolis meeting of 
Am. Soc. of Homoeopathic Oculists, 1882. Mem. 
Am. Inst. Homoeopathy. Author of a work on 
Ophthalmology. Mason (32, K.T., Shriner). Of- 
fice: 15 E. Washington St. 

BTJFOBD, Coleman O-raves, surgeon; born 
Lafayette Co., Mo., Jan. 25, 1872; son L. G. and 
Orra (Chinn) Buford; ed. Wentworth Military 
Academy, Lexington, Mo.; M.D., Northwestern 
Univ. Med. School, Chicago, 1894; married Iro- 
quois Co., 111., Sept. 6, 1899, Ada M. Abildgaard; 
children: Morgan, Shelby, Mary, Coleman, Jr., 



Robert Lee, Margaret. Physician at 111. East- 
ern Hosp. for the Insane, Kankakee, 1894-6; 
personal asst. to late Dr. Christian Fenger, 
1896-1900; since 1900, specialist in surgery. 
Instr. clinical surgery, 1897-1907, also instr. 
operative surgery, 1900-1, Northwestern Univ. 
Med. School; now instr. clinical surgery. Rush 
Med. Coll.; surgeon to St. Joseph's and Chil- 
dren's Memorial hosps. ; surgeon-in-charge her- 
nia dept. Home for Destitute Crippled Children. 
Mem. A.M.A., Chicago Surgical Soc, Soo. Med. 
History, Chicago Med. Soc, North Side Med. 
Soc, 111. State Med. Soc, Zeta Chapter Nu Sig- 
ma Nu. Mem. Royal League; mem. and past 
supreme med. examiner Independent Order of 
Red Men. Residence: 240 E. Huron St. Office; 
1433, 122 S. Michigan Av. 

SVJtXXilS'X, Almon 'Wlieeler, lawyer; born 
Groton, Tompkins Co., N.Y., Apr. 13, 1852; son 
Lorenzo and Juliette Ann (Coonley) Bulkley; 
grad. Cornell Univ., degree of B. Arch., 1875; 
married Joliet, 111., June 17, 1882, Ella Jay 
Stafford (died Jan. 4, 1896); children: Helen, 
Josephine. Admitted to 111. bar, 1879; deputy 
clerk Appellate Court of 111., 2d Dist., 1879-80; 
located in Chicago, Aug. 1, 1880; since May 1, 
1895, of firm of Bulkley, Gray & More. Mem. 111. 
State Bar Assn., Chicago Bar Assn. Mason, 
Garden City Lodge, Fairview Chapter, Cheva- 
lier Bayard Commandery, K.T. Republican. 
Clubs: Hamilton, Windsor Golf. Recreation: 
golf. Residence: 7154 Euclid Av. Office: Home 
Ins. Bldg. 

SVImIm, FoUett 'Wilkison, lawyer; born La 
Salle, III., June 30, 1870; son E. Follett and 
Helen (Perrin) Bull; ed. Univ. of Mich., 1888-9; 
married Ottawa, 111., Oct. 26, 1893, Jennie Per- 
kins; children: Helen P., E. Follett, Lothrop 
Perkins. Admitted to 111. bar, 1893; since en- 
gaged in active practice. Gen. counsel Security 
Life Ins. Co. of America. Was sec. Chicago 
Bar Assn., 1903; sec. Civil Service Reform 
Assn., 1897-1904. Residence: 332 Home Av., Oak 
Park, 111. Office: The Rookery. 

Btr^KASD, Charles WllUam, hardware mer- 
chant; see Vol. 1905. 

BTTIiIiASS, Elllia BoTiinB, commn. merchant; 
born Wendell, Mass.. Jan. 5, 1848; son Albert 
and Samantha (Robins) Bullard; ed. common 
schools of Mass.; married Etta Rudd, of Orion, 
Mich., May 17, 1882. Began as clerk at Am- 
herst, Mass., in 1864; came to Chicago, Apr. 
1869; bookkeeper for a South Water St. commn. 
house, 1869-84; went to Detroit, Mich., in 1884, 
becoming bookkeeper for The G. H. Hammond 
Co. until 1889, when returned to Chicago and 
engaged in wholesale fruits and commn. busi- 
ness; mem. firm of F. E. Nellis & Co. since 1889. 
Republican. Congregationalist. Club: Illinois. 
Recreation: billiards. Residence: 3446 W. Mon- 
roe St. Office: 111 W. South Water St. 

VUIilMlllIf, Fred Fitzher'bert, maltster; born 
Delaware. Ont. Co., Can., Nov. 25, 1853; son 
William F. and Anna (Mullen) Bullen; ed. com- 
mon schools in Can.; married 1883, Cora Belle, 
daughter Thomas Landers, of New York; 1 
daughter: Mabel La Clare Bullen (Mrs. Her- 
man F. Friested). When 14 years of age came 
to 111.; soon after went to Kenosha, Wis., and 
was employed in malt house of his brother, 
George Bullen; became stockholder 3 years la- 
ter, in Llll & Bullen Malting Co., Chicago, later 
known as George Bullen & Co.; in 1889 built 
malt house of his own at 52d and MofEett Sts., 
organizing and becoming pres. and treas. of 
Fred F. Bullen Malting Co.: sold business in 
Sept. 1897 to Am. Malting Co., of which was 
asst. gen. mgr., 1899. Interested in Merchants' 
Distilling Co., of Terre Haute, Ind. Mem. Chi- 
cago Board of Trade. Clubs: Chicago Athletic, 
Chicago Automobile. South Shore Country. Res- 
idence: 6141 Sheridan Rd. Office: 160 W. Jack- 
son Boul. 

BTTIiIiOCK, Qeorg'e Stunner; deceased; see 
Vol. 1905. 

BTTIi&OCK, Henry Edwin, mfr. ; born Otter- 

ville, Ont., Mar. 29, 1852; son Edward Bullock, 
of Essex, Eng., and Matilda Catherine, daugh- 
ter MaJ. Rivers, 91st Regt., British Army; ed. 
pub. school, Otterville, Ont.; commercial coll., 
London, Ont.; married Harriet, daughter Elijah 
Samuel Mark, of Pekin, 111., May 27, 1885. In 
April, 1871, entered employ of Crane Bros, (then 
known as Northwestern Mfg. Co.); became su- 
perintendent of malleable dept. for them June 
1874 and a dlr. of the co., 1875, until Mar. 1880, 
when started in malleable iron business for 
himself at Rochelle, 111.; moved it to Chicago, 
1884. and with his brother, James E., incorpo- 
rated 111. Malleable Iron Co., of which is pres.; 
also pres. Internat. Land & Live Stock Co. Also 
interested, with his brother in developing a 
cotton harvester. Episcopalian. Clubs: Chica- 
go, Glen View Golf. Residence: 541 Demlng 
PI. Office: 1801-1825 Diversey Parkway. 

BTTKKOCX, James Edward, mfr.; born Mid- 
dlesex Co., Ont., Can., Jan. 31, 1844; son Ed- 
ward Bullock, of Essex, England, and Matilda 
Catherine, daughter of Maj. Rivers of the 91st 
Regt., British Army; ed. pub. schools in Can- 
ada; married 1st, Bay City, Mich., May 17, 1877, 
Mrs. Mary A. Burger (a widow), who died May 
26, 1888; married 2d, Nov. 4, 1891, Ida Mary 
Blood, of Leavenworth, Kan.; 1 daughter: Mary 
Kathrlne. Began business life at Otterville, 
Ont., Can., In lumber business for self, 1860- 
72; 1872-7 in the contracting line on the Port 
Dover & Lake Huron R.R. in the constrn. of 
that road, which was absorbed by the Grand 
Trunk R.R. Co. in 1880. In 1881 removed to 
Rochelle, 111., and in conjunction with his 
brother, H. E. Bullock, established the 111. Mal- 
leable Iron Co.; removed to Chicago, and since 
July 1884 has been sec. and treas. of the 111. 
Malleable Iron Co. Independent In politics. 
Episcopalian. Club; Glen View Golf: Resi- 
dence: 516 Oakdale Av. Office: 1801-1825 Di- 
versey Parkway. 

BU^ILOCK, Thomas H., mfrs'. agt.; born in 
Ireland, Nov. 29, 1868; son Thomas and Mary 
(Wherry) Bullock; brother of "Shan F." Bul- 
lock, Irish author, London, Eng.; ed. high 
schools in Ireland; married Christine Green- 
field, of Chicago, June 15, 1903; 2 children: 
Catherine Mary, (Jordon Wherry. Came to U.S., 
1891; engaged as mfrs'. agt. at Chicago since 
1898; representing the Buffalo Gasoline Motor 
Co., Termaat & Monahan Co.; also pres. and 
treas. Bullock Motor Co., automobiles. Served 
in Co. F, 1st Inf., I.N.G., S'A years; and In 
Troop C, 1st III. Cav., as sergt. during Spanish- 
Am. War. Republican. Episcopalian. Mason. 
Clubs : Chicago Motor, Chicago Yacht, Fox Lake 
Yacht. Recreations: yachting, golf, automobll- 
ing, gymnastics. Residence: 244 N. Prairie Av., 
Austin. Ofl^ce: 1409 Michigan Av. 

I'B'UUANIT, Charles Frederick, banker; see 
Vol. 1905. 

BUNCH, Francis Marion, grain commn.; born 
Peoria, 111., Oct. 25, 1871; son James Franklin 
and Hannah (McFall) Bunch; ed. Peoria gram- 
mar and high schools; married Peoria, 111., Apr. 
30, 1899, Evangeline Gould; 1 son: Francis M., 
Jr. Began business career as office boy with 
the Advance Elevator Co., Peoria, 1885-6; with 
Smlth-HIppen Co., grain, Peoria, 1886-94; with 
Rumsey, Lightner & Co., grain, Chicago, 1894- 
1902, and since 1902 mem. firm of Rumsey & 
Co. (established 1867), commn. merchants In 
grain, seeds and provisions; firm Incorporated 
in 1906 and he became Its sec; also treas. Rum- 
sey-Moore Co., Peoria, 111.; vice-pres. and gen. 
mgr. Prairie State Grain Elevator Co., Chicago. 
Mem. Peoria Board of Trade since 1890, Chica- 
go Board of Trade since 1894 (dir. 1907-8-9, 
vice-pres. 1910-11). Republican. Mem. Am. Re- 
formed Church. Clubs; Union League, Ridge- 
moor Golf, Chicago Automobile; also Creve 
Couer Club (Peoria). Recreations: motoring 
and golf. Residence: 4726 Magnolia Av., Sheri- 
dan Park. Office: Board of Trade. 



BtrNQS, Onstave Herman, pres. Post Am. 
Forwarding Co.; born ileltzow, Province of 
Brandenburg, Germany, Feb. 22, I860; son Carl 
and Christine (Fraude) Bunge; came to Amer- 
ica, 1872; ed. common schools; took 3 years' 
course at Seminary of Evangelical Synod of 
North America, Elmhurst, 111.; studied law 3 
years in ofBces at Chicago; admitted to 111. bar, 
1898; married Fannie M. Mason, of Kernan, La 
Salle Co., 111., Feb. 22, 1888; 1 son: George Her- 
bert. Employed as station agt. at various points 
In 111. on A.,T.&S.F.Ry. and C.,B.&Q.R.R., 1888- 
98; began law practice in Chicago as mem. firm 
of Gray & Bunge, 1898, later, Bunge, Thorpe & 
Burns; pres. and gen. mgr. Post Am. Forward- 
ing Co. since 1900 (foreign and domestic for- 
warding of freight, also warehousing). Twice 
nominated as state's atty. of Du Page Co., 111.; 
atty. village of Downers Grove 6 yrs. ; mem. 
Board of Trustees 2 yrs.. Board of Edn. 2 yrs. 
Mem. Chicago Bar Assn. Democrat. Congrega- 
tlonalist. Mem. K.P., Woodmen, Royal League. 
Club: Traffic. Residence: Downers Grove, 111. 
Office: 189 W. Madison St. 

BUNXEB, Charles Henry, ins.; born on farm 
at East Troy, Wis., Sept. 22, 1850; son George 
and Fannie (Hulbert) Bunker; ed. Univ. of 
Wis.; married Oregon, Wis., Oct. 15, 1873, Helen 
A. Abbott; children: Genevieve Estelle, Gerald 
DeForest, Arthur Stuart. Engaged in railroad 
building and development of coal lands in Kan., 
1873-6; organized, 1877, and managed until 1889 
the Abbott Buggy Co. of Chicago. Entered ins. 
business, 1889, as sec. and mgr. of Met. Acci- 
dent Assn.; organized, 1900, and was pres. Met. 
Accident Co., which was later, with the North- 
western Benevolent Soc, the Continental As- 
surance Co. of Detroit, the Ry. Officials and 
Employes Accident Assn. of Indianapolis, and 
others, consolidated as the Continental Casual- 
ty Co., of which he was pres. several years. 
One of organizers, pres. 2 years and chmn. exec, 
com. Internat. Assn. of Accident Ins. Under- 
writers. Republican. Clubs: Colonial, Chicago 
Athletic, Hamilton, Kenwood. Residence: 433 
E. 42d St. 

BUKHEIi^, John Alexander, grain commn. ; 
born Brantford, Ont., Apr. 21, 1864; son Enos 
and Cornelia (Kennedy) Bunnell; ed. public 
schools; married Paris, Ont., Apr. 11, 1896, 
Kate Capron Baird; 1 daughter: Margaret. Came 
to Chicago in 1882 and held various positions 
until 1891, when became a mem. of the Chicago 
Board of Trade and a mem. of the firm of 
Hately Bros., commn. merchants in grain and 
provisions. Republican. Episcopalian. Member 
Chicago Board of Trade (dir. 1897-9; pres. 
1909). Mem. Royal Arcanum. Clubs: Union 
League, Exmoor, Church (pres.). Recreations, 
golf, church matters. Residence: Highland 
Park, 111. Office: Board of Trade. 

BUZTTE, Ferdinand, mfg. confectioner; born 
Germany, July 16, 1846; son Charles and Flor- 
ence (Schamhard) Bunte; ed. pvt. school in 
Germany; married Phila., Pa., Aug. 16, 1868, 
Maria Fauss; children: Theodore W., Charles 
F., Martha (Mrs. W. Kiinkele, of Germany), 
Laura (Mrs. Albert Kiinkele, of Germany), 
Florence (Mrs. Walter A. Keefer, of Chicago). 
Lived in Phila., 1865-76; served in U.S. Marine 
Corps, 1865-7; in the candy business in Phila., 
1867-76; came to Chicago, 1876, establishing, 
with associates, the firm of Bunte Bros. & 
Spoehr, which was Incorporated Mar. 1, 1903. 
as Bunte, Spoehr & Co., and in Apr. 1906 as 
Bunte Bros. Co., of which has since been pres. 
Republican. Was 3 years mem. Board of Edn. 
of Rogers Park prior to annexation. Mason 
(Park Lodge No. 843). Residence: 511 Aldlne 
Av. Office: 720-728 W. Monroe St. 

BTTBTE, Onstav Adolph, mfg. confectioner; 
born Lemgo, Germany, Aug. 31, 1852; son 
Charles and Florence (Schamhard) Bunte; ed. 
pvt. schools in Germany; married Chicago, June 
1, 1879, Philippina Week; children: Oscar C. A., 
Elsa Florentine, Charlotta. In candy business 

in Phila., 1866-9; came to Chicago, 1869, con- 
tinuing in same line, and in 1876, with his broth- 
er Ferdinand and C. A. Spoehr, established firm 
of Bunte Bros. & Spoehr, mfrs. of candies, in- 
corporated. Mar. 1, 1903, as Bunte, Spoehr & 
Co., of which was vlce-pres. until Apr. 1906, 
when name was changed to Bunte Bros. Co., of 
which has since been vlce-pres. and treas. In- 
dependent in politics. Mem. Schwaben Verein, 
Harmonie Maennerchor of Lake View. Resi- 
dence: 618 Fullerton Av. Office: 720-728 W. 
Monroe St. 

'BTTBCH, Jnlian Alvaro, lawyer; see Vol. 


BTTBCH, William Arthur, vice-pres. Metho- 
dists Church Supply Co.; born Warwick, Can., 
Oct. 6, 1864; son Oliver Edson and Sarah Jane 
(Wright) Burch; graduated Jennings Seminary, 
Aurora, 111., 1885; Ph.B., Northwestern Univ., 
1890, with honors in history and oratory, tak- 
ing Kirk prize; one of founders of Northern 
Oratorical League; married Dora M. Bovee, of 
Chicago, Sept. 16, 1892; 1 son: Arthur Courte- 
nay. Entered M.E. ministry, 1886; served in 
ministry for 19 years, in 111. and Minn., last 
charge being South Park Av. Ch., Chicago; re- 
tired from ministry on account of serious eye 
trouble. Financial sec. Northwestern Univ., 
1900-2; was in employ of New York Life Ins. 
Co. in Chicago; became field supt. Columbian 
Nat. Ins. Co. of Boston; represented the Mu- 
tual Benefit Ins. Co. of N.J. and was 111. mgr. 
for Northwestern Nat., of Minn.; vice-pres. 
Methodists Church Supply Co. since 1909. Trus- 
tee Alumni Northwestern Univ.; mem. exec, 
com. Methodist Social Union; was mem. Chica- 
go Com. of Gen. Conf. M.E. Ch., Dewey Recep- 
tion Com., Com. of 100 Lincoln Centenary Cele- 
bration, etc. Republican. Mem. Delta Upsllon 
fraternity. Lecturer and contributor to relig- 
ious press. Clubs: 111. Athletic, Evanston Golf. 
Recreations: golf, bowling, fishing. Residence: 
1710 Asbury Av., Evanston, 111. Office: 14 W. 
Washington St. 

BTTBCH, William Elbridtre, coffee merchant; 
born St. Paul, Minn., Nov. 22, 1869; son Will- 
iam H. and Elizabeth (Norwood) Burch; ed. in 
Chicago pub. schools to 1883; married Chicago, 
Apr. 27, 1902, Emma L. Sherer; children: Will- 
iam Elbridge, Jr., Norwood, Dorothy. Entered 
coffee business as a boy in 1884, with J. W. 
Doane & Co., and from 1894-9 represented them 
in Brazil, South America; entered, 1899, Sherer 
Bros. Co., importers, of which was sec. and 
treas. until 1908; vice-pres. of Ruffner, McDow- 
ell & Burch, coffee and spices, since 1910. Re- 
publican. Residence: 1239 Oak Av., Evanston, 
111. Office: 75 E. South Water St. 

BTXBCHABD, Sdgta Wame, pub. appraiser; 
born St. Louis, Mo., Aug. 7, 1862; son Mortimer 
Nelson and Jane G. (Warne) Burchard; ed. pub. 
schools, St. Louis; married Chicago, July 18, 
1894, Ella Elliott; 1 daughter: Marjorie. Was 
first engaged in business for himself in firm of 
E. W. Burchard & Co., wholesale jewelry, and 
in 1891 became chief accountant for the Am. 
Radiator Co.; later became auditor and finan- 
cial man for the Ames & Frost Co. until 1900, 
when, with Wm. E. Coats, established the Coats 
& Burchard Co., pub. appraisers and engrs., of 
which is treas. Republican. Veteran 1st Regt., 
I.N.G. Episcopalian. Mason. Club: Hamilton. 
Recreations: reading, billiards. Residence: Ken- 
il worth. Office: 189 W. Madison St. 

BTTBCHABD, Edward Iiawver, social-civic 
worker; born Freeport, 111., Sept. 5, 1867; son 
late Horatio Chapin Burchard (mem. of Con- 
gress, 1869-79, dir. of the mint, 1879-85) and 
Jane (Lawver) Burchard; Ph.B., Beloit (Wis.) 
Coll., 1891; special studies University of Chi- 
cago, 1894; married Alice Barton, of Freeport, 
111., Oct. 4, 1893; 1 daughter: Marlon B. Resi- 
dent of Hull House, Chicago, 1891-2; chief 
clerk, mines dept.. World's Columbian Expn., 
1892-3; recorder and librarian. Field Museum 


of Natural History. 1894-S; chief of library and Janesville, Wis., Sept. 15, 1862; son Edward F 
arcliives division, U.S. Coast and Geodetic Sur- and Mary Electa (Newell) Burdick; ed pub 
vey, Wasliington, 1898-1903; chief of order di- schools, Janesville, Wis.; Mitchell (S.D.) Univ.; 
vision. Library of Cong^ress, 1903-7; sec. Civic M.D., Northwestern Univ. Med. School, 1890- 
League, Freeport, 111., 1908-9; dir. of social mu- married Chicago, 1889, Alvina L. Seltz; 1 son: 
seum, Chicago Sch. of Civics and Philanthropy. Edward Franklin. Ranching in S.D., 1880-4; 
since 1910. Republican. Mem. Am. Library since then resident of Chicago; engaged in 
Assn., Am. Assn. of Museums (charter), Beta practice of medicine since 1890; was surgeon at 
Theta Pi. Club: City. Residence: Freeport, 111. the Columbia Dispensary and at the Charity 
Office: 235, 31 W. Lake St. Hosp.; is asso. prof, surgery, Post-Grad. Med. 
BUBCHARS, Jolm Charles, lawyer; born Ft. School; chief surgeon People's Hosp.; prof, of 
Atkinson, Wis., Sept. 26, 1867; son George W. radio-therapy and photo-chemistry. III. School 
and Lucinda E. (Charles) Burchard; B.S., Be- "f Electro-Therapeutics; prof, physiological 
loit (Wis.) Coll., 1892; married Chicago, Oct. therapy, Bennett Med. Coll.; sec. Burdick-Abel 
18, 1899, Daisy F. Plummer; 1 son: Donald Ed- Clinical Laboratory; conducts X-ray labora- 
ward. Learned printers' trade at Ft. Atkinson tory. Mem. Chicago Med. Soc, Am. Rontgen 
after leaving high school; after graduation Ray Soc; pres. Chicago Electro-Med. Soc; 
from coll. came to Chicago and studied law; mem. A.M.A. Office: 7 W. Madison St. 
since 1894 in active practice in Chicago. Re- BUBQETT, John M. H., lawyer- 1850-1911- 
publican. Congregationalist. Mem. Beta Theta see Vol. 1905. 
Pi. Residence: Wilmette, Hi. Office: Chicago __.__ ^ ^ ^ . , 
Title & Trust Bldg BUBKAKS, Prank Dennis, clergyman; born 
DtT-ar-m-art -u^^< -n-.i.^. . iri lonc Burlington, la., July 7, 1866; son Denslow and 
B-aBCHABD, Mortimer Nelson; see Vol. 1905. ciara (Cornick) Burhans; freshman and sopho- 
BUBDETT, Jolin BurruB, pres. Burdett- more years la. Wesleyan Univ., Mt. Pleasant 
Rowntree Mfg. Co.: born Nashville, Tenn., Jan. (took both Latin and Greek prizes); junior and 
20, 1861; son Dr. William M. and Sallie E. (Pot- senior years Univ. of Denver, graduating A.B., 
ter) Burdett; ed. pub. schools of Nashville, 1894; B.D., Chicago Theol. Sem., 1898, and took 
Tenn.; married Independence, Mo., 1893, Jessie first prize ($100 cash) in Hebrew, and first 
Henley; 1 daughter: Esther Lucile. Began in prize (|200 cash) for all-around scholarship; 
commn. business at age of 20 as representative married Burlington, la., Aug. 21, 1894, Cornelia 
of coffee and sugar plantations, Burdett & F. Kriechbaum; children: Ivan Denslow, Lucile 
Hayes, and in 1885 was in tlie wool-carding Marie. Was for 3 years in retail grocery busi- 
business at Nashville, Tenn.; same year went ness, and then 4 years, 1886-90, in wliolesale 
to Kansas City and leased the plant of the grocery business with John Blaul & Sons, Bur- 
Electric Clock Co., operating it for 3 years, lington, la.; pres. Colo. Oratorical Assn., 1893-4; 
Came to Chicago, 1890, becoming mem. Burdett financial agt. Univ. of Denver, 1894; pastor Con- 
& Rowntree, incorporated in 1893 as the Bur- gregational church. Park Ridge, 111., 1895-8, 
dett-Rowntree Mfg. Co., mfrs. of automatic Plymouth Congregational Church, Salina, Kan., 
door opening and closing devices and other ele- 1899, Washington Park Congregational Church, 
vator supplies; also pres. Nat. Pneumatic Co., Chicago, since 1900. Pres. Congregational Min- 
Chicago Welding Co., Pay Within Car Co. Was isters' Union of Chicago and Vicinity, 1909. 
mem. of the Porter Rifles of Nashville, Tenn. Residence: 5411 Calumet Av. 

Democrat. Methodist. Club: Ridge Golf. Rec- mr'R'B'Aiira t,i^.. A,ir.v... i.. i 

go"uS'"6f^c"e'5n"5^S ^I1jfn^"s't" '"'" ^ongwood La=pYSf^?^'ln'drOct.1f !^??; s'o",^ ^pTter\SS 
=i,Ji,^!, .;,.,. . , . Martha Hunt (Andrews) Burhans; A.B.. De- 
BXTBDICK, Alfred Stephen, physician, editor; Pauw Univ., 1875, A.M., 1878; LL.B., North- 
born DeRuyter, N.Y., Feb. 15, 1867; son Rev. western Univ. Law School, Chicago, 1877; mar- 
Stephen and Susan (Maxson) Burdick; A.B., ried Valparaiso, Ind., Oct. 7, 1879, Jessie Pier- 
Alfred (N.Y.) Univ., 1886; M.D., Rush Med. pont Smith. Admitted to 111. bar, 1877. Also 
Coll., Chicago, 1891; married at West Hallock, mem. of firm of Cooper & Burhans, real estate. 
111.. July 9, 1891, Ella Grace Brown. Engaged Mem. M.E. Church, and active in church and 
in general practice of medicine since Apr. 1891; Sunday school organizations. Pres. Cook Co. 
formerly prof, practice of medicine. 111. Med. Sunday School Assn., 1899-1901; sec. World's 
Coll. Author; Standard Medical Manual. Ed- First Sunday School Convention, London, 1889; 
Itor the Medical Standard, 1899-1904; asso. ed- del. to World's Fourth Sunday School Conven- 
itor the American Journal of Clinical Medicine tion, Jerusalem, 1904. Pres. M.E. Old People's 
since Jan. 1904. Mem. Chicago Med. Soc, HI. Home, Chicago, 1898-1906, endowment treas. 
State Med. Soc, A.M.A. , Am. Acad, Medicine, since 1906; pres. Epworth Children's Home, 
Am. Med. Editors' Assn., A.A.A.S. Republican. 1893-1900; pres. or vice-pres. and endowment 
Seventlv-day Baptist. Clubs: Press, Ridgemoor treas. Methodist Deaconess Orphanage since 
Golf. Recreation: golf. Residence: 4846 N. 190O; pres. Agard Deaconess Rest Home and 
Hermitage Av. Office: 4753 E. Ravenswood Park. Amanda Smith Industrial Home; trustee and 
BTTBDICK, Charles Baker, hydraulic and san- officer of Chicago Deaconess Home, Wesley 
itarv engr. : born Chicago, Mar. 6, 1874; son Hosp., Chicago Boys' Club, Pacific Garden Mis- 
William Richard and Mary (Dewey) Burdick; slon, Jennings Seminary, etc. Republican. Club: 
grad. Wallace High School, Sterling, 111., 1891; Union League. Author: Law of Municipal 
B.S., in municipal and sanitary engring.. Univ. Bonds; A Digest of the Statutory Laws Gov- 
of 111.. 1895; married Mabel Taylor, of Chicago, erning the Investment of Corporate and Trust 
Oct. -8, 1909. Asst. engr. to Alvord & Shields, Funds. Residence: 5310 Magnolia Av. Office: 25 
engrs., Chicago, 1895-7, and to John A. Cole, N. Dearborn St. 

IS^rl^**!' ^?^- '? """I" ^ -1^" A. Cole & Son, BUBBE, Edmund -WTiltney, lawyer: born By- 

1901-2; partner in Arm Alvord & Burdick, ron. 111., Sept. 22. 1850; son Patriak and Nancy 

engrs.. since 1902. Designed and supervised cw^hitnev) Burke; grad. Rockford (111.) High 

water supply and se-ivage system of Gary, Ind.; school, 1863; Mount Morris (111.) Acad., 1864; 

engr. for municipal filtration works at Evans- ^.M., Northwestern Univ., 1869; LL.B.. Univ. of 

ville. Ind.. and Niagara Falls, N.Y., also works Mich., 1871; married Rockford, 111., Dec 5, 1878, 

of water supply and pewage in about ,5 cities. Myra Webster; children: Harold Webster, Ralph 

Asso Am. Soc Civ Engrs.: mem. Am Water Haney. Began practice of law in Chicago in 

^orks Assn, ^\ estern Soc Engrs. Hi Soc 1876, and has continued in practice ever lince, 

Kngrs. and Surveyors (past pres.), Ill Water except while on the bench for 9 years as judge 

Supply Assn., Sigma Chi fraternity. Clubs: Ctii- f j^^e Circuit Court of Cook Co., and 1 year Ss 

^T?filH^^?^-;-ndV^T!j,?R'^S''*V^m''*''"''^V,,"-,f'''f judge of the Appellate Court for the 1st Dist., 

Residence: 3,04 Grand Boul. Office: 1212 Hart- 1893-1904; now in general practice as head of 

lord f^J.^ gf Burke, Jackson & Burke. Lecturer on 

BUBDICK, Qordon Grang-er, physician; born equity jurisprudence and procedure, Chicago- 


Kent Coll. of Law, and in 1904 succeeded the Stouftorth and Markham, Can., and in Western 

late Judge Moran as dean of that coll. Dir. of Univ., London, Can., graduating M.D., 1892: 

the Nat. Earth Co. and other corporations. Mem. married Chicago, Dec. 1884, Millie Barkey ; chil- 

Chicago Bar Assn., 111. State Bar Assn. Repub- dren; Charles Augustus, Perol (daughter), Otto 

lican. Methodist; ex-pres. Methodist Social Frederick. Began practice in London, Can., and 

Union of Chicago. Clubs: Union League, Illi- since 1893 a resident and practitioner in Chica- 

nois. Writer of cncy. articles on equity. Resi- go. Is prof, ophthalmology, Chicago Eye, Ear, 

dence: 2016 W. Adams St. Office: Hartford Bldg. Nose and Throat Coll.; prof, ophthalmology, 

BlTBKi:, Bichard B., elected judge Superior Bennett Med. Coll.; prof, physiology, dental 

Court of Cook Co., Nov. 1910, for term expiring dept. of Univ. of HI. Mem. Chicago Med. Soc, 

1916; Democrat. Residence: 421 S. Central Park I"- State Med. Soc, Am. Anatomical Soc, Chl- 

Av. Chambers; Court House. cago Laryngological Soc. Republican. Resi- 

BT7BKE, Bobert Bmmett, contractor, granite 2.^,';??:i^ ' ** Washington Ay. Office: Stewart 

blocks; born Chicago, Sept. 1858; son Richard u"ain&- 

M. and Catherine Burke; ed. pub. schools of BUBtEY, Clarence Antrnatns, lawyer; born 
Chicago; married Chicago, 1890, Louise J. Span- Chicago, Oct. 10, 1849; son Augustus H. (pio- 
genberg; 1 son. Learned the printing trade and neer merchant) and Anna Maria (Force) Bur- 
worked at it 15 years, and after that was a ley; ed. Miles Mil. School, Brattleboro, Vt., 
news dealer. Became sec. of the Democratic 1865-8; Amherst Coll., 1868 (did not graduate); 
County Central Com. and sec. of the County LL.B., Union Coll. of Law, 1876; married Wau- 
Democracy; now mem. of the Dem. State Com.; kegan. 111., Nov. 11, 1880, Avis H. Blodgett (now 
managed the campaign of Carter H. Harrison, deceased); children; Ruth Monell, Avis. Admit- 
Sr., for mayor in 1893, and those of Carter H. ted to bar, 1876; in 1897, with William H. Mc- 
Harrison, Jr., in 1897, 1899 and 1901; oil inspec- Surely, established firm of Burley & McSurely, 
tor of City of Chicago, 1897-1901; since then which was dissolved on election of Mr. McSure- 
head of firm of Robert E. Burke & Co., granite !y as judge of the Superior Court. Dir. Mer- 
contractors. Residence: 558 LaSalle Av. Office: chants' Loan & Trust Co., Burley & Tyrrell Co. 
122 W. Randolph St. Republican. Unitarian. Clubs: Chicago, Unl- 

BUBKE, Sdulre Smith, banker; born in Can., ^T^ o^; Union League, Union, Chicago Liter- 
Jan. 22, 1875; son Harmon S. and Emily K ?Sy,V^V7- Residence: 2o4 Dearborn Av. Office: 
(Root) Burke; came to U.S. with parents in in- '^ ^^ J>lonioe bt. 

fancy; ed. pub. schools and South Chicago High BUBHWO, Edward Burnbam, lawyer; born 
School; married South Chicago, Jan. 7, 1902, Eldora, Hardin Co., la., Feb. 1, 1870; son Ed- 
Anna Heinsen. Began active career as a news- ward and Lucy (Burnham) Burling; ed. pub. 
boy in Chicago; became connected with Calu- schools; studied law in offices; married Chlca- 
met Nat. Bank as messenger, becoming vice- go, Nov. 9, 1902, Louisa Peasley. Admitted to 
pres., July 9, 1904; also in loan, real estate and 111. bar, 1895; since 1898 with Cyrus Bentley in 
ins. business. Republican. Baptist. First vice- firm of Bentley & Burling. Republican. Club: 
pres. South Chicago Old Settlers' Assn. Mem. University. Residence: Hubbard Woods, 111. 
Harbor Lodge A.F.&A.M., Consistory and Office: 203 S. Dearborn St. 

Shrine; K.P., K.O.'T.M.M. Clubs: Ainsworth BUBtlHG, WiUiam Slocomb, pres. Martin 

South Chicago Automobile (pres.), Calumet Qrate Co.; born Canandaigua, N.Y.. Nov. 24. 

River Boat, 8th JVard Republican (vice-pres.). iggl; son Joseph and Lydia (Allen Burling 

Residence: 8926 Exchange Av. Office: 9154 Com- ^^ ^^^ schools of Waukegan, 111'; marrifd 

mercial Av., South Chicago. Brookfleld, Mo., June 6, 1887, Dolle G. Niles; 1 

B'aBKHABDT, Henry Styer, mfr. ; born Phil- son: Harold Dodge. Traveling salesman for 

adelphia, July 10, 1842; son Henry and Eliza- wholesale hardware firm of Pratt & Co., Bur- 

beth C. (Styer) Burkhardt; ed. pub. school, falo, N.Y., 1882-5, went to Middletown, N.Y., in 

Louisville, Ky., and private "Quaker" school, charge of sales for Wheeler, Madden & Clem- 

Phila.; married Cincinnati, O., Mar. 30, 1863, son, mfrs. of saws, until 1890, when entered 

Elizabeth B. Montgomery; children: Alice Cary into mfr. of gray iron castings in Chicago; sold 

(Mrs. David C. Walker), Ella V. (Mrs. George out in 1901 and engaged in present business of 

E. Ambuhl), Henry, Robert M., William, Abby mfg. grates and iron specialties for steam boil- 

T. Was in grocery business, firm of Dow & ers as pres., dir. and mgr. of the Martin Grate 

Burkhardt, Louisville, Ky., 1861-7; mfr. of ag- Co. Republican. Episcopalian. Clubs; Hamilton, 

ricultural implements in firm of Hall, Moore & Riverside Golf. Recreations: golf, motoring. 

Burkhardt, Louisville, Ky., 1867-72; mfr. of Residence: Riverside, 111. Office: P'isher Bldg. 

nT^'llL'{^4r" Sfa\'.'"M^lll^b^"c?a%^tTnrsTo.''lI|: ,,:=v^"^=- O'^'^"' ^l^*-' clergyman; 

publican. West Park Commr., 1884-91. Presby- '^'^'^ ^'- ^''"" 

terian. Clubs: Union League, Illinois, Chicago BUBKHTaHAai, Frederick 'Wrlg'ht, lawyer 

Athletic. Residence: 1300 Davis St., Kvanston, and business mgr.; born Cairo, 111., Dec. 22, 

111. Office: 2610 25th PI. 1868; son E. P. and Susan M. Burlingham; A.B., 

BUBKHABTSMEIEB, Christian Daniel, mfr.; H^'"^'i'\'i U"'>'-,,H?luA-^I- l^^f- LL.B., 1894; 

born Stuttgart, Germany, Apr. 17, 1862; son married Sarah McD. Breck, of Claremont. N.H. 

Jacob and Sophia (Gaub) Burkhartsmeier; D<^?;^1' 1906;1 daughter: Susan B. Practiced 

came to Chicago with family in 1868; ed. pub. at Chicago, 1894-1900; asst. mgr. for Charles D. 

schools and Dyrenforth Business Coll., Chica- Norton, gen agt. Northwestern Mutual Life 

go; married Barbara Schuenemann, of Chicago, ?". Co., 1900-4; office mgr. Peabody, Houghtel- 

Nov. 18, 1884; children: Mav, Lucy, Christian ing & Co., bankers, 1906-9; now in charge offices 

G., Ethel. With his brother, .Jacob, organized Estabrook & Co , bankers. Republican. Con- 

the firm of Burkhartsmeier Bros., cooperage, in gregationalist. Clubs: La% City, University. 

1884, taking over the established by Re.sidence: Winnetka, 111. Office: ,15TheRook- 

their father in 1871, in which has since con- er> . 

tinned. Democrat; del. Dem. Nat. Conv., Chica- B'aBN, .'iee also Byrne. 

go, 1896, which nominated tlie Palmer and BUBN, WiUiam Heber, mfr.; born Toronto, 
Buckner ticket. Lutheran. Mason, Humboldt ont.. Can., Mar. 27, 1860; son William David 
Park Lodge 813 A.F.&.A.M., Wiley M. Egan and Matilda (Wallace) Burn; ed. Upper Can- 
Chapter, Tyrlan Council, Chicago Commandery, ada Coll., Toronto; married Mary Conkling 
Medinah Temple Mystic Shrhie. Club: Ozone. Stockton, of Rockford, 111., Sept. 4, 1884; 2 
Recreations: outdoor diversions. Residence: daughters: Armande and Marguerite. Began 
3638 Cortland St. Office: 171-183 N. Peoria St. business career in 1880, in a minor position 

BXTBKHOKDEB, Jacob F., physician; born with James Robertson & (3o., wholesale metal 

Ont., Can., Sept. 10, 1861; son Samuel and Ma- merchants and mfrs., Toronto, with whom re- 

reda (Fockler) Burkholder; ed. pub. schools of mained until 1889; sec. Buhl Stamping Co., De- 


troit, until 1893; came to Chicago and lias since tail. Republican. Mem. Chicago Assn. of Gom- 
been sec. and dir. Sturges & Burn Mtg. Co., merce. Club: Chicago Athletic. Residence: 932 
mfrs. of dairy and sheet metal specialties. Re- E. 50th St. Offices: 138 N. State St. and 24 W. 
publican. Episcopalian. Vice-pres. 111. Mfrs'. Washington St. 

Assn. Clubs: Oak Park (pres. 1909 and 1910), BTTSirs.&M Prederlr lawver- hnrn nvii^aoT, 

idence- I'.f Woodbfne^^v' Oa"k pf^k^IlT^oS^^ ^^^^^^Slf'slnK^'^kriVnl-M^vy OVliGe^e") 

>:nB >ll>yg? ^ " ^^- Burnham; A.B., Yale, 1902; LD.B., Northwest- 

bus h. trreen bt. ern Univ. Law School, 1905: married. Began 

BTTRKETT, Bobert Alexander, produce mer- law work in office of Hoyne, O'Connor & Hoyne, 

chant; born Kirkcudbright, Scotland, May 4, Chicago, 1902; connected with legal dept. C.& 

1848; son of Robert and Elizabeth (Crowe) N.W.Ry Co., Chicago, 1905-9; asst. state's atty. 

Burnett; ed. in Scotland; came to America, 1867; of Cook Co. since Mar. 1909. Mem. Chicago 

married Kenosha, Wis., Oct. 15, 1881, Mary Bar Assn., Phi Beta Kappa. Mem. Troop F, 1st 

Pearce. Engaged in farming, 1867-70; general Cav. I.N.G. Republican. Catholic. Mem. Knights 

salesman, 1870-5; organized firm of Connor, of Columbus. Clubs: City, Hamilton, 111. Ath- 

Burnett & Co., 1876; bought all interests of the letic, Kenwood Country. Recreations: outdoor 

firm, 1880, and conducted general produce busi- exercises. Residence: 4598 Oakenwald Av. Of- 

ness as R. A. Burnett until 1892, when firm be- doe: Criminal Court BIdg. 

n^Pr^^;,^"''?=l'^ S^-^ii^T^^A^I'"'*'^^^^,'^^';"" BraiTHAM, JtugU I^aBcelle, lawyer; born Chl- 

and Produce Assn. Independent in politics, oasro Mar 14 1S57- <5nn Tfdwin T? and Mnrv 

Drexl? Av ^ o''fflcn73"w'"s^outh wi?e"r'"^t '"' D!^Lasc%'ileVBu'rnhamTef.^puS. ?chrols,^Chi': 

Drexel Av. Office. 173 W. South Water St. cago Acad.; LL.B., Union Coll. of Law, 1882; 

BVBNHAM, Clande Oeorgre, ry. official; born married Chicago, Dec. 29, 1885, Mary L. Burt;- 

Peterboro, Eng., June 20, 1879; son Harry and children: Dorothy, Constance, Lawrence B., E. 

Fanny (Brawn) Burnham; ed. pub. schools of Crebert, Katharine P., Phyllis E., Edwin, Er- 

St. Paul, Minn. ; married Mary Gillls, of Minne- nest J., Marjorie, Alice T. Admitted to bar, 

apolis, Sept. 6, 1904; 3 sons: James, David, 1882; since then engaged in gen. practice of 

Philip. Began ry. service with Great Northern la'w in Chicago. Pres. of village of Glen View 

R.R., St. Paul, 1895, with which remained in 3 terms. Independent in politics. Swedenborgian. 

various capacities for 7 years; entered foreign Clubs: University, Glen View, Law. Residence: 

traffic dept. of C.,B.&Q.R.R., 1902, becoming Glen View, 111. Office: 72 W. Adams St. 
foreign traffic agt., 1904, asst. to the 1st vice- BITSKSAIC. Tohn <!tncks an^ bnn,1<=- bnm 

S'"B&Q'and^'col"o'=&^South"er'n''^r'd^s" "Vn'^f," CM^f.^1^ 2'8'^7l so^n o^f^ia^'nief^H. \nS 

fgfo Democrat ciubsTIniSn League CMr^^a Margaret (Sherman) Burnham; ed. Evanston 

AthieHr.^orth <5hiro n^?^,.nffin^ wUS!5ir^^^^ grammar and high schools; Hill School, Potts- 

K^nitwort^ T^V Offlpt !>!.R w A^V?tft "^ t^"' P^.; Princeton Univ.; married Ca:tharine 

Kenilworth, 111. Office. 226 W. Adams St. w. Wheeler, of Evanston, 111., 1906; 1 daughter: 

BtTBNHAM, Daniel Hudson, architect; born Catharine. In brokerage business in Chicago 

Henderson, N.Y., Sept. 4, 1846; son Edwin and since 1903, as John Burnham & Co. Clubs: 

Elizabeth Burnham; removed to Chicago, 1855; Chicago, Union League, Evanston. Recreations: 

ed. there and in Mass.; studied architecture at outdoor sports. Residence: Evanston, 111. Of- 

Boston and Chicago; (hon. A.M., Harvard and flee: 29 S. LaSalle St. 
Yale, 1893; So D Northwestern, 1895; LL.D., BUBNS, see also Byrnes. 

Univ. of 111., 1905); married Margaret S., daugh- -BTmurs t^t.^ t. ik i,_ ^t ts i 

ter of J. B. Sherman, of Chicago, Jan. 20, 1876; iit?Y^^V'^S?^iE"', l"berman; born Natick, 

children: Ethel (Mrs. A. B. Wells), Margaret f^^fi f^l\Jii\^^,lLl'^ Lawrence and Ellen 

(Mrs. George T. Kelly), John, Hubert, Diniel. ^f^,% ^Sp'Jj^^^fH"!: 5J^?; ^^- ?J.hl J 

Sr. mem. firm Burnham & Root, 1872-91, D. H. ^^B^^' ^llf '. ' r:i?^,T2 "*?,"?? ^^^ Hines of 

Burnham & Co. since 1891. Architect of the ntw f?>'rl?t^i = w-.^t'i''^^^"- ^''"?" ^t^S"'^^^"/" 

Rookery, The Temple, Masonic Temple, 111. 2ta?,i^-^",?' ^"i\,?1"t'i^"?'?^' "?,^"t^^' ^'^ 

IZf iT\xc'-htL?^I^rer^s"rrtlll^sfo1.l^a^*d 1^^' -'" llffj ^"i^^^/l^i^rSl': InUf- 

many- o'lLr'=blt#s"^fn Chic1.|o'and efsewhlr"e^ S"th*'e"Tohn 4" !ru'?^s"L'u,Sl.e?*'{?o"^of'"wV','.i- 

Including the Mills Bldg. (San Francisco), El- f^JJlt ^" ?;, ^I"^. h^^^^l.P' \ ^J'^** 

licott Sq. (Buffalo), Soc for Savings and First, rXSfhia^^n,^i-ht^ -^i^t=";,f^^'?'"?'- ^A^' 

Third and Fourth Nat. banks (Clevlland), Land ?i""\n ^fr^i^U.^JlF'^% L*^Ah''"^' ?Ji'" 

Title Bide- rPhila > and new WnnnmnkPT- '^^SO Assn. of Commerce. Clubs: Chicago Ath- 

storls,''ph1ia.^?nd'-i^4w^York^Chi^\rXtect 'i|"td?n"c^^^%l-c,^Tlen"r^^r"iv"K',;'"/' ^n^^'"?!- 

and dir. of works, Chicago Expn., 1890-3; chmn. ?u,v=^!l 5', Kenmore Av. Office: ,00 W. 

nat. commn. for beautifying Washington and "-"''so a\. 

of commn. for beautifying Cleveland, O. ; B'DBNS, 'William Henry, gen. auditor, C.,R.I. 

planned cities of Manila, Bagnio, San Francis- &P.Ry.Co.; born Chicago, Apr. 23, 1865; son Pat- 

co, Chicago. Dir. Continental & Commercial rick and Margaret (Casey) Burns: grad. pub. 

Nat. Bank, Standard Office Co. Fellow Am. Inst, schools, 18S1; married Jan. 17, 1893, Mary E. 

Architects (pres. 1894). Clubs: Chicago, Union Ryan, of Albany. N.Y.; children: Warren H., 

League, University, Chicago Literary, (jlifC Esther, Frances, Howard. Business life has all 

Dwellers, Caxton, The Little Room, Glen View, been in the service of the C.,R.I.&P.Ry.Co., be- 

Evanston Country; also Century, Lawyers' ginning as clerk in the store dept., July 1881; 

(New York), Duquesne (Pittsburg), Pacific- roadmaster's office, 1882-3; clerk and chief clerk 

Union (San Francisco). Residence: Evanston, in office of freight auditor, 1883-98; auditor 

111. Office: Ry. Exchange. freight traffic. June 1, 1898-July 1, 1902; asst. 

BXJBKHAM, Edward, hair goods; born Hook- ?Sditor''sn'"ceDec' IT'Sos ^Re'4den?e"'' '^7 

set. N.H., Nov. 11, 1848; son James and Lucy A. prfnceton Av Office- LaSalle St Itation 

(Taylor) Burnham; parents removed to Wind- -t^rmceton A\. umce. Laballe bt. btation. 

ham. N.H., when was quite young; lived there BXTSB, Albert Henry, physician; born Han- 

until coming to Chicago, Jan. 1867; ed. district cock Co., 111.. Aug. 19, 1850; son Andrew and 

school, Windham, N.H., followed by course in Harriet E. (Dickinson) Burr; prepared for coll. 

Bryant & Stratton Commercial Coll., Manches- at Hedding Sem. to 1871; Ph.B., Northwestern 

ter, N.H.; married Chicago, Jan. 23, 1879, Mary Univ., 1877; M.D., Chicago Med. Coll., 1881; 

McGee; children: Edward, Jr., Frederic, Ray- married 1st, 1879, Lizzie L. Westlake (died, 

mond, Mary Genevieve, Clarence, Norbert, Ger- Mar. 18. 1881): 2d, Chicago, Nov. 5. 1S85, Jo- 

ald, Harold, Isabel, Julian, Donald. Began in hanna Hess; children: Marguerite H., Walter 

hair goods business, Nov. 1871, just after the Andrew. Engaged in gen. practice of medicine 

Chicago flre, at 134 W. Madison St., and has from 1881; adjunct prof, medicine, Coll. of Phy- 

since continued in same, both wholesale and re- sicians and Surgeons, 1897-1900; attending phy- 



slcian to Provident Hosp. Mem. Chicago Med. 
Soc, A.M. A. Republican. Methodist. Residence: 
1007 Judson Av., Evanston, 111. Office: 32 N. 
State St. 

BtntBAS, Charles Sayes, lawyer and liabil- 
ity underwriter; born N. Fairfield, O., July 16, 
1873; son Oscar and Annette (Hakes) Burras; 
student Lake Forest (111.) Univ., 1894-6; LL.B., 
Chicago Coll. of Law, 1896; married Charlotte 
Ritchie Meredith, of Chicago, Dec. 30, 1895. Ad- 
mitted to 111. bar, 1896; mem. firm of Ver^)li- 
yea & Burras, 1896-7; atty. for the pub. ad- 
ministrator of Cook Co., 1900-4; senior mem. 
firm of Burras & Goodbody. resident mgrs. of 
the Pacific Coast Casualty Co., since 1910, and 
is atty. fpr that co. for this territory; also dir. 
Vehicle Woodstock Co. Republican. Mem. Chi- 
cago Bar Assn., Phi Delta Phi fraternity. Ma- 
son; mem. Royal League, North Am. Union. 
Clubs: Chicago Athletic, Chicago Yacht, West- 
ward Ho, The Forty (sec). Recreation: golf. 
Residence: 148 N. Pine Av. Oflice: 626 New 
York Life Bldg. 

BTTBBEIiIi, Ernest Uncoln, leather belting; 
born Stone Church, Pa., Mar. 21, 1865; son Rev. 
John Ilgen and Susan Elizabeth (Schwartz) 
Burrell; ed. pub. schools until 12 years of age; 
married at Brooklyn, N.Y., Nov. 21, 1888, Alice 
Bridge Willetts; 1 daughter: Florence Wllletts. 
Entered service of Charles A. Schieren & Co., 
of New York, tanners and mfrs. of leather. May 
12, 1880, served in various capacities in New 
York, coming to the Chicago house of the same 
firm in 1889; is now mgr. of its western dept. 
Firm has large tanneries at Bristol, Tenn., 
works in Brooklyn, N.Y., main oflice in New 
York, and branches in Boston, Philadelphia, 
Pittsburg, Denver and Hamburg, Germany, as 
well as in Chicago. Also pres. (iharles Munson 
Belting Co. Member Royal Arcanum, Royal 
League, Nat. Union. Club: Edgcwater Coun- 
try. Residence: 4917 Lake Av. Office: 116 N. 
Franklin St. 

BTTBBES, Joseph Benben, lawyer; born Coles 
Co., 111., Oct. 5, 1858; son George W. and Aman- 
da (Woods) Burres; reared on farm; ed. public 
schools of Coles and Douglas Cos., 111.; De 
Pauw Univ., Greencastle, Ind. ; LL.B., Wes- 
leyan Law School, Bloomington, 111., 1885; mar- 
ried Almeda May Wamsley, of Tuscola, 111., 
May 28, 1885; 1 son: Joseph. Before and after 
his graduation was teacher in the pub. schools 
of III., and served 4 years as county supt. of 
schools of Douglas Co., 111.; admitted to III. bar, 
1885; located in Tacoma, Wash., to practice 
law, but returned to native state in 1892, com- 
ing to Chicago, where he has since been en- 
gaged in the gen. practice. Republican. K.P., 
Odd Fellow. Club: Hamilton. Office: Ashland 

BUBBOTTOHB, Qeorgre Tyler; see Vol. 1905. 

BTrBBOTTO-HS, Wallace McMnrray, physi- 
cian; see Vol. 1905. 

BTTBBOWES, Alexander J., coll. pres.; born 
St. Louis. Oct. 14, 1853; son Michael and Mary 
(Quirk) Burrowes; ed. Christian Brothers' Sch., 
St. Louis, 6 years, Niagara Univ., 1 year, Wood- 
stock Coll., Md., 7 years (mental and moral phi- 
losophy, theology, science and mathematics). 
Ordained priest (jatholic Church, 1886; vice- 
pres. Detroit (Mich.) Coll.. 1889-90; pres. St. 
Xavier's College, Cincinnati, 1893-7, Marquette 
Coll. (chartered as univ. during his term of 
office), 1900-8, St. Ignatius Coll., since Feb. 11, 
1908 (Loyola Univ., established 1909, with de- 
partments of Law. Medicine and Coll. of Arts 
and Sciences, is an expansion of St. Ignatius). 
Trustee St. Ignatius Coll. and Loyola Univ. 
Residence: St. Ignatius (joll. 

*BTXBBOWS, Daniel Webster, ins.; see Vol. 

BXXBB'S', James, surgeon; born Montreal, 
Can., Jan. 3. 1853; son William and Mary (Bry- 
son) Burry; early edn. in pub. schools; M.D., 

Chicago Med. Coll., 1875; married Lisbon, 111., 
Sept. 2, 1879, Caroline J. Sherrill; children: 
Caroline J., James, Mary S., Emily S. Began 
practice in 1875 at Raub, Benton Co., 111.; came 
to Chicago in 1883 and since engaged in prac- 
tice of medicine and surgery. Is chief surgeon 
111. Steel Co.; surgeon E.,J.&E.R.R. Apptd. 1st 
It. U.S.A. Med. Reserve Corps, 1911. Mem. Chi- 
cago Surgical Soc, Chicago Med. Soc, 111. State 
Med. Soc. Mem. U.S. Examining Board for Pen- 
sions. Independent in politics. Presbyterian. 
Clubs: University, Chicago Athletic. Residence: 
4862 Washington Av. Office: 727, 72 W. Adams 

BUBBT, WiUlam, lawyer: born Montreal, 
Can., Jan. 10, 1851; son William and Mary 
(Bryson) Burry; grad. academic course at Har- 
vard Univ., 1874; married Chicago, June 3, 1896, 
Jane R. King; 1 son: William. Studied law and 
admitted to bar 1875; of Runnells & Burry, 
1887-1905, now Runnells, Burry & Johnstone 
(John S. Runnells, William Burry, F. B. John- 
stone), principally corpn. law. Dir. in several 
corpns. Democrat. Presbyterian. Clubs: Chica- 
go, University, Onwentsia, Law, Saddle and 
Cycle. Residence: Winnetka, 111. Office: The 

BtTSSIX, Prank, pres. Bursik & Krupka Co.; 
born in Bohemia, Sept. 1868; son Frank and El- , 
len Bursik; ed. in Bohemia; came to Chicago 
from Austria in 1887; married Chicago, 1893, 
Annie Zelenka; children: Helena, Annie, Emma, 
Frank, Lillie. Learned the trade of stair-build- 
er in old country and followed it in Chicago 
until 1891, when engaged in the sash and door 
industry. In 1899, with Edward Krupka, es- 
tablished as mfrs. of sash, doors, blinds, 
frames, fine interior finish and stairs, and in 
1903 incorporated the business as Bursik & 
Krupka Co., of which Is pres. Residence: 1443 
S. Central Park Av. Office: 1901 S. Fairfield Av. 

BUBSON, William Worth, inventor and mfr.; 
born Venango Co., Pa., Sept. 22, 1832; son Sam- 
uel and Mary (Henry) Burson; came to 111., 
1842; lived on farm until 1858; A.B., Lombard 
Coll., 1856 (later A.M.); married; children: Wil- 
son Worth, Florence Adele, Ernest Emerson. 
Since 1858 engaged in mech. study and mfg.; 
has worked mainly on grain binders, harvesters 
and automatic knitting machines; 1st patent 
was dated Nov. 2, 1858; about 50 have followed. 
Made the 1st grain binder to tie the present 
binder knot, 1860; the 1st 1,000 grain binders, 
1863; several important features of grain har- 
vesters; a universal automatic knitting ma- 
chine in which every stitch of the fabric is 
controlled by a pattern, removable, 1878; also 
numerous other improvements. Founder of the 
Burson Mfg. Co. and Burson Knitting Co. Mem. 
Franklin Inst., Philadelphia, Am. Chemical Soc, 
Am. Electrochem. Soc. Republican. Unitarian. 
Club: Hamilton. Residence: 6905 Sheridan Rd. 
Office: Rockford, 111. 

BUBT, see also Burtt. 

BUBT, Andrew Oano, pres. Standard Rubber 
Shoe Co.; born Cincinnati, O., July 7, 1863; son 
Gen. Andrew Sheridan (U.S.A.) and Elizabeth 
J. (Reynolds) Burt; ed. pub. schools of Cin- 
cinnati; married Chicago, July 8, 1884, Georgia 
Wicker; 1 son: Andrew Gano, Jr. Bookkeeper 
and asst. mgr., U.S. Rubber Co., 1891-1901; con- 
nected with the Standard Rubber Shoe Co. 
since its incorporation in Jan. 1902, appointed 
treas. June 1, 1903, and became pres., 1905. Re- 
publican. Mason. Clubs: Ravenswood Golf, 111. 
Athletic. Recreation: golf. Residence: 918 Le- 
land Av. Office: 311 W. Monroe St. 

BUBT, Frank K., pres. Institute and Training 
School of Y.M.C.A.; born Galva. 111., Feb. 3, 
1863; son George Preston and Frances (WH- 
lard) Burt; B.S., Knox Coll., Galesburg. 111., 
1886; degree of M.H., Internat. Y.M.C.A. Train- 
ing School, Springfield, Mass., 1910; married 
Lola Maddox, of Galva, 111., May 5, 1896: 3 chil- 
dren: Roland W., Helen JI., Margaret J. Prin. 



pub. schools, Marengo, 111., 1886-9; student sec, 
1889-95, assistant sec, 1895-1900, 111, Y.M.C.A.; 
state sec. Y.M.C.A. of Mo., 1900-3; dean, 1903- 
5, pres. since 1905, Institute and Training Sch. 
of Y.M.C.A., Chicago. Dir. Y.M.C.A., Oak Park, 
111. Republican. Baptist. Club: Union League. 
Residence: 118 Wesley Av., Oak Park, 111. Of- 
fice; Association Bldg. 

BUST, Horace Greeley, ry. pres.; born Jan. 
1849; C.E., Univ. of Mich., 1872. Began ry. 
service, 1868; resident engr.. Mar. 1873-81, div. 
supt, 1881-7, chief engr., Aug. 1887-Nov. 1888, 
C.&N.W.Ry.Co. ; gen. mgr. Fremont, Elkhorn & 
Mo. Valley and Sioux R.R. cos., 1888-96; gen. 
mgr., C.,St.P.,M.&O.Ry., July-Oct. 1896; 3d vice- 
pres. C.&N.W.Ry.Co., 1896-7; pres. U.P.R.R., 
Jan. 1, lS98-Jan. 1904; now consulting engr. 
Residence: Oak Park, 111. Office: 140 W. Van 
Buren St. 

BTTBTOM', Cbarles Pierce, author; born An- 
derson, Ind., Mar. 7, 1862; son Pierce and Ellen 
Gertrude (Lapham) Burton; grad. E. Aurora 
(111.) High Sch., 1880; married Cora L. Vree- 
land, of Aurora, 111., May 25, 1887. City editor, 
1882-1900, owner, 1900-3, Aurora Daily Express; 
in charge 111. state printing, 1901-3; writer of 
business literature, Chicago, since 1903. Lec- 
turer, Club: Press. Author: The Bashful Man 
and Others, 1902; The Boys of Bob's Hill, 1905; 
The Bob's Cave Boys, 1909. Residence: Aurora, 
111. Office: 22 W. Monroe St. 

BXTBTOIT, Charles Smith, lawyer; born Ely- 
rla, O., Nov. 9, 1852; son Nathan Smith and Sa- 
rah John (Fairfield) Burton; ed. Univ. of Mich., 
class of 1872; man-ied Phebe A. Millard, of Chi- 
cago, May 3, 1887; 4 sons: Robert N., Norman 
L., Ernest R. and Clifford K. In practice at Chi- 
cago since 1882, patent, copyright, trade mark 
and corpn. law; has represented Chicago mfrs. 
in patent and copyright litigation in many dif- 
ferent circuits of the U.S. courts; practices in 
U.S. Patent Office as senior mem. firm of Bur- 
ton & Burton. Mem. Chicago Bar Assn., III. 
State Bar Assn. Republican. Baptist. Pres. Bd. 
of Edn., Oak Park, 1894-7; pres. Oak Park and 
River Forest Tp. High School Bd. of Edn., 
1899-1909. Residence: 326 Home Av., Oak Park, 
111. Office: 1410 Marquette Bldg. 

B0BTOIT, Ernest De'Witt, theologian; born 
Granville, O., Feb. 4, 1856; son Nathan Smith 
and Sarah J. (Fairfield) Burton; A.B., Denison 
Univ., 1876; grad. Rochester Theol. Sem., 1882; 
student Univ. of Leipzig, 1887, Univ. of Berlin, 
1894; (D.D., Denison, 1897); married Prances 
Mary Townson, of Rochester, N.Y., Dec 28, 
1883. Taught in acad. and pub. sch., 1876-9; 
instr. N.T. Greek. Rochester Theol. Sem., 1882- 
3; asso. prof, N.T. interpretation, 1883-6, prof., 
1886-92, Newton Theol. Instn.; prof, and head 
of dept. N.T. lit. and interpretation, Univ. of 
Chicago, since 1892. Asso. editor, 1892-1906, 
editor-in-chief, since 1906, Biblical World; edi- 
tor American Journal of Theology, since 1897; 
Oriental ednl. commr., Univ. of Chicago, 1908-9. 
Author of various books, for titles see Who's 
Who in America. Residence: 5525 Woodlawn 

BTTBTOSr, I^eQrand S., real estate. Residence: 
1254 Lake Shore Drive. Office: 901, 8 S. Dear- 
born St. 

B'DBTON', Oliver Uilton, mfr. ; born Geneva, 
111., Mar. 18, 1877; .son John and Elizabeth Lucy 
(Long) Burton; ed. pub. schools and business 
colls., Chicago; married Ann J. Tatham, of Chi- 
cago, Oct. 20, 1909. Began business career with 
father; acquired a financial interest in the bus- 
iness, 1895; became sec and treas. of The J. 
Burton Co., 1899, and has been pres. and treas. 
since 1907; also pres. and treas. Dixie Cotton 
Pelt Mattress Co. (The J. Burton Co. is a lead- 
ing cotton felt mfg. concern of the country, 
branch at New Y'ork. ) Mem. Chicago Assn. of 
Commerce, 111. Mfrs.' Assn., Chicago Credit 
Men's Assn. Republican. Presbyterian. Clubs: 
Chicago Athletic, South Shore Country. Recre- 

ations: outdoor sports. Residence: 185 E. Chest- 
nut St. Office: 21st St. and Centre Av. 

BXTBTT, see also Burt. 

BTTBTT, Joseph Beatty, lawyer; born Utica, 
Clark Co., Ind., Dec. 4, 1862; son Eli and Paulina 
(Hardin) Burtt; ed. dist. schools at Utica, Ind.; 
student Oberlln (O.) Coll.; A.B., Univ. of Mich., 
1888, LL.B., 1889; married Hart, Mich., Mar. 
26, 1890, Anna H. Gurney; children: John Gur- 
ney, Helen Katheryn. Clerk in law office of 
Sidney C. Eastman, Chicago, 1889-91; mem. law 
firm of Sherman & Burtt, 1891-1902; practiced 
alone, 1902-3; firm of Burtt & Kriete, 1903-7, 
Burtt, Kriete & Kriete, 1907-8, Mahony, Burtt, 
Kriete & Kriete, since Sept. 1908. Mem. Am. 
Peace Soc, Chicago Bar Assn., 111. State Bar 
Assn., Chicago Alumni Assn. of Univ. of Mich., 
Oberlln Assn. of 111.; president Fraternal Edn. 
Assn.; sec. dept. of fraternal and social service 
of the Religious Edn. Assn. Democrat. Con- 
gregationalist. Mason (32); K.P., Odd Fellow. 
Prominently identified with movement in favor 
of better fraternal edn.; advocates that each 
nationality, church, lodge or other organization, 
assume responsibility for its own delinquents 
and law-breakers. Addresses: Fraternal Educa- 
tion (pub. in "Education and National Charac- 
ter"), 1908; Fraternal Orders and Peace (pro- 
ceedings 2d Nat. Peace Congress), 1909. Recre- 
ation: fraternal edn. Residence: 5408 Lexing- 
ton Av. Office: 1609 Ashland Blk. 

B'DB'WASB, Henry John, physician; born St. 
Andrews, province of Quebec, Can., Nov. 17, 
1854; son Albert and Jane (Jefferson) Burwash; 
ed. pub. school of St. Andrews, P.Q., Can., La 
Chute Acad., 1874; grad. medical dept. McGill 
Univ., Montreal, P.Q., Can., 1879; also licentiate 
of Royal Coll. of Physicians, London, England, 
1879; post-grad. St. Thomas Hosp. Med. School, 
London, 1879; married Minneapolis, Minn., May 
3, 1883, Margarita A. Meyer, of Hanover, Ger- 
many; children: Elvira T. J., Florence M. H. 
(died at age of 5 years). Has practiced medi- 
cine in Chicago since 1884; for several years 
surgeon C^ook Co. Hosp. Mem. and ex-pres. Mc- 
Gill Alumni Assn., Chicago; mem. A.M. A., Chi- 
cago Med. Soc, Chicago Pathological Soc, Phy- 
sicians' Club. Has written numerous mono- 
graphs on med. subjects. Republican. Mason, 

D. C. Cregier Lodge, Washington Chapter, Chi- 
cago Commandery, K.T. ; Royal League. Club: 
111. Athletic Residence: 1550 N. Hoyne Av. Of- 
fice: 29 E. Madison St. 

B'aSBE'S', 'WiUiam Harrison, journalist; de- 
ceased; .see Vol. 1905. 

BTTSB'S', I^eonard Allen, lawyer; born Jewett, 
Harrison Co., O., May 22, 1869; son Sheridan 
and Margaret (Quigley) Busby; A.B., Ohio 
Wesleyan Univ., 1894; LL.B., Northwestern 
Univ. Law School, 1895. Admitted to 111. bar, 
1895; clerk with law firm of Lyman & Jackson; 
admitted to the firm, Dec. 1898, under the style 
of Jackson, Busby & Lyman; after the death 
of Col. Jackson, Jan. 3, 1901, David B. Lyman 
resigned as pres. Chicago Title & Trust Co. and 
became senior mem. of Lyman, Busby & Ly- 
man, which dissolved Dec. 1906, and the pres- 
ent firm of Shope, Zane, Busby & Weber was 
formed. Counsel for Chicago City and Connect- 
ing Rys., Chicago City Ry. Co., Calumet & 
South Chicago Ry. Co., Hammond, Whiting 
& East Chicago Ry. Co. Sole executor and trus- 
tee of the Huntington W. Jackson estate; trus- 
tee The John Crerar Library; former treas. and 
mem. board of mgrs. Chicago Bar Assn. Mem. 
Phi Delta Theta. Democrat (Cleveland). Clubs: 
Chicago, Law, Mid-Dav. Residence: 6517 Kim- 
bark Av. Office: 1639 First Nat. Bank Bldg. 

BUSENBABE, 'WlUiam B., broker: born Ann 
Arbor, Mich., Apr. 25, 1855; son John H. and 
Lucy Amey (Wooster) Busenbark; ed. public 
schools of Ann Arbor; married Mason, Mich., 
Oct. 10. 1876, Marie E., daughter Judge Amos 

E. Steele; 1 daughter: Grace Marie. Entered 
service of the M.C.R.R. Apr. 1873 in telegraph 



dept. ; in traffic dept., 1876-81; gen. western 
pass, agt., Chicago, 1881; gen. eastern agt., Buf- 
falo, 1883; asst. sen. pass, agt., Chicago, 1887; 
gen. pass. agt. C.G.W.Ry., 1889-91; gen. traffic 
mgr. same, 1891-4; in banking and brolterage 
business since 1894; associated with Counsel- 
man & Co., 1895-1905; now mgr. J. B. Russell 
& Co. Republican. Presbyterian. Clubs: Chi- 
cago, Union League. Midlothian. Residence: 
3122 Michigan Av. Office: The Rookery. 

BTTSH, David Ii., ry. mgr. ; born Sharon, Wis., 
July 31, 1855; son Jacob H. and Martha Bush; 
pub. school edn. ; married Racine, Wis., 1879, 
Nellie M. Smith; children: 1 son and 2 daugh- 
ters. Began ry. service as night operator on 
the Western Union Ry., 1872; chief operator at 
Racine, Wis., 1875-7; train dispatcher, Jan. 18, 
1877-Sept. 26, 1880; supt. telegraph. Western 
Union and Sabula, Ackley & Dak. Rys., May 1, 
1877-Jan. 1, 1882; supt. Racine & Southwestern 
div. C.M.&St.P.Ry., July 1, 1887-Feb. 1, 1888; 
supt. James River div., Feb. 1, 1880-Jan. 31, 
1890; supt. Southern Minn, div., Feb. 1, 1890- 
Aug. 15, 1894; supt. Hastings and Dak. div.. 
Aug. 15, 1894-Apr. 1. 1898; supt. River div., at 
St. Paul, Aug. 15, 1894-May 1, 1898; asst. gen. 
supt. at Milwaukee, May 1, lS98-Mav 1. 1903; 
gen. supt. entire CM.&St.P. System, May 1, 
1903-Oct. 1, 1909; gen. mgr. entire system since 
Oct. 1, 1909. Residence: Evanston, 111. Office: 
Ry. Exchange. 

BXTSH, Henry W., fire underwriter; born Kal- 
amazoo, Mich., Nov. 29, 1847; son Harvey and 
Laura M. (Burdick) Bush; ed. public schools, 
Jackson, Mich.; married Chicago, Oct. 4, 1869, 
Hannah P. Frisbie; children: Laura M., Hattie 
F., Harvey A., George A. Entered ins. office of 
Bush & McGee, Jackson, Mich., 1869, and later 
became mem. of firm of Harvey, Bush & Son, 
then Bush, Brown & Bush, and afterward Bush 
& Ernst: traveled. 1874-82. as spl. agt. of the 
Fire Assn. of Phila. and Am. Fire Ins. Co. of 
Phila. ; asst. mgr. western dept. Fire Assn. of 
Phila., 1892-1900; apptd. mgr. Nov. 1900; mem. 
Arm Belden & Bush. mgrs. western dept. Fire 
Assn. of Phila., 1902-9; retired. Republican. 
Club: Union League. Residence: 621 E. 41st St. 

BUSH, WilUam Henry, merchant; born Mar- 
tinsburg, Lewis Co., N.Y., Oct. 22, 1849; son 
James and Caroline L. (Hills) Bush; ed. Low- 
ville (N.Y.) Acad.; married DeKalb. 111., Feb. 1, 
1877, Elva Glidden (died 1906); married 2d, 
Oct. 20, 1908, Ruth Gentry, of Kansas City; 2 
daughters: Wilhelmina, Ruth. First employ- 
ment was in 1863 as clerk for Smith & Pitcher, 
Martinsburg, N.Y.. for 1 year; then was in 
school 2 years, and after Sept. 10, 1866, was 2 
years clerk for Seth Miller & Son, Constable- 
ville, N.Y. ; came to Chicago, Feb. 22, 1869; es- 
tablished in business as a wholesale dealer in 
hats, caps and gloves: now pres. and treas. of 
William H. Bush & Co.; also pres. Francis T. 
Simmons & Co., women's kid gloves. Presby- 
terian. Clubs: Chicago, City. Recreation: trav- 
el. Residence; 1538 N. State St. Office: 333 W. 
Adams St. 

BUSH, WiUlam I^incoln, piano mf r. : born 
Chicago, Mar. 3, 1861; son W. H. and Mary J. 
(Brunt) Bush: ed. pub. schools of Chicago; 
mairied Chicago, Feb. 26, 1887, Pearl E. Bar- 
row. Began business career in 1877 with George 
Woods & Co., mfrs. of pianos at Cambridge- 
port, Mass., first in the factory and later as 
traveling salesman; represented W. W. Kimball 
Piano Co. as traveling salesman, 1879-81; road 
mgr. for a Board of Trade firm, 1881-5; in 1885. 
with his father and John Gerts. formed firm of 
W. H. Bush & Co.. of which he was mgr., and 
when business was incorporated, 1889, as the 
Bush & Gerts Piano Co., became sec. and mgr.. 
and upon death of his father, became pres.; 
also pres. Bush & Gerts Piano Co., of Tex.. 
Bush & Gerts Piano Co.. of Memphis, Tenn. 
Dir. of the North Side State Savings Bank. 
Treas. and founder Bush Temple Conservatory 

of Music and Dramatic Art; pres. Bush Temple 
of Music of Dallas, Tex. Pres. of the Chicago 
Harmonic Assn. Republican. Mason, Shriner. 
Clubs: Marquette (pres., 1901-3), Hamilton, 111. 
Athletic, Mendelssohn (hon.). Residence: Plaza 
Hotel. Office: Clark St. and Chicago Av. 

WBKXrBXiIi, Charles Henry, physician; born 
Chicago, Apr. 30, 1860; son Lewis and Harriet 
Augusta (Hitchcock) Bushnell; ed. pub. schools 
of Chicago; M.D., Bennett Med. Coll., Chicago, 
1896, and post-grad, and hon. M.D., Am. Coll. 
of Medicine and Surgery of Chicago; was asst. 
to a Chicago physician for 15 years prior to 
graduation in 1896; married Chicago, Nov. 24, 
1881, Ella Clark Dole; children; Lewis Edward, 
Anson Charles, Elmer Dole. In gen. practice of 
medicine since 1896; attending gynecologist St. 
Anthony's Hosp. and Orphanage, 4 years; at- 
tending gynecologist Frances E. Willard Na- 
tional Temperance Hosp., 6 years; mem. of fac- 
ulty Bennett Med. Coll., 6 years; prof, obstet- 
rics. Am. Coll. of Medicine and Surgery, 4 
years; prof, obstetrics, Chicago Coll. for Nurses, 
4 years; attending surgeon Chicago Union 
Hosp.; med. examiner several fraternal ins. 
assns. ; was attending obstetrician Am. Hosp. 
of Chicago: now attending obstetrician Cook 
Co. Hosp.; prof, and head of dept. of gynecology 
and obstetrics, Bennett Med. Coll., 10 years. 
Ex-pres. 111. State and Chicago Eclectic Med. 
and Surgical socs. ; mem. Nat. Eclectic Med. 
Soc, A.M.A., Nat. Red Cross Soc, 111. State 
Med. Assn., 111. Soc. for Prevention of Tuber- 
culosis, Chicago Med. Soc. Mason, Oriental 
Lodge, Lafayette Chapter, Apollo Ccrmmandery, 
Medinah Temple Mystic Shrine. Clubs: Hamil- 
ton, Chicago Automobile. Republican. Recrea- 
tions: music and traveling. Residence: 4415 
Sheridan Rd. Office; 3203 N. Clark St. 

BUSHNEIiK, ILemnel Moffett, mf r. ; born Ash- 
tabula Co., C, Jan. 8, 1844; son Sidney S. and 
Laura (Moffett) Bushnell; ed. pub. schools of 
Ohio; married (Chicago, Annie Creswell; 1 son: 
Charles E. Early life spent on a farm; came 
to Chicago in 1862 in the employ of J. W. Bush- 
nell & Bro., commn. merchants, until 1867; ex- 
change clerk Union Nat. Bank, 1867-8; in retail 
hardware business with D. H. Wells & Co., as a 
partner; later engaged in hardware manufac- 
turing, Vaughan & Bushnell, incorporated in 
1882 as the Vaughan & Bushnell Mfg. Co. Pres- 
byterian. Clubs: Illinois, Midlothian, Union 
League. Office: 2130 Carroll Av. 

BUSHNE&K, S(amael) Moriran, elec. engr.; 
born Beloit, Wis., Apr. 6, 1866; son of Jackson 
Jones and Sarah Eliza (Lewis) Bushnell; grad. 
Beloit Coll., 1888; unmarried. Has been con- 
nected with the Commonwealth Edison Co. 
since 1888 as elec. engr.; mgr. 111. Maintenance 
Co. 4 years; asso. Am. Institute of Elec. Engrs. ; 
mem. Am. Soc. of Heating and Ventilating 
Engrs., Illuminating Engring. Soc, Western 
Soc. of Engrs. Congregationalist. Clubs: Uni- 
versity, Chicago Athletic, Exraoor Country, 111. 
Athletic, Highland Park. Recreation: athletic 
games. Residence: University Club. Office: 120 
W. Adams St. 

BXJSSE, Pred A., mayor; born Chicago, Mar. 
3, 1866; son late Capt. Gustave and Caroline 
(Gross) Busse; ed. pub. schools of Chicago; 
married Josephine Lee, of Chicago, Apr. 17, 
1908. Was engaged in hardware business with 
his father for years, then went into the coal 
business and was sec. and treas. Northwestern 
Coal Co., later pres. Busse-Reynolds Coal Co., 
and Busse Coal Co. Always a Republican and 
active in politics; was town clerk of North Chi- 
cago 1 term: then 4 years in the sheriff's and 
after that chief clerk in the North Town col- 
lector's office. Elected to House of Representa- 
tives, 39th and 40th 111. Gen. Assemblies (1894 
and 1896); state senator from the 21st Sena- 
torial District, 1898-1902; state treas. of 111., 
1902-6; postmaster of Chicago, Jan. 8, 1906- 
Apr. 11, 1907; mayor for term 1907-11. Mem. 



Rep. State Com.: mem. Cook Co. Central Rep. 
Com. Clubs: Union League, Hamilton, Mar- 
quette, Chicago Athletic, Press, Germania Maen- 
nerchor. South Shore Country. Residence: 1441 
Sedgwick St. 

BVSSE, Onstave Adolph, mcht. ; deceased; see 
Vol. 1905. 

BTTSSE, WiUiam, pres. Board of Cook Co. 
Commrs.; born Elk Grove Tp., Cook Co., 111., 
Jan. 27, 1864; son Louis and Christina (Kir- 
chofC) Busse; ed. pub. and German Lutheran 
parochial schools. Lived on farm during ear- 
lier years; farmed for self, 1885-90; succeeded 
his father in gen. store business at Mt. Pros- 
pect, firm now William Busse & Son; dir. Ar- 
lington Heights State Bank. Deputy sherllT 
Cook Co. under Sheriff Gilbert, 1890-1900; mem. 
Bd. of Cook Co. Commrs., since 1900 (reelected 
every 2 years) and pres. of bd., Apr. 15, 1907- 
Dec. 5, 1910; Republican. Lutheran. Mem. Pros- 
pect Sch. Bd. 12 years. Clubs: Hamilton, Con- 
cordia League. Residence: Mt. Prospect, 111. 

BXJSSET, Qeorire Newton, physician and sur- 
geon; born Albion, Wis., Dec. 18, 1864; son Ben- 
jamin and Jane (North) Bussey; prepared for 
coll. at Albion (Wis.) Acad., 1883-8; Ph.B., 
Univ. of Wis., 1890; M.D., Rush Medical Coll., 
1893; house physician Augustana Hosp., 1893-5; 
married Chicago, May 1899, Flora M. Squires; 
children: Frederick Newton, Kenneth George. 
Engaged in gen. med. practice since 1893: at- 
tending physician and surgeon, Ravenswood 
Hosp. Mem. North Shore Branch Chicago Med. 
Soc, 111. State Med. Soc, A.M.A., Univ. of Wis 
Club, Physicians' Club. Republican. Methodist. 
Recreations: hunting, fishing. Residence: 4543 
N. Hermitage Av. Office: 1810 Wilson Av. 

BUSSET, WUliam Thompson, pres. Chicago 
Stove Works; born Troy, N.Y., Dec. 5, 1854; ed. 
pub. schools and acad., Troy, N.Y. ; married Mll- 
lersburg, O., Oct. 12, 1877, Ella Lusk; children: 
Irene (Mrs. Charles C. Meloy), Cornelia. En- 
tire business career has been in the stove in- 
dustry, beginning in 1873 in the repair dept. of 
the Bussey, McLeod Stove Works; in 1876 
started in the Chicago office of the same com- 
pany, and has continued In that business ever 
since; now pres. the Chicago Stove Works. Mem. 
Chicago Assn. of Commerce, 111. Mfrs'. Assn. 
Republican. Presbyterian. Club: Illinois. Recre- 
ations: hunting, fishing. Residence: 1454 Jack- 
son Boul. Summer Residence: Burt Lake, Mich. 
Office: Blue Island Av. and 22d St. 

BUSWEIiXi, Henry Orant, ins.; born Jersey 
City, N.J., Mar. 4, 1865; son Henry L. and Isa- 
bella (Smith) Buswell; ed. pub. schools; mar- 
ried Brooklyn, N.Y., Oct. 8, 1890, Josephine del 
Risco; children: Josephine, Walter, Marian, 
Florence. Began business career in the ofl^ce of 
Provident Savings Life Assurance Soc. in New 
York City; clerk in the home office of the Home 
Ins. Co. of New York, 1885, and has remained 
In the service of that co. continuously ever 
since, coming to Chicago in June 1903, as local 
mgr. Treas. Chicago Board of Underwriters. 
Served 10 years as mem. of the 23d (Brooklyn) 
Regt. N.G.S.N.Y. Presbyterian. Club: Evanston 
Golf. Recreations: salt water sailing, fishing. 
Residence: 1014 Greenwood Boul., Evanston. 111. 
Summer Residence: Center Moriches, L.I.,N.Y. 
Office: 29 S. LaSalle St. 

BUTIiEB, Albert Edwin, broker; born Cam- 
eron, Mo., Feb. 14, 1879; son of Frank H. and 
Mary (Fruen) Butler; grad. pub. schs., Chica- 
go, 1894; Armour Inst., 1894-5; Evanston Town- 
ship High School, 1897; Northwestern Univ., 
class of 1903; married Agnes Howard, of Ev- 
anston, 111., 1905; 1 son: Howard C. Associated 
with John Burnham, 1903, and organized with 
him firm of Burnham & Butler, dealers in stocks 
and bonds; name changed to Burnham, Butler 
& Co., 1904; withdrew from that firm and or- 
ganized firm of A. E. Butler & Co., 1909: also 
pres. and treas. L. & M. Rubber Co., and Miller 
Tire & Rubber Co. of Carrollton, O. Mem. Chi- 

cago Stock Exchange since 1905. Republican. 
Methodist. Mem. Phi Kappa Psi, Theta Nu Ep- 
silon (Northwestern Univ.). Enlisted 1st Cav. 
111. Vols., May 10, 1898, Spanish-Am. War; dis- 
charged at Ft. Sheridan, Oct. 11, 1898: enlisted 
1st Cav. I.N.G., Oct. 12, 1898; served Vlrden, 
111., riots, Oct. 1898; commissioned 2d lieut., 
Aug. 1899; 1st lieut., 1900; re-commissioned, 
1903; appointed capt., ordnance officer and in- 
spector of rifie practice, 1st Cav., I.N.G., 1906; 
mem. 111. State Rifle Team, Nat. Matches, Sea- 
girt, N.J., 1905-6, Camp Perry, O., 1907; placed 
on retired list, Oct. 1, 1910. Club: Evanston. 
Recreations: military, rifle shooting, hunting, 
fishing. Residence: 1509 Chicago Av., Evanston, 
111. Office: 116 S. LaSalle St. 

BUTIIEB, Bnrridgre Savenal, newspaper pub- 
lisher; born Louisville, Ky., Feb. 5, 1868; son 
Rev. Thomas Davenal and Marie Burridge 
(Radclifte) Butler; common school edn. : mar- 
ried Winifred, daughter of Dr. I. J. Whitfield, 
of Grand Rapids, Mich, (she died July 26, 
1904); married 2d, Ina Hamilton, daughter of 
Norval H. Busey, of New York, July 30, 1906. 
In editorial work. Grand Rapids, 1885-93; ad- 
vertising mgr., Chicago, 1894-9; founded Omaha 
Daily News (vice-pres.), 1899, St. Paul Daily 
News, 1900, Minneapolis Daily News, 1903; sold 
newspaper properties and returned to Chicago, 
1909; owner and publisher The Prairie Farmer, 
founded 1841, the oldest publication of its class 
in the U.S.; pres. Prairie Farmer Publishing Co. 
Mason. Interested in civic reform and prac- 
tical charitable work; owns valuable art collec- 
tion, postage stamp collection. Clubs: Union 
League, Exmoor Country, Agate (Chicago), 
Minneapolis, Minikahda, Minneapolis Automo- 
bile (Minneapolis), American Automobile Assn., 
Touring Club of France. Recreatons: golf, fish- 
ing, motoring, foreign travel. Residence: The 
Pattington, 700 Irving Park Boul. Office: 223 
W. Jackson Boul. 

BtTTKEB, Edward Bartpess, merchant; born 
Lewiston, Me., Dec. 16, 1853; son Manly Orville 
and Elizabeth (Howe) Butler; ed. Boston pub. 
schools; married Norwalk, Conn., 1880, Jane, 
daughter of William Henry and Esther (Pratt) 
Holly. Employed in wholesale dry goods house, 
Boston, 1870-6; with brother, George H., found- 
ed, 1877, house of Butler Bros., at Boston; now 
at New York, Chicago and St. Louis (general 
merchandise). Was chmn. ways and means 
com. and chmn. dept. of admissions and collec- 
tions, W^orld's Columbian Exposition. Pres. for 
years 111. Manual Training School Farm, Glen- 
wood, 111.; trustee Hull House Social Settle- 
ment, Chicago Orphan Asylum, Erring Wom- 
an's Refuge, First State Pawners' Soc, Rock- 
ford Coll., Bureau of Associated Charities. 
Clubs: Commercial, Merchants', Chicago, Union 
League, Midlothian. Recreations: fond of out- 
door diversions. Residence: 3408 Michigan Av. 
Office: 416 W. Randolph St. 

B1TTKEB, Enfene Kincald, retired mfr. ; born 
on farm near Rome, N.Y., June 8, 1843; son 
Ezekiel and Eunice (Shaw) Butler; ed. Keno- 
sha (Wis.) High School; married Geneseo, 111., 
Mar. 4, 1867, Sarah R. Olmsted; children: Hul- 
bert W., Frank (died in infancy), Robert S., 
Edward Earl. Worked on farm, 1859-66; en- 
tered employ of C. H. & L. J. McCormick, as 
salesman, continuing with that firm and their 
successors until 1898, in various depts. up to 
sec. and gen. mgr.; out of active business, 1898- 
1902. Pres. The Keystone Co.. Sterling, 111., 
mfrs. of farm implements, 1902-5; assisted in 
organizing, 1901, and is now interested in the 
Brownsville (Tex.) Land & Irrigation Co. Re- 
publican. Club: Union League. Recreations: 
travel, motoring. Residence: 4850 Greenwood 
Av. Office: Reaper BIk. 

BUTIIEB, Frank Osg'ood, paper merchant; 
born Chicago, Apr. 22, 1861; son Julius Wales 
and Julia (Osgood) Butler; ed. Brown School 
and Central High School, Chicago; married 


Louisville, Ky., June 10, 1886; Fannie M. Bre- entered his father's wholesale paper business, 
maker; children: Paul, Julius Wales, Jr. After beginning as clerk in the stationery dept., and 
leaving school entered employ of J. W. Butler later becoming city buyer, then city salesman. 
Paper Co. as clerk, salesman, etc., and since and in 1891 was made gen. supt. of the mfg. 
1890 has been vice-pres. of the co. ; also vice- depts.; since 1892, sec. of the co. ; also dir. 
pres. Standard Paper Co. of Milwaukee, and Standard Paper Co. (Milwaukee), Southwestern 
pres Southwestern Paper Co. (Dallas and Hous- Paper Co. (Dallas and Houston, Tex.), Inter- 
ton, Tex.); pres. Natoma Farm, Hinsdale, 111. state Paper Co. (Kansas City); vice-pres. and 
Republican. Clubs: Union League, Hinsdale sec. Natoma Farm, Hinsdale, 111. Mem. Paper 
Golf, LaGrange Motor. Recreations: farming. Trade Club of Chicago. First lieut. Co. G, 2d 
stockraising, dairying. Residence: Hinsdale, HI. Regt., I.N.G., 5 yrs. Republican. Congregatlon- 
OfBce- '''1 W. Monroe St. alist. Clubs: Union League, Chicago Athletic, 

BirFI.EB, Qeorg'e Frank, physician, author; Westward Ho Oak Park Recreations: farming, 
hr,7n AT^r^'ia X Y Alar 15 1857- son Isaac Iiorseback riding. Residence: 3 Elizabeth Ct., 
and Asenatli '(Chase) Butll?-; grid. Baldwf#s Oak Park, 111. Office: 221 W. Monroe St. 
Acad., Groton, N.Y., 1874; pharmacist, Pitts- BUTKEB, Jnlliu Wales, paper merchant; 
field, Mass., 1874-8; in sheep and drug business, born Essex, Chittenden Co., Vt., May 7, 1828; 
southwestern Kan., 1878-86; M.D., Rush Med. son Zebediah (paper mfr.) and Ester (Morris) 
Coll., Chicago, 1889; (hon. A.M., Valparaiso Butler; ed. elementary and academic schools of 
Univ., Ind., 1908); married Nannie Blanche Por- Vt.; married May 1858, Julia A. Osgood, of 
ter, of Monmouth, 111., Mar. 21, 1882. Lecturer Bellows Falls, Vt.; children: Frank Osgood, 
med. pharmacy and materia medica. Rush Med. Julius Fred, and also 2 daughters, both now 
Coll., 1889-92; prof, materia medica, therapeu- deceased. At age of 13 was apprenticed to a 
tics and Clin, medicine. Northwestern Univ. harness and trunk maker at Hinesburg, Vt., to 
Women's Med. Sch., 1890-6, Coll. Phys. and remain until his majority, at a remuneration of 
Surg., Chicago, 1892-1906; prof, medicine. Dear- $30 per year, and 3 months' schooling each 
born Med. Coll., 1905-6; prof, internal medicine, year; at 18 he had become expert at his trade 
Chicago Post-Grad. Med. Sch., 1905-7; med. supt. and made a set of carriage harness and a trunk. 
Alma Springs Sanitarium, Alma, Mich., 1900-5; both of which took first prize at the State fair; 
prof, and head of the dept. therapeutics, and at 20, in consideration of exceptional services, 
prof, of Clin, and preventive medicine, Chicago he was given a year off his time, and came 
Coll. of Medicine and Surgery (Valparaiso west to 111., in 1848, the Journey taking 4 
Univ.), 1906-11: pres. faculty and prof, diseases weeks, which was then considered a quick trip 
of the kidneys and of the digestive system, from New England to Chicago. Went to St. 
Practitioners' Coll., Chicago, since 1911; at- Charles, 111., where his brother, Oliver M., had 
tending phvs. Cook Co. Hosp. ; consulting phys. a paper mill and gen. store; clerked in his 
Frances Willard Hosp. Mem. A.M.A., Am. Acad, brother's store about 6 years; then became 
Medicine, Am. Therapeutic Soc, Miss. Valley partner in a paper warehouse In Chicago (But- 
Med. Assn., 111. State Med. Soc, Mich. State ler & Hunt), which handled the products of the 
Med. Soc, Chicago Soc. Internal Medicine, Chi- St. Charles mill; firm became Laflin, Butler & 
cago Pathol. Soc, Physicians and Therapeutic Co., 1862, and J. W. Butler & Co., 1869; incor- 
clubs; fellow Chicago Acad. Medicine. Clubs; porated as J. W. Butler Paper Co., 1872 of 
Press, 101, Wllmette Country. Author: Text- which he is pres.; also pres. of the Standard 
book of Materia Medica, Therapeutics and Phar- Paper Co., Milwaukee, Wis. Mem. and ofllcer 
macology, 1896; Love and Its Affinities, 1890; Union Park Congregational Church. Club: Union 
Materia Medica and Therapeutics (Practical League. Residence: Hinsdale, 111. Office- 221 
Medicine series of Year Books), 1892; The Isle W. Monroe St. 

of Content, 1902; The Exploits of a Physician BUTIEB, Korton. timber lands- horn iVToro 
Detective, 1907; Sonnets of the Heart, 1909; york, Feb 2, 1859; son of Cyrus and MaV^^^^ 
Treasures of Truth 1909; Songs of the Heart, (Beardsley) isutler ed pvt. s?hs in New Y"?k 
1910. Residence; Wilmette, 111. and at Yale Univ.; married Julia S. Pettibone 

BTTTIiEB, Htirtaert -W-ilgon, real estate; born of Buffalo, N.Y., Apr. IS, 1884; 4 children: Ger- 
Freeport, 111., Jan. 10, 1868; son Eugene K. and aid Morton, Donald, Nora and John Meigs. In 
Sarah (Olmstead) Butler; ed. Chicago pub. 1884 entered large printing house of the Buf- 
schools; LL.B., Yale Univ., 1888; married Viola falo Courier as asst. sec, remaining until 1885, 
Douglas; 1 son: Douglas; married 2d, Chicago, when he came to Chicago and entered employ 
Sept. 17, 1901, Alice Carter. Engaged in real of Joseph Rathborne, and shortly after became 
estate business since 1890. Alderman from 27th mem. firm of Joseph Rathborne & Co., owners 
Ward for a number of years. Republican, of several large southern mills, with which 
Chmn. board of trustees First Congregational continued until 1896; pres. New River Lumber 
Church of Jefferson Park. Mem. Royal League, Lo., 1901-8; engaged buying timber lands since 
Odd Fellows, K.P.; Mason (K.T.). Residence: ISCS. Clubs: Union League, Evanston Country, 
1991 Roberts Av. Office: 105 N. Clark St. Evanston Golf. Recreations: motoring, hunting, 

_w_.r.n_ . 1. n .. ^i,. ,, 1, fishing. Residence; Evanston, 111. Ofllce- 702 

BTTTIiEB, John Oa,ge, mgr. Chicago branch, Marquette Bldg ^"n-e. iv^ 

Pillsbury Flour Mills Co.; born Concord, N.H., ' ______ -^'^-^ , , 

Dec 1, 1856; son Nehemiah and Mary (Gage) f^"?S*'?; "?r^^'' ^"^"cator; born East- 
Butler; ed. In pub. schools and Penacook (N.H.) Pl}- Me., May 22, 1853; son Nathaniel and Jen- 
Acad.; widower. In 1879 entered employ of 'J^'H ^,^2j'"e) Butler; A.B., Colby Univ., 1873, 
Chas. A. Pillsbury & Co., flour mills, MInneap- A.M., 1876 (D.D., 1895, LL.D. 1903); married 
oils, continuing with their successors, the Pills- ?i9'^|"?<' ^^I7*^,??PP'*''<'' .? Chicago, 1881 
bury-Washburn Flour Mills Co., Limited, be- l'l';?2i= "% ^.l'. ^k'^'^^o ^^nL**' Ll'^an M. 
coming mgr. of Chicago office in 1903, name Googins. of Chicago, Dec. 12, 1903. Asso. prln. 
changing in 1908 to Pillsbury Flour Mills Co. ^ iS^ ?i J^S''^'. 5,^-' i"'''^?,F'''' "^- ^^^3- 
Republican. Congregationallst. Clubs: 111. Ath- ^ 'S?,T"'1 ?o ^"- ^'' ^?"> Highland 
letic. South Shore Country. Recreation: driv- i^ !" 'al,''* 1" ' ^Ti^: same, 1880-4; master 
ing. Residence: Chicago Beach Hotel. Office: S^'t ^'^^'Z?'' ^??fj Chicago, 1879-80; ordained 
1106, 113 W. Adams St. Bapt. ministry, 1884; prof, rhetoric and English 

!_.___ . ^ j ...... , J, J. lit., old Chicago Univ., 1884-6; prof. Latin. 

^^r'^f'^f^r '*"''' Slnnott, lawyer; deceased; 1886-9, prof. English ikng. and lit., 1889-92 
see Vol. 1906. Univ. of 111.; acting dir. Univ. Extension DIv.| 

BUTIiEB, Jolins Pred, sec. J. W. Butler Pa- 1893-4, Univ. Extension asso. prof. English lit. 
per Co.; born Chicago. 111., July 20, 1866; son and dir. Univ. Extension Div., 1894-5. Univ. of 
Julius Wales and Julia A. (Osgood) Butler; Chicago; pres. Colby Coll., 1895-1901; prof. edn. 
grad. West Division High School, 1884; mar- and dir. co-operative work since 1901. dean 
ried Lillie J. Taggart, Louisville, Ky.; 1 daugh- Coll. of Edn., 1905-9, Univ. of Chicago. Del. 
ter: Florence Elizabeth. After leaving school Univ. of Chicago to World's Congress on Univ. 



Extension, London, 1S94. Residence: 1217 E. 
56th St. 

BTTTKEK, Bnsli Claik, lawyer; born North- 
wood, la., Aug. 27, 1871; son Lindley S. and Ju- 
lia (Pickering) Butler; Ph.B., Univ. of la., Iowa 
City, 1893; married Chicago, June 6, 1901, Isa- 
belle Crilly; 3 sons: Rush Clarlt, Jr., Crilly and 
Eldon Picltering. Admitted to bar, 1894; mem. 
law firm of Cassoday (Eldon J.) & Butler, July 
1, 1899, until Mr. Cassoday's death, June 18, 
1910; senior mem. Cassoday, Butler, Lamb & 
Foster since 1910, partners being William E. 
Lamb, former Judge Stephen A. Foster, Ernest 

0. Best and Cornelius Lynde. Mem. Am., 111. 
State and Chicago Bar assns. Republican. Trus- 
tee Plymouth Congregational Church. Formerly 
capt. and inspector of rifle practice, 1st Inf. 
l.N.G. Clubs: Union League, Hamilton, Univer- 
sity, Law, Midlothian Country, Tuscumbia Golf 
(Green Lake, Wis.). Residence: 3826 Michigan 
Av. Office: Monadnock Blk. 

*BU'TIiEB, Wallace Edward; see Vol. 1905. 

BXTTIiEB, Walter, lawyer; born Kinderhook, 
Columbia Co., N.Y., Jan. 7, 1841; son Walter 
and Maria (Van Alen) Butler; resident of Clii- 
cago since Oct. 16, 1844; A.B., Princeton Univ., 
1862, M.A., 1866; married Waukegan, 111., Feb. 
10, 1881, Bertha Heinrichs. Taught school in 
N.J., 1862-3; read law in offices of Woodbridge 
& Grant, Chicago, Aug. 1863-5, when was ad- 
mitted to bar, and since continuously engaged 
in general practice. Master in chancery Circuit 
Court of Cook Co., 17 years: alderman from the 
25th Ward, Apr. 1899-Apr. 1901. Dir. 111. Hu- 
mane Soc. since 1901. Mem. Chicago Bar Assn. 
Independent in politics. Residence: 646 Fuller- 
ton Av. Office: Tacoma Bldg. 

BUTI^EB, William J., physician; M.D., Rush 
Med. Coll., 1894. Asst. prof, diseases of chil- 
dren, Rush Med. Coll.; asst. attending physi- 
cian, dept. of diseases of children, Presbyterian 
Hosp. Appointed 1st lieut. U.S.A. Med. Reserve 
Corps, 1911. Mem. A.M.A., 111. State Med. Soc, 
Chicago Med. Soc, Chicago Pediatric Soc. Club: 
111. Athletic. Residence: 3220 Jackson Boul. Of- 
fice: Chicago Savings Bank Bldg. 

*B'D'TTEBFIEI;d, WlUlam Ijonis, retired real 
estate dealer; see Vol. 1905. 

BTTTTO^FH, Albert Charles, wholesale gro- 
cer; born Charlotte, Vt., Sept. 8, 1852; son Al- 
bert A. and Laura A. (Burnham) Buttolph; ed. 
pub. schools and at Morris (111.) Classical Inst.; 
married Keokuk, la., Dec. 27, 1877, Louise E. 
Fuller; children: Grace T., Roy B., Ruth, Es- 
ther, Albert C, Jr. First business experience 
was in a retail grocery house at Morris, 111., 
1873; came to Chicago and entered the employ 
of W. M. Hoyt Co., wholesale grocers, import- 
ers and mfrs. ; was admitted to partnership Jan. 

1, 1879; now managing dir. of the company. Re- 
publican. Clubs: Kenwood (pres., 1903-4), Chi- 
cago Athletic, Midlothian. Residence: 4822 El- 
lis Av. Office: 22d St. Bridge. 

BUTTON, Frank Morse, landscape gardener; 
born Brandon, Vt., Aug. 1866; son Frank R. and 
Laura A. (Morse) Button; grad. Brandon (Vt.) 
High School; C.E., Univ. of Vt., Burlington, 
1887; married Florence Brison, of Chicago, Apr. 
17, 1894; 1 daughter. In engring. work q.-m. 
dept. U.S.A. on construction of Fort Sheridan, 
111., 1889-93, mil. post. Little Rock, Ark., 1893- 
5; asst. engr. World's Columbian Commn., 1891- 
2; identified with O. C. Simonds, landscape gar- 
dener, Chicago, since 1895, becoming mem. of O. 
C. Simonds & Co. in 1905. Republican. Congre- 
gationalist. Fellow Am. Soc. Landscape Archi- 
tects; mem. Sigma Phi fraternity. Clubs: Edge- 
water Country (pres.). City. Residence: 5242 
Magnolia Av. Office: 1101 Buena Av. 

BTTTTON, William Jesse, school and college 
text book editor; born Covington, Ind., Dec. 6, 
1846; son James P. and Sarah R. (Hock) But- 
ton; ed. Indianapolis pub. schools and in Butler 
Coll., Indianapolis; married Martlia Commons, 

of Indianapolis, 1873; children: Elsie (Mrs. Jesse 
H. Taylor) and Rosemary. Came to Chicago in 
1873 as Chicago mgr. for Harper & Brothers, 
publishers, until 1893; pres. The Werner School 
Book Co., 1893-1904; identified with editorial 
dept. of Am. Book Co. since 1904. Republican. 
Recreation: literature. Residence: 5619 Madison 
Av. Office: 1104 S. Wabash Av. 

BUTZ, Otto Charles, lawyer; born Chicago, 
May 2, 1857; son Caspar and Julia (Magnus) 
Butz; ed. Kinzie School and Wiedingers German 
School, Chicago, Schau's German School, New 
York; LL.B., Univ. of Mich., 1877; married Le 
Roy, N.Y., Mar. 3, 1880, Alice Rogers; children: 
Robert Otto, Theodore Caspar, Herbert. Admit- 
ted to 111. bar, Apr. 1, 1877; since practicing in 
Chicago, first in firm of Butz, Eschenburg & 
Prussing, and successively, Butz & Eschenburg, 
Otto C. Butz, Lackner & Butz, and firm of Lack- 
ner, Butz & Miller, since Nov. 1, 1889. Repub- 
lican. Residence: Winnetka, 111. Office: Chicago 
Title & Trust Bldg. 

BUTZ, Theodore Caspar, mortgage invest- 
ments; born Chicago, Aug. 16, 1888; son Otto 
Charles and Alice (Rogers) Butz; ed. Chicago 
pub. schools; Rugby School, Kenilworth, 111.; 
Lewis Institute, Chicago; Athenaeum Business 
College; unmarried. Began active career in 
1904; then went to Robertson & Lackner and 
was admitted to the firm, Jan. 1908; Mr. Rob- 
ertson withdrew and name changed to Lackner 
& Butz Sons, which continues; dir. Northwest- 
ern Debenture Bond Co. Mem. Mfrs.' and Deal- 
ers' Club, Chicago Assn. of Commerce. Club: 
Chicago Athletic. Recreation: athletic sports. 
Residence: Winnetka, 111. Office: 82 W. Wash- 
ington St. 

BUTZO'W, Arthur M., physician; born Chi- 
cago, Nov. 7, 1874; son of C. H. and Emma Mary 
(Kraul) Butzow; grad. high school, Chicago, 
1894; M.D., Rush Med. Coll., 1898; married Chi- 
cago, Nov. 27, 1901, Mary A. Arens. Interne St. 
Joseph's Hosp., 1898-9; since then in general 
practice; personal asst. to late Nicholas Senn, 
1898-1907, at St. Joseph's Hosp.; instr. bandag- 
ing, 1 year, instr. anaesthetics, 1 year. Rush 
Med. Coll.; attending physician and surgeon, 
St. Joseph's Hosp. Dispensary, 1900-4; attend- 
ing surgeon, St. Joseph's Hosp., since 1904. 
Mem. Chicago Med. Soc, 111. State Med. Soc, 
A.M.A., German Med. Soc. Office and Residence: 
1706 Melrose St. 

BUZBAUK, Emannel, wholesale clothing; 
born Eibechheim. Baden, Germany, Feb. 2, 1855; 
son Moses and Malka (Schlesinger) Buxbaum; 
ed. New York; married Chicago, Nov. 12, 1889, 
Julia Kuh (died July 10, 1899) : married 2d, Apr. 
22, 1903, Carrie L. Hart; children: Myra C, 
Louise R. Came to U.S. in 1860; engaged in 
clothing business, and in 1889 became connect- 
ed with the wholesale house of Kuh, Nathan & 
Fischer Co., of which he has been pres. since 
1901. Hebrew religion. Clubs: Standard, Ravis- 
loe Country. Residence: 4418 Michigan Av. Of- 
fice: 330 S. Franklin St. 

BUZZEtli, Edsrar Augustus, lawyer; born 
Lowell, Mass., Oct. 10, 1860; son Rev. Oliver 
Augustus and Mary Adelaide (Merrill) Buz- 
zell; A.B., Univ. of Chicago, 1886; married Apr. 
4, 1888, Jennie Isetta Gibson, of Chicago; chil- 
dren: Edgar Gibson, Althea May, Harold Win- 
field, Merrill Elliott, Miriam Dorothea. Stu- 
dent in law office of Holden & Farson, 1886-8; 
admitted to bar, Oct. 1888, and became clerk in 
office of same firm until Dec 1889; mem. law 
firm of Holden (William H. ) & Buzzell since 
Jan. 1, 1890. Republican. Mem. Chicago Law 
Inst. Club: University. Residence: 6136 Ellis 
Av. Summer Residence: Delavan Lake, Wis. 
Office: Hartford Bldg. 

BTAM, John W., lawyer; deceased; see Vol. 

B'TEBS, John Wesley, live stock; born York 
Co., Pa., Dec. 12, 1844; son Jacob and Sarah 


(Mvers) Byers: ed. pub. schools of Pa.; mar- 1S99; supt. Cascade division G.N.Ry., Everett, 
ried Harrisburg, Pa., 1868, Frances M. Mohler; Wash., 1899-1902; asst. to 1st and later to 4th 
children: Nellie A.. Pina B., Daisy M., Ralph vice-pres. C.,R.I.&P.Ry., Chicago, 1902-4; gen. 
M. Born and reared on a farm; at the age of supt. Southwestern district C.,R.I.<feP., Topeka, 
19 came to 111. and engaged with his brother in Kan., Feb.-July 1904; gen. supt. Neb. district, 
the live stock commn. business for several years. Sept. 1904-May 15, 1909; asst. to the 2d vice- 
Salesman at the Union Stock Yards with Den- pres., May 15, 1909-Feb. 1, 1910, 2d vice-pres. 
ney & Redman, live stock commn., till 1876; as- since Feb. 1. 1910, C.,B.&Q.R.R.Co. Residence: 
sociated with his brother and others in the live Riverside, 111. Office: 226 W. Adams St. 
stock commn. business, first under firm name BTBim see also Burn 

of Patterson, Byers & Co., later under the name =,- in.' t-i.- . . "v, !! ., n 

of Byers, Moon & Byers, and since 1890 under ^,*~,"*'' ''^ ?*???! Physician; born Llver- 

the style of Byers Bros. & Co., with branches POO': ^ng., Feb. 4, 1841; son Foster and Jane 

at S. Omaha, Neb., S. St. Joseph, Mo., and Kan- Maria (McKenny) Byrne; grad. Rush Medical 

.sas City, Mo. Mem. Chicago Live Stock Ex- V"-,F^'f|80u ^.D., 18(4; married Chicago, 

change. Republican. Residence: 426 Oakwood ^P'^- 2- l^^"- CaUierine Scott \Vhiteford; chil- 

Boul.^ Office: Exchange Building, Union Stock ^o^^-ji^^hn GeraJ^d, EdUh.^Grace^j-^ Craw- 

BTPOKl, Henry Tuxxnan gynecologist; born lUto'^et^ff 'lru''g^"b^us1S?il\fid'" cin[i1fu""ld S'nTif 
Evansville, Ind., Nov. 12 18o3, son Dr, William grad. medicine, 1874. Was surgeon for Ins. Pa- 
ll^ and Anne (Holland) Byfo'-d;grai Berlin trol, 1892-5; was on staff of Baptist Hosp. on 
(Germany) High School. 1868 and Williston Rhodes Av. for some years. Mem Chicago Med. 
Sem., 1870 M.D.. Chicago Med. Coll. (North- gop j]] state Med Soe AM A Merticn-T.eMl 
western Univ.). 1873: married Lucy Richard Soc. Therapeuti^ ciub^PrthibUio^lf.'*'Bap!fs'i' 
Lamed, of Chicago, Nov^ 8, 1882; chi dren: Gen- Address: 3329 Washington Boul. 
evieve, Mary, Heath Turman, William Hoi- _-__-,_ , 
land. Engaged in practice in Chicago; prof. bxhbs, see also Burns. 

gynecology, Coll. Physicians and Surgeons, Chi- BYSNES, Frank, physician and surgeon; born 

cago (Univ. of 111.), since 1892; surgeon to St. Fond du Lac, Wis., Mav 4, 1863; son Maurice 

Luke's Hosp., Chicago. Appointed 1st lieut. U. and Rose (Reilly) Byrnes; ed. common schools 

S.A. Med. Reserve Corps, 1911. Hon. pres. Inter- and commercial coll. at Fond du Lac, Wis.; M. 

nat. Congress Gynecology, 1896; F.R.C.M., Eng- D., Rush Med. Coll., Chicago, 1894; married 

land; pres. Chicago Gynecol. Soc, 1887-8; mem. Chicago, Sept. 1897, Annie M. Burns. Engaged 

Am. Gynecol. Soc, A.M.A., Western Surg, and in practice of medicine in Chicago from 1*894; 

Gynecol. Soe. Clubs: Chicago Athletic, Ken- interne St. Elizabeth's Hosp., 1895; asst. in 

wood Country, Homewood Country, Chicago Lit- anatomy, Rush Med. Coll., 1896-7; formerly at- 

erary. Physicians' (Chicago), Authors' (Lon- tending physician to St. Elizabeth's Hosp.; sur- 

don). Author: Manual of Gynecology; Diseases geon to Cook Co. Hosp.; at present surgeon to 

of Women (with late Dr. William Heath By- Columbus Hosp.; prof, of surgery, Bennett Med. 

ford). Joint Author: American Text Book of Coll., Med. Dept. Loyola Univ. Mem. Chicago 

Gynecology; Keating and Coe's Clinical Gyne- Med. Soc, A.M.A., 111. State Med. Soc. Mem. 

cology; Kelly and Noble's Operative Gynecol- Knights of Columbus, W^is. Soc. of Chicago, 

ogy; To Panama and Back, 1908. Also over a Residence: 454 Melrose St. Office: 3179 N. Clark 

hundred papers on gynecol. subjects. Resi- Street, 
dence: 1411 Hyde Park Boul. Office: Reliance 

Building. Q 

B'ZXIiBSB'Z', Henry Hanson, elec. engr. : born 
Pittsburgh Pa., Feb. 16 1859 ; son Rev. De Witt CABI.E, Benjamin Stickney, asst. sec. of com- 
Clintonand Sarah (Mathews) Byllesby; ed. Le- merce and labor; born Rock Island, 111,, Sept 
liighUniv Bethlehem, Pa.; married RosellcN. 24, 1872; son late Ransom R. and Josephine 
J., June 15, 1882, Margaret Stearns Ba dwin. (Stickney) Cable; A.B., Yale, 1895; LL.B^ Co- 
Was associated wi til 'Thomas A. Edison in the lumbia, 1898. In office of Lowden, Estabrook & 
early days of electric lighting in N.J., and has Davis, 1898-9; entered law dept. of the C.,R I.& 
been identified with many movements and ad- p.Ry., iggg; atty. for 111. same, 1904-8; general 
vanees in elec enterprises. Now pres. of H M. atty., 1908-9; asst. sec. of commerce and labor 
Byllesby & Co., engrs.; also dir. Chicago, Mil- since 1909 Independent in Dolitir^Cliihi- Phi 
waukee & Puget Sound R.R. Co., The Public Se- ckgo, UnWersit7chfcaVo(5olf Saddle ^^ 
curities Co. of Chicago, Public Utilities Co. of cle (Chicago) Universftv(NiwYor^ 
Boston; officer and dir. of Mobile (Ala.) Elec- dence- Chifaeo Address^ Denf Jfr,^m ,?,. 

fri? ^"' ^'n^'"'i^^.'"'^-\ Lr*"^,'^">?<="''^^*- anS Labor W^ashingfon "^*- ^ Commerce 

Oklahoma Gas & Electric Co., Oklahoma City, .____ ^ _^^ , 

Okla., Enid (Okla.) Electric & Gas Co., Musko- *'*"*'*'!,, '"y?**^ Shepherd, piano mfr.; born 

gee (Okla.) Gas & Electric Co., Ottumwa (la.) V.^""'}5,^"l*^',^Y-. Mar. 18, 1855; son Silas and 

Ry. & Light Co., San Diego (Cal.) Consolidated Ma'"'" (Goodrich) Cable; ed. pub. school and at 

Gas & Electric Co., Tacoma (Wash.) Gas Co., Delaware Literary Inst., Franklin, N.Y.; married 

Northern Idaho & Montana Power Co. Mem. ^J!?"^''"^' ^^- Oct. 16, 1879, Kate Elting; 

Am. Soc. C.E.. Am. Inst. Elec Engrs., Western ''I'i'''''^"- 4,""^^' Rachael Elting, Gladys, Dor- 

Soc Engrs.. Nat. Civic Federation (exec, com.), <"."y ^?,'',S- ""^ '" *he school book business 

Chicago Civic Federation (pres.). Republican. Jl"'!,,^- S- Barnes & Co., New York City, 1876- 

Clubs: Chicago. Union League, South Shore jO: then came to Chicago and represented Por- 

Country, Mid-Day, Glen View. Midlothian (Chi- i^^ ^ Coates in the same line until 1890, when 

cago), Lawyers', Railway (New York). Minne- "e connected himself with the Cable Co., and 

sota (St. Paul), Arlington (Portland, Ore.), ^'as sec of the same until 1899 and pres. until 

Residence: 4358 Drexel Boul. Summer Resi- l?.^^- Then established the Fayette S. Cable 

dence: Lake Geneva, Wis. Office: 206 S. LaSalle f'^^o Co., mfrs. of pianos, and in July 1904, the 

Street. S,VSinesswa^ ^reorganized ^s the Cable-Nelson 
B'S'BAM, Harry B., 

neul' ByramTed'^iommon schoolV; marrie"d Es- dalT' Re^creaUon-' earrten'in'i^'RlirHS?"^' Sl"^" 

tella Berquist, of Galesburg. 111., May 26, 1891. dale 111 Office- 209 S State q? Pht''lA "i"^" 

Entered service of C.B.&Q.R.R.Co. as call boy torv- South Haven Mich ' ^^^'^^^o. Fac- 

at Galesburg, at 16; was stenographer and clerk ^.JL " ^'^"' ^^'^*'- 

at Chicago until 1889; clerk in gen. mgr.s of- , ?*-^'^' Hobart M., mfr.; 1841-1909; see Vol. 

fice and chief clerk in vice-pres. 's office G.N. 190=- 

Ry., St. Paul. 1894-8: asst. gen. supt. Mont. CABI.E, Bansom B., ry. official- deceased- see 

Central Ry., Great Falls. Mont., Mar. 1898-Oct. Vol. 1905. ""'tiai, aeceasea, see 



CADMAN, James Piper, writer; born Adrian. 
Mich., Sept. 30, 1842; son John (M.D.) and 
Nancy Bishop (Keeney) Cadman; A.B., Kala- 
mazoo (Mich.) Coll., 1863, A.M., 1866; student 
Eastman's Business Coll., Poughkeepsie, N.y., 
1865-6; married Isabella Saunders Bennett, of 
Kalazamoo, Feb. 14, 1872. Served as It. and 
capt. in 11th Mich. Vol. Cav., Sept. 1863-Oct. 
1865. Editor and proprietor Mich, Christian 
Herald, Kalamazoo, Mich., 1866-68; publisher 
and compiler of maps and gazetteers in 111. and 
Mo., 1869-75; business mgr. for late Dr. William 
Ralney Harper, in Old Testament Student and 
Hebraica, at Morgan Park, 111., and New Haven, 
Conn., 1885-1900; attached to the bureau of 
water, Chicago, since 1897. Author: Christ in 
the Gospels, 1885. Regular correspondent of 
Mich. Christian Herald, 1879-1907; frequent 
contributor to The Public, Johnstown (Pa.) 
Democrat, Single Tax Review (New York), 
Equity (Phila.), The Courier (Fairhope, Ala.), 
The Standard (Chicago), and other periodicals. 
Independent in politics. Baptist. Mem. Refer- 
endum League of 111. (treas. since 1904.) Ma- 
son; mem. G.A.R. Club; Press. Recreation: 
chess (at one time chess champion of Mich.). 
Residence: 4136 Prairie Av. 

CADT, Jeremiali Xiersted, architect; born In- 
dianapolis, Ind., June 29, 1855; son Charles War- 
ner and Abigail Aikman (Kiersted) Cady; B. 
Arch., Cornell Univ., 1876; married Madison, 
Wis., Oct. 8, 1891, Paget Daniels; 2 children; 
Jessica, Kiersted Paget. Came to Chicago, Apr. 
1, 1983, to enter employ of Burnham & Root as 
draftsman, continuing until Dec. 1885; went to 
Europe and on return re-entered the employ of 
Burnham & Root, as head of drafting room. 
May 1, 1886-May 1, 1887; mem. firm of Handy 
(Frank W.) & Cady, architects, until Dec. 1, 
1909. since then alone. Episcopalian. Club; Uni- 
versity. Recreations; golf and walking. Resi- 
dence: 1217 Astor St. Office: 179 W. Washing- 
ton Street. 

CAan^I^, Edward T., lawyer; born Chicago; 
son James and Mary (McCormick) Cahill, both 
natives of Ireland; when infant, father was 
killed in railroad accident; ed. pub. schools, fol- 
lowed by self-study in Latin, French and other 
branches. Began life as cash boy and later clerk 
in retail store; studied law and admitted to bar; 
was for some years connected with Wilson, 
Montgomery & Waterman, and later withHawes, 
& Lawrence; now practicing alone with general 
civil practice, but more especially occupied with 
real estate law and chancery practice. Has de- 
voted much time to the waterways problem and 
much study to the laws applicable thereto and 
has conducted important litigation. Occasional 
contributor to newspapers, magazines, etc., on 
subjects of current interest. Mem. Chicago Phil- 
osophical Soc. (ex-sec). Western Psychical 
Soc, Art Inst, of Chicago, etc. Republican, and 
has taken active part as speaker in several 
campaigns. Residence: 116 E. Oak St. Office: 
105 N. Clark St. 

CAHN, see also Kahn. 

CAKKT, Benjamin BoTiert, stock and bond 
broker; born Chicago, Aug. 26, 1862; son Aaron 
and Ida (Lorie) Cahn; ed. Allen Acad., Chicago, 
and Cornell Univ.; married Chicago, Dec. 8, 
1891, Belle Austrian; 1 son: Alvin Robert. Since 
1887 actively and successfully engaged in pres- 
ent business. Mem. New Tork Stock Exchange, 
Chicago Stock Exchange (pres. 1905-7), Chica- 
go Board of Trade. Republican. Treas. Michael 
Reese Hosp., Chicago Lying-in Hosp. and Dis- 
pensary. Clubs: 111. Athletic, Standard (ex- 
pres.), Ravisloe Country. Residence; 4925 Lake 
Av. Summer Residence: Oconomowoc, Wis. Of- 
fice: 26 N. LaSalle St. 

*CAHN, Edgrar Bernard, mfr.; see Vol. 1905. 

CAHIT, Iiouis M.. lawyer; born Ashland, O., 
Apr. 16, 1874; son Jacob and Regina (Tillman) 
Cahn; A.B., Harvard Univ., 1895, LL.B., 1897; 
unmarried. Admitted to 111. bar, 1898; in offices 

of Newman, Northrup & Levinson 3 years: 
mem. firm of Holzheimer (Samuel B.) & Cahn, 
1900-4, of Rosenbaum (Menz I.) & Cahn since 
1905. Dir. and sec. in several corpus. Republi- 
can. Active in the promulgation of social set- 
tlement and charitable work. Mem. Chicago and 
111. State Bar Assns. Clubs: Standard, City, 
Ravisloe Country. Residence: Standard Club. 
Office: 1616 Tribune Bldg. 

CAHir, Morton David, broker; born Chicago, 
Sept. 28, 1880; son Joseph and Miriam (Schwab) 
Cahn; A.B., Yale Univ., 1901. After leaving coll. 
embarked on own account as broker in stocks, 
bonds and investment securities. Mem. Chicago 
Stock Exchange. Republican. Club; Ravisloe 
Country. Residence; 4809 Grand Boul. Office: 
26 N. LaSalle St. 

CAIK, see also Kane. 

CAIM', Zionls Perkins, clergyman; born Dan- 
ville, 111., Dec. 31, 1866; son Charles R. and Eliza 
(Smith) Cain; B.A., Wabash Coll., Crawfords- 
ville, Ind., 1890, M.A., 1900 (D.D., 1907); married 
Lillian M. Dieter, of Sedalia, Mo., Sept. 20, 1900. 
Ordained Presbyterian ministry, 1894; pastor 
Sheldon, 111., 1894-6, Sedalia, Mo., 1896-9, Edge- 
water Church, Chicago, since 1899. Moderator 
Presbytery of Chicago, 1910-11; trustee Winona 
Acad. Mem. Beta Theta Pi. Club; University. 
Recreation: golf. Residence: 5611 Winthrop Av. 

CAIKirs, Charles Andrew, ry. official; born 
Cleveland, O. ; son Peter and Ann M. Cairns; ed. 
Cleveland pub. schools. Began ry. service as 
messenger in the offices of pres. and treas. of 
the Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati & Indian- 
apolis Ry. in 1878; chief clerk Chicago, St. Paul 
& Kansas City Ry., 1889-90, asst. gen. pass, and 
ticket agt., 1890-2; in gen. pass. dept. C.&N.W. 
Ry. since Aug. 15, 1892, becoming asst. gen. 
passenger agt., Jan. 1, 1895, and gen. pass, and 
ticket agt. since Mar. 1, 1903. Club: Union 
League. Residence: 5403 Madison Av. Office: 
226 W. Jackson Boul. 

CAIiSWEI^I^, Charles P., physician; M.D., 
Chicago Med. Coll. (now med. dept. Northwest- 
ern Univ.), 1876; M.D., Rush Med. Coll. (Univ. 
of Chicago), 1877; M.D., Univ. of Dublin, Ire- 
land, 1880. Consulting physician to St. Ber- 
nard's and People's hosps. ; med. dif. Chicago 
Externes' Sanatorium. Mem. British Med. Assn., 
A.M.A., 111. State Med. Soc, Chicago Med. Soc. 
Address: 4427 Michigan Av. 

CAXDWEKI^, Frank Cong'leton, pres. H. W. 
Caldwell & Son Co., engrs. and machinists; born 
Indianapolis, June 22, 1866; son Henry Wallace 
and Hannah Ann (North) Caldwell; ed. Chicago 
pub. schools; LL.B., Union Coll. of Law (North- 
western Univ.), 1887; married, St. Louis, Jan. 4, 
1888, Grace Bevis; children: Frank Bevis, Henry- 
Wallace, Jr., Adelaide, Constance. Admitted to 
111. bar and practiced at Chicago, 1887-92; vice- 
pres. H. W. Caldwell & Son Co., 1892-1908, pres. 
since 1908; dir. Oak Park Trust & Savings Bank. 
Republican. Presbyterian. Member Oak Park 
School Board. Mem. S.A.R. Mason. Clubs: Chi- 
cago Athletic; also Engineers' (New York). 
Residence: 445 N. Kenilworth Av., Oak Park, 
111. Office: 17th St. and Western Av. 

CAI^DWEIiI^, Henry Wallace, mfr.; deceased; 
see Vol. 1905. 

CAIiDWEIiIi, John Davis, sec. C.&N.W.Ry. 
Co.: born Lynn, Mass., July 4, 1863; son John 
Lord and Sarah (Davis) Caldwell; ed. pub. 
schools, Easton, Md.; married Susan Cook, of 
Jackson, Mich., Oct. 23, 1890; 3 children: Louis 
Goldsborough, Margaret and Edward Cook. 
Telegraph operator Pa.R.R., 1880-3; operator, 
1883, sec. to supt. of motive power, 1883-5, D. & 
R.G.R.R.; identified with the C.&N.W.Ry.Co. 
since 1885, as sec. to the pres., 1885-1909, and 
sec. of the corpn. since Jan. 12, 1909; also asst. 
sec. C.,St.P.,M.&O.Ry. since Oct. 21, 1910; sec. 
and dir. since Oct. 20, 1909, of 15 and sec. of 6 
subsidiary cos. of the C.&N.W.Ry.Co. Republi- 
can. Mason; Royal League, Nat. Union. Mem. 


S.A.R. Club: Railroad (New York). Recreation: mer Residence: Williams Bay, Wis. Office: 65 

automobillng. Residence: 130 East Av., Oak W. Monroe St. 

Park, 111. Office: 226 W. Jackson Boul. CAMAHAN, CHarles H., lawyer; born Bos- 

CAI^DWEXiI^, Oliver North, mfr. ; born In- ton, Mass., Sept. 20, 1862; son Andrew and An- 

dianapolis, Ind., Feb. 2, 1869; son Henry W. and na (King) Callahan; ed. pub. schools in Chl- 

Hannah Ann (North) Caldwell; grad. West Dl- cago; LL.B., Kent Coll. of Law, 1897; married 

vision High School, Chicago, 1887; married Chi- Ann Arbor, Mich., June 1, 1887, Anna T. Don- 

cago, Oct. 14, 1896, Amelia A. Taylor; 1 son: nelly; children: Andrew J., May De Chantel, 

Wiley North. Since leaving school continuously Anna, Bernard J., James E. In various occupa- 

connected with H. W. Caldwell c& Son Co., en- tions until about 22 years of age, when became 

grs., founders and machinists, of which is now supt. of Prussing Vinegar Co.'s various plants 

vlce-pres., treas. and dir. Presbyterian. Clubs: till 1893; deputy clerk Circuit Court of Cook 

Oak Park, Chicago Athletic (Chicago), Machin- Co., 1893-7; justice of the peace and police mag- 

ery (New York). Residence: 631 Linden Av., Istrate at S. Chicago a number of years from 

Oak Park, 111. Office: 17th St. and Western Av. 1897; was senatorial committeeman 2 years; 

Le^btn^o^n'^l^J'be^c^l^ T^^^Tin'^LroifoVe ^o^b" Sr!:e?l"e'"=^"'ltS.'"SnfoX'*'NYt"%n?5r-C^SS: 

^rfrd"B\"l'le?l^d4'ell?'l.'s'."F?a'n\l1r(?nd') ^^^Ts' VlSl^^l^t ""' ^^"^'--"^ ^^ ^f- 

Coll., 1894; Ph.D., Univ. of Chicago, 1898; mar- ^. Vl,.""'^,:: ' ^ , , 

rie Cora Burke, of Portland, Ind., Aug. 25, 1897. CAiiAWAY, Willlaan 1^., physician; born 

Prof, botany. Eastern 111. State Normal School, 1^""^"- Mo., Dec. 11, 1869; son William L. and 

1899-1907; asso. prof, botany, Univ. of Chicago, g^rah J. (Callaway; prep. edn. State Normal 

since 1907; prof, botany, Univ. of Ind. Summer School, Kirksville, Mo.; M.D., Barnes Med. Coll , 

School of Biology, 1904. Fellow A.A.A.S. Au- St. Louis, 189 1 ; married Martha Terry, of Ful- 

thor: Laboratory and Field Manual of Botany, ton. Mo., June 10, 1900; 1 child. Engaged in 

1901; Plant Morphology, 1903. Contributor to practice at Chicago since 1898; prof. clln. med- 

science journals. Address: Univ. of Chicago. i<=jne. 111. Post-Grad. Med. School, since 1908; 

^_. , ,_ adjunct prof, anatomy, Chicago Dental Coll., 

*CAIiKOX7IT, Oeorg-e; see Vol. 1905. since 1904; attending physician West Side Hosp. 

*CAIiHOXril', James Lawrence, express agt.; Mem. A.M.A., 111. State Med. Soc, Chicago Med. 

see Vol 190.1 Soc. Recreations: motoring and Ashing. Resl- 

^.^J^^^J .. , , .,. , dence: 2961 Warren Av. Office: Suite 1400, 32 

CAXHOUN, WlUiam Jamea, lawyer, diplo- i>^. state St. 

mat; born Pittsburg, Pa., Oct. 5, 1848; son Rob- 

CAl^LEMDEB, Joseph Eliot, Ins.; born Peo- 

ert and Sarah (Knox) Calhoun; academic edn., ,}"^r^Z"r ^a ?B?t =^^ ViV,?;' orTA iii=vJ 
Union Sem., Poland, O.; married Dec. 26, 1875 y'#; ",^'n<?,y,-,,3 J^^^, v,^=^hV=*ptSriP t^T'^ 
Aii^e n wirmnn nf DanvUle Til. fdierl Ane- (Frye) Callender:_ed. pub. schools, PeoHa, 111.; 

Alice D. Harmon, of Danville, 111. (died Aug. ^f/Z^Tefl Peor r Til 1 888 Plore^^^^^ 
17, 1898); children: Marian Calhoun Stanwood, ?^"'fxi?|,Sn^' iCri' ^l;,,rJt at t?S: 
rorinnp rirav: Tnarrtert !>d Deo IK 1 SO": Hewitt. Mfg. chemlst at_Peor 

Corinne Calhoun Gray; married 2d, Dec. 15, 

. Hewitt; 
Peoria, 111., 3 

1905, Lucy Monroe, of Chicago. Admitted t6 l^^l^i *^Shi^ i1i*m?^^= JS ?n rh?.^ Jn^ln? ^ 

bar, Jan. 1875; practiced at Danville until Mar. ^S"^- ,^'^}li ^)E^ = H?,=^t ^1 f 1 ^nf fh^ 

8, 1898; was mem. of Interstate Commerce |?^A '5/'i?,i"f ,?",li"TJ f^ loni^^^ 

Commn.: Mar. 8, 1898, to Oct. 1, 1908; removed Ma'^donell Baker (^allender Co Ifl-^. |i^^| 

to Chicago and became a member of the law S^"' J^^^S'^t i^l,,^^ l?Jlr BiSf,Mi,,= Blr;Hot 

firm of pim, Calhoun & Glennon, and later. Cal- Sr/P"-T?5v.V ?^i?An^PvS nXr nf th^'^TT <?' 

houn, Lyford & Sheean; western counsel for Mem. Loyal Legion, Naval Order of the U.S. 

B.&O.R.R.CO. Appointed by Pres. McKinley ^t^t^^Vi^ OfSP^'Tq^w SPnnrS> 4? 

special commr. to tluba, 1897; appointed special mette. 111. Office. 79 W. Monroe St. 

commr. to Venezuela by Pres. Roosevelt, 1906; *CAM, Charles E., mfg. chemist; see Vol. 

E.E. and M.P. to China, since Dec. 1909, by ap- 1905. 

pointment of Pres. Taft. Clubs; Chicago, Union cat.vt'-b.'p I'liom&B Elwood chief ener C B 

L"^f>"/r?i^r'S;^fe"^HS"T?'^^,',l^^ g^JS^f ^ l"}^' &Q " " " r A nea??hifadel?hla^ Sept^fo? 1849 i 

^'^^f'^m^iSY^}?Aj^]^P^E^^^}''^S;.^f'^'^l'^,,,^tT- son Isaac and Phoebe (Rhodes) Calvert; Ph.B.. 

9aI T^w If rhiL^^ ArtS^lL.-^I^^H.T^ Yale Univ., 1870; widower. Began ry. service 

fiLnn^ P^t^nl, Af^f- ^<'1'^<'= American j engring. dept. of C.,B.&Q.R.R., 1871, and was 

Legation, Peking, China. supt. linls west of the Mo. River, 1875-1905, 

CAI^KHTS, Iiacins Allen, grain commn.; born and chief engr. of the entire system since 1905. 

Chicago, Aug. 14, 1860; son of Allen C. and Republican. Residence: Hotel Metropole. Of- 

Sophia J. (Larrabee) Calkins; ed. high school. Ace: 226 W. Adams St. 

Chicago, to 1876; married Chicago, 1898, Hen- CAHEBOST, Anson, physician; born Millers- 
rietta Harland; 2 daughters: Henrietta Mary burg, C, Mar. 19, 1874; son Robert Matthews 
and Elinor Harlowe. On leaving school entered and Rachel (Mayers) Cameron; grad. Millers- 
employ of D. W. Irwm & Co., gram commn.; burg (O.) High School, 1892; A.M., Bethany 
afterward was with various Arms until 1899, Coll., W.Va., 1895; M.D., Hahnemann Med. Coll., 
when established business for self; mem. Arm Philadelphia, 1900. Resident physician Hahne- 
of Wrenn Calkins & Egan, stock and grain bro- mann Hosp., Philadelphia, 1900-1; since 1901 In 
kers, until 1909; since then mem. of L. A. Cal- practice of medicine in Chicago: adjunct prof, 
kins & Co. Mem. Chicago Board of Trade, pediatrics and clinical asst. In pediatrics, Hahne- 
Clubs: Edgewater Golf, Edgewater Country, mann Coll. and Hosp., Chicago; ex-attending 
Skokie. Recreation: golf. Residence: 5601 Win- physician Chicago Nursery and Half-Orphan 
throp Av., Edgewater, 111. Office: Board of Asylum; attending physician to Cook Co. Hosp. 
Trade. Mem. Christian Church. Club: University. Res- 

CAMAQHAN, James Edward, law publisher; '?*'"<== ^- ^^^^^- <='"- Chestnut St. Office: Re- 
born Boston, Oct. 26, 1857; son Bernard and nance Bldg. 

Mary (King) Callaghan; graduated Georgetown CAMEHOIT, Dan Uhl, dentist; born Millers- 

Univ., 1880; married Ann Arbor, Mich., 1886, burg, O., Aug. 14, 1876; son Robert Matthews 

Mary Donnelly; children: Bernard, Edward, and Rachel (Mayers) Cameron; prep. edn. pub. 

James (all now deceased), Mary S., Emma Mar- schools of Millersburg and Dayton, O.; D.D.S., 

garet. On graduation from coll., 1880, entered Phlla. Dental Coll., 1899; student Benning School 

the law publishing house of Callaghan & Co., of Anatomy, Phila., 1894-8; married Anna Bar- 

of which his father was the founder, in 1864, ton Doverspike, of Kittanning, Pa., Aug. 3, 1908; 

and since 1881 has been a partner in the Arm children: John Wheaton, Gordon. Came to Chi- 

and now pres. of the corpn. Clubs: Chicago cago in 1899, and has since been engaged In 

Yacht, Chicago Athletic, Caxton, Lake Geneva active practice. Mem. 111. State Dental Soc, 

Country. Residence: 5502 East End Av. Sum- Chicago Odontographic Soc, Garretsonian Soc, 



Psi Omega fraternity. Mason, St. Bernard Com- 
mandery, Medinah Temple Mystic Shrine. Clubs: 
111. Athletic. Marquette, Chicago Yacht. Resi- 
dence: 185 E. Chestnut St. Office: 851 N. State 

CAMXBOir, Daniel Boss, stationer, printer, 
and blank book mfr. ; born Summerstown, Ont., 
Aug. 19, 1836; son Daniel and Isabella (Ross) 
Cameron; ed. common school, Summerstown, and 
high school, Williamstown, Ont. Went to Ft. 
Covington, N.Y. ; clerked for Manning & Tut- 
hill, general merchants, for 5 years; then formed 
partnership with Mr. Ware, under the name of 
Ware & Cameron, general merchants; sold out 
and came to Chicago, 1863. In employ of Cul- 
ver. Page & Hoyne. stationers and printers, 
1865-70; then, with W. A. Amberg, he formed 
the present firm of Cameron, Amberg & Co. 
Was for 6 years mem. Cook Co. Board of Edn., 
and since 1889 mem. of Chicago Board of Edn.. 
of which has been twice pres., and has been 
chmn. of nearly all coms. (is oldest mem. on 
board in years of service.) Democrat. Mason 
(K.T., Shriner). Episcopalian; senior warden 
St. Andrew's Church; mem. St. Andrew's Soc. 
(ex-pres. and mem. for 40 years.) Club: Chi- 
cago Athletic (one of its first members). Win- 
ter Residence: Altadena, Cal. Office: 17 W. Lake 

CABCEBON, Dwierlit Foster, lawyer; born 
Stockbridge, Madison Co., N.Y., July 28, 1834; 
son John and I.sabella (McGregor) Cameron 
(both natives of Perthshire, Scotland); ed. dist. 
schools and Peterborough Acad.. N.Y. ; removed 
to Ottawa, 111., in 1854, his parents following 
him in 1855; studied law at Ottawa with the 
law firm of Glover & Cook; admitted to 111. bar, 
1856; married June 28, 1856, Fannie E., daugh- 
ter of George H. Norris, of Ottawa, 111. (she 
died 1904); children: Georee H. (maj. 4th U.S. 
Cav.), Mary Gertrude (wife of Williston Fish), 
Dwight P., Jr.; married 2d, Aug. 12, 1907, Eliz- 
abeth P., daughter of late Ex-Mayor Colvin, of 
Chicago. Practiced law at Ottawa, 111., 1856-70; 
was one of the builders of the Fox River Val- 
ley R.R., running from Streator to Geneva, 111.; 
has resided and been engaged in steam rail- 
road, street ry. and real estate business in Chi- 
cago since 1870; former pres. South Chicago 
City St. Ry. Co., Hammond. Whiting & East 
Chicae-o Electric Ry. Co. Mem. St. Andrew's 
Soc. Republican. Office: First Nat. Bank Bldg. 
Residence: 5014 Madison Av. 

CAMEBOIT, Edirar Spier, painter; born Ot- 
tawa, 111., May 26, 1862; son John Rush and 
Emily (Spier) Cameron; ed. pub. schools, Chi- 
cago Acad. Design, Art Students' League, New 
York, AcadSmie Julien and ficole des Beaux 
Arts, Paris; married Marie Gelon, of Chicago, 
1890. Art critic, Chicago Tribune. 1891-1900; 
exhibitor Paris Salon; lion, mention, Yerkes 
Prize Competition, 1892; worked on decoration 
for Chicago Exposition, 1893; mem. Internat. 
Jury. Paris Exposition, 1900; silver medal, Par- 
Is, 1900. Most important work is "Youth of 
Christ"; works include figure, landscape and 
decorative paintings: examples are owned by 
Chicago Hist. Soc, Union League, Arche and 
Woman's Aid clubs, Chicago; mural decorations 
in Supreme Court Library, Springfield. 111.; Mu- 
nicipal Art League Prize. 1909. One of founders 
Municipal Art League, Chicago; mem. Soc. Am- 
ateur Photographers; hon. mem. Palette and 
Chisel Club, Chicago; asso. Chicago Architec- 
tural Club; mem. Chicago Soc. of Artists. Club: 
Cliff Dwellers. Address: 15 Studio Bldg. 

CAMEBOir, John Billyard, bonds; born Kirk- 
field. Ont.. Can., Feb. 8, 1857; son Ewen and 
Harriet (Taylor) Cameron; ed. pub. schools, 
Ont., supplemented by private tutelage; mar- 
ried Delavan, Wis., 1884, May Phoenix; 1 daugh- 
ter: Mary Eden. Began as a messenger in Me- 
chanics Bank, Montreal. Can., 1877-80; then at 
London, Ont., with the Federal Bank; came to 
Chicago, 1881, and was with the Merchants Nat. 

Bank 11 years, becoming paying teller; thence 
went, in 1891, to Nat. Bank of the Republic as 
asst. cashier, and was made cashier in 1898. re- 
maining until 1903; vice-pres. Hamilton Nat. 
Bank, 1903-Feb. 1909; organized Cameron & Co., 
bonds and investments, of which is pres. Re- 
publican. Mason. Mem. Am. Alpine Club. Ma- 
zama Mountain Club. Clubs: Bankers', Home- 
wood Country. Recreations: golf, music. Resi- 
dence: 5135 Hibbard Av. Office: First Nat. Bank 

CAMEBOIT, Jolin UcBae, lawyer; born Ot- 
tawa. Can., Sept. 18, 1867; son Neil and Mary 
(McRae) Cameron; educated grammar and high 
schools. Chicago; married Chicago. Jan. 1, 1895, 
Anna M. Iverson; children: Alan C, Juliette A. 
(deceased), Anita C. Admitted to HI. bar, 1889; 
associated, 1889, with law firm of Campbell & 
Custer, and, 1896, with Custer, Goddard & Grif- 
fin until formation of firm of Custer, Griffin & 
Cameron, in 1903; since May 1, 1908, the firm 
name has been Custer & Cameron. Mem. 111. 
State Bar Assn.. Chicago Bar Assn. Republi- 
can. Episcopalian. Resident of Chicago, 1869- 
96, since that time of Riverside. 111.; trustee 
Village of Riverside. 1901-5, and pres. of the 
village, 1905-9. Residence: Addison Rd., River- 
side, 111. Offlce: The Rookery. 

CA3CBBOH', Ossian, lawyer; born Montreal, 
Can., Mar. 22, 1868; son Colin and Annie (Mun- 
ro) Cameron; ed. St. Louis pub. schools, 1876- 
84; LL.B., Chicago Coll. of Law (Lake Forest 
T'niv.), 1893; married Rosamond M. Gilbertz, of 
Chicago, Aug. 31, 1910. Admitted to 111. bar, 
June 1893. Mem. Chicago Bar Assn. Republi- 
can. Mason, K.T.. Shriner. Club: Ridgeway. 
Author: Illinois Criminal Law and Practice. 
1898; City and Village Laws, 1904; Revised and 
Enlarged Jones' and Binmore's General Legal 
Forms and Precedents. 1902. Residence: 5444 
Prairie Av. Office: 1109 Stock Exchange Bldg. 

CAMEBOir, Peter Ferguson, ins. ; born Glas- 
gow, Scotland, Feb. 7, 1859; son John and 
Mary (Ferguson) Cameron; ed. Hvde Park High 
School; married Cincinnati, Apr. 11, 1889. Mary 
A. Wynne; children: Mary A., Florence W. Be- 
gan in Chicago branch office of the Northwest- 
ern Nat. Fire Ins. Co. of Milwaukee, 1876-88; 
with Fred S. James & Co., 1888-92; established 
firm of P. F. Cameron & Co., 1892, agents for 
Niagara Fire Ins. Co. of New York. Democrat. 
Presbyterian. Mem. St. Andrew's Soc. Royal 
Arcanum, Nat. Union. Club: Homewood. Rec- 
reations: flower gardenine- and other outdoor 
diversions. Residence: 5748 Washington Av. 
Office: 29 S. LaSalle St. 

CAMEBOH, WilUam. Allan, mfr.; born De- 
troit, Mich., Aug. 9, 1876; son Alexander and 
Sarah Kathleen (Saunders) Cameron; ed. pub. 
school, and St. Paul's School, Detroit. On leav- 
ing school, in 1894, became connected with the 
Kelloge-Mackay-Cameron Co., mfrs. of boilers 
and radiators, of which was treas. and dir. many 
years; now pres. Cameron-Schroth-Cameron Co.; 
dir. Federal Boiler & Supply Co., Uniontown 
Acme Radiator Co. Republican. Clubs: Chicago 
Athletic, Chicago Yacht, Exmoor, Fox Lake 
Yacht, Midlothian. Residence: 421 Barry Av, 
Office: Cor. Rush and Michigan Sts. 

CAMP, 'Walter IHason, editor; born Camp- 
town, Pa.. Apr. 21, 1867; son Treat B. (capt. Co. 
F. 52d Pa. Vols.. Civil War) and Hannah A. 
(Brown) Camp; C.E., Pa. State Coll.. 1891; mar- 
ried Blue Island. 111., May 2, 1898, Emeline 
Sayles. After leaving coll. was surveyor and 
draftsman with Southern Pacific Co. in Cal.; 
chief engr. and supt. Ranier Av. Electric Ry., 
Seattle. Wash.; work train foreman and section 
foreman. Seattle, Lake Shore & Eastern R.R. ; 
post-graduate student in electricity and steam, 
Univ. of Wis., 1895-6; with Englewood & Chi- 
cago Electric (storage battery) Ry.. as inspect- 
or of materials in 1896 and as supt. of con- 
struction, 1897; since 1897 chief editor of Rail- 
way and Engineering Review. Author and pub- 



lislier of Notes on Track. Mem. Am. Soc. of 
Civil Engrs., Am. Ry. Engring. and Maintenance 
of Way Assn., Soc. for Promotion of Engring. 
Edn., Am. Soc. for Testing Materials, Roadmas- 
ters' and Maintenance of Way Assn., Ry. Sig- 
nal Assn. Recreations: astronomy and visiting 
Indian reservations. Residence: 7740 Union Av. 
Office: Manhattan Bldg. 

CAMPBSIiI^, Alexander Fererns, agent for 
Chicago Underwriters' Assn.; born Westmore- 
land Co., Pa., May 20. 1S52; son Mungo D. and 
Mary Ann (Mabon) Campbell; ed. pub. scliools 
of Monmouth, III.; married Oquawka, 111., Mar. 
25, 1S85, Carrie S. Graham. Learned the mould- 
ers' trade in a foundry at Monmouth, 111., be- 
ginning at the age of 13 and remaining 2 years; 
then was for 5 years clerk in the postofflce at 
Monmouth, 111., and after that in ry. mail serv- 
ice on the C.,B.&Q.R.R. for 13 years; came to 
Chicago in 1888, and was in charge of the cir- 
culating dept. of the Chicago Times until 1893, 
when entered police dept. of Chicago and served 
as sec. and capt. until 1899: inspector of police 
in charge of North Side, 1899-1904; since Feb. 
1, 1904, agent for Chicago Underwriters' Assn. 
Republican. Mem. St. Andrew's Soc. Club: Illi- 
nois. Recreations: baseball and other athletic 
sports. Residence: 3504 Jackson Boul. Offlce: 
29 S. LaSalle St. 

CAUPBEIiIi, Archibald Mattbew, bldg. con- 
tractor; born Chicago, Feb. 4, 1868; son Mur- 
doch and Jeanette Barr (Caldwell) Campbell; 
ed. pub. schools; married Chicago, Feb. 14, 1894, 
Fannie Mary Holmes; children: Frances Ade- 
laide, Jeannette, Holmes. Was cash boy for C. 
W. & E. Partridge, dry goods, 1878-80; ofBce 
boy, asst. bookkeeper, bookkeeper and cashier, 
A. S. Gage & Co., wholesale millinery, 1880-5; 
private sec. to Albert S. Gage, 1885-6. Carpenter 
apprentice, Nov. 1886-May 1888, with Campbell 
Bros. Mfg. Co. (father's CO.); from May 1888- 
May 1898, junior partner of Murdoch Campbell 
Co., which built 30 bldgs. on Chicago World's 
Fair grounds; also built at New Orleans, La., 
the Hennen Bldg., Liverpool and London and 
Globe Ins. Bldg., Tulane Coll. Bldg. and the New 
Orleans Telephone & Telegraph Co. Bldg. In 
May 1898, alone in business as Arch. M. Camp- 
bell Co., now a corpn., of which is pres., and has 
built a total of t3, 000,000 in buildings for Mar- 
shall Field & Co., Bradner Smith & Co., Jacob 
Birk, Jacob L. Kesner, Otto Young, Washing- 
ton Porter, Hanley, Casey Co., Goss Printing 
Press Co., B.&O.R.R.Co., Pa.R.R.Co., Lalance & 
Grosjean, etc. Republican. Mason (K.T., Shrln- 
er) ; mem. Royal Arcanum. Clubs: (Chicago Ath- 
letic, Illinois, Columbia Yacht, Chicago Auto- 
mobile. Residence: 500 S. Ashland Boul. Offlce: 
The Rookery. 

CAMFBEIiK, Daniel Alexander, postmaster; 
born Elgin, 111., June 23, 1863; ed. high schools, 
Winnebago Co., 111., and in law at Union Coll. 
of Law, Chicago. Admitted to bar. Mar. 5, 1886. 
Mem. 38th General Assembly of 111.; postmas- 
ter of Chicago since 1907. Mem. Chicago Bar 
Assn. Republican. Residence: 1209 Washington 
Boul. Offlce: 358 Federal Bldg. 

CAMPBEIii;, David C, real estate and invest- 
ments: born Wheeling, W.Va., 1834; ed. pub. 
schools of W.Va.; married Iowa, 1862, Mary A. 
Shonts; children: John A., Charles P., David S. 
Was in banking in Centerville, la., 1871-93, when 
removed to Chicago; now pres. Campbell In- 
vestment Co. and senior mem. of D. C. & C. P. 
Campbell, real estate. Residence: 9204 S. Robey 
St. Offlce: 160 W. Jackson Boul. 

CAMFBI.I., Donald A., broker; see Vol. 1905. 

CAMFBEI,!,, Donald Francis, college prof.; 
born East River, St. Mary's, N. S., Can., Apr. 26, 
1867; son George and Ellen Esther (Gunn) 
Campbell; B.A., Dalhousie Coll., Halifax, N.S., 
1890; B.A., Harvard Univ.. 1894, M.A., 1895. Ph. 
D., 1898; married Lou Rena Bates, of Danielson, 
Conn., Mar. 28, 1906. Instr. mathematics. Har- 

vard Univ., 1897-1900; prof, and head dept. 
mathematics. Armour Inst. Technology, Chica- 
go, since 1900. Lecturer on ins.. Northwestern 
Univ. School of Commerce. Author: The Ele- 
ments of the Differential and Integral Calculus, 
1904: A Short Course in Differential Equations, 
1907; A Short Course in Life Insurance, 1909. 
Republican. Presbyterian. Mem. Am. Mathe- 
matical Soc; fellow Am. Inst, of Actuaries. 
Clubs: University, Faculty. Residence: 1134 Oak 
Av., Evanston, 111. Offlce: Armour Institute. 

CAMPBEi;!^, Hilary Erskiue, lawyer; born 
Havana, 111., Oct. 3, 1876; son Washington Hil- 
ary and Elisabeth (Conwell) Campbell; ed. Ra- 
cine Coll. Grammar School, Univ. School, of 
Wis., Univ. of Chicago, Leland Stanford Univ., 
Northwestern Univ. Law School; married Lor- 
raine, daughter of Howard J. Decker, of Chi- 
cago, June 25, 1901. Admitted to 111. bar, Oct. 
1902; associated first in practice with firm of 
Parker & Pain; later in offlce of Charles E. 
Pain; now mem. firm of Pain, Campbell & Kas- 
per. Mem. Chicago Bar Assn., Chicago Law 
Inst., 111. State Bar Assn., Sigma Alpha Epsilon. 
Republican. Episcopalian. Clubs: Chicago Ath- 
letic, Edgewater Golf, Edgewater Country. 
Residence: 1066 Berwyn Av. Offlce: Room 1301, 
38 S. Dearborn St. 

CAMFBE:b, James Tweedle, physician; born 
Whitby, Ont., Can., Nov. 9, 1865; son James and 
Rebecca (Tweedie) Campbell; ed. pub. and high 
schools, Whitby, Can.; M.B., Univ. of Toronto, 
Med. Faculty, 1889; M.D., Bellevue Hosp. Med. 
Coll., New York, 1889; Royal Coll. of Surgeons 
of England as M.R.C.S., 1890. Since 1890 con- 
tinuously engaged in practice of medicine and 
surgery in Chicago, now specializing In diseases 
of the ear, nose and throat. Formerly instr. 
anatomy. Northwestern Univ. Med. School; now 
laryngologist to St. Luke's Hosp., and prof, 
laryngology, rhinology and otology, Post-Grad. 
Med. School. Mem. Coll. of Physicians and Sur- 
geons of Ontario, Chicago Med. Soc, Chicago 
Laryngological Soc. Clubs: University, South 
Shore Country. Residence: 449 Bowen Av. Or- 
fice: 15 E. Washington St. 

CAMFBEIiIi, Jolrn Oailey, physician; born 
Fonda, N.Y., Dec 6, 1869; son John D. and Mary 
(McLaury) Campbell; A.B., Hamilton Coll., 
1893, A.M., 1896; M.D., Northwestern Univ. Med. 
School, 1896; married Nolle M. Hawksworth, of 
Chicago, June 25, 1900; 2 daughters: Margaret 
and Mary Louise. Interne St. Luke's Hosp., 
1896-8; since then engaged in the practice of 
internal medicine and obstetrics; clinical instr. 
in medicine, Northwestern Univ. Med. School; 
medical referee Mutual Life Ins. Co. of New 
York, and examiner for Hartford Life Ins. Co. 
Mem. A.M.A., 111. State Med. Soc, Chicago Med. 
Soc, Physicians' Club, Theta Delta Chi, Phi 
Beta Kappa, Nu Sigma Nu. Republican. Pres- 
byterian. Residence: 7143 Princeton Av. Offlce: 
6914 Wentworth Av. 

CAMFBEIiIi, John Oladstone, lawyer; born 
Whitby, Ont., Jan. 28, 1869; son James and Re- 
becca (Tweedie) Campbell; grad. Toronto Univ., 
1890; took course in law at Osgood Hall, To- 
ronto, 1890-1; came to Chicago, 1891. Admitted 
to bar, 1892; associated with the firm of Aid- 
rich, Payne & Defrees, and when that firm was 
succeeded by the firm of Defrees, Brace & Rit- 
ter, became a partner in the latter; now mem. 
of firm of Defrees, Buckingham, Ritter& Camp- 
bell. Presbyterian. Clubs: Union League, Legal, 
Law, Homewood Golf, South Shore Country. 
Residence: 3545 Ellis Av. Offlce: Farwell Trust 
Co. Bldg. 

CAMFBE&I^, Ralph Bankin, physician; born 
Johnstown, Pa., July 6, 1867; son Gen. Jacob M. 
and Mary R. Campbell; ed. Johnstown pub. 
schools, Eldersridge Acad., Pa., The Hill School, 
Pottstown, Pa., Eastman's Business Coll., 
Poughkeepsle, N.Y. ; M.D., Jefferson Med. Coll., 
Phila., Apr. 2, 1890; post-grad, studies in Hei- 



delberg:, Germany; married Chicago. Feb. 10, 
1892, Ida Belle M. Macarthur; children: Robert 
Macarthur, Katharine Rankin. Was mechanical 
and civil engrr. previous to taking up study of 
medicine and surgery; engaged in practice since 
1890. Prof, of skin, venereal and genito-urinary 
diseases, Chicago Policlinic; asso. dermatolo- 
gist on staff of Cook Co. Hosp. ; dermatologist 
to Passavant Memorial and Policlinic hosps. 
Has written numerous monographs on subjects 
pertaining to skin and genito-urinary diseases. 
Pres. Chicago Urological See; sec. for Section 
of Cutaneous Medicine and Surgery, A.M.A. 
Mem. 111. State Med. Soc, Chicago Urological 
Soc, Chicago Dermatological Soc. Republican. 
Club: Chicago Athletic. Office: 32 N. State St. 

CAMFBEI^Ii, Richard Cobden, gen. freight 
agt.; born Davenport, la., Sept. 2, 1866; son 
James Daniels and Ada Kate (Campbell) Camp- 
bell; A.B., Williams Coll., Wiliiamstown, Mass., 
1890; married Maude Goodwin, of Marshall- 
town, la.. May 1, 1905. Traveling agt. and 
insp., Philadelphia & Reading Coal & Iron 
Co., 1891-4; chief clerk to lines sales agent, 
1894-6, chief clerk to gen. mgr. and to 2d vice- 
pres. Phila. & Reading Ry. Co., 1896-9; gen. 
western freight agt. Phila. & Reading Ry. Co. 
since Aug. 1899, to Central R.R.Co. of N.J. since 
Mar. 1, 1910. Independent Republican. Episco- 
palian. Mem. Sigma Phi. Mem. Loyal Legion. 
Mem. Board of Trade. Club: Traffic. Was capt. 
Williams Coll. Football Club, 1889, Williams 
Coll. Baseball Club, 1890; holder of world's 
amateur record throwing baseball since Oct. 
1888. Residence: 4254 Vincennes Av. Office: 500 
Old Colony Bldg. 

CAMPBEIiZi, Bobert Willis, lawyer; born 
Frankfort, Clinton Co., Ind., July 30, 1874; son 
Joseph C. and Lena (Nicoll) Campbell; removed 
in childhood to Cal., where father is mem. of 
San Francisco bar; ed. pub. schools of Stockton 
and San Francisco, San Francisco Boys' High 
School (now Lowell High School); B.A., Leland 
Stanford Jr. Univ., 1896; Hastings Coll. of 
Law, San Francisco, 1897-8; married Wheaton, 
111., Sept. 10, 1901, Bertha, daughter of Hon. 
Elbert H. and Julia B. (Graves) Gary; 1 daugh- 
ter: Julia Elizabeth. Read law and was clerk in 
the office of Reddy, Campbell & Metson, San 
Francisco, until Apr. 1899, when was admitted 
to Cal. bar and became managing clerk for the 
firm until 1900, when, on the death of Mr. 
Reddy, was admitted to firm under style of 
Campbell, Metson & Campbell; in May, 1904, 
came to Chicago, and, resigning from the San 
Francisco firm. Joined Kemper K. Knapp and 
William Duff Haynie in forming firm of Knapp, 
Haynie & Campbell, which, on withdrawal of 
Mr. Haynie on Jan. 1, 1909, became Knapp & 
Campbell; in gen. practice of law and gen. coun- 
sel for HI. Steel Co., and other corpns. Repub- 
lican. Methodist; K.T., Mason, mem. Mystic 
Shrine. Clubs: Union League, University, Chi- 
cago Automobile, Law, Chicago Golf, Wheaton 
Golf. Residence: 416 Ellis Av., Wheaton, 111. 
Office: Commercial Nat. Bank Bldg. 

CAMFBElil^, 'William Iiorn, vice-pres. Eco- 
nomical Drug Co.; born Toronto, Ont., Can., Dec. 
23, 1871; son John and Caroline Matilda Camp- 
bell; ed. pub. schools, Toronto, and attended 
Wellesley High School, 1885; grad. Ontario Coll. 
of Pharmacy, 1890; married Chicago, 1891, 
Laura Augusta George. Began experience as 
druggist In Toronto, 1885, and continued there 
until after graduation In pharmacy, when came 
to Chicago and In 1892 joined in the organiza- 
tion of the Economical Drug Co., operating a 
retail cut-price drug store, of which he is now 
vice-pres. Independent in politics. Presbyter- 
ian. Mason, K.P., Shrlner; Knights of Khor- 
assan. Clubs: 111. Athletic, Woodlawn Temple. 
Recreation: athletic sports. Residence: 5310 
Washington Av. Office: 131 X. State St. 

CAMPBEI^Ii, William Patterson, business 
man; born Bath, X.Y., Nov, 30, 1846; son 

Charles W. and Harriet (Hoyt) Campbell; ed. 
pub. school, Bath, N.Y., and Acad, of Canan- 
daigua, N.Y. ; married Chicago, Feb. 13, 1871, 
Alice Ten Eyck. Was clerk In Pay Dept., U.S. 
A., during last 2 years of Civil War; clerk in 
wholesale drug house of Smith, Cutler & Co., 
Chicago, 1866-8; entered govt, service as ry. 
postal clerk, Feb. 1868, promoted through grades 
and became asst. gen. supt. in Washington, 
1890; resigned, Feb. 28, 1893, and became con- 
nected with Am. Surety Co., in Chicago; con- 
nected with that and other surety cos. until 
July 1901; since Jan. 1, 1902, ragr. Chicago Safe 
Deposit Co. Republican. Mason. Residence: 
5704 Madison Av. Office: 125 W. Monroe St. 

CAUFION, John, ex-fire marshal; born Co. 
Kilkenny, Ireland, 1849; son Michael and Julia 
(Hughes) Campion; came to Chicago in early 
childhood; ed. parochial, grammar and high 
schools; married Chicago, Jan. 10, 1872, Mar- 
garet Mulroy; children: Frank J., Ida, John W., 
Corinne M. Was appointed on Chicago Fire 
Dept, Apr. 1, 1870, as pipeman on steam engine 
LittleGiant; promoted asst. foreman, 1871, capt., 
Nov. 11, 1873; appointed asst. marshal and chief 
of battalion, Apr. 8, 1882; 3rd asst. fire marshal, 
July 1, 1893; 2d asst. fire marshal, Apr. 30, 
1895; 1st asst. fire marshal, July 1, 1901; ap- 
pointed fire marshal and chief of brigade, Oct. 
17, 1904, by Carter H. Harrison, mayor; now ins. 
agt. Catholic. Mem. Royal Arcanum. Resi- 
dence: 3461 Jackson Boui. Office: 29 S. La- 
Salle St. 

CAHATAIir, Austin A., lawyer; born Philadel- 
phia, Nov. 5, 1852; son Anthony and Ann 
(Hughes) Canavan; removed with parents to 
Illinois, 1857; grad. St. Viator's Coll., Kankakee 
Co., 111., 1874; LL.B., Yale Law School, 1876; 
married Chicago Dec. 1881, Emma Valliquette. 
Admitted to bar of Conn., 1876, and to bar of 
111. same year. Catholic. Residence: 4512 Indi- 
ana Av. Office: 25 N. Dearborn St. 

CAXTBT, Caleb Earlan, broker; senior mem. 
firm C. H. Canby & Co. Mem. Chicago Board of 
Trade, Chicago Stock Exchange. Residence: 
4821 Ellis Av. Office: Board of Trade. 

CANSIJSH, William James, lawyer; born 
Forest City, Neb., Aug. 4, 1870; son James and 
Mary A. (Clair) Candlish; ed. Rawlins (Wyo.) 
High School, 1887; Adrian (Mich.) Coll., 1887- 
91; Chicago Coll. of Law, 1892; Kent Coll. of 
Law, 1893; married Chicago. Feb. 22, 1894, L. 
May Poucher, of Adrian, Mich.; 1 daughter: 
Hazel L. Admitted to bar. Mar. 1893; was clerk 
for Osborne Bros. & Burgett, lawyers, 3 years; 
engaged In practice on own account, Jan. 1, 
1896; associated with Hon. (3eorge Edmund Foss 
in law practice, 1895-8; mem. firm of Candlish, 
Fletcher & Hamblen until dissolved. Vice-pres. 
Capron Creamery Co., Parnara Dental Labora- 
tory Co., E. B. Fairfield & Co.; sec. Pasture 
Stock Food Co. Prof. med. jurisprudence, 111. 
Med. Coll., 1897-1903. Author of Candlish on 
Voluntary Assignments, a treatise on the 111. 
law of failures. Republican. Residence: 846 
Barry Av. Office: Royal Ins. Bldg. 

CAITNOIT, John Cornelias, gen. mgr. Cregier 
Signal Co.; born Chicago, Sept. 11, 1863; son 
Cornelius and Ellen (Dooner) Cannon; educated 
Franklin and Jones schools. Chicago, graduat- 
ing at 14; married Chicago, Nov. 19, 1890, Anna 
Redell; children: Irene, Clara. Upon leaving 
school, 1877, entered employ of 'Western Elec- 
tric Co.; promoted at different periods until, at 
time of leaving that company. May IS. 1903, 
was in city trade; with Western Electric Co., 
altogether, 26 years; mgr. of the Consolidated 
Fire Alarm Co., 1903-6; gen. mgr. Cregier Sig- 
nal Co. since 1906. Chmn. Board of Election 
Commrs., July 9. 1906-May 1909; chief clerk 
Board Election Commrs., May 1, 1909-Dec. 6, 
1910; represented 26th Ward in Chicago City 
Council, Apr. 1897-Apr. 1899; candidate for nom- 
ination for city clerk, 1911. Republican. Mem. 
Irish Fellowship Club. Recreations: baseball 



and fishing. Residence: 1811 Larchmont Av, 
Office: 30 N. LaSalle St. 

CANITON, Thomas Henry, lawyer; born Chi- 
cago. Jan. 23, 1864; son Thomas and Mary 
(Walsh) Cannon; ed. pub. schools; grad. Chi- 
cago High School, 1881; Chicago Coll. of Law, 
1892; married Catherine A. Mullen, of Chicago, 
Aug. 7, 1906. Began practice of law, 1892; in 
May 1S97. associated with James H. Poage, 
formin^r the present firm of Cannon & Poage. 
Republican. Mem. Chicago Assn. of Commerce. 
Catholic. Mem. Catholic Order of Foresters 
(secretary, 1892, and high chief ranger since 
1894 ) . Knights of Columbus, Columbian Knights, 
Royal League, Royal Arcanum, Modern Wood- 
men. Clubs: Hamilton, III. Athletic. Residence: 
4043 Sheridan Rd. Office: Stock Exchange Bldg. 

CAITTIXI.ON, WllUam David, ry. official; 
born Janesville, Wis., Aug. 5, 1861. Began with 
C.&N.W.Ry., as brakeman and conductor, 1875- 
91, trainmaster, at Milwaukee, 1891-3, asst. 
supt., at Milwaukee, 1893-7, supt. Minn, and 
Dak. dlv., at Winona, Minn., 1897-1901, asst. 
gen. supt., at Chicago, 1901-2, gen. supt., 1902- 
6, asst. gen. mgr., 1906-10, and gen. mgr. since 
Nov. 1, 1910. Residence: 928 Buena Park Ter- 
race. Office: 226 W. Jackson Boul. 

CAITTT, Francis James, gen. atty. London 
Guarantee & Accident Co.; born Erie, Pa., July 
3, 1862; son Jeremiali H. and Mary (Hendricks) 
Canty; ed. Erie (Pa.) pub. schools up to 1877; 
Stratford (Ont.) High School, 1878; Lawrence 
Univ., Appleton, Wis., 1879; Milwaukee (Wis.) 
High School, 1880-1; Chicago Coll. of Law, 1893- 
6; married Washington, D.C., Nov. 23, 1897, 
Mary H. (joulson; children: Francis Coulson, 
Mary Loyola, Laura Mercedes. Worked for Wis. 
Central Ry. and C.,M.&St.P.Ry., in gen. freight 
and claim offices, and on the road as agent, 
1881-92;last position, 1891-2, in charge of freight 
for latter ry. in Chicago; with Am. Casualty 
Co., as adjuster, 1893; had charge of claim dept., 
London Guarantee & Accident Co., 1893-6; since 
gen. atty. for same company. Independent Dem- 
ocrat. Catholic. Clubs: Chicago Athletic, Chi- 
cago Yacht, Ridge Country, Beverly Country. 
Residence: Morgan Park, 111. Office: 134 S. La- 
Salle St. 

CAFFEB, Jolin Slievllle, merchant; born Phil- 
adelphia, Pa., Nov. 19, 1867; son Henry and Sa- 
rah Jane (Shevllle) Capper; ed. pub. schools; 
married Chicago, Apr. 25, 1888, Nellie Ebersole; 
children: Howard Chislett, Emma Bessie (de- 
ceased), Marlon Nell, Marguerite Gertrude, John 
Sheville, Jr. Began business career as cash boy 
with C. W. and E. Partridge; then 5 years with 
C. R. Harshherger, and 3 years with W. B. 
Blackman & Bro. ; pres. and treas. Capper & 
Capper, mfrs. and retailers men's furnishing 
goods. Democrat. Universalist. Mem. Chicago 
Assn. of Commerce, Horticultural Soc, South 
West Mich. Breeders' Assn. Mem. Normal Park 
Lodge A.F.&A.M. Clubs: Beverly Country, Chi- 
cago Gun. Recreations: breeding high grade 
cattle (Guernseys), books and outdoor diver- 
sions. Residence: 5658 South Park Av. Sum- 
mer Residence: Roseheath Orchards. Osterhaut 
Lake, Grand Junction, Mich. Office: 18-20 E. 
Jackson Boul. 

CAFFS, Joseph Almarin, physician; born 
Jacksonville, 111., Feb. 28, 1872; son Stephen R. 
and Rhoda S. (Tomlln) Capps; A.B., 111. Coll.. 
1891; M.D., Harvard Univ. Med. School, 1895; 
A.M., Harvard Univ., 1897; married Chicago, 
111., 1904, E. Christy Brooks. Fellow in pathol- 
ogy, 1895-6, house physician, 1 year (1895), Mc- 
Lean Insane Hospital, Waverley, Mass.; house 
phvsician, 1897, in Boston Lylng-In Hospital: 
hoiise physician, Mass. General Hosp.. Boston, 
2 years; since 1897 in general practice of med- 
icine in Chicago; since 1898 instructor and asso. 
prof, medicine. Rush Med. Coll.; asst. visiting 
phvsician Presbyterian Hosp.; attending phys- 
ician. Cook Co. Hosp., since 1906. Appointed 1st 
lieut. U.S.A. Med. Reserve Corps, 1911. Inde- 

pendent Republican. Club: University. Resi- 
dence: 2532 Prairie Av. Office: 122 S. Michigan 

CASD, William Dinsmoor, broker; born Steu- 
benville, O., Jan. 2, 1869; son William Warren 
and Harriet (Dinsmoor) Card; prep. edn. pub. 
school, and Newell Inst., Pittsburg, Pa.; C.E., 
Rensselaer Polytechnic Inst., Troy, N.Y., 1890; 
special course in elec. engring., Sibley Coll. of 
Cornell Univ., Ithaca, N.T.; married Sada Tra- 
cy, of Burlington, la., Sept. 25, 1901. Engaged 
with the Westinghouse Electric & Mfg. Co., 
Pittsburg, 1891-2; supt. of the Mellon Pipe 
Lines, Pittsburg, 1893-4; broker in commercial 
paper, at Chicago, 1895-1901; out of business 
and traveling most of the time, 1901-7; mem. 
firm of Walter Fitch & Co., stock, grain and 
provision brokers, Chicago, since 1908. Was al- 
so treasurer and director United Box Board & 
Paper Co., of New York, 1906. Republican. 
Presbyterian. Mem. Chicago Board of Trade, 
Chicago Stock Exchange. Mem. Theta Xi fra- 
ternity, Rensselaer Polytechnic Inst. Chicago 
Alumni Assn. Clubs: University. Chicago Ath- 
letic, Exmoor Country. Recreations: horseback 
riding, travel. Residence: 179 E. Chestnut St. 
Office: 1 Board of Trade. 

CASDEIT, Jolm, grain dealer; born Phelps, 
Ontario Co., N.Y., Dec. 10, 1855; son John and 
Bridget (O Connor) Garden; ed. Chicago pub. 
schools and St. Mary's of the Lake (parochial); 
married Chicago, Dec. 29, 1878, Anna Reynolds; 
children: John (deceased), William H., James 
L., Mary Rosina. Began as a maltster In the 
employ of Union Brewing Co., Chicago, 1871; 
later, with father, rented a malt house of Doyle 
Brewing Co., and operated it for several years; 
then interested in the Garden Malting Co., 1880- 
90; In malting business on own account, 1890- 
7, which he sold to the Am. Malting Co. in 1897 
and was buyer for that corpn. until 1908; mem. 
firm of Brennan & Garden, commn. merchants, 
since 1908. Catholic. Mem. Knights of Colum- 
bus. Recreations: reading and music. Resi- 
dence: 426 Belmont Av. Office: 803 Royal Ins. 

CABDWIi&, James Robert, president Union 
Draft Gear Co.; born Concord, Va., Oct. 27, 1873; 
son Charles Wesley and Dolly Ming (Franklin) 
Cardwell;grad. manual training school of Wash- 
ington Univ., St. Louis, 1893; married Zonella 
Durbln, of Chicago, Mar. 14, 1904. With Am. 
Cotton OH Co., In various capacities, 1893-1905; 
organized, Apr. 1905, and since pres. Union 
Draft Gear Co.; also pres. and dir. Cardwell 
Mfg. Co.; vice-pres. and dir. Am. Marble Co. 
Has invented a number of devices now in use, 
including the friction draft gear. Guarantor 
Northwestern Univ. Clubs: Union League, City, 
Edgewater Golf, Western Railway. Recrea- 
tions: outdoor sports. Residence: 4700 Sheridan 
Rd. Office: Monadnock Blk. 

CABEW, James, actor; born Goshen, Ind., 
Feb. 5, 1878; ed. pub. schools and business coll.. 
Chicago, Chicago Conservatory of Music and 
Columbia Univ., New York; cashier for A. C. 
McCilurg & Co., Chicago, several years; married 
at Pittsburgh, Ellen Terry (actress). Mar. 22, 
1907. Began professional career, Chicago, 1898; 
leading man with Amelia Bingham, 1901-2, Max- 
ine Elliott, 1904-5, and others; leading man with 
Ellen Terry, since 1906, playing in Captain 
Brassbounds' Conversion and The Good Hope. 
Residence: 6247 Wabash Av., Chicago. Address: 
42 St. James PI., S.W., London, Eng. 

CABE1', see also Carry, also Cary. 

CAKE'S', William F., vice-pres. and mgr. Ca- 
rey-Lombard Lumber Co.; born Bloomington, 
111., Aug. 25, 1861; son John B. and Sarah (Ben- 
nett) Carey; ed. pub. schools; married 'Vermil- 
ion, Erie Co.. O., Apr. 23, 1885, Mary E. Young; 
children: John William. Charles Daniel, Mary 
J., Clarence J.. Francis E., Katharine S. Began 
as asst. in lumber yard at Wichita, Kan.; in the 



lumber trade since 1876, and since 1889 vice- 
pres., dlr. and mgr. Carey-Lombard Lumber Co.; 
also vlce-pres. and mgr. of Carey, Lombard, 
Young & Co. Democrat. Club; Union League. 
Residence; 3933 Grand Boul. Office; 137 S. La- 
Salle St. 

CABHABT, Georgra Tappen, commn. mer- 
chant; born Cliicago, Oct. 17, 1871; son Richard 
L. and Lucinda A. (Smitli) Carliart; ed. pub. 
schools; married Chicago. Sept. 19, 1894, Susie 
P. Page; 2 daughters: Dorothy Murray and Mar- 
garet. After leaving school in 1888, entered em- 
ploy of Montague & Co., commn., grain, etc., 
and has since continued in same house; incor- 
porated, 1896, and became pres. Mem. Chicago 
Board of Trade. Republican. Mason. Residence: 
Waukegan, 111. Office: Board of Trade. 

CABIiETOir, Stanley, mfr.; see Vol. 1905. 

CABI^IIiE, William Buford, life ins. mgr.; 
born Lebanon, Ky., Jan 21, 1870; son Charles 
Robert and Mary Prudence (Spalding) Carlile;ed. 
private schools. Lebanon, St. Mary's Coll., Ky., 
and Louisville Business Coll.; married Mem- 
phis, Tenn., Apr. 26, 1893, Miss Virginia Fon- 
taine. Entered ins. business. 1890, and was ap- 
pointed special agent, traveling from the home 
office of the Mutual Life Ins. Co. of New York; 
was made inspector of agencies for the U.S. 
and Can., 1896. and in 1899 came to Chicago to 
organize tlie Western special dept. ; in 1900 be- 
came mgr. Chicago agency. Mem. Chicago Life 
Underwriters' Assn.; vice-pres. Western Mgrs.' 
Assn. of the Mutual Life Ins. Co. of New York. 
Clubs: Chicago, Cliicago Athletic, Union, South 
Shore Country. Chicago Golf, Chicago Yacht, 
Mid-Day. Residence: Virginia Hotel. Office: 200 
Tribune Bldg. 

CABI^SOK, Anton Jnlius, physiologist; born 
Bohusliin. Sweden, Jan. 29, 1875; son Carl and 
Hedwig (Anderson) Jacobson ; came to Amer- 
ica, 1891; B.S.. Augustana Coll., 111.. 1898, M.S., 
1899; Leland Stanford Jr. Univ., 1899-1903, Ph. 
D., 1902; married Esther Sheagren, of Rock Isl- 
and, 111., Sept. 26, 1905. Asst. in physiology, 
Stanford Univ., 1903; research asst. Carnegie 
Instn., 1904; instr.. Woods Hole laboratories, 
1904-7; asst. prof, physiology, 1904-8, prof, 
since 1909, Univ. of Chicago. Fellow A.A.A.S. ; 
mem. council Am. Physiol. Soc. ; mem. Soc. for 
Experimental Biology and Medicine. Independ- 
ent Republican. Clubs: Quadrangle, City. Con- 
tbr. to Am. and German journals of physiology, 
on researches, including work on heart and cir- 
culation, the heart nerves, the lymph and lymph 
formation, saliva and saliva secretion, the thy- 
roids, and the distribution of immune bodies in 
the body fluids, etc. Address; 5228 Greenwood 

CABKSON, Qnstaf Henry, civil engr. and 
surveyor; born Malmo, Sweden, Apr. 16, 1848; 
son Carl Axel Carlson; ed. pub. schools of Mal- 
mo until 10 years old; then at a school at 
Christiansfeld, Germany, where studied classics 
and engring., graduating in 1867; returned to 
Sweden, and was variously employed until 1870, 
when emigrated to the U.S.; married Hyde Park 
(Chicago), 1878, Julia Vodoz; children: Gustaf 
Henry, Jr., Julie Vodoz. On arrival in this coun- 
try first essayed stock raising in Kansas; came 
to Chicago, 1872, and entered employ of S. S. 
Greeley, engr. and surveyor, as asst. engr., un- 
til 1874, when became asst. engr. of Hyde Park 
and was engaged in getting out an atlas of that 
village; returned to Mr. Greeley in 1877. became 
his partner, 1882, under firm name of Greeley & 
Co., changing, 2 years later, to Greely, Carlson 
& Co.; in 1887 incorporated as Greeley. Carlson 
Co., continued under that name until Feb. 1898, 
then engaged in business alone. Compiled the 
last atlas of Chicago from plats and abstracts 
of title, showing all land within city limits; in 
1901-2 he made a complete survey and atlas of 
the Town of Pullman for the Pullman Co. Asso. 
mem. Chicago Real Estate Board. Democrat. 

Residence: Glen Ellyn, 111. Office: 25 N. Dear- 
born St. 

CABIiSON, Martin, clergyman; born Aryd, 
Blekinge, Sweden, Feb. 10, 1864; son Carl and 
Ingeborg (Pehrson) Peterson; ed. "folk skolan" 
in Sweden; came to U.S., Nov. 1882; studied 
privately evenings, Manistique, Mich., 1885; 
grad. Swedish Theol. Sem., Morgan Park, 111., 
1895; married Augusta Peterson, of Vlrmland, 
Sweden, Apr. 7, 1866; children: Samuel, John, 
Edith, David, Ernest, Rudolph, Lesley. Or- 
dained Baptist ministry, 1894; pastor Humboldt 
Park Swedish Church, Chicago, 1891-6, First 
Swedish Church, Kansas City, Mo., 1897-1901, 
First Church, Stromsburg, Neb., 1901-5, First 
Swedish Church, Hoquiam, Wash., 1905-8; Sun- 
day school missionary and evangelist in State 
of Wash., Oct. 1, 1908-Nov. 1, 1909; pastor Hum- 
boldt Park Swedish Church, Chicago, since Nov. 
1909. Residence: 1928 N. Francisco Av. 

CABI.TOIT, -WiUiam Kewnham Chattin, li- 
brarian; born Gillingham, Kent Co., Eng., June 
29, 1873; son of William Thomas Chattin and 
Alice Isabel (Newnham) Carlton; came to Amer- 
ica, 1882; ed. Holyoke (Mass.) High School, 
1887-9, Mt. Hermon School, Mass., 1890-1; (hon. 
M.A., Trinity Coll., Hartford. Conn., 1902); mar- 
ried Sara Hayden, of E. Hartford, Conn., June 
24, 1903; 1 daughter; Sara Newnham. Asst., 
Pub. Library, Holyoke, Mass., 1887-90; asst. li- 
brarian, Watkinson Library of Reference, Hart- 
ford, Conn., 1892-9; librarian. Trinity Coll., Hart- 
ford, 1899-1909, and instr. in English, same, 
1901-3; librarian. The Newberry Library, Chi- 
cago, since July 1, 1909. Mem. Am. Library 
Assn. (mem. council). Bibliographical Soc. of 
America. Episcopalian. Clubs; Chicago Lit- 
erary, Little Room, City, Clift Dwellers. Publi- 
cations: A reissue in facsimile of Short Cate- 
chism Drawn Out of the Word of God (by Sam- 
uel Stone), with Introduction, 1899; Relation of 
the Pequot Warres (written in 1660 by Lieut. 
Lion Gardener), printed from original manu- 
script, with hist, introduction, 1901; Charles 
Jeremy Hoadly, LL.D., A Memoir, 1902; Bibli- 
ography of the Official Publications of Trinity 
College, 1824-1905, 1905. .Contbr. to The Li- 
brary Journal, Encyclopedia Americana, Edu- 
cational Review, Modern Language Notes. Res- 
idence; 456 Belmont Av. Office: The Newberry 

CABKACK, Ederar H., life underwriter; born 
Monongahela, Washington Co., Pa., July 10, 
1852; son Josiah W. and Margaret Carmack; ed. 
Pittsburgh (Pa.) pub. schools. Western Univ. 
of Pa., 1865; married Chicago. June 29, 1887, 
Clara Vrooman. Bookkeeper In life ins. office. 
Mar. 1870; sec. Mutual Life Ins. Co. of Chi- 
cago, 1873-6; western mgr. Continental Life Ins. 
Co. of Hartford, 1876-Jan. 1888; with Mutual 
Life of New York to 1896; with State Mutual 
Life Ins. Co. of Worcester, Mass., from Feb. 
1896, gen. agent since June 1, 1898. Dir. Con- 
gress Hotel Co., Suspension Steel Concrete Co. 
Was Democrat until 1896, since then Republic- 
an. Episcopalian. Member Chicago Assn. of 
Commerce. Clubs: Chicago Athletic, 111. Ath- 
letic, South Shore Country, Press (life mem.), 
Evanston Golf, Germanla Maennerchor, Ex- 
moor, Beverly Country. Recreations: golf, rac- 
quets and billiards. Residence: The Mackin- 
tosh, 150 E. Superior St. Office: 511 Peoples Gas 

*CABMAN, Charles 'Whitney, consulting 
engr.; moved to Grand Rapids, Mich.; see Vol. 

CABMAIT, O-eorare ITohle, dir. Lewis Institute 
since 1895; born Walworth, X.Y., July 18, 1856; 
son John and Electa (Camlaurn) Carman; grad. 
Univ. of Mich., 1881; married Toronto, Can., 
July 25, 1883, Ada J. MaoVicar. Principal Ypsi- 
lanti (Mich.) High School, 1880-2; supt. schools. 
Union City, Mich., 1882-5; principal Brooklyn 
Grammar School No. 15. 1885-9, St. Paul (Minn.) 
High School, 1889-93; dean Morgan Park Acad. 



of Univ. of Chicago, 1893-5. Sec. of Commn. on 
Accredited Schools of the North Central Assn. 
of Colls, and Secondary Schools. Clubs: Chi- 
cago Literarj'. Union League. Illinois. Recrea- 
tion: farming. Address: Lewis Institute. 

CASNAHAH', Cliarles Calvin, lawyer; born 
Cochran's Mills, Armstrong Co., Pa., Apr. 3, 
1868; son William H. and Maria L. (McKee) 
Carnahan; ed. pub. schools of Armstrong Co., 
Pa., Hillsdale (Mich.) Coll. and Chicago Coll. 
of Law; married Chicago, June 15, 1894, Kath- 
erine A. Hawkes; 1 daughter: Madeleine R. Came 
to Chicago in 1891; admitted to 111. bar, 1892, 
and since engaged in general practice; now sen- 
ior of firm of Carnahan, Blsdon & Slusser; Iden- 
tified with a number of corpns. Republican. 
Was candidate for Congress, 5th 111. Dist., 1900. 
Mem. 111. State and Chicago Bar assns., Chicago 
Law Inst. Mason (32), Oriental Consistory, 
Medinah Temple Mystic Shrine; K.P. ; Nat. 
Union. Clubs: Chicago Athletic, Union League, 
Ouilmette Country (dir.). Men's of Wilmette 
(pres.). Residence: Wilmette, 111. Office: First 
Nat. Bank Bldg. 

CASNEY, 'WllUam James, lumber; born in 
Co. Mayo, Ireland, Sept. 20, 1855; son John and 
Bridget (Fahey) Carney; family came to Chi- 
cago from Ireland, 1866; ed. old Kinzie School; 
married Chicago, 1883, Teresa E. Cunningham; 
children: Otis (died 1899), William R. Began 
business life in employ of W. J. Frawley & Co., 
lumber, as a tally boy at $4 a week; remained, 
in advancing positions, with firm until 1874; 
bookkeeper for Eggleston, Hazelton & Co., lum- 
ber, 1874-7; then with the Mackinaw Lumber 
Co., 1877-85; while still with that firm, joined 
his brother, B. J., in the firm of Carney Bros., 
establishing yards at Grinnell, Marshalltown, 
Des Moines, and other points in Iowa, from 
which was developed the present Carney Bros. 
Co., of which is pres.; became partner in firm 
of McElwee & (5arney, and McElwee & Co., 
Marinette, Wis., 1885. Helped to organize the 
Edward Hines Lumber Co., 1892, and continued 
as dir. until 1900 (still large stockholder); or- 
ganized, 1902, the Whatcom (Wash.) Timber 
Co., of \vhich is pres.; organized, 1903, at Sheri- 
dan, Wyo., the Carney Coal Co., of which is 
pres.; also pres. Say lor Coal Co., Des Moines, 
la.; dir. Standard Trust & Savings Bank, Chi- 
cago. Catholic. Clubs: Colonial, Sheridan, Au- 
tomobile, Hamilton, Chicago Athletic, South 
Shore Country. Recreations: automobiling and 
golf. Residence: 4411 Grand Boul. Office: 1030 
American Trust Bldg. 

CAROKAir, Josepb, county commr. ; born 
Oswego, N.Y., Feb. 25, 1852; son George Henry 
and Katherine (Hoey) Carolan; ed. pub. schools; 
learned printer's trade; worked on Inter Ocean, 
1872-80; married Chicago, Oct. 9, 1891, Fannie 
M. Drake; married, 2d, Kenosha, Wis., June 5, 
1894, Lida J. Robinson; children: Josephine Lu- 
cille, Ethel Fannie, Penn Nixon, George Fran- 
cis, Florence Mary. Was deputy sheriff of Cook 
Co., 1880-6; chief deputy, criminal dept., sher- 
iffs office, 1896-8; county commr. of Cook Co. 
since 1898, re-elected for 5th term, 1910. Agent 
of fire and marine ins. companies. Republican. 
Residence: 285 Forest Av., River Forest, 111. 
Office: County Bldg. 

CABFEKTEB, Aaffustns Albert, lumber, etc. ; 
born Chicago, Feb. 9, 1868; son Augustus Al- 
vord and Elizabeth (Kempton) Carpenter; ed. 
private schools, Chicago, and prep, schools; 
married Chicago, Nov. 17, 1897, Alice Keith; 
children: Keith, Alice Elizabeth. Began busi- 
ness career, 1889, with the Kirby-Carpenter Co., 
lumber, of which was gen. mgr. ; became vice- 
pres. Ayer & Lord Tie (io., mfrs. and contract- 
ors for railroad ties, 1903, and now dir.; also 
dir. Nat. Regulator Co., First Nat. Bank, First 
Trust & Savings Bank, Nat. Safety Deposit Co., 
Security Bank of Chicago. Clubs: Chicago, Unl- 
versitv, Onwentsia, Saddle and Cycle. Resi- 
dence: Lake Forest, 111. Office: Railway Ex- 

CABPEITTEB, Augusta* AlTord, lumber mer- 
chant and capitalist; born Franklin Co., N.Y., 
June 8, 1825; son Alanson and Guila Elma 
(Nichols) Carpenter; ed. common schools of 
Western N.Y. ; went to Cal. by way of Isthmus 
of Panama and engaged in mining and trading 
with his brother; returned in 1855; married, 
1863, Elizabeth Kempton, New Bedford, Mass.; 
children: Augustus A., Jr., Amle (Mrs. John E. 
Newell). Engaged in dry goods and lumber 
business in Monroe Co., Wis.; in 1860 with Ab- 
ner Kirby, of Milwaukee, S. M. Stephenson, of 
Menominee, Mich., and W. O. Carpenter, of Chi- 
cago, organized the lumber firm of Kirby, Car- 
penter & Co., now the Kirby-Carpenter Co., of 
which is pres.; pres. Lumberman's Nat. Bank of 
Menominee, Mich., for several years; also pres. 
Lumberman's Mining Co. of Iron Mountain, 
Mich. Has been pres. Citizens' Assn. and iden- 
tified with various municipal reforms. Clubs: 
Chicago, Commercial, Union (pres.). Residence; 
613 Cass St. Office: Ry. Exchange. 

CABFENTEB, Benjamin, merchant; born Chi- 
cago, Sept. 16, 1865; son George B. and Eliza- 
beth Curtis (Greene) Carpenter; ed. Chicago 
pub. schools, Univ. School, Chicago; B.S., Har- 
vard Univ., 1888; married Chicago, Sept. 18, 
1893, Helen Graham Fairbank; children: Benja- 
min, Jr., Cordelia Fairbank, Elizabeth Webster, 
Fairbank. Immediately after graduation entered 
house of George B. Carpenter & Co., of which 
his father was head (founded in 1840), mfrs. 
and jobbers of railroad, mill, contractors' and 
vessel supplies, with branch at South Chicago; 
treas. of the co. since its incorporation. Also 
vice-pres. Anniston Cordage Co.; treas. Great 
Lakes Supply Co.; dir. Corn Exchange Nat. 
Bank, Commonwealth Edison Co., Elk Rapids 
Iron Co. Ex-pres. board of trustees St. Charles 
School for Boys; dir. Chicago Relief and Aid 
Soc. Independent Republican. Clubs: Chicago, 
University, Harvard, Chicago Yacht, Cliff Dwell- 
ers, Commercial, Onwentsia; also Harvard (New 
York). Residence: Winnetka, 111. Office: 182 W. 
South Water St. 

CABFENTEB, Edward Farrinfton, wholesale 
boots and shoes; born Barre, Vt., Sept. 23, 1853; 
son Dr. Augustus B. and Martha (Farrington) 
Carpenter; ed. Northwestern Univ.; married 
Evanston, 111., 1870, Belle Reed; children: Ruth, 
Farrington, Kenneth, Willis V. (deceased), Mar- 
ion Eunice. Entire business life in shoe trade, 
first with Wiswall & Thompson, in minor posi- 
tion, in 1872; then with Greenfelder, Rosenthal 
& Co., as traveling salesman in Iowa; since 1882 
in business for self; now pres. Guthmann, Car- 
penter & Telling. Clubs: Union League, (Chica- 
go Athletic, Evanston, University (Evanston). 
Residence: 1314 Hinman Av., Evanston, 111. Of- 
fice: 212 S. Franklin St. 

CABPEITTEB, Elliott Batlilione, dentist; see 
Vol. 1905. 

CABFENTEB, Frederic Ives, univ. prof.; 
born Monroe, Wis., Nov. 29, 1861; son William 
O. and Lucetta (Spencer) Carpenter; A.B., Har- 
vard, 1885; student France and Germany, 1885- 
6. Union Coll. of Law, Chicago, 1886-7; Ph.D., 
Univ. of Chicago, 1895; married Emma, daugh- 
ter C. W. Cook, of Chicago, Dec. 12, 1888. Do- 
cent, 1895-7, Instr., 1897-1902, asst. prof., 1902- 
4, asso. prof. English, since 1904, Univ. of Chi- 
cago. Co-editor Modern Philology (quarterly). 
Mem. Modern Language Assn. America, Am. 
Hist. Assn., Bibliog. Soc. America. Clubs: Uni- 
versity, (Quadrangle, Cliff Dwellers, Harvard, 
Lake Zurich Golf. Author and editor of a num- 
ber of books, for titles see Who's Who in Amer- 
ica. Residence: Barrington, 111. 

CABFENTEB, Oeortre Albert, judge; born 
Chicago, Oct. 20, 1867; son George B. and Eliza- 
beth Curtis (Greene) Carpenter; grad. Harvard 
Univ., A.B., 1888; Harvard Law School, LL.B. 
1891; married Chicago, May 10, 1894, Harriet 
Isham: children: Katherine Snow, George Ben- 
jamin, Isham. Admitted to bar, Oct. 1890; en- 



tered law offlce of Abram M. Pence, Chicago, 
1891; admitted to partnership, 1892, under Arm 
name of Pence & Carpenter, which continued 
until Mr. Pence's death, Sept. 1905; practiced 
under same name until June 1906, when was 
elpcted judge Circuit Court of Cook Co.; re- 
elected June 1909; appointed judge U.S. Dist. 
Court, Jan. 1910. Republican. Congregational- 
ist. Member board trustees Passavant Hosp. 
Clubs: Chicago, University, Onwentsia, Saddle 
and Cycle, Lake Geneva Country, Law. Resi- 
dence: 66 Bellevue PI. Office: Federal Bldg. 

CABPEITTEB, Oaoige B., merchant and ship 
chandler; born Conneaut, O., Mar. 12, 1834; son 
Benjamin and Abagail Hayes Carpenter; came 
to Chicago with father's family, 1850; grad. St. 
Mary's Coll., 1852; married 1861, Elizabeth Cur- 
tis Greene; children: Benjamin, George Albert, 
Hubbard F., John A. Connected, 1852-7, with 
packing house of Marsh & Carpenter, in which 
his father was partner; purchased, 1867, one- 
third interest in ship chandlery house of Gil- 
bert Hubbard & Co., acquiring sole proprietor- 
ship on death of Mr. Hubbard, and since con- 
tinuing as George B. Carpenter & Co., in which 
all his sons except Judge George A. Carpenter 
of the Federal Court are associated with him; 
now pres. of the co. ; dir. Great Lakes Supply 
Co. Clubs: Union League, Chicago. Residence: 
Park Ridge, 111. Offlce: 182 W. South Water St. 
CABFEITTEB, Georgre Tbomag, physician; de- 
ceased; see Vol. 1905. 

CABPEITTEB, Henry Clay, vice-pres. N. Z. 
Graves Co.; born Phila., Mar. 2, 1866; son Hen- 
ry C. and Frances (Barlow) Carpenter; grad. 
pub. school, Phila.; engaged in business In 
1882; married Feb. 17, 1886, Louise Love Gill; 
1 daughter: Beatrice Gill. Came to Chicago in 
1901. Republican. Episcopalian. Clubs: Chica- 
go Athletic, Calumet, Exmoor Country. Resi- 
dence: Virginia Hotel. Offlce: Commercial Nat. 
Bank Bldg. 

CABPEZTTEB, Hubbard, merchant; born Park 
Ridge, 111., Sept. 29, 1874; son George B. and 
Elizabeth Curtis (Greene) Carpenter; ed. Univ. 
School, Chicago, and Harvard Univ., graduating 
1897; married Lake Geneva, Wis., June 9,1898, 
Rosalie Sturges; children: Mary Delafleld, 
George Sturges. Since 1898 mem. of George B. 
Carpenter & Co., mfrs. and jobbers of railroad, 
mill and contractors' supplies (founded 1840 
and incorporated 1908); has been sec. Republi- 
can. Clubs: Chicago, Chicago Athletic, Mid- 
Day, University, Onwentsia, Saddle and Cycle; 
also Harvard (New York). Recreations: motor- 
ing, golf and other out of door diversions. 
Residence: 677 Lincoln Parkway. Offlce: 182 W. 
South Water St. 

CABPENTEB, Jolin Alden, merchant; born 
Park Ridge, 111., Feb. 28, 1876; son George B. 
and Elizabeth Curtis (Greene) Carpenter; A.B., 
Harvard Univ., 1897; married Chicago, Nov. 20, 
1900, Rue Winterbotham; 1 daughter: Gene- 
vieve. After graduation entered the business of 
George B. Carpenter & Co. (founded 1840, and 
of which his father has for years been head), 
mill, ry. and vessel supplies; was admitted to 
partnership, 1901; Arm was Incorporated, 1909, 
and he became vice-pres. Dir. 111. Children's 
Home and Aid See. Republican. Congregation- 
alist. Clubs: University, Chicago, Saddle and 
Cycle. Recreations: music and outdoor sports. 
Residence: 710 Rush St. Offlce: 182 W. South 
Water St. 

CABPEHTEB, Myron Jay; born Caledonia, 
111., Apr. 12, 1860. Entered ry. service, 1869, as 
operator C.,M.&St.P.Ry. ; has been agent, travel- 
ing auditor, storekeeper, cashier on various 
rys.; division supt., Chicago, St. Paul & Kansas 
City Ry.; gen. mgr., and later pres., Duluth & 
Iron Range R.R.; ex-pres. C.&B.I.Ry. until Dec. 
1902; vice-pres. and gen. mgr. Pere Marquette 
R.R.C0., Dec. 1902-Sept. 1904; now receiver 
Southern Ind. Ry. Co. Residence: LaQrange, 111. 
Offlce: B. & O. Station. 

GABPEM'TEB, ITewton Henry, sec. of the Art 
Inst, of Chicago; born Olmsted Falls, O., May 
17, 1853; son William S. and Lucina (Horr) Car- 
penter; ed. pub. schools, followed by studies at 
West Point Mil. Acad.; married Sandwich, 111., 
Dec. 25, 1879, Hattie Lewis; children: Lewis, 
Gladys. Came to Chicago In Sept. 1876 and en- 
tered employ of the Chicago Acad, of Design, 
with which continued until the Art Institute of 
Chicago was organized in 1879; became con- 
nected with latter institution and in Dec. 1881 
was elected sec. of the Art Inst., in which posi- 
tion still remains. Mem. Municipal Art League 
(dir.), Chicago Soc. of Artists (hon. mem.). 
Western Soc. of Artists (hon. mem.), Chicago 
Horticultural Soc. (treas.) Republican. Served 
5 years in 1st Regt., I.N.G., Chicago, 1877-82. 
Congregationalist. Clubs: Cliff Dwellers, 111. 
Athletic, Congregational. Recreation: horticul- 
ture. Residence: 121 Sth Av., LaGrange, 111. 
Offlce: Art Institute. 

CABPENTEB, 'WlUiam Montelle, vice-pres. 
American Cross-Arm Co.; born Wooster, O., Oct. 
15, 1866; son Charles and Mary (Blanchard) 
Carpenter; ed. Northwestern Coll., Napervllle, 
111.; married Lucile Russell, of Hudson, Mich., 
July 27, 1898; 3 children: Herbert Montelle, 
Mary Blanchard and Charles Russell. Began 
with Western Electric Co. In 1883, with which 
remained (at New Tork and Chicago) until 
1906; vice-pres. Am. Cross-Arm Co.; also pres. 
Car Dal Lumber Co.; vice-pres. Walworth & 
Neville Mfg. Co. Progressive Republican. Was 
mem. board of edn.. Downers Grove. 111., sev- 
eral years. Mem. Am. Soc. for Testing Mate- 
rials, Bibliophile Soc. (Boston). Mason. Clubs: 
Union League, Press, Evanston, Skokie Coun- 
try, Caxton; also Engineers', Electrical Mfrs.' 
(New Tork), Rainier (Seattle). Recreations: 
golf, billiards, books and fine printing. Resi- 
dence: 2010 Sheridan Rd., Evanston, 111. Office: 
Heyworth Bldg. 

CABQXTETH^I^E, 'Waiter Max, lithographer; 
born Chicago, Feb. 18, 1868; son Edward and 
Laura (Hanke) Carqueville; ed. pub. schools, 
Chicago; married Mamie Bigsby, of Chicago, 
Sept. 15, 1886; 1 son: Charles. Entered employ 
of the Shober & Carqueville Lithographing Co., 
1884, and has since remained with that com- 
pany and its successor, the present Carqueville 
Lithographing Co., succeeding his father as 
pres. upon latter's death, in 1898. Independent 
in politics. Residence: 943 Eastwood Av. Of- 
fice: 1050 Fullerton Av. 

CABB, Camillo Casattl Cadmus, brigadier- 
gen. U.S.A.; born Harrisonburg, Rockingham 
Co., Va., Mar. 3, 1842; son Dr. Wattson and Ma- 
ria (Graham) Carr; prep. edn. Wheeling, Va., 
and Chicago; entered Chicago Univ., 1859, left 
in senior year before graduation to enter army 
(hon. A.M., 1873); married Mrs. Marie C. Camp, 
of Washington, Nov. 1878 (now deceased). 
Served private to regimental sergt-maj. 1st U. 
S. cav., Aug. 15, 1862-Oct. 31, 1863; 2d lieut, 
Oct. 31, 1863; 1st lieut., June 18, 1864; capt., 
Apr. 8, 1869; maj. Sth cav., Feb. 7, 1891; lleut- 
col. Sth cav., Oct. 16, 1898; col. 4th cav., Jan. 
23. 1900; brlgadler-gen., Aug. 17, 1903. Bvtd. 
1st lieut. (Todd's Tavern), Mav 6, 1864; cant. 
(Winchester, Va.), Sept. 19, 1864; maj. (Nez 
Perc6 campaign, Ida.), Aug. 20, 1877. Wounded 
Todd's Tavern, Va., and in battle of Cedar 
Creek, Va., Oct. 19, 1864. Engaged in Apache 
campaigns, Ariz., 1866-9. 1871-3, and 1881-2; 
Nez Perc4 campaign, 1877; Bannock campaign, 
1878, etc.; over 20 years campaigning in Indian 
country; asst. instr. and instr. cav. In U.S. Inf. 
and Cav. School, Ft. Leavenworth, Kan., 1885- 
94; Inspector-gen. Dept. Columbia, 1894-5; com- 
mand In western part of P.R., 1898-9; com- 
manded regt. in P.I., 1900-1; commanding post 
and commandant School of Application for Cav. 
and Field Artillery at Ft. Riley. Kan., 1901; 
commanded Dept. of Mo., Jan. 15-Feb. 24, 1904. 
Dept. of Dak., 1904-6: retired bv operation of 
law. Mar. 3, 1906. Mem. Mil. Order Loyal Le- 



grlon (past-commander, Kan. Commandery), Soc. 
Army of Potomac. Soc. War of 1812, Cav. Soc. 
of U.S., G.A.R., etc. Translator: Cavalry Out- 
post Duties (from French of Gen. F. de Brack), 
1893. Contbr. to mil. journals. Address: 3101 
Wasliington Boul. 

CASB, Clyde Mitchell, merchant; born In III., 
July 7, 1869; son Richard Baxter and Margaret 
(Mitchell) Carr; prepared for Princeton at Lake 
Forest Acad.; later was student 2 years at 
Northwestern Univ.; married Lillian Van Als- 
tyne, of Evanston, 111., 1894. Pres. Joseph T. 
Ryerson & Son. Chicago; dir. C.G.W.R.R., Corn 
Exchange Nat. Bank. Trustee Art Inst., Orches- 
tral Assn., Chicago Bureau of Pub. Efficiency, 
Cliicago Plan Commn., and Lake Forest Univ. 
Clubs: Commercial, Chicago, Onwentsia, Uni- 
versity. Cliff Dwellers, Princeton, Mid-Day, Sad- 
dle and Cycle. Mem. Am. Iron and Steel Inst. 
Residence: Lake Forest, 111. Office: Commercial 
Nat. Bank Bldg. 

CASK, Oeoxge Bnssell, mfg. chemist; born 
Argenta, 111.. Jan. 23, 1878; son Dr. Robert 
Franklin and Emily A. (Smick) Carr; B.S.. 
Univ. of 111., 1901; unmarried. Began business 
career as city salesman for jOearborn Drug & 
Chemical Works in 1901, with which has since 
been identified, becoming asst. gen. mgr., 1905, 
and vice-pres. and gen. mgr.. 1908. Republican. 
Mason (32); mem. Kappa Sigma. Clubs: Chi- 
cago Athletic, University, South Shore Coun- 
try, Chicago Automobile. Recreations: golf, 
motoring. Residence: 416 Home Av., Oak Park, 
111. Office: 2005 McCormick Bldg. 

CAHB, Qeorg'e Wajrner, lawyer; born West 
Lebanon, W^arren Co., Ind., Dec. 16, 1860; son 
Henry Newell and Abigail (Mace) Carr; A.B. 
and LL.B., Valparaiso (Ind.) Univ., 1886; mar- 
ried Grace Craig, of Jacksonville, 111., 1886; 
children: Helen (died Sept. 30, 1908), Paul, Au- 
relia. In abstract and bldg. and loan business 
In Ind. in 1888, and was admitted to bar; came 
to Chicago, 1891, and continued practice: sec. 
Loan & Investment Co. of North America, 1892-6 ; 
sec. Citizens' Loan & Trust Co., 1896-8; estab- 
lished, 1896, and incorporated 1902, the Perfec- 
tion Legal Blank Co., of which was sec. and 
treas., 1896-1909, and pres. since 1909. Served 3 
years in Ind. N.G. Republican. Methodist. Royal 
Arch Mason. Grand Pres. Protected Home Cir- 
cle for 111. Pres. Chicago Alumni Assn. of Val- 
paraiso Univ. Recreation: golf. Residence: 
Maywood, 111. Office: 137 N. Clark St. 

CASB, Henry H., grain commn. ; born North- 
ville, LaSalle Co., 111., June 20, 1844; son Joseph 
Henry and Eve Eliza M. M. Carr; ed. pub. 
schools. Sandwich, 111., and business coll. in 
Chicago; married Mar. 1, 1867, Mary Jane 
Hobbs; married 2d, Feb. 5, 1892, Miss E. L. Sei- 
bel. Began in his father's grain and gen. mer- 
ciiandise business at Sandwich, 111., until 1862, 
when he enlisted in the 105th 111. Vols., serving 
until close of war. Went to Leavenworth, Kan., 
then with wholesale house of W. H. Johnson & 
Co., Quincy, 111.; afterward with Field, Leiter 
& Co., Chicago; then for 6 years mem. Board of 
Trade firm of E. F. Pulsifer & Co.; with N. B. 
Ream & Co., 1879-84; since then in firm of H. H. 
Carr & Co., grain commn. Mason (K.T.); mem. 
G.A.R. Residence: 3343 Forest Av. Office: Board 
of Trade. 

CAHB, Homer Joseph, newspaper man; born 
Mlddlebury, Ind., Nov. 15, 1858; son Julius and 
Celestia (Skinner) Carr; Ph.B., Univ. of Chica- 
go, 1879; editor Journal, White Pigeon, Mich., 
until 1883; married 1st, Feb. 9, 1888, Allle 
Whitlar; 1 son: Frederick W. ; married 2d, June 
15, 1902, Celestia Skinner; 1 son: Homer. From 
1884 engaged in newspaper work in Chicago 
and from 1893 was mgr. of the Lake Marine 
News; now editor Gary (Ind.) Daily Tribune. 
Republican. Ex-pres. Press Club of Chicago. 
Address: Gary, Ind. 

CABB, Bobert Franklin, mfg. chemist; born 
Argenta, 111., Nov. 21, 1871; son Robert F. and 

Emily A. (Smick) Carr; B.S., Univ. of 111., 1893. 
Came to Chicago after graduation and worked 
in retail drug business until Nov. 1894, when 
he entered the service of the Dearborn Drug & 
Chemical Works; elected sec. 1897, vice-pres. 
and gen. mgr. in Jan. 1898, and pres. Jan. 1907. 
Mem. Am. Chemical Soc. Clubs: Chicago Ath- 
letic, Union League, University, Oak Park, 
Westward Ho Golf. Recreation: golf. Resi- 
dence: 413 Forest Av. Office: McCormick Bldg. 
CABB, Walter Everett, sec. John M. Ewen 
Co.; born Beloit, Wis., Apr. 20, 1858; son Jo- 
seph H. and Azubah (Cheney) Carr; A.B., Be- 
loit (Wis.) Coll., 1878; married Marion Morgan, 
of Chicago, 1892; one daughter: Catherine. 
Came to Chicago in 1881; engaged in mfg. 
freight and passenger elevators, 1883-96; as- 
sisted in organization of the John M. Ewen Co., 
engrs. and builders, 1905, with which has since 
been identified as sec. and dir. Republican. 
Clubs: Union League, Universitv. Recreation: 
golf. Residence: Highland Park, 111. Office: The 

CABBZEB, Angustas Stiles, clergyman; born 
Ripley, Chautauqua Co., N.Y., Dec. 30, 1857; 
son Augustus Hart and Susan A. (Bandelle) 
Carrier; A.B., Tale, 1879; Andover Theol. Sem., 
1881-2; grad. Hartford Theol. Sem., 1884; unlvs. 
of Leipzig and Berlin, 1885-7, Semitic langs. a 
specialty; (D.D., Parsons Coll., 1893); married 
at Bloomington, Ind., Anne C. Dennis, of West 
Chester, Pa., July 15, 1885. Ordained Presbyn. 
ministry, 1884; instr. in Hebrew, 1887-92, prof. 
Hebrew and cognate langs. since 1892, McCor- 
mick Theol. Sem. Republican. Residence: 2304 
N. Halsted St. 

CABBOI^Ii, Jolin Charles, carpets; deceased: 
see Vol. 1905. 

CABBOIiI^, John Joseph, priest; born Ennis- 
crone, Co. Sligo, Ireland, June 24, 1856; son 
Francis C. and Mary (Howley) Carroll; came 
to U.S. in infancy; 6 yrs.' course in St. Mi- 
chael's College, Toronto, Ont.; grad. St. Joseph's 
Provincial Theol. Sem., Troy, N.T., 1879. Asst. 
Cathedral of Holy Name, (Chicago, 1880; soon 
after rector St. Thomas Ch., Chicago; distin- 
guished as a Gaelic writer and scholar. Elected 
at conv. 1898 chmn. Gaelic History, at conv. 
1901, Nat. Librarian Gaelic League of America. 
Author of several vols., for titles see Who's 
Who in America. Residence: 5478 Kimbark Av. 

CABBOI^I^, Iiester S., gen. purchasing agt.; 
born Hemlock Lake, N.Y., Aug. 24, 1865; son of 
Edwin Morgan and Sarah A. (Thurston) Car- 
roll; ed. high school, Hillsdale, Mich.; married 
Alice V. Igel, of Chicago, Nov. 9, 1890; 1 daugh- 
ter: Dorothy. Began ry. service with C.&N.W. 
Ry.Co. in 1884, with which has since been iden- 
tified, as agt., 1884-6, traveling auditor, 1886-91, 
gen. traveling auditor, 1891-1901, purchasing 
agt., 1901-11, and gen. purchasing agt. C.&N.W. 
Ry. and C.,St.P.,M.&O.Ry. since Jan. 2, 1911. 
Republican. Mem. Royal League. Clubs: Union 
League, Chicago Automobile, Ravenswood, Sko- 
kie Country. Residence: 4622 N. Hermitage Av. 
Office: 226 W. Jackson Boul. 

CABBT, see also Carey, also Cary. 

CABBT, Edward Francis, mfr. ; born Fort 
Wayne, Ind., May 16, 1867; son Joseph J. and 
Margaret (Stoops) Carry; ed. pub. schools; mar- 
ried Chicago, Nov. 28, 1893, Mabel D. Under- 
wood; children: Mary Ermlna, Margaret. First 
vice-pres. and gen. mgr. Am. Car & Foundry 
Co. Clubs: Chicago, Chicago Athletic, Commer- 
cial, Exmoor, Mid-Day, Onwentsia, South Siiore 
Country, Union League. Residence: 1100 Lake 
Shore Drive. Summer Residence: Highland 
Park, 111. Office: Ry. Exchange. 

CABSOH, Frank Blartin, clergyman; born 
New York, Nov. 23, 1857; son George Webster 
and Laura A. (Tlleston) Carson; grad. Adelphi 
Acad., Brooklyn, N.Y., 1875; A.B., Amherst 
(Mass.) Coll., 1879; grad. Union Theol. Sem., 
New York, 1885; student Univ. of Berlin, Ger- 



many, 1885-6; (D.D., Coe Coll., la., 1897); mar- 
ried Jennie iladge Su&g, of Clinton, la., Oct. 2, 
1894; children: Margaret Tileston, Marion Elise, 
Alice Morgan. Ordained Presbyterian ministry, 
Nov. 3, 1886; pastor Matteawan, N.Y., 1886-92, 
Clinton, la., 1892-7, First Cliurcli, Lake View, 
Chicago, since Sept. 1897. Mem. Alpha Delta 
Phi. Club: University. Residence: 820 Edg-e- 
comb PI. 

CABTER, Byron B., mech. engr. ; born Lan- 
caster, Grant Co., Wis., May 30, 1860; son Will- 
iam E. and Ellen E. (Rowden) Carter; ed. (pri- 
mary and grades). State Normal School, Platte- 
ville. Wis.; grad. as Bachelor Mech. Engring., 
Univ. of Wis., 1883; married Baraboo, Wis., 
Aug. 3, 1886, Cora B. Walbridge; children: Fan- 
ny W., Doris E., Persis. Supt. Mason Car & 
Foundry Co., Chattanooga, Tenn., 1885; chief 
designer and chief draftsman, also acting asst. 
supt., M. C. Bullock Mfg. Co., Chicago, 1886-91; 
consulting engr. on alteration of Kinzie St 
Bridge, C.,M.&St.P.Ry., 1892; mech. engr. Rock 
Island bridge, under U.S. Govt., Nov. 1895-Aug. 
1896; mem. boai-d of consulting engrs. on city 
bridges, 1900; designed machinery for Lake Su- 
perior Power Co.'s controlling dams, 1901; has 
checked up machinery for nearly every city 
bridge built since 1899. Mech. engr. of 3 draw- 
bridges on the crossing of the Columbia and 
Willamette rivers near Portland, Ore., for the 
S.P.&S.Ry. ; had charge of Installation of ma- 
chinery and elec. equipments in C.&N.W.Ry. 
bridges at Clinton, la., and Milwaukee, Wis.; 
has charge of design, inspection and installa- 
tion of operating machinery on LC. and Santa 
F6 bridges crossing Drainage Canal; also con- 
sulting engr. for I.C.R.R.Co. in equipping and 
installing operating machinery on Kensington 
& Eastern and Cumberland River bridges. Re- 
publican. Unitarian. Mem. Western Soc. of 
Engrs. Club: Engineers'. Recreations: golf, 
amateur photography. Residence: 59 N. Wash- 
ington St., Hinsdale, 111. Office: Monadnock Blk. 

CABTBB, Donald M., lawyer; born Collins- 
vllle, Madison Co., 111., Sept. 12, 1868; son Hen- 
ry T. and Marium (Smith) Carter; ed. Collins- 
ville high school; grad. la. State Coll., course 
of mechanical engring., with special course in 
electricity and degree of B.M.E. ; LL.B., Chica- 
go Coll. of Law (Lake Forest Univ.), 1896. Ad- 
mitted to 111. bar, 1895, and since engaged In 
practice in Chicago, now in partnership with 
Francis W. Parker, in firm of Parker cS: Carter, 
making a specialty of patent law. Republican. 
Clubs: Union League, Hamilton, South Shore 
Country, Rotary, City. Residence: 1361 E. 50th 
St. Office: 1410 Marquette Bldg. 

CABTEB, Edward Carlos, civil engr.; born 
Waverly, 111., Jan. 11, 1854; son George and 
Louisa J. (Smith) Carter; C.E., Rensselaer Poly- 
technic Inst.. Troy, N.Y., 1876; married Jack- 
sonville. 111., Dec. 16, 1880, Fannie G. Fairbank; 
children: Edward F., Paul E., Gertrude. Began as 
rodman on the Jacksonville & Southeastern Ry., 
1870-1, on Cairo & St. Louis Ry., 1871; drafts- 
man and mech. engr. Springfield Iron & Steel 
Co., 1876-7; asst. engr. on Kansas City exten- 
sion, C.&A.R.R., 1877-8; in employ of U.S. on 
Miss. River observations, 1878; asst engr. of 
construction. Indianapolis, Decatur & Spring- 
field Ry., 1879-80; resident engr., 1880-4, asst. 
to chief engr., 1884-5, Wabash, St. Louis & Pa- 
cific Ry. ; asst. and contracting engr., Detroit 
Bridge & Iron Works, 1885-7; principal asst. 
engr., 1887-99, chief engr.. since Dec. 1899, C.& 
N.W.Ry. Dir. North Waukegan Harbor & Dock 
Assn. Mem. Am. Soc. of Civil Engrs., Western 
Soc. of Engrs., Am. Ry. Guild. Clubs: Union 
League. Evanston. Residence: 412 Greenwood 
Boul., Evanston, 111. Office: 226 W. Jackson 

CABTEB, Fred Blason, pres. Carter White 
Lead Co.; born Beardstown, 111.. Dec. 20, 1868; 
son of Eliphalet Stephen and Ellen Elizabeth 
(Carter) Carter; ed. pub. schools of Mendota, 

111.; married Milwaukee, Wis., Mabel Claire 
Robinson, of Independence, la.. July 24, 1893. 
Pres. Carter White Lead Co. since Jan. 1, 1908. 
Republican. Christian Scientist. Clubs: Chica- 
go Athletic, West Pullman Country, Midlothian. 
Recreations: shooting, fishing, golf. Residence: 
12204 Stewart Av. Office: 12040 Peoria St. 

CABTEB, Henry Wallace, patent atty. and 
expert; born Chicago, June 5, 1866; son Con- 
sider B. and Emma (Marsh) Carter; ed. Skin- 
ner (pub.) school, West Division High School, 
Cliicago, Worcester (Mass.) Polytechnic Inst., 
and Nat. Coll. of Law, Washington, D.C. ; mar- 
ried Washington, June 1, 1898, Anna Macauley; 
children: Macauley, Henry Wallace, Jr., War- 
ren Gillette. Was asst. examiner of patents 
U.S. Patent Office, Washington, 1889-92; since 
1892 engaged in practice as expert and coun- 
selor in patent causes. Mem. Am. Soc. Mech. 
Engrs., Western Soc. of Engrs. Club: Union 
League. Residence: 6132 Winthrop Av. Office: 
Monadnock Blk. 

CABTEB, Howard MarsbaU, lawyer; born 
Chicago, May 31, 1869; son Consider B. and 
Emma (Marsh) Carter; ed. Chicago public 
schools; LL.B., Northwestern Univ. Law School, 
1890; married Newark, N.J., Oct. 10, 1893, 
Louise Johnson. Admitted to 111. bar, 1890. 
Residence: 726 Forest Av., Evanston, 111. Office: 
Marquette Bldg. 

CABTEB, James Benajali, merchant; born 
Jefferson Co., N.Y., Oct. 16, 1849; son Benajah 
Carter, Jr. and Isabel (Cole) Carter; ed. pub. 
schools, N.Y. and 111.; married Chicago, Dec. 29, 
1873, Emma Chambers; children: Edith, Anna, 
Nettie. Coming to Chicago was driver of an ice 
wagon for 1 year, for W. T. B. Reed; then en- 
gaged in the grocery business and afterward, 
in 1877, in the grain business with his brother 
Zina and with E. W. Fisher, to which the pres- 
ent business under the style of Z. R. Carter & 
Bro. are the successors. Baptist. Residence: 
4742 Sheridan Rd. Office: 813 W. 16th St. 

CABTEB, James Madison Oore, physician; 
born Johnson Co., 111., Apr. 15, 1843; son Rev. 
William B. and Mary A. (Deans) Carter; A.B., 
St. John's Coll.. 1874; M.D., Northwestern Univ., 
1880; A.M., McKendree Coll., 1881, Ph.D., 1887; 
Sc.D., Lake Forest Univ., 1887; married Eunice 
R. Northrop, of Fairfield, Vt., 1873 (died 1887); 
children: Florence Emeline, Helen M., William 
N. ; married 2d, Mrs. Emogene P. Earle, of Chi- 
cago, June 18, 1890. Served in Co. K, 60th 111. 
Vols., 1861-5; was at Island No. 10, Corinth, 
Nashville, Murfreesboro, Chattanooga to Atlan- 
ta, with Sherman to the sea, through Carolinas 
to Rockingham, N.C., where was captured and 
taken to Libby Prison. Prof, pathology and 
hygiene, 1891-5, clin. and preventive medicine, 
1895-9, prof, emeritus, since 1900, Coll. Phys. 
and Surg.. Chicago (Univ. of 111.). Mem. Am. 
Acad. Medicine, A.M. A., 111. State Med. Society 
(pres., 1897-8), Chicago Med. Soc, A.A.A.S., Am. 
Acad. Polit. and Social Science, Am. Hist. Assn. 
Mason (32, K.T.). Club: University. Author: 
Outlines of Medical Botany of the United 
States. 1888; Catarrhal Diseases of the Res- 
piratory Organs, 1895; Diseases of the Stomach, 
1902. Also various med. monographs and pa- 
pers. Residence: 4021 Lake Av. Office: 950 First 
Nat. Bank Bldg. 

CABTEB, James Swift, pres. Chapln & Gore; 
born Allegany Co., N.Y., Oct. 17, 1834; son Ben- 
jamin and Sarah (Swift) Carter; ed. public 
schools; married Chicago, Oct. 6, 1873, Frances 
Buell; 1 daughter: Kathryn. Began as clerk in 
country store at Woodstock, McHenry Co.. 111.; 
chief deputy clerk Circuit Court and recorder 
of deeds. 1854-8; came to Chicago, 1862. and 
was bookkeeper for Philip Wadsworth & Co., 
wholesale clothing. 1862-70; in 1872 became 
connected with house of Chapin & Gore, first 
as bookkeeper, then as partner, and upon incor- 
poration was made sec.-treas. of the co. ; on 
death of Mr. Chapin became pres. Independ- 



ent in politics. Episcopalian. Club: South 
Shore Country. Residence: 5112 Cornell Av. 
Office: 63 E. Adams St. 

CARTEB, Xieslie, lawyer; deceased; see Vol. 

CABTEB, Oliver Clinton, gen. freight agt. ; 
born Bloomington, Ind., Mar. 29, 1864; son John 
Clinton and Theresa Lucretia (Cron) Carter; ed. 
pub. scliools, Bloomington. Since Apr. 1, 1885, in 
service of Louisville, New Albany & Chicago 
Ry., and its successor, the Cliicago, Indianapo- 
lis & Louisville Ry. (Monon Route), as mes- 
senger, clerk and baggageman at Bloomington, 
Ind., 1885-6; asst. agt., same place, 1886-7; 
clerk local freight office, Chicago, 1887-9; asst. 
traveling auditor, 1889-90; asst. traveling au- 
ditor and local agt. Southern Ry. (L.,N.A.&C. 
Ry.Co., lessee), Lawrenceburg, Ky., 1890-2; 
traveling auditor L.,N.A.&C.Ry.Co., and its suc- 
cessor, C.,I.&L.Ry.Co., 1892-1900; general stone 
agt., CI.&L.Ry.Co., 1900-2; since Aug. 15, 1902, 
gen. freigiit agt., same road. Mem. Am. Assn. 
Freight Traffic Officers, Ind. Soc. of Chicago. 
Republican. Mason (32, Shriner). Clubs: Illi- 
nois, Traffic. Recreations: motoring, hunting. 
Residence; 5316 Lexington Av. Office: Republic 

CASTER, Oriin ITelson, judge; born Jeffer- 
son Co., N.Y., Jan. 22, 1854; son Benajah and 
Isabel (Cole) Carter; when he was 10 years old 
parents removed to DuPage Co., 111.; early edn. 
district schools of N.Y. and 111.; worked his 
way through Wheaton Coll., graduating A.B., 
1877 (LL.D., 1899); studied law in Chicago un- 
der Judge M. P. Tuley and Gen. I. N. Stiles; 
taught school; co. supt. of schools of Grundy 
Co., 111., 1880-2; resigned to practice law; mar- 
ried Morris, 111., Aug. -1, 1881, Nettie J. Steven; 
children: Allan J., Ruth G. Admitted to bar, 1880; 
practiced at Morris, 111.; prosecuting atty. of 
Grundy Co., 111., 1882-8, and had charge of some 
important criminal trials, notably the prosecu- 
tion of Henry Schwartz and Newton Watt for 
the murder of Kellogg Nichols, an express mes- 
senger on the CR.I.&P.Ry., convicting both 
men and securing a verdict of imprisonment 
for life; came to Chicago, 1888, and engaged in 
practice; atty. for Sanitary District of Chicago 
(Drainage Board), 1892-4; elected co. judge of 
Cook Co., 1894, re-elected, 1898 and 1902, last 
time without opposition; resigned when elected 
justice of the Supreme Court of 111., June 1906. 
Chmn. Chicago Charter Conv., 1905-6. Repub- 
lican. Mem. Am., 111. State and Chicago Bar 
assns., Chicago Law Inst. Member First Con- 
gregational Church, Evanston. Clubs: Union 
League, Hamilton, Congregational (ex-pres.). 
Recreations: walking and golf. Residence: 619 
University PI., Evanston, 111. Chambers: Court 
House, Chicago; Supreme Court Bldg., Spring- 
field. 111. 

CABTEB, William J., pres. Carter & Holmes, 
neckwear. Residence: 4958 Madison Av. Office: 
424 S. 5th Av. 

CABTEB, Zlna B., grain and feed merchant; 
born in log cabin, Jefferson Co., N.Y., Oct. 23, 
1846; son Benajah and Isabel (Cole) Carter; 
worked on farm and attended school for a 
brief period; removed to DuPage Co., 111., when 
18 years old and worked on farm several years; 
came to Chicago and opened a store on the west 
side, firm now being Zina R. Carter c& Bro. Has 
been alderman; candidate for mayor of Chica- 
go, 1899; mem. board of trustees. Sanitary Dis- 
trict of Chicago, 1895-1905 (pres. same, 1903-5). 
Mem. Chicago Board of Trade since 1872, and 
was its pres., 1898. Republican. Residence: 1819 
Trumbull Av. Offices: 813 W. 16th St. and Se- 
curity Bldg. 

CABTON, Iiaurence Arthur, treas. and dir. 
Swift & Co., Swift Fertilizer Works. Franklin 
Salt Co.; dir. Libby, McNeill & Libby, Nat. Pack- 
ing Co.. 111. Cattle Co. Clubs: Chicago, Ken- 
wood. Twentieth Century, Homewood, Chicago 
Literary, Residence: 4923 Greenwood Av. Sum- 

mer Residence: Lake Geneva, Wis. Office: Union 
Stock Yards. 

CABTWRIO-HT, Cbarles Metritt, ins. jour- 
nalist; born Waynesville, O., Nov. 2, 1869; son 
Seth Levering and Emma F. Cartwright; began 
edn. in country schools; grad. Waynesville High 
School, 1866; attended Nat. Normal Univ., Leb- 
anon, O. ; B.A., maijna cum laude. Princeton Univ., 
1894, receiving the Boudinot fellowship in his- 
tory; married Oak Park, Aug. 28, 1902, Kathryn 
B. Abbott; children: Stanley Levering and Hel- 
en Louise. Began newspaper work as reporter 
on staff of Chicago Inter Ocean, 1894, becom- 
ing insurance editor in 1895; resigned, 1898, to 
become editor of the Western Underwriter, then 
published in Cincinnati; a Chicago office was 
opened in 1899; since 1900 has been mgr. of the 
Western Underwriter Co., and its vice-pres. 
During 1904, insurance editor, Chicago Tribune. 
Club: Press. Republican. Episcopalian. Resi- 
dence: 2215 Lincoln St., Evanston, 111. Office: 
9 S. LaSalle St. 

CABUS, Paul, editor, author; born Ilsenburg, 
Germany, July 18, 1852; son Dr. Gustav and 
Laura (Krueger) Carus; ed. in Gymnasium at 
Stettin, Univ. of Strassburg; Ph.D., Univ. of 
Tiibingen, 1876; married Mary Hegeler, Mar. 
29, 1888. Editor, The Open Court, and The 
Monist, Chicago. Author of many volumes, for 
titles see Who's Who in America. Residence: 
LaSalle, 111. Office: 629 S. Wabash Av. 

CABY, see also Carey, also Carry. 

CABTT, Frank, physician; born Calumet, Wis., 
Oct. 21, 1857; son Amzi B. Cary, M.D. (surgeon 
U.S.A.), and Ellen E. Cary; student at Cornell 
Univ. in class of 1881; M.D., Rush Med. Coll., 
Chicago, 1882; married Aug. 13, 1885, Harriet 
Heyl (A.B., Cornell; M.D., Blackwell Med. Coll., 
New York); children: Eugene, Louis, Clara. 
Soon after graduation entered Wis. State Asy- 
lum as asst. to Dr. Walter Kempster for 6 
months; interne St. Luke's Hosp., Chicago, 18 
months; appointed pathologist to St. Luke's 
Hospital; afterward lecturer and subsequently 
prof, pathology and still later prof, internal 
medicine. Woman's Med. Coll.; obstetrician to 
St. Luke's Hosp. since 1891; also obstetrician 
at Michael Reese Hosp. Mem. Chicago Med. 
Soc, A.M.A., Medico-Legal Soc. Mem. Loyal Le- 
gion. Clubs: Chicago, Chicago Athletic, Quad- 
rangle. Office: 2935 Indiana Av. 

CABT, Bobert Jolin, lawyer; born Milwaukee, 
Wis., Feb. 6, 1868; son Alfred L. and Harriet 
Maria (Van Slyke) Cary; A.B., Harvard Univ., 
1890, A.M., 1892. Came from Milwaukee in 1892 
and entered office of Johnson & Morrill; in 1894 
entered office of Charles H. Aldrich; formed 
partnership with Bertrand Walker, 1895, as 
Cary & Walker, and on Feb. 1, 1904, firm name 
was changed to Glennon, Cary & Walker; now 
Glennon, Cary, Walker & Howe; gen. counsel for 
Chicago, Ind. & Southern R.R. Co., Ind. Harbor 
Belt Co.; gen. attys. for L.S.&M.S.Ry.Co. and 
CCC.&St.L.Ry. Co.; local attys. for N.Y.,C.& 
St.L.R.R. and Pere Marquette R.R.. Presby- 
terian. Clubs: University, Saddle and Cycle. 
Recreations: golf, tennis. Residence: 153 E. 
Erie St. Office: LaSalle St. Station. 

*CASE, Alfred Ernest, lawyer; see Vol. 1905. 

CASE, Calvin Suveril, ortliopedic dentist; 
born Jackson, Mich., Apr. 24, 1847; son Calvin 
R. and Lois P. (Meade) Case; grad. from Jones- 
ville (Mich.) High School; D.D.S., Ohio Dental 
Coll., 1871; M.D., Univ. of Mich., 1S84; married 
Jonesville, Mich., July 2, 1869, Florence Baxter; 
children: Elisabetli Lois, Carl B. Began prac- 
tice of dentistry, 1868, as partner of Dr. J. A. 
Robinson, Jackson, Michigan; demonstrator of 
prosthesis. Univ. of Micii., 1881-6; prof, of pros- 
tlietic dentistry and orthodontia, Cliicago Coll. 
of Dental Surgery. 1890-5, prof, of ortliodontia 
in same, since 1895; prof, orthodontia. Western 
Reserve Univ., Ohio, 1898-1902. President C.S. 
Case Co., mfrs. of special dental supplies. Mem. 


Nat. Dental Assn., Internat. Dental Assn., 111. N.Y., Oct. 26, 1907. Ordained XJniversalist min- 

State Med. Soc, Internat. Med. Soc, Chicago istry, 1896; pastor Rome. N.Y., 1895-1900, Al- 

Dental Soc, etc. Republican. Club: Chicago bany, N.T., 1900-6, St. Paul's Church, Chicago, 

Athletic. Recreations: yachting-, archery, golf, since 1906. Trustee Lombard Coll. and Uni- 

Residence: Kenilworth, 111. Office: 1120 Stew- versalist Ch. of 111. Mem. Beta Theta Pi, Phi 

art Bldg. Beta Kappa. Club: University. Residence: 3006 

CASE, Cliarles Hosmer, retired underwriter; Prairie Av. 
born Coventry, Vt., Sept. 8, 1829; son Rev. Ly- *CASE, Munson T., lawyer; see Vol. 1905. 
man and Phebe (Hollister) Case; grad. Bakers- CASE, Theodore Qibbs, lawyer; born Castle- 
fleld Acad., 1851; (LL.D., Wheaton Coll., 1901); ton, N.Y., July 13, 1853; son Timothy and An- 
married Mar. 25, 1852, Laura P., daughter of geline (Cornell) Case; attended acad. at New- 
Andrew Parnsworth, of Bakersfleld, Vt. Came ton, N.J.; LL.B., law dept, New York Univ., 
west from Vt., spring of 1852; taught private 1876; married Cornille V. Ryce, of New York, 
acad. at Warsaw, 111., several years, and was Aug. 15, 1882; 1 son: Paul Theodore. In early 
for 5 years supt. of pub. schools at Warsaw; '70s engaged in railroad construction in Tex., 
entered on work of ins. adjuster and special but soon returned to New York; studied law 
agent in 1862; removed to Chicago, 1867, and under Linn & Babbitt, of Jersey City, N.J., and 
became head of a local Are Ins. agency also; m under Hon. William M. Evarts, New York City, 
1871 became mgr. for the Royal Ins. Co. of and in law school. Admitted to bar, 1876; In 
England, for the Northwestern States, and con- 1873, as one of solicitors of Farmers' Loan & 
tinned until he retired from business. Superin- Trust Co. was assigned to conduct foreclosure 
tended erection of the Royal Insurance Bldg., of the co.'s 1st and 2d mortgages upon the 
Chicago, 1883-5. Student of electricity, bacteri- Green Bay and Minn. R.R.; went to Green Bav 
ology, psychology and archaeology. Republican and obtained decree of $6,300,000 for his client; 
(alderman, Chicago, 1875-6). Mem. First Con- removed to St. Louis, 1884; was identified with 
gregational Church (deacon and trustee) ; was much important litigation there and foreclosed 
supt. of the Sunday School 13 years; corporate the 1st mortgage of the St. Louis, Hannibal & 
mem. Am. Board of Commrs. for Foreign Mis- Keokuk R.R. Co.; in general practice in Chica- 
slons since 1875; trustee Wheaton Coll. since go since 1886, though giving special attention 
1890. Was formerly pres. board of directors to criminal and personal injury cases. In 1889 
Washingtonian Home Assn. 25 years and sev- in the Cook Co. Criminal Court, he secured a 
eral years pres. of the Newsboys' Home, and ruling that defendants before police magis- 
dir. Chicago Relief Soc; charter mem. Irving trates involving bridewell sentence, were en- 
Literary Soc. for 35 years, and of The Gnosis titled to trial by jury. In 1899 the Cook Co. 
(literary soc.) 12 years. Club: Union League Criminal Court upheld his opinion that in all 
(from its organization). Recreation: study of criminal cases jurisdiction attached at the time 
science. Residence: 220 Ashland Boul. mittimus was issued and not from date of in- 

CASE, Edward Beecier, insurance; born Bos- dictment: originated, and by persistent effort 

ton, Mass., Feb. 2, 1853; son Lyman G. and secured the passage of the Short Cause Calen- 

Mary (Gushing) Case; early edn. pub. schools dar Law. Mem. 111. State Bar Assn. Club: 

of Cambridgeport, Mass.; grad. Phillips' Acad., Press (life) Residence: Oak Park, 111. Office: 

Andover, Mass., 1873; entered Yale, 1873, in 131 N. Clark St. 

class of 1877, but left in 1875, to enter business CASE, WiUlam 'Warren, lawyer; born Worth- 
life, coming to Chicago; married Aurora, 111., Ington, O., Mar. 5, 1857; son William Phelps 
Sept. 1, 1880, Lilly Prentiss; children: Pren- and Fredonia Whiting (Burr) Case; A.B., Har- 
tiss Hovey, Emma Louise, Lilly Winifred (Mrs. vard Univ., Harvard Law School, 1881-3; mar- 
C. M. Vail), Edith. Was with the Royal Ins. ried St. Paul, Minn., June 15, 1892, Marian 
Co., 1875-97; senior mem. firm of Case, Nye, W^ard Ingersoll; children: Elizabeth, Isabel, 
Shepherd & Bowden, until 1905, when consoli- Winthrop Warren, Emily. Admitted to bar at 
dated with Moore, Janes, Lyman & Herrick un- St. Paul, Minn., Oct.